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Still a long day while left, but considering the negative attention it attracted I think it already deserves its own thread.
Opinions on the odd pre-booking system or what we know about the venue?
Are you going?
Which guests/stores do you hope to see there?

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Can someone summarize? I'm really out of the loop but kinda want to go

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This amount of spoonfeeding really? Gtfo and read

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Seems to me the organizers only want to throw an exclusive party for their rich friends, but need a little extra money from peasant ticket sales to get their venue and guests.

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>Event announced in early April for 2019, only the name is known, two weeks later they revealed it will be held in germany
>silence till august, we learn that it will be held in summer 2019 no more details
>gap till november filled with weird tourism tips all across germany nobody really seems to be interested in
>november comes around and we finally get details on the tickets no details about the event yet, the date is dropped on the picture they posted but nowhere talked about
>tickets will be sold first in a exclusive presale and what's left will be available for general sale
>to buy a ticket you need to register yourself before through email with your name and if you joined a past SFE event, joined with your brand, donated or volonteered. They claim this registration is needed due to a german law
>they only reveal what law this is referring to after asking multiple times. The law only generally refers to pubilc events, nothing that would require a registration before purchasing a ticket. We are left in the dark here why it really is needed
>the presale is open "[...]to those who have supported SFE events in the past. This will be based on a variety of factors, including past donations, past volunteering, past brand/stall participation and past attendance."
>It's not clear if there is a limit for presale
>It's not clear if people can buy tickets in the presale for people who do not qualify for presale
>It's not clear how they verify past attendence or any of the factors that qualify you for presale
>only statement regarding to the question how many tickets one in the presale can buy is "there is no limit for registered people". No clarification if registration only means the email process or the presale qualification
>first guest announced, Atelier Pierrot Designer
>finally the location is revealed, it's Rudesheim
>today first two locations are announed

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>info on when tickets sales start is either nowhere to be found or hard to find
>no info on ticket prices
>generally it's hard to find any information on the event it's scattered everywhere
>no FAQ
>no clear information for vendors yet

I hope I got everything covered

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Rudesheim was revealed before the ticket registration thing was announced, but otherwise the timeline seems correct

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>If the rumors are true they have different organizers in charge this year.

If this is true, then some new questions pop up, among them the question if they have any previous experience with arranging events. Because this whole mess screams of inexperienced newbies panicking and just pulling whatever out of their ass because they realized this is not the same as organizing a meet, and are in too deep now to back out.

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So will there be anything for the non-previous attendees? Couldn't they just do a previous attendees teaparty at the event if they really wanted to say thank you?

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Do you think they'll ever make a statement regarding all this criticism? Like an actual legit one and not vagueposting like they've done several times regarding this bullshit law-excuse?
Or will they just cover their ears and hope it goes away?

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Kinda hoping that the Moonlight Sonata/CDC tickets will be available after the pre-sale, never went to any previous events and would love to go. I doubt that they will though

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They also released some details on this whole pre-sale ticket thing and apparently those eligible for pre-sale tickets can buy up to 5 tickets but every ticket holder of those must also be eligible for pre-sale. So you can't just buy a lot of tickets for your whole comm if you are eligible but they are not, if I understand that correctly. No idea how they want to check that though.

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I want the same ticket. I hope to get it after the pre-sale,too!

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How is the weather in Germany during June? I am already planning my coord

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This year was super hot. 26 - 32°C

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It's the same organization and additional local organizers every year, I've heard. I'm curious what it's like to be part of the organization.

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Fuck you, presaler

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Unlikely. The best thing for a company/group to do in this situation is to admit mismanagement and follow through with transparency going forward. But many companies/groups never do this due to fear of losing face, further criticism, and a poor understanding of how a situation like this effects them short and long-term.

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They could cancel tickets that don’t match their list, or something.

Hopefully no. It isn’t professional to publicly give in to catty gulls

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People being cunts about big events like this are why we don’t have TPC in the U.K. any more. Keep it up and we’ll lose SFE too.

I really hope the organisers keep doing their shit despite this,but I understand why they choose to stop given that poorfags LARPing as lolitas love coming on here and whining about everything.

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It’s literally a German law that they can’t help having to follow. Why would they do it otherwise? It would be stupid to make things more difficult than necessary. Also it’s not that hard to send an email, damn. Not even any commitment needed to spend money, just send an email.

I suspect this thread is full of salty fuckers who know they won’t get in on the presale. Cry more.

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>It’s literally a German law
They didn't specify what law that was. Read the previous lolita general. If there is such law, they are probably trying to make it a private event, thus cutting costs and avoiding paper work.

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Why would you not cut costs and paperwork? These events are volunteer run and not for profit. People have full time jobs and want to give attendees the best value for money that they can.

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I think you don't understand. They aren't rying to give attendees the best value, they're trying to get around the law by not making it a full fledged event, just a private one. I think it's the only explanation for why they would need these e-mails. If that's not the case, that's great. If it is, it can get really bad for everyone attending. Why they wouldn't say what paragraph it is makes the whole case suspicious.

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I second that, I don’t see the problem really. I don’t know yet if I can get a ticket or not but I hope I do and I look forward to the event

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If they don't make it a private event, that means anyone has the right to buy a ticket and come. That means they can't just refuse people entrance the way they did at Under The Sea.

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Maybe they don’t really need the emails but just want to see who is attending to make sure people like you don’t come to the event?

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This is correct, I am friends with one of the organizers and she told me that last time they had issues with banned people showing up and a security person had to step in and remove them from the venue

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but they market the event as something that's not just for lolitas, but for anyone interested in jfashion in general. but yeah if someone is banned from a comm, they can't legally refuse to sell that person a ticket if it's a public event.

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Nothing of value was lost. British lolitas are all ugly itas anyway

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Say that to Connie's beautiful face, you jelly bitch!

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What is the weather like in Germany in early June? I wonder because of the coord planning

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Long faces with tiny chins look so awkward

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she uses a lot of ps anon

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Read the fucking thread

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Oops meant to reply to >>10035592

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All that people are asking for is fairness and transparency? Is that really so bad? Can the organizers really not provide that? What are potential attendees supposed to think?
I know the German organizer is crying about wanting to cut herself or w/e, but I haven’t seen any personal attacks or bad things like that to warrant such a reaction

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Look, either you're a friend of the organiser or someone who has been to the events before and gets presale priority. The event has been handled so badly, just because it's happening doesn't mean we aren't allowed to criticise the very poor execution.

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Where did you find that info? I couldn't find that anywhere

>> No.10035973

Literally it was posted to the SFE page and linked to the event page. At least try to pretend you looked..

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The problem is the lacking transperancy. Nobody would complain if were a bit more specific not only about the law issue but anything else as well.
As things are now people are presented with organizers that don't give clear answers and a ticket system that seems unfair and easy to cheat. Not only that but information generally isn't clear cut and not easy to find. Instead anything is vauge or drowned in a wall of text, torn between two FB pages and a lot is hidden in the comments.
A little more info packed short and clear about the whole event and complaints would end.
Posting a FAQ with simple, clear answers to the questions people obviously have, pin that post and a lot of problems would be solved.

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I don't know why someone would actively seek out cgl if they were so sensitive to the slightest criticism. I'm as bothered by the lack of SFE transparency as anyone else, but I hope she looks after herself. If they're trying to sort through things, browsing cgl is definitely not keeping spirits high.

Any guesses for the guest announcement tomorrow? I don't think it'll be AP since they were in London last year, maybe Baby or IW? Wasn't Isobe in Finland for Hellocon a few years ago? It'd be pretty cool.

I have a feeling we'll get some cool artists, would love to meet Imai Kira again, she's a sweetheart.

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What banned person? We’re they banned from previous SFE events or from the local comm?

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I have the feeling they will have the same guest like before. Atelier pierrot and imai kira were in Barcelona as well.


