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I regret not getting pic related.

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I feel you anon, lots of Sheglit stuff I regret not getting. I remember when I visited Japan in May I was hoping to pick up that hakama-esque skirt (can't find stock images now) in red and it had already sold out everywhere online, rip.

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VM has put up more re-releases. Unfortunately, quite a bit sold out during 4chan's down time.

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>That would be like saying facebook lolita is shit, while amazing craftspeople like Linda Friesen utilize facebook to showcase work and take commissions.

Anon, most people would say that. They'd also say eBay is shit when occasionally brand is sold there. If you're talking about a specific brand, people reference it by name, not by the platform it's sold on. I would say the same for Amazon, Rakuten, Depop, storeenvy, etsy, etc. That includes taobao. If you think certain shops on taobao are good, name them.

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I see what you're saying, but people do lump all taobao together and say it sucks.
I am an absolute snob about quality in lolita (which everyone should be because using high quality materials in well-made pieces is a major tenet for the fashion) and I have been blown away by certain indie. Dear Celine, pumpkin cat, ecailles de lune, amastacia...I definitely rep dear celine.

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The exceptions on taobao are just that, rare exceptions. Posting the denim dress is a good example, it's not something many will wear or like.
You say you're a snob about high quality, I'm not buying it. Most of what you mention produces OK things, nothing really above and beyond. I wear a lot of Moite and JetJ, I've examined quite a few taobao dresses because at first I was curious. Nope. Most don't compare. Maybe they are good for being budget things but not even close to top tier items.

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People always post about these great taobao brands but I end up selling 90% of the "amazing quality" things I buy on taobao.
I could keep searching taobao forever only to not wear things and turn around and resell them.. or I could just buy brand. Sorry but I increasingly don't buy the brand quality taobao meme.
"Quality" is just a meme many people who I assume don't own a lot of brand nor have an eye for quality post to give themselves credibility.

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I haven't been involved in this conversation until now, but did you say denim? You know a link by chance?

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I mean that's not really your problem, but you're making it yours. You wouldn't get mad if they said all Facebook lolita sucks. You realize they may have not seen it all. Instead try informing people of the brands you like and getting their name out especially to the people who say that. But be aware some people hate China for political reasons so it won't matter how good the quality is, they'll still say it sucks.

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but I'm afraid reservation has ended.
there are two versions: one in denim and one in a smoother, lighter material. I'll definitely post a review when mine comes in!
I have a mostly brand wardrobe. Baby and Meta are the majority but I also have some IW, VM, chocochip cookie, and AtPie. I have had several Dear Celine items that were so well-constructed and the fabric choices were not only smart but special/non-standard. The details on pic related and the feel still grabs my heart (I sadly had to sell it because it didn't fit me at the time)

It's one thing to be skeptical but you're doing the most. the Jfashion brands I love started out with one or two designers renting a teeny, once-rundown office space to create in and sell from.
I'm not saying the taobao pieces I have are VM quality (i.e. perfection), but they are damn good: lined, weighty, with dyed-to-match trimmings, cute button/fastener choices, nice construction/durable, and just otherwise lovely.
There are some definite top-tier gems so I wouldn't throw the baby out with the bathwater.

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I like how many taobao designs look, but I wouldn't dare to buy something. If you look at photos closely you can easily see flaws, like how tubular the bodice is or how badly it's sewn. Most of the chiffon dresses also feel kinda cheap? I don't really now how to describe it, it's just a feeling that it would rip on first wear or it would give me an electric shock when I just happen to touch it.
That said, I'd love to know more indie brands that are good quality. I wonder why we rarely hear about Japanese indie, I'm sure there's a lot of these.

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Same anon. I've gone through 3 Dear Celine blouses and just wasn't into them. I also bought a Pumpkin Cat jsk that was cute and well constructed but had awful print/fabric quality.

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Taobao is great for blouses and accessories. The only taobao main picece i own are a design that I could not find with brand. and yes the quaility is not the greatest but its not horrible.

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I love Japanese indie to death. I occasionally see anons post the brands they like here, but it can be hard to get ahold of.

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I'm not experienced but taobao blouses look very low quality to me, most of those I've seen are 100% polyester, see-trough, and I've heard people saying they break easily. Just my personal opinion, but I would never recommend taobao for blouses.

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thats like a hundred different stores.
there a good quality blouses. I have a blouse from Yolanda that I adore.

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you keep saying "taobao" like its one big brand. can we start calling brands by their names instead? There are plenty of taobao brands that arent sewn badly and aren't shitty polyester.

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As far as I can tell all taobao brands have a quality ceiling they are at or below, so I think it's fair to call them "taobao brands" because that quality range is generally what people are referring to with the term.
I mean you don't see this nonsense when people just say brand. "There's a huge range of brands! Name them specifically!" Nope.
It's like calling something fast fashion or a high street brand. People generally know what you mean, unless they're purposely being anal because they don't like what you're saying.

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Any recommendations? We had a indie thread some time ago, but it never really took off.
Like I said, I never actually bought anything, just liked some of the designs. What I looked at were mostly solids, leaning towards classic and gothic. Brand names sounded really generic too, I've never seen them discussed here. Fact that taobao brands seem to use really similar background for stock photos doesn't help, they all start to look the same after a while.

Gulls reccomend Dear Celine, but I heard some horror stories about them. I've read that a jsk arrived with massive holes in the lining and a lot of loose threads. I'll look for it, but it wasn't in English and it was quite old.

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>thats like a hundred different stores.

That has already been pointed out, but anyway: "taobao" = most taobao lolita stores. Exceptions will always exist.

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If you’re a budget hunter and are willing to settle for a majority of ok pieces with a couple of gems then you are absolutely right but when so much really great condition known quality second hand brand is available in the same price range, I’m not really tempted to mess about trying to get the few taobao unicorns that ultimately will be good while dealing with buying and reselling the majority of the stuff that turns out not to be.

If taobao was so great as all that overall, you wouldn’t have a ‘mostly brand closet’ now would you?

I’m sure you’ll be able to catch some on LM once they start coming in/get resold. I predict that quite a few people will sell quickly once the novelty wears off and they wear them a couple of times.

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>people do lump all taobao together and say it sucks.
The point is that people do that with Facebook and etsy too

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People just talk about popular brands (Angelic Pretty) because many people they like them (that's why they're popular). I remember the first time I bought GLB and discovering so many brands I'd never heard of on cgl..

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Most of us don’t care enough to differentiate the taobao brands. Nothing is stopping you from being specific and discussing specific ones but to most of us, it’s not a priority. I don’t even follow any brands that sell there so to me, they functionally ARE all lumped together.

This basically. I’m looking for more Japanese brands to try, to support. I’m not interested in the designers I’ve seen from taobao. It’s budget stuff. It’s not often going to be on par with Japanese brands. There might be a few really good things, but honestly I’m just not interested in chasing them.

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>calls people out for saying "taobao" instead of specifying shops/brand names
>"There are plenty of taobao brands that arent sewn badly"
What do you think you are doing

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Which pieces by Pumpkin Cat? I own a few because I liked their prints and threw in a few blouses for good measure, but I can’t honestly say they’re any better than Bodyline quality-wise.

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People do that with jap brands too but nobody complains

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Mte. It just gets tiring to keep looking on taobao after you've been burned a few times. Why should I spend even more hours looking for the 1% of high quality taobao if it's so much more fun to buy from Japanese brands or even try out western indie? Even the taobao shops that are recommended in this thread are inconsistent.

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Ive heard enough stories about iffy quality from some taobao brands like Dear Celene that it puts me off. Buying and returns via taobao are more difficult, colors are not true in photos more often, fabrics are lower quality more often...there are some general reasons many people just don’t want to shop there. I guess it’s better than Bodyline but I’m not sure why people like taobao shops over brand unless it’s due to budget or fit and honestly with smart shopping those last two can also be overcome with smart Japanese brand shopping. Taobao is Chinese brands and don’t even most of the Chinese lolitas also like Japanese lolita brands more?

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Is it wrong to sell a dress you got for free?

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Yes... But most people will think it's good because they grew up in a capitalist world

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It depends... was it a gift? Did someone give it away hoping others would enjoy it more? If so, it would be wrong at least from my point of view.

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Most of us aren’t going to be rude enough to diss someone who is decently dressed for wearing something at any price point or quibble over lower or higher quality chiffon blouses at tea or a meet. We dress frilly, we are out to have fun with our friends, end of story. Heck, we give Bodyline a pass as long as it is coordinated well.

But getting pissy because we won’t name and pay special attention in the fashion discussion forums to a group of Chinese brands that many of us never even shop for, well, it’s a little much.

Should you buy, review, enjoy them? Of course. But giving everyone else the stink eye when we just want our brand is a little pushy and rude.
Also there’s usually a whole TaoBao thread.
Why not discuss those brands there?

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It depends on the circumstances, how did you get it?

>> No.10060106

Happened to win it. Barely noticeable damage from previous owner so it's not like I'm going to scalp it. Still feels a bit wrong.

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You know what, I agree with you. The lolita general feels like it's for the 'important' brands and topics in lolita (and that has a wide range: I'd argue that western indies fall into the category of things we'd want to hear about here). And sure, if there is a taobao release that is great quality, by all means, discuss it here.

But bringing taobao into this thread as if it is as relevant and as useful as brand feels a bit like going into /fa/ and talking about forever21. Also I'm salty that lolita updates is like 95% taobao nowadays.

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I don't see anything wrong with it then as long as you disclose the damage and don't resell it with a crazy mark up. I mean if it's not a habit I don't see anything wrong with reselling something for a little more than you paid it for. It's not like you are forcing someone to give you the money.

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I think it would be a lot nicer to use it in a trade. I would feel better about that. You could use to it trade for some nice basics?

>> No.10060120

I can't really see anyone trading it for anything. Even when I've posted trades for better items I don't really get any takers. I was to sell it, it'd be no more than £30. It's a very good solid piece but not for me. Unless anyone has anything to trade, but I should probably take this to the BST thread.

That's a nice way of looking at things.

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I've had good luck when I mentioned in my post that I was looking for cardigans and blouses as well. Got a really nice Excentrique blouse that way.

