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It’s winter in the northern hemisphere and I’m sick to death of chiffons and organza.

Old thread saged >>10048122

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I'm sick of chiffon in general.

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I can't help but remamber that one crazy anon a while back that went batshit over someone suggesting that organza/tulle wasn't the best winter fabric.

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Last thread recap:

>If you give a flying fuck, the flying fuck cutsew is on LM
>Anons argue weather VM is for ana-chans or if it’s just ham planets complaining instead of both shutting up and being happy that VM will continue to exist.
>Only pheasants don’t own burando petticoats
>Wool coats are best coats
>Lolita did not invent rectangular headdresses
>Tumblr is [still] dead
>Fannie Rose doesn’t suits Moitie because she has too much nose
>MossMarchen is a cunt
>Violet Fane did it better
>2019 AP print teaser photos drop
>Ank Rouge is the F21 of jfashion aka cheap and poor quality
>Sweetie Violet finally arrives
>IDD only sells the good stuff to her friends
>Demonia recommended for good basic heels for goth/old school
>Holy Wolf series getting ready to drop
>piss yellow AP dress release
>why are you posting your non Lolita child on the internet?
>normies are assholes
>everyone’s a racist

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Apologies if this goes in the stupid questions thread—does anyone have suggestions for brands (or Taobao stores, etc.) that make cute cutsews for larger busts (94cm)? I know AP cutsews stretch, but I still feel really nervous buying something with a listed measurement of 80cm.

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I’m 96cm and I fit fine. As long as the rest of your measurements are normal you should fit just fine. AP and baby are the roomiest.

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Wow, that's wonderful to hear! I really appreciate it, thank you!

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Don't buy the older ones though. All of the new cutsews (think 2015 and newer) are extremely stretchy fabric but before then they aren't

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Idk anon I’ve had some from as far back as 2008 that fit just fine...

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Fit =/= look good. When I had an 85 cm bust older cutsews looked tight on me even though they "fit" fine. Regardless the older material isn't as stretchy

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Btssb has always had really big cutsews anon

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My bad, I should have clarified in >>10051042
I'm just talking about AP

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Is that true puppet circus can’t be washed like at all?

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Shoe anon from last thread here, thank you so much for your recommendations! I ended up ordering a pair of black Demonia Mary Janes, looking forward to them arriving so I can live my goth dreams at long last.

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I really love the Holy Wolf series but why do AP keep putting shitty organza overlays on dresses? I want to see the damn print. They did the same with Horror Garden and one or two others and I really think it dulls the print completely.

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Probably an unpopular opinion, but I dig organza overlay. Like yes, it does photograph poorly, but I enjoy the effect it gives in person.

But then again, I'm a person who prefers non-prints so maybe I just like it when the print is subtle.

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MMM New Release † Catherine OP

A comfortable OP with a flared skirt for a dainty look, made from high quality stretchy cutsew material.
The neckline is adorned with our original St. Peter's Cross lace.

(Description is from MMM's Facebook. I'm putting the Twitter link because 4chan thinks the Facebook link is spam.)

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Forgot to add:
Colour: Black
Release date: 14 December 2018, 1500 JST
Price: ¥18,500 + tax

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Maxicimam for sweet and old school

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I love this but I don't wear long dresses. Would buy it and alter it if I was rich.

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It's printed velvet, obviously it shouldn't be washed.

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Oh shit. I'll have to wait for more pics of the neckline, it's not very clear in these, but I might just get this. Bless you Moitie

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Man I just love lolita in winter
It’s so easy to add layers and stay warm in cold weather. I’m basically a polar bear so wearing lolita in summer is pure torture.

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Absolute noob question but I've had a unique situation come up. Someone wants to buy me a dress but I don't want to give out my address to them. I know Angelic Pretty has e-gift certificates but the dress I wanted is BtSSB. Do they have a similar thing for gifting so I can either purchase the dress myself with gifted funds or deal with the shipping information myself after they purchase it?

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Just ask your sugar daddy to give you the money to your account and you spend it.

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Aha ha that's silly, anon.

But really he wants to buy me a dress and I don't like any of the AP sack ones at the moment. I guess I'll hold out until the LP's release and ask for the bear one and just buy the BtSSB one myself with a Visa giftcard.

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Bless, gull! I didn't even think about that.

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>Demonia recommended for good basic heels for goth/old school
I hope we keep making records of things recommended on here. Its nice to be able to point back and say, but look at what such and such used to be a thing.
So many anons seem to find completely normal fashion trends to be faux pa within lolita when actually they used to be a big deal and not ita at all.

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If I was you I would reject such an expensive gift. It’s really weird, why would they do it. Some people are still able to remember how they bought an ipod to their school crushes after many years, who knows how it will end here.

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He's from another board and came here after he met me and was interested in lolitas and the whole "lolitas have sugar daddies to buy them burando" myth and brought up buying me a dress. Up until now it's been Visa giftcards and Amazon stuff so this is new territory for me.

He's not actually my sugar daddy but he said he could see the appeal in it after he met me.

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Be careful, anon. He wants to get you laid.

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>who knows how it will end here.
This is a terrible way to live your life. If you don't take risks then you'll never experience things like love.

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Oh I know. We have an arrangement that works for the both of us so I knew what I was getting in to. Just this is the first time he's brought up wanting to actually buy me a dress especially after I told him how expensive burando was. I'm not used to expensive gifts at all so he's trying to talk me into it and I thought that it would be easier to just have him give me a gift certificate to a brand than actually buy me a dress himself, both for privacy reasons and somehow it's less intense if it's a gift certificate rather than a dress?

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Which board, anon?

>> No.10051255

Good luck, gull.

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Loled at this desu

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Nah, I'm not gonna. Good luck to you, though! I would try to find out which other board(s) he visits since /soc/ is pretty much a melting pot.

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You can have people send money to paypal too. That's how mine gives me things.

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is that Fanny?

>> No.10051287

aww, my dream colourway looking so nice

>> No.10051288

It is.

>> No.10051294

just be prepared to bring down the hammer if he asks you to perform parts of the arrangement while wearing the gift...or any of your lolita for that matter. There's no guarantee a record of it won't be kept for perpetuity.....

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IIRC Fanny is very short so if you’re average/taller it might be knee-length on you.

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>He's not actually my sugar daddy
He kind of is, anon.

>> No.10051318

>why would they do it.
Because he's waiting for her to prostitute herself

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>He's not my sugar daddy
>we have an arrangement
Choose one

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queen bee

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Hm, I love the idea of comfortable, but some tiered ruffles on the skirt section would have made it a bit better imo, bc as it is it seems to outline every crease and bump under the dress.

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I thought she is 5'3 or 5'4, which is very close to average

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Agreed! I can and do wear lolita during the summer but it's just so cozy and comfortable in winter. Definitely my favorite time of year for lolita.

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Short sleeved ou even a long sleeve without elastic would probably look better.

Anyway, not trying to remake the same discussion of last thread, but holy shit, Fanny doesn't match Moitie Aesthetic at all in those official pics. She could probably do more justice to the pieces if she were alone coording it at her home.

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It's that time of the year! Festive season. Time to call out that one absolute monster bitch in your comm.

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The elastic sleeves are a fine Moitie tradition and my tacky self thinks sausage sleeves of all types improve a piece. Although these don't look as full as usual so the drape looks off.

