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Can we get a confession thread going?

Lolita/cosplay/jfash welcome.

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I got into massive debt spending on Lolita crap, traveling, and such. I’m okay now, set to pay it off by March but it’s got me fucked up. Never again. I have sold a good chunk of my wardrobe and it’s helping but fuck.

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I have sex in my lolita dresses and jfash too. To me it's just clothes and I think it makes it look cuter.

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Cosplay is a great passion of mine. I love pinning over projects and gathering supplies, but I never finish a costume due to lack of motivation. I really wish I had even 1 cosplay friend but irl I know nobody/noone available in my city radius

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I live paycheck to paycheck but I'm not in debt. If I buy a dress, I still have a good amount leftover for other things.

I'm tempted to get a credit card but I feel like I might actually end up in debt that way.

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I prefer shorter dresses. not "scandalous" short but like in >>10017401 thread. it looks cuter and less frumpy, and it definitely makes me look slimmer in lolita too because I have thick calves but slim thighs

gurl save, if you can buy a dress and have a good amount left over then you have enough to not be paycheck to paycheck. at least have a couple months' wages set aside. even if you're not in debt now you're a single fender bender or toothache away from it

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I like dresses that length too- my legs are one of my better features so I see no harm in showing them off a little. Besides, I'm 5'7'' and wear oldschool, its basically unavoidable lol

Now for my confession: Sometimes I upsell loliable Forever 21 accessories I got in the clearance bin for several times the price I paid for them. They're still cheap af and therefore always sell surprisingly well.

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Confession: I really don't like old school.
The resurgence of old school means that loads of girls in my comm are wearing it. Some of them look great, but it's my subjective opinion that they'd look better in a style that wasn't so...frumpy. I know loads of people love the frump, but I don't. I prefer elegance but the stompy rhs and the blocky lace and michelin man sleeves just don't do it for me.
I'm not going to admit it to their face, and I'm sure that my style isn't to everyone's taste, but I just don't like it.

Pic related is the most 'old-school' I'll go, and it's not even old school!

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what if something stains?

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t. someone else who has had sex in lolita
Unless you're having period sex, I don't see what would stain? Cum is easy to get out of things, if you wash your clothes properly.

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I gained a bunch of weight in the past two years (I stopped being an anachan) and I wanna feel cute and still eat food but I’m going to Japan soon & knowing I won’t fit into the same Asian size M like I used to is making me wanna commit sudoku oh boy

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A while ago I sewed brand tags on offbrand clothes and sold them as ~super old oldschool~ for at least four times more. One buyer even posted about it on FB and asked for the exact year.

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This isn't necessarily /cgl/ related, but I want to share it anyway. The first time I heard about kanji, my first thought was "What the fuck do Chinese characters have to do with rice porridge?"

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Why do you have a bunch of brand tags just lying around?

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Obligatory person here admitting I don't wear bloomers and instead wear biker shorts. Though I'm considering finally getting one of those fluffy pairs for winter, but I'll likely never wear bloomers the rest of the year.

This confession I do feel a bit bad about... My local comm is full of itas and older women who dress terribly, but it's all I have and they're at least pretty nice. But deep down I'm happy that I'm the best dressed in my comm despite being one of the youngest members (of who actually go to the meets). Visiting a bigger state comm always reminds me that I'm not the best, but my local comm gives me a bit of an ego.

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They deserved it for blindly buying ugly shit just to flex for oldschool cred.

Taobao and also someone on Mbok sold seperate tags for a few brands that looked exactly like the originals.

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Returning from a meet, I had a massive breakdown (glad I was home) and stained my dream dress due to selfharm.
Now I feel double shit

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I've never gotten anything on my dresses during sex.

The people who seem most bothered by this seem to also have never actually had sex...

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>fender bender
I don't drive.

I have insurance that covers stuff like that. I got a bunch of dental work done this year anyway!

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>They deserved it for blindly buying ugly shit just to flex for oldschool cred.
god fucking damn there is some serious oldschool hate lately. this is not the only time I've seen this level of mad regarding oldschool. there's been a few mentions now in different threads.

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I wear oldschool myself. I'm just mad at the sheer level of pretentiousness that somehow evolved in others and dumb fadfags.

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are you the same anon who scammed people by selling stuff as fakes though?

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Same, it's funny how a few years ago we were considered ita and now everyone pretends they love it because it's popular. I will always love my oldschool long after you trendy efame whores move on to some other style. It's cute and different than anything

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confession: i usually don’t wear a bra with lolita, just a tank top.

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I don't wear one either. My boobs don't sag and my dresses act as a bra.

Don't worry gulls, I don't resale.

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I love the ridiculous taobao novelty bullshit. obv I wish the art and material quality was better but i got into lolita because it was fun and cute and full of novelty, not for ~muh elegance and taobao feeds that hunger for novelty

i don't buy it often tho, it often ends up being questionable qualitywise

pic related, it's an air conditioning print with desk fans and thermometers etc i adore it

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I dont wear a bra half the time, period. Unless its a formal event or work, there’s really no reason to. And i dont get why that would effect resale value, i wash my clothes unless youre scared of titty cooties

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I never wear a bra either but I do wear a camisole and usually also a tshirt under everything
>t. extremely flatchested

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my big ol cow titties stretch my brand out according to some gulls.

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I have no savings because I spent it all on brand, skincare, haircare, and I'll still never be cute. Pic related

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I'm glad I made this thread cause this is amazing

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how many years before you stop dangling this dry, ancient bait into the water

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>I'm not like those other lolitas~

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I don't even wear a tank top, lolita is literally the only fashion where I've benefited from having micro tits lol

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I knew about lolita in the old school days. If it looked more like it did now, I'd have actually gotten into it so it leaves me feeling salty. It really doesn't look as good as everyone says it does and brands actually still make pieces like this, but much better with their years of experience.
>tfw you still could've bought off of ancient english Meta site and had archaic brand to sell to this crowd

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Big same

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Eh. I find the slight frumpiness of the oldschool style to be part of the charm. Overpolished oldschool never looks right to me.

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I don’t wear a bra underneath my dresses unless it has full shirring. I’m weird because I grab each tit and adjust them to sit a little higher on the bodice.

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I will never be cute. I feel like i'm disgusting. I have small boobs but they're so fucking saggy, fat goes to my stomach and arms and no matter how much weight i lose my arms are always fat, I feel like my coords are never good enough I secretly dream about fucking danny devito and I have no self esteem

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sounds like you need to focus on building muscle tone instead of just losing weight, anon

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That, and do some intermittent fasting, it will help the loose skin.

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I hate to be that person who complains and deflect criticism, because i really need to hit the gym. I can't right now, so i'm focusing on low calorie intake. I have no time, between university and my job, to do anything (besides online shop and complain on here). I appreciate your input, I think part of why I'm mad about my body is because I don't have control like I'm used to. I just have to wait.

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Confession: I have huge crush on a brolita, but dating him would be awkward. He’s probably a sub with weird tastes or is gay.

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no harm in asking him out

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>I’m weird because I grab each tit and adjust them to sit a little higher on the bodice
Pretty sure a lot of girls do that and not just in lolita. I do it too. Ya gotta manage 'em tiddies right.

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That’s good to know. I always felt like the only one, but it makes sense that a good portion of women do it.

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big mood

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I don't really have $500 extra to buy CTP and it's not even a dream dress of mine, but I still want it because it seems like it'll be the only chance I have to own it and I'm an AP brandwhore.

Having said that, if it's some shitty sack dress cut, polyester, or gross colorways then nevermind.

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if its the same cut as before, then i'll be sad because it only went up to a 93 cm bust :(

>> No.10017828

My bust is 81-83 cm so I'm counting on a more tailored cut. But it's probably going to be some limited in-store reservation that none of us english-speakers get a chance at anyways.

>> No.10017833

SS :)

>> No.10017839

True, but is it possible that they will limit how many each individual can order? AP would be smart to let the reservations be limitless because they could make a lot of money off this, but it almost seems like there will be a "limit 3" per person or something.

>> No.10017848

We don’t know the limit yet, but I was able to message an SS who is willing to try for me. So you might be able to. If it’s be not too late.

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I can feel it in my bones. I’m not that excited for CTP, but still going to buy it. Probably owning some super expensive and sought after piece of clothing might make me feel better( deep inside I know it’s not true and I’m gonna feel void on the next day after dress arrival). This is the thing I’ve been pursuing so long, I just need to complete it somehow. I don’t know what else should I do to feel better.

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finding yourself instead of relying on monetary goods

>> No.10017942

I don’t even really want it, I should save the money but knowing I’d be the only girl in my comm who could afford & fit into it is tempting desu

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Danny devito would want you to have higher self esteem anon, don't despair!!