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You have to rely on the search tags in Lolita Updates but I really wish there was an update and discussion group for Japanese brand and true indie of all kinds. I’m not hating on the Chinese taobao brands but I have zero interest and it’s true, the announces in Lolita Updates are too spammy for me.

Of course fans of a certain brand are going to think their fave brand releases are post-worthy, but the /fa/ f21vreference is quite true. At minimum they’d restrict it probably to one thread.

Just because the Chinese brands follow the Japanese brand release models and limit make to order periods, doesn’t mean we need to hear all about them in the General. The streeet fashion may have gone global but the focus is still strongly on the Japanese roots and the Japanese brands. And it should stay there.

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If you won it, why not pass it along to someone else instead of trying to wring a few dollars out of it? Or include it as an incentive gift to bump up another sale? Why did you win it in the first place if it’s not for you?

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>I really wish there was an update and discussion group for Japanese brand
I'm not in it anymore so I can't give an invite but I think there was a discord server for Japanese brand updates? It was mostly dead but a bunch of Japanese brands (lolita and normie) were updated every day

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But most people compare it to AP and BTSSB ignoring any mishap those brands have had, and acting like their current releases are all top tier.

Not Moitie and JetJ. At least those have been doing continously good and I never heard bad things about them, unlike BTSSB and AP. Altrough I heard a few mixed things on Moitie since WW took over, but still mainly positive.

>> No.10060137

WW is a webshop shop owned by tamaqro, and Moitie is a brand owned by tamaqro. Saying WW took over moitie is just as inaccurate as saying moitie took over WW

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ia this should go to the taobao thread, or at least be continued in the previous thread instead. most of us don't give a fuck.

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JetJ is sort of shitty. You would think they would try to pay attention to the quality of their painting dresses but lately they've been taobao tier shitshows.

I would rate the brands with most consistent quality as VM and IW, barring VM's shitshow in Shanghai, their quality has been superb and they work hard to maintain consistency from their materials to their construction. IW is quite good as well, but lately I've been noticing they've been skimping on things like good lining which can make my dresses look lumpy under some petticoats. Their lace has actually gotten better this year though, interestingly enough, as it's now quite varied in their latest releases to match their solid and nonprint pieces.

MM will always have the most special place in my heart, but since I haven't had the opportunity to buy new from them in over a year, I'm discounting them for now.

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Do you have any pictures of JetJ quality issues?

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No, imho it's not. If you don't use it (anymore) it's still worth as much as the same dress would be if you bought it. But if it was a gift the person who gave it might get feelings hurt.

Only exception is if you got it for free just to sell it. Then you should have let it be given to someone who actually wanted it.

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Agreed. I'm annoyed at people plain out dismissing TaoBao in general, but it shouldn't be inserted everywhere either. People don't even talk as much about Japanese indie brands. Let's keep it at big brands and extra-ordinary releases.

I'm also annoyed lolita updates is so much taobao. Wish it could all stay on Chinese lolita updates and then lolita updates be JPN only, maybe western indie (but only the better brands, not those second tier "I wanna be a designer even when I know nothing about it since I found this fashion, this is my first design don't dismiss it" stuff).

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Moitie, anon.
Before being bought by Wunderwelt's organization, Moitie's quality was top notch.

>> No.10060159

If taobao brands wouldn't shop their pictures to hell and back, I'd be less apt to immediately dismissing them.

>> No.10060167

>Wunderwelt's organization
See >>10060137
Seriously, it's it that hard for you people to write tamaqro

>> No.10060173

Then maybe WW shouldn't have posted about it as if they where now (Co)owner of MmM, and have MmM use WW as official store, whereas other items use WW fleur as second store. Even if technically untrue, they promoted it as WW bought MmM themselves. Don't get mad at me for repeating that and not looking into the entire business side. Get mad at WW for the way they told people...

>> No.10060179

MmM official store is https://moi-meme-moitie.com/

I think the secondary stores are WW and AtePie, which serve the international market, as the official store is domestic only.

>> No.10060180

Idk if you guys want to do this but usually the taobao scammers on lolita updates are the same 5 or less people. If you block their profiles on facebook you won't see their posts in the group. It makes the group a lot slower but it is much easier to find jp brand stuff and western indie.

I still wish someone would just make a group for Japanese only releases though.

>> No.10060182

True that. But still, WW is advertising like they at least co-own MmM since that compagny bought it, and never noting the name of that company above them. Also lolita updates and such only mentioned WW. You really think it's so weird people saw WW bought it.

It's not like everyone looks up the entire structure of brands they like. They just follow the news they post.

>> No.10060184

WW is a primary store. Moitie officially tells ppl to buy from WW if you aren’t Japanese. It’s like Ap USA vs Ap jp sites.

>> No.10060186

I have only recently been lurking here, but I was wondering if there was a lolita comm in Hawaii, USA and if there's anywhere I could reach out to them? I'm visiting in spring next year and would love to go to a meet.

>> No.10060191

Brilliant. If they are just shilling Chinese brand release spam, that’s no great loss to lose whatever else they might post in other places or groups I think. I’m going to.

>> No.10060194

Where does WW say that? I've emailed Moitie, in English, to the email that's on Moitie's webshop, and they replied to me in English. I never got the feeling I should buy from WW instead. It wouldn't be cheaper or easier for me to do that either. Atelier Pierrot is actually the cheapest option because they often don't charge Japanese taxes.

>> No.10060195

Most places like WW and their parent company have an advertising agreement contract with the companies they officially represent like MmM that dictate how the advertising looks so everything is usually regulated under that agreement. Nothing fishy about any of it, it’s pretty straightforward.

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The way they replaced the iconic Moitie background for that abysmal WW one is still making me mad. Nothing looks good in stock photos anymore. Look how sad and miserable this blouse looks. It's a men's size, but I think they just slapped it on a normal mannequin and said fuck it.

>> No.10060202

Yeah I started to hate wunderwelt and tamaqro because of this. Fuck them. I prefer Kera and Atelier Pierrot.

>> No.10060207

It makes sense they don't want to encourage international buyers from buying Moitie through Atelier Pierrot and other shops. If you buy it from Atelier Pierrot or KERA, they get a small part of the profit. If you buy Moitie from wunderwelt, that profit goes to tamaqro and wunderwelt which is owned by tamaqro.

>> No.10060235

Oh you mean the brand that has puckered hems on $500+ dresses and ignores all complaints?

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File: 502 KB, 1242x923, 74762A7E-6CE5-4524-8D84-77B800E20AEC.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Exhibit A is their fb that is geared towards us only. They give measurements here too while they never seem to on Twitter.

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File: 314 KB, 1242x1583, 3415371D-22A2-4A92-872D-55F304141E87.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Exhibit B is their links to WW on their site. Notice that KERA and Ate pie aren’t linked here and are resellers of their shared stock. CD japan was their previous overseas preferred method and is still for MDM merch.

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File: 1002 KB, 1242x1995, C5A26547-1BE6-4886-8371-815979D255D1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Exhibit C is that the official twitter posts about the stock on both. They will retweet stuff from other sites that they sell in but clearly actually have a say in what is on WW. I believe the stock is slightly different too but that is harder to prove. The berets sold out on the MMM shop first for example, and special tickets for this meet and greet were sold specifically on WW for overseas ppl and had stock longer for that reason.

>> No.10060268

The really spammmy ones seem to be people running shopping services, not actual lolitas that are active in the community so I don't think anything of value will be lost. I don't think I'll ever want to buy taobao, but if I ever do I know what shopping services I 100% will not be using.

Spamming the updates page with every single poorly made chinese dress ever, several times a day in the hopes someone will buy one using your service is just annoying. It is not a good marketing strategy.

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File: 898 KB, 1242x1706, ADF2CB81-0F0A-4908-86C1-F35D086F64F0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Tweet about the slightly different stocks for the beret

>> No.10060274

Yes, I don't have any contact with tamaqro on my daily life, and WW I see all the time, so it's easier to say WW. You understood what I was trying to say, so... the point was made.

>> No.10060282

What, AtP is cheaper than Wunderwelt? I feel nooby now, I bought everything using WW website since the shipping was quite good and I didnt need a Shopping Service. Now I'm feeling stupid.

>> No.10060284

I’ve heard of that happening exactly twice and I know one actually reached resolution. Try harder.

>> No.10060313

I hate qi lolita because there's not a single time where it doesn't look costumey and tacky. If you want to wear a Chinese dress so much, just buy one from aliexpress/taobao.

>> No.10060320

>Atelier Pierrot is actually the cheapest option because they often don't charge Japanese taxes.
They what? How did I not know this. All the moitie I've been missing out on because it's just over the line for my country's ludicrous customs fees. Do they just deduct the tax percentage or whatever from their overseas order? I feel fucking stupid.

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Why are we releasing a summer print again in winter AP?

>> No.10060327


They seem to be into re-releasing things that sold out in the same year, before the hype dies down. Going Space Lollipop getting a second wave earlier this year as well.

>> No.10060329

Yes! When they invoice you on PayPal, the taxes will be removed.

>> No.10060336

Holy shit I feel stupid, it's literally right there on their homepage. Thank you so much, I know where I will be shopping after Christmas is over.

>> No.10060351

Most shit is made in China tho so those people sound already uninformed and retarded.

>> No.10060356

Yea but fast fashion is also sold on taobao as well as fucking kitchen appliances. You sound dumb generalizing. That's the point. And here you are trying to justify your stupidity.

>> No.10060359

It only sounds dumb to taobaofags. In other words, not people whose opinion I would take seriously.

>> No.10060361

Who the fuck talks about baby and ap like they're the same? I never see that on this board...

>> No.10060369

I'm dying anon. You can't seriously be this discriminatory against people. What do you do when someone in your comm you like gets a taobao dress? Do you shun them like a high schooler?

>> No.10060374

global warming

>> No.10060376

Are taobaofags the new "lolitas are elitist brandwhore MEANIES!!!"?

>> No.10060377

You can avoid it if you try. But it is hard to find products transparent enough that will tell you where every part of the product comes from. That's why I try to stick to indie.

