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Last thread

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Hot take: 30+ year old women should not wear lolita

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>new thread
>no dump
> fucked up and put the title in the name field

Weak OP

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That blouse is so ugly

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The blouse, the wig, the shoes, no leg wear or headwear (those shitty little bows don’t count) ...this is a god damn mess.

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Aww does the poor wee baby feel threatened

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Toddler telekinesis chan is back

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Whatever the fuck is on her head needs to burn, but other than that I really like this.

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Yeah ok but what does that have to do about her coord? Looks good to me

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That ugly thing on her had makes her look like an old woman from rural Europa. She went from baby coord to old woman coord that makes it so cringy. Everything else is nice.

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I sort of like this as non-lolita street fashion

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not op but are you blind that's fugly as shit

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The problem isn’t her actual age. It’s the styling choices she’s made that make her appear older. Plenty of 30+ women wear lolita and look great. This woman needs to learn better makeup and hair styling skills/get a wig. Her thin eyebrows do not help, and her hairline is too far back on her forehead - two things that will really age you.

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Fuck so she's the one that managed to snag that meta skirt

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It has less to do with age and more to do with the fact that the coord itself is a hot mess.

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the hairstyle and the exaggerated shoulders of the blouse fuck up the proportions but otherwise this outfit is nice. I wish she was wearing a big fluffy woolen tartan scarf around her neck instead of the headscarf and it would be perf

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I really hate this. It's like, it's all old-school, but that's all it has in common. It's mismatched as fuck.

Honestly feel that as long as you trow in only old-school pieces lolitas nowadays already think it looks OK because "oldschool is frumpy". Seem to forget frumpy doesn't mean completely uncoordinated. This is a mess.

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>Threatened by a grandma playing dressup


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Do you even go here? Kek

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Her makeup is always so ugly. I can’t like her coords no matter how well she does.

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No desu. I mostly go on /fa/, it's just fun to cause cat fights by posting contrarian opinions and nitpicking petticoats and shoes on coords

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Awww, I feel kinda bad for this fatty-chan.
Cursed image

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Fair enough, I sometimes go on /fa/ to point out ugly shoes. Faux welting is not effay.

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I've literally seen models for Meta wear nothing but "shitty little bows" like that...
I mean, the coord is a mess, but I don't think those "shitty little bows" are the problem.

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My criticism with 90% of her coords is her shitty makeup (and the way it looks in photos) and her weird-ass haircut.

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just looks like casual to me. I'm sure some anon will come out of the woodwork to disagree and tell me I have shit taste though.

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only to you and those who share your opinion dumbass
not everyone likes the same things

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Can she just give up already?

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her comments said it was her first try. give her some time to hopefully get better?

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What is this? Ddlg or cosplay or wtf but for sure not lolita

>> No.10062987

SJR? No she’s been around for literal years and has never got better.

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>hellbunny dress
>pathetic tiny bow with retarded placement
>cheap mid-calf nylons
>forever 21 blouse

Sorry you got posted. Just because it holds a petticoat doesnt mean its lolita.

The hairy leg really sells it

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All i see is a sexual deviant.

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The infamous I'm poopin pose strikes again

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i've seen worse handmade but that fabric pattern?? for real?

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Ugh yeah she joined the old school discord i am in. Disgusting

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I think the head and the body belong in two different coords. I like kerchiefs+braids but they look too folk for this punk coord.

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Hot take: kiddos fresh off mommy's tit should not wear lolita

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>it's comiiiing outtt onii-chaaaaan

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Nitpick? She needs to get a wig, put her bow on her head in a not-weird place, wear a petti, get rid of that stupid ascot, actually wear a lolita blouse, iron her dress and put on some makeup, not make a stupid face, and get some actual legwear instead of cheap socks.

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>Young people should not wear fashion inspired by young girls

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>thinking this fashion is inspired by children, the same species of jojo siwa and jacob sartorius

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Hot take: by that age you should know how to coord; for your face, your body and for the fashion.

>> No.10063079

Even hotter take: teens are usually more ita because they can't afford a real wardrobe

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Hotter hot take: teens are more likely to be itas because they haven’t entirely figured out who they are yet

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I hope you kill yourself on your 30th birthday.

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They've already admitted to being a rping crossboarder, smart money says they are also male and over 45

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What’s the thought process here? “There’s no blue in this dress but let me put my obnoxiously blue hair in a crappy updo because fuck color matching?” Inb4 someone accuses me of hating dyed hair, I have mostly green hair. But some of us know when to use a fucking wig.

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Wrong on both counts but I am over 30 :)

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Same. I kind of get where she was going with the orange shirt + goldfish thing.

>> No.10063096

You really think the hair is the main issue here? How about the dumpster fire of a dress? A wig can't save whatever this is.

>> No.10063099

I just focused on the hair because I feel like people with dyed hair pretend it’s fine that they have colors that don’t match anything they wear. That and the blue is so saturated my eye is drawn to it first. That dress needs to be burned though.

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It's a typical sissy but with bargain anime halloween mask.

>> No.10063117


Maybe we can figure out this anomaly. People who suddenly join the fashion with notoriety like that interest me in a morbid way (like, who are you and why?)

>> No.10063130


There's some really strange people out there who go "pink goes with blue/green" and then just insist it's a perfectly lovely colour combo, regardless of the saturation levels or the exact shade of whatever colour it is or how they balance it.

I'm actually really curious if there is actually some mild variety of colourblindness where people don't see saturation, or it's some kind of mental gymnastics where if they say pink and blue go together then they never look in the mirror and assume they look good.

>> No.10063133

I’m tempted to say it’s people mashing colors together just because. Colorblindness in women is quite rare. I have trouble telling some colors apart, but I’m not colorblind and I like to think I can tell when colors in an outfit are cohesive or not. Itas probably just don’t give any shits, I mean if you’re going to get a crappy ebay dress, why would you care about what colors go with it?

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God help us.

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>women with roast beef vaginas from excessive sleeping around should not wear Lolita

>> No.10063144

>incel not understanding how vaginas work

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>everything is Moitie except the bag, coat, and shoes.
So the dress and tights. Not even half the coord.

>> No.10063162

Isn't she a bit fat for moitie, especially a skirt?
Is it a replica?

>> No.10063163 [DELETED] 

How are people supposed to know whether lolitas are male or female?

