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last thread: >>10074315

>Please read the FAQ before posting in the thread (always updating)
>Artist Spreadsheet
>How to order from Vograce (now with video on how to set up files)
>Convention List (always WIP)
>IP taketowns (based on artists contribution, may or may not have been a one time thing, use as a guideline)
>AA Inspo (thanks anon!)

If anyone else has inspo photos they'd like possibly added to the above link, email the account [email protected]

We have a discord!
If you want into the CGL AA discord, email [email protected] with a picture of your table or merchandise. It is not a jury, just to make sure you do cons.

Happy Valentines Day seagulls!

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>IP takedowns
Aren't public or political figures like the president free use?

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They are, but most count on you not having the resources to actually argue fair use in court.
Frankly I wouldn't put it past a company to try and argue that Trumps likeness is branding for his business' and therefore not public domain.

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I got a question for y'all.
So if I post my items for sale online on my website or 3rd party site. Should I: 1. Post a picture of my product with a white background clean and simple or 2. Post a picture of my product on a wooden table with some aesthetic background or 3. Photoshop the shit out of it with some intense effect how awesome my product or 4. All the above at once but might be overwhelming to some customers. What would you guys do? Or prefer?

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I'd personally prefer looking at clean and simple pictures where you can see the product clearly as opposed to ~aesthetic~. Obviously you can still make it look nice, but try not to obscure the actual product in any way. If you really want to get fancy I think one embellished aesthetic picture, and then one that just has the product in plain view is a nice compromise.

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What's better sell your stuff on Etsy or your own website?

>> No.10105858

It depends; if the only people buying from you is your own fanbase, website ALL THE WAY . If you're new and just starting out, start with an Etsy and then ditch Etsy as soon as you have a following

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You generally want at least one photo of the item with a clean background and another with the item being used. You can never have too many pictures.

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If I were a buyer, I definitely wouldn't want to see photoshop on a product I'm buying. It'd give off the impression that I'm gonna receive something very different in person.

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fairly certain s/he is referring to the background being photoshopped.

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Thank you guys y'all are very helpful. Wish me luck.

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Ah, I must be illiterate.

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a shopped background would make me think of sellers who steal someone else's photos and remove identifying information so the original can't be traced

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Are there free embroidery programs? I've been looking for a replacement that doesn't add another subscription to my life or set my wallet back a couple months.

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Nearly everyone photoshops their pictures.

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Do you guys have any recommendations for unobtrusively lighting an AA display in a dark/dim area?

Are string lights too impractical, or would they make the display too cluttered?

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I saw a dude have to slowly dismantle his entire display today at Katsucon and leave... does anyone know what happened? I would love avoid the same fate...

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Was he bald?

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Why not both? I love Etsy even with the fees because it is such a great way to attract new people. I have exclusives and lower prices on my website to encourage people to purchase from there in the future.

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Has anyone else gone over zap's 2 week window to submit artwork? I bought a small set of standee's during a sale and forgot about it. Wondered if anyone had any exp with that since I don't see any consequences written up after a quick google.

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just give them an email and see what they say

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has anyone ordered holographic charms from Vograce before? i got some for myself and a friend of mine and the holo is almost all gone after having the charm on a lanyard (by itself) for the duration of a con i was just at. i'm going to message them to ask if this is normal but i am pretty upset.

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I usually see string lights, just get the smaller ones.

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Well, I don't know if anyone would want to use etsy after this

Near the end of the thread someone post a count from only that thread, that over 100 people were affected and some even got 144,000 charged (or attempted charged).

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I've emailed them for two or three extensions before, they're chill about it as long as you let them know.

The downside to this is that they take equally as long to actually produce and ship the item(s) in question.

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I've been wondering why no one's talking about that. Only seen a couple articles online about it and hardly anything on social media. Even if it was just a small portion of users affected, the implications of this fuck up are immense. Makes me rethink all the places I've got my card info saved at and why there aren't safeguards built into the site to trigger on those kinds of massive charges.

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I don't know what parts of the internet you hang out in, anon, but AANI and Twitter were both talking about this nonstop.

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>why there aren't safeguards built into the site to trigger on those kinds of massive charges.

umm, any credit card company or bank in the world will cancel suspicious or fraudulent charges. Etsy responded and has fixed the issues, so I don't see the big deal.

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etsy ‘fixed’ the issue not by canceling said fraudulent charges but by making a separate deposit for the amount they took, which won’t clear until tuesday and doesn’t cover overdraft charges

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>doesn’t cover overdraft charges
Etsy should definitely cover overdraft charges, but you are an idiot if you have it enable.

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I thought vograce holos are double boarded. As in the holo film is sandwiched between 2 clear acrylic and so the holo can’t be scratched off.

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???? Not everyone has accounts that make that optional? You seem very privileged to be so dismissive of a problem that had a very big impact on those people. Don't call them idiots as if it was their mistake.

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What's the story behind this? Who called the cops? Jesus, what would the cops even do?

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artist sells copyrighted item -> ip owner files takedown notice at convention -> AA staff tell artist to take it down -> artist refuses -> gets kicked out -> refuses to leave -> con security calls cops to make them leave

not op tho just hazarding a guess

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AH that makes sense, haha. For some reason I was picturing a staff member spotting a doujinshi and instantly calling 911.

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I thought the same haha.

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>Not everyone has accounts that make that optional?
Then your bank is violating the law https://lendedu.com/blog/overdraft-protection-law-bank-fees/

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Etsy didn't "fix" the issue. Instead of refunding/canceling the charges, they're just putting money into people accounts. This is fucked up because as >>10108591 mentioned, they won't clear until tomorrow due to a bank holiday and in the meantime everyone affected was fucked on their finances. And second of all it's gonna look super fucking suspicious when you file taxes because now that "returned" money looks like income you made through Etsy. If Etsy really wanted to fix the issue, they should have canceled the charges and refunded the money straight into their bank accounts instead of "crediting" their Etsy accounts.

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Most banks will waive an overdraft charge if you just call them about it, especially as this is a situation tied to fraud. Credit cards usually won't authorize a charge that exceeds the credit limit of said card unless the customer actively opts into allowing over-limit charges.

It sucks that this happened to these people, but it's equally as important that if they're going to be involved in business that they be properly informed as to how their financial institutions work.

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God why do people find this an issue

Imagine the bonus points you could get from this

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Hello! Not a vendor myself, but figured you could help. A friend of mine is getting married and I'm helping her organize the wedding. She would love her invitations to have the "holographic glass shard effect" like the one Catprint offers,but we're located in Europe so shipping would be too expensive(they claim it starts at $50) and JimiAgency has a too high MOQ. We want the invites to be A4 size. Thanks in advance!

>> No.10109163

JiMi Agency is actually your best bet, otherwise you'll need to cold-laminate the holo yourself, and my understanding is that cold laminate is hard to get in europe

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If it was a print artist in the alley, they broke like almost every rule.
They set up on the wrong table, gave mad attitude when staff told them to move. They blocked the entrance to the island, set up an extra table next to their table and then put a girl on a chair next to that. They were table sharing without permission, had more people behind their table than was allowed. Sold stickers and when they were told to take them down called the staffer a snarky bitch. \

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You could also try to find a local shop willing to order the holo rolls and make them for you but that will be difficult

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That's not even what this article says, and also, not everyone is American.

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>That's not even what this article says

"The federal law requires it be optional"

>not everyone is American.

Which country has overdraft fees and it isn't optional?

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Imagine the 25% you lose because it's going to be reported as income come tax season via etsy's 1099-K ???

>> No.10109325

Can anyone recommend a good printer to print my own prints? To be honest I'm not comfortable with having to go in person since I don't want to have to answer any questions of my art, plus I am willing to fund something that I can just get then and there.

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>Heard from a friend in the F island that someone was kicked out for being told to remove stickers and then put them back up lol
>But no way they could have done all this other stuff right?? Can't always just trust 4chan gossip
>Does some snooping on f island tables near the island entrace

Wow. I have never seen one person break so many rules at once.

>> No.10109356

They're all saying it was an "unfortunate issue" that caused them not to stay the whole weekend as if they didn't voluntarily break the rules. The main artist also called the other two his "team", probably thought he found a smart way to get around the table sharing rule lol

>> No.10109390

is there an easy way to check if a charm design will 'list/tilt' to the side before you get it made?

>> No.10109406

You can always print out and make a laminated charm version of it to see how it hangs, but generally sticking the loop hole right smack in the top center of the charm usually works fine. If you have more acrylic on one side because of a weird cut out shape, shift it to the left or right to offset the weight.

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Some people charged several thousand dollar and now all of that is gonna show up as "income" on Etsy's official tax documents. I don't understand how you don't see how this is a problem. If Etsy reports that you made an extra $5k that they "returned" via crediting your account instead of refunding your bank directly, you're gonna have to pay an extra $1250~ in taxes next year on money you didn't even make.

>> No.10109465

If etsy is incorrectly putting it on a 1099 that they are auto creating, your best bet is to contact them directly and let them know their 1099 is invalid and incorrect due to their own mistake. If they do not correct it, ignore the 1099 amount and put the correct amount for income. Do not list them as 1099, but as just freelance income. If they continue to insist the 1099 is correct, that falls into legal territory I'm unfamiliar with but it sounds reportable as fraud.