>> No.10060403

So you've got like indie hangers and car seats and everything you own comes from some indie designer?
The fuck out of here. You probably own Chinese shit and just don't know it.

>> No.10060405

So you do shun people if they don't like the same things as you?

>> No.10060406

At some point it's out of our control. You can only try to avoid it. Besides the point, I meant specifically lolita.

You can't assume hypocrite because of how global our world has become. Buying secondhand is still better for the environment even if the original product was made in China, so you have to weigh each choice carefully.

>> No.10060408

>"I try to stick to indie"

wow, it's almost like "try" means "make an effort" not "hello, yes, I am in fact flawless."

>> No.10060410

No, why the fuck would I do that? They can still coord nicely with taobao it just isn't as good quality. I'm not going to go up to somebody and shit on them for wearing taobao. I would take anything they say about whatever piece they got being great quality with a massive grain of salt, though, because they're probably wrong.

>> No.10060415

>I'm not going to go up to somebody and shit on them for wearing taobao.
Oh right. That's why you're here saying it instead.

>> No.10060417

You both misunderstood. It's hilarious that people hate china but are forced to own Chinese made things. You can try and hate it all you want but you're still gonna suffer with it in your life cause you can't do anything about it except talk about how you hate it.

>> No.10060422


They do kind of lump them into "burando is awesome, taobao is shit" kind of dialogue that we're having right now.

But "taobao brands" is a very good shorthand for those chinese lolita brands that normally list on taobao. And for some reason >>10060065 kind of hit it right, I never found a """taobao brand""" that went the full hog and made a lolita dress with a nice illustration, good choice of colours, custom lace/novelty buttons, good ribbons, good design, dependable construction -- all the things that I normally expect out of most "burando" brands.

Even when you consider a non-taobao ""taobao brand"" like Baby Ponytail, their illustration is halfway decent but their colour choices are garish and they still have the same quality ceiling.

It's kind of interesting. Why do they all have that same quality ceiling? You'd think with anon saying everything is being made in China anyway it'll be a piece of cake to up the quality and then just charge like 1000 rmb for it and still make a profit? It's not very far off from the 600 or 800 rmb that a lot of shops are already charging and they don't have to freight it over to Japan.

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File: 355 KB, 2000x1000, Moitie 1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

More photos of the Moitie x Krad Lanrete collab

>> No.10060428

I mean yeah because if I said what I really thought, poorfags like you would scream and cry discrimination!! if I said taobao was poor quality

Also I'm not >>10060359 or her earlier replies, just fyi

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>> No.10060440

This is so damn busy, yikes.

>> No.10060465

So Moitie + Krad Lanrete = h.Naoto?

>> No.10060466


JetJ has them up on their homepage so no need to post. Their new iteration of their one famous dress looks absolutely shite since they lost the original plans. Personally, I also think their resolution on their prints and choice of fabric could be better. Even KL has crisper photographic prints than they do.

>> No.10060471

Ngl, I like this, but it being Moitie means it's gonna be expensive, while it being Krad means I'll have to pay twice as much as that expensive price because I'm not from China. And, of course, the quality won't live up to the cost.

>> No.10060483


I didn't peg it for h.Naoto, but I agree, this just.... looks too special snowflake. Who needs that many pleated bow tails, what a mess.

>> No.10060496
File: 318 KB, 1494x750, lese.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The problem with Taobao is that there are shops where the owner isn't a lolita and doesn't really understand lolita or is a lolita but doesn't have the skill or eye to design lolita.
Long Ears and Sharp Ears, for example, is run by a lolita but the designs are atrocious and the quality is below average at best.
>pic related

>> No.10060543

I think they’re catering to a different market than the Japanse brands. People in my comm who primarily own pieces from Taobao brands often talk about the “unique/original” designs/prints and complain that Japanese brands are too expensive. They have no problem with the H&M quality, I think they don’t even really see the difference or at least they claim that they don’t. So they happily sacrifice quality for lower prices and the kinds of quirky designs that would be financially risky for Japanese brands. I think that if Taobao brands started raising their prices to produce higher quality pieces many girls in my comm would actually complain because they prefer the status quo.

>> No.10060546

Also forgot to mention that practically all of these girls who like Taobao for main pieces got into lolita after Taobao brands were already well established, while the girls who started before that will only buy accessories and wigs at most. It seems like it’s considered a newbie thing and I’ve noticed that many new girls either “graduate” to mostly Japanese brand after a few years or they drop lolita for another hobby.

>> No.10060551

Do you think "vintage" hairstyles can work well with lolita?

>> No.10060583

Sometimes, some styles. Other times it looks try-hard.

>> No.10060586

Depends on the hairstyle, I feel some of them would look great in classic.

>> No.10060592

Like which ones?

>> No.10060604
File: 112 KB, 800x452, 4178_900.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


There's a bunch of retro mod-looking dresses in lolita like this one, you could match them with sixties or seventies hairstyle and they would look totally appropriate together.

You do kind of need to judge them dress by dress, we've got so many different aesthetics and substyles in lolita now, they don't all go well with the same hairdo.

>> No.10060605

I think it has something to do with what people wear in their everyday life too, because precious Japanese burando is about on par with clothing from Dillard’s and it’s still bulk produced even if it’s done in smaller limited runs. No silks, no hand-finished hems/edges, no hand-applied design elements, not hand-screened or dyed etc, there are just different levels of clothing quality and it’s silly to pretend otherwise. Most Taobao pieces I’ve seen are about equal to Target or H&M quality. Bodyline would be K-mart or Halloween costume shop. There are exceptions to all of these but I’m not going to waste time scrounging through taobao to find them. If I buy 5 $100 taobao dresses and 2 are ‘gems’, I still could have bought 2 known good used brand pieces for the same amount or less and asked less time doing it.
I’ve also never seen a taobao print or design that has completely amazed me.

I’m not sure about resale value of taobao brands either...does it hold the retail value or do only a few of the most known dresses resell at good value?

>> No.10060608

Which dresses are you thinking of wearing a vintage hairstyle with? I think the coord needs to be nearly complete to decide which hair style will look good with it.
I saw someone wearing a sac style dress with messy ‘soft’ victory rolls and it looked like shit. Person wearing it cheaps out on her accessories and shoehorns in vintage pieces as her ‘thing’ and she’s honestly starting to look more like a crazy bohemian cat lady than a lolita.

>> No.10060621


I like this analogy. This is something I've struggled how to tell other people, like when you try and say "lolita isn't expensive" they're so quick to argue back that a dress is $300, and because that's hard to afford therefore it's expensive. But a $300 dress is nothing compared to the five-digit price tags you see on actual luxury brands that work with silk and hand-finishing done by certified ateliers of experts.

Then putting the taboao brands underneath it at Target or H&M quality and Bodyline at costume shop quality kind of really brings it all into focus. Sometimes you can still find good stuff at H&M but they are where they are and they seem comfortable being there.

>resale value

To be fair, you can end up buying an IW dress and then later on it goes on sale for 50% off, good luck trying to get the retail value back on that. Sometimes even brand dresses won't sell for anything over 1/3 their original listed price.

Taobao, on the other hand, there's always newbies who can't figure out how to actually taobao, so sometimes you can even mark it up (as long as it's lower than the resellers are selling it) and it'll still sell.

In both cases it does depend on the dress, but that goes for brand as well.

>> No.10060624

Maybe it would be more useful to list the small list of the taobao gems people speak of because the only 2 items I even know by name from any taobao brands are Ista Mori’s Nameless Poem and Krad Lanrete’s Aurelia, Lost in Sea Blue. I think both of these look good but I have no idea if either brand consistently releases good things. I don’t particularly like the new Moitie x Krad thing from the photos I’ve seen.

So taobao shoppers, it’s really up to you to speak up about the brands you like and put them forward as good quality, not to just expect us to know or care about them. As it was mentioned earlier, some of us just feel spammed by the shopping services who spam everything on Lolita Uodates just looking for people to use their shopping service and it’s having the opposite effect, putting some people off the Chinese brands completely.

And some people will always view the Chinese brands as cheap knock offs who saw a market bandwagon to try and cash in on, most of those Chinese brand owners aren’t into the lolita community, fashion or lifestyle, I guess.
So it’s really up to the individual Chinese brands to prove themselves. I don’t see that happening, I don’t see them blogging or doing fashion shoots, traveling to guest at events or do fashion shows, or in any way interacting with or contributing to the global lolita community. They are just sitting there on taobao shops expecting to sell to us. And many will say ‘nope’ to that behavior.

>> No.10060627

Another thing to consider is that even more expensive designer pieces are still seasonal and do not age terribly well in the realm of style where in lolita, last season, 3 years ago, a decade ago...it’s all good to wear forever. No expiration date. Of course some do chase the new but some in turn revere the old just as much so lolita clothing can be stylishly worn and even resold until it actually wears out. That adds considerable value as well as being more ecologically sustainable as an antidote to fast fashion.

>> No.10060629

Some time ago someone started a thread to list Taobao store item reviews from around the internet.

It would be nice to have a master list with this kind of info.

Where, though?
Goodle drive?

>> No.10060652

Since it would probably end up being a list of about 20 items as ‘the best of the best’, a google form poll of people’s top 5 with a write-in entry box for comments at the end would cover it. Then make a short google doc with name, brand, sizing, links to the brand websites.
But I doubt the taobao shoppers will take the initiative to make it, they usually just cry that ‘the brandwhores are elitist, uwu’.
They haven’t actually made significant effort to differentiate the taobao brands themselves, they just expect the community to do it.

>> No.10060655

>But I doubt the taobao shoppers will take the initiative to make it, they usually just cry that ‘the brandwhores are elitist, uwu’.
Then why are there already taobao spreadsheets.

>> No.10060656

Never said you were the other anon and you keep making incorrect assumptions about me. You clearly just like lashing out at people online and you're obviously a pussy in real life.

>> No.10060660

>non-taobao ""taobao brand"" like Baby Ponytail
No. This is just a way to turn "taobao" into a meme. Indie brands and stores on taobao are different just like stores on etsy are different.

>> No.10060664

>Bodyline at costume shop quality kind of really brings it all into focus
No it doesn't because while I don't care for their prints, they have well constructed dresses and shoes that get recommended over brand shoes.

