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Or not.

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You don't have the brainpower to understand, just like all of your super-cis-ters, that's all.

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>A "mental disorder" is not a choice.
Exactly. Yet anon says they wished the whole world had this disorder which is cruel as fuck. Actual trans people hate being this way which is the whole point of wanting to transition so they can feel normal.
>You, on the other hand, willingly choose to be a TERF
If disliking people who pretend to have brain problems just so they can be treated like a special snowflake makes me a TERF, then I will wave that flag proudly.

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Oh you're just retarded, okay.

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OP here. Annoying that this thread became a tranny shitfest. I wanted this to be a good old fashioned gender war between women and (non-tranny) men. The most entertaining threads here are always when the femcels and incels go to battle.

Trannies ruin everything, including my bait thread.

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Real men don't bother posting on /cgl/ or care about female opinions.

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half this board is pathetic moids

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You're either a scrote or a pick me, so a scrote worshipper.

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>people go there to pee and poop
Then why do you get so upset at the prospect at having to use the men's restroom?

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Top 1% of onlyfans.

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Omg you are retarded. I hope you're gay.

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Men serious ruined the Karen meme didn't they? Fucking moids.

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>female only con
>dedicated panels to josei and shoujo manga
>maybe a fujo panel as well
>it's only women so I can be free to chat with others and wear cosplay that shows more skin
>less creeps
>a women's only space to talk about fujo otaku shit in peace from men
Hell. Fucking. Yes. I would kill a homeless for this to be a possibility. Realistically, how hard would this be to set up? If someone wanted to make a women's only convention what steps would they need to take to make sure it's afab/female only without causing a social shitstorm? What would be a good way to enforce said female only attendence?
I'd be willing bankroll and help set something like this up. Maybe it could be called something like Venus Con

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a gay m*n wouldn't be claiming m*les are honest nor simple

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As much as I would want this too and if we did manage to get it going, it would be raided and protested by trannies. Knowing how violent they get, they'll probably throw bricks.

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are you really this ignorant of history or do you not realize there were literal places women were not let into until they forced their way in?

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On a civil rights level that makes sense for stuff in general. We're talking about recreational stuff though. Political movements mean little because cons aren't a right.

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honestly you type like youre fat and smell bad, you wouldnt be wanted at the con

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based trannies BTFOing the hopes and dreams of actual females

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I forgot about how a bunch of trannies vandalized and revoked funding for a women's rape shelter. Shitheels, they are. You're unfortunately correct. There would be the possibility of trannies protesting and crying discrimination. I don't think I could see them stopping at just bricks, I've seen the shit they say. If it gives them a chance to put their hands on a woman they'll take it. Maybe if it were underground and invite only that'll work?

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Of course she is a fujoshit.

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I think you didn't read the thread at all and just wanted to post this comic because it has nothing to do with what's being discussed in the thread.

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Not for you to decide. If she knows better, she'll wash herself and if she doesn't, that's for the girls at the con to deal with. We'll deal with our own girls, you deal with yours.

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There's already a Venus Con but it's a sex themed con

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Shut the fuck up. You go to cons for attention.

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Why would you show skin in cosplay if you dont want attention

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>Would cgl attend a female only con?
it happened, it was called dashcon
it was full of chicks and faggots

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Some anime characters that I like and want to cosplay have lots of skin showing. I don't want to cosplay them because I feel uncomfortable showing skin around men. I'm not denying that women could stare at me in a sexual light but I just don't feel comfortable around men so much as women if I were to wear such cosplay.

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then stop idolizing 2d sluts you dumb bitch

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>then stop idolizing 2d sluts
Stop making said 2D sluts so interesting and cool looking then? I can't help what I like anon.

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we also can't help but look at a clearly sexualized woman, you shouldn't be uncomfortable at nature. you and i know that that's just how things are, you'd do the same shit with a fit guy doing a cosplay that shows a lot of skin.
again >>10631101 stands as the truth

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I understand that it's nature and all that, but I'm still going to be uncomfortable if I saw some man leering at my body with sexual intent that's something I genuinely can't change because it genuinely makes me feel uncomfortable and disgusted. Of course, as you said, that's how things are men look at hot women and women look at hot men. I personally just don't feel comfortable showing a lot of skin in the presence of any men which is why I'd prefer a female only con to wear cosplay that features more skin showing.
>you'd do the same shit with a fit guy doing a cosplay that shows a lot of skin.
>again >>10631101 stands as the truth
Well yes, that man is choosing to show himself in such cosplay because he's comfortable with people seeing his body. If he's okay with that then sure, I'll take a glance or ask for a picture if his cosplay is well put together. I'd just be more comfortable wearing said type of cosplay in a all women's space is all.

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i said "real men"

real men wouldn't be caught dead on this board, or on 4chan for that matter. they don't generally care about anything other than conquering.

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>They're the least threatening people ever.
Until one of them snaps and shows up with their stimmy bought AR-15 to the con. It isn't a matter of "if" a con gets shot up, but "when". There are way too many unstable people that attend cons who are one bad rejection, or bad joke away from mag dumping into a crowd of con goers.

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Honestly, a good idea.

I genuinely propose a male-only con, as well. I feel like it'd go extremely well. No guys peacocking for women who happen to enjoy anime, no incentive for (most) rapists to attend, an opportunity for male cosplay to be in the spotlight, all-around good times with bros, Etc.

>> No.10631351

can boyfriends be allowed
so they can protect you from the dykes

>> No.10631352

Male only con would be full of traps and trannies (they would identify as male as it suits them)
They would love to be the focus of attention without competing with actual XX

>> No.10631367

There are no good men. Your significant other is just another gasket case waiting to blow. He'll fuck you over eventually and then you'll be right here with us or on FDS. Don't say we didn't warn you.

>> No.10631368

>not thinking dykes hate feeling creepy and creepy lesbians
sis you're safe, just say you have a tumblr gf if you get harassed.

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There will never be a mass shooting at a con, just like there was never a mass shooting at screenings of the Joker. Mass shooters don't shoot "their" people, they shoot up fucking normies.

>> No.10631394

fuck off cock breath

>> No.10631404

I like this. #FreeTheShooter

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lmao what the fuck happened to this board

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Imagine the smell.

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