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Lmao no she’s like 5 foot. She’s fucking tiny.

>> No.10051358

According to her insta she's 161cm (5'3''), which is very average.

>> No.10051361

She looks tiny in person, I would never have guessed from her photos

>> No.10051367

Sorry if this has been asked before but how does one go about obtaining the Laforet private party pieces? What SS can get them?

>> No.10051368

That’s a lie. I’m 5’3” and she’s smaller then me

>> No.10051395

If you are an ‘absolute noob’ just coming here because some dude wants you to dress up in lolita for him to get his kicks, then I’d say you aren’t part of the fashion and you should probably gtfo.

>> No.10051446

This is ten centimers under the average height for adult women where I live.

>> No.10051451

kek...which one?

>> No.10051456

I washed mine and nothing happened. I didn't wash the print part though, just the bodice.

>> No.10051466

>Also Dutch
But 155cm *cries in dwerg*

>> No.10051484

I read CC is not a shop you'd want to buy from nowadays, is that true? Items in worse condition and overpriced stuff?

>> No.10051491

I know Yumi King is garbage, etc. but I thought this video was interesting. I'm jealous that Chinese lolitas have access to so much and can support these kinds of boutiques.

>> No.10051514

Recently bought an OP on sale for the price of an average garbage mass market dress. The condition was even better than they evaluated, it looks almost brand new. Every flaw that I could find, however, was in the description. I used the cheapest option they had for shipping and it arrived in the same time frame as EMS parcels usually do for me.
This is my first time buying from them though, so think of that what you will. I have heard of someone in my comm getting a dress with undisclosed period stains on it.

>> No.10051527

Anon... I was like "thanks god, youre an angel came to reassure me" and then I read
>undisclosed period stains
ahah. But okay, anyway, thank you! I hope I'm lucky.

>> No.10051529

Seriously? With the petticoat, underwear and presumably tights how are period stains on dresses possible?

>> No.10051532

They don't wear petticoats, bloomers, or underwear.

>> No.10051534

you heard me, get your megaphone and expel her. start 2019 off right

o what a relatable feel

>> No.10051546

Or maybe they have a really heavy flow. Its like I fucking miscarried when I have mine.

>> No.10051557

I thought it was entertaining too, and it was neat that she interviewed the owner in another video to see what lolita is like in China.

>> No.10051583

She looks quite... man I wanna say dumpy, honestly. And her poses look very stiff. She's lovely, looks great in her own photos/styling, but she really isn't model material.

>> No.10051585

I believe this. I guess that explains why so many clothing racks in stores in your country are literally eyeball gouge level for me (I'm 5'3).

>> No.10051589

You should see a doctor about that

>> No.10051592

lol are you a man? nayrt (I have an extremely light flow) but come on. Lots of women have heavy periods. It's pretty much always normal and not a sign of any issues. You have seen those diaper like "overnight" pads, right? Some women regularly fill those up while they sleep. Let that sink in.

>> No.10051624

That's not average where I'm from either, that's really short.

>> No.10051749

I haven't bought online from CC in a year, but I had no trouble at their physical shops. Biggest issues were lingering tobacco scents on some items

>> No.10051767

I didn't like it at all. Clip art dumpster fire. The wolfs look deformed. Lazy cut, polyester mess.
At this point AP is just another Taobao shop

>> No.10051770

Or maybe be a mature adult and stick to people you actually like in your comm, instead of getting into petty fights with children? Just an idea.

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>Some women regularly fill those up while they sleep
>tfw you can fill one up while awake sometimes in less than an hour
It is suffering.

>> No.10051775

I like it when they make chiffon sausage sleeves (or whatever light fabric), but as you said, this one is saving on elastics and doesn't look good at all.

>> No.10051806

What's the pain level anon? I don't bleed too much at all but the pain puts me on drugged bedrest for like 2 days.

>> No.10051807

It's hit or miss. Some items are as described, some have undisclosed damages and are priced like they're in better condition. I bought a purse and a shoes with some damages that weren't described or photographed so you could tell. the rest of my orders have been fine

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Onto velvets topic, what’s so appealing about PC besides its rarity? I tried to get it, but it’s still simple looking dress, that people basically wear the same way all the time.

>> No.10051818

Hahaha you think doctors care

>> No.10051820

Mine isn't that bad but it hurts a lot and I fill up tampons almost immediately cause they just absorb blood and expand. My cramps are insane.

>> No.10051838

Sometimes simple is appealing anon, especially for those who have been in the fashion for a long time (before OTT kinda took over). I'll admit it's a gorgeous dress, I wouldn't spend that much for it but it is beautiful. Printed velvet seems to be well received in general, look at dragon-chan for example, it's a dream dress for many as well. I think its the combination of luxurious fabric plus detailed print that appeals to a lot of people. There's so many pretty dresses with lace and ruffles, but printed velvet is a bit more unique.

>> No.10051842

It really isn’t simple. The print is absolutely gorgeous, and I adore the little pintuck details on the bodice, pompom trim and jewels and pearls sewn onto the waist bow and headbow. I own it and I think a lot of people do cover it for it’s rarity, however it should be coveted for its attention to detail instead. Besides the beautiful intricate print, I am such a sucker for velvet. I have 4 velvet prints including PC. I also need to add Gloria and Radiant Candlelight to my collection too because they have that similar gold-on-velvet print that I love.

>> No.10051900

Pain ranges actually. Despite bleeding like Niagara Falls I usually have little to no pain at all. Even when I do get pain I'm usually able to push through it, but there have been a few times I could barely walk it was so bad. I have a horribly irregular period. Some months I bleed, sometimes I don't. Sometimes it lasts just 4 days, sometimes 2 weeks. My doctor says I'm fine but I do have to regulate since the women in my family have a history of tumors growing in their uterus.

>> No.10051913

Gog I’m the opposite. My period is only 2 days long and I barely use up a full tampon during the day, so I usually only wear one when I’m out and “free bleed” in my PJs at home. A small box of tampons usually lasts me a full year. On the other hand, I gets cramps and nausea so bad the day before it starts that I usually spend the day in the bath or hot tub, sprawled out dead on the couch with my heating pad and drinking wine and eating dark chocolate. I’m so lucky my boyfriend is so sweet and pampers me and does wine/chocolate runs to the store for me when I run out.

PC is a Lolita historical artifact. I don’t like prints, but I do love and appreciate “simple” detailed dresses. Plus velvet is superior to the chiffon/organza vomit that’s “trendy” right now.

>> No.10051919

Thought about trying a mooncup?

>> No.10051920 [DELETED] 

Thought about trying a mooncup?

>> No.10051934


>> No.10051937

I had an order came in this week and the item was in perfect condition. Price was quite below it’s market value. So it was a good deal for me.
I also got some flyers and such with it and a free shipping label in case I wanted to sell a dress to them. (Didn’t order it as an overseas customer.)

>> No.10051967

didn’t complete 2018
no way im going to do 2019
tfw 100+ wardrobe

>> No.10052016

What >>10051919 suggested. I'm not usually the one to tinfoil but both my cramps and flow eased up immediately. Also no trash but requires a bit practising. Finally I'm able to attend meets even on the first days so worth it.