>> No.10060665

>But I doubt the taobao shoppers will take the initiative to make it,
There are a bunch of taobao item reviews on blogs around the internet. i'm not sure if I'm getting your point here... The thing is that people are not really interested on reading blogs anymore, so people don't feel motivated to do these reviews on places that the info lasts more than 24h.

>> No.10060671

Those are mainly helpful for regular taobao shoppers. Non-taobao shoppers or new people won’t take the time to sort through those either.
There is no list of ‘just the best quality things’.

To people who have no interest in shopping on taobao for Chinese brands of lolita things, yes, they are all ‘just taobao brands’.
If you want a particular brand you like to shine then you and the other people who like it need to do reviews, post photos, talk it up, etc. Instead of being mad that the people who don’t really care about it label it. We call things ‘mall brands’ we call things ‘Etsy brands’ it’s just a thing.

I don’t shop on taobao and to me, the brands who sell there don’t seem that different from each other, they are still mass printed and mass produced so that doesn’t seem like indie or special and nothing has caught my interest enough to learn how to shop there.

>> No.10060674

That analogy works if you're just talking about Angelic Pretty and Baby the stars shine bright, but most Japanese lolita brands are not bulk produced.

>> No.10060676

>So it’s really up to the individual Chinese brands to prove themselves. I don’t see that happening, I don’t see them blogging or doing fashion shoots, traveling to guest at events or do fashion shows, or in any way interacting with or contributing to the global lolita community. They are just sitting there on taobao shops expecting to sell to us. And many will say ‘nope’ to that behavior.
You've not been in the community for very long, have you? GIRLISM, guesting at events and cons in China and Japan, donating more gifts to the raffle for the last Tea Party Club event than AP did...

>> No.10060678

You are speaking about those exceptions again to which I’ll reply the same, get Bodyline fans to make a short list of these few highest quality items and honestly identify the shit quality stuff and maybe more people will be less dismissive. Bodyline taken as a whole, is literally a costume shop. That’s what they call themselves, that’s the category they are listed under on FB so saying otherwise is silly. Do they have a few good things? Yes. What is an exception?
Budget shoppers would probably appreciate a comparison using the best Bodyline items compared to the best taobao items too. But it’s up to the people who buy and wear this stuff to bring it to the front if they want it to be recognized. No one else will chase it.

>> No.10060679

Why don't you guys go to the taobao thread?

>> No.10060680

Nayrt,but what blouses do you(plural) like,anons? I personally love Maxicimam ones. They make great staples pre-chiffon era sweet wardrobe

>> No.10060683

>get Bodyline fans to make a short list of these few highest quality items and honestly identify the shit quality stuff and maybe more people will be less dismissive
People have been doing this for literally years, there's long been a distinction between a few pieces of "good bodyline" rated to have better trims etc and the rest. There used to be a lot of blog posts dedicated to it, reviews on EGL, there's still a tumblr showing real photos of their items because their stock photos have already been shit. This sort of discussion faded from prominence in the international community once the big drop in price in secondhand brand combined with Yan's increasingly creepy actions to make less people comfortable promo-ing Bodyline even as a noob option.

Don't want to jump on the newfag meme but you are clearly new if you don't think people were doing this stuff already.

>> No.10060684

>more people will be less dismissive
But that only really happens on here. I see bodyline worn and recommended all the time outside of cgl.

>> No.10060686

Because this is a general topic that needs to be hashed out. Taobao fans think each brand there should be given individual consideration but many others just see most of these brands and sellers as bandwagon jumping mass produced stuff lumped together as ‘taobao brands’, Chinese brand posts by shopping services are clogging the Updates FB group, some of us want the Japanese brands to be uplifted over all of this because lolita is a Japanese street fashion gone global. Many general issues in this topic to discuss.

For the record, I’m also in the ‘let the taobao stuff go to the taobao thread’ after this is more fully discussed. I don’t buy it, I’m sick of seeing it.

>> No.10060691

>mass printed and mass produced
The larger ones are, for sure, and all of the ones that sell shitty 115rmb replicas are, but a lot of Taobao brands have been capping releases at 50-100 pieces or less. Some will cap it at 10 and hand-sew all of them. I'm pretty sure that people don't call Violet Fane an "etsy brand", which seems more relegated to the innumerable etsy stores selling sparkly resin trinkets, halo headdresses, and "kawaii" leggings.

>clogging the Updates FB group
Did you accidentally subscribe to CLU instead of LU? You know that's a SS, right? Almost nobody posts Chinese brands to LU anymore, it went from several posts a day to maybe 2-3 a week about 6 months ago. The people who regularly posted prior to that all ran out of fucks to give.

>> No.10060692

No it does not need to be hashed out. This topic has been discussed before. Both sides have made their arguments clear and now you're just repeating yourselves. You all should have stayed in the previous general.

>> No.10060694

Where's the beating a dead horse cgl reaction gif when you need it?

>> No.10060696
File: 34 KB, 300x232, 1525418196971.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I got you anon

>> No.10060697

I only see it being recommended as a budget-lolita last resort. Especially with taobao. But there are still a lot of people who don’t like either one.

You can’t expect newer people to go dig up EGL. Now that Bodyline has been sold and Yan is gone, that’s not even an issue anymore. That distinction you are talking about (good/bad Bodyline) only matters to people looking for the cheapest of all options. As you said, second-hand brand is more affordable and much of it is comparable in price to new stuff from taobao. Don’t be so quick to assign ‘noob’ to someone who just hasn’t bothered to look up all this shit and just wants a shortlist.

If Taobao-chans and Bodyline-chans want people to consider the good things both options offer, make shortlists and put them in a sticky somewhere for easy reference.

Otherwise back to the taobao and Bodyline threads please.

>> No.10060698

>allowing yourself to stay ignorant
prime intellectual weakness right here.
are you saying that the sheglit releases look tacky?
I miss AP wool and velveteen releases so much.
>looks too special snowflake
that's usually what I'm looking for in my pieces. if it doesn't look super fussy & special-made what is the point?

>> No.10060700

Fair enough, then the taobao stuff needs to stay in that thread from now on, right? So no more general discussion on taobao releases? I’m down for that.

>> No.10060702

The spreadsheets have ratings for the stores and comments about quality. Do you even know what you're talking about.

>To people who have no interest in shopping on taobao for Chinese brands of lolita things, yes, they are all ‘just taobao brands’
So either uninformed morons who may not even weat lolita or assholes who just hate china cause its a common contrarian outlook to have. Or elitists who shun poor fags.
I swear there are so many gulls who love to pretend that they are snarky rich housewives who talk down to poor people and treat them like servants.

Why do you need to justify that you like to generalize things just because you can't tell the difference?

>> No.10060703

Yes. That's why we have a taoboa thread. I see some people here saying people who buy taobao should post pictures and reviews. They do that all the time in the taobao thread.

>> No.10060705

Bodyline shoes are often recommended on cgl. You must not be here often.

>> No.10060706

You don't get to make thread rules you uninformed ass clown.

>> No.10060710

Just stfu and go to your containment thread

>> No.10060711

I just want to buy/wear Japanese brands. I wear lolita, I don’t ‘hate China’, I don’t care what other people like/wear, I’m not shunning anyone, a lot of used brand is comparable in price to taobao.

But I’m not interested in taobao so I don’t care if people lump it all together and I do wish it would stay in the taobao thread so that’s all I’m going to post about it here.

>> No.10060712

Wow. You can't even be bothered to type out "shut the fuck up". What a lazy dumb ass. Obviously no one needs to take orders from you.

>> No.10060713

>if I don't know enough about something I just lump it all together because I don't care that it makes me sound like an uninformed reject.
You sound so fucking simple minded.

>> No.10060716

This is what you choose to get mad about?

>> No.10060717

>You can’t expect newer people to go dig up EGL.
God, I swear some seagull lonelitas are so out of touch with most of the community they have no idea how comms work. Lots of Facebook groups have tips for newbies docs etc, lots of them still link posts like fyeahlolita's ones about Bodyline. The cgl-created Lolita Guidebook goes over how most of Bodyline's blouses are shit but a couple of them are still generally considered good.

Lolitas who actually interact IRL get a pretty good impression of how different brands look without having to look at reviews at all, because you see them in person. You get to see that hot new Taobao print that's so shiny IRL it only looks good with an IG filter, but also other Taobao pieces that are nice enough you mistook them for IW. People chat about how they love the design of such and such a Taobao blouse but half the buttons popped off because they were so badly sewn, or about how they love the old Baby dress they're wearing but the fabric wrinkles like crazy. Most lolitas I know own a mixture of both.

Generalizing for convenience is fine, but if you've actually seen the huge variety of lolita items out there instead of only unreliable pics online you'd stop acting like those generalizations were universal rules.

>> No.10060719


ayrt here.

See, that's the thing. I was here when Baby Ponytail originally popped up on tumblr. Back then it wasn't marketed as a chinese brand at all. It was marketed as two designers based in UK, ie- a western indie, the farthest thing from taobao possible. Despite that, it just looked so "taobao", to myself and to every other lolita I asked.

Then the info drops. Some anon actually buys a dress and posts it on here. The dress shipped out from Hong Kong, not UK. And from the same anon, more info. The two designers are chinese (not sure if they're mainlanders, they might be some other nationality). The clothes are made either in China or Hong Kong.

See, that's the thing, even while it was being marketed as Western indie, it still looked distinctly "chinese factory" that enough people still pegged it as "like taobao". That's what I mean, there's a distinctive mid-tier quality kind of look to most of taobao, even when a brand is pretending is be western indie most people still pegged it as "chinese factory" somehow, which is the really fascinating part. Apparently there really is enough distinction that people can recognise "a taobao brand" even when it's up on tumblr trying to market as western indie.

>> No.10060720

>The clothes are made either in China or Hong Kong.
So are most things including brand.

>> No.10060721

That's a dream comm, anon. Mine is far from being like that (also, I'm not from an English-speaking country, so a lot of girls simply can't read EGL or whatever that is on English)

>> No.10060726
File: 89 KB, 560x437, winter gothic.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>each brand there should be given individual consideration
I don't think this at all. not every shop is good, and a trained eye can see that. I am the dear celine anon and I do think a lot of taobao stuff is lazy imitation crap. However, there are good things being produced here and there so taobao as a whole shouldn't be damned to hell.

