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Hey anon, I also dated someone like this. Long term, almost a decade together. I spent a lot of time anxious about what I did/didn't do, crying, and frustrated. Like you, I could be crying right next to him and he'd ignore it or at most sigh and complain about how he's not going to "indulge this behavior" anymore. I ended up breaking it off with him because, while I did catch him cheating a couple times, more than that I just felt like I was in this incredibly toxic dependence on him and being neglected emotionally. I took the lessons I learned both as a result of his behavior and my own and tried to do much better and be open and level-headed in future relationships, and now I've been in a long-term one that is much healthier and more emotionally stable. I'm not trying to say "gooooorl dump his ass" but you need to evaluate what the issues are from both perspectives and if this is something you can resolve or if it's something you can only learn from. Good luck anon.

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