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This is so cute, but I think a bell-shaped skirt would have suited that illustration way more.

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I finally forced myself to watch Lor's latest "fixing your coordinates" video and h o l y s h i t

someone please stop her from making these

her own coords are already hit or miss and what works for her will NOT work for other people why can't she understand that

holy shit

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Lolita Desu is closing.

I made my CTP reservation through them, and I know they said they are still going to carry out those orders, but I'm still terrified they are going to disappear with my $500.

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Wtf that's terrible.

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can you tell ages of meta things based on their tags like you can with AP, etc?

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I feel so bad now

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I saw that and now I'm kind of sad... At least what I ordered from them arrived this week for me.
The first time I saw this series I thought she meant something like going back through her own pictures and saying "I should have done this instead" and fixing her OWN coordinates. Kind of like "redraw your art".
But the second I saw she was fixing others' I laughed and exited out. Blahblah log in your own eye before taking out the speck in your neighbor's eye.

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Can anyone translate this korean lolita comic?


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Bad how? That they are closing or about the pending MTOs? My anxiety is having a field day about the MTOs.

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i like that this bear king series is something different. but at the same time aatp announced this $450 hat just to keep us on our toes

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(Please forgive if my translation is off...)
Title: 1 year since wearing lolita.
First panel: before wearing - it's pretty but...it seems a bit burdensome for me
since wearing: while wearing - comfortable~

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Man, that's really sad.

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Yeah, I watched them but in some instances her coords have really missed the mark, but these people are asking her to offer advice and pick it apart, so I can't fault her for doing just that.

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This is a big mood.
I used be hate the concept of ott or wearing lots of accessories. Or just even wearing lolita in general felt like a special occasion thing for me in the beginning.

Like a dramatic pair of heels, once you wear it often, if feels quite natural to wear.

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I love this release so much, but I’m not keen on the jsk. The skirt waist is so tiny though.

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Yes, mostly

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iirc her first vids were about fixing her own coords and then she asked or viewers asked if they could send their coords to her for her to give advice on.

I don't mind her color matching advice, but she softballs people about hair, makeup and fit which are huge reasons why coords look like they need to be fixed.

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That's so depressing. I bought my first ever AP dress from them.

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I think the Jsk is adorable! It also has a bigger waist size. What do you dislike about it?

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I'm especially dying at her recommending people wear BRIGHT RED with every other coord, even when there is no red, suggesting brown loafers with sweet coords, peignoirs (and she specifically uses the word peignoirs) as well as madonna crowns.

She doesn't understand that just because people are asking for something doesn't mean she has to deliver; she also doesn't understand that what may ((sometimes, only sometimes)) work for her will not work for every other person. It takes someone with a lot of fashion sense and knowledge of body types and what people are comfortable with to help others with their own personal style. Telling a lolita who specifically mentioned she didn't feel comfortable with big headwear to wear a giant bonnet proves Lor clearly cannot do that.

It's also worth pointing out that she does no research on the main pieces she's critiquing outside of the photos submitted, like in one video where she specifically stated the colors were hard to see so her solution was purely to edit the person's photo instead of just finding stock pictures. This could be easily solved just by her requesting that submissions include the name or stock photo of the main piece they are wearing.

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I'm sad another lolita seller is closing down but honestly I've always found Lolita Desu terribly overpriced. I'd never buy from them honestly.

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Nice, one overpriced ex-scalper less.

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I’m not a fan of those military style dresses. Just a personal preference. I think I’ll get it anyway though because I love the print too much and it should actually fit me unlike the skirt. It might just grow on me anyway like many other things in the fashion did. If I hate it, it should still be easier to sell later than the skirt.

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I'm not usually a downer about new releases, but this is not great. The bows look awful, the print is a bit big and awkward and definitely would've worked better as a smaller border, and overall it just looks awkward and ill-conceived, especially the non-red colorways.

I really, really want to like it, but it's just not hitting the mark.

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this hat is so much every time i see it i laugh. put a giant strawberry on your head

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Such a shame. Their online store was a bit overpriced but their shopping service for Fril and Mercari was the best I've used.

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I'm sad about them closing, I didn't buy many lolita main pieces from them because it was mostly a bit on the pricey side, but they were handy for accessories and I liked getting the cute miscellaneous stuff they did like swimmer, sanrio and cute offbrand stuff.
I've made my last order on the things I was planning on buying from them soon anyway since things are already selling out faster now, I doubt much will be left by the time they're on 50% off.

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That is just your opinion. For me, it's the first time I've wanted to buy something directly from brand since 2016. Now I just need to decide which colour to get. I also love the matching boystyle set.

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You could wear a cardigan over it

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The bodice and skirt of the JSK look like they go to two different dresses. I'd rather they'd left it plain or put a bow on it or something. the military style bodice just doesn't jive well with the rest of it.

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It looks like you'd be able to carefully rip the stitches and remove the coorded knots and buttons from the top, and maybe do the same to the pauldrons as well.

Mind you, it takes down the resale value a fair bit, even if you resew them back later. Still, it's an idea to keep in mind.

I have a couple of AP sets where I removed the buttons, chains and strips of fabric and I like the dress way better after that. Haven't tried to resell them afterwards, though.

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Why is the skirt portion so narrow? The skirt looks cute I guess but the JSK is awkward, both on the model and the mannequin.

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I love the cut but the print is tacky af. Small a-line dresses are primo for casual, giant skirts don't always look good with low poof

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>That is just your opinion.
That's true! It's definitely not my taste at all but if it's something that really speaks to other people then I'm not going to be a debbie downer more than I need to be. I hope you get your preferred color!

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I have a question about taobao brands for a sweet/classic lolita, especially sweet stuff. I know there are good quality gothic shops, but I can't seem to find decent sweet stuff not from japanese brand.

I am someone who started with brand, and I recently ordered a few taobao things and the difference in quality is just jarring.

Pic related, it really looks not that great irl.

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I adore Lor as a YT Lolita personality but I really don't think she's the best person to give coord advice. I was really looking forward to a non-sugarcoated advice series but she's just playing too nice and really not giving the best advice.

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What's the question then? Where you can buy good sweet clothes from Taobao?
I can't answer that because I haven't bought from Taobao in years but let me ask you this: If you have brand and you noticed the difference in quality between Japanese and Chinese brands is jarring, why do you want to buy more from Taobao instead of sticking to brands whose quality you like? Seems a bit illogical to me.

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gettin some ETC vibes from this skirt, and i don't hate it

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Try Yolanda

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seconding Yolanda, best taobao shop I've bought from. I have a blouse from there that is amazing!

