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Ita comedy at its finest. FJK partnered with BR and still complained throughout the entire review. One of the accessories had a cat hair on it. 22:54 time stamp to begin the Comedy Central.

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Kinda understandable that she complained, good subscription boxes don't fuckin exist.

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Is that her work? I'm so glad I have an iron and a ruffler foot...

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Isn't it good she complained despite the partnership? This is why I'm baffled at people holding influencers up on a pedestal though - you're beholden to companies you're not passionate about for your food on the table and rent. I see youtubers peddling bedsheets and vpns on their video and it sounds exhausting trying to find people to sponsor you to keep yourself going.

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This "mexican lolita coord" is an embarrassment to both mexico and lolita

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Happy Cinco de Mayo!

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I like it, but shit hair

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FJK traded her store items with Bibelot Rose's to sell on each other's website. Bibelot Rose has self made elementary age craft products and stuff she buys from Twilight (Etsy store). FJK said that the items Kara made had faults in them. Some plastic looking thing had bubbles, a badge pin had printer errors, a charm on a ring was to big to actually be practical. FJK said she wouldn't be buying a box as this given for review. She said one item was cheap, she would only actually use 2 out of the 7 items in the box. What gets me is that Kara knew FJK would be doing a review and at least 3k would possibly be watching. And those were the best of what she could put in the box, with the cat hair.

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This is what Fluffy Joe had pop up when she said that the boxes were a good value. Savage.

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It's an incomplete coord. It's missing the dumpster.

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Looks like something you'd find in the costume aisle in Walmart.

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This is so fucking ugly

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Just another twat fuck

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Hard agree. It's so embarrassing. Asspats on COF about culture. I am Hispanic and this is ita as fuck.

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Already posted >>10607560

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Fuck I really didn't need to see this level of degeneracy today makes my skin crawl what a nasty bitch

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This picture looks old.

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For some reason I don’t hate this

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A lor-ita production. Burn it.

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You really need to reassess your choice in fashion then. Get your nose out of Lor's ass and learn what a coord is.

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Go dilate

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Love the apron. Hate everything else.

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This makes me sad, but also the Coolabah goon in the background kek

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the apron would be cute with an actual Alice theme.
The thing she did with the socks is kinda cool, but I don’t like anything else about this.
this much makeup and filter on anyone just looks so bad. Not to mention the boob shoop.

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Perhaps she wanted to show off the stereotype that Mexican lolitas are ita as fuck. In that case good job representing because it looks like shit.

You've got shit taste then, there is literally nothing redeeming about this shit.

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Is she Mexican? Because no Mexican person ever actually celebrates cinco de Mayo hahah que pendeja

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Proof not all cute Asians are incapable of being ita, because this is ita as fuck. Can you even call this a coord when it's barely more than a JSK with very thin straps?

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The description

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Imagine how much of a low-life you have to be to be "proud of your culture"

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In comparison to her other coords this isn’t that bad.
She has a good amount of brand, idk how she literally has not improved at all?
She seems really nice but omg please, something else other than the plain white tights and 0 accessories.

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She’s not overweight. She just has a round face. Look at some of the pieces she owns, they’re pretty small.

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yes lolita is now ruined, done caput

fuck of you sound super repressed

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Nice gatekeeping everyone

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Yes, it's a man

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That lip liner made me barf

>> No.10608369

no cuz i actually really like this

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feels like a majority of these boil down "dont be ugly and cosplay"

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Fuck off

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woman moment

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im def average at best in looks, but i thank god that i dont look like this jesus

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