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I'm the sort of person who likes some prints and dresses on taobao, but I never buy them. I just can't justify the quality, even though the prices are usually decent. Everything I've got from there has fit me weirdly, but there are some beautiful dresses.
Even when I love a taobao dress, and when others wear them, I feel myself judging a little bit. I'm not rich enough to justify feeling like I'm better than others (not that I think money makes you inherently better, or anything, just that I see people who buy them as cheap). I'd never say it out loud and I wish I didn't think that, but that's my confession.
Sorry for my English.

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I am really sorry anon, did the meetup trigger it? I hope you are ok now

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Hard same

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Wash with cold water ASAP. Vinegar can help get the stain out.
I hope you feel better soon, mental health problems suck so bad.

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I do this when I put on my bra. Bend over forwards, scoop my boobs forward so they sit better in the bra.

>> No.10018001

i still wear a bra even though i have no boobs, but my nips are overly sensitive when i put on a blouse.

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Similar feels except I'm just about to loose it. Started to shed weight in summer and I just feel I'm getting fatter and fatter even though pictures proof me wrong. I can't enjoy food anymore and sometimes I get suddenly super disgusted about myself and I literally feel fat. I like food and want to eat but always get regret from hell if I end up more than 1400 kcal per day. Idk but lolita just seems to boost it because everyone is cute and thin even though I can fit into everything too.

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I didn't realize that the waist ties need to be indeed TIED when I wore lolita for the first time. I just thought they were these cute little things hanging from the dress. My coord wasn't really ita otherwise but to this day I'm still embarrassed. I don't think this is a very common mistake.

>> No.10018112

haha, it sounds cute anyways

>> No.10018113

>tfw I know I'm one of the terribly-dressed older ladies
This sounds like my comm. I'm still finding my look. As much as I like pastel vomit, I don't think it suits me at my age and I'm ready to try something different.

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Hydrogen peroxide works really well for bloodstains. Leave it on until the stain is covered with bubbles, then rinse it off with cold water. Repeat until it stops fizzing. (Do it once or twice from the back of the fabric as well.)

If there's still some discoloration left afterwards, spot treat the stains with your normal laundry detergent. Rinse with cold water and dry flat if possible.

Good luck & feel better soon

>> No.10018127

>>10018118 >>10017627
dropped this: Gently pat dry both sides between peroxide applications with something absorbent (like a rag or paper towel) to pick up the blood that's removed.

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I obsessively avoid showing any bare skin between my OTKs and the hems of my dresses to the point where it makes me a bit anxious. My dresses fit me well, they're not too short, and I always wear bloomers and pull my OTKs up as high as they'll go, but I still worry about flashing a bit of skin above my knees and accidentally coming across as suggestive... mostly because I personally find zettai ryouiki attractive.

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Gull you should do some strength training, it will really tone up any flab you might have

>> No.10018154

I saw an anon mention peroxide... be careful, it can bleach prints/fabrics... Better to try all other suggestions beforehand.

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Me too anon. I've been wearing it all along just because I'm old and I like it. Did you see that outrageous new blog post O did about ~how to dress authentically oldschool~? I was laughing my ass off at how seriously she takes herself. I like oldschool precisely because it doesn't follow such strict rules as modern lolita and lolitas didn't take themselves so seriously back then. Her attitude is totally modern no matter how cute her coords admittedly are.

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Nayrt, does it really? I had a baby a couple years ago and while I lost all the weight quickly, I have all this skin on my stomach and its hard to get into my skirts now (I'm the same weight but with an extra inch on my waist). I've tried exercising my abs and now I just have abs under my saggy skin which is honestly not making me feel any better.

>> No.10018166

nayrt but she comes off as a huge tryhard, even outside of lolita

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It's not a cure all or anything, but every community I'm in for low carb and fasting suggest it with before and after pics, so it's what I'm doing. I have had at least good luck with appetite management when I stick to it, and my weight has been dropping. The science is about recycling dead cells and generating new ones during the fasting period because of human growth hormone and the effect on insulin... I'm... really bad at explaining it, but google it and you should find some stuff! Don't skimp out on water or electrolytes!

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the first meet up is my last meet up,even tho ppl looks Totally different from online but are nice,I love them. but a brolita attends late and sit beside me with no shoes, and I bend away from him to talk with other girls because his foot/sock stinks like hell... I don’t think I could find proper way to say it so I quit attending meet-ups.

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My newbie Ita sin was wearing a shitty a-line petti under this weird green & beige 50s dress and tagging it as “lolita fashion” or some shit
I don’t know why it haunts me so much but I still look at that dress in my closet and can’t wear it because i’m reminded how foolish I was

>> No.10018187

Thanks anon, I will look into it. This has been really bothering me so hopefully it helps! I actually did use low carb to lose the weight in the first place, agree it definitely helps with appetite.

>> No.10018195

Don't be mad just because other people like things for their own sake rather than imaginary internet points. It's fun to actually enjoy something

>> No.10018221

I'm a gothic lolita and I find moitie bat bags ugly and weird looking

>> No.10018228

I find it sexy and cute. I also love the look of (good quality) garters peeking under the hem between the top of the sock and bloomer. Yes I know most lolitas hate sexy and society has ruined these things but I can't help it. Part of it's appeal is it's mostly unintended and not supposed to be sexy. Idk I generally get very lesbian feels from lolita but thighs are especially cute.

Also another confession. I have a bf but I day dream about lolitas and look at others pics "like that". Also at meets I can barely keep my cool. Everyone thinks I'm straight (even my bf insist I am even though I have said I'm bi) so my interest is hidden but I'm afraid someone will notice and think I'm a creeper.

>> No.10018244

Ayrt, that's exactly the problem, I don't want to look sexy in lolita at all which is why I'm so concerned about this. Maybe I need to expand my collection of drawers, peeking bloomers are pretty cute, after all...

>> No.10018250

>Second paragraph
Which Yuri manga is this?

>> No.10018253

I’ve always thought old school is Ita or at least very easy to fuck up.

>> No.10018266

I dress as waifubait characters hoping someone will want to be my bf

>> No.10018269

I feel the same way as the second paragraph. I have a boyfriend, but i keep having girl on girl dreams and i'm not sexually attracted to him. I don't know what to do.

>> No.10018271

You should probably be honest with him. If you can't outright tell him that you're a lesbian, at the very least break up with him, otherwise you'll both suffer from this.

>> No.10018274

Anon, are you me? Literally hate myself for not being underweight despite everyone around me liking how “healthy” I look, and I’ve had many a sex dream with old frumpy white men, one of them being Danny devito (my most popular being Steve buscemi)

>> No.10018275

Eww, nasty fetishist. These frills weren’t made for you to rub your pussy off them!

>> No.10018276

>"I'm the only true oldschool lolita!! You guys are just posers and attentionwhores!"

>> No.10018296

I don't think i'm a full on lesbian, but I think sexually I am a lot more into girls. I dont know. I'll figure it out.

>> No.10018344

Literally me

>> No.10018346

isn’t body dysmorphia great???

I fit into plenty of shit just fine too, I just feel the inner anachan bemoaning that I can’t have toothpick legs. I don’t want to lose weight because I’ve relapsed every time and I don’t have the time to deal with that now.

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Ah, yes. Garters are so sexy in lolita

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Oh no

>> No.10018356

Nothing but pre-verts ITT

>> No.10018364

Why are you so mad about this?

Or are you just farming (you)s?

>> No.10018370

I'm not mad, all I did was restate what you said in greentext format.
Is it really so hard to comprehend you're not as unique as you think you are? There are tons of girls out there who wear old school.

>inb4 you think I'm >>10017716

>> No.10018411

Too bad there's really not much money to be gained selling old school, $200 at most? It goes for incredibly cheap on most sites besides ww.

>> No.10018414

Jesus shut the fuck up, no one gives a shit.

>> No.10018463

>i am too special!!! sh-shut up!!!!!!!!

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Innocent World is my favorite lolita brand but I pretty much never buy anything in its reservation period or even on release, I always end up waiting ages to see if it price drops or if I finally decide to buy something.

I'm always the M92 or whatever shorter length which is never in danger stock wise, and I like their non-prints in the blacks/greys which seem to sell the least as well. Like the Blade Tuck series, I love it but I'm not worried about the stock at all since I didn't want red and don't need the larger sizes. I feel bad because I end up buying stuff from AP brand new full price even though I don't care about them much because I fear for their stock, like the recent Ghost Night Bride. I even wait around for sales, which always happen, then lo and behold it doesn't happen with the higanbana print from last year.

Feel a bit awful for being so unsupportive to the brand and Fujiwara. Like I want pic related, but who knows when I'll ever pull the trigger because I'm not worried about when I can buy it.

>> No.10018472

Nayrt, but you’re the one who looks dumb here. Shame on me for replying to this bullshit.

>> No.10018475

you should get an underskirt anon, I know exactly how you feel

>> No.10018483

My gf used to be like this. She encouraged me to wear lolita and I did because I wanted to look cute for her. Can’t believe she made me waste so much money on brand just to get off to it.