>> No.10109745

I'm not the anon you replied to, but I also don't get how you are so dismissive of this. You're arguing that there are solutions to the issues people are complaining about, but people are complaining that they're needing to do any of this at all, whereas if Etsy had just not fucked up so badly, or had reacted correctly at any opportunity, the situation wouldn't have been nearly so bad. People wouldn't have to worry about correcting 1099s if Etsy had reversed the charges instead of weirdly putting the money into their accounts instead. Many people wouldn't have to worry about correcting their overdrafts with the banks if Etsy had not fucked up at all. People wouldn't be so stressed if Etsy were being transparent about what happened and assuring that it won't happen again. People wouldn't be so stressed if they never knew it was possible for Etsy to accidentally overcharge them thousands and thousands of dollars.

Acting like it's just some simple circumstances to be dealt with isn't comforting to the people who had to deal with it. Good for you that you have all the answers. Let people be mad.

>> No.10109751

As in, having overdraft protection cannot be a requirement of an account. It must be optional. It doesn't mean every account has to have that option. Learn to read.

>> No.10109780

>It must be optional. It doesn't mean every account has to have that option.
ok? So either you have the option to opt out, or you don't even get the option to opt in.

>> No.10109792

Im a bigger customer for them so I know I have more leniency but I’ve done almost a month-two months late and they were fine.
I would always ask them if it was okay for them first though (which they were always fine)
Sometimes I’d go a little past the extended date I agreed upon (and created lmao) and didn’t message them about it and they didn’t give two shits when I finally submitted the artwork lmao

>> No.10109794

Right... so since you don't have the PROTECTION, it does not PROTECT you from OVERDRAFT FEES.

>> No.10109823

NAYRT and I agree that Etsy fucked up majorly and that there's good reason to be mad about this, but it's not like that anon is merely dismissing it as shit happens, they are at least giving legal and financial instructions about how to handle this.
Venting is fine and all and people are doing that too, but actual advice on the situation shouldn't be dismissed either.

>> No.10110007

You have it backwards. Overdraft protection is not protecting you from fees, its what allows your account to be overdrafted and get fees. Without overdraft protection, you can't get an overdraft fee.

>> No.10110129

HOT DAMN katsu tables are not even that expensive what are you doing

>> No.10110467

Has anyone heard back from animenext yet?

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i thought the same but the holo is so faded it's barely noticeable anymore. i whipped up a quick sample, sorry the quality is crap. the first one is a brand new one (the holo effect is very vibrant) and the second one is the faded one, you can barely see it.

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Pretty much this man. I was just tossing advice as I've had large companies I freelance for try to f up my 1099 on the wrong years, the wrong amounts, and once the wrong dang last name. Every time I contacted them and was like, yea fix this or it's not going to match what you are filing they have fixed it for me. No one should be forced to pay extra taxes because of an etsy f up.

Emotionally I'm more scared of the situation and how a company can just brush this off. I really am not good at comforting words, sorry angry cgl bea.

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Is this a charm you bought from the AA or a design you ordered from Vograce? There is another charm manufacturer which AFAIK was the first one to do holo, but they leave the holo side exposed.

>> No.10111418

this is a charm ordered from vograce, the design is from a friend of mine.

>> No.10111420

How do people bypass Paypal's 20 day policy on shipping out preorders? I've wondered how people set up preorders for charms (and other stuff like fanzines) since it seems unlikely that you would be able to receive your charms and send them out within the 20 day time limit, especially if you're ordering from an overseas manufacturer.

Or does Paypal not really care about enforcing this policy?

>> No.10111594

A few questions for all of you:
What would you say is the hobbyist/pro artist(pro meaning making a living out of it) at AA?
If you are a hobbyist that tables,do you intend to go pro sometime in the future?
If you are a pro,are you annoyed by hobbyists?
I'm just curious about this stuff

>> No.10111664

I have a pre-order that's pushing 2 months now due to manufacturer errors and paypal has done nothing. Though my paypal has been in good standing for over 10 years so that may factor in? A newer account might get flagged.

>> No.10111727

I think it's only a problem if people report you for it. I also agree that it's a bad number, even if an order goes perfectly with no errors, you have to wait for orders for a few days to see how much you need (which is the whole point of preordering), order, wait for it to be made and arrive, and then pack and ship all of the orders. 48-60 days would be much more reasonable.

>> No.10111728

I'm a professional artist, but I attend AA more like a hobbyist. It's optional for me and more just like a fun experience. I'm actually more annoyed by pros because some of them argue that artist alley is ONLY for pros and was never meant for hobbyists, which is just incorrect. It's also impossible to get into anything these days because of all the people trying to go pro and make a lot of easy money at it. I just wanna meet fans and not have to pay thousands for a dealers table.

>> No.10111782

thanks anon, appreciate it

>> No.10111856

Will I be okay if my prints are purely my own more obscure interests? Or should I through in a couple of popular fandoms?
I just feel kind of bad at the thought of selling art of things I don't really give a shit about, haha.

>> No.10111859

yikes, meant to say throw instead of through

>> No.10112031

are your designs safe with vograce? just read some stuff about having your art sold off elsewhere

>> No.10112284

Not always. Because sometimes they use multiple factories.

>> No.10112381

IMO it depends on if they're well-made and appeal to current aesthetic trends. But I've definitely bought prints of stuff I've never heard of just because of the lewk.

Otherwise with really small fandoms you have to bank on those unicorn diehards who like your style and have the disposable income to spend.

>> No.10112410

I have mainly stuff from pretty small fandoms with a couple things of big fandoms peppered in and I do decently. it's actually surprising how many fans you get for stuff you didn't expect ppl would know at all, and it's really gratifying to have conversations with ppl who are into the same obscure stuff as you. sometimes having merch of rare fandoms also means the ppl who DO know it are definitely gonna buy cause theyre so starved for merch of that fandom.

>> No.10112754

Does anyone have any quick but polite (and firm) phrases to chuck out at leeches trying to get your sources? I always end up rambling a list of excuses and 'I don't like to share my sources' gets a lot of judgement and WHY's.

(i'm not interested in starting to share my sources -i do a lot of atypical AA merch - so save the responses if you're the kind of person who thinks all hardearned knowledge should be freely shared amongst the 'aa community' and just give yourself a pat on the back for being a better person than me)

>> No.10112758

I usually just go with "Sorry but I don't feel comfortable sharing that information. There are a lot of companies on Alibaba who make this stuff though, so that would be a great place to start your research!" Or something to that effect.

A lot of people lose interest fast when you mention that it's overseas manufacturing done in China because they expected it to be quick and easy instead of a bunch of back and forth emails.

I did have a couple of people press me in person on which exact companies on Alibaba I use but I just tell them I can't recall the company name off the top of my head (which is usually true).

>> No.10112762

I like using the excuse that my friend runs a GO for a small group of us, so I don't know the source. Even if it's not always true, at least they can't keep badgering you.

>> No.10113256

I recommend what >>10112762 said. If they keep judging, you have zero obligation to give them that info especially if they're gonna be that lazy and entitled.

I had people ask how I got my stickers done....like really? They weren't the fancy kisscut sheets or anything. Literally just print them on sticker paper and cut them out.

I'm usually pretty nice about rejecting people especially when I'm put on the spot like that, and in the above case I did tell them the method because it was so simple (and they asked nicely), but I think about it afterwards and am just like, man don't people know how to use google?

>> No.10113379

Is it okay to put my purse on an artist's table if I'm paying for something? I saw a ton of artists saying they hated when anyone put bags on their tables. I've done it more or less every time I've bought something...

>> No.10113392

Holy shit that clears it up- I asked because I was hearing rumors it was just coz they had stickers but hot damn it's like they went down the rules list to see what they could do wrong.

>> No.10113406

Why were stickers banned at katsu?

>> No.10113452

Just ask before you do.

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File: 824 KB, 1316x782, yikes.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

They honestly seem so shady too. They were called out on twitter for heavily referencing their sailormoon art without credit (his on the left, original on the right) but instead of owning up to it they were just trying to assert it was just coincidence that he and the other artist must have reffed the same photo. When pressed on what photo he reffed he deleted all traces of his sailormoon art.

I'm not normally one to be a stickler on who's copy who but the bangs are a pretty dead give away since that's not her typical style so he must have used the art on the right as his main reference for her face. Which would have been fine I guess if he admitted to it.. now i'm just left wondering how much of his art is so heavily referenced.

>> No.10113470

Probably because the venue disallowed it in their contract. I don't know about Katsucon in particular but there are horror stories from other conventions of attendees using them to vandalize bathroom stalls, hotel rooms, and other junk.

>> No.10113502
File: 386 KB, 839x579, dustinpanzino.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You're right. He's a total fraud on that piece and likely others. He copypasta'd the face and then copypasta'd Mucha's Printempts for the body and, for good measure, messily painted over it all. In the full version, you can see where he was too dumb or lazy to get rid of the evidence of the original art. Also, he doesn't seem to care enough about the issue to stop selling it in person for cash at conventions. That Sailor Moon print is right there in the Katsucon photo.