>> No.10037513

From the local comm

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Has anyone gotten a reply to their registration email yet?

>> No.10038033

I hoped they'd have someone different. I'm not sure if I want to drop the money for this event anymore if there's not going to be anything very big like they were getting everyone excited for.

Does anyone else get way too overwhelmed to shop at these events? I've been to UtS and a few TPCs and I always end up in a daze, no idea what I want and end up buying something in the heat of the moment that I never end up wearing.

>> No.10038053

I have! They just said thank you for registering.

>> No.10039634

Just got my presale email! Anyone else?

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So are all the organizers of Street Fashion Europe just Americans now? I keep seeing Americans post updates about the event in all of the SFE groups. Some “European” event.

>> No.10039705

SFE has grown bigger than just European Lolitas for some reason. There are US and Aus people involved, maybe even more that we don't know about yet.
It doesn't really bother me much, but it's definitely strange. I can't blame someone for wanting to work with friends or people they know and can trust.

I feel bad saying it, but I'm underwhelmed by the guest announcements. I love Imai Kira but I've met her twice at European events already, and I'm not as excited as I probably should be for Atelier Pierrot. Like >>10038033
said, the hype they were building suggested that they were going to announce something much bigger.

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They have their own little elitist group of people. Octavkitten and her US friends and Kyra and her EU friends. They travel back and forth between Europe and the US to hold secret events and meetups

>> No.10039720

It only bothers me because they're competing with European events in a weird way like when they announced the country(?) on the same day the ticket sale for another event started

>> No.10039721

I don't like kyra but meeting up with your friends is not a "secret event or meet-up" lmao

>> No.10039723

They actively exclude people they don’t like in their little elitist vacations. I would love to join one but they organize these via private groups or group chats. This is more than meeting friends! They are around 30 people.

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>elitist vacations
>secret events and meetups

Are you seriously bitching that friends are meeting up and doing things without inviting entire communities? Friend activities aren't public events, why on earth would you get salty about something like this?

If I was going to visit lolita friends abroad and do something fun, I sure as shit wouldn't invite their local comm or put out a public invite. Are you crazy?

>> No.10039740

Yeah that rubbed me the wrong way. From the start, it has seemed like SFE is trying to centralise all the EU events and have one big event a year instead of communities holding their own events and inviting their own guests. They definitely tried to take the spotlight from that event (can't remember which one it was).

I quite like the smaller events so I hope this doesn't discourage anyone. Sure, I love the idea of huge parties with champagne and roses cascading down castle staircases and exciting guests, but small dos with indie brands and a chance to talk to new people are so much more fun to me as I spend more time in the fashion.

>> No.10039743

Maybe she's friends with a lot of them but doesn't get an invite.. Otherwise I don't know how she knows about these ""events""

>> No.10039749

I don’t care about guest as much as I care about meeting friends and event activities. So I am happy that this event will be smaller and have more activities where you can talk and get to know people. I have never been to Germany but it was always on my bucket list. Maybe I wear a Dirndl coord lol

>> No.10039751

I think it was hellocon in Finland

Germany also has had events with small indie brands but I don't remember what that was called?

>> No.10039756

Anon is probably talking about Halloween haus or something that they saw a few pictures of, some people who attended posted about it on insta.

Anon, if you're not getting an invite, there's probably a reason for it, and it might be tied to bitching on cgl about people you want to be "friends" with. You sound like you're trying to famewhore, and that shit don't fly with more low-key, older groups of lolitas.

>> No.10039757

Yea anon might be over reacting but I kind of understand where they r coming from. I follow mossmarchen on Instagram and Facebook and she hosts one of these secret events and rubs it in everyone’s face every Halloween. Facebook statuses and posting photos of her and her group of people that she invited. I get that these are her friends but it would be nice if they would open up more and be less exclusive.

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>see post on event about presale emails
>never been to SFE event, in no way eligible
>check email anyway

>> No.10039759

But the HelloCon and SFE organizers are friends. One HelloCon organizer is also in SFE.

>> No.10039760

Posting about doing something nice with friends is hardly rubbing it in everyone's face. Have you tried talking to any of these people or befriending them? Honestly, if me and a bunch of friends did something like this I wouldn't want to invite people we didn't know, it'd be really weird.

>> No.10039765

Yea Tuulia organizes for both.

>> No.10039768

If you mean the events organised by Das Teekranzchen, they had Peppermint Fox and Angelic Pretty last year but this year only small events with handmade "brands" afaik

>> No.10039790

What is haus? Is it eu or us

>> No.10039797

I think it's US, I don't know too much about it but from what I gathered on instagram a bunch of lolitas (organised by the girl behind mossmarchen) rent out a house and have a halloween party of sorts, with a photographer and wear spooky coords. It sounds like a lot of fun. I definitely get pangs of jealousy when I see the photos and snippets, I'd love to do something like this with friends.

>> No.10039812

There are several small lolita events with indie brands in Europe but SFE is not one of them. They'll probably announce their main guest later. Check out the facebook group Lolita Events in Europe for other events.

>> No.10039813

I'd never heard of that group before, thanks anon.

It'd be shitty of them to hold back a guest until after tickets have gone on sale, i.m.o., I think that might be all they have.

>> No.10039820

It's normal for large festivals to do that sometimes in Germany and the Netherlands. Don't know about anywhere else.

>> No.10039823

Damn I didn't know Meta came to Russia

>> No.10039829

That’s nothing unusual. Don’t see the problem there either. UTS sold out without even having any guests announced.

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So was it people who attended any past event or only those who had been to every event? If it's the latter I have slightly higher hopes of getting a ticket.

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If we're talking about Street Fashion Europe in general, what ever happened to the mook they were supposed to be making? The last FB update was Oct 31st 2017. Did they just drop it? Not get submissions? I completely forgot about it until it popped up in a Facebook search.

>> No.10039860

I follow Marie on insta and she posted some drawings she said were for the book on insta last month

>> No.10039862

Holy shit! Friends meeting friends and you guys act as if it was some secret conspiracy. No wonder u have no one to hang out with. Let them have fun with their friends. Sorry I don’t have any

>> No.10039868

I honestly don't care about supah exclusice friends groups and I love living vicariously through their photos, I just wish OctaveKitten would shut the fuck up about whatever American SJW train she jumped on while praising Russia to high heavens. She's like a liberal version of trump it's almost funny.

>> No.10039869

It was one person.. Tbh it just feels like you're trying to take attention away from the trainwreck that is SFE

>> No.10039873

There are definitely a load of Lolitas who have a massive hard on for Russia. The event in Spain was completely themed around Russian culture and imagery which is super weird.

Russia is kinda fucked up and seeing people talk about it like it's trendy and fashionable is really jarring, espeically influential Lolitas like octavekitten.

>> No.10039874

Nothing's going to take the attention away, don't worry. But come on, let's talk about stuff that actually matters in relation to the event, like are past attendees getting presale emails?

>> No.10039877


I wouldn't be bothered so much if she didn't do her daily virtue signaling over ridiculous issues she makes a mountain of, which I find repugnant in the light of how fucked Russia's government and ideals are.

I think russians are beautiful and great coordinators but the fascination to the point where WK defending them with tooth and nail is interesting to say the least .

>> No.10039878

The event in Madrid is not people glorifying Russia lol its just a theme, like if you name your theme "Victorian Royalty", does that mean you supports imperialism?

>> No.10039883

She's lost it. Did anyone see her rant about some small goth market not having any black artists/crafters? Apparently none applied and her response was "GO FIND SOME". You can't force people to take part in your niche craft fair, jesus christ.
And the shrunken head thing, fucking hell.

She and her pet Russians can get fucked. She's so obsessive it's cringey, she even likes Russian chocolate, and anyone in Eastern Europe will tell you Alonka tastes like ass compared to pretty much any other chocolate you can get.