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I guess I want to try different things, and have a few less expensive dresses, for more casual occasions. I am sticking to AP and Meta for now but I was wondering if I'm missing out on something.

I will check out Yolanda!

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I'll probably try styling it in different ways at first and see how I feel, I'd definitely prefer it if I just found that over time I start to like the style more. But I have considered removing the decorations if I can't get used to them, I have no doubt that I'd love the simple bodice. I'm mostly worried about the length at this point desu.

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This print is really cute, but i just can't get behind the shape of the dress. What a shame. i think this would look cute on very petite girls though.

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This is some Putumayo-tier sizing. Hope no one ordering this is over 155 cm.

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Infanta has good sweet stuff, but I'm also gonna second >>10101818 here. Idk why you're interested in Taobao when most of it is shit quality and you can find sweet secondhand brand for often cheaper desu.

I'm definitely p much done with Taobao myself.

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Any reasons why?

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The length is one of my favourite things about it lol. And I'm 163cm

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Why not just buy AP casual items then? They are cheap on the second hand market. Idgi.

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Mte, I just saw a set of 4 AP cutsews on lacemarket

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I'm 170cm. I'm not even sure if the bodice will be long enough not to dig into my armpits. Had this issue before

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They made a separate Facebook post explaining. Something about how running the shop takes all their time and they wind up with very little profit due to some new business taxes in Japan?

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With all that overpricing they either didn't know how to make money or are just saying bullshit

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It looks super cheap to me

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Looks bad in the picture too t b h
I've had more luck getting decent items if I really scrutinize the stock photos and check the item material. In this photo you can see that it's a thinner synthetic, and the seams show thickness where the material joins together. Look at her far sleeve, it's crumpled. I don't see darts or shaping seams on the bodice either. Looks like a sack on the model. I wouldn't wear this.
I still like some taobao, like other anons mentioned Yolanda and I agree, but trusting brand has never let me down.

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Do you know of somewhere I can see the dates or their respective tags? Is there a website or something?

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I'm all for taobao brands but frankly this dress looks awful even in the stock photo. It's better not to buy from tb if you can't tell material quality from stock images and review images.

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How long does lady sloth take to ship? I have a tracking number for my order that hasn't moved past pre shipment for more than a week now.

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Atelier Pierrot

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Teur et Ruban Robe is getting a re-release for both the white and black colourways.
Orders will be opened on 13 Feb 2019, 12:00 JST

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MMM will be releasing the La Belle Rose bolero on the 14th Feb, at 15:00 JST. It will be available in black x black and black x white.

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JetJ will also be re-releasing Sirene for members of their online shop on 13th Feb at 12:00 JST. You can register for membership for free on their website.

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Physical Drop also has some new stuff on their webshop.

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...I like raschel lace in some cases but this looks like shit.

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This one is up too

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Fuck, I'm really sorry about jumping around brands so much, but there's quite a bit of backlog. Your patience is much appreciated.

Reservations for チャイナボタンロングコルセットワンピース opened two days ago, on the 9th of Feb. Price is 29,160 yen (tax included). Comes in Wine and Red.

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Oh fuk i'm in love

>> No.10102100

>Wine and Red
I'm an idiot that meant to say Wine and Black. There's quite a bit more for LIEF, but I think I'll post them further down the line.

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Same. I love raschel lace, but this does look bad.... very bad. I have some older raschel stuff from meta and I'll admit, some of the raschel they used wasn't the best.. but it looks nice from afar at least, and that's what matters. This... looks like literal walmart bargain bin lace.

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I don't see it in their store yet? Or did it already sell out?

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So I guess the mods don’t care about Hanayoku/Chestnutlili being the same person

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Would anyone know how this side bustle is achieved? Is the skirt just pinned to the waist of the dress?

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The shiny ass satin ribbon doesn't help. Get your shit together, kato-san

>> No.10102146

Fuck I think I just found my new summer uniform

>> No.10102148

Fuck yeah. I'll have both. I have sirene in the blue colorway but have always wanted the green. Love teur in white, but black is easier to wear.What do?

>> No.10102151

Gyaru lolita is back on the menu.

>> No.10102158

I've been on a no-buy but this is stunning, going to preorder asap. Slowly building a collection of book prints it looks like...

>> No.10102167

looks like it, but there may be a button/loop like some skirts I have from elsewhere (historial inspired garb and not lolita, but same thing)

>> No.10102203

I recall there was a different cut they released in black only. Personally would've preferred a release of that cut in white.

>> No.10102206

No shirring on this, right?

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AaTP's Vintage Label Stamp. Also comes in Bordeaux.

Reservations end 12th Feb, 12:00 JST.

>> No.10102256

Souffle Song is good, though they're more classic than sweet. It still doesn't stand up to brand, but most of it is good enough. They also do custom sizing, if that's something you're after.

>> No.10102261

Is this bait

>> No.10102275

Souffle Song is Bodyline quality at best.

>> No.10102277

That's still too generous.

>> No.10102278

Souffle Song is like going to a restaurant and watching someone else get a beautiful meal while you end up with burnt trash. Wildly inconsistent. Some of their pieces are decent, while others leave you wondering if you were scammed. Also, some of their designs get fabric downgrades for later releases, like thick velvet and then stretch velveteen for the same skirt.

>> No.10102287


>> No.10102290


>some of their designs get fabric downgrades for later releases, like thick velvet and then stretch velveteen for the same skirt.

ngl, this is borderline scammy. Do they at least update the description to tell you what you're getting or do they just leave it to you to figure that out from photos?

This explains so much.

>> No.10102291

Yeah, they are hit and miss for sure. I love their designs but I have had some god awful, scratchy, shiny, transparent (to the point where you can see the lining through the dress, fabric

>> No.10102293

There’s a bustled OP in ONS 5(?) where they create the bustle using loops and buttons, too.

>> No.10102294

Damn. I genuinely didn't know that. All the stuff I got was alright (sans the headbows, which needed to be de-laced because someone thought inch-long lace was a good idea) so I didn't realize they were so hit or miss. Thanks.

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They have both been banned, what are you talking about?

>> No.10102306

I wish I wasn't on a no-buy right now. That blue print is beautiful.

>> No.10102327

Bought something on lacemarket, sent from France. They sent me a really long tracking number that I can't use on any tracking site that I know of. I asked her ina message if she can help me, but her English seems really bad.

Any french gulls who could help me out? The shipping company is collisimo international.

>> No.10102332

Did they get banned for having multiple accounts or something else?

