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I need more an opinion than practical help. When cons reopen, hopefully sometime before the next decade starts, my first cosplay I'm planning is going to be the Prowler from Into the Spider-verse. My concern though is that I'm not black, and this character is. Normally this might sound like a really minor thing to be worried about, but given the way the world is and how everyone knee-jerk freaks out at practically everything nowadays, I'm worried the second I pull off my mask to drink some water, some twitter denizen is going to start screaming at me and call me racist for cultural appropriation or somesuch and post it all over social media for their followers to attack. I'm not white either to be clear, but I'm sure details like that don't matter when there's drama to be had. I've just been dealing with a lot of people's crazy knee-jerk drama lately and it's made me paranoid.

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