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Wow. It's like you all thought Ten Percent from the last thread was wrong all along like I told her but none of you bitches spoke up to advice her against future disappointments. Go sistehood...

>I don't want to ruin this friendship
There is no friendship here, idiot. Scrotelina is right for once. Half right. We want to fuck and romance you. You think you are so interesting that we'd want to be your friends. We have different values, different perspectives and thought processes. You are boring and frustrating to interact with. We overlook it because our dicks want rubbing and our hearts want loving. Anything else we get from our bros. The fuck would we put up with you if you won't love or sex us.

>a naive woman mindset
And you, shut the fuck up and use your cobwebbed brain. "Naive". It is self centered and parasitic. The other guy is giving you what you want and your head is too far up your ass to realize you're only giving him your presence. You never help with stuff or do favours or pay for shit like he does for you. And then when he asks for something back you either take offense at having to give back or try to retain this one sided relationship by saying you want to stay friends.
You're not bitter. You are pissy because you are inconvenienced.

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