>> No.10102333

More seriously, have you tried here?

>> No.10102334

Yeah, it says the tracking # has to be 11-15 chars. Mine is longer..

>> No.10102335

Can't answer about sweet, but Jewelry in Sunrise's Jenny Mentha Tea (second release) and St. Tears' When the Wind OP/apron are relatively passable for classic (maybe more country) that's edging into Pink House style (not quality) territory. Quality-wise for the main parts they're hanging somewhere around very early non-lined IW and Meta Crown Label, and what you see in the pictures is what you actually get. The ribbon belt for St. Tears is a godawful satin-like material while Jewelry uses a ribbon that is similar to silk for their back lacing, but these are easy things to upgrade on your own. There are a greater number of threads to be clipped/removed than what you'd encounter with brand but none of them affect the integrity of the stitching.

Fantastic Wind's Goat Maiden is also in that range of acceptable in terms of fabric/fit/drape quality, but there're more embellishments that you need to tack down because it isn't very secure. For their larger ribbons they actually use a nice quality grosgrain but the smaller ribbons are all the sort of quality you'd find down at Michael's.

Try this?


>> No.10102339

I hope she enjoys sitting in her horde of bodyline.

>> No.10102341

Doesn't return any info. I will try again in a few days. Thanks for the link!

Worried tho.

>> No.10102342

I don't know on what grounds they got banned. It could be any of the things that the gulls reported here

>> No.10102344

I guess this speaks volumes about their inconsistencies. I have a jsk from them and it's very comfortable and the fabric drapes beautifully, but I've definitely seen pieces from them that look like they're from a totally different brand.

>> No.10102345

It says banned but they both still have listings up. What's going on with that?

>> No.10102376

What do you look for in a Lolita Youtuber? What kind of content and topics would interest you?

I've found myself with a lot of regular free time outside of work and a sort of decent setup for filming, but I'd like to know what people want to see.

>> No.10102377

This print is way too busy

>> No.10102380

I want to see translations from lolita magazines

>> No.10102381

If you have no ideas of your own and nothing you want to show, there's no point in filming.

>> No.10102382

Finally, based lm mods.

>> No.10102385

They missed her Jane Marple account "hellousagi" though, who now misteriously started listing again. Her accounts aren't on the blacklist either.

>> No.10102388

Mrk is the bodyline scalper

>> No.10102390

I do have ideas but I was wondering if there's anything that people particularly like, or indeed, if there's any kind of videos that people are sick of seeing.

>> No.10102396

I'd really love to see GOOD handmade process videos, whether it's sewing full pieces or just making accessories or other small things. Doesn't have to be tutorials, just nicely filmed craftalongs would be great for inspiration and to get into a crafty mood myself.

If you're not a crafter then idk either. Personally I have no interest in unboxings, and imo YT is oversaturated with sweet lolita / kawaii vlogs in general so it depends on your style too.

>> No.10102401

I don't know why people are giving you hell for asking for advice, they need to take a Xanax. I would like to see videos where you react to new releases, do challenges that pop up in other communities, reaction videos to lolita media, and talking about what makes a lolita dress quality. Just, please, don't make your entire channel unboxing the latest angelic pretty dress, or make lookbooks consisting of only the easiest possible coord.

>> No.10102403

Lmao they sold nothing but AP, Baby, and the occasional taobao. I’m keeping my eyes open for all the dress they infamously sold all the time

>> No.10102406

Do you have proof it’s her? If so send it to the mods. I’m tempted to buy a listing just to send the invoice to the mods if it’s p Chen

>> No.10102407

Thank you for the feedback! I'm unlikely to do any unboxings at all, I tried to do one many years ago but it felt awkward to film, and it probably sounds weird but I like to open new things on my own and really enjoy the moment of finally having something I've waited a long time for.

I can't guarantee I'll go ahead with this, but I'm going to make some plans and see how I go. Thanks again!

>> No.10102409

They don't have any anymore, maybe it took themods time to clean all that shit up

>> No.10102411

Some anon already posted paypal proof that she's using the same email and name for those accounts.

>> No.10102419

Posted it here? It doesn't matter. Whomever has it, send it to the mods. Discussing this among ourselves will not get anything done.

>> No.10102421

doing 1 thing right in an entire lifetime doesnt make you based

>> No.10102435

They do plenty of stuff that people don't notice, but submitting a report helps them keep an eye on things. I've reported plenty of print replicas and listings without proof photos and they've been taken down very quickly.

>> No.10102436

>I would like to see videos where you react to new releases

Seconding this. Like a lolita version of Beauty News Releases & Updates, done more regularly than LWLN (Tyler talks about a few new releases, but her videos come out ~one a month and she doesn't cover everything).

If you're unaware, Beauty News is two Aussie girls who just casually talk about new makeup releases and react to them.

>> No.10102442

I hate those lol, they're basically just ads

>> No.10102451

Yeah same. Plus, you actually have to have charisma for that.

>> No.10102462

Honestly? I look for authenticity and passion above all else. Unboxings are way overdone but even those can be interesting at the hands of someone with something new to bring to the table, even if that something is just their own personality. What I mean to say is that whatever it is you decide to do, if you decide to pursue Youtube - Do it out of a genuine interest in the content you're making, not to appeal to your hypothetical audience.

>> No.10102471

It's clear you've never listened, since they regularly shit on brands.

>> No.10102475

I think you're thinking of cherry_sp

>> No.10102503

Dear Celine, Lyre Ivy, Pumpkin cat
I wear sweet-classic and these are my go-to shops. Yes, the quality will be less than of major Japanese brands, especially with fabric choices. But instead they offer a wider range of sizes, cute out-of-the-box prints and affordable prices.
Also I'd recommend to follow Chinese lolita updates and inspect stock pictures carefully. Usually poor construction and cheap mismatched materials are obvious.

>> No.10102507

it would be too obvious if they only ever say positive things. do they ever shit on the same brands that they've previously raved about?

>> No.10102513

I've been consistently impressed with Sibyl Heisei and Aurora & Ariel. Lyre Ivy and Artemis are both good also. I have one fairly recent thing from Precious Clove and the quality is really nice, but I don't know if that is normal for them.

>> No.10102514

That sounds completely boring when done by a nobody. Unless they are really funny, I wouldn't watch it. Why would I care what they think?

>> No.10102520 [DELETED] 

That sounds even worse?
Like some thing you'd watch on Lifetime or once of those home living channels but on YouTube drive by a couple of no bodies.