>> No.10052019

I'm a big fan of printed velvet, and after I got PC (which admittedly was at least a little bit for dick waving, but also for it's history; I've been into Lolita since around the time it was released) I fell in love and it actually surpassed my long time printed velvet dream dress as a favorite. I'd love to have it in another colorway. It really is gorgeous.

>> No.10052063


>> No.10052094

Me too anon but try it anyway.

>> No.10052097

Do it now or else it'll take even longer next year

>> No.10052108

Mooncup/divacups are great. You can wear them all day if your flow isn't too bad and you save money on pads/tampons. I would wear a liner with it just in case but you don't have to. It takes some getting used to putting it in and taking it out but totally worth the money. Don't be afraid to trim the stem if you feel it's poking you.
The only down side is changing it in the middle of the day if you don't have access to a private bathroom. It gets bloody (obvious) and you usually have to rinse it before re-inserting.
Funny story though, one time I was changing it in a stall and it fell into the toilet. As I moved to grab it out, the auto flush activated and flushed my cup down the toilet. So always carry back up supplies.

>> No.10052116

Does anyone ever feel like they aren't pretty enough for lolita?

I know it's irrational; they're just clothes, and most of the time, they make me feel way more beautiful than I might otherwise. But sometimes I just look at photos of myself in it, and then at pictures of other lolitas who I think are so beautiful, and just feel like a gremlin.

>> No.10052118

Sometimes I worry about this, but then I remember that many lolitas from the earlier days of the fashion were very average looking, they just looked like people in very fancy clothes, and if I look like a gremlin of a person in a fancy dress then I'm ok with that. I do wear old school often though so the "frilly girl with RBF" look is charming to me, so it might be a personal thing, but also maybe a new perspective for you to consider.

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File: 55 KB, 540x407, tumblr_pavb2e5yVH1qivjfgo3_540.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Look at this and be inspired by the true face of lolita.

>> No.10052162

yeah I only have ~60 main pieces but I'm not up for such a daunting task

>> No.10052166

I tried one once and literally gagged when I took it out. smells gross

>> No.10052173

Rip in peace

I use a diva cup, best life decision I've made

>> No.10052177


>> No.10052180

No I'm not. I've been telling my friend to see a doctor about it for over 5 years. She finally did and it turns out she has a blood tree like I've been telling her.

>> No.10052187

Where is this from? Id love to watch it.

>> No.10052188

It is NOT normal to to need/want bed rest for 2 days or to fill up tampons almost instantly. Yes, there are many other women who experience it but that doesn't make it normal or okay. You should be able to go to work normally without taking drugs. See a doctor.

>> No.10052189

Thanks, anons. Old school is honestly my favorite type of lolita, and I honestly feel the most at home in it. I notice that I tend to feel the most insecure in newer sweet styles; these feelings normally tend to creep up when I wear it.

>> No.10052194

Wear what makes you feel good, anon. That's all there is to it. Remember you can appreciate more modern/trendy styles without wearing them yourself.

>> No.10052197

I’ve had a pretty good experience so far. Have bought from bags to dresses and they’ve all been in good conditions and fair prices. I usually don’t buy any items with missing pieces or damages, but when I’ve seen them in store all those details are disclosed, like >>10051514

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I love animal ears in lolita but I didn't think we would stoop this low

>> No.10052214

that looks ugly af. like some furry bullshit

>> No.10052218

My thoughts exactly, but it sold out in every color except black on the JP site within like, a few hours.

>> No.10052227

just take AP out of its misery already

>> No.10052230

Peep TV Show

>> No.10052244

OP here and I haven't a clue, sorry. Odds are it's a news docu.

>> No.10052251
File: 505 KB, 489x603, 1525408747166.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I love it and will forever love it as long as said animal theme is also within the coord. Imma hop on this shit as soon as it hits the US

>> No.10052256
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I just found out about Cherie Cerise's bat cutsew a few years late and god I'm depressed that I'll never own this!!

>> No.10052286


I'm actually considering making detail photos of a couple of dresses per week for 2019. By the time I hit 2020 I'll have photographed ~100 dresses and be able to just go "here's my #usernamewardrobe posts, go nuts". And then people will be able to see all the posts tagged with it and pick out what they want to see more photos/details of instead of a neverending scroll of like 100 random dresses randomly thrown on the floor/the bed.

I just don't know where to post it, web insta won't let me upload more than one photo at a time (I don't want to instal the app, it's a complete resource hogger), tumblr was where I was originally going to put it but the platform is so slow and laggy on top of the porn purge. Any ideas?

>> No.10052295
File: 247 KB, 1067x1600, 1bf3c298df2db2a5f2fb3c0dfaf60eea.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

God I miss milkyfawn's coords

>> No.10052298
File: 151 KB, 873x1280, 3c8f6eeecc8e817c98df1181a3ce7a5a.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh my gosh, rip. I agree they are worth the investment for sure, and not difficult to get the hang of. I use a liner with mine just in case. However using once when in lolita (I got my period early on the day of a meet) was a nightmare.... It was so difficult and I had to put my pettis on the bathroom floor and I was so disgusted.ugh I want to go back on birth control so I can spend more time being kawaii and not worrying.

>> No.10052301

I've always wanted to try mooncup/divacup since they seem so convenient, but I'm a virgin who can't even insert a tiny tampon without pain. Hell, I'm too much of a wuss to even insert more than a single finger down there. Soggy pad life for me it is.

>> No.10052305

You don’t actually miss her coords, it’s not like they were creative. She was just cute, owned a lot of brand, had a nice bedroom, and photographed well. Plenty of Lolitas coord as good as her but don’t have the other pieces of the e-fame puzzle.

>> No.10052307

I agree she was cute and sweet but aside from that one cgl coord, which she was playing a character... nothing was astonishing or noteworthy. I think I’d like her if she showed us the real her and not this odd fantasy Lolita character? Which was reinforced after her Lolita flounce where she purged her wardrobe and disappeared.

>> No.10052308

*CTP coord not cgl coord, Jesus autocorrect...

>> No.10052318

Anon, if you’re still here how did you wash it? I got an ivory OP secondhand that needs the bodice to be washed, I figured if I just focused on that it’d be okay. Was the velveteen okay after getting wet?

>> No.10052322


>> No.10052323

I'm so excited!
Was planning on joining in but I really have nowhere decent to do it. I will be moving next year, so hopefully I'll participate in the next one

>> No.10052335

It was fine. I washed it with cold water in my (clean) bathtub with a small amount of woolite. I put a towel on the edge of the tub and laid the dress over it so the bodice is in the water and gently washed it, then did the same thing to rinse it.
The water wicks up, and I was trying to wash as much as possible without getting the print, but some ended up getting into the part with the print, but nothing happened to it either.
If you look on Google there's an old livejournal post about washing puppet circus specifically with a few different opinions. One girl whose opinion I would generally trust says to not wash it or velveteen in general.
However my experience doesn't match this. I have other ap print velveteen pieces that I've washed multiple pieces many times and are fine. I've carefully compared washed waist ties to the unwashed dress, or the matching headbow to the dress after washing it, and I really can't tell any kind of difference.
I'm sure if I were throwing these things in the washing machine and then the dryer they would be fucked up but as it is, washing them in cool water with small amounts of woolite works for me and keep the dresses smelling nice. I only wash them every few wears anyway.

