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>Finally get the chance to get a type of glasses that I wanted for a long time that would fit my aesthetic and slowly changing wardrobe
>Still super nervous that people will think I look bad so I haven't proceeded to check out

How do you get over the nervousness/fear of online purchases not looking as good on you as you thought?

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>tfw want to cosplay but never have before
>afraid I'll end up on one of those "bad cosplay" things

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>dude who works in the only fabric store in a 20 mile radius asks me on a date by pming my cosplay page
>I'm married
Tbh I probably would have turned it down anyway. It's not my fault he asked me on a date but I'm already socially awkward, so seeing him every other day is going to be weird for awhile. Good luck on finding another date...

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Ask out an internet celeb who I have yet to even meet?
A+, 10/10, Great idea!

Friends first to find out if he would even be into me.

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>con this weekend
>only have to fix a few things on my cosplay
>still havent done it
>stay at home playing games all day

I'm going to regret this so bad, but my motivation has flown to Australia by this point.

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