I kinda hate being a lolita when it comes to stuff other women are into because its usually low quality tv/YouTube shit that caters to gay men and stupid reality tv shows where the women are being unnecessarily snarky/sassy.

>> No.10102523

That sounds even worse?
Like some thing you'd watch on Lifetime or once of those home living channels but on YouTube done by a couple of nobodies.

I kinda hate being a lolita when it comes to stuff other women are into because its usually low quality tv/YouTube shit that caters to gay men and stupid reality tv shows where the women are being unnecessarily snarky/sassy.

>> No.10102550

Yeah. They just go release-by-release and just talk about what they like/what they don't like. If the price is too high, if they'd buy it or not. It's a nice conversational podcast of two ladies shooting the shit about makeup and I'd like to see a lolita-release equivalent.

>> No.10102564

do you have any good examples of where they hate something from a brand that they previously loved? I haven't seen an honest beauty related youtube channel in at least a year

>> No.10102571

They like colourpop, but tend to harp on them for boring collab releases with the same influencers over and over again.

They liked the Lancome spring releases, but both of them hated that another La Rôse Blush Poudrer was released for holiday (they did a more in-depth review in another video and said it felt cheaply made for the price, although it's a pretty highlighter. They also did another video where they made their own La Rôse Blush Poudrer with craft supplies for like 10% of the cost).

Just listen to a few minutes if you're skeptical. The podcasts I tend to enjoy most are ones that are conversational - where you feel like a fly on the wall in a room where two friends are just shooting the shit about a topic you like. That's what Beauty News is like, except focused on makeup (which is a hobby I treat like lolita - I'm always following new releases from my favorite brands and seeing what innovative stuff small/indie brands are coming up with)

>> No.10102598

This would sound cool for lolita but it would have to involve two entertaining people to discuss these items. There are some lolita youtubers who discuss topics together but they're all rather boring and/or badly dressed.

>> No.10102654

this is really giving me old ETC vibes and I'm really excited about it. This whole series across the board is too small for my big ass but I am glad to see this type of silho and this styling being made today!

>> No.10102666

dear celine, diamond honey, pumpkin cat, strawberry witch/ichigo miko

To Alice and magic tea party are sweet but extremely hit or miss quality

>> No.10102668

Isn’t this what Milkbox does? It’s not monthly more like seasonally because she does it after each fashion show or big tea party that shows upcoming stuff.
>beauty news
Those two make me wanna tear my fucking hair out. They’re so grating. I hope for the love of god if someone does make a new release series they don’t try and mimick those two.

>> No.10102670

Damn. This sounds exactly like Surface Spell too. I have some of their older pieces and my friend has a recent release, and the quality difference is wild.

>> No.10102671


Milkbox has literally no knowledge of anything other than AP. She shat on an MMM rerelease for looking 'too similar,' not realising it's a fucking re release.

If we could get someone who was slightly more knowledgeable, and entertaining, maybe it would go better.

I've also stopped watching most beauty gurus because most of them just say the same shilled shit time after time.Beauty news is extremely grating on my nerves.

If we could have someone like victorianme that would be cool. I already watch her a lot but I'm sad she doesn't do more these days.

>> No.10102688

Diamond Honey? I remember Peggy doing a bad review on them. Rusty hair clips and socks with bad printing.

>> No.10102700

I agree that milkbox has no idea what she's talking about, but the concept has definitely been thought of and done before. I wish Victorianme would put out more content that is more informative instead of 3 minute lookbooks every couple of months.

>> No.10102761

>She shat on an MMM rerelease for looking 'too similar,' not realising it's a fucking re release.
So did half of cgl lol

>> No.10102773

Are there any other releases that have this shape or brands that release this more often?

>> No.10102777

Maybe not the answer you're looking for, but pre-2013 IW has a lot of skirts and dresses with this shape.

>> No.10102785

Older meta does A-lines a lot.
I'm about to sell a really old velveteen that has this exact shape.

>> No.10102786

milkbox is freaking annoying, too.

>> No.10102787

Oh no I hate old school

>> No.10102788

Dear celine is the only one i'd recommend out of all of these. the rest is hit or miss and to alice is literal garbage for the price.

>> No.10102793
File: 56 KB, 446x400, 1446403794512.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>pre-2013 is oldschool
Retarded and has shit taste, nice.

>> No.10102794

Pretty much all trad classic is A-line.

>> No.10102831

Why do people keep posting shit like this in rufflechat. Fuck do we need a ‘Lolita general’ group so people can post their stupid questions there?

>> No.10102841

Whatever edgelord. Older implies old school. New IW also looks boring though.

>> No.10102844

With that length? Not common

>> No.10102867

I've seen old school meta with this cut/waist/length, but the skirt is more bell shape than a line.

>> No.10102875

No, it doesn't. Anon said "older than 2013", you don't go into oldschool territory unless you're looking at 2005 and earlier. And what exactly are you asking for then? You asked for similar cuts, anon told you IW do it (you don't even have to look at releases from before 2013 either) and now you say their designs are boring. What DO you want then, princess? Maybe you should go on lolibrary and look yourself instead of asking us to do the work for you?

>> No.10102880

Why are you so offended someone doesn't like IW?

>> No.10102884

Has nothing to do with IW and everything to do with the fact gulls asking to be spoonfed aren't cute.

>> No.10102901

Damn I confused myself..

>> No.10102920

Nayrt but you're acting like there are so many dresses that look like that and it's just not true. Don't act like any a-line dress looks like that.

>> No.10102930

If you're looking for the exact overall design of the JSK then yeah, you might not find something exactly like it, but the skirt shape itself is nothing new and there are plenty of skirts and dresses that feature a similar "clean" A-line cut.

>> No.10102934

no mrk is the taobao scalper. cherry_sp and twinklejewelry or something retarded are the bodyline people

>> No.10102951

>that un-subtle attempt to get some buttmad gull to make a collage proving how wrong you are.
are you really so opposed to doing your own research?

>> No.10103017

You are so wrong, it's sad. Still not going to spoon-feed. Do your own research, asshole

>> No.10103021

I can feel that lace from here

>> No.10103068

There's a cafeteria doll OP in sax on fril
I wanted it a couple of years ago to make a wendy's girl cosplay.
I'm sorely tempted right now.
But I know the meme is dead.
It's a cute dress...

>> No.10103071
File: 51 KB, 640x640, 551852363.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Dropped pic

>> No.10103076

Based underrated Lief.

>> No.10103082

Thinking of attending AWA for Mana/Moitie but I’m out of town what’s the atl comm like and where can I find them to meet up with them while I’m in town?

