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trans woman here, I'm just.. I'm really sorry that this has been your experience with "trans women" anon. Honestly it's awful and I wish more than anything else that the trans "community" wasn't so infested with creepy weirdos and fetishists because it's so harmful to other people's wellbeing. They make it harder for me to access medication and they make it harder for you to feel safe and comfortable in your own spaces. It stinks. And idk I guess I just hope that one day things will be better for all of us because right now its crappy as hell
>to just satisfy a fetish
Yes, and it isn't even that rare. Which frustrates me to no end because there's no way to police this! Like the other anon said, most "trans women" shes met aren't really suffering from gender dysphoria, so the community is mostly not for us anyways? Add on to that the fact that most people don't interact with trannies anyways and the creeps end up being the representatives of the "community"

I hate this ._ .

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