>> No.10113543


Man that's too bad, I thought his stuff looked different from the usual artist alley mismash and recently just started following him.That Mucha paintover is so obvious I'm surprised I didn't see it before.
More often than not it's usually the convention staffers fault for most conflicts, but seems like he's just trying to cover his own tracks with his katsucon post.

>> No.10113548

If you're buying something and they don't have damageable items on the table, its usually OK. Its polite to ask, though. The bulk of the frustration is from reckless passersby who search out the nearest flat surface to chuck their bags, food, and drinks onto so they can quickly take pictures of cosplayers. Those are usually the ones that end up damaging things and blocking the table from potential customers. You are a customer. We like customers. We gon' take care of you.

>> No.10113549

Literally just tell them how you feel. I don't understand why people come to this thread asking these questions all the time. Just be honest with people.

>I had people ask how I got my stickers done....like really?

I ask people that, but its because i'm wondering of the quality.

just ask the artist

>> No.10113553

>i'm wondering of the quality
I usually just ask if it's vinyl or weatherproof (there's a quality difference between the two so I make sure to check with the artist), that way I don't have to ask for the source in case they don't want to share!

>> No.10113557

>Literally just tell them how you feel. I don't understand why people come to this thread asking these questions all the time. Just be honest with people.
People are asking for advice for specific phrasings and quick ways to shut down further arguments because being honest causes blowback.

>> No.10113565

>being honest causes blowback.
lying causes people to resent you.

>> No.10113568

oh my god... i mean i didn't think he painted over i thought he was just a shitty copy cat on the face but now, WOW. what a scrub.

>> No.10113618

its called tact my man, some people don't live on creating drama

>> No.10113695

As long as it's the same artist you're paying. I've bitched about bags because I had fuckers putting their bags on my table when they were paying at a neighbor's table. Never batted an eye when they were my customers.

>> No.10113786

Anyone here use the photo stands that you put on top of the table and clamp down? The ones with the flat feet.

It's time I replace mine and i was thinking of switching to that from the wide foot ones.

>> No.10114432

Does anyone know what type of film is used to make buttons matte? I have researched it a lot but have not found an answer, I have a feeling it is something similar to invisible scotch tape.

>> No.10114565

I'm not familiar with this matte button stuff but maybe vellum paper? Vellum comes in many weights, can get very thin so the image underneath can be seen but it might be too frosty looking, and I don't know how it works with button makers. I'm aware of people using vellum to write/print on so I'm not sure how it handles outdoor weather. Anyway just a wild guess.

>> No.10114634
File: 296 KB, 558x354, transfer_tape.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Maybe try transfer tape? Many transfer tapes are matte and normally used for working with vinyls, but I think using them as a matte film for buttons can work.

Image was taken from a customers review on "Frisco Craft 4336883150 Transfer Roll" over at amazon.

>> No.10114662

Matte laminating film. Anything else will probably give too much of a frosty effect. I use soft touch laminate but it's very thin, so not as sturdy as regular mylar. Feels so good tho...

>> No.10115203

The feet of those are REALLY HEAVY but it's incredibly sturdy. I haven't personally clamped them on the table because it's tall enough on the floor for me(and I need all the table space) but they're about 2-3 inches wide I think. I've seen several other artists clamp it on the table and it seems to work on fine. IMO they're a good upgrade, I hate the tripod feet and always knock into them

>> No.10115288

I'm debating on going to Anime Weekend Atlanta for the first time this year, but I'm really conflicted about it. On one hand, the few vendors I've talked to in person who've went said that they managed to rake in a lot of sales, but on the other hand I've seen complaints online about how the ratio of foot traffic to actual purchases is really bad and that a large portion of attendees are broke-ass kids. Can anyone confirm one way or another? I already had to deal with flunky sales at Con Nooga thanks to their high attendance of literal twelve year-olds and I don't think I could handle that again.

>> No.10115296

I always do poorly at atlanta conventions. I still try to get into their AA though since I do still make a profit there and I have no other cons around that time.
You can always apply and then see if you get accepted or not. If you do, you can turn them down then.
If you go, expect to make a little less than what your average sales are.

>> No.10115304

Out of 5+ conventions I went to last year, AWA ranked dead last in net profit made. I made more money and less costs at cons 1/10 the size.

>> No.10115325


Thanks for the responses. I'm a hobbyist with a part-time job so when I found out AWA starts on fucking Halloween this year I was already wary. I didn't want to ask time off for a holiday just so I could drive for two hours and book a hotel for something that was going to end up disappointing.

>> No.10115328

I don't make a lot at AWA but momocon is good money

>> No.10115528

On the topic of cons how's AnimeUSA for AA sales?

>> No.10115779

I make good sales at AWA but I'm really pissed about the date change since it now conflicts with other cons I go to. I feel like I shouldn't go out of principal

>> No.10115938

Hi everyone! I'm opening my first table in about 8 months and wanted to know if there was any advice or things I should look out for?
I'm digging through all the helpful resource lists above as we speak!

>> No.10116080


I'm not super duper helpful in the sense that I'm not a seasoned pro, but I just finished running my first table at a con and I can give you help from the perspective of a fellow fledgling. I'll greentext it to make it more linear:

>98% of con attendees are socially retarded and will get scared if you even say hi to them, so just smile if they approach and let them look on their own terms
>Small prints, buttons, keychains, and stickers are good for fluffing up sales. A bunch of small, cheap purchases are better than a few large ones because they add up quickly
>Don't worry about business cards unless you really, really want them - you can just put up a paper with contact info and let people take pictures of it. It saves you money and the odds of them actually looking you up post-con are better because everyone goes through their photo library, while a small card can get lost, thrown away, or fall out of someone's pocket
>Don't focus on sales for your first. Focus on taking notes of what's going on around you and think about how you can apply what you see to your own practices

>> No.10116117

Thanks that actually helps a lot! I work as a waitress so my first instinct would be to talk to them and work them up. Instinct I guess.
And the stickers and small things helps as well because I wasn't sure what to invest more into, prints or buttons ect.
I'm tempted to make a poll and see what people would say sells most.

>> No.10116191

What do you guys that apply to Jury cons typically show as far as your portfolio? Do you link them to your storefront or just you're general gallery?

>> No.10116238

Bring food, specifically good that isn't crunchy like chips or something. You don't want your mouth full of food when someone comes up to your table.
I like to bring a small pillow to sit on since many cons have super uncomfortable chairs.
get a card reader. They are free/cheap.

I disagree with >>10116080 about business cards. You should get some, even if you just print them out on regular paper at home. I personally don't always have my phone with me, and if I do, I rarely go through my photo library since I take most picture with my mirrorless sony camera, which I don't bring with me to the artist alley. I know i'm in the minority, but when I get home, the artists I will remember to look up with be the ones in the pile of business cards I got, not the ones that I had to remember off the top of my head or remember to look through my phone for.
Business cards cost pennies, no reason to not at least print your own.

storefront. My etsy page includes all my work + my table layouts from past cons.

>> No.10116291

Thanks for the advice as well! Do you have any tips on what sells the best or for set up?

>> No.10116324

I have a portfolio site that I keep an AA gallery on that's not linked from the main nav. I just send the url when I apply so they have access to it.

Seconding the business cards. Even before I started AA, I used to hoard cute/interesting business cards and go through them to follow people after a con. I've noticed I get increased interaction and follows on my social media following a con, probably thanks to the cards.

Set up advice really depends on what type of merchandise you want to make! What sort of stuff do you plan to sell for your first table? The google drive link in OP has an AA Table Setup folder that has loads of inspiration, too.

>> No.10116373

Literally just go to office depot. Nobody cares about your art and they won't comment on it.

>> No.10116469
File: 28 KB, 466x466, 91wqkYXRRnL._SX466_.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I didn't get a chance to explore all of the resources sorry!
And for starters probably just basics. Prints keychains, buttons ect. I was thinking of doing smaller pendants in the future once I get used to my 3d printer. But probably not at first. I know I've seen people use the pic related. But that's more for craft based shops.

>> No.10116489

I use grids even as a 2D artist. I like combining the photo stand for prints and grids on the table for display charms, buttons, stickers on corkboards. Grids are a nice way to get stuff eye level with attendees. They can get kind of heavy and require extra effort to set up though. howtobeaconartist on tumblr is a great resource too. I always forget about the AA table folder so no worries, I was going to dump some of my own insp folder when I remembered it.

>> No.10116514

Thanks! You are all being so helpful, it really means a lot! I also am wondering about transporting art. I was looking into buying file folder carriers, but I wasn't sure about the larger prints. I was thinking just large storage containers with the prints stacked in order and separated by cardboard or something.

>> No.10116531

If you're ordering your prints online, I just keep mine in the box they came in, haha. It holds up pretty well. I prebag a few so the customer doesn't have to sit and watch me struggle to do it.

>> No.10116719


I was the No Business Cards Anon. I just said that since as a customer I personally don't do anything with cards after I get them, and as a vendor I didn't want to have to worry about yet another detail that could get fumbled during the process, so I just streamlined and cut corners the best I could. It really does depend on what First Table Anon wants to do since both options work regardless - I had people ask for cards, but they were also fine with taking a picture of contact info.