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Nice. You do you, anon, don't let the gulls that always get mad whenever sex is brought up like clockwork get to you. Everybody pisses. Everybody poops. Everybody fucks. Let's not beat around the bush and drum up fake outrage.

>> No.10018485

i feel like baby and ap are overrated as fuck for lolita brands and metamorphose and innocent world make the best dresses and always have

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>> No.10018491

> tfw that cat reminds you of CTP kitties I can’t fit into my budget rn

>> No.10018492

>th-that totally wasn't me!!!!!

>> No.10018495

That's not lolita.

Looks like it could be fairy kei at most. But it's not lolita.

>> No.10018496

Now that you mention it... I've only taken a shit while wearing a handful of my dresses?

I guess it rarely hits me when I'm wearing lolita or something.

And it's never happened in public where I had to take a shit and just happened to be dressed up. Peeing of course, but number 2? Not that often which, honestly, I find this strange.

>> No.10018503

I tried to wear lolita to suppress the fact that I am a trans FTM
I thought that if I did something insanely girly I'd want to be a girl. I felt out of place at meetups, looked like shit most of the time, and now have a bunch of $200 dresses that just make me want to die when I wear them.

>> No.10018505

Not the same anon/s but YES I LAUGHED SO HARD. Especially given the fact that I remember her first posts on d_l in that sad pink bodyline OP, I can’t take her queen of oldschool act seriously.

>> No.10018507

sell them bro

>> No.10018511

probably should.
I think girls are cute as hell in lolita so I've been sitting on them in hopes of a lolita gf

>> No.10018521

That's not cute ew.

I worded it a bit badly, it's not my kink and I wear it daily myself but rather it makes girls look even better and well, sexy, but in a non-fetish-way if that makes sense. I hope you can love your frills on your own anon, if not, hopefully you will get a good price out of them.

>> No.10018522

Become an ouji, that’s open to both genders too

>> No.10018523

>t. insufferable cunt

>> No.10018530

I'm not sure how this is such a bad thing, they clearly love fashion?

>> No.10018533
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>I think girls are cute as hell in lolita so I've been sitting on them in hopes of a lolita gf
>implying legit lolitas would find your ita ass attractive

>> No.10018555

Do people have issues with this? Unless you create boobloaf it shouldn't matter far as I know, and boobloaf is because you've got more breast than a dress is cutted to curve around so it squashes them. Breast don't really cause more dirt than stomague or arms.

I always assume people who are being so happy about not wearing a bra have small breast or silicons (which can act like inbuilt bra). No comfort in not wearing a bra unless I lay down ever since I reached C cup and I went above afterwards. Bouncing hurts and fitting clothes don't hold them besides corsets...

>> No.10018557

If its your facial/body shape only surgery will work. If your mental health is bad enough because of feeling like this you might be able to get your insurance to pay if you use the right wording and some nice doctors to write it down the correct way.

>> No.10018562

Swoop and scoop is how you're supposed to put on a bra. If you don't wear one your probably doing it to try to make stuff fit like it should as cloth patterns often assume bras are worn by woman.

>> No.10018575

>implying I wear lolita
what is reading comprehension
I looked into it and ended up trying on a few peices but I'm too tall for anything that's not custom. its a shame because I do like the aristocratic/ouiji look but dont want the price tag of custom ordering every peice.
I'm jealous of dudes that can pull it off though.

>> No.10018577

Is this not you? >>10018503 You said yourself that you tried to wear lolita.

>> No.10018579

tried out of self hatred. never said I was currently a lolita, havent touched the clothes in 4 years out of the knowledge that not only did I look like shit, but felt like shit.
Just admit you wanted to to be an asshole to strangers on the internet and go

>> No.10018585

there's a photographer I know who likes to sexually hassass love live cosplayers (I don't know if he still does it since it was over a year ago when I last saw him). Anonymous people have mentioned him a few times but that's about it. Also because he harrassed me too I've been kinda put off from cosplaying Love Live and being and left this one Love Live group that he has good friends in.

The love live cosplay group is quite toxic, they would talk either about drama, personal issues or their bf. After I left the group i even heard they were talking shit about me just because of my anxiety.... and the people who i thought was my friend turned a cold shoulder to me... now a days I try to avoid the leader of that group as much as possible at cons since she always has some sort of drama to start

Oh I forgot to say that the leader "replaced" me in a group that I was suppose to be in (when I was part of the group) because apparently I said I couldn't make it, even though i was messaging her every week to let her know how my cosplay was going and asking what's happening in the shoot.

>> No.10018604

This is why I only wear tights

>> No.10018606

Maybe reconsider your decision to prey on the community if you're so bothered by anons being meanie bullies uwu

>> No.10018607

I like a bit of tasteful sexyness both inside and outside Lolita. Has to stay tasteful tho, don't like people looking like sluts. It looks cheap and easy. Even as someone who's straight I must admit woman have nicer bodies to look at so I can't blame you. Men have other features in their favour, but purely on body shape woman win.

>> No.10018610

I hate these harajuku gathers and think a normal farther belt is so much better and delicate looking.

>> No.10018624

I'm really fat but i can't stop eating help

>> No.10018626


>> No.10018650

I suffer from sun allergy, so I have to wear sunscreen most of the time. I also can't wear heavy makeup because of it (it's mostly heavy concealer and foundation which I can't do, eye shadow and mascara is ok). I often get criticized for not wearing enough makeup on COF, but there's literally noting that I can do about it. I started using makeup apps and a bit of shoop and I haven't gotten bad critique since. But it sucks having to edit every picture I ever take in order to look acceptable.

>> No.10018693

I’m actually proud of my local cosplay comm... lately there has been a trend of random attractive ‘cosplayers’ putting on a random wig and seemingly finding a character they happen to resemble afterwards then posing sexily. They then post a side by side photo with the character to the fb group intending to gather followers but no one gives them the likes they crave and they end up stop posting while only posts that show effort (like actual wips or completed character photo shoots) get support and likes. Unfortunately those posts are few and far in between with the season slowing down giving the impression of a slow or dead community but I like it.

>> No.10018697

link? god I wanna see it

>> No.10018699


>> No.10018726

Why can't you wear a foundation with sun protection in it?

>> No.10018729

It is always so sad to see people reacting to crit on here.

>> No.10018749

I like old school in itself and many of the old snaps look nice, as well as a few current lolitas, but I feel like a lot of people who wear it nowadays just don't look good. Maybe it's hard to coord, or maybe it's because they do it for the trend attention instead of for actual love of it, but many of the current lolita's in old-school coords just look bad.

>> No.10018756

Nayrt but usually it's not enough protection for a sun sensible skin

>> No.10018761

Do your skincare routines and you won't need concealers and foundations. No skin that won't look presentable with a Korean skin care routine that fits your personal skin, and since you already said you can do the rest of the make-up you should be able to look fine without editing if you put the effort into it.

If you really need to even out the skin tone after that (although you shouldn't need to), you could try one of the sunscreen with whitener in it as they even out small blemishes and give a luminous complexion. They exist with SPF50+ so you should be fine.

I also wear sunscreen every day to slow down aging of my skin, as sun damage is the biggest problem, altrough in the summer I also have a mild form of sun allergy. Everyone should wear sunscreen every day of their lives anyways. Having to wear it for medical reasons should not be an issue for appearance unless you need physical sunscreen.

Btw, what type of sun allergy do you have? Most types of sun allergy can be treated with steroid creams or pills, and in light cases even simply building up resistance by going short times in the sun when it's not on it's brightest and making sure you don't switch too sudden is enough.

>> No.10018762

NAYRT but if you go to more expansive and/or Korean brands there are many options that are high UV protection. European/American brands suck anyways.

>> No.10018802

Multiple reasons: Not enough protection, a lot of products make brake-outs even worse and my skin tone is super pale and hard to find. It took me a while to find products for a daily routine that won't irritate my skin and I like to stick to that desu.

I have very clear skin and small pores naturally. Only issue is that I have dark genetic circles under the eyes and often suffer from reddish outbursts (due to the sun and my skin reacting sensitive to everything). I'm also one of those people who often gets comments like "are you sick" or "are you tired" even with my basic makeup on. And when I want to conceal my eye circles I also have to put on foundation and also add blush, which is a bit too much for my skin.

>Btw, what type of sun allergy do you have?
It's polymorphic light eruption. It's a reoccuring chronic type and I had it since I was a child. There were always years when it was better or worse and right now I am in a "worse" phase; I guess kind of by my own fault, becase I live like a hermit and rarely see daylight with my current job situation, so I haven't succeeded in building up a resistance yet. But I'm positive that it will get better when my living situation changes again.

>> No.10018811
File: 60 KB, 400x600, 47EF403E-58EB-4C49-9563-2DB4F9C5AA6A.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I’ll dig for it! It was under another lj user before her angelbruises account, so I have to check. But in the meanwhile, hope this lovely picture keeps you occupied and eager for more.

