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OH MY FUCKING GOD, something so great happened to me !!! I was searching for a first dress since 8 months and had finally found a JetJ dress in another country but missed the auction like a dumb nut this afternoon. But while sadly searching around on a local equivalent of depop, praying that the JetJ dress will be relisted, I stumbled upon a beautiful oldschool floral. It was not any floral OP, it's the VM OP I was not even thinking I could ever own ! I'm so lucky for ounce it's crazy!! Can't wait to get it !

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Hard agree. If you're asking others to do all the coording for you, why are you even in the fashion? Like if you don't like creating coords, why are you into lolita? It's very different from wanting advice even if you're shit, because then you're at least trying to coord.

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