They all look like fat, ugly crossdressers

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You sound delightful. No wonder /fa is the plague.

>> No.10063180

Yeah, her coord is out of this world.

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Man, that hair cut is Super Goth. It's reminiscent of night clubs.

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She has some kind of website recording her coords and even calls herself ita. I think it’s annoying and tacky, personally. But I guess it fits since she thinks she’s e-famous or something just because she gets trashed in the ita thread every time she posts.

>> No.10063203

Not all of us. The majority are ugly, unfortunately, and I think it contributes to the negative perception of the fashion.

>> No.10063204

Can someone tell him he needs to stop butchering dresses he can’t fit in? It’s getting old. Where does he even get the money? Some of his shit is considered “rare”

>> No.10063208

I can't say this is entirely inaccurate but many of us who aren't fat and/or man-faced are doing our best to represent the minority that is not overweight/ugly. In Japan, Lolita was considered a chubbier girl fashion from the start.

If you want skinny/girly, shoo, go look at Japanese gyaru.

>> No.10063209

If he owns a dress, he can do as he likes with it but 1/10, would not invite to a meet. If it's his drag performance costume then I can't complain but who would want to sit next to him in public at a meet? Few.

>> No.10063210

If you gulls weren't foaming at the mouth to bring each other down over petty stuff, I'd have lost interest long ago.

>> No.10063216


I legit love this picture except for one thing: the idiotic bandana she's wearing on her head. Very bad. Tres mal. No bueno. Yuck. Why can't she just wear a head-eating bow like every other old-school wannabe? Or even a brand bonnet. Like a floppy white bonnet.

>> No.10063265

looks unfinished but not unfixable

>> No.10063269

As much as I think this person is cringey and ita af, they paid for the clothes with their own money so they get to do what they want with them- stop being so salty.

>> No.10063276

bitch are you blind
nothing about this looks remotely passable as lolita. it's not a nitpick if you have to throw everything out and start over.

>> No.10063279

It's probably the OP under the coat, it has full shirring around the waist. She's still too fat for Moitié though.

>> No.10063280

>>10063054 that's actually bodyline, which only makes it worse

>> No.10063282

Lmao I thought the skirt was part of the wall and the coat was just sticking out weirdly

>> No.10063321

i personally like it. the headscarf is brand, and i like how she pushes boundaries unlike you ninnies. You all just have a hate boner for her because she made a joke and you all took it way too seriously

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The joke was in very poor taste and the 2 plaids she’s wearing in the photo above don’t match. Hair and makeup look bad.
Very creepy vibe in her photos.
And not creepy cool. Creepy ick. I’m I think it’s the feeling of trying to be edgy on purpose or to affect some kind of ironic fashion statement but I don’t think it’s giving the intended effect.

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It's not a replica, look how short she looks. I've seen a few very pudgy girls in Moitie before and they're all around the 5 foot mark. Their measurements fit fine even if they're very overweight for their height. Compare that girl to pic related, the skirt hits Tamie over the knee and Tamie isn't even that tall.

>> No.10063343

i agree it was in poor taste especially since there was little context and it wasn't very obvious that it was a joke. But it can be hard to match tartan sometimes, so that's totally a nitpick and i love the threatening aura her pictures let off

>tfw i can't be a threatening aura

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Oops, wrong dress. Here is a better comparison. These models are not that tall either but the short cut looks much shorter on the girl wearing it than it does on this >>10063148 girl. That girl is definitely chubby but short enough that she still fits.

>> No.10063355

It’s not hard to coordinate tartan, you wear accessories in the same tartan or you wear another pattern, not 2 mismatched ones. Exception being if they are deliberately mismatched in one garment which is sometimes a thing. These are 2 randomly thrown together plaids and it makes a mis-match.
The makeup and hair added in makes the three strikes so to me, it’s ita.
I think you might be swayed positively by that so called threatening aura you perceive because to me she just looks like a slightly constipated punkish red riding hood.
The cherry on top is that I’m thinking it might be a guy. That’s the vibe I get. Plus feet/hands/chin and lack of makeup skills make me suspicious.

>> No.10063370

gross she's actually a girl, literally go write some other rule books for old school lolita newfag

>> No.10063374

With shoulders like that?

>> No.10063377

yeah douche-chan with shoulders like that

what's with all these people bitching about old school recently you literally are all so boring and don't know shit about the fashion if you don't respect and see how the fashion was originally worn

>> No.10063379

This isn’t good oldschool. The toddler telekinesis photo wasn’t a good sweet coord.

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> go to luxury fashion exhibit
> all taobao
I think this whole commmight be ita, gulls

>> No.10063397

That would be so sadly ironic. There are so many. This girl looks very frumpy and the dress fits her badly.
But I see what looks like a Honey Cake in the reflection and >>10063148 is at the same exhibition wearing at least 2 Moitie pieces?

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File: 250 KB, 1242x292, 8B33B066-9D20-4C97-96E0-471FBF7DC79B.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I was referring to the pic I posted, who stated she was wearing all taobao in the COF post. It’s already a fair bit of situational irony, but would perhaps be passable if that dress actually fit/was constructed better.

>> No.10063402

no one said the toddler telekinesis photo was good but literally posting her photo everytime she posts a picture is vendettay as fuck, and also you sound like someone who doesn't wear old school

>> No.10063409

Different anon here, she or he had some good old school coords but this is not the case, the thing on her had is brand but not lolita and for sure not in this coord, if she removes it and does different makeup she will be ok

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Doesen't he have more dresses?

>> No.10063414

I dont think there is technically anything super wrong with this... but goddamn she always looks, idk, gross? Very disheveled, sloppy, and cheap. Every single coord of hers is so tacky and off looking.

>> No.10063418

Super Nitpick. I actually like most of this coord.

>> No.10063419

She doesn't look that bad? I think you got a case of bitch eating crackers

>> No.10063420

Tell that to Misako

>> No.10063421

Vendetta posting is boring, post real itas

>> No.10063448

Nope, as I said in the last thread.
He's getting off on wearing a dress in public, zero actual interest in the fashion.

>> No.10063460

I agree that she always looks kinda... slimy. Like greasy or something. Just not put together. She doesn't look bad though, and I don't think the coord is ita, but I don't think it looks super great either.