(Also what kind of food do you recommend bringing? I had protein bars with me but goddamn it was a whole thing when I'd get a customer walk up while I was eating, desu.)

>> No.10116796

I always bring tuna sandwiches. really easy to chew and swallow and has lots of protein and fat to keep you full.
fruit like watermelon, cantaloupe, or banana. Yogurt (taken from hotel breakfast area)

>> No.10116997

yoshisquared made a cute little guide for (mostly) beginners if it helps anyone


>> No.10117008


Thank you! Also, do you know if it'd be improper and/or unprofessional to bring my own lunch pack to my table, or would the con not even allow it due to sanitary concerns?

>> No.10117021

I've never heard of that being an issue. As long as you keep everything in your space, they don't care what you bring, even if its a convention center that say "no outside food". Just don't order any pizza and have it delivered to the con, that'll actually get you in trouble in some places.

>> No.10117073

Ask around to other artists about how strict the "no outside food" is for the cons you frequent. Most of them con staff don't care as long as you're relatively sneaky about it, but my local con will make you take the food outside & eat it or toss it if anyone sees you.

>> No.10117157

>my local con will make you take the food outside & eat it or toss it if anyone sees you.
wow, what con is that?

>> No.10117420

Is February a slow online sales month? I made less sales than the past few months and this is still my first year of selling so I don’t have anything to compare it to other than previous months.

>> No.10117530

First 3 months of the year are always the slowest for me.

>> No.10118314

ax being one of them

>> No.10119025

I'm pretty sure ALA will also do that too. Or make you throw it during bag check/only allow vendor food.

>> No.10119185

The A-Kon artist alley apps opened up a couple of days ago. Is anyone going to be applying this year? It seems like kind of a train wreck, but I'm local and like to order my stock in bulk so I'll be there.

>> No.10119189

How do zap’s sticker sheets fare? Their 20% coupon for those is ending soon, and i’ve been wary to try them out because of all the horror stories about their clear charms recently, but got wooden charms from them recently that were pretty good.

>> No.10119333

Thank you, AN, for that emotional roller coaster.

>> No.10119397

Does anyone here experience slowness and vague timelines with sweet stickers?

>> No.10119401

After how it was organized last year I had already decided not to go. All the new drama is Justin validating that desicion for me. Don't get me wrong I don't think the new leadership is bad but they definitely need a year to figure out what they are doing

>> No.10119422

Wait, you guys arent allowed to sell stickers?

>> No.10119470
File: 121 KB, 2000x2000, hero.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So last year, I had a table at a con called Big Apple Comic Con. It was $400 for a 2-day con. It had some big names, but the con itself was pretty empty. A lot of the other exhibitors said it was because the con owners got the big names in last minute and didnt market it very well. I only made $200 in the 2 days I was there.

It being in Manhattan was also a pain in the ass because I had to rely on my dad to drive me in, and my sister to help me carry in my table shit. In NYC you unfortunately cant just park in a nearby parking lot, nor can you easily find parking right by the venue. So if I were to drive in and carry my shit on my own, I'd have to park a few blocks down and make 2-3 trips to carry in everything.

So I decided not to do it this year, and lo and behold, I find out they've gotten some bigger names, like William Shatner and Mike Colter. And some big name comic artists like Frank Cho will be there. They also were heavier on the marketing this year. A part of me in wondering if I should've gotten a table again this year, but I didn't think it was worth doing it again.

Thoughts? Should I have tried to do this show again, now with all the big names being there?

>> No.10119523

>A part of me in wondering if I should've gotten a table again this year
no. A con isn't going to go from being dead one year to being huge the next. I've been to dead cons that made a lot of good changes for the next year, but was still completely dead that next year.
$400 is too much to just take a gamble.

>> No.10119541

Katsucon doesn't allow sticker sales, I think it's in their contract with the hotel because of attendees vandalizing hotel property with them.

>> No.10119583

I've never tried the stickers, but the general consensus seems to be that Zap makes good products when they don't fuck up, though their customer service is beyond atrocious so if they do fuck up you're screwed.

>> No.10119643

what a fucking MESS.

>> No.10119646

Whenever I order from them I expect it to come in a month or month and a half so plan accordingly. Last December when I was doing an order they said they still had a lot of backlog to catchup on and were hiring new people (at least 1-2) but I don't know how that went.
Also with how many people recommended them to friends/twitter I don't think they've caught a break and they keep accepting orders even with a large queue. (I don't mind cause again whenever I order I'm planning for a long wait so I bulk order designs I know I want to keep and then get a cheaper PPU)

>> No.10119670

Yes. When you're ordering and they ask you for a date that you need them by, be very specific even if you don't need them right away. I was vague on an order and it took them two months to get it to me, but when I've told them a specific date, I usually get them on time. Don't always ask for a rush date, because that's a dick move, but I feel like if you're very clear they usually make a pretty good effort to meet your deadlines. That's been my experience with them, anyway.

>> No.10119872

Good to know, thank you. Their quality is really good so I'm glad to be able to support them but I was definitely too open in my initial order wrt deadline.

>> No.10120056
File: 65 KB, 687x667, D0dbzRmWoAE-JrA.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What did these retards THINK was going to happen?

>> No.10120083

Fanart kickstarters are so greedy, yeesh. Plenty of zelda and nintendo zines and books sell fine under the radar but people gotta be greedy and get that kickstarter lime light. Well there ya go, hope they're pleased.

>> No.10120115

The project wasn't for profit, it was a charity zine. I agree though, I don't think kickstarter was the right way to raise money for it especially considering KS doesn't allow promises of funds being donated to charity specifically. Makes me worried about the other two zines being run by the group.

>> No.10120147

Yikes yea I guess it was just stupid and not greedy, or greedy for fame. There's no reason at all to use KS for a charity zine. My pet peeve is also people using KS for inappropriate things, there's nothing especially difficult about getting a book printed that needs crowd funding and certainly not 20k worth of it.

>> No.10120508
File: 343 KB, 1355x721, Untitled.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Speaking of fanart kickstarters.....

Art is totally ripped direct from the starters and the girl doesn't even care. She admits it on her Instagram.

>> No.10120525

I hate these people. Just profiting off the work of others.

>> No.10120568

Just went to her insta and what a load of yikes. Did you see how she was just openly saying yea these are official art because I think that would sell the best and make the most money so I made them obviously???

>> No.10120583

The first one was a legitimate charity zine with a collection of normal fanartists. It was dumb for the organizer to take it to Kickstarter, but don't lump them together with a literate scammer jumping on the new gen bandwagon as soon as possoble to produce a knockoff.

>> No.10120615

>legitimate charity

pick one

>> No.10120639

That mod group has hosted successful zines and Kickstarters before. They made a mistake dragging a huge Nintendo property into it but you have to be retarded to put normal zine hosts and fanartists on the same level as tracers.

>> No.10120662

I shipped some packages (one international) and from my scale at home they were 4oz, but when I weighed them at the post office just to check it said they were 5.7oz. I mailed them anyways because I've never had a problem in the past with the same items (same packaging), but should I change how much the item weighs for future shipping labels?

>> No.10120712

I was checking out the c2e2 artist alley list and then I saw that AsherBee is selling there... it's the one chick who made those disastrous plushies on AANI a while ago

>> No.10120719

Never heard of that pics pls

>> No.10120749

Oh. My. God. Like poop brooch Asherbee?

>> No.10120792

Check to make sure your scale is accurate. Might need a new one.

>> No.10121073
File: 49 KB, 600x600, 5c78cfd5-ec10-4982-9cb4-56e90a46500e.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ok so apparently it's a different person than the one I originally thought of... istg though these plushies are kinda uncanny valley for me though, I might be thinking of some other plushie design horror story

>> No.10121113

do you mean... unicone?

>> No.10121294

Did that actually get made? did anyone tell her it looked like they were hemorrhaging blood out of their butts?

>> No.10121307

I guess I was thinking of that One! Fortunately, this artist is someone different but has an unfortunate username

>> No.10121391

I was thinking of that one too but couldn't think up the name. Ice cream pony? Demon horse? Shit unicorn?? and couldn't dig it up on AANI so I wasn't sure.

I've seen the strawbunny before. It's not terrible, but they all kind of look alienish. It's probably the eyes.

>> No.10121431

Do single sided charms sell badly compared to double sided? I want to get some charms made with acornpress’ special glittery acrylic, but upgrading my charms to double sided with them is out of my price range.
I personally prefer double sided charms and would be unlikely to buy a single sided charm, unless I really like the art, or it has some other special selling point (in this case, the special material) But I’m curious if others really care.
Would I be better off getting double sided glitter charms from vograce? They’re not nearly as pretty

>> No.10121444

Anyone here ever used or have thoughts on Pixsy? Basically, you sign up, upload your original art/photos, and if they find someone else using your art/photos without permission for a commercial application, they'll contact the owner and demand a royalty and you'll get 50% of how ever much they were able to get from the art thief.