>> No.10103090
File: 614 KB, 440x237, 1407452340237.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10103138

Do it because I want to see it, too. Wendy is probably one of the better things to make a lolita inspired look out of.

>> No.10103158

Sounds like The Tea Lolita podcast. It’s hosted by a couple of UK lolita’s. Sadly, there hasn’t been new episodes for a while but I would occasionally listen to old episodes while working.

>> No.10103163

Maybe you should check out gyaru brands like Jesus Diamante instead.

>> No.10103169

I want lolita details to start back up, minus the music. Happy to just see details of a dress in some sort of natural backdrop with birds and wind.

Barring that Victorianme's reviews/unboxings and when she had Jane on as a guest were probably the best videos she did, I don't have much interest in most coord/lookbook videos as a whole.

>> No.10103179

I wish lolitas talked about lolita fashion or there were more focus on events, even if they personally don't go. I feel like people can give photos or clips to a bigger youtuber and they can put a video together.

No lolita 101s, coords, or unboxings. I honestly like reviews, but nobody ever talks about any of the meat of lolita, as if everyone who makes youtube vids has just gotten into it or only shares shallow advice for newbies and lolitas at heart.

>> No.10103186

You should look at MILK, and people already mentioned ETC. I don't know why some are suggesting IW and Meta, they rarely released something short and most of their releases weren't A-line. I think only their strawberry mini and airline mini JSK come very close, both impossible to find. You should look way earlier than 2013 too, not all old-school is frumpy. I'd look for examples from ETC but a lot of their old stuff isn't on lolibrary, and you can't search by length or skirt shape which is probably the real reason nobody helped.

>> No.10103190

I agree,and I also like fanny rosie's walking videos

>> No.10103255

I have pic related (IW Emilio OP) and from scouring lolibrary I know IW released a number of dresses like this. Older skirts are always popping up on WW with this ship, too.

I love the shape of this dress because it flares on it's own enough that I can wear it to work without a petti. It's great for the casual office lolita.

>> No.10103256
File: 13 KB, 225x300, f21ae676-9556-5f04-ae3f-cece2bc11abb.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

sorry for dropped pic - it's early here

>> No.10103328

after this chestnutlili/hanayoku drama, i'm a little concerned. i've bought some of wunderwelt's dresses and lots before, too. so i now have a ton of extra items sitting around - i was going to keep what i wanted and sell what i didn't (to earn back at least some of the money i spent on the lots, if just the initial prices - though shipping did actually cost an arm and a leg a couple times too.) how should i go about selling those extra items, especially if it's been a couple years since i bought them (since prices fluctuate)? what if they arrived in better-than-described condition? (for example too, quite a few times WW mentioned 'significant discoloration' but then i'd receive the dress or item and it was barely noticeable??) like, i can't exactly just sell the extra items (or dresses) for pennies, so?...

(i was also planning on repairing some of those items before selling - dry cleaning, etc. - in that case, would a slightly higher price be reasonable?)

>> No.10103330

Yeah, I have the IW Carina OP and it's like this and is easy to wear more casually and I've gotten a lot of wear out of it. I was skeptical of the weird flare cut, but it turned out to be very flattering on me.

>> No.10103333

I think it depends on how much of it you sell.

>> No.10103339

>(since prices fluctuate)
Yes, they got cheaper. If you're trying to sell a batch of used old blouses for $60 each just because you washed them and want to get your money back for something you bought years ago, it most likely will make people moan and research.

>> No.10103351

>i can't exactly just sell the extra items (or dresses) for pennies
you literally can lol. you sell it for what you paid or less, otherwise do an auction and see how much people are willing to spend.

>> No.10103354

Atl com is mostly nice, but most of them don't go to AWA for some reason.

I'd suggest joining the facebook group if you want to try and join a meet.

If I end up going I'll probably host a fashion walk.

>> No.10103359

I don’t understand why BTSSB and Aatp are separate lines. They release similar stuff nowadays. Aatp does not fit even gothic category anymore.

>> No.10103370

>Aatp does not fit even gothic category anymore
they were never meant to be a gothic brand lmao

>> No.10103373

You could always start auctions for the item for 1 dollar and let it go from there.

>> No.10103428

OR you can just sell them for whatever price you fucking want. if someone doesn't like it, they don't need to buy it. jfc it is your stuff.

>> No.10103433

You’ll probably be the third person, at least, handling the used garments so be reasonable about how much that can even be worth and do thorough inspections. You bought a lot of used clothes that weren’t that much to begin with. You have only yourself to blame that they don’t have high resale value. You are not going to make back what you made unless you’re going to be a scalper and earn the black mark reputation that comes with that.

>> No.10103445

Does anyone know if you can use Pmail when buying shoes from Bodyline. It says up to 2 kg but I'm unsure it would fit the measurements.

>> No.10103447

From what I understand, they didn't get banned for scalping, they got banned for having multiple accounts and for (possibly) selling replicas as the real thing?
Sell your stuff for whatever you want anon. People aren't gonna like it, but they can just not buy it.

>> No.10103460
File: 489 KB, 600x906, dearcelineOP.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Does anyone own this Dear Celine OP? I really want it in black but that colour doesn't seem to be available in black on their taobao store anymore so I want to make sure it's worth it before I shell out extra money and go through a reseller.

>> No.10103468

>asks for advice
>''do what you want!''
very helpful

>> No.10103477
File: 551 KB, 1536x2048, DzM50i1VsAAtDIM.jpg:orig.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You ARE putting sunscreen on your hands, right Anon???

>> No.10103480

Sell it for what it's worth. If it's beat up and worn, don't expect a lot of money for it just because it's brand. But also don't be like that one girl and tack on shipping and "handling~".

>> No.10103483

I'd wager a guess that her hands look like that because of her nursing job, not because she's "old".

>> No.10103484

From what, constantly washing hands for new patients?

>> No.10103487

Do you guys think Lor is a little? In her latest video she was recommending this booth for littlest giftshop and I went to the website and its ddlg shit.

>> No.10103488

Yes. I've done it.

>> No.10103489

wow I'm stupid sorry I just double checked the video it's littlest boutique.

>> No.10103493

how old are you anon, post a pic of your hands

>> No.10103495
File: 237 KB, 898x889, 1517322236324.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Going to be honest here, you got a good laugh at me. Good on you for being humble and recognizing your mistake before you got called out on it. I didn't even bother double checking, just assumed it wasn't a big deal if she was one.