>> No.10063467

Right? I can’t really pinpoint what it is. I thought it was her glasses, but even without them she still doesn’t really look good? Maybe it’s her makeup or lack of hair styling? Also she looks kind of cubby, yet she seems to wear and fit a lot of unshirred brand.

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i remembered that there was a lolita reddit, it's a goldmine

>> No.10063555

post malone?

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>> No.10063560

She’s in my comm, I’m really scared to go any meet she’s going to

>> No.10063566

Why? All she’s actually done is make a shit joke nobody got??

>> No.10063572

What joke?

>> No.10063575

Well, are they boy, girl, trans or what? Also why are you scared? Just don’t sit by them.

>> No.10063579

Looks like it smells of smegma.

>> No.10063587

1) it’s a small comm :’)
2) who tf knows

>> No.10063601

I just googled smegma. Looool. The guy is a buddy of a friend of mine looool.

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>> No.10063605

To me I can't tell if she's just hopping on the coattails of the mentally ill Chinese girl to try to prove a point. But it seems to be popular also. She definitely seems like an edgy 4chan(nel) user

>> No.10063610


>> No.10063616

I see exactly 2 tiny nitpicks. Go away, vendetta-chan.

>> No.10063619

So is he a sissy? He sure looks like one. In any case, the comm mods should put their foot down on a smelly guy who never changes his clothes.
1 warning and then the boot.

>> No.10063631

He is only a weird weebo

>> No.10063634

are you selfposting

even *if* he's only a weird weeb, which I doubt because I'm pretty sure he's posting here as a part of his fetish, why would other comm members have to put up with this?

>> No.10063637

someone commented on her toy parade coordinate saying they liked the floating blocks effect
Her response, on an already ita, bordering fetishist coord?
>Toddler telekinesis
That’s not a funny joke. Sorry, toddler telekinesis-chan.

>> No.10063672

pretty sure i saw this guy respond to a previous post about him. probably lurks looking for attention or someshit

>> No.10063677

lol i kind of like her already

>> No.10063699

it was a poor joke making fun of a print style she's not familiar with. look at all of her coords, they're all avant garde, old school pics. It's a joke in poor taste but it was still A JOKE even someone who barely knows the situation understands this

>> No.10063707


>> No.10063708

i just can't really believe how out of proportion everyone has blown a fairly innocuous comment

>> No.10063709

creepy and not remotely as funny as she thinks it is? sure. worthy of permanently categorizing her with genuine sissies and fetishists? hell no

>> No.10063735

people in these threads seriously take shit too seriously it's kind of gross, especially since it seems like any time an avant garde old schooler gets posted it turns into them getting doxxed or shit talked for almost no reason

>> No.10063736

you're just being a bitch, SHES A GIRL. Good riddance of you to your comm if you judge someone because of one comment on the internet that was taken very much out of context.

>> No.10063739

You need to leave that discord. you're not welcome there anymore

>> No.10063741

She's really nice, weird makeup and a bad joke she deleted right after but nice. Maybe you should try to give people a chance and see for yourself instead of drawing conclusions from anons on a chinese basket weaving board who blow shit way out of proportion.

>> No.10063744

What’s her ig @? I’m ashamed to admit I actually like her coords sans awful makeup and hair.

>> No.10063747

how is this ita, anon

>> No.10063749

her chin makes her look like a thumb but this isn't ita at all

>> No.10063762

I'm certain the "smagma" and "lol" comments are him.
Nobody cares about him, I just want to be left in peace.

>> No.10063770

why are you talking like you're a tabloid reporter

>> No.10063774
File: 135 KB, 900x1080, InstaSave.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.10063777
File: 80 KB, 720x805, 48413080_10157135071843846_1977462290936496128_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.10063795
File: 274 KB, 1200x1800, 48923782_1948068172154477_2724639815638188032_o.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.10063804

What’s ita about this? She just looks like the stock photos.

>> No.10063806
File: 148 KB, 720x960, B055D096-AA96-4EBC-92EA-006154278CB3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.10063811

middle is fine, right could use some lacy socks, but left is awful

>> No.10063812

Not just the hair, that bull nosering and the black&grey tattoo don't help either if you wanna do sugary look-at-me-being-cute-with-strawberries-on-my-face sweet.

I guess her hair maitches the blue bra straps that can be seen between the cheap lace trim at the inside of the sleeves.

>> No.10063815
File: 509 KB, 750x656, ECEAB20D-ACF9-4090-9EF0-E2656FC8D498.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.10063821

Why are you talking
You people don’t need to be in this fashion.

>> No.10063822

Agreed. Nitpick at best. Instagram contour isn't good for Lolita but that doesn't leave out natural contouring to define your face shape if you need it. Odd because her eye makeup is pretty heavy.

>> No.10063824

It's not cheap to get larger tats or septum piercings, maintain vivid hair or buy circle lenses so why oh why do people think it's ok to cheap out on what are supposed to be elegant dresses in this fashion?

>> No.10064010

Aww, she seems so happy. Leave her be anon.

>> No.10064018

sorry you're a stuck up bitch and follow stupid rules written to help newbies not make mistakes not everyone's born with a natural knack for fashion

>> No.10064030

Quit defending yourself

>> No.10064033
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oh wow it's almost like people have real opinions on her

>> No.10064037

this isn't ita jesus fuck

>> No.10064041
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Go do some gross dd/lg or something, I can’t believe your bribing this salty on Christmas

>> No.10064042

I think some stockings, cute headdress and a better necklace would make this coord perfect. Not ita, just nitpick.

>> No.10064043

Go spend time with your parents who regret they didnt abort you or something, I can't believe you're talking shit about someone you know nothing about besides overblown anon bullshit on Christmas.

>> No.10064044

no ones into ddlg between anyone we're talking about so shut up and merry fucking christmas you salty assholes

>> No.10064045

She looks really weird and just from seeing her posts and pics, my guess is she's pretty self absorbed and an attention whore, but I don't think she's necessarily an age player.
But she doesn't look like she belongs into lolita either.

>> No.10064048
File: 106 KB, 960x624, 6E1D2C94-B40A-4CF2-B70A-A702D9D65F2F.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Finally a comment that makes sense.