Maybe it's because I go for non-print stuff or embroidery that I haven't had issues? who knows.

>anyway, let's start some creative discussion:
what is your favorite cold-weather piece in your wardrobe?
mine is a cute hooded fur mantle I got off Mercari for like $9
>pic unrelated

>> No.10060728

It’s fine to not care about something and speak about it in passing in general terms. Is it stupid if I say ‘a dinosaur’ in general instead of ‘a velociraptor’? Not really.
I’m sorry so many people don’t care at all about something you are obviously so single-mindedly passionate about but really when you resort to insults over a fashion term, it’s really just your own butt-mad nerd-rage acting up. Please have a drink or some chocolate to fortify you for your journey back to the taobao thread?

>> No.10060730

Several Japanese brands are made in Japan, anon.

They of course always refer to what’s common in the burger land, did you expect anything else?

>> No.10060731

I haven't really dug into my winter Lolita wardrobe yet but I got this super warm caplet that's lined with faux fur on the inside I cane wait to bust out!

>> No.10060733

Mine is a loliable, a vintage wool long princess style coat that actually has a decently flared skirt to accommodate poof and a velvet collar. It works just right over gothic and classic. Elegant enough but still warm.

>> No.10060741

I’m curious, what is your buying focus for lolita, more new releases or more collecting things already released? I’m about 70%old/30%new at this point but I’m hoping to be closer to 50/50 for 2019. I’m re-doing my wishlist collage and removing the bottom row.

>> No.10060746

>what’s common in the burger land
I've spent time in different comms across EU/UK.

sage for dead horse

>> No.10060752

I keep a 90% old and 10% new.
No reasonable reason besides me not liking recent goth releases.

>> No.10060755

I'm 90% old but that's old school lyfe. I've only ever bought six main pieces new from brand but I wanna buy more when I can...I love the stuff Sheglit and Na+H are coming out with right now, and I have money set aside for if VM or MmM rerelease something I actually want.

>> No.10060757

That seems a reasonable thing. Since Sweet and Classic have had their OTT moment and Renaissance, I’m thinking gothic might have one too, I’m not so into the ott looks but it will maybe mean more releases.

On the other hand I’m not sure how I’d feel about people jumping on such a bandwagon if gothic lolita was more popular so - meh.

>> No.10060760

Actually the same coat as in your pic related, but black

>> No.10060761

Moitie looks like it has an identity crisis. They mostly rerelease stuff, and while it's fine, their new stuff is either underwhelming, or just doesn't feel like Moitie. This thing, while I like mostly like it, I wouldn't guess it's related to MmM at all. Same with their Miku collab, the style of the dress was more AtePie than anything.

>> No.10060762

Why do you think everyone says AP looks like taobao lately? Because the polyester releases are generally made there.

>> No.10060764

That’s such a pretty coat, what’s the name/when was it released? Is it very warm?

>> No.10060788

>Taobao pieces that are nice enough you mistook them for IW
Which ones? I’m not trying to be snarky I’m really interested because I love IW but don’t fit their OPs and Taobao brands often offer a wider size range. I’ve been told Dear Celine is really good but the pieces I’ve bought from them were visibly below IW in quality (which makes sense because they were much cheaper).

>> No.10060813

Maybe my comm isn't the norm, but there's only like two girls I know who consistently buy taobao who aren't newbies and like it for the special snowflake prints. Even our newbies buy secondhand brand.

>> No.10060816

You have a good comm in that respect then. Mine is turning more towards the cheaper not-brand things and I’m not liking it much. It’s just not the same.

>> No.10060823

I really like how you had to include USA lol

>> No.10060824


Which goes back to the previous question I asked. If everything is made in China, why is it so hard to actually find an actual brand-tier taobao brand?

>> No.10060840

I’m looking for a short but fancy winter jacket, or maybe a capelet. I think that and some Lester boots will be nice because it doesn’t get super cold where I live. I’d do better with a lolita raincoat of some kind, we rarely get snow.

Take this discussion to the taobao thread.

>> No.10060877

No? Some of us find it interesting comparing the two. It doesn't automatically belong in the taobao thread because taobao is in the conversation.

I think quality standards are higher in Japanese culture. Notice how Chinese brands selling to Japanese people put disclaimers on their website that you can't return products based on a factory defect.
For Japanese brands, the company will return it to the factory to get these defects fixed before it even makes it to the customer.

>> No.10060888

My comm also has a handful of people who only buy Taobao for edgy or meme prints and they never shut up about how Taobao is so much more creative than brand because brand would never make a print with decapitated doll heads or demonic goats or whatever. I’m glad they’ve found their niche but I wish they wouldn’t rant about this every single meetup. One of these days someone is going to get really annoyed and defend brand too vigorously or insinuate that their cheap polyester mallgoth shit doesn’t look all that great and then we’ll never hear the end of how elitist brandwhores are totally bullying them.

>> No.10060903

My comm also. Mallgoth shit is a very good comparison for most of it.

And for my own opinion, honestly, some of the prints just encourage the 3edgy5me shit and if someone is wearing a shitty meme thing that normies DO recognize, well thanks I guess for making the impression of our frilly fashion 10x more questionable and also now somewhat cringe-worthy. It’s a bit hard explaining the elegant Victorian influence or why we are wearing it in a group today when someone is dabbing in a doge print and a green cosplay wig. You know the ones I’m speaking of, I’m sure. And most of them wear cheap taobao stuff. I’m getting to the point where I not only understand private sub-groups, I encourage it. On the basis of ‘who is decently dressed?’ and ‘who do I not mind going out in public with?’

>> No.10060914

I know exactly what kind of person you’re talking about. One time a girl wore some tacky pizza print dress to a patisserie meetup and kept screaming about how quirky and different she was for wearing a savory print instead of one with sweets like ~everyone else~. Most of us weren’t even wearing sweets prints, or had a print at all.

Sometimes I want to make a solids-only subcommunity because I’m convinced this would weed out 99,9% of the tacky memelords who don’t actually care about lolita clothes if they don’t have some quirky print on them. Unfortunately it would weed out a lot of well-dressed lolitas, too.

>> No.10060934

Nayrt but this comment makes me think taobao-chans are just trolling this thread

>> No.10060953

A lot of well dressed lolita's love both solids and prints though. If you restrict it to posting solids or textured fabrics only, I'm sure it'd still weed out a lot of people who have mostly print wardrobes.

>> No.10060963

Most of the classic and gothic lolitas in my comm own a mixture of brand/Taobao/indie, including the ones with 7+ years in the fashion. I don't think it's a case of thinking rando Taobao is as good as Mary Magdalene or whatever, just that it's "good enough" for more casual days or when you don't want to worry about damaging something rare and hard to replace. However most of the (non-ita) girls whose main style is sugary sweet only/primarily buy AP (and Bodyline shoes...), since no other brand does that aesthetic so well.

>> No.10060967

Interesting. All our 10+ years in the fashion /daily lolitas seem to choose IW and Meta. But I am in the midwest so.

>> No.10060979

I'm on South America and almost everyone on my comm wears Taobao. That's because a bunch of reasons:
> Conversion rates
> Japanese boxes always stop on custom
> Everyone has been buying from China since forever, from household to School supplies
> We don't have brand resellers, so buying from Japan involves using an SS
> Shipping rates from China are cheaper
> Everyone is poor here

Besides those, there's one that's an AP fag and another one that's a Moitie fag. Other than that, only Taobao.

I have a mix of Meta and IW, but I'm older in the fashion and have a good income (higher than the average). I still find it funny to compare how Comms habits are inherently different from country to country.

>> No.10060982

Everyone is not poor where I live so some of them have some brand but enough of them just cheap out and buy offbrand and cheap wigs so that it's over 1/2 of the comm with no brand at all and we are a pretty small comm. I've been thinking of travelling to a larger city nearby where people are better dressed.

No hate but I love the luxury feel and that's part of why I wear Lolita in the first place, to dress nicely and go to elegant places. Not to wear cheap stuff and go to freebie events.

>> No.10060985

Poor girl from EU here with 100% brand closet. As long as you buy secondhand and get satisfied with less expensive and not famous pieces, buying brand is totally doable and even cheap at times.

>> No.10061005

I'm not saying it's impossible, but please keep in mind that a poor person in Europe is definitely different from a poor person in South America.

Just for reference, the minimum wage here is 220 USD, and that's what most of them make a month. Saving is almost impossible if you live by yourself and have to pay for rent, food and regular bills.

Of course it is doable to have a closet full of brand, but even second hand is expensive here (60usd of shipping from USA, for example + 60usd of a basic as fuck piece + 80usd of customs - 60% of the total value + taxes - and your paycheck is gone), so that's why most stick to Taobao. (Shipping from China is around 12usd for a dress, no custom/taxes etc.).

>> No.10061017

I don't doubt what you are saying but it is not the same to compare and you just reinforce the example that taobao is cheap stuff for poor people.

I'm sure it's fine if everyone is wearing it in your home comm but if I'm sitting here with a beautiful and expensive coordinate can you also see why I may not like to go out with a bunch of taobao-chans in cheap clothes?

>> No.10061024

But who didn't agree that Taobao is cheaper? It is undoubtedly cheaper and more accessible (at least for SA). I don't mind if you don't appreciate Chinese Brand creations, its okay and personal, I guess. That was never my point. I was just talking about my comm habits and what influences people from here when they choose to buy from China rather than from Japan or USA.

>> No.10061028

ayrt, I explained myself badly. I didn't want to say that a poor person in SA is the same as a poor person in EU. I was saying that *in most cases* if you can afford taobao you can afford secondhand brand. EU is known for crazy customs and shipping fees are high as well. Maybe it's worse for SA, I don't know. But if you buy from Japan, use a SS and ask them to do their best to avoid customs, I don't think secondhand brand would cost more than taobao. That said if you are super unlucky and your customs stop only packages from Japan but not from China (it wounds really weird but I don't know shit about SA) then I guess you're stuck with taobao.