>> No.10039885

How can they even afford to do all this traveling?

>> No.10039889

Good jobs and/or saving. Also, why is it your business? What does it have to do with the event?

>> No.10039890

I could travel to another country like 5 times a year just with my benefits lol

>> No.10039892

>likes Russian chocolate
Oh fuck no, this thing tastes like mildly sweet cardboard that was sitting in a shelf for 2 months and has gotten wet.

>> No.10039896

Most adults are able to take one good vaca abroad every year. Ppl with good jobs can afford more.

>> No.10039919

If you live in Europe you can go on holiday abroad for less than 100 euro

>> No.10040053

So SFE confirmed for picking and choosing who will be able to buy tickets?
Seems like some people who have gone to all past events got no presale, while others who went once did? Is there a rhyme or reason to this favoritism fuckery?

>> No.10040176

What? I went to three events and didn't get a presale link. Also my other friends didn't get one, only one friend who attended all four events.

>> No.10040181

got my presale mail an hour ago <3

>> No.10040182

^ ( went to all 4 events )

>> No.10040199

I went only two and got my mail and I never was a volunteer or something else. This systems seems pretty strange and unfair.

>> No.10040223


>> No.10040598

Going to better they are kicking peope out of the registration for the pre sale because they question the system, their transparency and give feedback and critics. Super fair... Open your mouth and you will be just cut out..

>> No.10040630 [DELETED] 

If your way of opening your mouth to give feedback is to whine like a spoilt toddler on Facebook on a post where organisers can see, what do you expect to happen

I’m glad they are considering to thank people who have helped and given gift to previous events, with peoples behaviour it’s lucky they allow anyone else to even buy a ticket

>> No.10040633


>> No.10040658

Sure of it, organizers begun to make passive aggressive posts too. Clear up your damn system and stop picking favourites

>> No.10040663 [DELETED] 


Well, I haven't been any SFE events or anything else and I don't know anyone in the organization.
I went to check my email and there was pre sale email. LOL
I read all the thread and I didn't understand because I received the email and there are people here who didn't, but I understand your frustration for lack of transparency because for me who is from far away and doesn't know anyone is very badly organized.

>> No.10040833

There’s mostly America and Japan based people in staff this year actually

>> No.10040839

As a previous SFE organiser: we have always helped each other at organising events in our home countries, sharing our brand/guest network and making ourselves useful to the rest.

Sure there’s a big event every year, but comms in the UK (till the TPC wrapped it up), Finland, the Netherlands, France... have always been together and helped each other as much as others required

>> No.10040842

That event was not tied to SFE at all, it was organised by two members of the Spanish community not affiliated to SFE.

>> No.10040900

“Influential Lolitas”


>> No.10040901

In fairness, I'll admit to being influenced by octavekitten.
Anything she likes, or any trends she furthers are an immediate nope from me.

>> No.10040980

If you hate the orgs and how they do things so much, why do you even still want to go?

Also, way to out yourself with your janky English. Totally obvious who you are.

>> No.10041032

Unhealthy, salty fixation is the most worrying form of flattery. Get over yourself.

Any evidence for this? Or are we just making shit up now to warrant further outrage for not being in the "cool club"?

In all seriousness, I'm very curious about their reasoning behind offering presale to only some past attendees, with people who have attended once getting the chance but not always people who have been to several.

Any guesses for other guests? I'm hoping for VM

>> No.10041033

> I'm very curious about their reasoning behind offering presale to only some past attendees, with people who have attended once getting the chance but not always people who have been to several.

Is there any proof of this actually happening though? Aside from people anonymously saying that it has happened. To be honest I wouldn't put it past people lying about getting tickets when they haven't attended events to rile more people up about the ticketing system.

>> No.10041036

Nobody has submitted any screenshots, so it does just seem like anonymous hearsay. This system does seem confusing, but I’m willing to bet there’s some method to the madness. Or I hope so, anyway. I hope there are still tickets left for us who didn’t make the pre-sale, though I’ve given up hope on attending the tea party if the organizers have been parsing through hundreds of registration emails.

VM would be awesome. Would love to see a diverse style line up for the fashion show.

Side note, I guess: the translation of the event name is dreaming or daydream? (Google translate—don’t know any German) so I’m curious how everything will fit the theme. Seems whimsical.

>> No.10041039

There won't be any tickets left for us. It's a small venue.

>> No.10041050


So negative anon! You never know you might get a ticket. Plus people will drop out closer to the event and want to resell their tickets.

>> No.10041053

It’s a big venue and if you ever done these events you would know that it isn’t hard to get tickets. The vip will sell out fast but you have a good chance with the others.

>> No.10041054

There is some comments on the events post of not getting invite or getting or further questioning

>> No.10041057


No,it's a small event of >300 people

>> No.10041069
File: 52 KB, 423x210, SFE.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The organisers have said to email them if you believe you should have had a ticket invite. It's not some conspiracy to stop people from getting tickets.

>small venue
>less than 300 people.

In what world is that a small event?

>> No.10041079

Fuck off Daniela, the organisers haven’t even told you what the capacity is. I hope you don’t get a ticket, your sour face would look hideous in group pictures.

>> No.10041093

Sorry you don't have any friends to pitch in the costs for a weekend getaway. :^)
Literally nothing is wrong with Halloween haus, it's a group of friends hanging out. Not everything has to be a meet but then again you prolly don't even wear lolita.
Back to the topic:
Träumerai is still sus imo but these pathetic nitpicks are derailing, no one cares about mossmarchen or the US lolitas, I just want to be sure I'm not hauling my ass to Europe for a shit show.

>> No.10041196

> No,it's a small event of >300 people

What they actually said is "greater than 300 people", just in case their opinion wasn't ridiculous enough

>> No.10041209

>the Netherlands
This comm has a lot of drama and changed mod team several times if btb is to be believed. The organiser of Under the Sea is not even a mod there anymore.

I know someone said the person who organised Hellocon is also part of the SFE team, but it was shady and unnecessary of SFE to suddenly announce something after being quiet for so long, on the exact same day as Hellocon started ticket sale.

>> No.10041213

It sounds like if you have been to all 4 you get a presale. Otherwise you can get it for being a volunteer, donating before, old organizer, etc. So the pool is smaller than what you guys think. I highly doubt 300 people are in this pool of people. And you can only get extra tickets for people who registered so it isn’t a free for all.

>> No.10041225

I haven't seen proof of people who only went to 1-2 events getting a pre-sale link. Only people who went to all 4 or volunteered.

I just think it's weird to thank people who have been to the event 4 times, as if they're superior to people who just started wearing lolita last year, or lolitas who couldn't attend all previous events because they couldn't get a ticket. I've been wearing lolita for over 5 years but I didn't even know SFE existed until la Vie en Rose. That's not my fault, that's their failure to promote Enchanted well.

I've been to 3 of their events but I didn't email them. Maybe if I really love the guests I'll try to get a ticket secondhand, but so far it doesn't feel like this event will be as good as Omnia Vanitas, which was my favourite SFE event so far. Thank you for reading my blog.

>> No.10041226

I honestly appreciate the SFE events and always had a good time when I attended. It's sad that the organizers do such a poor job at communicating why they make certain decisions and act so offended and immature when someone offers criticism. This leads to so much drama that would be totally unnecessary and easily avoided (except for the ungrateful bitches that whine why the event isn't in their neighborhood or that the tickets are expensive, but those people are easily ignored). But several people had legitimate questions that should be answered with a little more transparency and instead they get passive aggressive vague posting. SFE are not professionals and nobody expects them to be 100% professional at all times but acting in a mature way in front of your customers is not too hard. I get that sometimes you need to vent but do it in private like the rest of us. What saddens me most is that I usually would tell them this directly without the need of posting anonymously on stupid cgl but despite claiming to want things said to their faces they react poorly to direct critique. I want to attend the event because I am sure it will be great so I do not want the people in charge to hold a grudge against me. Maybe they read this and take some points to heart. You are doing a great job just your communication needs some work!