>> No.10064051

i understand feeling scared she's weird but if you ever took the time to speak with her i think you'd find she's really nice and interesting. I haven't spoken to her very much but from my very brief online interactions she's not some weirdo

>> No.10064054

Thing is, not everyone will have the opportunity to speak to you and there's many itas who are probably super nice people.
But when you put yourself out there the community will judge you on your pics, makeup and outfits.
I can understand feeling uncomfortable around some people but I guess if she was part of my comm she would not keep me from going to meets based on what I've seen from her.

>> No.10064056

i mean i get that not everyone will but it's just very weird to me how everyone dismissed her very quickly after that one post

>> No.10064059

I guess that is because she's not really improving.

>> No.10064061
File: 129 KB, 1280x960, FB_IMG_1545782355276.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anyone else find this sales post super cringe?

>> No.10064064

Not improving, like >>10064056 said, but also the whole "toddler telekinesis" thing have such weird, pedoish vibes. I think that really put a lot of people off.

>> No.10064067

What is she selling, shame?

>> No.10064068 [DELETED] 

Doesnt look like she belongs in lolita my ass sorry not everyone wants to rp as an elegant frilly princess bethany

>> No.10064070

A post with
a very creepy vibe,
foot fetish AND DD/lg fetish overtones,
a badly spoken joke regarding creepy supernatural children and
a dakimakura in a photo shot while
reclining on her bed?

All in one post? Imagine that.
That’s enough triggering shit to make full half of the whole community say ‘oh hell no’.

>> No.10064074
File: 453 KB, 750x933, AF7C81E5-2C94-4C39-86C4-999AE2E732C8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.10064076
File: 401 KB, 750x901, A3C2CF43-2010-42D0-B842-460A3A6E9A5E.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10064077
File: 667 KB, 750x910, B7698DCB-C8ED-45BD-951F-32F2BDBF66DB.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10064078

It hurts my eyes. It’s barely even recognizable as lolita without the rilakuma. Looks like a normie
that can’t dress.

>> No.10064079

Look at that smile, she knows better. But she did it anyway.

This is some near-regretsy levels of whimsicle fuckery going on right here.

>> No.10064081


>> No.10064082

Clown College called, you made the initial cut, but please report back with your squishy nose on.

>> No.10064083

maybe if you actually knew shit about lolita youd know thats not fucking rilakkuma lmfao

>> No.10064084

>calling an usakumya rilakuma

WEW LASS who let the newfag in

>> No.10064086

Well old school thread says she’s old school but they have been posting some really questionable shit in that thread. I’m beginning to wonder if that’s not the low tide mark where lots of itas who want to shoehorn a bunch of ‘experimental’ shit in have been congregating. There’s a lot of ita and goth shit in old snaps and bibles, it’s not all good ‘old school lolita’ http://boards.4channel.org/cgl/thread/10060076#bottom

>> No.10064090

I want to know what the hell went through her head when she decided that shirt totally belonged in a lolita coord. Not that the other pieces are salvageable either but that shirt is what confuses me the most

>> No.10064094 [DELETED] 


The joke isn't funny at all, but how is it in bad taste, really? I don't get it.

>> No.10064100

Again, you modern lolitas literally don't know anything about old school and call everything that you think doesn't fits your standards ita. Just because someone's not wearing a full set from a brand doesn't mean it's ita

you can seriously tell when some of you have no idea what you're talking about when you say this kind of
stuff. It's clothing that started out as an organic street fashion, not some random costume style outfit

>> No.10064103

It looked bad then and it looks bad now.
You wouldn't go back to usind windows 3.1 and think it's still acceptable although it was totally fine back then.
There are some cute old school coords and there's some shitty ita coords that mask themselves as old school.

>> No.10064105

You sound like you have zero imagination and no appreciation for anything that's not shat out on a plate for you

>> No.10064107

I have taste and I appreciate people spending time and thought on their outfits.

>> No.10064110

if you don't think people put thought and time into avante garde or experimental outfits you've gotta be pretty dense.

and yes there is a big difference between experimental and someone who can't dress themselves. If you don't get that, you don't belong in fashion sweety

>> No.10064111

Unless you are Lauran, and as far as I know, she doesn’t post here, you are also a modern lolita playing ‘olden days of lolita dress up’ with your old school so firstly knock off the pretense to anything greater than just that.
Secondly read >>10064070 for why people aren’t very open to this particular girl’s stuff. The bag and especially the makeup aren’t even connected well to old school style.

>> No.10064112

This is exactly what I said though, maybe read posts through before posting a salty reply.

>> No.10064115

baby heart bags literally first came out in 2000 what are you talking about

>> No.10064125

nayrt, the outfit is old school but the blouse has a weird shape and makes her shoulders seem really broad which doesn't really fit the silhouette. It might be the pose though.
Also whatever she was thinking with that shit on her head ruins the coord.
Thirdly her shoes are too harsh, especially together with that cute bag.

You can't put on some random shit and call it old school just because it has elements of old school and it's automatically passable. It can still be ita.

>> No.10064130
File: 97 KB, 640x641, EB86552C-22AB-49A4-9965-814DA07FBF00.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Back to your oldschool,containment thread, pls. That girl’s coord is ita to modern eyes and we have no obligation to judge it by some outdated standard that hasn’t been actively stylish within the fashion for a decade or more. Can you wear it? Sure. But will we judge it by current standards? Yep.
Misako used to model for Bodyline too but last I checked she wasn't still wearing this fine old wizard hat. Or old school coords. Things change.

>> No.10064147
File: 245 KB, 640x1318, E4967FB4-D647-4224-AEAF-C11FCA196A30.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This girl be posting the skimpiest fucking shit claiming it’s Lolita.

>> No.10064149

It is. It's just poorly done lolita.

>> No.10064151

How fucking lost are you mate?? The kumyas are literally BABY'S mascot characters...

>> No.10064153

Give her a break she publically said she wasnt an ageplayer she's just some artsy fartsy girl like avant garde chan but better. Not trying to whiteknight but you gulls go a bit too hard on her imo

>> No.10064157
File: 199 KB, 1536x2048, 11780431-87C9-4568-B838-F249179F9665.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Lol if she posts this publicly I can only
Imagine what shit she’s into

>> No.10064159

If she wore a skirt over that petticoat and under that skirt, I would like this. Without one it looks like she left the house without pants on. Like one of those nightmares you go into work/school and everyone is laughing at you and finally at the end you realize you left the house in your underwear.