>> No.10061029

>can you also see why I may not like to go out with a bunch of taobao-chans in cheap clothes?

yeah because you're a shitty person
good luck covering that up with pretty clothes

>> No.10061042

>I was saying that *in most cases* if you can afford taobao you can afford secondhand brand
Ahh, yes. You're right anon, sorry if I sounded angry.

Also, about our customs, Chinese packages tend to get a free pass here on customs since they all land on a specific state that, due the high volume of imports, can't afford to check every package. While at that, packages from other countries get checked on another state, and there they usually get taxed.

It has a bit of luck involved, of course. But, as a BJD collector as well as a Lolita, I find it better to buy things on Japan and Korea and send then to a friend on China (who, then, will resend me things) in order to avoid customs.

>> No.10061057


>> No.10061068

Not wanting to go out for fashion club activities with people in cheap sub-par fashion doesn't make me a shitty person. I live in a fairly small and conservative community and not everyone is so understanding of strange fashions but at least if it is nice and quality there is a better chance it can be accepted. But evidently, oh such a shitty monster because I don't just accept anything, right? No. People say this more than you think behind their hand, and look down at the lolitas who are too cheap.

>> No.10061086

>there is a better chance it can be accepted.
this constant desire of being accepted by normies is not healthy for you, anon.

>> No.10061090

np np! And wow, I thought I was unlucky with crazy customs but this
> I find it better to buy things on Japan and Korea and send then to a friend on China (who, then, will resend me things)
sounds really bad. Crossing my fingers for you anon, hope things get better somehow.

>> No.10061095

You do know that within this fashion, entire secret subgroups are made, entire meets are often planned at more expensive venues and some events are limited seating and invitation only for the sole purpose of keeping the cheaper people out right? As well as many of the convention tea parties keeping out people who won't splash out for at least one piece of the host brand's merch? It's required to wear it. Are they ALL shitty too? Cause that's often the majority of the people financially keeping this fashion afloat, anon. But...all still shitty right?

>> No.10061096

Yep, all shitty.

>> No.10061101

Should nobody be allowed nice things because some people cannot afford them? Aside from a hostile spread of wealth I'm afraid poorfags are just shit out of luck

>> No.10061104

If it weren't for these shitty rich people spending assloads of their money on burando, parties, cons etc...this fashion would have died already.

>> No.10061105


You're my favourite anon in this thread

>> No.10061109

Yes. Yes they are.

But they bark like dogs and it does get annoying. Lolita is not some kind of equal opportunity democracy with rules of equality. It's an optional luxury hobby. And there's no rule that anyone or any group has to accomodate the lowest entry level.

No other luxury hobby forums even debate this. Try this debate in the luxury handbag forum with some shitty Michael Kors bag and see how far that gets. Not far!

>> No.10061115

What is working hard and saving up? What is having some semblance of restraint and not living your life through instant gratification? This is a luxury hobby, it may not be comparable to high designer houses and couture but it's not exactly affordable, and that's ok. That doesn't mean that people who can't afford it immediately shouldn't participate at all, they just need to be more clever with how they get their brand.
Honestly I'm a bit saddened to see the brands stumble over one another to cater to the Chinese, even though they rightfully earned it. Had girls on the west supported brands in a similar way, we possibly wouldn't gotten a similar treatment. But no, we only have girls who bitch and cry because "muh classism" and settle for garbage tier costumes because they want to play princess dress-up.

>> No.10061117

>we possibly would've gotten a similar treatment

>> No.10061138

found the poorfags/cheap anons who refuse to save their money

i dislike taobao but i can sympathize with lolitas in south american countries and other places with very weak currencies. american lolitas and most european lolitas have no excuse though

>> No.10061146

Just here to say that Rakuten Points are a fucking blessing.

>> No.10061148

I just hate taobao shops because everything they make is ugly desu

>> No.10061161

Why are you not buying secondhand from other countries then if Japan is so expensive? Or is China the only country with no restrictions?

>> No.10061164

I explained a bit here >>10061042, but I do buy from other countries (when it's something too expensive, like limited BJDs, though, I prefer to send it to China and then redirect it to my address) . As I said, I was describing the majority of my comm-mates.

>> No.10061171

Ah I see. Maybe you try explaining to them how to avoid custom fees. I wouldn't mind marking my packages down for South American countries, but I don't know if that'd be enough if it's coming from the US. It's really risky to ship there from what I've heard, as packages get stolen a lot. That might be why no one wants to mark packages down. Is that true?

>> No.10061172

This is my favorite post in the entire discussion.

I was thinking of looking at some taobao lolita pieces in 2019 but the whole flavour of this discussion just put me off the idea. Now instead I'd like to plan a 'wear your best brand' tea at the most expensive place in town.

Lolita is a luxury and I say let 2019 theme be 'Return to Luxury' or something like that!

>> No.10061175

In the US, it's illegal to mark your packages down or mark it gift when it's a sale so while I can appreciate the sentiment of wanting to give someone a break, the fines can be heavy if you are caught. And you can't insure a marked down package for any more than the declared value.

>> No.10061194

Here here!
I own a handful of dresses bought off Taobao but that's because the prints are unique ish

>> No.10061198

The thing with marked down packages is:

a) If it's lost, you won't get the refund of the real amount from the post office. I have a lot of horror mail stories from my friends, though the worst that happened with me was something getting lost and reappearing after two years.

b) If it's discovered (never happened with Lolita, as far as I know, but with BJD it happens a lot), they will ask for the credit card invoices and could issue you a fine.

The other thing is that sometimes people get a bit shy to ask this kind of thing since it's illegal? Anon >>10061175 is right about it. As a seller, I wouldn't recommend marking packages down unless you know the good-nature of the buyer.

But I do appreciate your thoughts, anon. Thank you. We just had an election here and the market / taxes / finances of the country will probably change a lot next year (though I don't know if it's for bad or for good). So things might get a bit different for Lolitas here.

>> No.10061221

>"wear your best brand"
you can always tell who's poor or doesn't own much brand because they make a huge deal out of wearing brand. lol.

>> No.10061227

I thought that meant wear your most coveted pieces/most expensive pieces, prints like puppet circus or those fancy mto dresses

>> No.10061228

Not necessarily true, what's wrong with a tea celebrating the Japanese brands? If they went away, how long you think this fashion would stay alive? You think indie foreign or Chinese brands can carry a Japanese street fashion? You don't think lots of taobao and then adding/tagging the one small brand accessory isn't a slap in the face to Mana himself? The Shame.

>> No.10061229

It does, she's just being a dick and deliberately obtuse about it.

>> No.10061235

whatever makes you feel better about your middle-class mimic of genuine wealth, poorfag-chan

>> No.10061263

I realize. But the value is what I declare it is since it's secondhand. It's just a risk on the insurance end. I usually make an agreement with the buyer that if I mark it down, I can only return them the declared value. It's up to the buyer if they want to take that risk. I realize technically they could do a chargeback to get their money, but I've had no problems so far with my European buyers.

>> No.10061274

you sound like you're upset that somebody shat on taobao. otherwise you wouldn't be calling somebody a poorfag for literally owning brand

>> No.10061291

Let it go, Anon. If they are calling me middle class, poorfag and a brandwhore all in one thread then that's quite enough butt hurt for them for one day. I guess if the thought of a brand tea celebrating the actual brands that made the fashion itself possible in the first place is such an anathema then this person can't really be that pleasant to be around to begin with.

>> No.10061314

>for the sole purpose of keeping the cheaper people out right?
are you proud of this being considered ok by assholes or something?
I own a bunch of brand and I'm not a poorfag but I don't go around touting how cool I am because I own brand, and I definitely don't shun people for not having as much money as me.

You're either an obnoxious cunt and exhausting to be around or you're fucking roleplaying desperate housewives pretending to be super snooty to people who don't have as much money/brand as you.

Yes it's shitty you dumb ass.

>> No.10061317

so you're saying it's shitty for AP to require you to wear AP to a tea party. ok.

>> No.10061318

Way to buy into the Taobao conspiracy which causes these stupid debates in the first place. It all stems from "weh the chinese are liked more than we are by glorious nippon~!!"
Take off your tinfoil hat.

>> No.10061321

That doesn't necessarily exclude people for being poor.You don't have to be rich to own one full AP coord.

The stupidity lies in those who shun people because they're wearing taobao or because they can't afford the same things. Quit trying to justify obviously shitty behavior just because it's cool to be contrarian on 4channel you fucking tryhard.

>> No.10061333

Right. Since we have flat-rate handling charges on top of the taxes, I calculated a long time ago that even if 1 in 10 parcels went missing (and realistically there's way less risk than that), I'd still save more money from writing that parcel off than I would from declaring the value honestly every time.

>> No.10061345

Wow, makes sense though. Hopefully your customs and taxes will change for the better next year! And here's to hoping ours stay the same (for Japan anyway).

>> No.10061352

Why is it so bad to want meets with people wearing the same style as you? I would have no problem with dedicated tb meets where we could wear our stupid meme dresses. But if I plan a nice tea and you show up wearing tacky meme crap, it makes us all look a little stupider. I do own several tb dresses but none of them are nice enough to wear to a meet unless it's some casual meet which my comm rarely does

>> No.10061355

No one outside of this Norwegian underwater basket weaving forum gives a shit about if someone's wearing taobao or cares enough to "shun" anyone.

>> No.10061363

Not inviting someone to a brand tea at an expensive venue because they don't own a brand coord and can't afford to come isn't shitty. It's a privately hosted fashion meet so you get to invite who you want to a party you host and the uninvited aren't 'shunned'. They don't have any kind of right to come to an event that someone else hosts unless they are invited. No one does.

Matter of fact, isn't it rather unkind to invite someone to functions like this, full well knowing that they can't meet the dress code and knowing that an $80 tea party for kicks a few times a year isn't something within their budget?
You tell me.

>> No.10061366

I'd happily sit out a meme dress thing and not feel 'shunned', it's not my thing. Or I guess I could find or invent a reason to feel buttwounded and oh so excluded but that's not how I roll. 'Let them meme in peace' would be my thought on that.

>> No.10061367

"my clothes are more expensive than yours" is not a style you dope.