>> No.10041230

Kyra has always been passive aggressive when you ask questions though

>> No.10041232

Completely, it's an issue me and plenty others have had.

>> No.10041233

Not Daniela but that's ok, keep defending your little shitshow

>> No.10041254

Fucking europoors. Learn to speak English better and get a job that pays enough that you can afford to go to events on the same continent as you.

>> No.10041256

Shut up octavekitten, go nibble on your shitty chocolate and jerk off to Putin some more.

>> No.10041260

Yeah that's the only issue people have with this event, they can't afford to go

>> No.10041261

All three of you seem like lovely people.

To get things back on topic, the location looks really pretty but I’m not sure what else there will be to do outside of the event. How long are people planning on staying there for? I was thinking of staying for the weekend in the location, and then maybe exploring Germany a bit for a few days after.

>> No.10041269

You could make a short trip to Wiesbaden. It's only half an hour by train.

>> No.10041281

Looks grand!

Do you know if there are any good places to go hiking nearby?

>> No.10041317

NAYRT but if there's a group if people who want to go hiking in the area (probably not wearing lolita) I'd be up for it!

>> No.10041358

That’s brilliant, I’d love to make some hiking buddies. I’ll do some research then maybe make a post on one of the pages/ event nearer the time.

>> No.10041367

Ooh, I’d love to go hiking as well. I wish the city was closer to Köln/Bonn, but Frankfurt is nice too. Wouldn’t mind going there for a day if people are interested.

>> No.10041383

Gosh, I won't even be going to Träumerei, but Wiesbaden is my hometown and now I feel totally temped to meet other gulls for hiking.

>> No.10041403

Actually, when looking at the venues, it appears that the one for Saturday has rooms holding up to 100 people and the one for Sunday fits up to 180 people.
Of course I could be wrong due to them having made some sort of special arrangements in combining rooms.

>> No.10041418

From what I've heard about ticket numbers, I think you're right

>> No.10041443

Do SFE events generally have a bring and buy? That's where I spent most of my time shopping at TPC events but I know it was organised by someone separate from the TPC team.

>> No.10041599


>> No.10041622

It was someone else organising the B&B. Maybe if you want to volunteer to arrange one you can be of use for the community

>> No.10041628

As cool as it would be, imagine hauling all your stuff to sell internationally.

>> No.10042259 [DELETED] 

Lol Halloween Haus has been run pretty much similar to how everyone is thinking this event is being run. MossMarchen does invites in waves, starting from the most desirable/valuable people, then if they can't make it, the lesser tier people or fillers so she can make the deposit for the haus. It is definitely favoritism and it seems her group is now taking over this event and running it the same way. Also if you dare ever miff her or do something against her will, she will blacklist her from her events like some weird lolita mob boss. She's also stolen designs she never paid for and still uses for her brand.

>> No.10042264

Lol Haus is run pretty much the same way everyone think this event is being run. Marchen sends out invites by waves, starting with the most favorable/popular people. Then if there is spots to be filled, she'll start ranking people from the lesser/filler section to make sure she gets her deposit fulfulled for haus. Marchen has been this terrible and vapid person for years, blacklisting people or being super passive aggressive to people who ever crossed her in the slightest. She also never paid for the illustrations that she uses for her brand, she's just a terrible person in general, but everyone she surrounds herself with is still drinking that shitty koolaid.

>> No.10042270

Was it Moss Marchen that posted a "please pm me" on Violet Fane's latest release post on insta? It was on a post featuring the quote "love perfected by death" on a new VF dress, I wonder is she salty because she has the same quote on enamel pins? I hope I'm just reading into this too much and it's actually no big deal.

I'm pretty sure the images she uses are public domain (please correct me if I'm wrong), but the craftmanship just doesn't seem all that great other than the enamel pins. She also jumped hardcore onto the embroidered brooch/pendant thing as soon as My Inspiration started getting popular.

>> No.10042276 [DELETED] 

I'm not sure which one it was exactly as I distanced myself from her, but it was definitely one she commissioned from a fellow friend that confirmed never being paid for it. I'm sure it was also her that pmed Violet Fane, MossMarchen also guilt trips and attacks anyone that has anything similar to her brand, she's done this before with VooDoooDolly, I'm sure for My Inspiration, etc etc. She pretty much treats lolitas as a sort of her collection, where she can dump and replace people with ease. It's very eerie and she has been doing this for many years, I'm not the first nor the last and there's already a grouping number of people she already burned that don't associate with her anymore.

>> No.10042277

I'm not sure which one it was exactly as I distanced myself from her, but it was definitely one she commissioned from a fellow friend that confirmed never being paid for it. I'm sure it was also her that pmed Violet Fane, MossMarchen also guilt trips and attacks anyone that has anything similar to her brand, she's done this before with VooDoooDolly, I'm sure for My Inspiration, etc etc. She pretty much treats lolitas as a sort of her collection, where she can dump and replace people with ease. It's very eerie and she has been doing this for many years, I'm not the first nor the last and there's already a growing number of people she already burned that don't associate with her anymore.

>> No.10042279

Seems pretty ballsy to attack VDD, I always got the impression that the VDD designer was fairly well respected.

I'm almost sure it was the same group of people that dragged Hello Bones Jones through the dirt for daring to have brooches that were a little similar to PepFox. Ohtralala definitely made a huge deal out of it and everyone rallied around her. It was a shame, I really wanted one of their bunny umbrella brooches.

>> No.10042285

Yeah, Moss Marchen has a tendency to usually send out her goons to attack her brand competition. That's what she did to me and a friend of mine to go after VDD. I also went after Lockshop for literally making exact replicas of MossMarchen's necklaces, but to be fair that's probably just a replica of a Juliette et Justine necklace as well. MossMarchen isn't the greatest at coming up with her own ideas.

>> No.10042286

Another guest announcement tonight, this is probably the one that will make my mind up for whether or not I want to try getting tickets next weekend (if there are any left).

Any guesses? Hoping for VM like someone else said, also it would be cool to see an unexpected guest like Novala Takemoto. I know he's not as publicly active but he did give an interview for the So Pretty/Very Rotten book so who knows?

>> No.10042287

What was it like to be one of her goons? I don't mean this in a condescending way, but were you friends with her once or how did you get involved?

>> No.10042291

I was friends with her a good amount of years, we were pretty close or so I thought. This was before her brand even started, not saying she didn't always act this way but I think with her brand ballooning it gave her the power and confidence to be more open about how she treats other people. I definitely won't say it wasn't great, she always let her close group know first when tickets for her tea parties were going up or when she was doing a sales post on lj. But as she got more obsessed with her brand, she started treating me and other people worse and worse, and it got to the point I couldn't handle being friends with her anymore. She also gossips about everyone behind their back, even if you think you're the closest bosom buddies with her, because sorry but you're not. A lot of people still choose to stick around with her even if they get mistreated by her, because they still want that inclusiveness, and those who haven't will just respond with "Well that never happened to me personally with MossMarchen." If you wonder why the New York City group is in such a mess from a few years ago, I definitely would not say she wasn't a part of that.

>> No.10042293

I'm so sorry she treated you like that, sounds awful. I don't understand what people get from sticking with people who are openly awful. I guess they feel like they're part of some super special club, and that's what that whole group feels like from the outside.

There's a huge problem with people like that getting away with shit in the Lolita community (and in other hobbies too ofc). Plenty of people who essentially have Public Figure status in this niche community who abuse their influence and get away with it.

