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>Always bring own car to con
>Always go grocery shopping so I don’t have to eat out for every meal
>Huge money-saver, $20 worth of food and alcohol keeps me and my fiancée happily fed and intoxicated for the entire weekend and we always have leftovers
>Offer to take roommates shopping with us, they refuse
>Tell roommates they can have food and soda, but don’t take alcohol without asking
>Roommates say they’re ordering pizza, ask what I want
>No thanks, I don’t want pizza
>”No anon, we’re ordering it for the whole room”
>”We can’t afford it unless everyone helps pay!”
>Nah miss me with that overpriced heartburn, you can afford to pay ~$3 extra per person
>Rinse and repeat for every meal, all weekend
>Either begging me to help pay for overpriced delivery or to drop what I’m doing and drive them to the Mcdicks four blocks away
>When I refuse, they act like I’m forcing them to starve

Fuck off. I’m not your parent. You’re 20-something years old just like me, it’s not my responsibility to make sure you eat during your vacation.
These are always the types of people who “mysteriously” run out of money because of eating out/going to bars/buying too much in the dealers room and have to set up an emergency gofundme for their bus ticket home.

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