>> No.10103500

"do what you want" as opposed to "do what entitled idiots want you to do". Id' say it is helpful. OP came here because they a) either think that hanayoku got banned for scalping and are afraid to price their items, in which case they should relax because hanayoku didn't get banned for this, we all know it
or b) they are afraid of what anon will think if they price their items how they want to, in which case they should just ignore salty gulls

>> No.10103503

I don't know what she actually does so I can't tell you, but that's my best guess. No one's hands look like that for no reason unrelated to age, not at 30 nor 35.

>> No.10103504

>tfw rarely leave the house without sunscreen or gloves on and my hands look worse than that at 28
Some of us are just cursed okay

>> No.10103507

Her hands look way better than mine right now. Thanks, New England winter.

>> No.10103509

>if you don't get banned for it, it's okay!!
Alright, Rainies. Enjoy it while it lasts.

>> No.10103520

She might have EDS. Its pretty common for your hands to look like that if you have it.
Especially because she has spider fingers, which is another common sign.
t. A gull with EDS

>> No.10103555

Do $1 start auctions, you'll end up making a fair amount. Itd also be better if you clean the items first too

>> No.10103573

My hands looked worse than that by the time I was 17, I used to crook my fingers around at my friends and say "halloween hands! halloween hands!"
t. classical musician

>> No.10103581

I swear there's always one of the scalpers justifying marking stuff up, I guess who they really are among the known scalpers

>> No.10103586

She's okay stop being a bitch

>> No.10103595

EDS is extremely rare, unlikely.

>> No.10103596
File: 269 KB, 1200x1200, 51940850_2095327080727067_7738509767118684160_o.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

No idea if we have any people in Taiwan here but there you go.

>> No.10103608

Taiwan is so underrated man, I miss it. Wish I was there for this.

>> No.10103635

would it be a lot of effort for the people working on lolibrary to put the tags on alphabetical order?

>> No.10103640

Diamond Honey is pretty low quality from what I've seen. Only suitable for conlitas.

>> No.10103647

If it's a fair price, people will buy it.
If you're worried about someone going back through your purchase history to see how you obtained it, there's always fb sales or depop

>> No.10103662

She washes hands a lot for nurse job, and it’s cold and very dry now, Lady just needs a good hand cream

>> No.10103735

So are you gonna post in the b/s/t thread or wut mane?? I want to shop.

>> No.10103788

Just ask them anon. It wouldn't be, but the main person who works on it seems to be quite busy.

>> No.10103828

Nayrt but i want to fill out my wardrobe more quickly than i have this past year and i dont want to wait for good second hand items to pop up.

>> No.10103849
File: 136 KB, 660x807, 2018-12_19-801_frame2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Reservations for JetJ's Pied de Chat will end on the 15th of Feb. They come in bordeaux, navy, gold and black and are made out of patent leather.

>> No.10103878

Who cares about quality when you can buy it now? Whatever happened to patience? You're just going to be disappointed and sell them eventually anyway.

>> No.10103884

This reminds me of the time I got a popular print for $40 from WW with "significant staining"

Washed it once in cold water and there's no trace of it.

Best bargain ever

>> No.10103885

I want quality. Im just tired of waiting so long and always missing the nice blouses second hand. I have almost nothing to go with my dresses and it sucks. Its not like money is an issue.

>> No.10103890

Not that anon but there are always tons of nice secondhand AP blouses around the 6000-8000 yen range that don't sell nearly as fast as the cheaper ones, but cost much less than new

>> No.10103912

This. Just spend a little more then anon. I see a lot of nice blouses and cutsews available online. They are usually in better condition too. Or just filter AP tops in fril or Mercari. There's tons that suit casual.


>> No.10103921


Cgl is dumb and salty what else is new

>> No.10103949

There's a lolita post on r/relationships lol

>> No.10103956

And most of the responses are pretty reasonable and point out his issues have far less to do with her fashion sense and more to do with her immaturity. I was shocked to say the least.

>> No.10103988


chesnutlili/Hanayoku got busted because they had multiple accounts and were selling replicas as the real thing. This isn't just someone offloading their wardrobe, this is a downright scammer. I'm not sure what shady shit you're doing that you're worried you'd be lumped in with them.

As far as being mistaken for a scalper goes, most of them do shady shit on top of buying and selling really often. One of them snipes dresses from the dream dress thread. Another just resells it without disclosing the stains and problems that the original seller disclosed.

So just make sure you do the opposite. Don't snipe other people's DD to resell. Use your own proof photos and be honest about the condition -- if an item came listed on WW as discoloured and it's actually unnoticeable, just state exactly that. If it was broken and you fixed it up, state that too. Keep the pricing low, you already admitted this stuff was damaged and only fixed up as well as you can (or in the case of discolouration, maybe your lighting is terrible or your have bad eyesight). At least you need to be lower priced than secondhand dresses that were never damaged.

If you're just having the occasional closet clearing and not actually trying to make a business ""upcycling"" secondhand lolita burando every month, you'll likely be fine.

>> No.10103999

Well you are here and a part of it.

>> No.10104013


I'm salty and I'm sometimes I'll admit I say dumb shit, but I'm not so pigeon holed i can't recognise an iconic brand's prints. The point is, if you're trying to provide information, there's literally google in front of you and you just look like a dumbass if you can't get basic facts correct.

>> No.10104061

Apparently a lot of us browse /r/relationships. So glad to see a bunch of lolitas telling off a fuckboy who hates his gf wearing lolita (money issues aside).

>> No.10104109
File: 60 KB, 480x640, 0099F1D2-AF5D-4A67-B0F9-73CCCCA5E2CC.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

ive Fallen in love with this necklace

>> No.10104111

Idk they both sound toxic and not compatible at all. Doesn’t really have to do with her being into Lolita. What if he was in that position, but the hobby was buying toy trains? Y’all be telling her to dump him, why isn’t that applicable here?

>> No.10104123

And you think the majority of cgl doesn't do the same thing?

>> No.10104129

He does say he cancelled family plans because he didn't want to have to deal with their reaction to her clothes, that's the biggest red flag for me lolita wise.The bigger issues sound like they stem from the 6 year age and clear maturity gap. He needs to realise there's no reason to stay in a relationship with someone you're not compatible with let alone someone you're ashamed to be seen in public with. She needs to prioritise her mental health and also watch Tyler's latest video.

Part of me can't help but wonder who the lolita in question is though, especially if she's chasing efame.

>> No.10104139

anon she's literally not paying her bills though, they're both toxic af to each other and better off alone.

>> No.10104146

This is also true. They're not a match at all but no one should ever be hidden from their partners family because of how they dress. He even says he doesn't want to deal with defending her to his conservative extended family. The money thing should've been the dealbreaker to begin with.