>> No.10042299

It's okay, it seems I'm just doomed to attract these types of people. I also tried calling out a manipulative and crazy pathological liar out on the west coast and ended up getting kicked out of their community. It's very odd to see these types of people and how easily they can manipulate and convince others to believe in whatever they say. This person apparently accused me of posting her real address online, when I don't even remember where she lives because I honestly didn't care about her anymore even at that point in time. But this is how far people are willing to go to attack others that see through their bullshit. Also I know Alex from SFE is good friends with MossMarchen because she flew all the way from Germany just to attend Halloween Haus. That's some crazy commitment right there.

>> No.10042304

I’m an amerifag but I love these salty bloomers
anon she’s very cute but her lips are very small and her face is long. I like long faces, though, so I’m biased. As always, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

>> No.10042307

I know it's not something they've done for previous SFE events, but I wonder why they won't publicly say how many tickets are available? Someone asked on Facebook and they said it's not something they do.

Seems weird considering people are so worried about not getting a chance to buy them at all.

>> No.10042343

They don't want to release a number because they only want certain people going. If they say the venue can hold 300, and yet they only sell 120 tickets, people are going to wonder why.

>> No.10042350

Keep your paranoia at bay. I guarantee they will be around the 300 mark for main event. Tea party will obviously be smaller capacity. What other major event do you even know that names their capacity?

>> No.10042359
File: 90 KB, 679x960, 46517064_2209443309298774_3090960436762247168_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The third guest has just been announced and it's Triple Fortune.
What's your opinion on this? I think it's a bit boring and predictable, but they are nice and fun guests.

>> No.10042360

Meh. Brands I don't care about. This whole thing has left a bad taste in my mouth, i hope everyone attending has fun but it's not for me. I dislike events that don't disclose things that seemingly should be open. That silly law thing just made me bristle, I don't even care that they're doing this exclusive ticket thing - they shouldn't have to pretend like they're going by the law just to justify their own decisions.

>> No.10042361

You paranoid bitches are hilarious.

>> No.10042366

Mad that someone has a different thought on the situation to you? Gosh, I thought cgl was a hivemind, so whatever shall we do now that we have conflicting opinions?

>> No.10042367

It’s just funny. The extrapolation from normal organiser secrecy to EU lolita illuminati is really funny.

>> No.10042368

I don't think I'm being paranoid, I just think this is the single dumbest way of being exclusive. Exclude if you want, but be up front about it. Don't pretend like you're all going by the law when you actually want to just have a list that you can pick and choose from.
I'd be eligible for the presale, but it's giving me a bit of an old boys club feel to it. One of the reasons I go to events is to meet people I don't know yet.

>> No.10042375

...it’s literally German law, why is this so hard for some people to understand?

>> No.10042379

Barely. Why then were they so unwilling to refer directly to the law? Come on. I want to believe they're not even doing that for nefarious purposes but they handled it very poorly.

Pretty disappointed, but predicted. They're lovely people but there's nothing so far that I'd be excited about.

>> No.10042380

Look we're not going to agree, so I think this is a moot point since I don't think either of us are going to be giving new information.
But the fact that Germany holds loads of events and I've never been to one that's been done like this baffles me. Not just lolita, but other things too. I'm not the only confused one.

>> No.10042386

Anyone else notice that this announcement is only in the SFE group and not on the event page?

>> No.10042435

We don't have any law here that require a registration for just showing interest to buying a ticket.
Sincerely a german gull

>> No.10042537

SM please fuck off. I’m so sick of you popping out of the woodwork to talk shit about everyone even though your own life is in shambles and you don’t have a leg to stand on. Being broke and jobless must be really boring.

>> No.10042552

Well if VDD copied MM, I don’t see why her anger isn’t justified. Copying someone else’s designs is awful. What did she allegedly copy?

>> No.10042595

Ah here comes the pathological liar out of the wood works on cue, spouting lies every time I come up. I actually do have a job and just bought myself a new television, but keep deluding yourself into thinking I give a shit about what you think about me. I already moved on, you're still lingering like an old shit stain.

This wasn't for VDD copying MM, more of some of her older pieces looked similar to Blood Milk jewelry.

>> No.10042602

I really would like to know what law that is. I've been to Lolita events in Germany before and none of them had that kind of requirement.

>> No.10042613

You need serious help. I often times question how IDD is still friends with you giving the reputation that you have. But you both like to hate circle jerk on MM so I guess you’re both awful.

>> No.10042614

Because I'm a good person and she realizes that as well? I'm not sure what serious help I need, but okay lol VDD also doesn't like MM, so I guess we all hate circle jerking together. Honestly you're just picking at straws now and reflecting again.

>> No.10042616

You’re a good person and you’re on cgl shit talking because you have nothing better to do? Haha you make me laugh. Hope IDD and VDD find out that you secretly talk shit about them behind their back and are mearly just hanging around them for bragging points.

>> No.10042749

I am wondering if the registration is due to avoid the registration of the event at German authorities which is necessary for big public events. If they have the mails they could claim it is private. But never the less they announced it at Facebook and sold tickets so it would not make a difference for German law.
But that is just my guess...

>> No.10042758

The registration is literally so they can pick and choose who goes. That's it. Nothing deeper.

t. Know the organizer

>> No.10042759

Anymore interesting deets about the registration and how they are handling the event planning then?
Does she have a habit of sending people to defend her on cgl,or go herself? Not saying people that defend this mess are her goons or anything, but some posts are just so.... oddly worded even for trolls/roleplayers.

>> No.10042760

I keep out of it but I think there are people defending on the thread who aren't just anons with opinions, they're the people who have a stake in this and don't want there to be hate going this way. In short you're probably right.

>> No.10042761

My fault for wording >>10042760 poorly but I don't know who the people who are defending are exactly, but I think they are probably involved or also friends with the organizer.

>> No.10042763

Just going by the poster count (at least 70 people in this thread) people probably aren't trolling. People have legitimate reasons to get stuff off their chest about the organisation methods, I don't know about anyone else but the reason I'm on cgl to do it anonymously is because publicly saying that it sounds fishy is a bad move.
Much as I'd love to publicly say on the event page that this all feels off, SFE organisers hold a lot of social power within the Lolita community and I don't want to be witch hunted or blacklisted.

As for the WhiteKnight anons, I'm willing to bet at least one organiser has posted in the thread. They've been watching it, and even before this specific thread one organiser said she couldn't handle the "negative backlash" online and everyone was meanies etc. when really people just wanted answers. I can't blame them for wanting to defend themselves, some anons in this thread have gotten waaay off topic and are just going in for fruitless personal attacks, but if it is who I think it is, please spend more time making your event look less sketchy.

>> No.10042768
File: 860 KB, 1307x814, caps.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Good thing I happened to screencap the posts regarding the law when it was discussed in lolita general lol

I don't feel like going the extra mile and fetch the link to the bullshit law SFE linked to, but you can find it in the comment reply on the first post on their announcement about having to pre-register.

>> No.10042774

This kind of rage in response to people not hopping on your personal choice of dick is unhealthy.

Before you go making accusations again, examine yourself.

>> No.10042806

I'm sorry you're such a psychopath, but I'm not talking shit whatsoever about them and are actually really good friends. You just keep reaching for the shittiest lies to try to paint me in a bad light. Also just because I post on here doesn't make me a bad person; coming up with lies constantly about me though is a bit concerning, you really should just get a life.

>> No.10042948

I'm curious why people want to go to this event so badly with such underwhelming guests? If I remember correctly, they used to announce the main brand guest before the ticket sale.

>> No.10042980

Presale is live! Anyone have luck?

>> No.10042981

Reports on FB that people selected for presale haven't gotten their emails yet. Hope this can be rectified, I'm really rooting for SFE to pull this back and do well.

>> No.10042983

No PayPal option... Sitting here ready to order :(

>> No.10042987

It ain’t all about the guests, but the experience. Also it’s ILD so it should be hyped.