>> No.10052346

130 jsks & ops, 75 skirts. Pretty boring though. I collect multiples of faves & prints with bunnies. Maybe next year. Left it too late now

>> No.10052352

Am I the only one who honestly prefers photos of blouses/socks/wristcuffs/bags/shoes/jewelry/headwear/anything other than main pieces in regards to wardrobe posts?

>> No.10052363

Personally, I just liked the way she wore it so casually. She introduced me to certain prints I didn’t consider before (like Royal Unicorn and Petit Patisserie).
Also, her blonde was the same shade as mine with similar bangs, so I could see how certain things might look in my style.

>> No.10052374

>she wore it so casually
I think that's mainly because her hair usually looked natural

>> No.10052393


>> No.10052426

I feel suspicious about these 100+ wardrobe anons desu. Have you actually went past few complete coords, guys?

>> No.10052444

I don't get what you're trying to say. Yes, having a huge wardrobe gives you much more opportunities to coord everything if your style is cohesive.

>> No.10052449

Nah, I just wonder if those aren’t larpers with little to no lolita things.

>> No.10052455

I had a friend who had similar reasons for not using tampons but she finally got used to them once she started using them more.

I know that when I first started using them, I would put them in incorrectly sometimes and they would be very uncomfortable, so maybe you're just inserting them wrong? Idk, it shouldn't be causing you pain just to insert a tiny tampon. Have you gone to a gynecologist?

>> No.10052457

Might be. 100 is an impressive number and goes along well with
>oh I have so many things I can't possibly take pictures of them all
so conveniently these gulls don't have to provide proof for their claims so they can say whatever they want. Does it make them all automatically larpers and 100+ main piece wardrobes are impossible? Obviously not, it's just a very convenient situation for roleplayers.

>> No.10052477

Nobody's trying to brag about credibility ITT just talking about wardrobe posts, so there's no point in lying

>> No.10052478

No, haven’t been referred to one yet since I’m young (relatively speaking) + not sexually active. I’m sure doing it wrong was one of the reasons it hurt back then, but since I still can’t insert more than a finger, I doubt that it would be comfortable even if I tried with the knowledge I have now.

>> No.10052483

Istg why is a 100+ wardrobe such an unbelievable number on cgl that someone always has to call for larpers? It's not 2008 anymore. If you're longer in the fashion than two years, know how to hunt for bargains, and rarely sell, it really isn't much of a big deal to have over 100 main pieces. And there's literally no point in lying or bragging on an anonymous board.

>> No.10052484

>it's just a very convenient situation for roleplayers.
It’s also a very real situation for hoarders.

>> No.10052500

You should still go to get a pap anon. You should be doing that yearly.

>> No.10052523

What do I do if someone bought a reserved listing that was clearly marked as such on LM?

>> No.10052538

Message them and give them feedback accordingly, then relist. I’ve done this multiple times. They just act dumb and say “oh, I didn’t see it, sorry!!!!!”

>> No.10052539

Ignore them and relist it. Tell them it was marked as reserved, which means it's not for them. Give negative feedback if you feel like it, because that's rude af.

>> No.10052571

Any of you guys know what to do when your dresses come out of the wash looking dark? I put one of my pink and white AP dresses to wash and it came out slightly greyed. Any ideas?

>> No.10052577

the color bled and you’re screwed.

>> No.10052580

Really? But when I washed it before it never bled and came out just fine. I did everything exactly the same so I don't know what happened.

Does anyone have any experience solving this? It's a very nice OP that my friend gave me so I want to save it.

>> No.10052581

You can fix bleeding color sometimes. I hope You didn't dry the dress in the dryer. If not, you can wash it again with some color catching stuff.. I'm not exactly sure what it's called, do a google search for fixing color bleed. If you dried it with heat though, you're fucked.

>> No.10052582

Did someone wash jeans or some dark clothing in the wash beforehand? Sometimes items like this, especially brand new ones, will leave dye in the wash... It almost sounds like that's what happened. Either way, look into dye catching sheets, make sure the washer is free of dye on the inside, and try again. Just don't dry it in a dryer or it will set the dye.

>> No.10052583

I didn't dry it and I actually did use colour catching sheets. I even rewashed it in more colour catching and it's less grey but still so. I think it's just fucked desu.

>> No.10052616
File: 474 KB, 600x1024, E47F4197-1E70-4CD3-990C-9CE4E91F312F.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Do you have those Whitebrite powders where you live? I had one of my red x white jsks bleed and dye itself into pink from white, and a soak with a bit of whitebrite powder dissolved in lukewarm water solved the problem with no damages. I just eyeballed it rather than going exactly by the instructions though since iirc the instructions say 1 cup in hot water

>> No.10052632

What's the name of that website that posts updates on new releases from various brands?

>> No.10052680

I'll have a look! Thanks!

>> No.10052682

See, I think this is cute for say a photoshoot or a specific event.
But that's it.

>> No.10052691

>there's literally no point in lying or bragging on an anonymous board.
Yeah but people come to this site to do just that. Its not that its impossible, its that its that most people come here to lie

>> No.10052700

No problem! I think I should mention I mean I used way less than what the instructions said when I said I eyeballed it. Pretty sure less is more with this stuff, since it's normally made for all white garments (mine's print remained as vibrant as when I got it!)

>> No.10052703

there are way way better quality, and looking, animal ears though... I think that's what people are try to get at. Those are fucking horrible, where I can go to etsy and find indie designers that make great looking ears (not all, but there are a few really great shops)

>> No.10052705
File: 54 KB, 500x600, 996B965B-CADD-42E7-ACBC-EC661409C6D4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What’s your favourite year of releases? Mines 2014. Cream cookie collection, cherry marguerite, and baby’s ave maria are all wonderful dresses.

>> No.10052708

as both a furfag and a lolita I have to agree these are the ugliest and cheapest fuckin things I have ever seen

you can get decently decorated, airbrushed and professionally made ears that are infinitely cuter for the same price or slightly more than they're asking for these

they remind me of those really cheap like dollar store quality cat ears you see at every anime con with the obnoxious bells and shitty ribbons on them that come in like three colors

you know the ones. We all know the ones.

>> No.10052715

I've bought from CC multiple times a year for the past six years. I also do group orders to save on shipping. And I have never had anything that wasn't as it was described.

>> No.10052718

>people come to this site to do just that
>its that most people come here to lie
According to who? Proven by what? All I saw is a dumb newfag one year ago spamming the "everyone who disagrees with me is a larper" for weeks on end and other idiots quickly picking up on the meme to discredit other posters opinions.

>> No.10052724


>> No.10052725

>According to who? Proven by what?
I know it's "4channel" now but really? Cgl has always been a target board from other boards. People on other boards come here to tell lies and stir shit all the fucking time, regardless of summer or not.
I'm living proof. I only got into lolita because I used to go on ck. Someone on that board mentioned it and I used to come here and troll and tell lies all the time. I'd even fill out stuff in green text threads pretending like I had a ton of dresses. You're fucking naive.

>> No.10052729
File: 19 KB, 512x512, 1f914.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

but what if you're lying about lying right now?

>> No.10052730

That sounds amazing. I hope you go through with this!

>> No.10052731

I wasn't even talking about crossboarders but okay. And just because you did it, doesn't mean the majority of the board does it. Also literally what did you get out of it other than shitting up cgl even more?