I've heard of etsy sellers complaining that people stole their pictures of jewlery to sell copies of it on ebay or wherever, see several small anime conventions that look like their entire website is made from copy/pasting random anime pictures off of google images, and I've seen people use my photos as their avatar for social media (which isn't illegal if they aren't commercial, but made me realize that there are people using my images without me knowing).
So idk, thought it might be useful to some of you? Might even be useful to me.

>> No.10121464

wait who were you thinking of originally, I need deets

>> No.10121494

If buyers like the art they'll buy it even if it's the same price/more expensive than clears. I only had one person express disappointment that one of my specialty charms was single sided but they bought it anyway.

I actually have done double sided Acorn Press, but most people automatically assume it's single sided, so I have to put two displays of them out and label that they're double sided to justify the higher price I have of them.

>> No.10121518
File: 366 KB, 1280x960, 7fe4930155f1f817fcc36bbb82acb12a.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Could ya'll be thinking of this plush? The Unicone by Shottsy Arts?

>> No.10121520
File: 179 KB, 1129x948, 1546702525325.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

oh god oh fuck it is
i guess some memories never leave us

>> No.10121624

It looks as bad as I’ve remembered it.

>> No.10121626

Ah, yes. There it is. Such fond memories.

>> No.10121759

I remember the threads about these. Someone did a much cuter redesign. They still look as tacky and carnival-prize-esque as I remember.

>> No.10121804
File: 6 KB, 281x282, 1479103741014.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Was it this? I've been trying to find the thread

>> No.10121975

oh god that was what it was... I guess the food x animal thing was stuck in my head while I tried to erase the image

>> No.10121980

momo-con artist alley has almost fully been updated with nearly all the tables being assigned.. and they actually grouped all the furry artists in the same row. I've never seen a con have a furry row/corner, but ok.

>> No.10122315

So I've searched Google and Amazon, and I can't seem to find any plastic storage cube colors other than black and white. Do people just paint theirs? Or is there somewhere you can get multiple colors?

>> No.10122342

None of the art stores like michaels or a.c.mores?

>> No.10122350

I got my pink ones from Hobby Lobby. I didn't want to bother with cubes broken in transit so I just got them in person.

>> No.10122891


>> No.10123262

i see some charms that print to the very edge of the acrylic (no border), do you just ask the manu to do that? does it cost extra?

>> No.10123287
File: 614 KB, 630x902, examplee2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hey guys, I was hoping I could get some critique? These are a couple of my charm designs. I don't have much experience drawing chibis so I was wondering if anything about them looks off? I'm also worried that the white speckle effect may look more like a mistake than an artistic choice to other people. Left is without the speckle and right is with. I would appreciate any advice.

>> No.10123291

Love the white speckle right now but it will look like chipped paint on a charm.

>> No.10123292

They’re going to print very lightly, that and they look too plain, wouldn’t buy at all.

>> No.10123293

Definitely without the speckle, it won't look good when printed. If you want a similar effect look into clear acrylic charms with glitter.
As for the art itself, even if they're chibis I think you should put some more effort in the coloring: the crown is colored really nicely so doing something similar for the rest would look better. Other than that my only complaint is with the anatomy, especially on the lower example where the feet just look tacked on. The proportions look a bit silly because they only keep slimming towards the bottom instead of having even proportions. I'd suggest looking at a lot of references on chibi anatomy from other artists and official merch that you personally like, or maybe even forgetting about drawing chibis in the first place: if you're more comfortable with realistic proportions you can still make charms even if they're not chibi. Other than that, just generally improving on your coloring and making everything look a bit more polished will go a long way. Even small charms show a lot of detail, so if you skip corners it'll be noticeable.

>> No.10123379

look on ebay, i got my pink ones from there. might have to dig a bit but there's definitely multiple listings there.

>> No.10123721 [DELETED] 

Where do you guys like to print T-shirts? My partner and I had T-shirt printed before, only the quality was incredibly bad and far below what was promised (the reviews of this company where also good). So where kinda sceptical on placing another order.

>> No.10123722

Where do you guys like to print T-shirts? My partner and I had T-shirt printed before, only the quality was incredibly bad and far below what was promised (eventhough the reviews of this company where good). So where kinda sceptical on placing another order.

>> No.10123766
File: 509 KB, 650x985, examplee3.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Thank you for the replies, gulls!

The speckle looking like chipped paint is exactly what I was afraid of, so I guess I'll remove that.
As for the coloring, for charms, I personally prefer soft, pale colors. I was going for a sort of flat/papery look if that makes sense? But I guess I executed it poorly.
I tried adding in some simpleish shading, although even this looks a little harsher than what I'd like if I'm being honest. I'll keep working at it, but how are these for a start?
For the top example I also widened his lower body, and for the lower example I redrew her legs with more care, and made her head a little smaller.
And yeah I've seen people make charms with regular proportions, maybe I'll try it.

Also >>10123292 what exactly do you mean by plain? Is it the lack of shading, or the poses are too boring also? Do you feel they're completely unsalvageable?

>> No.10123787
File: 84 KB, 221x344, 1551196845736.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The shaded ones look so much better, I actually really love the way you colored them. I get preferring lighter/flat colors, but it's a good idea to keep in mind that printed products kill a lot of the saturation/contrast, so if it currently looks a bit too much for you it'll most likely look just right when printed. So remember to always order a couple of sample charms with different values of saturation/contrast first to see how it actually differs from your computer/tablet screen.
The proportions are also starting to look better, but still need some refining. Although I can personally attest that learning to draw chibis, despite their simplicity, will still take trial and error, so don't stress about it and just keep experimenting with different types of SD looks: not all chibis have to follow the "huge head, tiny body" look either if you don't feel like it works for you. Pic related: while the proportions are quite even and not ridiculously short and chubby, it's still recognizeable a chibi and extremely cute too.
Other than that, I'd still focus on making the linework a bit more polished: while leaving gaps in your linework is probably a stylistic choise it's always a fine line of whether it looks good and intentional or if it just looks rushed and unfinished. But I think you've lined the tip of the witch hat and the staff really nicely, so I think you'll do fine once you spend some time refining the style you want to go for.

Sorry for the wall of text, I just really like people who are able to take feedback. Good luck anon!

>> No.10123822

I've done quite a few specialty acrylic charms that have all been single sided, and nobody has ever complained and they've all sold just as well as double sided. I think most people think like you do -- the special material makes up for the fact that it's not double sided.

>> No.10123877

what's up with the super washed out "glare" on the girls face/hair/hat? Looks like you left it out in the sun forever and it faded.

>> No.10123899

In my opinion in order for simple coloring to work you would have to have stronger more appealing lineart. Like pic related here >>10123787 can get away with no shading because the thicker lines carry the piece more. I would work on that over the colors.

>> No.10123924


oh god they look like fluffy ponies

>> No.10124105 [DELETED] 
File: 353 KB, 724x334, examplee4.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Thank you anon! Tbh I'm so glad I asked for advice before getting these made into charms, otherwise I would have ordered them as they were in the first example, complete with white specks. I've read that people often up the saturation a bit before ordering, so I'll probably do that.
And yeah, the examples I posted are the most passable chibis I've ever drawn. I used a lot of references and guides and sort of mixed and matched whatever proportions and techniques I liked to get a basic set of rules for myself, then through trial and error I tweaked things here and there and ended up with what I have now, which isn't great but it's much better than what I started with. There's definitely still room for improvement.
And I see what you mean about the line style appearing messy! I'll go back and neaten things up.
Again thank you so much anon~

That's a stylistic thing I've seen others do that I tried to apply to my own charms; I airbrushed some of the skin color onto the bangs/forehead area. I like the way it sort of softens the border between the colors and helps to brighten and lift the face area. Pic related is another charm of mine that I feel shows the effect better. Not a fan of it?
I admit maybe it has more of a place on some charms than others. Like for this one, I feel that because the bangs go down so far on the face, adding the skin color helps to bring the face back out. But on the witch her hair doesn't go down so far, so maybe it's not really necessary, but I added it to all of my charms for the sake of consistency.

I see what you mean anon! Honestly what I'm gathering is that I tried to go for a simplistic style, but I sort of overdid it and everything came out too low effort looking. And since you mentioned thicker lines helping to carry the piece, I'm realizing that I didn't really take line weight into account at all. Maybe that's something I'll try adding.

>> No.10124107
File: 499 KB, 1072x600, examplee4.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Thank you anon! Tbh I'm so glad I asked for advice before getting these made into charms, otherwise I would have ordered them as they were in the first example, complete with white specks. I've read that people often up the saturation a bit before ordering, so I'll probably do that.
And yeah, the examples I posted are the most passable chibis I've ever drawn. I used a lot of references and guides and sort of mixed and matched whatever proportions and techniques I liked to get a basic set of rules for myself, then through trial and error I tweaked things here and there and ended up with what I have now, which isn't great but it's much better than what I started with. There's definitely still room for improvement.
And I see what you mean about the line style appearing messy! I'll go back and neaten things up.
Again thank you so much anon~

That's a stylistic thing I've seen others do that I tried to apply to my own charms; I airbrushed some of the skin color onto the bangs/forehead area. I like the way it sort of softens the border between the colors and helps to brighten and lift the face area. Pic related is another charm of mine that I feel shows the effect better. Not a fan of it?
I admit maybe it has more of a place on some charms than others. Like for this one, I feel that because the bangs go down so far on the face, adding the skin color helps to bring the face back out. But on the witch her hair doesn't go down so far, so maybe it's not really necessary, but I added it to all of my charms for the sake of consistency.