>> No.10042991

So many people haven't got their email yet, the system they used to send out emails apparently makes them land in spam. Also, no PayPal option, only credit card, which people also didn't know beforehand.

>> No.10042992

They definitely mentionrd the payment method beforehand, but it's a shame that they don't accept PayPal as its pretty easy for anyone without a standard card.

Yeah there's people posting that they didn't get their email until 19:20, and people saying that the moonlight ticket was sold out before 19:00, even though SFE said that only 20 people had opened their emails. Anyone on presale here who can confirm this?

>> No.10042994

The instructions from a few days ago said no PayPal, but really who doesn’t have a CC at this point? That person is dumb.

It wasn’t sold out when I clicked but I wasn’t trying for that tier.

>> No.10042998

you're an asshole

>> No.10043004

AW should not be handling support on FB, she is so defensive and everything is an "attack" to her. So immature for an event organiser to get huffy and put in emoji faces when people are asking questions, makes it feel like she doesn't care.

>> No.10043006

Ooh and now she's deleting her own comments.

>> No.10043031

>but really who doesn’t have a CC at this point? That person is dumb
You might not belive it but in Germany it's actually not rare to not have a CC as a young adult. We love to pay everything in cash, or just using our debit card for everything. Most people I know only got a CC after they landed their first secure job and after they knew they are stable enough for bigger purchases. I personally didn't own a CC until I was 22. Before that I usually asked my parents to lend me their CC for booking flights etc. I know this seems retarded, but again it's not uncommon here and it's just what many people do. This no CC ordeal is a big fuck you to Germans actually.

>> No.10043039

Most European comms never organise anything for ILD, I doubt most of them know when it is

>> No.10043046

Last time, people complained that the only payment method was through paypal. Some people couldn't buy a ticket because of on-going paypal disputes (they freeze your account as well when you open a dispute against someone)

You don't normally need a creditcard outside America, especially in the EU where people can just pay everywhere with their bank card. Nobody in my family has a creditcard. They just made it much more difficult for German lolitas to buy tickets, since ordering your first creditcard can take more than a week.

>> No.10043056

Caps? People keep saying she complains about negative feedback but nobody posted any proof.

>> No.10043080

So I can't use my debit card at all? Why are they using a system which won't accept debit cards?

>> No.10043089

I used my debit card just fine

>> No.10043092

I’m not sure how you buy things online then, most places that don’t use PayPal work the same way. PayPal is the devil so going direct to your card is better for you.

If your card is a debit visa or something to that affect it should work.

>> No.10043123

From what I can tell, the VIP tickets were already sold out or sold out even though only 20 people opened the email. How many VIP tickets were there? And by that I mean how many did the organizer give to her friends before the sale

>> No.10043127

You don't need a creditcard to buy things online in Europe

>> No.10043129

My comm always has events for summer and winter ILD and I have seen plenty of German comms have events for ILD as well

Sure, credit cards are not as common in Europe as they are in the USA, but almost everyone that has visited Japan at some point has one. Pretty much every lolita that has been in the hobby for some years has been there at some point, so it's really not that uncommon to have a credit card as an European lolita. And you could plan ahead, ask relatives or friends to let them use your card for this one occasion if you really didn't have one. But I agree that a PayPal option would have been good.

>> No.10043130

Believe it or not but other countries have their own version of paypal, and that usually offers them better protection than paypal

>> No.10043135

>Pretty much every lolita that has been in the hobby for some years has been there at some point
Where are you from? I only know 4 people that have been to Japan in total. 1 of them went for work, and only 2 of them are lolitas. In my family, only 1 person has a creditcard, and when we travel we all borrow hers to book the flight (though for some airlines you don't even need a creditcard)

>> No.10043142

How are ticket stocks looking right now? I hoping I can snag a Crystal Dream ticket next weekend.

>> No.10043155

Almost taken all

>> No.10043159

Across all ticket types?

>> No.10043171

From the way they word it, I think presale may not have been the whole amount.

But only the moonlight is sold out really.

>> No.10043357

Not gonna reveal too much but i was a fledgling indie brand repeatedly anonymously attacked by those 'MM goons', (you may have been one of them) and I just wanna get it off my chest that it was super fucked up and caused a lot of fear/paranoia for a few years. She accused me of copying something of hers. The items in question were not replicas, but I stepped on her toes and that was that. Many of her friends/those she affiliates with distanced themselves from me before I'd ever formally met them, some even unfollowing my business page because of that kind of gossip, making it many times harder to grow a fanbase in an already niche community. So I'm glad you've stepped away from doing that 'attack dog' stuff now but just know that doing things like that really does have negative consequences on the people who are wrongfully on the other side of the attack, since I never copied her to begin with. I hope it never happens again, and I'm concerned she's still doing this with other indie brands as well. I wish Violet Fane would speak out about what may be happening if it is anything like this experience...

>> No.10043538

I've also heard that MM does this from US designers I am friends with, I definitely believe both of you.

>> No.10043566

She's not a SFE organizer anymore

>> No.10043569


There are no Hellocon organizers or Finnish people in SFE

>> No.10043577

I'm sorry this happened to you, and I'm sorry if I was one of those that attacked you, though from my recollection it was only the ones I mentioned above I was involved in, but then again MM would mock anyone that might even be a competitor in her eyes. Even when I helped her at her booth she would say derogatory comments to potential customers under her breath as soon as they turned away, so no one was safe from her venomous tongue. I stopped being friends with her a few years now, though I did attend the first Halloween Haus, but I cut her off I think two Rufflecons ago, the one where someone dumped a bunch of MM shit in the consignment room, that was me.

>> No.10043583

There was just a callout post on SFE but it got denied almost instantly. Screen caps of SFE staff saying fishy stuff about tickets

>> No.10043587

Seriously? Source?

Do you happen to remember any of it before it got deleted? I’m not trying to stir shit (said on cgl kek) but I would be pretty bummed if I couldn’t get a ticket for this event. This is the first SFE that isn’t super far/won’t be super expensive for me to travel to.

>> No.10043592

There was this girl K, that started whining about not getting the link to the presale in time, this thing escalated and K is now threatening them with legal action.

I don't know if I am the only one that thinks this hysteria and threatening legal action for a ticket to a party is too much...but holy hell

>> No.10043598

She also posted screenshots that incriminated her for trying to get into a previous SFE event without paying. She was trying to paint the organisers as bad guys by posting evidence that she herself is a sketchy character. Incredible.

>> No.10043604

I don’t think the organisers said anything fishy. If anything it’s now clearer that the pre-ref system was indeed to keep out banned people and creepers, which seems sensible.

The TL;DR of the screenshots was that the organisers decided the K girl had done enough bad shit to warrant having her pre-sale access revoked (she’s not banned, and can still get normal sale tickets).

>> No.10043613
File: 469 KB, 1241x1796, 6F78392A-05F0-4DA1-94D2-D5256CEDB5DF.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nah it wasn’t fishy, if anything it gave clarity. Posting everything would be a loottt but here is some info on the registering.

>> No.10043617

And here the SFE damage control bots come.

>> No.10043622

Okay, but then couldn't they just have said "we'd like people to register with us so we can verify they participate in the jfashion community"? I don't think anyone could have an issue with that, and even if they did, it makes the issue so much more clear cut.

I'd like to see the rest anon

>> No.10043623
File: 471 KB, 750x1334, 23687C09-05C1-4361-8B9B-CF9042E2B79C.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I’ll let these speak for themselves


>> No.10043624
File: 453 KB, 750x1334, 1D501AAE-A98B-4087-9173-4BDCE65F5962.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I’m amazed they gave her pre-sale access despite trying to sneak in without paying to a past event.

>> No.10043626

I agree it would have been good to state from the start, but I suspect the result would be the same, people would still accuse the organisers of choosing friends. At least it is now out in the open.