>> No.10052750

I think you're thinking of the Lolita Updates group on FB?

>> No.10052751

Probably someone young who is still dependant on their parents. Surely anyone with a job in the hobby can see how fast it adds up.

>> No.10052753

It's weird to me, because usually the animal ears AP releases are pretty cute. Other than the weird lacy cat/bunny ears they released a few months ago, I can't recall any of their animal ear stuff being so fugly and cheap looking.

>tfw I had those horrible cat ears in 2 colors and wore them to high school

>> No.10052822

Wasn't sure where else to put this as there isn't a mail thread atm but

I just got two bidding result emails from Japonica Market for other customers. Those emails contain the paypal and shipping addresses and associated names of the customers. I emailed JM about it, and they just said they made a mistake and asked me to delete the emails. It seems like a weird mistakes as I haven't used them in over three years and my information looks nothing like these two customers' aside from the fact that we all have US shipping addresses, so it seems like a weird mistake, but idk. I just wanted to put this out these just in case so anyone using JM can keep a closer eye on their paypal account or stuff like that.

>> No.10052827

Cute is half the battle, let's be real. You wouldn't care for a fantastic coord on a fatty. She's a bit better than you're giving her credit for, too. Just because it was simple and wearable doesn't mean it was basic tier.

>> No.10052851

Looking at a listing on mercari and the seller notes (and has photographs) of blank space on the quality/materials tag on the inside of the dress. Would this imply that it was a sample or something?

>> No.10052852
File: 105 KB, 848x476, 1fg4j.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

alright gulls, long time lurker but first time poster so i hope this is okay to post in this thread.

i just bought both of these dresses (innocent world and AP, respectively) and i desperately need some inspo help! these are my first 2 lolita purchases so i'm trying to avoid making too many newbie ita mistakes

thanks in advance!

>> No.10052878

it's really not hard to coord black and white. Look at other black and white coords. Look through old school tags and go from there.

>> No.10052886


Coord help thread is here >>10047486, it might serve you better.

Although it's best to give them a bit of direction, like let them know what else you've been looking at, what your wardrobe goals are (what kind of aesthetic you're eventually working towards), rather than begging for someone to spoonfeed you the exact shoes and bags etc to buy next.

If you just want a basic coord, then a white blouse, black socks and white socks (or legwear), plus black shoes and bag would work with both dresses. Add a black bolero for extra coord options. This set of "support" items will also work with a lot of other dress colours you might buy in the future, so long as you have a matching head accessory (not necessarily as a set, just that the headwear matches the dress to balance out the colours). I'd err on the side of caution and lean towards things that look more stereotypically lolita rather than going with the more modern "casual" things like round necklines or "loliable" things.

>> No.10052901

Does anyone know if AP responds to emails about their stock photos. I'm interested in one of their OPs, but the lace looks like a neon toxic mess compared to the rest of the material. Would I offend them by asking if the lace is that bright in person or if it actually blends in with the dress?

>> No.10052908


idunno, I find it more believable that someone older and more experienced is likely to not be poor, and to know where the bargains are. For eg, the 80k IW oddments pack alone will give you 10+ dresses, add another couple handfuls of unpopular secondhand dresses that go for cheap because they're unpopular, and you'll easily have 20 dresses a year. In 5 years you'll hit 100, easy. If you add in some rock-bottom Bodyline (I saw the dresses at 20-30USD just before they had that thing with the online shop), some dodgy taobao (good taobao is expensive, questionable taobao can be really cheap), and you'll hit that target faster. Or mix both so you can have your 100+ wardrobe and still have some popular firsthand dresses in the mix.

imo, the real reason the 100+ wardrobes are rare is because they take up a lot of space both physically and mentally. Most people sell their dresses if they haven't worn them for a few months or if they're bored with it. There's really only two types of people who end up 100+ wardrobes -- hoarders (aka collectors), or daily lolitas. Everybody else has no use for 100+ dresses when they barely wear 10 a year, not because they can't afford it.

rp-ers are a different story, though. I mean they're basically kids being stupid and obnoxious.

>> No.10052927

No idea where you and other anons are, but here's acog's guidelines re: paps for people with an average risk for cervical cancer:


>> No.10052935

Not a virgin, but I have the same issue. Some vaginas are just super narrow. It shouldn't be too much of an issue during sex since you naturally dilate when aroused (and dicks are much less abrasive than dry wads of paper, also dicks don't suck up all the moisture). The narrow vagina thing is more common among Asians, there's a reason tampons are kind of a rarity in Japan/China/etc.

>> No.10052952

That anon meant that it's probably someone young complaining about 100+ larping.

>> No.10052964

this especially if you wear sweet. secondhand AP is cheap as fuck. I've got around a bunch of brand main pieces that cost less than $50

>> No.10052967

Word, I have tons of main pieces from AP, Baby, Meta, even print pieces for under 100 and many under 50. Old school can be easy to acquire a lot of too if you know what you're doing.

>> No.10052973


Ah, I guess I read it wrongly. My bad.

>> No.10052981

Where the fuck are you buying your brand from? Is it even in good condition in that price?
I'm only asking because I'm kind of jealous. I don't live in America so when dresses online total at $100 USD it's actually more like $150 in my currency. Even though that's still pretty cheap, it gets really annoying to get your hopes up and then have something be double the price, especially with more expensive dresses.

>> No.10052997

I'm one of the anons you replied to; I am indeed in the US, and I'm sorry to hear the shitty conversation prices. :( I just make sure to check every secondhand outlet I trust as well as mercari, y! Auctions jp, Facebook lolita sales, lacemarket... I don't use the Japanese auction sites as often unless I'm searching for something specific so that I don't have to pay shipping and middleman fees. Good luck anon.

>> No.10053006
File: 96 KB, 250x333, 1502cee9-22d0-5ee8-9b2d-484f8ab78f5b.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I live in America, and mostly yahoo auctions, mercari, and lacemarket. It's mostly older solid pieces I've bought for that cheap, newer dresses and prints are more expensive. Sometimes the dresses arrive with undisclosed stains or damages, but most of the time they're fine. This is an OP I bought off of mercari for around 15 usd before international shipping and fees- probably one of the cheapest main pieces I own.

>> No.10053037
File: 55 KB, 800x800, IMG_20181210_165703.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>12/14 We will inform you of the size of Catherine dress which will be on sale from 15 o'clock.
Length 110 cm, skirt length 70.5 cm, bust 83 to 100 cm, waist 74 to 91 cm, shoulder width 35 cm, sleeve length 57 cm + frill 6 cm.
The material is 100% cotton with stretch.

New Moitie release

>> No.10053042

You need to get synthrapol. It's a textile house detergent that's really good at removing loose dye particles. You can buy it online from Dharma Trading or in tiny overpriced bottles from Joann. You might also try experimenting with a blueing agent for the white parts, test it on a waist tie or something inconspicuous first. It basically attempts to correct discoloration of whites by adding a VERY slight blue tint.

>> No.10053051

nayrt but secondhand Japanese stores can be pretty cheap. Secondhand private sellers can be even cheaper. Shopping services fees are usually low and so is domestic shipping (around 5USD, often free above a certain price or already counted in the item price) so the only "expensive" fees are international shipping + customs. Sometimes you can save on both.