>> No.10104155

true that, I'm surprised this was a thread at all. Like if you don't like how someone is, especially with such a short dating history, just break up with them. it's as simple as that.

>> No.10104179

If anything it sounded like he had made up his mind to break up with her to begin with based on the financial problems and was just trying to use not liking her clothes as a scapegoat. She could be spending her rent money on literally anything but it had to be this "childlike" fashion he couldn't possibly be seen with right? He just has no choice but to lie to her that things are cancelled
because he can't possibly face his extended family with a girlfriend that dresses like that? Defend her? Oh no it's not worth the hassle. Sounds like they're worlds apart in values, emotional maturity and financial stability and they'll both be better off without each other.

Whoever she is I do really hope she gets some professional help, gets another job and continues to enjoy the fashion. Shopping addiction really sucks.

>> No.10104193

It looks like eczema, like 70% of Japanese people have

>> No.10104198

imagine being so ugly and insecure you need to nitpick someones hands to feel better about yourself

>> No.10104251

I've heard quite a few stories like this. It seems a lot of the clothes from WW just need a good wash or stain treatment.

>> No.10104285

I'd like to see your hands when you're a nurse in your late thirties of normal weight, instead of a neet, anon.

>> No.10104332

His original deleted post still has his comment up about how his lolita girlfriend gets $150/mo on patreon, has no job, and wants to make money as a social media influencer. I hate that this is what the culture around lolita has become.

>> No.10104345
File: 65 KB, 960x960, 52373445_2198292620230417_4977393270976937984_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Lady Sloth releases gorgeous cross blouses. Gold/black, Silver/black, and glitter/black.

Their latest designs have been meh-tier so this makes me very happy. I'm huge sucker for western indie because I got tall frame with big boobs.
I got few nice blouses from them, which I wear very often.

They should focus on wearable base wardrobe items like blouses and cardigans.

>> No.10104348

Who would even sub to a lolita "influencer" on Patreon and why? I get how cosplayers can develop a paying audience since they can produce tutorials or pretty much do sex work but who would pay a girl just to wear lolita? Most e-famous lolitas have an audience made up of other lolitas and if there's anything that lolitas have in common, it's that we'd much rather spend money on ourselves than on some chick on the internet.

>> No.10104371

They were Moitie solids that people didn't recognise, twice

>> No.10104379

This is the first thing from this label I have ever liked. Thanks, anon

>> No.10104380

I have a tracking number from them that still hasn't updated and it's been over a week.

>> No.10104399

They took months to ship out the last thing I'll buy from them. Not a preorder, an in-stock listing on their LM. And they were unresponsive when I messaged then about it. Good luck, anon, I hope it arrives eventually.

>> No.10104401

What’s up with the drama with the Taiwan Comm? I heard they split into 2 after some falling out?

>> No.10104402

At least she uses her hands to help people, who cares what they look like.

>> No.10104408

Probably. I used to help my mom out as an intern in my school break and the amount of times they need to wash or disinfect their hands can probably do that.

>> No.10104409

>this is what the culture around lolita has become
Is it? I know there's a problem with girls coming in to the fashion thinking it'll make them ~*special*~ and efamous, but patreon isn't a very common thing for lolitas to have unless they're youtubers, and even then they're considered niche and don't exactly make a living nor get rich off it. Hardly what the subculture is about, imo.

>> No.10104412

Ya, to me it sounds like just some naive chick who thinks she's found some goldmine untapped market to make riches off of. I don't see anyone else trying to do this unless they're just erotic chicks who lean on a bastardization of jfash to appease their audiences.

>> No.10104475

I always see people on cgl complain about what the lolita subculture has "become", but none of what they complain about ever happens in my comm lol.

>> No.10104482

What's with this trend on comm pages where the mods make an "inactive member" event and expect people to either respond or self-remove?

How could it not be evident which members haven't been to a meetup in years or no longer care about lolita?

>> No.10104490

It's about the general subculture/global community or what it looks like on social media, doesn't mean that it applies to all lolitas and all lolita communities everywhere.

>> No.10104494

In a comm with hundreds of members it would take way too much time to evaluate every member individually, and at least in my comm, there are apparently dozens of people who still actively lurk but don’t comment and haven’t attended meetups for whatever reason. Giving these members a chance to reply to a post before they get booted prevents a lot of drama. Whether you think ‘active’ lurkers should be allowed to remain in the group at all is a different matter.

>> No.10104500

>comm with hundreds of members
That's a generous assumption to make. And imo, for every hundred or so members there should be a decent mod ratio.
>giving these members a chance to reply to a post before they get booted prevents a lot of drama
I remember when mods would actually PM inactive members to see what was going on before giving anyone the boot first, hence preventing drama.
>whether you think 'active' lurkers should remain
And that's what's retarded about self-reporting anyway because anyone inactive can still be on the page as long as they respond.

It's lazy, uninvolved moderation.

>> No.10104501

you should apply to be a mod instead

>> No.10104503

>"Then you do it!"
Nah, I didn't sign up for the job and assume the responsibilities, they did.

>> No.10104509

...huh? if that's what you got from my post, then that's on you. i meant you should apply to be a mod cause you seem to understand the whole being a mod thing better than whoever else currently is. you could also tell them your suggestions. but if you just want to bitch about it that makes you no better than they are, at least they're doing something

>> No.10104510

Also, some people live in smaller towns so their nearest comm is an hour or more away, thus they can only go to meet ups like a couple times a year, so removing people is just a really tricky thing.

>> No.10104511

It’s not really an assumption. My comm has hundreds of members and while we have I think 6 mods, I don’t expect them to individually PM hundreds of people.

>> No.10104528

And yet lolitas are handing over their hard earned cash to Tyler for being so darling and snarky at the same time.

>> No.10104529

Oh fuck. Thank you for replying. I paid with PayPal so she better fucking get on it.
I'm in the US and messaged her and she randomly told me she marks down packages like it would matter. Ugh.

>> No.10104540

Are you the same anon that bitches about her in her thread? lmao
Pledging to youtubers is common, no one pays Tyler because she's cute and wears cute clothes, but to support the content she creates.

>> No.10104577

I only see the things people love to complain about on cgl and CoF, so it's probably just role-players who aren't accepted in a real comm

>> No.10104579

wtf? you ''support'' her content with views already. kids these days..

>> No.10104581

Oh my God shut up

>> No.10104582

Please keep your retardation to the Tyler thread.