I see what you mean anon! Honestly what I'm gathering is that I tried to go for a simplistic style, but I sort of overdid it and everything came out too low effort looking. And since you mentioned thicker lines helping to carry the piece, I'm realizing that I didn't really take line weight into account at all. Maybe that's something I'll try adding.

>> No.10124138

I think the glare looks way too bright on the witch, making it look washed out and faded. Plus, it's not only on the face but all over the hat and upper body too. It doesn't add anything, and is more of a distraction. It also makes the lineart look "lazy" for lack of a better word. Sloppy? I don't know. Maybe a less heavy approach would look better.

>> No.10124143

I like adding a bit of rando light to my characters’ faces too! But in this case, I would go back and add in some deeper shadows to prevent the whole thing from looking too washed out. You’re also losing some of the form by just throwing on a general overlay like that because it implies the area is a flat surface.

>> No.10124154

A different anon from before, but glad to see you're taking all the crits in stride and benefiting from it too! I like to do the skin color/airbrush effect too, but I think one helpful thing to keep in mind is to keep it more or less around where the actual face/skin is? It makes it go less heavy handed, which yeah, I think may be the issue here, but still gives it the effect to help the face pop and colors blend. Think of it as less of a random adjustment and more to give the strands a translucent effect like they would maybe have irl.

The pale colors may have something to do with it too, but looks like you're on the right track with that already! You can also try using a soft light or overlay layer with a soft pink or orange close to the skin tone for the airbrush effect. It also helps with all the same things as before, but keeps things from getting too washed out. Gl anon!

>> No.10124642

Is anyone else astonished by the amount of whiny babies STILL complaining about Sacanime's lottery system? Even if you were ~working~ you had 3 months in advance to at least plan to pretend you needed to pee and filled out the form in the bathroom.

>> No.10124652

I don’t really know where to ask this, so I hope asking the people who make prints is alright. Is there anywhere I can get rid of old prints I’ve gotten over the years? It would be a shame to throw them out, but I don’t want them anymore.

>> No.10124693

You can probably sell them here https://anime.circlly.com/
Or even post it under the free section of craigslist and put them on your front porch or whatever.

>> No.10125704
File: 424 KB, 1600x2000, 33DCB99F-5614-41C7-9F9C-4381FC21294D.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Would it be possible to sell 10,000 units at Anime Expo?
Is that a doable number, or ridiculous? I know it’s a gamble, but it’s a gamble I’m willing to play, especially with my previous sales history.
I just wish I knew how much some of the big companies sell so I could base it like that.

>> No.10125707

What do you mean by units? Like dollars? Or do you mean 10,000 items total? You can absolutely do 10K items if you're pricing competitively but like...you could ALSO sell less items than that at higher prices and make the same amount of money with less effort/weight.

>> No.10125745

Yeah, 10,000 items.

>> No.10125746

If you don't mind revealing your identity, you could probably put it on some marketplace/selling group on FB. Or if you have friends/friend's siblings, etc. who are into anime maybe you could ask them?

>> No.10125839

AX has some ridiculous amount of attendees, and there are always those people who buy a bunch of things from your table. I think it's possible but again, you could make the same amount of money with less stock. I'm not gonna lie, I have totally thought about bulk ordering charms and selling them for some stupid low price just to see how many I could sell (original designs so not to accidentally fuck over everyone around me) but the thought of carrying 10,000 of anything around is killer.

>> No.10125845

I'm gonna say no.

AX's Artist Alley is open for a total of 29 hours (8 hours on Thurs, Fri, Sat and 5 hours on Sun). That means if you're selling absolutely every hour of every day it's open, you'll need to be selling about 344 items per hour. Even if your table has 2 people attending it (you included) that means each person has to move 172 items per hour. Even if you're selling stuff that costs $1, a minimum of 172 of them being sold per hour sounds kind of insane.

>> No.10125870

Does anyone wanna do SacAnime with me? I've got a spot but the only artist I know irl can't do it :')

>> No.10125888

Not Artist alley, exhibitor.

>> No.10125894

This is the artist alley thread, anon. You might want to look elsewhere for info on exhibitors. I know some artists here do exhibit halls, but this is mostly just small time artists.

Regardless, the hours are the same, thus the numbers are the same. If your store can sell 344 items per hour, then yes, you can sell 10,000 items.

>> No.10125930

I have a friend that might be interested, but it depends on how well we do on getting on the waitlist.

>> No.10126031
File: 662 B, 44x38, 1451879940502.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I've been seeing an increasing amount of AA artists using the ipad pro, and I'm wondering are they a better alternative to the Cintiq?
I feel like the Cintiq is better when it comes to making prints, saving files and what not. Does anyone here one or the other? or both?

>> No.10126047

I have both, and yeah, I basically do everything that isn't painterly prints on my ipad now that you can use clip studio on the ipad. It's just impossible to beat the convenience and portability. I love my cintiq and don't regret getting it, but it's much harder to travel with.

>> No.10126084


I use my iPad pro a lot and it's great for portability, but after a certain amount of layers Procreate will just crash a lot. My Photoshop files get pretty big so I have both.

>> No.10126089

>using apple products

>> No.10126091

Its just a preference. Some people like wasting an extra few hundred dollars on an inferior product that will bend and overheat under normal use.

>> No.10126092

How hard is it to get into FanFest in Toronto? It's FCFS but can't find anything about how competitive it is.

>> No.10126098

So it'll be my first time in AA as an actual tabler (only been a helper for friends) and I'm planning to offer commissions but I'm wondering how you guys do them and your experiences/preferences.
How do you guys feel about traditional vs digital? Traditional is more one of a kind I suppose but it tends to involve more if the person doesn't stay all 3 days or you get busy, what with having to snail mail it to them; on the other side, for digital its as simple as a quick email. Should I just offer both so anyone interested can choose what they want? And for comm turnaround, what is the general concensus: must we finish that day or would any time during the weekend work if you needed them to come back later? I found while watching tables, I didn't have much time to doodle since I had to keep an eye on what people were doing when they came up so I'm a bit unsure if I'd be able to work on anything until that night back in the hotel. Is taking down people's wants (and cash) and doing them later expected or would that be a deal breaker? I'm not the worlds' fastest artist, but I should be able to finish sketch commissions during a weekend.
Sorry for all the dumb questions, I feel like I'm overthinking everything but I wanted to be ask anyway.

>> No.10126100

Sorry for my wall of text also.

>> No.10126124

I offer both. Customers have preferences, some strongly one way or the other. I don't really give a shit one way or the other as long as I get paid, so I cater to everyone.

For the timing, most people want it done during the weekend. That's kind of the whole point of commissioning at a con in the first place. I don't offer anything that would take longer than a couple of hours max during conventions. It just makes things easier for everyone. A LOT of artists offer just sketch commissions during conventions so that's not weird at all. You can always put up a sign with social media info and make a commission post after the con. Another thing to keep in mind is that a lot of people aren't budgeting for what a full body color commission costs (at least what mine cost) in their budget for the weekend anyway, so it's just silly to offer it in the first place unless you can actually deliver by the end of the con.

>> No.10126151

pretty much what this >>10126124 anon said is golden but just want to reinforce that you should absolutely only take commissions that you can realistically finish during the con, and STOP taking them when you are developing a queue before it gets unmanageable. I don't know about other artists but after a full day of artist alley (and then usually dinner out/socializing) I'm way too tired to work on comms in the hotel room.

>> No.10126216

They have different purposes. Ipad is closer to a digital version of a sketchbook. Something you bring with you so you can draw on the commute home. Rather than taking over my wacom tablet time, it took over my sketchbook time. I find that it's good for painting and sketching, but not very good for post-drawing adjustments or if you're the type who uses lots of layers. So I still have to finish the majority of my prints on the computer.

>> No.10126948


This. I got it because I rent with no space for a desktop setup, but I still end up pulling out my beat up MacBook to finish all my prints. It’s a halfway house. But I really love Procreate and I wouldn’t get rid of the iPad even if I suddenly was able to get a desktop/tablet setup.

>> No.10127035

Never been to artist alley (I want to, but I needed more time getting experience online before I applied) and I just got invited to my first convention, a convention with over 100,000+ attendees too.
I have no other art friends so I thought I’d share my good news with you guys.
Thanks for always helping me here when I’ve had questions in the past.

>> No.10127062

congrats anon! I hope you make all that cash money

>> No.10127227

Thanks for the tips and help, guys. I don't have issues working on sketches after being out and about - money is my biggest motivation in getting stuff done in a timely manner - so I should be good here. I'm pretty excited now so thank you guys again! I ended up not making a whole bunch of different designs (only about 10 and a few different charms) so being able to pad out my table with comms and 1 off sketches would really be helpful.