>> No.10018813

Spread dirt and destroy the whole group as revenge

>> No.10018822
File: 158 KB, 450x600, 65A6FFC5-6810-4F0C-9362-09625AF266A4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yaaay found some more. Also keep in mind this one is from like...2014. Tooottaally lived and breathed oldschool and knows all about what makes it authentic huh *sarcasm*.

>> No.10018834

she was doing the peignoir when it was popular too, huh? I don't hate people who follow trends, I completely understand wanting to change with the fashion. Pretending to be a leader of a substyle when you're new to it yourself is pretty shady though.

>> No.10018841

I really want to but the love live cosplay community will start hating me and they might even slut shame me.... plus my best friend is part of the group. I told her she should leave but she stays there because she wants to feel like she has friends...

she is sometimes too nice, she always tries to help everyone with their mental health issue while struggling with her own.

>> No.10018842

Yep, that pretense is what really gets me. In her posts she goes all “this is what I know based on my yeaaars of wearing and loving oldschool”, and I’m always just like...oh yeah you mean all 2-3 of them? Lol..her “oldschool” wardrobe posts date from like 2016 at earliest.

>> No.10018849

I've gain alot of weight and don't feel like i deserve to dress in my lolita until i lose the weight, and that goes along with i don't want my comm to see me at this weight or this emotional vulnerable time.
I miss the fashion...

>> No.10018853

I stopped a low carb diet because I was losing hair (due to what I found out now was unrelated to the diet) and gained 15 pounds and feel the same anon. We can lose weight together! Don't give up hope~ I've been struggling with eating more than I'd like recently, but I'm going back on a keto diet today. Perhaps you should join in!

>> No.10018854
File: 117 KB, 640x631, IMG_3043.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I love old school to death but stuff like this is just embarrassing.

>> No.10018858

Link to blogpost? Or post it here?

>> No.10018859

This. >>10018762
Koreans all want super white skin anyway so you should be able to find something that matches your skin tone. I have rosacea that worsens with sun exposure and their cushion foundations have helped me. You can also layer it with a UV face mist to re-apply throughout the day. You could try to use cosdna to figure out what ingredients you are sensitive to by looking up past products as well.

>> No.10018904

This. I legit bought 50 spf foundation last week

>> No.10018905

Sometimes I'd like to bring my stuffed toys with me when I go out (if I'm not with other people). I'm not an ageplayer or anything, I just really love stuffed toys and I think sometimes I feel a little lonely </3 I can't connect with people no much how hard I try, my friendships are all very superficial and faint. I can't even take a dog because of reasons, even if I'd really love to. Sometimes I feel a little like Eleanor Rigby </3

>> No.10018906

For everyone that thinks SPF makeup is useful, watch this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a50PitNmpIE

And then please keep using sunscreen under your makeup.

>> No.10018907
File: 11 KB, 240x240, 1521585158895.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I think it's cute, but looks a little cheap. I think if she changed the skirt to something else and wore black socks with white lace, it'd look less cheap and more cute. The skirt she has here (looks like some bodyline?) just doesn't have a very good shape, which makes it look more like a cheap lolita "costume" rather than actual lolita.

>> No.10018923
File: 127 KB, 470x273, normal-sunscreen-dosage.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

50SPF would be fine, but with foundation you're simply not physically wearing enough of it on your face for it to be effective. The point of SPF in makeup is to supplement existing sunscreen use (especially since you have to reapply multiple times a day) and as a marketing trick, it can't replace it entirely. Pic related is a good rule of thumb for how much sunscreen to apply. That amount of foundation would look disgusting.

What I don't get is why >>10018650 can't wear makeup on top of the sunscreen. I use both at the same time every day (although my base makeup is fairly light), and never have any problems. What sunscreen are you using?

>> No.10018932

Not OP but I think the problem isn't that their sunscreen mucks up their foundation, but that their skin is too sensitive for anything but the sunscreen (see >>10018802 ).

>> No.10018937

I'm >>10018726 and I thought it was implied that you still wear it underneath, but I guess that's not obvious to some. I apply sunscreen and let it soak in for 5 minutes, then apply SPF/PA protection cushion foundation all over my face. Why do you think people wouldn't be wearing enough of it? I would think you'd just need to re-apply based on if it's a reactive or reflective sun protectant and your physical activity.

>> No.10018948

Oh my god I know! I wish I still had those old photos saved! Some anon dumped them in an ita thread not too long ago. She’s since deleted her old d_l posts and tumblr posts to hid the evidence. Imagine being so insecure you need to delete photos off some ancient social media platform that no one even cares (or knows) about to try and boost your Lolita street cred.

>> No.10018951

Imagine being shit on anonymously multiple times for stuff you wore when you were 15, and then shit on for removing the photos so people could no longer delve into your online history to continuously shit on you further.
Shes improved leagues and bounds, like any lolita would who started as a fucking highschooler. Why do you people care where she started off when she looks objectively good now. Her coords are good because shes done enough research and practice to improve. Theres no point in teasing her for this other than jealously. Its weak and obvious. Grow the fuck up, she did.

>> No.10018960

Because I looked like shit when I was 14 and started and I don’t give a crap if people post old ita photos of mine because I am impeccably dressed now in comparison? It’s not like she’s the only well dressed Lolita who had an ita phase? At least the rest of us don’t have the same snooty “I’m so authentic” attitude about it. And at least when I was an ita, it was actually during the “old school” era, so at least I had a reason I looked like shit? You kids have it so easy with so much cheap accessible brand and offbrand.

>> No.10018969

You completely missed the point. Shes never claimed to be the best most knowledgable oldschooler. Shes just a human being who has basically been cyberbullied over her ita phase which almost everyone has had. Thats why she deleted the photos you idiot. Not to "hide the evidence"
Youre fucking pathetic.

>> No.10018972
File: 63 KB, 657x527, 1537312248241.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I poked holes in my friend's condoms with a needle, she then got pregnant with some guy's kid when she fucked him at AnimeExpo
She'll never know it was me, oh well

>> No.10018985

I've tried to "whiteknight" on here, it only makes people madder. Just ignore it

>> No.10018989

Nayrt but cyber bullied? Really? Pointing out someone looked laughable before figuring out how to dress themselves is hardly cyber bullying. If you would just quit trying to suck her clit this conversation would of already died out by now. Plenty of well dressed Lolita’s get ripped on for old shitty photos. Some of them even post their own. It’s hardly anything to get pissy over.

>> No.10019002

I can never have enough shoes. Why can't I ever be happy with what I have? I always want more shoes. My brain is just "shoe Shoes SHOES" and of course when I get a new pair I often want to get an outfit to go with it.

>> No.10019018

I'm>>10018762 and >>10018761
Like I said, I also have light sun allergy. I'm also very pale, and got those "are you sick" comments especially when I was young. Turned out I had to little metal in my blood. Anyways, Korean brands have great sunscreen with "whitening" that can even out the pales skin tones and generally look better than foundation as well (more natural).

Dark circles can be caused by many things. I have them thanks to bad genetics, only thing that can fix it for me is surgery. However, it might also be other things like stress, to little sleep, or chronical illness. I would kinda suggest you get your blood tested as even tho I'm still very pale and people easily think I'm sick, it's less bad then it was after they found out the problem with the shortage of iron in blood. A check-up wouldn't hurt.

Otherwise, just use time outside and free time to build up resistance, or make sure you can always cover it. I generally use walking the dog or going to the mall/school/work to spend some time outside. It's short enough not to make my arms too itchy, but long enough to build some resistance.

Generally, for me trying to build up some resistance each spring/summer and the whitening sunscreen is enough. If it's not for you, maybe see if you can get some medication to battle it from your doctor?

>> No.10019019

yes it's a bodyline set. One of those good old "Bodyline is hit or miss" ones, where you where told to stay away from the "separate" section because it was always a mis. I guess this person didn't get the message.

>> No.10019051

Because I know a lot of people who don't wear sunscreen at all, and think that makeup with SPF is enough on its own. In that case, it wouldn't be enough protection alone like that. It's supposed to be more like a bonus.

>> No.10019094

>I am impeccably dressed now in comparison?
Haha ok sure. Let me guess. You conveniently won't be able to post a coord for us to actually judge?

>> No.10019095

>just quit trying to suck her clit
Its interesting that you conjured up this image on your own.... do you maybe... want to do that and upset that you can't?

>> No.10019108

>I would think you'd just need to re-apply based on if it's a reactive or reflective sun protectant and your physical activity.

Sunscreen isn’t effective for very long, you’re supposed to reapply it every 2 hours.

>> No.10019128

If it's a physical sunscreen and you're indoors, it can last all day.

>> No.10019129
File: 137 KB, 340x340, 729.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

NAYRT, but who the fuck would self-post here. Yall got vags saltier than the fucking dead sea, no wonder why you guys can't get laid.

>> No.10019131

No one said anything about self posting though. Just a coord. Not sure why you just ASSUMED self post had to happen.

Btw. There is a self post thread. People do it.