>> No.10053058

>Old school can be easy to acquire a lot of too if you know what you're doing.
I'd love to get into oldschool, especially if it isn't too expensive. Where should I start? I'm not an experienced lolita.

>> No.10053066


nayrt too, just wanted to mention that if you're willing to buy lots, sets and bulk purchases, they can also save you money for the shipping from the seller to your middleman/shopping service, banking fees, even the shopping service/middleman's fees.

For eg if someone lists 5 cutsews on yja for $50 and you buy it, the shipping fee might be $12 and agent fees $5. But if you track down 5 different $10 cutsews, the shipping fee can't possibly be less than $5 each, so already internal shipping is $25. Most SS have a minimum fee as well, say $3 minimum, so $15 for 5 cutsews. You end up spending $19 more buying a lot of small value things from many different sellers.

Of course with the lot you're stuck with 5 cutsews where you might only like 2 and 3 more are ugly, but just talking about sheer numbers this is the way to get a lot of items for cheaper, and you can resell the ugly ones you don't like to your local comm, lacemarket or FB pages.

>> No.10053072

Good advice but only for low customs countries. For high customs:

- the heavier the package the more likely it is to get hit by customs
- more items = higher package value = hit by customs
- you can decide to declare a low value on the package but then you won't be 100% refunded in case something happens to it
- you want a fast and reliable shipping method if you're buying lots of stuff, unfortunately, EMS and similar shipping methods = high chance to get hit by customs

Might still be worth it though, just gotta do some math

>> No.10053073

Foiled by tits again. My titties are 100 cm but my waist is well under the max.

>> No.10053074

I'm the anon you guys replied to, thank you for all your advice. There's a lot of stores here that I haven't checked out yet so thanks for giving me more material to work with, I'll definitely check those out. I tend to buy multiple items altogether or otherwise I feel like I'm just wasting money. Along with that, international shipping is always a huge bitch if I'm getting anything from the US because it's so far. Still, thanks again anyways.

>> No.10053104

I can't prove it but I'm 100% sure Buyee bids on their own customers items to raise the price/commission. After this I'm fucking done with them.

>> No.10053107

Holy shit I was thinking about this too.

>> No.10053114

Aren't they atrociously expensive in general? Why would you ever use them? There are plenty other shopping services that don't pull bizarre shit like this.

>> No.10053121
File: 460 KB, 900x1200, 1205161305_5c077a81dd6b6.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

JetJ is selling a blouse + jsk set for 60,000 yen

The blouse is a discounted version of Chemisier de Feé Papillon with much less detailing (so probably not even worth 20,000 yen) and the dress is Ted Baker tier plain.

Why are they so shit these days. You can't even look up past releases on their website anymore (I guess they don't want you to to be aware of their old pricing, so they can keep to slowly hike up their pricing until oblivion).

>> No.10053130

Mte. I started buying brand more than 5 years ago, I now wear lolita 5-10 days a month, and I only have 20 main-pieces. I just hate having a pile of dresses and skirts I only wore once a year or two ago. Even if I had space for 200 main-pieces, I would just keep wearing the ones I love most and feel most comfortable in. The others would be collecting dust when they could be with someone who loves them more.

>> No.10053131

Why is it so big??? Fuck this

>> No.10053145

I'd agree. Especially on more popular things as well/more expensive things as well. I'd stop using them but I like the Yahoo auctions integration, because I buy lots of stuff last minute. Idk if there is an alternative service that offers similar. Another thing that pissed me off about them is their "consolidation" which consists of them putting all the items, still in their boxes/envelopes into the one which saves very little in the long run.

>> No.10053146

My new year's resolution is to stop buying stuff I only half care about wearing. If it doesn't evoke a happy feeling in my heart, it's got to go.
I know it's a bit early to be thinking about this sort of thing, but if I don't write it down I'll forget about it. The only thing is, no one is buying my shit!

>> No.10053149

If it's not selling on lacemarket, you should re-post it to the facebook groups of the brands you're selling from. Most of the popular brands have a sales group.

>> No.10053152

Also when I couldn't sell some of my more boring main-pieces, I traded them for blouses and cardigans that I use a lot. I used to think brand cardigans and blouses were not worth the price, but I wear them way more thant hose dresses so I don't feel like I made a loss even though the dresses were originally more expensive.

>> No.10053154


You still end up with 5 cutsews either way, the more expensive method you pay more because you're doing small transactions with 5 different sellers, which racks up the fees.

The advice isn't about splurging big on each purchase, it's about buying from as few shops or sellers as possible.


Glad to hear it. Hope you have fun building your wardrobe.

>> No.10053155

If you want it gone then you could always set all your stuff to a very low starting bid and see where it goes from there. You might not make as much money but at the very least you will probably sell it off

>> No.10053156

I don't want you to give away all your secrets (but I'm dying for some oldschool) so do you find it easier to find deals searching by the brand name specifically or a catch all term?

>> No.10053157

Me, but I have to admit I don’t care about lolita anymore. I just need to sell all my stuff and chill down.

>> No.10053160

I don't really understand this mentality. Not every dress is designed to be worn daily. There are some dresses designed to be worn on special occasions.

>> No.10053166

This dress is actually one of the few new JetJ releases that appeals to me. I miss old school JetJ though

>> No.10053176

Nice dress, hopefully someone wants it for that price. I would consider it for $400 but anything more than $250-$300 for a dress that plain is crazy. The blouse I don't even like, I could see someone paying $120-150 for it though

>> No.10053177

If you choose one of the "service plans" that includes an inspection, they do remove the packaging. It's only the cheapest plan where they leave everything in the envelopes.

>> No.10053178

... You realize it won't fit someone who is 95-100 cm right? The skirt won't be full enough. Shirred dresses are comfy and look best on people at the lower end of the measurements

>> No.10053182

So it will fit nobody?

>> No.10053183 [DELETED] 

I have 2 dresses that are for special occassions. I do not want 50+ dresses that I never wear because I have 20 other dresses that I enjoy wearing more.

>> No.10053185

how well is their brand doing anymore?

>> No.10053186

I have 2 dresses that are for special occassions. I do not want dozens of main-pieces that I never wear because I have 20 other main-pieces that I enjoy wearing more.

>> No.10053198

It should fit girls who are 85-90 bust really well. Not sure what the problem is, that sounds like a normal size dress that will fit a lot of us

>> No.10053200

This looks so comfy hnnnnng

>> No.10053201

The minimum waist size is very big

>> No.10053205

>plus frill 6 cm
The frill is the tiny bit at the end that flares out, right?

>> No.10053207

This looks like that one soufflesong print. Hard pass

>> No.10053209

The black part too

>> No.10053213

The Atelier Pierrot online shop, do they mark down packages to EU countries or should I use Tenso?
Sorry if this has been asked before.
Really want to order a whole bunch of stuff from them.

>> No.10053218


>> No.10053221

The floral design is nice but the dress itself is just so plain and boring. A bit of lace would be nice. I used to love JeJ, but it's so underwhelming nowadays. what a shame.

>> No.10053226

Not really, what makes everything expensive are customs and international shipping. With small transactions you save on both. Like, a lot. Buying a lot from the same shop only saves you on domestic shipping (which is cheap) and commission fees. Depending on what SS you use you might already not pay commission fees for each transaction (like, fromjapan doesn't have a commission fee if you buy from Rakuten). So yeah, buying from the same shop definitely helps but only as long as the package doesn't get big, otherwise you're better off with smaller transactions.