>> No.10064160

*wore a skirt over the petticoat and under the coat

>> No.10064161

The stock photos are ita then
>using a taobao brand as a benchmark of coord quality

Because money can’t buy taste, anon
Side rant why is it that most bitches with unnatural colored hair are completely sloppy at maintaining it? Yes it takes a lot of upkeep (as someone who’s done it before) but if you’re going to commit to weird hair you need to keep it maintained lest your hair look like a first grader’s art project.

>> No.10064165
File: 118 KB, 1000x1500, santa_coat.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Well, she did style it very differently from the stock photo, that's for sure. I do really like her wig though.

>> No.10064167

Ok, so she’s a painfully average thot that thinks she’s found her ~super special niche~
People like that burn out quickly, at least she’s entertaining ita fuel for now

>> No.10064169

I think she's pretty and could look great with some help.

>> No.10064176

true, she's very cute.

>> No.10064201

Lol k

>> No.10064227

It fine to like the outfit or to think she’s cute.
But by lolita standards, the outfit qualifies as ita.

It’s not our version of lolita. Maybe the Nabokov type. Though judging by the shoes, she’s trying for our type? Didn’t quite make it.

Thots tolerate their roots and try to pretend it’s an intentional fade. Some of them barely wash their hair because ‘muh color’. They should just get an actual fade so when the vivid color starts looking weak at the ends it goes pastel and doesn’t look like a bad grow-out project between hair appointments or thot-i-fying themselves with the home bleach.

>> No.10064275

She seems like a nice girl but I'm getting tired of this. It's becoming clear that she's probably not a lolita, and is using the community as an outlet for her own personal costume projects. When every coordinate starts an argument if it's lolita or not I have questions.

>> No.10064277

There’s really no question when this is what she posts, is there? >>10064157

That angle and heart shaped glasses? Really Queen? Are you sure you have the correct Lolita?

>> No.10064280
File: 55 KB, 560x432, c4d.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10064283

it's from her facebook anon, lurk harder

>> No.10064287

Pretty sure that anon was referring to the skank as Queen, not any anon

>> No.10064289

Why does everyone lick this girl’s asshole? Does this girl have any legitimate lolita outfits or is it all just trashy instathot shit disguised as “ero”?

>> No.10064290

Pretty sure that anon was saying it's a photo from her Facebook, not one posted to any lolita groups.

>> No.10064291

I'm starting to think people are just jealous.

>> No.10064294

She’s pretty yet trashy looking. With some direction she could be great though. However with no one having the balls to give her concrit she will continually post thotty lingerie and not actual coords. I’m sure no one here is jealous of looking like a cheap whore anon.

>> No.10064298

Yah and when you see the stuff she puts together and then see outside of lolita she posts that kind of crotch/thigh close-up, a normal person would put two and two together

>> No.10064300
File: 766 KB, 1254x2388, 8E14344E-E2E7-4FCC-9FAA-A7C258663A44.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I’m calling thot and bait.
When given polite concrit: Oh tee hee maybe just that bad angle makes the “skirt” look a little short...

Yet this is posted on her public timeline.
Santa is right to be angry, I think.

>> No.10064304
File: 194 KB, 853x1280, ADC49881-8890-4615-8086-9FCDB87A1422.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.10064306

Lookin' like a Love Nikki suit.

>> No.10064313

Oh, was there a Sissy Queen event? I must have missed the announcement for the free bonus of the shitty shoes. I’m crushed.

>> No.10064319 [DELETED] 

What percentage of lolitas were molested?


>> No.10064331

I think she’s just trying to shit stir to become e-famous, or infamous.

>> No.10064337

I know a lot of patterns on dresses have can veer towards grandma couch but the pattern of a couch from a “cozy” coffee shop stuck in 1990 is a new one

>> No.10064342

Not to defend this failed e-girl but do you guys really have no one better to bitch about than someone whose worst offenses are mildly edgy coords and making a joke that didn’t land? Has shit really gotten this boring in just a year?

>> No.10064343 [DELETED] 

Women are basically children so obviously they bicker about meaningless nonsense.

>> No.10064347

That contrast is kind of amusing.

>> No.10064364

I’m glad somebody thinks so. I think I threw up a little.

>> No.10064366

I feel sorry for that poor girl who had to pose with him.

>> No.10064368

He does this to all the princesses.

>> No.10064370 [DELETED] 

>Ita thread
>Cuter than every Lolita could ever be.

Like everytime. And than they arent even such toxic cunts. Smashing.

>> No.10064385

Didn’t think that dress could get much worse t b h

>> No.10064392

This is exactly why men do not belong in this fashion. I’m so sick of them invading and feel bad for the few men in the fashion who actually care about it and want to look good. Either wear it as it was intended to wear or gtfo and stop forcefully inserting your selves into shit you don’t belong in.

>> No.10064393 [DELETED] 

Exact same way I feel about women in IT.

Women are not capable of intellectual pursuits and they should stop trying.

>> No.10064397

I would like as casual lolita, with a white sweater and a red hairpiece maybe

>> No.10064399

Yea.... I really wish people would stop assuming just because you are short that you can fit something even if fat. I’m extremely short and pudgy and it just doesn’t work like that. The shorter we are the wider we are if on the heavier side. A taller girl of the same weight as a chubby or fat short girl is going to appear much slimmer and fit better. Our weight isn’t as spread out as a taller girl. The girls you’ve seen in moitie that are pudgy are just forcing themselves into the dresses.

>> No.10064400

I'm sure they're a nice person IRL but I'm really sick of seeing this ugly ass narcissist

>> No.10064401 [DELETED] 

And you must be retarded because that dress comes in a shorter and longer length.

>> No.10064402

Im sure the delusional fetishist who goes out in public dressed like a caricature of a little girl for their sexual thrills so they can later go on an exclusive forum to talk with other elderly cuckold sissies about how much they worship negros and post images of the semen in their panties due to the chastity cage they were wearing is truly a nice person... because I watch television and the TV tells me never to think negative thoughts about homosexuals...

You're an idiot.

>> No.10064403

I wish I looked like her holy shit I just wanna die now

>> No.10064406

The halo effect is real. Everything in your life is negatively impacted because you are less attractive than this girl. Everything. Every dress you wear, everything you say, everything you do will be more harshly criticized because you're not as attractive as her.

