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>Be Me, 16 M
>Smash Con Sydney, 2018
>Cosplaying as Jotaro Kujo
>Everyone was pretty cool and many people asked for photos of me
>Feeling like the shit
>Some mid 20's guy comes up and ask me if I wanted to be recorded for a youtube video
>Generally don't like having my photos or videos of me online but fuck it
>He's says to do some interview rp thing
>Asks a couple of questions
>The last question was when you go to the aquarium what particular animals would you like to see
>mfw I realise I got the wrong fetish animal
>mfw I saw this guy uploaded the video

Bonus Story

>Last year, Same Con
>Cosplaying as Goku Black
>The venue was at a different place (Can't remember) but there was a lot of escalator to go to like the maid cafe or screenings and shit
>Some guy late 30's to early 40's dressed up sailor mars
>Thought of it as nothing
>Same guy carrying a prop bazooka
>Weird but whatever
>I go on the escalator
>There's a early 20's girl behind me on the escalator
>He's at the bottom of the escalator "tying his shoes"
>Realises this guy is doing pre bad shit
>I tell the girl behind me that she was being peaked at
>She thanks me
>We go to the help desk and file the guy a report
>Turns the same guy stole the prop and some figures

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