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>I've been too fat for some of my Jsks lately and have worn a cardigan over top to make up for it.
> I have long natural hair down to half my back but I don't do things with it most days and then if I do I only do braids

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what's currently the best/most cost-effective shopping service for taobao? i only make orders now and again (like once a year) but every time yoybuy's fees seem way too damn high for how little i get (and truthfully their weighing of my packages seemed too heavy), so i want to swap. im buying stuff for journaling (like paper and stickers and deco tapes) so i dont think it'll be particularly heavy enough to incur massive fees.

>pic mostly unrelated

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>own dozens of beautiful lolita dresses and accessories
>literally never wear them because i'm a friendless/boyfriendless hermit who doesn't go anywhere besides work
>continues to buy more shit anyway

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