All that is besides the point now, the pre sale is all done. How many moonlight sonata tickets do we think went up for sale?

>> No.10043631
File: 553 KB, 1242x1795, C78FCE99-2A23-4119-B859-D6786D0D8EB5.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It’s like 30 caps so I’m not sure it’s worth it. The post is public tho!

Pic related to the ticket situation, it seemed like the other girl besides the OP of the fb post is someone who causes shit.

>> No.10043633

I think there wouldn't have been so much salt against them if that "thank you" presale was just for volunteers. Making it for people who attended events previously was a mistake and hurt a lot of German lolitas. Imagine being excited this event is finally in your country, only to find out they give preference to people from other countries who've already attended before.

>> No.10043643
File: 117 KB, 1012x658, träumend 1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Idk if anyone has already posted about this, but I spent way too much time censoring names to not post these.

But it finally happened, someone openly called out SFE on this whole deal.

>> No.10043644

That's exactly it.
Plus attending 1, 2 or 3 previous events was not considered enough past support although someone donating or volunteering just once would qualify for pre-sale.

It doesn't help that most of the VIP tickets were already gone even before the pre-sale went live because they set them aside for volunteers.

>> No.10043646
File: 2.02 MB, 2452x1912, träumend 2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The facebook thread in question

>> No.10043648

What? That doesn’t make sense. The pre sale was FOR volunteers wasn’t it?

>> No.10043649
File: 710 KB, 1364x1500, träumend 3.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

And the email in question, seems to be missing a part but most of it is there at least.

>> No.10043651 [DELETED] 
File: 437 KB, 1206x714, träumend 4.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

And then a certain someone came in and threw a bitchfit like no one else before

>> No.10043653 [DELETED] 
File: 262 KB, 1888x1100, träumend 5.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I hope I censored everyone's names properly.

Skipped the couple of posts where Kyra's buttlickers tried to take part in the discussion without anyone really acknowledging them.

>> No.10043655

This is getting really boring. I just want to talk about event plans without you salty bitches coming in and shitting up the thread with your pointless drama.

>> No.10043656

I see no bitchfit here, just someone defending their position. I actually think both sides were very civil and fair in this thread.

>> No.10043657
File: 549 KB, 1206x714, träumend 4.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

A certain someone appeared and threw a bitchfit out of this world

Reupload because I didn't censor a couple of names properly

>> No.10043660
File: 299 KB, 1888x1100, träumend 5.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10043678

Not exactly. Volunteers didn't have to worry about buying in the presale round (so in theory this could be someone without the previous support criteria). The presale was for previous volunteers, contributors, 4 event attendees on the other hand.

>> No.10043683

By volunteers, do you mean organisers of this event? Because if so, it makes sense that they get tickets first as they do need to be there.

>> No.10043688

This so much. I really would have loved to, but I just wasn't able to attend all previous events because deaths in my family and other shit in my life happening which prevented me from doing so. This criteria that you had to be at all previous events is ridiculous. People have lives, shit happens. Having the time to travel to a different country on a very short notice every fucking year is unrealistic for some (if not most) people. That doesn't mean that we are not supportive. The times I was able to attend their events I got the most expensive ticket option and spent hundres of Euros on vendors. Still not enough support I guess.
And now that they have introduced this system that it matters at how many previous events you have been (that in fact you have to have been at all previous events) and in case they are going to keep it, those people that got first dibs this year will also get first first dibs every year to come. And those people that weren't able to get a ticket this year will have even less chances to get a ticket next year. New lolitas can only dream of ever being part of this. Got luck fighting for the last few tickets that are left!

>t. German lolita who didn't get a pre-sale link and won't even bother with the scraps that are left

>> No.10043693

I also think that's really weird and kind of mean to the people who couldn't get tickets previously. Thank you pre-sale for making it even more difficult for people to attend who have always wanted to go. It's not like people who went to all 4 events did it to "support SFE", those people just have more freedom to travel and had better luck in previous ticket sales.

>> No.10043694

>. .___.
>. >__<
What age is this woman?

>> No.10043695

I'm done with this event. The organisers have shown their true colours. People were afraid to speak up with concerns in case they weren't allowed in and that's exactly what has happened.

I hope they're happy. SFE and their international friends can do what they want. I can't process how unprofessional the organisers are and how badly they're handling everything.

>> No.10043696

Perhaps she's old enough to be from the time when using those faces was not embarrassing

>> No.10043697

The samefag in this thread is so strong, on all sides.

>> No.10043699

You're implying the person who criticised them has to return her ticket lol

Saying this gives Germany a bad name is nagl

>> No.10043701

Didn't it say in the post that they revoked her tickets because of this?

>> No.10043702

They had their tickets returned but are allowed to buy tickets from the normal sale period.

>> No.10043703

The whiteknighting for SFE also.

>> No.10043704

I literally said both sides.

>> No.10043705

The girl K was someone who repeatedly was a shit disturber. Are you really surprised that being dumb has consequences? She easily could have remarked on the email issue without throwing a fit.

But I’m glad we got some info from this, better than vagueness about why registering was needed.

>> No.10043706

This thread has twice as many posters as the lolita general

>> No.10043707

I'm personally confused as to why her friend was punished along with her, since the friend apparently didn't know what K had done in the past.

>> No.10043710

The SFE White Knights are especially funny because these are the types of people who swear they'd never go on somewhere like cgl

>> No.10043713

D bought for K, so I guess decided to refund both? Maybe you can’t refund part of an order. But I feel bad for D for choosing bad friends.

>> No.10043722

So if you donate you're guaranteed a ticket? Is it too late to donate?

>> No.10043723

It was for people who donated to previous events, otherwise everyone would have just offered to make a donation to get access.

>> No.10043729

The €30 tickets are a joke.

>> No.10043731

I am not attending Träumerei and dont want to start new Drama and I dont know if it was already said BUT
I am german, I organise Lolitaevents as well and I have a friend that is a german Lawyer and I just want to point out there literally is NO SUCH LAW SFE IS REFERRING TOO.

So thanks for listening guys.

Plus Kyra saying the german Lolitas are toxic af doenst really help at all and is pretty unprofessional...

>> No.10043735

I feel like in that case that's even worse to me, it's like rubbing salt into a wound. You can't have these special tickets you were trying so hard to get, we take them, but take these reject pleb tickets instead so we can still use you as cash cows you lowly peasants. That's how it comes off to me anyway. ( Also not bothering to attend this event so I'm not trying to choose either side, just voicing my honest opinion. )

>> No.10043737

You. Can. Still. Get. Tickets. At. The. General. Sale.

I don't give a shit about these events and I'm here only for the drama, but ffs, you can buy the tickets. And people resell tickets.

Honestly, the VIP is only worth for the extra shopping hour and you're only getting guests that everyone has already seen.

>> No.10043741

They probably had to refund the whole purchase.

>> No.10043748

There were two posts against SFE, one with the special ticket stuff, and one against the whole SFE orga which was posted in the group. Both are public.

>> No.10043753

Did anyone get caps? Or is it just what's already posted here?

>> No.10043756

Hi Karin

>> No.10043757

It’s basically the same thing, horse girl just shared the ticket stuff and complained about registeration which is explained under D stuff. She is more annoying because it’s all “x is illegal” and “how dare they ask questions to make sure attendees are Lolita’s”. Bitch chill.

>> No.10043758
File: 61 KB, 499x788, 1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Screenshot 1

>> No.10043759
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Screenshot 2

>> No.10043762

Bish I'm not Karin just a random german frilly ass who does not want to be thrown in one pot and thinks its hilarious that ppl believe such a dumb law exists. Actually if SFE would care about laws they would be a eingetragener Verein like Court of Fables Germany because if you dont are, helding events like these come with a lot of problems considered with law in germany.

Plus I just want to defend us Germans because we are not all toxic we usually just chill drink alcohol and eat shitty food.

