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Thanks for the kind words anon but do you really think a 5'7 tall 32yo mixed race woman who is also kind a chubby could pull it off? I'm not so sure.
If it's only to be posted on /cgl/, it doesn't worth it.

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I feel the same way anon. I've given most of my focus to bettering my small yet steadily growing comm and being the best mentor I can be to those girls. There are ways to improve the community without putting yourself on the internet too much. I do consider blogging and making videos from time to time but the fear of being posted to an ita thread is paralyzing.

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this tbh

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my favorite /cgl/ related vloggers are:

supercarly64 (lolita parodies mostly)
Deerstalker Pictures and Deerstalker Pictures 2 (lots of different /cgl/ related content uploaded regularly with higher quality filming; i especially like their humor pieces, cooking show, and event/location reviews)
Lovely Lor (various lolita shit, with some random stuff like a vkei makeover; just going through her videos now)

gif related, Deerstalker.

taking shit too seriously or having a holier-than-thou attitude. one reason i like supercarly is she does a great job exposing the problems with those types of bloggers. don't be narcissistic or fake when you blog, just be human.

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So, which of the self-entitled creeps mentioned in the thread are you?

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Yes. indeed.

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Nah girl I feel you
I'm trying to at least dump what I have, I never save enough of these

Oh huh you're right

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Makeup would be cool if you're good at it and can show people how to do lolita-appropriate makeup that doesn't involve copying Japanese tutorials step-by-stop. I personally like hauls and unboxing, too. How-to's would be great if you're crafty and can show people how to make basic stuff like bows and headdresses themselves. I also like to see how people come up with different coords for a limited number of dresses.
Personally I'd stay away from community commentary but that really depends on you.

It sounded like sarcasm because
>not a lot of people on /cgl/ knows about them
everyone but OP knows about them
>they're low key
not remotely
>don't have any dramu

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uhm, that's not terribly accurate. I didn't make the jfashion community, and I'm only a temporary mod until enough members come in to have a real 'election'. With only 30 people or so, it would be sort of pointless to hold one now, and I just wanted to help the alternative comm grow.
Didn't I say was acting as an SS for a friend? Which would make sense for me asking what was going to be in the booth, so that I could then make sure she got the dresses she wanted, etc. I dont know how to give you proof of this, but the only thing I bought for myself was an umbrella, and she was the one selling it online. The other two things were soiree and midsummer, which I got whilst calling/testing my friend. Go back and check on the facebook if you care for actual proof, idgaf.
I'm a dank ass ho who goes on cgl a lot and is a bit miffed at hlc at times, shoot me.
probably not me? Apparently. If you dress well enough, you should have a good time, don't stress about it.
I think the problem is not that I'm fake, but rather that I don't censor myself.
Man I am just so popular right now.
Hi Angel (⊙︿⊙✿)
you mean *except for AM, since AM rocks.

I'm dropping the Mr Yan thing btw. I admit I was a little buttmad at the time, but I do think there was a bit of an overreaction on the HLC post to my sarcastic image reply. In any case, its not worth the effort of arranging a meet, and nobody seems actually interested.

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