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>Tall as hell
>7.5/10 looks on a good day
>every convention photo i recieve back looks like shit
>people shorter than me taking photos just makes me look shitty as hell, bad lighting, bad angles, you can see up my nostrils, pictures end up looking like pic related
>used to trip on /co/
>a few of my cosplays circulated /co/ for a bit and everyone thought I was a crossdressing twink
>gained a small following of gay guys who thought I was a crossplaying twink

I've started to only take selfie shots of my cosplays since asking someone shorter than me to photograph me is hell, even so, pictures of me still end up online and people still think I'm a crossdresser in photos.. I still enjoy cosplaying but running into pictures of myself with "OH MY GOD ITS GOT A DICKKKK" caption is annoying.

friends with a few of those gay guys from /co/ though, so it isn't all bad.

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