>> No.10053231

Sorry to break this to you guys but 5’3” is very short. Average in Asia maybe.

>> No.10053234

Anon you’re probably just really well hydrated t b h

>> No.10053235


>> No.10053255

>best kei

>> No.10053270

True, it's unfortunate there's no waist ties or self belt. I'm really hating moitie's design choices, I got one new dress that's big and the waist ties fixed. Another new dress, it's just too big and there are no waist ties. I'm getting burnt out on moitie, definitely not going to get this now that you made me notice there is no way to adjust the fit

>> No.10053272

I've seen so many bad things about MmM's quality recently that even if they re-released something I really really wanted there is no way I'd pay those prices for shit that falls apart. Sad days.

>> No.10053279

Same Anon, same. The Cross OP was wonderful, good fit and good materials. But this cutsew OP is almost 10cm over my waist measurement.

And fucking hell no more Sleeping Garden please.

Ayy we probably saw the same stuff on Insta. Each day we stray further from Mana's light.

The worst of the issues seem to be in the novelties and accessories, so those are a hard pass for me until I see reviews. Never thought I'd see the day…

>> No.10053300

I've only seen positive reviews for the dresses they released this year

>> No.10053302

I'm really sad too.. I really would have bought it if it was just 4cm smaller

>> No.10053304

How can there be a minimum and maximum measurement when there's no shirring or waist-ties?

>> No.10053312

Minimum is easy, that's the flat measurement. It's cutsew material so max is hard to measure, but I would assume they stretched it out as far as they possibly could to figure out how much the max would be. I have two AP cutsews, they are marked very small but will comfortably fit me and could go bigger

>> No.10053315

They do mark down the items, they also offer free shipping over a certain amount I think?
Bought a dress from them for my birthday and they marked the dress as 5000 yen instead of the full price

>> No.10053316

Really? Never knew that. Thanks anon,

>> No.10053323

you get it- that's the exact kind of head game most anons love to play

I don't do it anymore because now I actually wear the fashion.
But this site was built on telling lies. If you think people aren't doing that here, you're naive and gullible. You just believe shit you read on the internet? Like really??

>> No.10053332

Europeans need it to be around 2000-2500 JPY

>> No.10053336

In confessions threads sometimes there are people confessing that they're actually guys who don't wear lolita , but come to lolita threads because it's the only interaction they have with women, or because they're just bored, or because they're curious, or because they once had a crush/dated a lolita

>> No.10053338

It happens on every board. There are millions of people who don't have anything going on in their life so they come to 4channel to just.. Talk I guess.

>> No.10053345

I can understand that, but consider that some people might attend more special events than you do.

>> No.10053346

You don't need over 100 main-pieces for that. Just admit you're a hoarder lol, what's the big deal?

>> No.10053352

Nayrt but what's wrong with being a hoarder (for lolita, not the disorder)? I treat my pieces with respect, I fit into everything I own, and I'm not exactly pressed for money. Collecting lolita is as much of a hobby as wearing lolita is for me.

>> No.10053354


>> No.10053357

That's what I'm saying. Why act as if you need those dresses for special occasions or daily wear or whatever, instead of admitting the truth.

>> No.10053358

i think i probably know what you're talking about (saw reviews of the lace on the socks and problems with the recent chokers) and it makes me nervous because i really really REALLY don't want to see Moitie go down this road.

>> No.10053359


>> No.10053360

Same here anon, this feel is real. I hate dealing with other lolitas though, I wish I could sell off my stuff as a lot.

>> No.10053367

>intricate print. velvet.
>Imai Kira illustration
>will NEVER be re-released

I don't see how you can appreciate lolita if you see any of the PC cuts as "simple looking dress[es]"
Things don't have to be designed with 80 lbs of ruffles to be real valuable. you're going to get duped by OTT taobao trash with that kind of mindset.

>> No.10053371

Why act as if you need them for daily wear? You're just being unrealistic for the sake of it.
Having variety isn't a bad thing. It's a fashion anon, I'm not looking to wear a uniform every day.

>> No.10053373

>odd fantasy Lolita character
MF was derpy, dorky, weeby as hell, an admitted hoarder, and a most definite gull...
by no means did she try to represent herself as a Misako-tier edited personality. I don't see where you are getting this fantasy character impression??

>> No.10053378

hmm, if it's really painful you might want to go to the gyno and see if you might have vaginismus.
whew, the sleeves on that blouse are breathtaking. I like the hi-lo pointed hime ruffle cascade.

>> No.10053379

do what everyone else does: have it professionally adjusted. if you really liked it...

>> No.10053380

That's nice if you do need those 100+ main-pieces for daily wear, but not if it's a fake excuse because you can't admit to yourself that you're a hoarder

>> No.10053387

It'd also be nice if you had reading comprehension.

>> No.10053390

I recently saw something about them using hot glue on a headdress(?) and it falling apart after a couple hours. It was on someone's insta story.

>> No.10053403

What the fuck are you arguing about?

>> No.10053415

How else do you attach flowers to a headdress?

>> No.10053419


>> No.10053459

I saw it in _petrine's Instagram story, which is unfortunately transient

oh my god, noooo. i didn't see that...was it the neo gothic arch headdress? i don't want to believe it...

>> No.10053466

Thank god for another furfag lolita; those shit tier ears that brands release trigger me so hard

>> No.10053471

Sewing, or get wire ones and wire wrap them

>> No.10053472

Have you even read my post or are you just talking to yourself? I said nothing you stated. And no, 4chan was fucking not. That's what the retards who came here thanks to /b/ made it. But there's no point in arguing if you only ever experienced /cgl/ at its worst.

Yes, but those still aren't the majority aka "most if us".

>> No.10053482

I'm Asian, and also this is an Asian fashion so it makes sense to go by those heights instead of white ones.

>> No.10053491
File: 109 KB, 700x700, IMG_20181210_190031.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

No, the NGA headdress doesn't have any hot glue AFAIK. It was the brand new one with the cross arch lace and holy cross lace. What happened is the metal backing in pic related popped off because it was only hotglued.

It was Rosenocturnalia's story just so people know, she also mentioned her MmM phone case broke the same night.

>> No.10053496

>Have you even read my post or are you just talking to yourself?
You replied to me so I replied back.

>I said nothing you stated.
That's fine because I didn't quote you.

>4chan was fucking not. That's what the retards who came here thanks to /b/ made it.
Uh, that is exactly what I was talking about.

I have only experienced cgl because I came here from other boards, I'm speaking about what I observed before and after coming here. I came here because someone on ck mentioned this fucking board. Why do you keep missing this significant point or are you trying to glaze over it and act like you've been here since fucking Oct 1st 2003.
Will you fucking come off it already. The place is KNOWN for trolling. You're getting fucking trolled by people because you are so fucking gullible.

>> No.10053499

Not sure if this has been posted but I stumbled accross this. Decent video covering lolita fashion that isn't a ""documentary"" into "wAcKy lolita fAshIon!!!" made by an outsider.


Also Tempest is cute, I wish kawaii culture was more common in my country ;-;

>> No.10053529

I'm at around this number. I'm ashamed of it. No wardrobe post for me

>> No.10053533

Me. My face is aging badly no matter what I do, I'm going to look like a taller version of my my mother by the time I'm 30. I'm not sure what to do, I don't want to leave lolita but I want to style my things so they look good.