>> No.10019133

Nayrt but that's kind of a reach, that's just the female version of "hop off his dick"

>> No.10019140

I get it, but it was so graphic and detailed - I imagine anon was licking their lips in delicious anger.

>> No.10019149

so what have we learned from this post?

>> No.10019156

I hope that decoden shoes don't catch on because I had the idea for decoden shoes like five years ago and finally got around to making a pair, and desu, I don't like to do things after they get popular because I like to feel special
If lolita ever became mainstream, I would be devastated and give it up

>> No.10019157

I usually wear tights because of this, but if I happen to have a full set that includes otks, I wear those over tights in a similar enough color and hope no one notices

>> No.10019163

Sure am seeing a lot of this type of attitude lately.

Pretty fucking sad.

>> No.10019179

I've seen decoden shoes before already... You're literally not special.


>> No.10019186

Yep... it's the new "I liked that band before they were cool but I hate them now because they sold out"

>> No.10019189

Dude....stop....I know it's nice to have ideas you feel are unique and stuff, but you shouldn't feel disappointed. A lot of stuff has been done in this fashion already. You're probably not going to bring anything new to the table

Speaking of which, my confession is that I'm sad there seems to be no real "innovators" in the community. Everyones either wearing old school or whatever AP is vomiting out at us. I wonder if we will get any new trends soon.

>> No.10019270

Well never claimed to be the most knowledgeable except for making videos and blog posts and videos about how “x person doesn’t look authentically old school because the stripes on their socks were too thick”, which I WOULD SAY IS PRETTY MUCH CLAIMING THAT.

>> No.10019271

I posted some of them above, enjoy!

>> No.10019569

Ok no one will ever make content ever again you win

>> No.10019720

oh god, I misread that as "brand" and just...

>> No.10019895

Please, can make so much content that doesn’t involve critiquing other peoples’ coords for their level of oldschool (as in her video), or about what is authentic. People do it all the time- and in fact, Ophelia’s other stuff (like her search into deep lolita history) is precisely that.

>> No.10020047

>Please, can make so much content
What did you mean by this?

>> No.10020065

Thank you for your service in thot patrol.

>> No.10020078

typos are a thing

did the ophelia whiteknighting get to your head

>> No.10020147
File: 209 KB, 640x787, 791917ED-5396-4E6C-9012-500945082FD5.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

She looks like she has yaoi hands jfc

Confession: I can’t bring myself to like AP. Looking at the museaum thread has made me realize the aesthetic AP puts out is so different from what I want out of lolita. Even Puppet Circus doesn’t seem as heavy and lush as I was imagining. But with MM pretty much dead and VM actively dying, I feel like I’m getting phased out as a lolita. I still love it, but I feel there’s going to be a day I’ll wake up and my MM closet won’t be considered lolita anymore, and that scares me. Maybe I should try to branch out into gothic.

>> No.10020149

>I feel there’s going to be a day I’ll wake up and my MM closet won’t be considered lolita anymore
The day genuine classic lolita (rather than the "OTT classic" garbage we've been fed) isn't considered lolita anymore would be a dark and grim day for the fashion as a whole.

>> No.10020151

Is this like the first time you seen PC? I don’t get the shock. No one is saying MM isn’t Lolita, it is just a look that is old and isn’t evolving in a way that keeps up with the times.

Invest in indie stuff that brings the look you want out if Japanese brands don’t

>> No.10020154

I'm a classic lolita slowly sliding into gothic with occasional side helpings of Meta and JetJ. I feel you, anon. My VM collection already feels irrelevant and though I'm going to keep wearing it daily, I've already seen my outfits for meets get darker.
>inb4 why not wear IW
Dunno why but I'm not keen on IW. Someone once called them the Meta of classic because they release so many weird things that don't really fit the substyle they're in but I legit think they're sweeter than Meta nowadays. I just don't like their main pieces.

>> No.10020160

>Everyones either wearing old school or whatever AP is vomiting out at us
This is such a bad opinion. There are tons of girls out there who post their coords that aren't oldschool or AP. Sure, not all are popular but it's dumb to act like they don't exist.

>> No.10020171

These people volounteered to have their coords critiqued though

>> No.10020175

Are you judging because the quality is worse than brand? Not sure i understand

>> No.10020201
File: 122 KB, 500x500, 1514972767426.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

About 2 weeks ago I went out to the mall in lolita just to shop a bit. A really cute guy just casually chatted me up in the food court when I was eating and we hit it off well. He showed a pretty large interest in what I was wearing and wanted me to give him a rundown on lolita, but I just called it "japanese fashion" so he wouldn't make any weird connections.

I'm really ashamed to say that I straight up just had sex with him in the stall wearing my coord. He gave me his number but it wasn't even a real number and I feel like such a moron. I've never been one for casual sex, I've never been one to just yolo like that, I don't even know what came over me and almost feel as if he must have planted something in my food when I got up to get napkins or something, even though I know that's ridiculous.

>> No.10020206


>> No.10020209

Was this before or after Demi Lovato flicked your vagina and called you fat?

>> No.10020217

Sorry should have been clear but I'm ESL. I guess I judge because it's cheap and bad quality, second hand brand is easy to obtain, also you can save up for dresses. I am not very rich myself but every time I got taobao I have been burned by dresses that are not good, that have buttons that fall off. Not every brand release will be perfectly made but its more likely to be good.

I don't like how taobao is infiltrating the market with shitty dresses. I wear some of the accessories, so may be that I am a hypocrite, but accessories usually end up looking like the photo. Dresses rarely do in my case. Maybe I have just been unlucky.

>> No.10020286

>Rosa Bianca
>Fairy Wish
>Rosina Blue
>Princess Doll
>Funny Fairy
That's just a few and I keep discovering more by the day.

>> No.10020288

Some of these are hellish to buy from. Why can't classic indies get their shit together?
>Looking at you, Millefleurs
>Just let me give you my goddamn money

>> No.10020298

They are deluding themselves. If they are over a b cup, bra is needed to not have either boobloaf or tits down to the elbows (or both). I’ve seen that in lolita too often and it’s really not a good look. In cow-tit’s case, anything but a very supportive minimizing bra looks like ass. The bodice may ‘hold them in’ somewhat...but it does nothing for the shape and placement as you move. A well fitting bra makes almost every coord look better and more elegantly shaped. Why spend all that money on lolita clothes and then spoil the whole look because you cheap out on things like proper shape-wear?

>> No.10020300

In lolita, you should not see either one. I wear either and sometimes ruffled ones too...no one knows this because I keep my underthings properly covered when I’m in my frills.

>> No.10020302

Post a photo of your fave cosplayer or lolita or j-fashion idol in a pretty frame where you’ll see it every day and go on a healthy diet. You can make a change starting from today, you know.

>> No.10020303

She would get more positive attention and respect if she just posted consistently with her coords and listed the coord rundowns on CoF, her blog and in the oldschool group instead of trying to school other people on oldschool. Her attitude is so off-putting.

>> No.10020304

I'm lesbian and I switched to ouji, now 90% of the reason I go to lolita meets is to find a qt lolita gf so I can be her prince.

>> No.10020308

I’ve seen it ofc, it’s just still jarring to me. I’m used to classic velveteen dresses that are super heavy. It isn’t even the need to keep finding new things, I love my wardrobe, it’s just where the trends are going is different from what I love about lolita and that makes me a little sad.
I once got into an argument with a gull about IW. There’s pieces I like, but most of their stuff is sweeter than I care to go.
This. Also quality can be super hit or miss sometimes, or the cuts are strange for lolita.

>> No.10020310

They are critiquing and mocking her for being a know it all and for talking down to people in her blog article about oldschool. If she was just modestly trying to share her oldschool love instead of trying to school everyone about it, no one would be poking fun at her, most likely. Most of us don’t start out with great coords but most of us dont go around trying to educate our fellow lolitas either, no matter our level of improvement a few years later.

>> No.10020311

She does get questions from people about oldschool and how to wear it though, maybe she was a bit misguided with the content she's made about it but I can see where she's coming from.

>> No.10020346

>>10020311 acting like a condescending twit is not 'a bit misguided'. If she loves oldschool as much as she says, she would want to be more helpful to people wanting to learn about it, I think? She write encouraging articles with proper resources (links, credits, shopping sources, references to old Street Snaps, other articles) instead of the critical, vague and badly written opinion stuff she is currently posting. Also it irks me that she doesn't at least give a courtesy link to (or even properly credit) the photos she uses.

>> No.10020348

She never really seems to want to help them though. She has such an insufferable special snowflake attitude

>> No.10020357

Confession: I gained weight, my favorite lolita clothes don't fit and I'm trying hard not to be salty about it as I slowly lose the weight again but I get depressed when the meet day comes and I have to wear my fatty-chan pieces. I have not bought a new dress in some months because I'm waiting to hit a weight goal of __kg and it's going very slow.