>> No.10127287
File: 35 KB, 460x212, tumblr_nlhmsxq4Qx1tamoxfo6_500.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

my friend is doing a con and she has a lot of art/merch of her original (animal) characters with self-help type messages on. pic related kind of thing. it's her first con, is there any advice i can pass on?

>> No.10127308

read the replies to this

>> No.10127340

Tell her to spend more than 10 minutes on a piece, this really isn't good.

>> No.10127442
File: 468 KB, 669x544, 1509228077611.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

ACEN or Anime Midwest for best potential Chicago con return and profit?

Never been to Midwest but I've been to ACEN, what is the audience like at Midwest?

>> No.10127447 [DELETED] 
File: 136 KB, 325x985, cmyk.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You're going to need to darken the richer colors for print and make sure you're printing in CMYK just because printers can be dumb but these are very cute charms

>> No.10127541

lol her work is better than that, i just picked it cause it came up on google

thanks anon

>> No.10127763

imo, you seem to be asking if her stuff will sell or not. The only way to tell if you'll sink or swim is dive in. It might sell a little or sell well, it's really hard to tell. Also, don't be too discouraged the first year. Most artists seem to really establish themselves by the second or third year.

>> No.10127812

ah, you got me. i was just concerned because my original stuff hardly sold compared to my fanart stuff. but i think she will find a niche easier than i did. thank you

>> No.10127945

Can I see some examples of good booth set ups where one artist has multiple art styles please?

I have 3 art styles that all sell the same amount, but my booth just looks like a mess even though I attempt to organize it by style. The way I color each 3 is just too huge of a contrast even if I section them off from one another.

>> No.10127961

Why does it matter if there's contrast? I've never had a problem with it , just the occasional person asking if i did everything and being impressed I did?

>> No.10127973

I just think my personal set up looks sloppy, and I'd like to see other tables that have multiple art styles for ideas.

I love the tables that can utilize a theme of color scheme, but it's difficult for me when one of my styles is soft shade realism, another cell shaded anime, and then flat/limited color western comic style.

>> No.10127981

Hmm i would post my table but i don't really want to be ID'd.

I would say that you are your harshest critic and generally speaking no one even notices. It's more important imo that you pay attention to just the over all color patterning and grouping fandoms if you have multiple prints of the same fandom. Like don't put prints of the same color schemes next to each other or they get lost i them selves, make sure things help each other pop.

Even then.. attendees aren't artists, i don't think it matters so much, just my personal experience over the years with art that ranges from soft shading to simple vector-esque shapes and from dark gore adjacent to cute pastels all on the same table!

>> No.10127989

Does anyone have an tutorials for turning traditional art without super defined edges into vinyl stickers? Most tutorials I find are for designs that already have clean/digital edges.
I'm having difficulty figuring out whats the best method to do a smooth stroke of white around the pieces without everything getting all jaggy.

>> No.10127993

Sometimes you just have to go in and clean it up with a brush. The benefit of unclear edges is that non-perfect outlines aren't usually noticeable.

>> No.10128070

I don't know about other programs but with Photoshop, could you do:
>traditional image layer with transparent outline
>duplicate image layer
>erase and smooth outline of duplicant layer
>move duplicant layer under traditional image layer
>blending options -> stroke
At least, in my head, the idea that the smooth stroke layer underneath will give your traditional pic a clean outline while preserving the jaggy edge?

>> No.10128182

Thanks guys, I'm going to try both things.

>> No.10128198

So I figured out this method, but I haven't tried printing anything yet with it. (in photoshop)
>select main image
>select>modify>smooth (somewhere around 15px)
>certain areas will be excluded from selection now, so you will have to re-select those areas with the "add to selection" box clicked
>select>modify>smooth again if those re-selected areas are causing jagged edges
>the selected image should now have a smoother border resulting in a better looking stroke edge

>> No.10128691

Someone confirm if this is true because a TX native friend just told me: it's being held outside this year. On Fair Grounds, not even in a hotel.

I just took a look at the location on the website and it looks it's at "Fair Park."

I didn't realize A-kon could be even more of a trainwreck than it already was.

>> No.10128736

It is being held at Fair Park which hosts fairs and concerts but the con and AA is going to be indoors there. Now, there isn't a hotel on site or within a mile of the event, though. There's a whole list of other issues but your better off reading up on them in full on the A--kon thread and making your own judgements.

>> No.10128892
File: 171 KB, 750x750, Eco-Friendly-Acrylic-Material-And-Picture-Color.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hey anons, I'm trying to find the best place for acrylic standees, specifically ones where I can get a background piece and a custom base. A lot of the listings on Alibaba show just the character with a plain, clear base. This is the closest I've found to what I want as far as example product photos go, but is this about the standard price or could I get this cheaper?


>> No.10129037

I typically offer only one or two options in traditional that I can pump out in 20 minutes to an hour. If it's a particularly slow weekend I'll toss up more complicated commission styles and take my time on it so sometimes people luck out in that regard. I just have two rules I force myself to work by: I have to be able to finish all the work I take on by the end of con, and my samples always look shittier than the actual commission results. Underpromise, overdeliver. Unfortunately, the side result is that I have slow starts but I get absolutely swarmed once I get a few finished pieces up.

As for getting information, make sure they pay upfront, you have their name/cellphone/commission details, and always ask how long they'll be there for the weekend. I always tell people that they'll receive a text from me when it's ready for pickup so they're not swinging by the table every other hour or so. I personally don't take commissions home from conventions because my pricing is drastically different than if someone were to contact me online, but ymmv as to what your own preferences are.

>> No.10129179

Just fyi, but even if the listing shows a clear base, you can probably still get them to print you a custom one.

>> No.10129293

Would it be possible for me to find someone who would let me be their table helper? I love manning
a table, but I am not an artist and my friend isn't tabling anymore.

>> No.10129296

Midwest is half the attendance of ACEN and the art quality standard is pretty average since all the best artists are attending AX at the same time. You'll get sales definitely if your art is above the general quality, but the con attracts cheaper/younger attendees, it might not give you that many sales even with the attendance. Plus a lot of people boycott the con because it's a Kopf con & rape report...

If you had to choose, definitely pick ACEN. Same venue but the biggest midwest con and also good for networking and seeing good cosplays.

>> No.10129312

where you located?

>> No.10129367

I’m in eastern Nebraska, so not the best area haha.

>> No.10129396

What's the story behind these?

>> No.10129444

Someone on AANI wanted to make plushies and spammed the group with progress pics and whining about how the multiple factories she went through couldn't correctly replicate her vision. Her designs are ugly af and her schemas for them aren't even consistent lol.

>> No.10129453

Anyone here make patches? Like embroidered ones? I'm mainly wanting to know how to charge for shipping (I mainly sell my work online). So if anyone could tell me what they charge for US/international, that'd be great.

>> No.10129467

I'm new to online shipping calculation and just started. What tools does everyone use for accurate shipping prices, especially overseas? I'm about to start an Etsy shop, if there's anything I should factor in with that.

>> No.10129471

Not a seller, but I just bought a couple patches from someone's Etsy. Domestic (US) shipping was $2.70 according to the invoice.

>> No.10129598

Just buy a scale for packages and buy shipping labels from etsy. its fairly straightforward.
Once you get bigger, get a label printer so you don't have to worry about ink costs and slow buggy inkjet printers.

>> No.10129847

You can't find anything on how competitive it is because it's the convention's first year. Currently all regular AA tables are sold out so you're gonna have to try for a small press booth.

>> No.10129868


Buy a shipping scale? Or sign up for a postage printing service, some of them send you a free one.

>> No.10130092

You both should definitely invest in a shipping scale. They're as cheap as $15 on Amazon, but you can get them directly from the post office too.

However on average something less than 4oz will be about $2.70-3.09 via USPS first class. Price depends on distance between you and the address with the newest USPS changes.

>> No.10130393

Does a shipping scale somehow differ from a regular scale? It's the first time I've heard people refer to a shipping scale rather than just a scale when talking about weighing packages so it got me curious if it's just a language thing or if there's a difference between a regular scale and one meant for shipping specifically.

>> No.10130401

A scale's a scale, cooking scales tend to have a lower weight limit but that's about it.

>> No.10130446

I see, that's what I thought. Thanks!

>> No.10130609

>if there's a difference between a regular scale and one meant for shipping specifically.

The difference is a shipping scale will have a much lower weight minimum and will accurately measure one or two decimal places. You won't get that with the scale in your bathroom.

>> No.10130925

nayrt oh dang I didn't even think about a bathroom scale. Yeah, bathroom scale won't work

>> No.10130938

Just from that description I would be leery of who maintains the rights to your images (as in, are they taking any level of ownership of your art in order to threaten legal action on your behalf), but it sounds like an interesting concept.

>> No.10130979

From what I understand, they just take action on your behalf. They get permission from you each time they find someone misusing your content.

>> No.10131188

I tried googling this and I can't seem to find an answer. What size should I draw my art for the purpose of making buttons? Would scaling 8.5x11 print designs down into 2.25 inch buttons work?

>> No.10131211

Draw them at the actual size of the button, just increase the DPI. If you're just going to crop larger art that's fine, but if you're making the art FOR buttons then it's better to draw them at the actual scale.