>> No.10104587

why are you so butthurt about 1 comment I made, go back to your containment thread if you can't handle it

>> No.10104589

Paying for youtube is actually retarded

>> No.10104601

>waaah stop liking taylor
Pathetic. You're the only butthurt one here.

>> No.10104609

I just left 1 comment because I never heard of people paying youtubers before but go off I guess

>> No.10104610


I'm super curious who she is now. It would probably not be too hard to guess if you follow lolitas that have a lot of followers who keep advertising their Patreon? She is probably from the US or Canada.

>> No.10104647

Ah yeah, kids these days paying money to support content they like instead of demanding it for free. Surely they will bring about the downfall of society for daring to pay people to make things they like. What degenerates.

>> No.10104648

Assuming it's real and not someone writing fanfic for laughs

>> No.10104649
File: 22 KB, 300x400, e8431c95-8870-5297-8e58-413f64720194.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

yall I'm going to a wedding next thursday and have absolutely nothing to wear
I DO have this dress, a petti, and bloomers. No blouse, no accessories, etc (except tights)
is this a bad idea

>> No.10104650

Youtube literally is supposed to be free, and it is free. Idk why you are so upset about someone finding it funny that you willingly pay for it, in a time when most of us don't even pay full price for a netflix account and still download stuff on the side.

>> No.10104651

You should never wear white to somebody's wedding even if it has some other colour accents.

>> No.10104652

Really? I heard the opposite. (First wedding I've ever been to)
Guess I'm doing some shopping....

>> No.10104656

>Really? I heard the opposite.
Do you live under a fucking rock, anon? Or does nobody invite you to weddings because your autism would make the other guests uncomfortable?

>> No.10104658

people with autism know which colour of clothes to wear

>> No.10104665

Literally no one but the bride is supposed to wear white to a wedding. Who the fuck doesn't know that?

>> No.10104668

I'm young and none of my friends have gotten married yet. Asked some of my friends as well as /cgl/, they told me to wear white. Google agrees with you, though, so I'll get something navyblue.

>> No.10104672

You have to be 18 to post here

>> No.10104673

I'm 22.

>> No.10104679

Your friends must be trying to prank you.

>> No.10104681

Don't pretend to be me, asshole

>> No.10104682

If I reply to you now to say you're dumb, am I pretending to be that anon?

>> No.10104685

Honestly most of them are from various parts of the chan so they're more autistic than I am.

>> No.10104686

Everyone who doesn't start their comment with nayrt is pretending to be ayrt

>> No.10104687

Please note:
You can pay for YouTube to not see ads and/or be able to play audio from the app while the app isn't open. Ie. YouTube music which is a subscription the site offers.

In this case, a bunch of goofballs are giving a rich girl money through patreon which is even more hilarious than actually paying to get jewed by YouTube.

>> No.10104691

If you were actually autistic you wouldn't use it as a synonym for extremely dumb and ignorant

>> No.10104692
File: 115 KB, 656x893, 1537049766648.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm not actually autistic and never claimed to be

>> No.10104693

You are really dumb though

>> No.10104695
File: 66 KB, 640x468, me.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I wont argue with that

>> No.10104697

Anyone know what this is about? https://twitter.com/usagitoseino/status/1095450818780704768

>> No.10104707

Is the thread still up? I can’t seem to find it.

>> No.10104708

>mfw i have a paid youtube account so i don't have to watch ads and so i can download content on my phone.
imagine wanting to sit through ads...

>> No.10104709

ah, and you're racist/xenophobic to boot.

>> No.10104712

you could just click them away after 3 seconds or get adblocker like a normal working class person

>> No.10104743

you could literally make that yourself, anon

>> No.10104745

most people cannot. even if they had all the pieces, people make the ugliest things. i know from experience, i give workshops in a flower shop.

>> No.10104746

Her hands look normal, what

>> No.10104756

I enjoy consuming lolita content, but don't have the time to make it. Earning money is easy and I want them to continue. Maybe try contributing something to the community people find valuable instead of complaining when other people do.

>> No.10104807


Wtf is your point. They aren’t making informative YouTube videos with erroneous information. Or are you Milkbox?

>> No.10104849

nayrt but actual diagnosed autist here and i use autism and retard as an insult. its funny. lots of normal people do it and lots of autists do too

>> No.10104865

a lot of other autistic people also don't like seeing it used as an insult and consider it negative and offensive. you must be living under a rock if you've never understood this, especially when it comes to "retarded".
i'm an "actual diagnosed autist here" too.
>"actually diagnosed" since early childhood, in fact

>> No.10104896

It's worth the $10 a month, because I watch youtube almost exclusively these days thanks to having a smart tv. I don't want to pause whatever the fuck I'm doing to hunt down the tv remote. Just accept that some people don't want ads and that paying for youtube isn't any different than having hulu or netflix and paying for those every month.

>> No.10104897

sounds like ur also diagnosed a sensitive little bitch since early childhood huh

>> No.10104977

I don't really think that opinion is as popular as you think it is, especially among other autistic people. I've met more autistic people who are uncomfortable with other people using it as an insult than people who are cool with it, including myself.

>> No.10104980

>look at me I can only use "autism" and "bitch" as insults lololol
>look i'm so offensive and edgy lololol
>no one that doesn't frequent /pol/ will agree with me so I'll just try to insult them again like a child
>never mind that this shit wouldn't fly in a professional setting, I said it's ok so it's ok, no one could possibly disagree with me

>> No.10104981

don't bother, anon, they're trolling by this point.

>> No.10105002

It's not like they'd be giving it to you if they didn't give it to her.

>> No.10105005

was that not obvious, retard lmao

>> No.10105024

That's nice. My 11 year old brother tried to kill himself when he got diagnosed, because of people like you.

>> No.10105056

Why are the baby designers unable to create lolita clothing, exactly?

>> No.10105299

At least it works, mine never do but im in europe so i dont worry too much.
Huh? The last wedding i went to they were wearing navy blue, tf. I think anons dress is fine if she wears something over it in another color though. Usually you ask the bride about it, it's the polite thing to do.

>> No.10105384

I don't ask for hand outs. Never said I would either.

>> No.10105386

>It's worth the $10 a month
Its really not tho. They're are so many better services.

>> No.10105394

Are you lost? This isn't Twitter.

>> No.10105397

other svcs don't have the content that I watch. why do you give so many fucks what some other anon does with their money?

>> No.10105735

New bread >>10104714

>> No.10105759

>it's not twitter and i'm anon so it's ok to be casually antisemitic on cgl!!!!
so edgy

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