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>got shit done
>but super stressed about financial strains
>can't decide to stay at an unsatisfactory job or move back home where work's hard to find
>debating on returning to school
>don't want to fall even more in debt
>don't even know what to even study
>tfw you might be too dumb/incapable of pursuing jobs that pay the brand

I guess it's all the matter of trying.

I also hate that I'm always considered the quiet one or really reliable because I'm super organized, but very few know that I'm constantly stressed out, so I have to keep organized or I'll lose my shit.

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The hell happened to our feels thread?
Whatever, it's lolita related anyway.

>decide to go to Anime Midwest
>want to support Baby, but only own a skirt and jsk from them
>don't want to wear the same jsk; skirt is too short to accommodate petti and slightly damaged
>sifting through sales and auctions
>don't wear pastel sweet, everything I'd rather have is AP's
>suddenly see a dream jsk
>it's an AP one


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>tfw every blouse bought recently have been too small

captcha...I don't know if a frozen mocha and a milk shake is technically ice cream.

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I messaged him about the macaron skirt and jsk, but said that it's not likely to happen.

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>was going to take a co-worker home
>we decided to stop by the local Asian grocery on the way to her house
>kawaii goods, kawaii goods every where
>decided not to buy anything because it was stuff I already had at home, but just happened to be cuter
>broke anyway
>walked out and found ourselves at a mall
>I'm wearing lolita, but she's in her work uniform
>two ladies see us and for some reason they want to take a photo with her -lol - pretty sure the other lady wanted to know what I was wearing though, iirc

>different co-worker or former classmate (they look alike irl - also, they're male and never heard of lolita) had a beautiful navy set on the auctions for 3000 yen(not sure what brand or collection, but probably an aatp one)
>wake up

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>con coming up
>still on period
>tfw skin too sensitive to remove unwanted hair

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>tfw navy is so hard to hunt for
>any navy main piece costs $200+ on auctions
>hunting for red hair accessories
>tfw reds don't match

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>Love old school shoujo anime
>always wanted to cosplay the sweet and kawaii-est heroine
>Can't pass for 12 anymore

>Is Asian
>Will never pass with a blonde wig

Man. Fuck Japan and their Aryanphilia

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I don't know how cgl related this is, but I seriously need to avoid facebook more often or at least hide certain people's posts. I'm just sick of seeing (their) SJW-tumblr-esque statuses. For example, lately, I'm seeing a bunch of my female friends posting a bunch of "body appreciation" photos of themselves. Sure, for the most part, I like the concept of positive body images, but dammit, some people are just fucking dumb. You don't exactly want that shit online if you're planning on getting a professional career.


A more cgl related note, I haven't gotten a whole lot of requests to join my lolita community, but I noticed that there are very few people who are actually into lolita and frequent meets, and a majority of people there were just added on by other people in the group who are actually a part of the local Homestuck group (Damn...now I feel sad that the loli comm is no where near as big and active as HS and we've been around a lot longer). It seems like it's just one of those things I have to wait it out for. Maybe I'll "clean up" the membership list toward the end of the year.

I am a bit concerned about a girl who I added into the group a little over a year ago.

>met girl at a local con
>huge girl in a M*lanoo-esque maid-like "lolita" dress w/cat ears
>invited her to my info/basics panel
>wasn't able to show up, but when we met earlier, she expressed interest in learning more about the fashion
>year later at the same con
>shows up in the same exact outfit

God-fucking-dammit. I don't think she bothered to read the file pages of important links, but if she did, she either didn't follow up and/or I failed to offer personal guidance. I guess I should be glad that she hasn't ever shown up to a single meet (not that we had many lately), but I hate it when this kind of thing happens.

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my boyfriend just sent me a picture of him four wheeling with some girl I don't know. It's one in the morning.
I'm trying to not be a jealous gf cgl, trying so hard

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Why is lolita the only fucking interest where the deviants think they can mingle with anyone and talk to them like everyone are deviants.

Stop giving brolitas such as bad image. Like 1/5 lolitas think of people like technotropism or Spelendora, and the rest thing of how creepy some man in a milanoo dress has been to them before.

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This thread I don't even know anymore

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> make our own thread, specifically stating it's for fatties
> anons come in
> 'you guys are FAT'
> wow, such observe

I'm here because I'm a man and burando is never going to happen for me. But that doesn't mean I won't stand up for my strong independent loli anons

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>TFW I knew her.
>TFW she actually did that with a plastic bag.
It's terrible.

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