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>cardboard cake stands
YES, anon I am learning the magic of these. I just found pic related on Etsy, and here I was about to drop $50 on a regular one.

Thanks for the link!
And I haven't checked my local antique shops, but I don't hold much hope. They tend to be scalpers (isolated college town) so they take advantage of people not really knowing what is priced as what. I work at a TJ Maxx which gets discounted tea cups, pots, and plates but unfortunately a lot of the set pieces are missing or ugly--that said, I don't mind buying new.

I've planned to serve cookies and finger sandwiches (egg salad and cucumber dill on white bread). My guests are bringing dishes to share as well.

Hnghh thanks.
>macaron making
Oh boy...I could try but I predict I'd massively fail. I'd buy those macarons from Sam's club if it wasn't an hour away and if I had a membership.

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