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>commission self-indulgent fanart for the first time
>get sent the wip and its absolutely gorgeous
>pure euphoria and excitement overtakes the embarrassment and shame
is this what those mysteriously wealthy furries feel like? i might do this shit more often

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>buy a body pillow because everyone says its great to sleep with and i never sleep well
>comfy, but thats it. ill never get a cover for it, thats cringe
>daki cover of my favorite character pops up on my etsy
>on sale
>dont do it anon
>dont do it
>pillowcase shows up a month later, open the package
>immediately throw it in my closet out of embarrassment
>eventually say fuck it and put it on the pillow
>sleep like a baby for the first time in years
>its so soft and silky and every night i put a little nice smelling fabric spray on it
>look foward to going to sleep now instead of dreading it because i get to cuddle it to sleep

fuck it gulls, who gives a fuck about being cringe. this was the best decision ive ever made.

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just found out my fiancé is a fucking hebephophile.
he says it's mainly toward anime girls and he would never do anything to any real girl. also said he used to be kinda into loli and the likes because he just loves petite bodies and being with me (having a similar body type and being small) fueled it.
i know he feels bad about it but i'm feeling sick in my stomach to know he had a boner from a dream about a 14yo looking girl rubbing on him. he was perfect,he even supported me cosplaying and went to cons with me but now i just don't know.
why are men such fucking disgusting pigs? i thought he was different but i was wrong it seems

the reassuring thing is, he also like thicc and curvy girls and finds them just as attractive so it might just be a specific attraction to petite body types...right???

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It looks like someone tore up an old pillow and then put some tape over it. I really hope this person is under 12

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