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You know what this is

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These things shouldn’t exist

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one of those is a CoF mod? And they dressed like that for wedding party photos?

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Crocs is crime enough but they’re so dirty, disgusting.

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Why do so many girls at these meets have bfs in their 30s? Are you just scared to admit you're all DDLGs?

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Made nice dinner plans for my girlfriend's birthday, decide to wear my white Horror Garden JSK cause her edgy ass loves it. I wasn't too worried about getting anything on it because I always drape pretty cloth napkins over my dresses when I eat and I'd never had issue before. But I think twice about it now.
It was a nice dinner. The food is good and we have 0 issues.
Until we get up to pay.
As I got up, this bitch from a table over GRABS my dress and is rubbing her hands ALL OVER IT. Her hands were covered in FUCKING SPAGHETTI SAUCE and she's getting it ALL OVER.
My girlfriend noticed what was happening and got the woman off before I had the chance to rip her fucking fingers off.
That must have set her off because she starts squealing about how "she didnt do anything wrong she was just looking at it, you shouldn't dress like that if you dont want people to look, you can just clean it" etc etc
We didnt say anything back to her and just ran into the bathroom. It was literally all over the back of my dress. The overlay, the print, even my petti had sauce on it.
I just took the petti off. The sauce came out of the dress easier than I expected but it still clearly needed a proper cleaning.
When we got out of the bathroom a waiter was talking to the woman. She was still going on about how she didnt make a scene because she was just looking or something. She didnt see us though so we manage to pay and get out quickly.

We got a pair of pants for me to change into, and managed to get the dress to a cleaners. We did have fun the rest of the night though we were still pretty ticked about it.

The dress is okay, except one tiny area where it's a tad stained. You can barely see it but I still know it's there. We mostly laugh about it now but it does kinda make me mad still.

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I’m quite cute and hate costhots desu. And plenty of cute and hot girls also hate thots. I’m sorry that doesn’t fit your narrative beta cuck. Ugly girls tend to be sjws that are all about “muh body muh rights” so they love costhots and sluts.

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>take out the pockets

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Lick my fuzzy, diapered cunt.

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Lol, thanks for telling women what we're allowed to think, dude.

>There are modern feminists movements that actually do things for mens rights
Like demonizing them for existing on the bus? Or throwing a fit because superheroes aren't fat enough?

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>she tagged this as #hislolita

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Last thread. >>9415250

Got any cosplay and lolita-related feels today? Share 'em with the rest of the class.

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the poster count hasn't moved since you've posted all these
now go away shit poster

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>browse archives of lolita related tumblr for those sweet sweet older pics
>stumble onto (three so far) lolita porn images (images where they aren't naked, but you can clearly see what's going on)
I-I forgot those even existed.

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