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I think you guys are being kind of idiotic. Less and less men prefer or even desire large boobs nowadays. Smaller breasts are, more and more, becoming what is most desired. The same thing goes with tan vs pale. It used to be that tan, big titted women were all the rage, but the trends are changing and we're seeing pale petite girls with proportionately small boobs being the ones most idealized.

Like, maybe bigboob anon was privileged in the 1980s-mid 00s but it's just not the trend anymore, unless you guys live in fucking hicktown.

Pic related to this discussion. These girls were super hot in their time. Nowadays the average dude is gonna be like gross, they look like trashy hookers - not that they wouldn't bang them, guys will fuck anything that moves, but they'd prefer to stick their dick in something better looking.

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