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Three girls from our comm were sitting on a bench after the meet when some creep came over and flashed them.

Two of the girls had a stroke.

The third one couldn't reach.

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I have to accept an ita into the comm because she's my friend's sister.

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Wtf. Don't give in.

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>Three girls from our comm were sitting on a bench after the meet when some creep came over and flashed them.
>Two of the girls had a stroke.

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Is it smart to join lolita if you have seizures?

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? It’s just clothes

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wear bodyline, spasm-chan.

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I met this girl at the con. She was cosplaying Madoka and look really cute. I complimented her outfit and so we started talking. We begun as friends, but things became romantic soon and now it’s almost 3 years since we met for first time. But lately things became so difficult. She doesn’t like any of titles I used to watch, she absolutely uninterested in lolita, even when I try to talk about some daily crap, she gives no reaction. At the same time she went ridiculously jealous towards girls I follow on social media, she literally shit talks about them and tries to force me to unfollow them. I thought having weeb gf is great, but we don’t click like at all, and I miss her attention and affection. Maybe she’s not a person for me. She’s cute af, her face is soo pretty and so is her frame, but what’s a point of dating pretty girl when it feels like having no girlfriend at all. I stopped seeing other people because I only wanted her (and because she goes nuts even over my friendly connections) and I still only want her, but it feels so lonely.

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You need to talk to her

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Sounds bad, you two should better split up for your both good.

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How do I get a cute Muslim gf without being Muslim

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This is the best feels thread OP ever.

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I just really love my babygull. She’s cute, adorable, sweet, cute, caring, intelligent, kind, and also she’s really really cute! I love her so much, AAAAHH!

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Good fun peoples
Had hour massage with nice lady who called me handsome
Called in girl who finished her break after doing some other rando in another room
>no pics because no alone time and in car near park now
Girl and I fuck she says I’m big, do missionary for a few minutes, twiddle her Nipples choke her and lick her armpits (shaved)
She’s done and wants to stop
I say ok
>then I tell her to flip over
Start out doggy style affer ramming itnin and she cries out then I force her down and sort of lay on her back and pound until I cum (Condom)
We dress and I leave other girl is making dinner, boss lady gives me hug and tells me she’ll see me next time.

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Not if you're incontinent during them.

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>wearing lolita without a thong diaper

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