Did k make you feel better?

>> No.10064409

Why don't you?

>> No.10064411

I love this and although this might not be considered lolita, if it really "hurts your eyes" you are affected by shit taste.

>> No.10064412

Yes exactly. Thank you for putting words into my mouth, anon, and for taking what I said literally and seriously. Now enlighten me as to why he hasn't been banned from CoF and every lolita comm, you all-knowing and condescending shit.

>> No.10064413

Because of fag hags who want to see the best in people refuse to accept obvious reality?

>> No.10064417

If only we were all as intelligent and toxic as you.

>> No.10064418

Intelligent and cynical* please.

>> No.10064420

Nah, you're just toxic.

Saying "[Nice thing] BUT [bad thing]" is a common way of downplaying your generally negative statement.

You're just a vendetta-chan with an itchy trigger finger, ready to tell everyone how shitty he is and act condescending while doing it.

>> No.10064421

She's not wrong though.

>> No.10064422

You sound stupid and dumb.

>> No.10064424

According to sources, he is very unpleasant and tries to constantly make everything about himself.
Extremely self-centered.
I won’t be attending anything near his comm ever.

Sorry Mana-sama, I’ll have to meet you on your next trip.

>> No.10064425

Then explain why he hasn't been banned from every lolita comm.

>> No.10064427

I already fucking know about him, that's why I called him an ugly ass narcissist.

>> No.10064429 [DELETED] 


Women are retarded and their concept of what homosexuals are is formed through media indoctrination, not reality.

>> No.10064432

NAYRT but I think you're the one who's affected by shit taste. Don't you see the horrible wigs and make-up? The thick demonia shoes in classic? then those ballet flats on the other girl? The lack of socks? Wearing a thick necklace over a jabot. Those random red lace tights that don't fit with the coord? The cheap looking costume gloves they wear? It's a mess, a big mess.

>> No.10064433

Because some sissies have found this loophole called "bu-bu-but I'm TOTALLY trans, DON'T BE TRANSPHOBIC uwu" so mods don't want to bother with the all the drama that might happen if they do. Iirc there was a huge shitstorm a couple of years ago when a popular (and obvious) sissy that would harass underage members got banned, and since he would claim he was trans gullible idiots would defend him tooth and nail.

>> No.10064435
File: 56 KB, 450x656, a5d69ae38f19f29d122279b180eadcd6.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

it's not off-shoulder. And she's ugly and in desperate need of a wig. Next to that, she's wearing only the dress with some golden shoes. No legwear, no accessories, not even the detachable items. Beside, you can see her petticoat trough, which seems too A-shaped anyways.

Just putting on a dress doesn't make it a valid lolita coord. Even the mannequin looks more complete and it doesn't even have legs, feet, or a head to put stuff on.

>> No.10064439
File: 118 KB, 500x600, 85BD0914-8B5B-4778-B4F7-267156787998.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Just because it’s brand does not give it a pass. I feel sorry for this model.

>> No.10064443

That wallpaper though

>> No.10064449

>and she's ugly
Your vendetta is showing, what happened anon?

>> No.10064450 [DELETED] 

>Exact same way I feel about women in IT.
>Either wear it as it was intended to wear or gtfo and stop forcefully inserting your selves into shit you don’t belong in.
NAYRT but as a woman in IT, I do get tired of woman trying to change the workplace to their liking. Even I've got big question marks by most woman nowadays, and wish they would be less "omg we need more woman! look how good we fights sexism!" and just go back to hiring only those who actually fit into the group and do their job well. It's just one big reputation thing, and the workplace gets worse because of it.

Also, guys who are creepy and can't do the fashion right should leave indeed. Then guys who do actually care about the fashion can get some respect. With idiots like this it's hard to respect the masculine part of the community...

>> No.10064453
File: 36 KB, 699x960, gfhfh.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Was tagged as Lolita

>> No.10064455 [DELETED] 

Unironically woke af. I’m so glad I’ve been seeing terfs and people outside the gay worship cult lately.

>> No.10064457

sorry that ugly people look less good naturally, and need a better coord to look well? Pretty people simply get away with worse outfits, so is life. Deal with it.

I don't even know who that person is. But she's literally just wearing that dress (wrongly) with a showing petticoat (which I still think is the wrong shape too) and some golden shoes and a cheap aliexpress necklace. That's the whole coord. Even without the ugly comment it's still really bad.

Now saying she looks just like the stock pictures while the stock picture is a mannequin (and not a coord) that does wear the dress normally and does have somewhat decent accessories, that's dumb. Not to forget that the dress doesn't have a belt and has removed the detachable flowers. You must be blind to not see the difference between the stock picture and her "coord".

Sorry you got posted I guess.

>> No.10064458
File: 92 KB, 300x567, 4B81F874-ED74-4099-9A76-46E3F27945F6.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Breh is that Krusty’s daughter

>> No.10064460

Autism. Clear vendetta.

>> No.10064461
File: 524 KB, 567x661, CD831ADE-C028-4B2B-A2BF-D785F1773C2C.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.10064462
File: 415 KB, 750x886, BD7F95F3-A978-4030-ADE5-22D7646C7771.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10064464

Now this is good cosplay

>> No.10064466

thought her legs were super fucking long, but then i realised she just hiked the skirt up way too high. i like the curliness of her hair though.

>> No.10064470
File: 358 KB, 435x582, Screenshot_8.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

She really looks like a clown

>> No.10064478

The problem with cute girls is that they get a pass about pretty much everything. That's why they don't have a concept of getting criticised or improving themselves.
Her outfits are sexy and cute but they are not lolita.

>> No.10064479

I still haven't found him on any fetish sites.

>> No.10064481

check the archives for the screencaps. Once he saw people were onto him he scrubbed everything

>> No.10064487

That makes me sad, I really wanted to believe he was in it for the fashion.

>> No.10064490

Link? Or words to search?

>> No.10064492

She shoops a lot though, I barely recognized her.

>> No.10064493

ngl I would wear outfits like this too if I could pull them off.

