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>How do you feel about the current sizing in lolita? Are you happy with them the way they are or should they be changed? Should brands offer pieces in several sizes?
I fit most brands fine, so I'm okay with the current sizing. I'm broad shouldered though, so I'm struggling with OP's sometimes, so I wish there would be more JSK releases. OP's seem to be trending atm. I miss IW and VM releasing regular JSK's.
>How do you feel about alterations to make pieces bigger or smaller?
I've done it in the past and I'm fine with it as long as you keep the overall shape of the dress.
>Do you think there is a bias towards smaller lolitas or a stigma towards bigger ones? If so, do you think people are doing it consciously? Do you think it's warranted?
Yes, it exists and I think it's warranted. If If the clothing doesn't fit you properly, don't wear it.
>What is your body shape and how do you dress to flatter your body shape in lolita?
I'm rectangle shaped. I wear boleros or cardigans to conceal my shoulders and use lots of poof to give the illusion I have broader hips.
>Have you ever skipped out on buying or wearing a dress you liked because of it's size or because it was unflattering for your body shape?
Yes, many times.
>What are some tips for bigger lolitas to dress better and more comfortably?
Know what fits you.
>What are some weight loss tips for fellow lolitas?
I do intermittent fasting and I don't eat carbs/sugars. I eat as much as I want between 12-18pm and I feel no cravings inbetween at all and I don't over eat.
>Do you use lolita as a motivation for weightloss? Do you think it's a healthy mindset?
No. Weightloss alone is not healthy. I was thin all my life but I couldn't do a single push-up or sit-up. My posture was terrible because of my weak body and no amount of weightloss could have fixed that. I started working out this year, I've gained a little weight, but I look slimmer and my posture has improved. So it's not all about weight but fat/muscle mass/strength.

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