>> No.10053535

Don't get the diva or mooncup, do your research and get a cup made of much softer silicone. I have the same problem and I tried like 5 cups before I found a comfy one but now I'm very happy with it.

>> No.10053537

I want it, but... The quality looks bad

>> No.10053538

Oh no, I love it. Shame I don't have 60000 yen to burn

>> No.10053542

How much do you want for it and how much is brand? Genuinely

>> No.10053546

Who's writing about quality? I wanna see too

>> No.10053552

Wow, finally someone was nice about us? Good feels

>> No.10053555

I've gotten cheap ass hair flowers off ebay that have that exact same back. I'd expect better from Moite.

>> No.10053559

I like main pieces, but I get what you're saying. We rarely see detail shots for blouses and jewelry, and see a lot of the same main pieces over and over.

>> No.10053571

What was wrong with the moitie socks?

>> No.10053572

It was Rosenocturnalia's story, so I'm not sure if it's still accessible.

>> No.10053575
File: 46 KB, 345x437, 184602-m-05-dl.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

New IW Dress. I feel like I've seen this a million times before and fuck the violin motifs
>tfw flautist

>> No.10053576

>restock walolita dresses 9865457 times until they sit unsold
>won't restock Grimoire jsk in dark colourway
Meta why

>> No.10053586

iirc the blue ribbon didn't match the blue lace and the lace was trimmed much more messily compared to older lace-topped moitie socks. no major issues like >>10053491

_petrine also talked about the brand new chokers that just came out in her story and apparently one of them was fine, but for the other, the charm was sewn in such a way that it caused the lace to pucker

>> No.10053590

I wasn't aware I had cause to be ashamed until I went ITT, I thought people just had what they have in terms of numbers. Wasn't aware there is such a thing as too much in a fashion that is the embodiment of excess. Have been around since 2004, its quite a restrained number for nearly 15 years in the fashion. I'd like to do a post to document my changing tasted but it would be a lot of steaming, ironing & photographing. Maybe if I do a few dresses a week in the new year before it gets dark I'd have it done.I don't have anything new really. Or rare so I don't think I will post it about much.

On another note, does anyone have enchantlic enchantillys queen bunny op? it said its polyester but it feels like a sturdy faux silk unsure of how to proceed with washing. It was a last minute buy to add to my ss order. So cute but no bodice lining, ugh.

>> No.10053610

Don't do it.

>> No.10053612

Ayrt, the back doesn't necessarily make for cheap. I have a different MmM two way clip with that style of backing (but with a pin in addition to the clasp). The difference is is that it's glued down well enough that I can't get a fingernail inbetween the corsage and the backing, and it isn't supporting much weight since it's mostly tulle and a couple small roses.

Bad design choices and small errors (that would have been unacceptable in the past) are dragging the brand down imho. I'm a Moitiefag and pretty displeased about all this.

>> No.10053631

Wunderwelt Fleur ought to have a review/rating system...Has anyone who has had quality issues with Moitie lately attempted to contact them?

>> No.10053634

Get a PO box

>> No.10053638

I emailed in to request that. If more people ask, maybe they will do it

>> No.10053644

Rosenocturnalia just posted on her blog a review of the socks and headpiece. I wonder if more people complain they will do something since moitie has always been known as the top of the top quality. I hope they're just in a bit of a rut right now because they've been having problems (lace manufacturing, lack of designer and so on) and that they don't start permanently cutting corners because their impeccable construction is usually their selling point.

>> No.10053683

>proud of being worst instrument
wew lass

>> No.10053690


Collector here too. I think it’s fine to admit sometimes the line we walk is a little narrow. Helps you keep a critical eye to make sure you’re still on the collector side of the line and haven’t dropped over to being the type that forgets which dresses you own or which cupboard you stashed it in. I think any hobby can become hoarding if you lost track of things, so it’s good to realise the risk is there and watch out that you still remain on top of things and still enjoy caring for a large wardrobe.

A large, wearable collection is wonderful though. I don’t miss the days when I had to scramble buying last minute coording pieces and praying they arrive in time since I now always have a couple of coords ready to go in my stash, and even if I had to pull a last minute coord out of my wardrobe there’s enough stuff to easily put together something not totally mismatched.

I also have to say I feel relieved when I see a dress I own being posted in the DD thread. It’s not gloating, I’m just relieved I’m not fighting against other people trying to own that dress. So even if I haven’t worn it in a while I’m kind of hesitant to let it go, because I don’t want to spend my time searching for it all over again. Sorry other people, I know you love the dress too, but even if your closet is smaller doesn’t magically mean I love it less than you do. So you’ll have to find your DD elsewhere rather than talk me into selling off my wardrobe.

>> No.10053717

I feel like the dresses are the only thing that's still decent. I've seen bad things about the chokers, socks, blouses, and most recently the headdress and phone case

>> No.10053730

I bought Moitie's latest blouse and besides being huge on me it's practically perfect. Everything is sewn perfectly but maybe if they're inconsistent with their clothing items I could've just got lucky? I'm really curious to see what the new cutsew OP coming out this week is going to be like.

>> No.10053742

I feel this way with normie clothes as well. I am lucky i haven't really aged since i was a teen, but it sucks so much that i have an unproportional nose and acne scarring that won't go away.

>> No.10053749

I got my first dress today and it is so gorgeous but damn it's so heavy because of all the fabric. It's hot as hell where I live so maybe I'll only wear it in winter. Or I could get a fan...

>> No.10053757

Congrats anon! Which dress is it?

>> No.10053759

Only if people tell them directly. They won't see anyone complain if they just post it on their instagram. Did any of these people contact the brand directly? They take a few days to reply in English but at least you don't have to write in Japanese if you can't.

>> No.10053766

The one with the jabot? Could you do me a favor and check the tag and see where it’s made?

>> No.10053773

Yep, the green colourway. It was made in China. I remember because when I looked at the tag I was really taken aback by it considering Moitie is known for producing in Japan. I'm the kind of person who always inspects the stitching and reads the inner tags when I get new clothes and while I was surprised, the quality seemed pretty perfect so I didn't really think it was worth mentioning.

Concerned if there are some dud blouses going around though, maybe I just got lucky to get a good one from an inconsistent batch?

>> No.10053780

Lmao Tallulah is that you? Don't you have $300 dresses to throw on the ground and squeeze into a tiny closet?

>> No.10053782
File: 28 KB, 621x434, DZdz9RyX0AA2Po4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Must. Resist. Temptation.

>> No.10053788


No idea who that is. Sounds like she's a hoarder and not collector if she's running out of space, though. I wouldn't collect this many dresses if my sister didn't move out and I now have a whole room to store racks of dresses in.

They aren't all $300 covetable dresses anyway, there's just a tiny handful that occasionally turn up in the DD thread.

>> No.10053802

Shit this is big.

>> No.10053816

I'm not a huge fan of it personally, but I can definitely see the appeal.
Like, Holy Lantern was a simple dress with crosses that were flocked, still people loved it like it's pure gold.

>> No.10053922

Why did you try to get it?

>> No.10054518

I think it's cute, but I agree. They're raising their prices despite the overall workmanship going down.

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