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Is this real? What do gulls think about it?

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Proud To Be Asian has been around for years, it's funny how they still have energy to go on with it.

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A lot of Asian countries need to invest in their sewage treatment.

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Isn't this run by a LARPing white guy?

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Nah, he brown-skin.

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This reads like a fever dream.

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Sounds like what a butthurt Flip or SEAmonkey would post, mad that white people are better at cosplaying anime characters than they are because anime characters' skin tones are closest to East Asian and Caucasian.

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Is this yellow fever

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ProudToBeAsian has been around for years. As far back as around 8-9 years ago he's been all over cosplay.com with his propaganda and has had his accounts deleted several times due to racism. Not sure if he's still trolling there since I'm not active on there anymore.

Funnily enough the guy's actually some brown-skinned Malaysian if I remember correctly. So (while still asian) he's not one of his precious pale skinny japs/chinks. Basically, he's just a poor racist neckbeard who can be ignored. Don't care about him or start discussions with him. It's useless.

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Wow is proud to be Asian still around? He used to troll the cosplay dot com forums

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Nobody takes it seriously, so no. I want to post some of the hilarious engrish shit from him tho
It’s obvious that he chooses the most overly-shooped Asians, and the worst of quality for westerners in both costume and photo.

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>look too old and look gay

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in all seriousness the anime style was eastern takes on western cartoons and the big eyes and pale skin are directly supposed to be western features

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The big eyes are animation trick to display emotions because animation is visual, it has nothing to do with resembling any actual human feature. White people may have bigger eyes than asians but we certainly don't have anime-sized eyes.

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This together with the fact that things like big eyes have been a trend is Asia since far before they even met the Western world hundreds of years ago, no matter how much Westeners like to scream they want to look like white people. Just like the white skin thing.

No it's not. White skin comes from the fact rich people don't need to work, and therefore can stay inside and don't tan. Pale skin often meant rich which is historically seen a very praised feature. Westerners cared for pale skin for the same reason until Coco Chanel came of the plane with a tan because she flew to some warm, sunny country.

Big eyes and light skin have nothing to do with wanting to be Western, it's a beauty ideal that existed far before Asians had seen Westeners. It where butthurt idiots who started the "OMG they want to be white!" thing and now it's repeated by half the web because no one does any research nor fact checks nowadays.

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> this argument again

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no, if you take a japanese eye, and stretch it in paint, you'll notice it will look like some anime from the last 30 years, not the case with western eyes under same test

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Hey there Proudtobeasian ! Long time no see!

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Most asians don't even look that cute without a metric fuckton of makeup and shoop.

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>Most cosplayers don't even look that cute without a metric fuckton of makeup and shoop.

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As an Asian male who doesn't care much. I always hated hanging around my kind and they smug elitism. My preferences are white chicks, just like most of my gender counter parts. Most asian males think you got to stay within your race etc. It's pretty toxic. Specially if you try today a black chick, then every asian jumps down your throat. That's why you don't see asian guys dating black chicks, same with the gender counter part.

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But what about the anime characters that AREN'T Asian?

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According to him they should still only be cosplayed by Asian people because their facial features are still based off of perfect Asian facial features.

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i still believe it's a troll lmao

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>evil gaijin resembles pic related

Honestly I agree though, that Asians are more suited to cosplaying anime characters, but getting this mad about it is pathetic and hilarious.

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>that evil gaijin looks familiar

I honestly do think that Asian people have features that more closely resemble anime characters than white people. But obviously whoever made these is either an obsessed lunatic or a troll. Putting in the effort is all that matters when it comes to making a cosplay good or bad, besides whatever attractiveness you have already.

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I've heard rumors that he is actually an ugly Filipino or around that area.

I remember this guy from an unlikely source: The deviantart complaints forum. He would get banned quickly and his thread locked but every couple of months he'd pop up under a new username. That's where I heard that from.

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hi please marry me i will love you for an extended period of time
t. white girl weeb

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Oh boy cultural appropriation SJW cancer has finally reached Cosplay.


I guarantee you it isn't run by any decent actual Asian cosplayer. People who whine about cultural appropriation are usually complete losers in life, usually some butthurt ugly PoC who is abusing political correctness to blame all their problems on DA EVIL STR8 WHYT MALE.

If you go around Japan and ask normal not-retarded folks about cultural appropriation they either have no idea wtf it means or find the concept completely silly or both.


All those videos not one single Nippon fuck given. The only one that has someone butthurt is a white girl. Guess what? She's fat. Big surprise.

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Actually yes, early anime was heavily inspired but westerners because the west dominated animation. Anyone who denies the influence is clearly ignorant that Tezuka, one of the fathers of anime as we know it, was a huge fan of Disney and took a lot of inspiration from him.

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*inspired by westerners

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The reverse images of this are pretty funny too. What it really comes down to is
>only cute girls can cosplay anime characters
Also i feel bad for the ugly white girls that got stuck in these images

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>blonde hair
>blue eyes
>clothing inspired by European fashion
If anything, they are appropriating culture, not us.

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I'm convinced this is the very same troll that went around /cgl/ using the same MO.


I know right? Like, Jesus Christ, that guy is mad autistic to be doing it for a decade.

And people are still biting the bait to this day.

Well I suppose Donald Duck is technically a white guy...

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It not surprising that people like Tezuka would make waifus like pic related. He also made furry waifus, but you get the point. I would love to hear about how colored eyes are totally a standard of beauty in japan when their women genetically can not achieve it, however. To deny there is western influence in anime, especially the waifus, is just being ignorant of its history.

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this is true but not for that bullshit progressive reason. its because westerners women arent cute enough both internally and externally to do it properly, westerners can do slutty outgoing adult characters well enough but they cant do cute

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Sound worth it, as long as you are abusive.

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Jesus Christ what year is it?

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>claims to be asian
>character has blonde hair and blue eyes
That is literally appropriating my culture you fucking slant-eyed shitlord. My hair color is not a fashion accessory.
Hell, most asian fashion is actually an appropriation of western fashion. Their entire concept of a school uniform comes from the west. Blazers, suits, plaid skirt patterns, collared shirts, all western. Even lolita is based on western fashion inventions. If they're running around in anything but a god damned kimono with wooden clogs they'd better thank a whitey.
Luckily 99% of asians are chill and don't give a fuck about this stupid shit, but the ones that get uppity really need a fist in the teeth.
Those are just fuggo midwestern cattle though...? They'd look bad no matter what you dressed them in. G*rmanic-descended americans are the ugliest creatures in existence.

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>tfw no Hooni-posting bf who wants to be degraded in bed
Want to be my paypig?

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No thanks, been in that kind of relationship before. It's quite unsatisfying rather spend money on myself and my life style.
>tfw no gf that bullies me out of love
-slurps ramon-

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He's an indian

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Oh man what a throwback. I remember back when we used to have PTBA threads on here all the time.

Thanks for the nostalgia, OP!

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>tfw no gf that bullies me out of love
I have a friend like that, do you mind black people?

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Ah yes, white people always have rainbow eyeballs and hair!
It's hilarious when the xd everyone wants to be white brigade comes out, because while you know proudtobeasian is some sad troll, white brigade actually believes what they're saying.

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Refuted, Anzu looks better than most asian girls.

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Super Kawaii!

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Soooo kawaii!!

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She is the perfect anime girl.

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That shit was inspired by Bambi.

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