>> No.10020362

>I looked like shit when I was 14 and started and I don’t give a crap if people post old ita photos of mine

survivor bias

>> No.10020462
File: 164 KB, 800x1200, 1511190908334.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

oldschool lolitas have way more passion than others from my experiences, they give a shit where the fashion came from and what it stood for, instead of wanting to look like a princess or doll. The pretention of being a lady and behaving differently is gone, OTT is out of the equation, it isn't a costume, they're just clothes.

It's sort of the new punk, since punk died quietly. The clothes are almost all a decade old and passed down from when lolita was still in its purest form and most experimental awkward stage.

If I have to confess anything it's that I hate how few lolitas actually care about fashion or quality of their clothing. They're just putting on costumes to blend in with their tribe and associate with other lovelies instead of developing any individuality or expression. People base their dream dresses on sets and coords they've seen done already instead of picking things based on their own tastes and making it their own. The community seem to have very little income as a whole so you think they would be outraged by how low quality the dresses they buy have become, but I don't think they have any knowledge of what nice materials are or how a quality dress is made.. besides maybe how it looks, and if it has cats on it. It reminds me almost of how people buy cotton t-shirts with Supreme on them, the way people eat up scratchy lace and chiffon dresses with stuffed animals printed on.

>> No.10020471

I wholeheartedly feel your confession. I feel strange when I see people give up on the fashion so quickly because they wasted money on cheap shit from Taobao, expecting luxurious quality from $20 dresses, inevitably getting garbage and thinking the entire fashion is like this. Newbies have wasted money on garbage in the early 2000s as well, but at least it was common knowledge that brand quality was superior, unlike newbies today that like to shriek that their AliExpress garbage bags are just as good as brand.
Maybe I've just gotten old and bitter but it makes me sad.

>> No.10020486

I don’t know who you talk to but old schoolers aren’t really any more or less passionate than anyone else. Don’t base it off of stuff like rc which is filled with role players, tons of people make Lolita their own and wear it as a fashion. It sounds like you only know of the community from the internet and not what people actually do.

If anything the new wave of old schoolers are less about where the fashion came from than the people who like cat dresses because they are now creating these rules and limits of what is “authentic”. This only started happening when some people started dedicating themselves to the style and wanted to be special for it. Worse than the rules about knee length only that came from lj

>> No.10020487

Sorry for spoonfeed but what's the link for Seraphim?

>> No.10020495

Whenever I see this pic of McLolita, I always imaging her speaking loudly in some fake princess-like way or saying something idiotic to draw this kind of attention from 4 people. I've travelled in lolita by car and stopped at truck stops, fast food places, grocery stores etc., and no one ever looks at me this way.

>> No.10020505

A lot of us care, about origins, fabrics, individuality, expression. I've had this discussion in meets several times. Most of us just quietly do it and don't need to go popping off about it on the internet, putting other lolitas down for their budgets, tastes or way that they want to dress.

Most of the oldschool lolitas of today aren't oldschool in the sense that they were actually there a decade or more ago in the fashion, they are newer people who have re-discovered it and that's their chosen style focus now.

Cool, I'm glad to see it revived, oldschool looks good and nostalgic...but those who have an uppity attitude about it are a PITA so almost no one gives two shits about their 'knowledge' and they can just go hump a log.

>> No.10020514

I'm very, very, VERY anal about buying used clothes and because of that I only have like 2-3 pieces at best because I just can't feel comfortable buying someone elses clothes. I mainly buy on japanese sites, and most of the time the very few used dresses I have were literally "never used ever, just bought and kept it stored" tier. I would never buy on lacemarket, I just can't trust american lolitas ever. Guess I'm a weeb, but I just don't really like used clothes.
Things like bags or shoes too, but those are mainly because of aesthetic and I don't like it when they have clear signs of getting worn out.

>> No.10020516

>oldschool lolitas have way more passion than others from my experiences, they give a shit where the fashion came from and what it stood for, instead of wanting to look like a princess or doll.
So are you saying old-schoolers the new "I'm a true lolita because I'm a lifestyler, so I'm better than all of you" now? Your attitude just rubs me the wrong way. It's the exact same thing as what you're complaining about, just on the other end of the spectrum.

>They're just putting on costumes to blend in with their tribe and associate with other lovelies instead of developing any individuality or expression.
Anyone who posts online or seeks out other lolitas does exactly this, even old school lolitas. There's nothing wrong with wanting solidarity.

>People base their dream dresses on sets and coords they've seen done already instead of picking things based on their own tastes and making it their own.
Even old schoolers do this. This is something that's impossible to not do, though.

>It reminds me almost of how people buy cotton t-shirts with Supreme on them, the way people eat up scratchy lace and chiffon dresses with stuffed animals printed on.
Just how old schoolers eat up everything that was released before 2002?

There's nothing wrong with old school or disliking modern lolita. But acting like you're better for wearing a different style is just ridiculous.

>> No.10020522

>picking dream dresses based on your own tastes and making them your own is impossible to do

>> No.10020523

I only buy lolita on Japanese sites because I've heard too many horror stories about the bad quality of American second-hand stuff. On Lace Market, I do check on someone's social media photos to see if they seem like a sloppy person in general and too often...you can clearly see that they are. Maybe they would take special care in their lolita wardrobe but I doubt it. Better to not risk it.

>> No.10020553

Some of us have never chosen a dream dress based on either the promo photo coord or the coords other people have worn, and we've never owned or worn a full set yet despite being in the fashion for years. I may never wear a full set. Scandalous, I know!

>> No.10020556

>typos are a thing
so is proof reading your post you fucking mental midget.

I don't give a fuck about that girl. I just hate people like you.

>> No.10020577

I felt the same, looking at the museum. I have one AP dress and I still am not sure I 100% like it as much as I imagined I would before I got it.

>Tfw my hands also short and stubby.

I fucking hate that I can't do shit about it.

>> No.10020582

oh my god just let people wear clothes they like, fuck off with this elitist attitude you fucking clown

>> No.10020590
File: 61 KB, 424x800, 39d9f06c886754a208b46b519d8d9e4e.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

for context i am not an oldschool lolita and i do not think they are excempt from treating the fashion like a costume, but they are less likely to. they eat up old dresses because they aren't made the way they used to be; quality of materials and worksmanship have declined and it is pretty obvious. moitie is similarly well made and often uses heavy materials so it has stood the test of time as well. the make of the dress aside, we are flooded with obnoxious prints that lend themselves to OTT costume nonsense, instead of having simpler color schemes with more elaborate cuts and styling. i look at something like milky planet and the orint resonates with me about as much as a graphic tee. iron gate and romantic rose letter are really nice in my opinion, but most prints are childish kawaii vomit whether it's children's toys, cutesy animals or candy.. it is astonishingly difficult to find mature lolita dresses or mature lolitas..

>> No.10020626

It's impossible because every dress's design is influenced by one other. Likewise your own tastes are also influenced by other people's. What I got from anon's post was that old school lolitas tastes are pure and unifluenced by outside sources which is just not possible.

That's still not exclusive to old school lolitas, you know. And if you've ever looked or gotten inspiration from a street snap, you've been influenced by things you've already seen. Especially if you've copied a snap piece for piece :^)

I mostly agree with your point, but I still disagree with OP's idea that old school lolitas are more dedicated than modern lolitas. Would you say that a modern gothic lolita with a carefully curated wardrobe doesn't care about the material or make of a dress? According to OP, she's just not as passionate as an old schooler is. Also, milky planet and other dresses from that era are objectively higher quality than romantic rose letter and similar prints released later. Even newer mature prints are likely worse quality than tackier/more "costumey" prints dresses from years ago.

>> No.10020636

Confession: sometimes I want to send massive amounts of fake followers/likes to people and get their instagrams shut down or fuck with their engagement ratios

they're already clearly buying them themselves, I just wanna expose them and watch the drama unfold

>> No.10020643

I just meant that many modern lolitas don't make fullset coords or cookie cutter copied coords like the oldschool poster might think. I'm not a unique snowflake with such creative coords but I've never worn a fullset or copied any coord I've seen piece for piece. And I'm not an oldschool lolita but I do value fabric quality, good lace, the construction details, balancing my coord, etc.

Most of the people in the oldschool lolita Facebook group don't seem to have such a snobby attitude though, so maybe it's just a few of them who are this way.

>> No.10020644

nayrt, but here you have it

>> No.10020661


old school RPers are the new 'true fans' shrieking that everyone else is a filthy casual thot.

>> No.10020671
File: 86 KB, 949x844, FB_IMG_1540610156402.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


For you anons

>> No.10020674

I really hate all lolitas at heart. My dream group is one where everyone has to submit 3 well-coordinated selfies when they ask to join.

