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>Tfw no lolita GF

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>Tfw no gf to pamper
I can make rope from scratch but I've never even touched a girl's hair. I'm also really good at fine-motor type stuff like soldering and pinstriping but I've never had an opportunity to give a girl a manicure. It's literally micro-scale bodywork only I won't feel like dying when I'm finished and it smells better. I'd genuinely enjoy doing this kinda stuff.
Why must I be such an unlikable shit?

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>Tfw you have to force yourself to unpack after getting home because doing so means acknowledging that the con is over and you have to go back to real life.

Good luck getting anyone deported in Seattle.

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Not a story of wearing lolita in public but instead meeting a pair of lolitas:
>At work (Euro-specific auto shop) on a Saturday because I don't even remember why
>Subaru rolls into parking lot and two lolitas get out, one classic one something else
>Classic lolita tells us her Jetta is coming on a flatbed, she got gas on her way to a meet and it just up and quit running about 3 miles later
>Think to myself her fuel pump died, not an uncommon problem
>Flatbed rolls up with the Jetta and drops it off
>It's a diesel, 2012 IIRC
>Tell lolitas to sit tight
>Open fuel cap, get hit in the face with the smell of gasoline
>Go back inside and tell classic lolita that I like her coord and oh by the way you bricked your car.
>Lolitas leave, car gets towed out the following Monday
>VW gets busted for dodging emissions two months later
I wonder if she managed to turn that into anything or just scrapped it and bought a Corolla.

I know it's been a week but the name you're looking for is "Beaker".

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