My point exactly. It's just anons acting all high and mighty when they aren't really. It's fucking pretend land here.

You don't really believe this. There is probably some dress you want that you'll never get because the re release is only for some Chinese tea party and you won't get an SS for it either because no SS was invited. You'd be on here crying like a bitch and you know it.

Who is to say you can't loan someone a fucking full brand coord to go to a fucking brand tea party. Are you really this god damn dense?

>> No.10061375

What's so bad or hard to understand about the theme being a tea for people who buy and support Japanese brand?

>> No.10061381
File: 266 KB, 720x1018, 11083005-web.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Posting some new stuff from Meta.

>> No.10061383
File: 167 KB, 720x1018, 11083002-web.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.10061385
File: 198 KB, 720x480, meta special sets.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Special sets.

>> No.10061386
File: 310 KB, 720x1018, 12083012-web2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.10061387
File: 202 KB, 720x1018, 2018gb-image3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Granblue Fantasy x Meta

>> No.10061388
File: 227 KB, 720x1018, 2018gb-image2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.10061428

This cut does not look like it was designed with this tartan pattern in mind.

>> No.10061443

Why is the swan not white on the light colorway? Trash. Doesn't look much better on the black, the stylized swan is odd. I want that blouse though

>> No.10061445

Oh man, I kind of love this.

>> No.10061451

...Anon, it's called BLACK Swan.

>> No.10061454
File: 363 KB, 1080x1711, Screenshot_20181221-000817-01.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Get your capes now. They are going up this weekend.

>> No.10061455

Print called Black Swan
Anon: why isn’t the swan white on one colorway?

>> No.10061461

>mfw the pleated bow tails are what I like best about the dress.

>> No.10061463

1 animal ears
2 very shiny velour
3 holy woof woof

>> No.10061464

>south america
>that one Moite fag
is the infamous moite ita in your community anon? Just curious.

>> No.10061466

Nayrt but as far as I know the infamous Moitie ita is French.

>> No.10061467

thats france newfag

>> No.10061475

This looks like a cosplay item.

>> No.10061507

>it makes us all look a little stupider.
Filthy crossboarder here, if I saw your tea party and you invited some poorfags, I'd be completely unable to tell whether you wear burando or tb.
Unless it is complete bottom of the barrel that instantly jumps out to even an untrained eye.
Normies won't think any less of you, but maybe you do in your own head.

>> No.10061508

>Unless it is complete bottom of the barrel that instantly jumps out to even an untrained eye
Different anon, unfortunately that's often the case. It's not a matter of lace quality or small details one can notice when one has in depth knowledge of fashion, but a clear difference between very fancy outlandish clothing, and straight up Halloween tier costumes.

>> No.10061510

>Halloween tier costumes
Well that's unfortunate and I can see how that could be an issue, but I'd still feel bad for the person wearing it, not the rest of the group.

>> No.10061514

They don't literally say it. But they do stamp WW all over it. Using WW background on stockphotos as another anon mentioned, throwing out official announcements like they're official media, having WW link in updates for new items.

Also, yes it's hard to type the name of that compagny instead of WW because I keep forgetting it. It's an unusual name in most languages. Considering they are obviously making Moitie collaborate with WW to some degree when it comes to marketing, it's not so hard to make the link to a store most lolitas actually use instead of a compagny who's name I only saw on the official announcement and your posts. I've got better things to memorise...

>> No.10061517

>How did I not know this
They write it on multiple places on the site and list tax excluded prices, and have an English guide to buying from the Japanese website. Honestly, I don't know what more they could have done to let you know.

>> No.10061518

I like qi lolita but only a very few pieces. Most look like shit.
>qi refers to one dinasty, and I heard Chinese complain it's kinda rude to refer to all Chinese with that. I don't care much for American Chinese because they complain about so much (unless ofcourse, they'll actually explain with valid points instead of the general "my culture" while not knowing that much about it themselves). But the actual Chinese Chinese are normally more happy about an interest in their culture.

>> No.10061520

>But the actual Chinese Chinese are normally more happy about an interest in their culture.
I study Mandarin and can confirm that all my Chinese teachers get SO hyped whenever we (students from another country) get interested in any little tiny bit of their culture, even if it's only about food.

I showed my teacher other day a book I bought that was written by a Chinese author and he went through the whole school telling all the other teachers how awesome it was to have a Chinese author being read.

Ofc it could be a. Isolated phenomenon because these Chinese people are far away from their home, but anyway, I find it really amusing.

>> No.10061522

>Buying secondhand is still better for the environment even if the original product was made in China
Because China is always bad now? It's not like China only has sweatshops...

>I would take anything they say about whatever piece they got being great quality with a massive grain of salt, though, because they're probably wrong.
This is what I do about anyone convinced their "burando" is always flawless and superiour quality. Even when it has it's pro's over TaoBao, brands aren't flawless and especially the bigger brands have made some misstakes too, next to their general construction and fabric quality goes downhill. Not to speak over the more than poor lace choices of Japanese indie brands that make TaoBao look amazing. Even 3F bonnets use bad quality rachel lace, like the type you buy at the dollar store. Taobao defiantly has it's downsides, and a lot of shitty brands next to the few good ones, and it's fine to have a prefference for one or the other, but brand isn't an always flawless top-notch choice either. That attitude makes me more annoyed at this discussion than the total dismiss of TaoBao brands which is imho because the tons of shitty TaoBao brands make the place look bad.

>> No.10061524

Personally I've got a mix of brand and taobao. I like some designs of both sides, and often preffer more plain or muted pieces beside for tea parties. I honestly dislike all the very weird prints/designs, as well as the prints that look like a weeb who's been drawing manga for a few months and totally wants to become a mangaka made it.

I do think some of the taobao designs are nice. But I would never say brand is too boring, and some of my favorite brands are still burando brands. I do avoid some brands that I know are crap or just below my standards, and use the lower quality ones only for daily wear and higher quality ones for meets, no matter the brand.

I know some others who are like me. Generally, all of these aren't that extremely participating in the TaoBao vs Brand debate.

>> No.10061525

Honestly I dislike them extra by this kind of dresses because it looks like a failed in between of Lolita and mod/rocabilly/etc. Like, you're in the right direction but you didn't grasp it by just a bit kinda feel.

>> No.10061526

wow I love this one.

>> No.10061527

Why would you want these?

>> No.10061528

>the taobao gems people speak of because the only 2 items I even know by name from any taobao brands are Ista Mori’s Nameless Poem and Krad Lanrete’s Aurelia, Lost in Sea Blue
Maybe pay more attention. There have been store and items called much more than those two items already.

>> No.10061529

So you just say things you know are incorrect? Why not just say, "since moitie was taken over" and end the sentence there? So you don't sound like you don't know what you're talking about and/or like you're shilling for WW

>> No.10061530

Buying secondhand is always better for the environment than buying new idiot

>> No.10061531

Agreed, beside the AtePie thing. AtePie is life and that collab looked like a costume.

>> No.10061533

What new stuff?? They haven't released anything new besides collabs and some non-clothing items. They probably still don't have a designer.

>> No.10061534

Like what? Multiple people in this thread and the previous thread asked for recommendations, but people just replied with the usual dear celine stuff.

>> No.10061536

I like TaoBao in general but these people sound annoying as fuck. If this is what people see of those wearing taobao I can kinda understand the hate.

>> No.10061537

When people are discussing Japanese brands vs taobao shops, it's more helpful to make generalised statements, so of course they're not going to dwell on the specifics of 1-2 mistakes some Japanese brands made. It's also pointless to focus on what some Japanese handmade lolitas made at their mom's home and call it an indie brand. That doesn't mean they think all Japanese brands are always completely flawless.

>> No.10061538

I bought bodyline shoes once. Never again.

>> No.10061539

>sheer overlay
>velour(?) cape
>the colors don't even match
Wow this looks like cheap taobao trash

>> No.10061543

nta but my experience with bodyline shoes was actually quite positive - I've had mine for three or four years now, and I've only had a few easily replaceable clips break. am I the exception or what's up with that?

>> No.10061544

No I've also had only positive experiences with it. Bought one that was too small for me once, but that's it.

>> No.10061550
File: 37 KB, 700x700, IMG_20181215_162340.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The new Catherine OP is pretty classic moitie though, imo. It's got the square collar, the cross lace, elastic sausage sleeves. It's really comfy, too.

>> No.10061552

It has strange sizing

>> No.10061553

And by strange I mean too big

>> No.10061556

Maybe we should discuss specific brands instead of generalising. But people don't seem eager to post pictures of their taobao pieces.

>> No.10061559

Yes, I also though that. But maybe it's supposed to look large around the body? I'm a bit sad with moitie going full release on sizes 9+ instead of keeping the 1. I'm curious as to what they'll do with the promised rereleases.

>> No.10061560

Idk why people are trying to argue taobao shops are equal or sometimes better than Japanese brands. I only buy from taobao because it's cheap. It is what it is.

>> No.10061561

Your favourite bag, and one of the only items posted in this discussion, turns out to be a replica. I'm cackling.

>> No.10061563

>turns out to be a replica.
nayrt, but replica from what? I've been intereted on that design for a while

>> No.10061566


>> No.10061568

I saw that and searched on Google but no luck. I'm still browsing through Google Images but hadn't find it.

>> No.10061569
File: 677 KB, 670x770, sailormoon-gu-purse-bag-charms-collaboration-fashion2017.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10061572

Everywhere I look for it they just say Samantha Vega

>> No.10061573
File: 56 KB, 800x600, $_57.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Aww come on anon, you don't have to make up lies in order to demoralize Taobao Brands quality.

>> No.10061593

Did you even see what I replied to? They're talking about how it would be rude to invite someone to a tea party they don't have enough money for. You don't just do that if they don't have enough cash to go, unless you're a fucking asshole on cgl apparently that doesn't know how to help a friend you just invited to a party.
Why invite someone if you don't like them unless your goal is to be an asshole? Are you telling me the brands only send out super special invites to those who have a certain amount of bank? From everything I've seen these are fucking paid events. You could easily buy someone a ticket if you invited them to go. But cunts on this board refuse to see it that way

>> No.10061626

I suspect it’s because someone in marketing finally got wise to the fact that if Moitie made bigger sizes, they’d make much more money from western lolitas too big to fit into their old sizing. I expect them to keep the larger sizing since it seems to be a success and they can roll out re-releases in the larger sizes with no new design cost, only a pattern scaling expense.

