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4. Fuwa Fuwa Mousse Clay https://www.amazon.com/Mousse-Whipped-Cream-Japan-Decoden/dp/B0026IAQ4E
this brand is for kids, but works pretty well for beginners
>easy to use
>good packaging with screw on cap and tips
>nice looking once dried
>water soluble
>literally for kids, kind of cheaply made
>too lightweight and breaks easily when dried
>melts when wet (beware of people who use this for stuff they sell)
>dries out pretty easily even when well stored
Also, if you want to use silicone, just buy caulk because the craft stuff isn't much better and is more expensive. Another thing, don't buy anything packaged like this because it can and will dry out, it's likely going to be the wrong consistency straight from the seller. It's also annoying to use packaging-wise because you basically have to put the bag into a piping bag.

Hope that helps, and sorry I don't have more brands. FYI I make my own cream with Hearty paper clay that I use, so I haven't used much of this too recently!

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