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Nice subtle /r9k/ crossboarder post.

Though I sorta see where you're coming from considering I've had a close friend who claimed she was "raped" when really it was a situation where she was willing but hesitant and didn't communicate that and regretted the next morning. Everyone gave her ass pats and called her so brave for coking out and such but even in her side of the story she was kissing him back during the initial kissing and didn't say flinch when he went from the kiss to the crotch rub.

The problem is less "Chad is so attractive that he rapes by accident" it's "People need to communicate better or deal with the fact that people aren't mind readers and there are only so many 'hints' they can realize" the guy in your story probably would have stopped if she said a simple "please don't" to him. In the heat of the moment, it's too easy to just go with the beat of the drums; regretting it after doesn't make it rape.

Asking "is it okay if I have sex with you" at the start of every encounter ends up feeling stupid for both parties (especially since just because you're going out with someone and have had sex with them many times before doesn't mean you can't rape them). If you aren't okay with something, communicate it clearly. Don't claim rape if you were going through the motions without objections and then regretted it when you woke up. What may have been obvious to you probably wasn't to them, especially with how objectively terrible we are at remembering events.

tl;dr - Chad isn't the problem, we just need to better emphasize how important communication is. Your partner is NOT a mind reader no matter how much "they should know what I want by now" or whatever.

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Okay, but he had 2 people like him by high school age and fucked it up, so he was just fine. Come back when you find someone who has never experienced the feeling of being liked by anyone and is over 28 years of age. Then you're getting into true psychological damage there.

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