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KS has replay value too, I probably replay it about one every year or two.
>felt sad last week randomly
>load up KS
>blow through Lilly path
>she will never be real

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You can’t, except maybe be an elitist which won’t make you any friends. It’s been successfully commercialized and marketed to the masses, there’s no going back. What once was fueled by passion and enough success and profit to go forward is now consumed by big corporations and big money. Happening to all my /tg/ hobbies with few exceptions. On one hand this is great because there are so many new and even interesting games coming out, on the other it’s being filled with brain dead normie retards who have it as a fashion statement more than anything else. DnD and mtg are the prime examples in my mind.

I’d also say look at how the hobbies are sensationalized and and sexualized. Look at the endless waves of attention that a girl with a good body and an ok lewd cosplay can get online.

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Don’t feel bad dude, you get to either watch her life fall apart or watch her be an evil manipulative skank and take this poor idiot for everything he’s worth. Just sit back and enjoy my friend. But remember, this isn’t the mountain peak, it’s just the beautiful view you catch halfway up

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