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Any recommendations for wig companies (with a variety of colors, not lace front) that can actually be heavily styled, re-parted, and cut without any strange cowlicks?
This wig isn't going to be intended for cosplay, rather quite frequent wear for visual kei fashion purposes, but jfashion wigs tend to be too low quality for intense styling. I have tried working with Arda but I honestly think their wigs are horrendous for anything other than cartoony cosplay. All the shitty cheap cosplay wigs I bought in the past also don't work well or have bald patches- yet the fashion wigs I've gotten from places like Dream Holic aren't good for heavy styling at all because of their thinness and are best just lightly trimmed. Would prefer a wig that I can totally chop up, flatten, hair-spray / gel to shit, etc.
Any recommendations for decent stylable wigs that AREN'T from Arda would be very helpful! I know I can just Google it, but I don't know if any of the companies are actually good or if the reviews are all fake.. would rather hear from other people's recommendations.

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So.. will antique beast ever open again?

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I'm pretty upset that newer HC release has no built-in petti. I guess the upcoming Fanasic Dolly doesn't have it too. Ugh.

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