>> No.10064494

I'm >>10064433 and I am definitely not a terf, I just don't like it when obvious sissies ask minors about their underwear claim to be trans to get out of trouble.
I get that there are some that start transitioning really late in life, but I don't buy that they're trans as long as they have active blogs about their humiliation fetish

>> No.10064496

Never trust men

>> No.10064499

You’re outside the gay worship cult though, so congrats on not being retarded

>> No.10064500

If you have a problem with lecherous men creeping on minors then why would it matter what mental illness they have?

>> No.10064501

Unfortunate face or just unflattering makeup? I'd like to see a photo without makeup because I legit can't tell

>> No.10064502


there are more caps on lolcow

>> No.10064529

words of wisdom

>> No.10064554

As someone already mentioned I think they were just confused... it's very sad that gulls want to tear apart transgirls so much.

>> No.10064560

you dont "accidentally" become a sissy

>> No.10064563


Why say "I don't care what people think" then proceed to make a 16 minute sob fest complaining about the big mean bullies and elitists? God this is cringy.

>> No.10064565

Are you a transgirl? Do you know how hard it is to find your place as someone who feels like a lady but has the body of a grown-up man? Maybe they were just trying to feel more feminine and good in their skin. I know I can't even remotely understand the sorrow of being transgender. I won't pretend I can 100% understand someone I don't know. But half of /cgl/ always does. Go on, think you can understand anything and judge as fast as you can. I bet other people love you. (talking in general, not to you in particular)

>> No.10064567

Lots of people have mental illnesses. For example, you have mental retardation.

>> No.10064568

It's not a girl, Jesus fucking christ, it's an autopedophile old manbearpig.

>> No.10064569

>someone who feels like a lady but has the body of a grown-up man
This has always seemed backwards to me. That person should be described as a transboy.

>> No.10064573

Why are there so many prudes on cgl

>> No.10064575

>Why does everyone lick this girl’s asshole?
What are you talking about, everyone on cgl pretty much hates her and I never see her posted without some anon getting bent out of shape and usually has something to do with her showing skin.

>> No.10064577
File: 1.47 MB, 1440x1964, 20181226_092950.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

> He bought panties from a specialty site, that totally proves he's a fetishist
I'm not going to argue with a bunch of teenagers because it's pointless. I'm also not going into the archives on a wild goose chase for "evidence" that may or may not be legit. If his personality is ita, that's one thing. But constantly insisting he's a sissy with "oh, there's caps in the archives" and a specialty panty site is pretty weak toast. Not everyone that buys from those sites is a kinkster.

And let's say maybe he WAS at one point but decided that wasn't the path he really wanted. But a bunch of salty gulls won't let him live it down. I hope when most of you are 40 or 50, your old stupid shit gets dragged up into these threads and a bunch of teenagers rip all over you for your past.

Pic: I'm pretty sure this skirt and sweater are supposed to go together, but imo it's just awful. I don't begrudge the girl wearing the outfit, I begrudge the designer who thought this was a good idea.

>> No.10064586

>if no one will spoonfeed me really easy to find caps i will just assume they don't exist, i'll just bend over backwards to dismiss the little bit of spoonfeeding I do have. also everyone who disagrees with me is underage

solid defense

>> No.10064588

How is that prudish? The criticism was for posting it publically, no one would've cared if it was private.

>> No.10064594


>> No.10064601


>> No.10064628

nayrt but I think they probably meant that she gets a lot of likes on CoF

>> No.10064630

She gets encouragement from her local com.

>> No.10064637

Are screencaps from
2006 really valid? That’s been like thirteen years ago.

>> No.10064645
File: 1.85 MB, 4032x3024, 84FA562F-6481-4A35-90D5-52E81F6106F5.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i know this isn’t a coord. but i felt the need to share what my mom got me for christmas somewhere, cheers!

>> No.10064648

Found the mentally disabled sissy

>> No.10064651
File: 180 KB, 853x1280, 49037989_1987409927992917_3640108959454461952_o.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.10064652

I seriously will never understand why some men think they don’t have to follow ANY standards and they’re lolitas just because they say they are. Shave your beard, wear a proper wig, learn how to put on makeup just like the rest of us.

>> No.10064656

Sorry i posted again. Did not notice was allready up

>> No.10064667

Aww, she tried! Maybe you could modify it into an apron or use the top as a bustier?

>> No.10064670

>easy to find
Then post some. No one hesitates to post anyone else's kink tags in this thread.

>> No.10064672

once a sissy always a sissy

>> No.10064679

From someone actually in their comm who knows them, dated 2018:
I'd much rather A was banned for being an ass than for being a sissy; if she is a sissy they've done a good enough job keeping it out of meets that I don't care. The real problem with A is that she convinces people she's a spokeperson for Lolita and then ruins everyones impression of lolitas

>> No.10064681

Not inaccurate.

>> No.10064691

Someone already posted this but here it is again

It’s from June of this year when someone did the digging and posted the collage of what they found, so it’s not dragging up old stuff.
It’s not just a specialty panty sales site it’s a sissy fetish site, look at the content and the demographic of who is using it. They post photos, stories etc.
A is not the only person like this in the community, I know of a few others. And yes you can tell because they exhibit certain behaviors.

It’s really difficult to ever overcome what instinctively turns you on sexually. I’m not even sure anyone should, but I’m no psychologist. I’m not passing judgement on any of that either. It is what it is and all consenting adults should be left to do as they please in peace. Full stop.

But a big problem develops when ANYONE seeks out what turns them on among a group of non-consenting women, some of whom are minors! Then yeah, that’s a really big issue and we as a community need to stand up and say NO instead of diminishing the evidence and making excuses.

I know it’s awkward, and embarrassing, probably for everyone. But it’s also wrong and creepy and very invalidating to women and girls to just keep letting it go on and turn a blind eye.
It has gone on long enough and it needs to stop.

>> No.10064753

I don’t understand the fuss.
The cof mods need to tell her that thes things aren’t lolita.
They are probably giving her a pass because holiday, don’t be a Scrooge, no fun etc.

just keep liking the critiques and if you are brave enough make a kind but honest critique on cof about how cute things like this might be but how it’s also not lolita. Report her posts. If mods question it, point to related photos.
She has some ok actual lolita photos on her albums. She knows the difference.
Her petti-only ero is not the exception and she knows it.

>> No.10064765
File: 481 KB, 1500x2250, E7FA1B75-CAF2-4E0C-889C-2C67FC87BD4C.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Do you also think this is still a good normie look? It’s from around the same time as old school stuff. What’s more of a costume; trying to copy what people wore thirty years ago or wearing modern fashion trends?

