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Yeah, can't/won't even deny it. If I'm not being an antisocial loaf I'm being a self-pitying jerk and I hate myself haha but she's a really nice person so it's no fault of hers at all. It just feels nice to whine on anon every once in a while

Ah it's mostly that she doesn't like duplicates in the cosplay group so we're all trying to assign the characters to everyone. I know it's not a big deal either way and I'm blowing thing way outta proportion

Thx anon even though bees are scary. I think it's just that I'm scared that I'm too much of a weeb compared to them so I try to tone things down. But that might just be me being paranoid for no reason.
Also I definitely don't know everything that goes on in her life, mostly just cosplay related things. I think I'm mostly just feeling a bit bitter because she's been flaking on me all year and now that she wants to hang out I just don't want to give her a reason to get upset with me lol

I honestly think I just need to get my butt kicked outta this self-pity pool and to get over it so I appreciate all the honesty, gulls. you guys are the best

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