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Stocking may not be the perfect girl but she is a good one

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>TFW they are no longer accepting SAL
>TFW slid in just under the deadline

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I tried lolita hoping to make friends at first, then my personality got in the way as it always does. Went out to a concert, not hoping to meet anybody but got complimented and made a decent friend. Everything turned out better than expected!

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Does anyone have a straight on shot of the print on iron gate? I want to customize a vintage suitcase with it and don't want sloppy guesswork from someone's selfie to ruin the result. If it gets ruined i'd at least like the lack of appropriate reference to not be the reason. Thanks for any help you can provide

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I feel like I'm in a position where I'm happy with my wardrobe. It's small and kind of weird looking to another person, I'm sure. But I don't feel compelled to buy more so I'll be a "Real Lolita" Feels like I'm finally breaking out of my imposter syndrome. At least in regards to this fucking lace and ribbon collection hobby. There's more stuff I'd love to get, but It's not a Life-or-Death Must-Have feeling anymore. I feel like i can wear the clothes i have and style them well enough that I can be a passable lolita. I'm fat (still working on it) and not very pretty but I'm finally There. It feels really good!

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Gulls, I just got a new full-time job and I'll be able to afford so much brand now! My old part-time gig was so pitiful that I had about a $20 lolita budget every month. It's a bit of a trade off because I could browse /cgl/ to my heart's content during my part time shifts, and now I'll barely have any time to do so, but it's a sacrifice I am more than willing to make. My dreams of being a daily lolita aren't looking so impossible now.

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