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A Horrendous MESS
How are the mods of that area not embarrassed

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Spill the tea

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Apparently kimura u was there and moi meme Moitie and atelier Pierrot
And like it was embarrassing for the whole comm that such a shitty party was thrown in their presence

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finally someone’s taking about it
Yeah there was a girl at the rant and rave saying something like there was hair in the food and a girl cried and another one just got up and left
And how the girls in the top tier got the same contents as everyone else in the goody bag or something or didn’t even get the goody bag they paid for? Not too sure on the last part but she was super upset

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Makes sense this girls

The Portland
As hellllll

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A total sham basically. That’s what that was.

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I feel so sorry for everyone that bought a ticket and the guests Jesus Christ

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So who ran it the mods or like people from the kumo convention that aren’t part of the Portland comm?

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Really, what did you expect?
It's Kumoricon.

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Seems like kumoricon has to take the blame for it, But this one is on the mods

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this entire thread is literally the same person posting over and over.

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7 posters. Probably a few of the same person but not all.

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The girl who called herself "the pillar of the lolita community" despite not planning meets or doing anything for the community? It was so hard not to laugh at that.

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This is why I am embarrassed about lolita events being lumped in at anime cons, and inviting designers. It's always an embarrassing shit show.

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Pillar of salt maybe

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I thought the party was fine, considering it was a convention tea party.
The food wasn’t as substantial as last year, but they had loose leaf tea which was a bonus for me. The dream dress designer game is always fun, though more time would have been better considering how many people had to collaborate. The gifts from the designers made up for the rather lame goodie bags imo (atpie choker, mmm folder, kh pstcard) but I knew from last year not to waste money on a higher tier ticket. Also I’ve spent more on party tickets that had no goodie bags so I don’t feel completely cheated. The raffle prizes were ok, but the coordinate contest prizes were much better. one girl won a mmm dress.
I do feel bad for the designers, I think they were trying to give out prizes only to people wearing their brands which is reasonable, but meant they were awkwardly walking around trying to find a needle in a haystack while everyone watched. I think if they had announced guests sooner it wouldn’t have been as hard.
All in all I had a great time because I got to spend time with my friends as well as meet some new people, and will most likely go next year if they do this again.
I hope you all enjoy my review that nobody asked for.

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Why was the girl mentioned by >>10023286
crying? Is she seriously that upset over a goody bag?

The low tier bag was just a pin, some tea and a Wunderwelt coupon. It was advertised that the higher tier bag would get an eyeshadow also, but is that really it?

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I was actually borderline harassed by somebody that was from the Cafe, not sure if that's the same. Basically I was waiting for my girlfriend to get out of the bathroom near the room it was hosted in. Two girls came up to me and asked me very rudely "can I help you with something?" and I replied with "I'm waiting for my girlfriend to come out, so no". One of the bitched literally asked me "Oh, who's your girlfriend???" all accusingly, and I told her my girlfriend's name to make her fuck off, but looked visibly pissed off. Apparently some dude hugged a maid around the waist and they were up in arms against all men thinking I was some rapist.

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I feel like I'm the only one in the comm who would rather get a couple small but nice items rather than a huge bag full of business cards and aliexpress jewelry

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Shit like this is proof why cons hate tea parties because all it brings in is salt pillars of fuckwads.

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Yeah, I got this impression too.
The only thing I've heard about it is that the food wasnt very good or there wasnt much of it.

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The maids tending the outside of the cafe were just pissy at that time for some reason.

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I appreciated it.

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who is this “pillar of the lolita community” I need a name or an @

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Probably the person who made this thread

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I appreciated it as well, I enjoy reading posts like these so thanks

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It paled in comparison to past community events, which was surprising for the cost? It felt like they didn’t even try to get sponsors or note allergens for the hotel kitchen to be aware of.

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