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Literally any of the cosplay skits I ended up doing were pretty bad...with the only one I had fun with being the first one but in case you were at Nekocon years back my regrets are that I even agreed to them. If you remember a Pyramid Head doing shitty skits, hello yeah that's me.

>one skit was a damn 'sequel' to the last year which was nothing more than some stupid "Who's cooler" thing between Pyramid Head and Edward Elric
>the other was an ACTUAL intended haphazardly put together wedding ceremony because it involved two friends who recently are getting/were married (now divorced btw)
>the guy was Roy Mustang and atheist as hell and told me to make up some line on "hey don't burn the Bible it could bring bad luck" or some shit
>everyone else's lines were kind of improv'd on the spot
>my outfit was horribly put together and uncomfortable
>walk away from the whole thing with a general distaste for cosplay skits in general
>can no longer look at cosplay skits at conventions without seeing my old cringey self and my face caving inwards due to embarrassment

I'll excuse part of it was cuz I dated a really weeb-y girl and she was partially writing some of those things but god damn I wish I could delete those memories of myself doing those things.

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