>> No.10020684
File: 22 KB, 236x343, 1526970879358.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

you are responding to me, OP

i think old school lolitas tend to care more about where the fashion came from and the direction is has gone. i don't think modern lolitas are less dedicated, but they probably don't care as much about the history behind it; the GLB and livejournal and all that.

classic lolita might be into it for the victorian aspect, gothic lolitas could just like the silhouette and consider themselves more goth than lolita, sweet could be in it for the kawaii culture or otome, and any of them could have come over from a cosplay background. I guess I think that oldschool is the most distinctly lolita, and they are more reliably invested in lolita - though not always, and it becoming trendy really hurts this argument.

It has something to do with >>10020147 the way lolita has evolved, or degenerated, depending on who you ask, into something very different. If you showed a lolita from 2002 a coord from 2018, I don't know if they would recognize it as the same style at all.

My saying older items were better quality is separate from how I think prints are bad. A tasteful print on nice fabric is a holy grail, for sure.

>> No.10020690

why don't you make it? I'm sure there would be other lolitas interested.

>> No.10020695

But these oldschool lolitas you are speaking of are people who are just as new if not newer than most ‘modern’ lolitas you also refer to so they don’t know any more about the good old days of lolita in the harajuku yo yogi park origins days than any other person who was not actually wearing the fashion back then in the time and place. Maybe they are even less knowledgeable because some of us have friends who were actually into it back in the day (primary sources) so we can ask them about stuff. You come off like lolitas today who ‘like and wear oldschool’ are somehow keepers of the ancient flame or arbiters of taste, more discerning sartorial souls when the oldschool re-surgance in popularity is actually pretty new. Pfft, nope. Not unless you were there, and full-on wearing the fashion pre-2006 at least.

>> No.10020699

>hates all lolitas
>wants to make a lolita group

>> No.10020700

Nayrt but I swear there was a group like that on… Amino I think? It never really took off afaik.

>> No.10020701

Because I don’t have the patience to run another fb account or to face the shit I’d get on my main as the ‘elitist scum’ I’d be seen as for doing it. I’m really just tired of the armchair lolita pretenders and their shitposting here and in some of the FB groups. They discourage and scare newbs and actually do more damage perpetuating intolerant unrealistic ideals and rules than actual elitists do.

>> No.10020702

Hate all ‘lolitas at heart’, the people on here and in other lolita spaces who basically just RP being a lolita...who obsessively talk about lolita fashion, judge everyone mercilessly by ‘the rules’ give concerit, and pretend to be lifestyle etc but don’t actually wear lolita fashion themselves...sorry for the confusion.

>> No.10020712

ahhh i get it. and i agree, it’s okay to have standards.

>> No.10020765

it doesnt sound like youve ever been a part of the oldschool comm

>> No.10020775

I’m not and I’m not pretending to be either. I like to look at the oldschool coords and I have some old bibles. But then I’m not the one trying say I know this or that nor to school anyone on it now am I?

>> No.10020782

Old-school lolita is not a comm...it isn’t even a sub-style. >>10020684 and similar people are way over-stating what it is at all. Anyone can learn about pre-2007 lolita, seek out older pieces and wear them, in the way they used to be worn or creatively in a new way. They can even do that one day and wear Misty Sky the next day. And they can do it without being a precious snowflake about it too.

There’s not really anything creative, edgy or original about copying the origins of a fashion, nor is it unique to lolita, there are vintage, antique or even historical clothing style groups in lots of fashions.

>> No.10020786

I used to get 500+ fake likes etc per pic and my acc has been up for 2+ years, never even shadowbanned. Just let people do their things instead of being this salty. It's a thing if someone is talking big because of their fake likes, but otherwise, just let people live

>> No.10020787

I honestly wouldn't run it on FB. Maybe discord or something instead.

>> No.10020811

As an old school lolita, it isn't that deep to be honest. I just like the look and wear it. Sure I'm interested in lolita as a phenomenon also but why would modern lolitas care less about the core of the fashion? If something really is important for one they are going to research it and wearing more modern styles doesn't suddenly make it less likely.

That said I hate the gate keeping and competing who's most "authentic". I like to wear the parts of the era that suit me best but still discuss and be inspired by others who enjoy those eras. I understand traditional lolita is a really different thing but nitpicking wheter or not something was worn exactly like that goes too far sorry.

>> No.10020815

I'm an old school lolita too and I just wear what I like. If other people want to wear super OTT conlolita things only, what do I care.

>> No.10020816

I tried doing that with a sewing group because i was tired of 85 different girls who had looked at a sewing machine exactly once before grabbing saying shit like “”can’t wait to make a loli dress! Which ebay rachel lace do you think complements this jo anns printed broadcloth?? Don’t you just looove this doctor who print?”
It’s a good idea in theory, but in practice I just got labeled as bitchy because I had to tell 40% of the people who asked to join that their work wasn’t up to standards

>> No.10020820

Is Japanese brand really that worse nowadays? Not really believing oldschool elitist anon so I'd like to hear other opinions

>> No.10020831

I own a great variety of dresses and honestly I feel like it all comes down mostly to personal preferences. I'm not that much of an old fag but even I went through all the "this lace is bad, cotton is the best dress material" old fashioned advicing for newbies and honestly I feel like it has stuck to majority of lolitas. Not all materials are cheap because they are delicate and more complicated screen prints are expensive so brands have to cut corners somewhere to make it up without rising the prices. In the past few years there have been few really disgusting pieces from AP (personal experience) but overall I can't really see how the quality would be decreased. My experience ends in 2017 though.

>> No.10020853


Amen. And no I didn't, it's hard to take her word on what is and isn't "authentic" serious when she got all her knowledge from magazines she can't even read and only joined the fashion a decade after the style she is talking about. I think she's very pretty, but god do I wish she wasn't such a tryhard and would take it easy instead. Like you said, her attitude is ironically modern.

Jfc. This is what I mean with pretentious.
>People base their dream dresses on sets and coords they've seen done already instead of picking things based on their own tastes and making it their own.
A good 80% of oldschoolers do that though.

>> No.10020871

I'm that kind of girl that never sits on public toilets. Most of the time it goes fine, but if you don't bend over properly, sometimes drips of piss can splash back at you. One time when i wasn't very seasoned in that art, i basically peed on my bloomers.

> In the past few years there have been few really disgusting pieces from AP
This. While my AP dresses are all the quality you would expect from brand, some girls in my comm have AP dresses that looked so bad in person that i wondered if they got scammed and got a replica instead of the real deal.

>> No.10020881

Thank you!

>> No.10020892

I don't actually enjoy meets very much. I spend every meet waiting for it to be over so my smaller group of comm friends and I can go drinking in our frills.

>> No.10020893

meetups feel like networking events. i never have fun talking to anyone unless i have a friend there, and even then i'd rather just be with my friend than at a meet. i stopped going a few years ago, lonelita life is much better for me personally

>> No.10020895

I regret joining my local comm. It used to be a lot of fun until some of the girls showed their true faces, and now interacting with the comm is exhausting and just not fun. The lonelita life is infinitely better, at least in my opinion.

>> No.10020897

I'd never want to be a lonelita, don't get me wrong. I still enjoy meets at some level, especially big international ones. I love meeting new people. I just prefer going out with my friends, and going out after a meet means we have a lot to talk about.

>> No.10020938

That is disgusting honestly, you're not going to die sitting on a toilet seat. I hate using a toilet after someone like you.

>> No.10020939

Doesn't that just piss you off?

>> No.10020941

Agreed. Just use those sheets.. studies show the water is dirtier than the seats anyways.

>> No.10020956

Reminds me of those hot or not rating groups on greatestjournal back in the day. Basically you'd submit an application and then the mods would say if you were hot or not, rate you from 1 to 10 and if you were rated high you could join the group. If you weren't they'd call you hideous and you wouldn't be able to join.

>> No.10020961

Holy shit anon this blows. One of the reasons I kind of stop going to so many is because how immature and entitled a number of the members in my comm are. Not helping with car pool, not even saying thank you for driving and paying for my gas alone, and giving tiny catty comments about my shit.

>> No.10020971

How tf do people not notice a hole in the condom wrapper????

>> No.10020975

I'm on the added weight train too anon. Can't fit in to half my wardrobe right now and I refuse to sell any of it.

>> No.10020990

The same can be said for brand. Rosa Bianca seems perfect for you though. If they get enough international customers, they might make it easier to buy. You never know. It's not like MM and VM were especially easy to buy either.

>> No.10021018

A lot of people have small A cups.

>> No.10021023

Idk but cups themselves don't really translate to size. I'm a c-cup size 32 and my tits are pretty small. I never have to wear a bra under my dresses, unless the fabric is thin or loose bc perky nipples.
Anyways, I agree that some people need better undergarments.

>> No.10021030


You either look like shit or are in denial.

Or both even!

>> No.10021037

Nayrt but the OP photo is staged, calm down

>> No.10021039

I do kind of regret this. It feels like I show up at meets, don't make any new connections/the conversations I have feel forced, even though I'm being genuine. I have a couple of very close friends that I met through the comm and I wish I could just leave.