>> No.10061632

Yes, I don't mind if they need to the cater to the bigger sizes to keep the brand running, but forgetting the small sizes is a bummer for me.

>> No.10061634

Ditto, my Bodyline shoes hold up but then I’m pretty easy on shoes and I have enough pairs of lolita shoes to rotate them. One pair I’ve had for 5 years finally got a crack where it creases when I walk. They are the shoes I wear the most so I’d say that’s a really great run for a cheap pair of shoes. I’ll replace them with another identical pair.

It makes me laugh to see people be snobby about Bodyline in lolita when so many lolitas wear absolute cheap trash clothes the majority of they time they aren’t in lolita. Meaning for most of their life because there aren’t that many lifestylers.

>> No.10061638

Yeah, now you mention it, it is pretty redundant

>> No.10061641

Maybe the new release items will be in a size range, at least a few brands do this. Maybe they are doing re-releases in different sizes because they figure they’ve already released it once in the old size? Mana-sama’s ways are always cloaked in mystery.

>> No.10061642

>For Japanese brands, the company will return it to the factory to get these defects fixed before it even makes it to the customer.
And yet people still have those incorrect holy lantern socks

>> No.10061644

If you don’t think there’s some behind the scenes special inviting of really good customers to events then you really don’t know how these things work at all, do you? That’s the rule not the exception in all kinds of events connected to any business selling things. Good customers get preferential treatment because they’ve spent major money.

>> No.10061645

What was wrong with the Holy Lantern socks?

>> No.10061646


Very nice and soft, doesn't weigh you down as other coats do, I'd say its very warm

>> No.10061647

In one of the MTOs the socks had the wrong colored starts (silver stars when they should have had gold).

>> No.10061649
File: 270 KB, 1533x763, Catherine OP.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>But maybe it's supposed to look large around the body?
I've been collecting worn photos of the OP to figure that out and honestly, I'm still not sure. The left most girl is 152 cm and the girl third from the left is 163 cm, for reference.

>> No.10061652

What does that have to do with other people going because the public does go to those events.
You're talking about something like Jay z going to a basketball game through invite cause he funds events that are related or just funds the team. But the public also goes to those games.
And yes. Jay z and his famous asshole rich friends are all shitty people.
You don't get it tho because you're deluded and like justifying shitty behavior probably because you take part in it.

>> No.10061657

>using AP as an exception which recently has been churning out MTOs
>even then they still let you return it for the right color
We're speaking in general here anyway, an exception is not a rule.

>> No.10061658

I bought the Kira Imai post card collection on AP's Japanese website and shipped it to my Tenso address, not realizing that Tenso won't accept cash on delivery until after I already placed the order. AP's overseas shipping guide says that they will automatically cancel any cash-on-delivery orders sent to a Tenso address, but I have continued to receive emails on shipping updates, none of them about being cancelled. What do??

>> No.10061660

The drape is a lot cleaner than I expected. Does anyone know how thick the fabric is?

>> No.10061661

That's an exception

>> No.10061663
File: 365 KB, 1103x871, another taobao debate.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm a lonelita but, if I finally did have a comm to join, I wouldn't want to walk around with a bunch of girls whose cheap main pieces are the nitpick. I do not dislike taobao as a whole but I would be upset if I took the time to wear a nice, planned-out coord for an event and was met by, worst case scenario, a bunch of poorly dressed people with underdeveloped taste.
even if well-coorded, bad taobao sticks out like a sore thumb when next to brand, especially the vibrancy of colors and skirt shape/silhouette.
>pic semi related

I am a chubby tallita and I have some great cutsews, tights, and skirts from taobao. But, it's not a bad thing to want to walk in a group that has their take on the aesthetic down and each member put in the effort to look quality from head to toe.

>> No.10061666

That’s the point, only have-nots and sjw see this as shitty behavior. Luxury hobbies aren’t equal opportunity arenas, they are usually based around some commercial endeavor and the people who have more money get more privledges and if you do not like it, that’s not my problem, that’s how it works. Go fight your sjw fight where it does some actual good for actually disadvantaged people, in government and equal rights causes for society at large.

Spending your time whining because wealthy people get preferential treatment in the private sector and take advantage of it in a fashion hobby just sounds like the ignorant and petulant underdog is barking again.

>> No.10061669

Hmm I like the right girl better, but it seems that she's wearing a belt / corset over the dress, which might be a good idea for me, since I'm a little under the smallest measurements. Thanks for sharing those, anon! It's really useful!

>> No.10061670

This is the thing we are talking about exactly because the scenario you are describing? It’s all too common. Babby gets a taobao meme dress and wears it with a cosplay wig and shitty trainers but oh, we must accept it, and of course they can come to the afternoon tea meet.

This is often an embarrassment especially in comms based in smaller communities where you are likely to see people you know when out with these kinds of itas.

>> No.10061682

Seconded. I'm on the small side and I'm sick of swimming in my clothes. Altering smaller is a thing and all, but taking something in ~15cm is just as difficult as adding 15cm.

>> No.10061684

omg that coat!!!
with that gold trim on the shantung I'm getting limited release of gathered chiffon vibes. the bonnet kc is kind of meh though. wish it was wired instead of soft.

>> No.10061685
File: 149 KB, 220x214, tenor (2).gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Am I the only one who sniffs the items she just got in the mail?
Sometimes they have a nice smell and it's comfy to sniff them for a little. The dress I just got smell of relaxing essential oils and the blouse I got the other day had this flowery shampoo scent to it on the collar.
I'm such a creepy bitch, I swear. Maybe I'm just starved for affection and a comforting smell makes me feel like i was close to someone.

>> No.10061686

What kind of comm are you in where the super-itas in ratty wigs and sneakers are the ones in Taobao? Most of ours are too dumb to figure out how to use a SS and too cheap to buy from most resellers, so they show up in Bodyline/eBay/replicas.

Barring the cheap Souffle Song stuff, most of the Taobao stuff seems to appeal to girls who can actually coordinate, even if stuff like shiny fabrics let them down.

>> No.10061690

A comm where the people who order from Taobao encourage the noobs to get in their group orders. Stop pretending most people just have the occasional subpar thing and it’s an accident like ‘oh they couldn’t see that it was shiny’ when it has already been stated that taobao stuff as a rule with only a few exceptions is basically cheap tier lolita goods, clockable and not universally accepted.

>> No.10061692
File: 57 KB, 543x532, steponmeConnie.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

a lot of taobao is bought secondhand through FB groups and LM though, so these itas and newbs don't have to figure out using an SS to show up to your tea looking embarrassing.
even worse, there are taobao shops that make replicas of original taobao creations, so I'm sure some girls get those for even cheaper.
>a friend of mine definitely bought a nameless poem OP replica but it wasn't worth it to tell her because she isn't super invested in the fashion

>most of the Taobao stuff seems to appeal to girls who can actually coordinate
you're so right. For example, Tamie seems to have a few krad lanrete pieces that she rocks. and so does Connie, apparently.

>> No.10061698

can u link me those cutsews and tights...

>> No.10061699

I can’t wait for the cheap replicas to hit AliExpress and all the clueless weebs who’ll be wearing them next Halloween.

>> No.10061702

I’m side-eyeing anyone who likes who likes these as lolita rather than cosplay.

>> No.10061711

Nayrt but we have an in-depth guide on how to buy from Taobao on our comm page and the itas who are still too dumb or lazy to use a SS are happy to buy from resellers for the convenience. Itas in brand or even shitty handmade are pretty rare in my comm. It’s all Taobao with the occasional Bodyline.

>most of the Taobao stuff seems to appeal to girls who can actually coordinate
I guess we live in opposite land because lol helllllll no this is not the case in my comm. Some people coordinate Japanese brand badly too but all the Taobao-chans are at best mediocre at coordinating. Even when they manage to match colors they usually have unstyled greasy hair or cosplay wigs, ratty normie bags, legwear that looks like it was picked out in the dark, terrible anime/living doll makeup, etc. The worst offenders are the ones whose primary hobby is cosplay who have like two Taobao dresses they wear to meets, because they are most likely to shoehorn cosplay wigs/shoes/makeup into their coords. Afaik Taobao is pretty big in the cosplay scene too so it’s no surprise that they know how to buy from there.

>> No.10061738

I sniff everything that comes in the mail but more to just determine if they need cleaning. Usually even if they smell clean I will clean them before wearing. Sometimes new brand smells odd even though I know it’s new.

>> No.10061761

Are you from my old comm? This is why I left desu

>> No.10061779

No one would be griping if it were just the occaaional weird or ugly thing showing up.
This is a Japanese street fashion not a Chinese money factory. Most of these Chinese makers are not lolitas or part of the community, they are just cashing in on the fashion. Yes there are exceptions, Krad makes pretty things and is doing a collab with Moitie. But it’s the exception, not something standard.
What do most Chinese lolitas wear?
Chinese brands? I don’t think so.

>> No.10061785

>even Connie fell pray to the voodooodolly crown trend

>> No.10061804

Is the OP on the left really an 'average' tb?
I agree it looks cheap, but it looks like that's one of the worst, not the average.

>> No.10061883

New bread >>10061557

>> No.10061897

Your tastes aren't special just because you don't like things.

>> No.10061903

You only use buzzwords and think its cool to look down on people cause you're on 4channel. You sounds like trump with your "have-nots" and sjw boogeyman.

>> No.10061957

Do you even know what you're saying? Lmao

>> No.10062109

New thread >>10047208

>> No.10065883

>Japanese handmade lolitas made at their mom's home and call it an indie brand
>tripple fortune
Are you stupid? It's one of the most well know brands from Japan for bonnets, the designers are famous, and one of them wrote for Gothic & Lolita Bible. That's not talking about Japanese handmade calling themselves indie brands. That's actual Japanese indie brands that have been around and have been popular since the start of the fashion, but never gotten as big and famous as the big burando brands.

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