Also I met Karin personally and dont even like her because she isnt the brightest candle on the cake.

>> No.10043767

I was planning on attending this event. I even took off of work for the dates already. Planned my coordinates. But after this I won’t be supporting the event. It’s very fishy and unprofessional. And now all of the love posts from the organizers friends are pathetic. I might just go to Paris with friends during my week off.

>> No.10043770

Friends showing love and support for friends. How dare they?

>> No.10043773

Whoever she is, she died for our sins. SFE fucked up, regardless of whether K was in the right or not. It's not just about her, there's so much else.

>> No.10043774

If you love your friends then you know they deserve to know if they're doing something wrong. Friends don't let friends etc

>> No.10043780

If you've tried getting tickets for their previous events, you know it's really difficult. The website always crashes and the wanted tickets sell it within a minute

>> No.10043784

Yeah, the VIP ones do. The general entry ones tend to be up for ages before selling out.

>> No.10043852

I don't know what drama the girl who called it out has been in, I'm just going off her post:
Nothing that she said hasn't been thought by other lolitas or said on this thread. Sure it's a bit dramatic but seriously, she's got a point.

>> No.10043862

This. She wasn't as cool and collected as she maybe should have been, but she had every right to be upset with how the whole thing was handled.

>> No.10043874

What did she do at Enchanted? Other than sneak in?

>> No.10043876

Go for the fun of the event and the friends you can make.

>> No.10043892

And spend that much money just to make friends? I can make friends while traveling to a better country with more interesting things to do rather than circle jerk with a bunch of old elitists in a boring area of Germany. Not the person you were responding to by the way, I just find in inane to try to convince someone to go like it's just down the lane from everyone.

>> No.10043901

A lot of interesting people are going, and the idea they are elitist just because they bought a ticket is silly. So is not going because a few bad apples are stirring drama about tickets.

You can want to go to the event and think the organizers should change a few things, it isn’t one or the other.

>> No.10043974
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Why is it alwys the german events that fuck up? that Hamburg AM event was aweful as well. Why can't we have nice things?

>> No.10044072

Didn't the Hamburg event had similar drama as well with people reserving tickets for local comm members before the sale?

>> No.10044112

You can't really make new friends at such an event though. There isn't opportunity to socialise with people you've never met, unless by coincidence you sit next to someone at some point who is by herself (and speaks the same language as you). But during the activities you don't talk with anyone, you have to be quiet to listen to the guests, and the rest of the time you just walk around with your friends and take pictures. During tea-party you would also sit next to the friends you already knew.

>> No.10044116

I have met both new people at big events easily (especially when there is liquor) and figured out how to be friendly with those who don’t know English well. Latter is harder but you have google translate.

This is like the Lolita version of how do I talk to ppl at cons. You have to be social and recognize a ton of people are foreigners who are looking to meet friends just like you.

>> No.10044195

One of my best friends is someone I met at UtS. Sure we didn’t become bffs right there, but we met there and then we talked online and suddenly... friendship.

>> No.10044217

You really can't let anything go, can you?

You're not missed in any comms you've been banned from.

>> No.10044305

You must be socially retarded then. I met plenty of people when I went alone. The trick is to just approach people who seem unoccupied, compliment them on their coord and then engage in a conversation. You can also easily spot people who are there by themselves. You are not the only one.

>> No.10044337

>when I went alone

>> No.10044387

Making lies about the millions of communities I’m banned from again like you accused me of being banned from the NYC community and that was a gigantic lie lmao I won’t let anything you go or anyone manipulative until you get the just desserts you deserve for ruining so many people’s lives with your constant harassment and bullshit flying out of your ass. So keep it coming, I got plenty of popcorn right here waiting.Trust me, I’m not afraid of you at all, you’re just a sad pathetic joke that regurgitates the same sad fibs to try to discredit me.

>> No.10044429

Could both of you take this shit somewhere else, none of us cares about your argument between each other. You are just making both your sides look bad.

>> No.10044516

I would if she would stop harassing me, so ball is in her court, but she’s also a pyschopath so who knows. I was actually on topic earlier before she started coming for me. But to stay on topic, it does seem a lot of the New York City lolitas are now a part of the SFE staff, so I wouldn’t doubt if MM had a hand in that as well. We did actually almost start up a SFA ( American version ) that MM immediately tried to take control of a few years back, so I guess it finally came to fruition in some way.

>> No.10044536

I care

>> No.10044558

One of the reasons I come to /cgl is lolita drama. So don't speak for me...because I care.

Ladies, please continue

>> No.10044610

It's looking like we're not going to get any A list guests, they just announced RoseMarie Seoir, which always looked like overpriced larme tat.

>> No.10044611

Another one that cares. Been on a hiatus from online comms forever but this whole thing has me hooked.

>> No.10044615

Next it'll be JetJ, because all the guests are friends with the british organizer. Not big on these guests, but some will be.

>> No.10044645

They already had JetJ in Amsterdam

>> No.10044654

They need good guests or everyone will be all "Told you So, it was a flop!" So I wouldn't be surprised if they get more.

>> No.10044658

How will it be a flop if tickets sell out so fast?

>> No.10044659

If you only have 180 tickets, does it matter how fast they sell out?

>> No.10044661

That's why it's funny, because they've had all those guests before (AtePie forever and RMS, TF in Paris and Imai Kira in Barcelona), so JetJ would be yet another old guest.

>> No.10044666

So maybe this is their way of letting ye veteran lolitas re-live the special moments of the four previous SFE events, by combining them together for one magical trip down memory lane?

>> No.10044670

It does matter because it determines interest. But we also know it is more than that.

This is one of the few valid complaints I have seen here. It seems old hat to pull the same guests. Now to be fair to don’t think Ate Pie’s designer has been a guest? Their brand has sold many times at these Things.

>> No.10044672

Not to burst your bubble but from what I've been told those ticket numbers are accurate.

>> No.10044681

For Saturday or Sunday? And where do you get that info? If the sun numbers are that, what’s the venue?

>> No.10044685

I was hoping to see someone new or at least a brand that we haven't seen very often at EU events. I can't help but feel like they're holding back a big name, some of the organisers were excited about a guest they couldn't name, so maybe there's more news to come?

>> No.10044715

Those brands/guests were at omnia vanitas and under the sea both. They are returning guests because they had a good, worthwhile experience at previous SFE events. They were never considered the main guest at any SFE event. The only difference I think it's that Atelier Pierrot used to send a random staff instead of designer.

>> No.10045068


I really hope so because I'm the absolute opposite of excited about this, but I doubt it since they announced 4 guests already.

>> No.10045085

This. As someone who went to one of their previous events, I think they're trying to do a "best of" for their 5th year anniversary. Nothing wrong with that, but the lack of transparency is saddening.

>> No.10045091

You totally can. Talk to them a little during the event mostly to compliment coords and swap social medias, and then act super excited and talk to them a lot during the afterparty. Done, instant event friends.

>> No.10045129

Sell me ur ticket if ur that disappointed

>> No.10045325

Random stuff? Ashizawa was in Barcelona as well.

>> No.10045371

Nayrt but I've never been able to go to the afterparty

>> No.10045513

Someone that's good at summarizing that feels up to the task of creating a new thread?

>> No.10046032

Guests are simply disappointing. Behaviour of SFE is even more than that. Really thought of going to the event (cos I was able for pre-sale) but I felt it isn't worth it. Maybe they are doing a best of but I had love to see New guests. Moreover, I would have chose more interesting "Best of" guests. .

>> No.10046086

Both of you bitches are crazy and SM you’re definitely bat shit no wonder no one in LA will hang out with you except for one or two people...you’re such a drama monger, where ever you go, so while I didn’t agree that you got banned at first now see why find something to do besides bitch on here you nut

>> No.10046166

Next thread >>10045626

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