I know I'd regret it though, I just can't stand the mindless mingling. Talking about lolita is fine, but after the second hour of 'what print is that, your bonnet is so pretty, oh wow really that's indie brand? I had no clue!' I end up wanting to scream.

>> No.10021041

Me too anon. The post-meet drink with my friends is what I like best, meets can be exhausting sometimes.

>> No.10021042

Which dresses do you consider to be disgusting in terms of quality?

>> No.10021078

Dolly Marine, for example. Fortunately I got it super cheap nwt otherwise I would have been really disappointed. Shame because the design is pretty.

>> No.10021117

Lol, nitpicking typos because you know you’ve lost with your “bawww fine no one will make content ever again!” As I was saying, there is plenty of content one can make that doesn’t involve schooling people/offering them “advice”, and placing yourself in a position of power above them. Things like outfit shots, collecting old street snaps, hairstyle tutorials, etc. are all still content, and do not involve that better-than-thou pretense.

>> No.10021120

there is a large and active oldschool community.. they share scans of old glb and fruits and talk about the history of lolita and not just new releases and how they wish a print with alpacas on it would come out because, like, duh!!

there are plenty of people who just copy coords, and do the same overdone black and white look without any personal touches. what most people don't even realize oldschool is extremely wide ranging and encompasses things we wouldn't even consider lolita today. it's as much about the mindset as the aesthetic, but you can't post anything too out-there or casuam to CoF, how strict and meaningless the rules have become.

i wouldnt call someone who owns one sweet dress a sweet lolita, i will not call the trend hopping littles who put away their sceptres and sack dresses to wear a 2017 "oldschool" release an oldschool lolita

>> No.10021121

Yes they did (and I suppose to each their own), but the point is that deciding to make such a video in the first place betrays how she thinks of herself as the leader/sainted advice-giver of the substyle. Why else would she think she was able to give all of these people “advice”?

>> No.10021129

Nayrt, I also owned Dolly Marine in the JSK cut but I didn't think the quality was "disgusting." If I paid $250 for it I would have been pretty upset, but I got it for around 80 secondhand and it wasn't terrible or anything. It's better than any taobao I've owned, and the construction was fine. The only things that stood out to me were the weird bodice lining, thin fabric and lack of lining in the skirt, but I think the latter two may be because it was a summer dress. The fabric and construction were on par with one of my 2004 AP summer jsks, so I think varying quality has always been an issue with AP.

>> No.10021137

Nope, just a basic lolita/not lolita screening tool to keep out those who don’t actually wear the fashion which I think is a fair thing - to want proof someone even wears the fashion and has more than one coord to join a specific group made for *surprise* people who actually wear the fashion. It’s OK to have a targeted lolita group with join criteria and experience required, one that isn’t a beginner-friendly 101 level group, you know.

When I recently joined a goth discussion group, I was asked to write a short paragraph on my favorite bands and why I liked them - same kind of thing, to keep the gawkers and the casuals out. I didn’t mind at all because that’s what I was joining to do, discuss something I have experience with. The only ones who cry about these things are usually the beginners, the pretenders and the wanna-bees.

>> No.10021140

I’m thinking the same thing. It’s sad because there are so many beginner and open groups already that the lolitas who want to progress (or in your case, do a lolita sew-along etc.) - feel we can’t have targeted groups that by nature are a little exclusionary because not everything is ‘beginner friendly’. I’d read the sewing skill level requirement and not be butt-hurt if the join level was beyond my level. But I guess this is also the reason why all the sewing groups I’ve seen pretty much suck?

>> No.10021141

Same, it’s disgusting to me though. How did I get to be a pig so quickly? I took a break and boom, now nothing fits, well, stretchy things only, ugh. Severe but healthy diet on track all winter, oh well.

>> No.10021143

I know of one Facebook group for old-school so unless y’all are so exclusive, secret and hiding, where exactly is this ‘ large and active comm’? Not gonna lie, I want to quietly look in and see if all the members are such precious snooty snowflakes compared to we gauche modern commoners.

>> No.10021145

I’d be interested in a list of the lowest quality AP releases too, that would be a helpful thing in general.

>> No.10021166

10 bucks say you've been into this fashion for 3 years max. That whole post reeks of only-recently-joined the community.

>> No.10021168

Pretty sure she's talking about the discord lmao. You know, the one where only the same 5-10 people are active.

>> No.10021169


please stop RP-ing. I know you want friends with your taste, but this is sad.

>> No.10021170

I am kind of the same. I go to meets, but after I met some close lolita friends I am just not as interested with trying so hard to get to know others when they don't really try to get to know me. Now I only go to meets if the activity is interesting to me, but things like picnics and just food are so boring.

>> No.10021172

I kind took it as all over, not jsut a "community" as in one single place where all old-schoolers gather. I follow other oldschool girls on tumblr and instagram, and especially on tumblr a lot of us talk/post our research/newly acquired dresses/etc.

>> No.10021173

I've had a look and I don't like it at all (just a personal preference), not even design-wise. It looks pretty cheap especially if compared to other AP pieces. And I'd be super weirded out by the lack of lining in the skirt. I think I can understand what you mean now. I wouldn't say it's disgusting, but it does look subpar.

>> No.10021188

Right? That’s what I suspect. The Facebook oldschool group doesn’t seem to be daft and full of snowflakes but it’s not that ‘large’ or ‘active’ either. And as for Tumblr, anything lolita there is um, well...
But hey, maybe I’ll just search the tag everywhere and see what I can find.
>>10021166, agree, I was thinking this too.
Sadly, this may be the case, another non-lita with a lot of opinions and maaaaybe one shitty old dress.

>> No.10021194

lol that's exactly what they are/would be

>> No.10021209

Tou are right, it's still a cute and wearable dress but disgusting for 250$. It would be a lot better with a different kind of fabric, build in petti and better buttons. It's just something I would have never expected to get from AP and I'm so lucky I didn't buy it straigth from them. Also true that AP have had miss pieces before but I would still say in the past few years it has become more frequent. Maybe multiple factory changes? Iirc Dolly Marine was made in Philippines but so is my Melty Whip Chocolate and the latter is absolutely gorgerous.

>> No.10021210

not that anon, but there is actually quite a bit of non-kink/lewd lolita stuff on tumblr. search for specific things like metamorphose, rectangle headdress, etc. Even 'lolita fashion'. if you think everything there is porn you're sorely mistaken. it has it's problems, but it's not all bad.

>> No.10021211

this. it's at least better than facebook because you don't have to use your own name and shit.

>> No.10021213


It's not /all/ bad, but tumblr has gone down the shitter since the migration to instagram. There's really nothing of value lost if you don't go there anymore, and honestly if I get tumblr tards instead of white nationalist followers these days I'm happy.

>> No.10021229

>no one will make content ever again!
I didn't say that you fucking idiot. Are you sure you know who you're replying to?

I agree with you btw. Christ.

>> No.10021237

I'm always curious to know what people like you would rather be talking about.

>> No.10021239

You sound lame and childish

>> No.10021255

The Facebook group is pretty chill, other than the obvious exception discussed above there's not that much pretentiousness. It's not super active though desu.

>> No.10021305

We don’t talk shop that much at meets, events or parties unless it’s maybe a meet about crafting ccessories or such. Only the people with no social skills quiz people on their clothes. A pleasant compliment or 2 and maybe if there is an exciting release coming up will get some talk time but mostly we talk about what we’ve been doing, movies we’ve seen recently, events we’ve attended, plans upcoming, etc...you know, like normal friends and aquaintainces at a social gathering. I don’t really consider that mindless mingling but a fashion meet really isn’t really the place for deep conversations either?

>> No.10021310

To want to talk in a group with other experienced lolitas who wear the fashion and have one place to dodge the noobs and RP’ers? Mkay.

>> No.10021380

Tiny needle.

>> No.10021428

I frequently post comm. members in ita threads.

>> No.10021498
File: 39 KB, 753x449, 1474837344176.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'd like to start jfashion blog as I don't like Tumblr and want more text than Instagram. I know blogs are dying, I wouldn't care if it had just few readers, but on the other hand if none has any interest it would be depressing.

>> No.10021807

I feel you anon. Every time I walk outside I get an itchy rash that doesn't go away until I've gone back inside. I have to wear spf 100 sun screen and wear hats, and keep my arms and legs covered. If I don't the rash comes back again. To make matters worse, my skin is ultra sensitive. I'm allergic to mica and copper; both of which are common in most make up brands. I've pretty much given up on make up as well because almost everything I have tried makes my rashes break out worse.

>> No.10022899

Then say that you just don't want noobs and larpers. But your little group idea sounds no different from the shitshow described in the discord thread. Its no different than the old rating groups from lj and greatestjournal. Vetting always gets out of hand and considering how nitpicky and finicky gulls are, I seriously doubt it'd be long for the elitism came to surface. This is the type of shit teenage girls do because they watch shit films like mean girls and listen to beyonce and Rihanna and think its cool to act like cunts all the time and be rude to people.

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