>> No.10064772

She’s also a cam girl anon, it’s not just booty pics and overdone “ero” that makes us call her a thot.

>> No.10064803
File: 408 KB, 750x741, 97A60E78-F3C9-4776-B921-B483924D0DBB.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.10064808

Nayrt but that pic looks like it's from the 80s, most old school lolita stuff is from the early 2000s. Also, 80s fashion is awesome and is constantly being revived.

>> No.10064818

I like everything but her hair

>> No.10064829
File: 250 KB, 1246x2578, 48977538_518571338630544_6702222549020835840_o.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.10064830

anon are you blind lmao

it's a cool concept and the red dress is nice but there is so much cheap lace and cheap wigs and cheap makeup and cheap accessories and cheap shitty ballet flats

>> No.10064832
File: 423 KB, 600x826, jill-and-rose1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I wanna die every time i see someone use a tartan dress in an ugly christmas coord

also red and green are ugly together and the entire christmas aesthetic is tacky as hell

>not knowing who risa is

this isn't my taste, but its well coordinated at least. also she looks like one of the girls from strawberry switchblade, an 80s band whose style was kinda proto-lolita or aristo at times

>> No.10064833

aw this isn't bad, she just needs to style her hair/get a wig. looks like a first coord

>> No.10064843
File: 91 KB, 1080x1350, InstaSave.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is cute in a weird kind of way

>> No.10064847

I wonder how she manages to fit those head dresses on that giant head without breaking it

>> No.10064851

this would be cute without that horrendous print.

>> No.10064853

Anon I was a cam girl but I never left the house dressed like that. I wish girls were more discreet about the adult work they do

>> No.10064854
File: 612 KB, 720x1280, 20181227_031307.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The caption is precious

>> No.10064856

I'm curious as to what the post said

>> No.10064857

They are free to combine lolita and furry as they please and if you posted it to troll lolitas, most of us won't like it but we won't be angry,

But it's not part of the lolita community so it wouldn't be welcome at meets or lolita events.

>> No.10064858

look in the archives

>> No.10064865

Nitpick but holy shit that belt freaked me out for a second.

>> No.10064869

This looks really fucking good imo. I actually really like how they match. Guess I have shit taste?

>> No.10064871

It is taged as lolita that is why I posted it. if she removes her mask and gloves would be a nice lolita she owns a lot of brand so she has interest in the fashion what I fiind creepy is mentioning the usakumya as her son, while taging it as lolita, enough people think we are weird.

>> No.10064879

You can't prevent someone from tagging actual brand pieces with the brand and the lolita fashion tag, but we can draw the like at letting furries come to meets. I'm not going to pass the judgement on the kumya/son thing though I don't like it or furries either. I think it's just a bad attempt at a joke There are enough people who say their real pet is their child or fur baby so who cares.

Just don't anyone try to wear the furshit at our meets and events, please. Most kigu head wearers and furries know better so I hope it will just stay that way.

>> No.10064888
File: 251 KB, 1185x2048, 48428227_2175877149327556_1604616008172044288_o.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.10064904

god she's so fucking beautiful I hate the outfit but good lord I would kill for a body like this I'm jealous as FUCK

>> No.10064909

"She's ugly" she looks better than 99% of the people posted here.

>> No.10064925

I'm not into furries but I think is pretty darn cute

>> No.10064926

I'm very sorry to say that she really looks like a moose.

>> No.10064943 [DELETED] 

I feel like these comments are her friends, she's is cute but she shoops and isn't that incredible anon

>> No.10065018


Vendetta as fuck


This is babby's first coord, and such a nitpick to call it ita.. all she needs is a wig/to style her hair and some cuffs.


Big agree. I can only sigh when I think how pretty this could've been with a nice white ruffled classic skirt.

And maybe with nicer shoes as well, those are kinda mall-gothish.

>> No.10065033

No. Nothing about her outfit is lolita. If she was fat and/or ugly you wouldn’t be entertaining this as lolita

She is literally wearing a party city costume.

>> No.10065071

I like this actually. It doesn’t meet the “ita” standard to me either.
This is sorta cute

>> No.10065090

Aww. I had this dress for my babby's first coord and looked a lot like this. She looks so happy and I hope she improves too.

>> No.10065096

She’s cute but this is super photoshopped

>> No.10065108

None of that shit matters. Ok, congrats anon, you've proved he is a sissy. So what. It doesn't matter how woke you are. He's still in our comms. Instead of complaining about it on an anonymous board, why don't you do something about it?

>> No.10065170

You seem more pissed that the evidence was found and not the fact he's a sissy.

>> No.10065171
File: 516 KB, 1024x1024, PhotoGrid_1545911863155.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.10065186

Why wear a dress you can’t close? Why don’t they just sell it and buy one that does actually fit?

>> No.10065193

What other dresses you got?

>> No.10065204

I don't get it either, maybe they really love the print or something? At least cover it up with a bolero or jacket ffs.

>> No.10065207

That's the same girl?! Wow I didn't think she could get any worse.

>> No.10065211



>> No.10065306

If that ain't a girl then call me gay because she's wife material

>> No.10065376

Well. This thread was a total shitshow.

>> No.10065387

You expected more from the ita thread?

>> No.10065457

Someone has been posting pics of DLtF before, and I haven't ever thought she looked ita--she's really into deer-themed coords, but that's her thing. Her face is a little unfortunate (this is a good photo of her; I've seen worse angles on her Insta). I call nitpicker or vendetta.

>> No.10065466

t. 30+ year old lolita

>> No.10065529
File: 524 KB, 396x657, Capture.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I'm sorry you were misled by Photoshop, friend.

>> No.10065566

As horrifying as this is it still looks better than the shooped pic imo.

>> No.10065586

>also red and green are ugly together and the entire christmas aesthetic is tacky as hell

Found the grinch

>> No.10065676
File: 45 KB, 539x960, FB_IMG_1545965912950.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

We're not at image limit yet so guess I'll share more. Why are the snarky lolitas the worst itas. Every. Damn. Time.

>> No.10065807

That bonnet... or what is it? O.o

>> No.10066463

Fucking Grinch

>> No.10066466

They put on the head after the dress?

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