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>me 19 Y/o,small and joyful grill
>con staff with few friend
>get to the hotel and ask to share bed with Nepboi( tall, average looking )
>Knew Nepboi had a hard on for Loli so decided to wear my Illya cosplay that day.
>Get to con and do my Conshift
>All day trying to teasing nepboi,doesn’t respond to the bait. >Instead I get some creepy weeb talking to me every second.
>sad & horny fuc off
>Animated some late night panel with bunch of friends. All of them had big ass tiddys and I was just looking like a fk kid.
>Panel ended, ashamed and didn’t have enough energy to attempt the rave.
>Get back to the hotel room.
>Nepboi on the bed playing vita.
>start removing my cosplay,nepboi tell me to keep it on
>”you look cute in it anon”
>”wow didn’t know you were into loli dumb weeb” big liieeee
>Removed the cosplay anyway, shower and join him in bed
>getting sleepy and ended up spooning him.
>too pure to touch me he was keeping his distance
>got tired and decided to grab his donger, and kissing bim
>we make out until Nepboi tells me he’s a cherry boy.
>Had short and sweet sex.
>until nepboi started pining me down and licking my feet for a good 10 min
>I was soo embarrasse and didn’t enjoy it AT ALL
>At that exact moment our roommate decided to comeback from the rave and cough us.

Since then they call me stinky feet and I want to bury myself alive. Still banging with him sometimes but Told him the foot fetish was too much

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