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NYART but imagine you're baked as all hell and have the WORST munchies but you open the fridge and nothing looks good. Yeah, i'm in the same boat and it sucks

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That is setting off my flight or fight reaction. It makes her look super not human.

posting people who are asking for help is a shitheel move.

>black butler poster

I feel like you're right, but keep in mind that the human brain is a minefield of short cuts and slip shot connections. It's naturally full of holes and prone to pulling bullshit for no reason. Yeah, negative emotions exist to tell us stuff when they're properly regulated . But also brains will flip the panic switch for literally nothing, so..

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I finally feel like I have a decent enough start on a wardrobe to be allowed into communities and such but I worry I'm just going to be dropping spaghetti all over the place. I've been a shitty immature weeb for years, but I'm finally crawling out of that B-O riddled swamp.
I've improved a lot of the surface level problems but I'm still awkward and impulsive. I already have a reputation as such but I'm trying to improve it. How did other Cosplayers and Lolitas get themselves out of this?

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I thought this could be helped by simply switching the main dress for a better quality one then i fullsized the image and...Oh, Man.

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Lookin like Unplugged 2.0 which at one point I saw being nicknamed 'photoshoot con' ... not a good thing to be known for.
That's the only reason I can even conceive of going... to take pictures.
Unfortunately I almost guarantee most of the cosplayers (of the few that go) will likely be the youngest people in the community. Think the people that go to events like Anime Shogatsu and the cosplay picnics as compared to the varied crowd you see that is sourced from all over Ontario at Fan Ex or AN.

It's also 1 week before EGLX - which actually has improved a lot over the years.

I would not be surprised if the person who made this post works for Kimikon considering I've seen this post happen at least 3 times already in the /cgl/ Canada threads over the summer.
>Kimikon seems like its gonna be the next big con
LOL... Maybe desperate promoters actually believe their own lies?

This isn't a quirky lil' Forest City Comic-Con that's serving an under represented market literally hours away from the GTA. It's a late comer to an already crowded and exhausted bubble that's arguably already popped. Hopefully I'm wrong for Kimikon's sake and everything turns out fantastic for them.

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