>> No.10131461

I sell small patches, and usually charge around a dollar domestic if they dont care about shipping since I can slip it into a regular envelope with a stamp. Larger orders usually around $3.

>> No.10132062

Tfw con is in less than a month and SakuraCon still hasn't cashed your check

>> No.10132116 [DELETED] 

Yell me about it son, i keep checking to see if its been cashed yet.

>> No.10132117

Tell me about it man, I've been checking everyday to see if the check's been cashed yet.

>> No.10132143

So I've been using the Cricut plain sticker paper. All my prints keep coming out with the colors a bit messed up and print lines. Is this maybe cause my printer is having a hard time gripping the paper or do I have to change some settings around? I have a inkjet that can handle the 110 pound paper.

>> No.10132282

Do "non merchandise" fanmade/original works (those you found at comic/zine cons) sell on artist alley of average anime cons or should I not bother? My country doesn't have dedicated comic/zine cons. I mostly just want to get exposure and feedback on my music, illustrations, and music video, not interested in selling merchandises (keychains, pins, stickers and the likes)

>> No.10132436

>when etsy pushes an idea that they know will be so unpopular that they make you sign a non-disclosure agreement before telling you about it.

I really really like etsy, but they are really annoying me with their push for free shipping.

>> No.10132454

Id say definitely no. Even illustrated prints have been falling out popularity in AA. Small merch items are where its at (buttons, stickers, enamel pins, etc etc)

>> No.10132783

Thanks a lot for the replies, I guess the only chance to do that is in Japan through Comiket/Comitia/M3 summit then lol

>> No.10132859

Do you guys reckon apex legends has selling power like overwatch/league of legends does? i'm feeling it has less fanartist contributing in general because it's a game that requires you to aim (and it feels like the overlap between artists and people who are good at shooters is uh, slim, in my experience) so i'm wondering if I should try and get my foot in merch wise

>> No.10133021

I think Apex Legends will have it's own niche but not necessarily a huge fandom following. So only draw it if you actually want to/are a fan, but don't hold your breath. Overwatch is falling out of popularity and usually only the artists who super stand out still are able to move good amounts of merch. Dunno much about how LoL is fairing, the only time I ever see it (besides K/DA) is by those generic-but-skilled pin up artists.

>> No.10133088

I'd put it more in the same category of fortnite, not overwatch or league, and I don't see many people selling/buying that in AAs. I'm sure there are some people who would be interested, but I wouldn't make anything for it unless you're personally invested in the characters/game.

Also, a lot of the old fans of overwatch seem to be leaving with how blizzard is shifting their efforts to OWL instead of the lore/events, so that's probably going to be declining unless that changes.

>> No.10133230

I don't think i've ever seen fortnite merch (I'm not super familiar with all aspects of it, so it's possible I just haven't recognized the characters). I think Apex might sell a little better because it has actual characters with lore/personalities compared to fortnite which iirc just has classes?

>> No.10133253

Oh yea, that's true about the set characters. I didn't realize they had lore for Apex, my bad. It probably would do better then, but definitely not on League/Overwatch levels still imo.

>> No.10133361

Sorry if it’s been asked before, but does anyone know where to make pop sockets? Does anyone on Vograce happen to sell nice quality custom ones?

>> No.10133440

I've heard pop socket imports are seized by US customs. PopSockets own the patent and had made sure to bar counterfeits from entering the US since August.

>> No.10133628

If I sell about 2-5 of each of my charm designs per con (local cons like SacAnime, Crunchyroll, college cons), is it safe to say that ordering 10-15 of each design is ok stock for SakuraCon?

That’s what I’m guessing since people have been suggesting 2-3 time the normal amount, but it’s basically the same amount I stock for a normal con anyways so it doesn’t feel like enough.

>> No.10133823
File: 32 KB, 646x383, fuckoff.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

nah man.

>> No.10133832

You can literally order bulk custom popsockets from their website.

>> No.10133861

I genuinely hate it when people don't maintain seperate art and personal accounts. Whether it's moms spamming pics of their baby between posts I actually care about, or political shit, just make another account. IDFK why so many artists do it and don't realize its such a turn off to potential clients and employers.

>> No.10133893

Honestly I just mute vegans on twitter because it just turns my timeline into trauma style russian roulette. What'll it be today? A cute recipe for vegan cookies or am I going to be scarred for life from a graphic photo of a skinned alive racoon?

>> No.10133941


We don't want those clients or employers and we don't need them either and we have a more fun time with our lives using social media the way we want. Idk why you can't understand that lol

>> No.10134074

Does anybody use ecwid for their storefront? Thoughts?

>> No.10134116

found the vegan

>> No.10134120

NAYRT but I don't care about stranger's personal lives. If they have art that appeals to me and I would like to have seen more of, I will simply not bother if I have to scroll through an endless feed of irrelevant fluff or long tirades on political issues. It's simply not what I'm there for. People are of course free to do what they want but purely from a marketing perspective it's not something that keeps the interest of people interested in your art. Likwise an artist that never comments on art, other artists, fandoms or have any personal touches at all might also feel too distant for people to get engaged in, but social media is superficial. Most people check out your account for the pretty pictures.

>> No.10134214

While a professional client might find you through Twitter, they aren't going to slog through it to use your account as a hiring portfolio, dude. They're going to follow your bio links to seek out your actual portfolio and resume info. If you're an artist who uses Twitter as your main and only portfolio, don't worry, you're probably not pro level anyway.

>> No.10134232

NAYRT, but I didn’t get the impression from their post that they were saying they wanted to use their twitter as their main and only portfolio. They were telling the anon who expects someone to maintain two accounts with one as basically a portfolio “nah.”

Most artists I know who do this are already employed as professional artists so I don’t think they care super much. Artists don’t give their employers or clients their twitter first and foremost. They usually have a website with a portfolio to view.

>> No.10134380

Not vegan but >>10133861 never mentioned vegan specifically, they are probably just people who get butthurt at MUH SJWSSSS

I mean frankly.. i don't care.. about people like you? Like that's fine, you don't like to follow people like that but if you're gonna act like >>10133861 you have to understand you aren't anyone we give a shit about and we certainly don't need to adjust ourselves to pander to your tastes lol

I'm ambivalent about it desu, people who run two accounts like all the more power to them everyone should use social media however they like. I just get annoyed when sub-par artists think separate accounts is superior in some way. like >>10134214
said, if you're desperately hoping for work from your twitter account you're like not even in the same league to compare

>> No.10134416

Most people who sell fanmerch on conventions and online does need to pander to the masses though. I don't care about what post on their social media, if I'm not interested I just won't follow. Obnoxious rants are a turn off to many, if you can sustain a fanbase like that then all the power to you, but you will likely attract people who rant and complain back. There are benefits to acting professionally.

>> No.10134452

All i'm saying is your perception of people "losing" something are just your perceptions born out of probably you just having not so good art and fear of losing money. I don't know what else to say other than people who are annoying to you can also be making way more money than you and don't fear anything you are paranoid about lol.

>> No.10134463

if you want to be arrogant about the shit you say on twitter get ready for the goalposts shifting and everybody screaming to cancel you, lmao

>> No.10134495

I feel like you don't even use twitter because some of the most popular artists on there maintain their accounts as both art and personal, rants included, and the worst they get in return is like, "yaaas spill the tea sis." It's just expected these days to have yourself and your politics/interests alongside your art, it's like a package deal and more people find it appealing to support the art of a person whose interests align with their own.

I'm not saying I agree with this, necessarily, but that's how it is these days for many people. If you're not into that, that's fine, but your preference isn't the "superior" way to be, it's just your preference.

>> No.10134500

I don't mind, it shows off their personality and also having more than 1 acct is hard - although I understand that if you post on twitter a ton, it might be better to have a separate acct if you constantly RT political stuff and not enough art (which is why I follow someone in the first place)

as long as they also link their portfolio site in their bio, at least they can get credited on twitter when someone eventually reposts their art without tagging them

>> No.10134640

What site would be the best to get a single print? I got permission from an artist to make a print of my commission for personal use, but I don't really know anything about printing sites.

>> No.10134654

just go to office depot anon

>> No.10134776
File: 414 KB, 1078x1216, tekko AA.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Cons with best and worst AA layouts?
Tekko last year was so nice and roomy- idk what the fuck theyre thinking this year.

>> No.10134786

Damn you're salty af, hope you find some way to focus on yourself instead of other people's twitters some day

>> No.10134793

What sort of unique/not often done merch are you guys planning for your upcoming cons? I wanted to try acrylic stands and pillows but there seems to be a lot more popping up and I want to be experimental. I'm thinking of eyemasks and those tumblers that look like ice coffee cups.

>> No.10134803

heard from someone in AA at katsu that the tumblers arent very durable and they got complaints

>> No.10134807

Does anybody know how much vograce's foil charms are for orders of 100 pieces or so? How do those hold up? Saw earlier that their holo charms die pretty quick so is it worth?

>> No.10134813

I'm branching out to new acrylic merch beyond just charms, but I think standees and similar stuff is pretty ordinary now. I've been seeing a lot more new AA product types lately like wallets, clutches, acrylic music boxes, pop sockets, planners and clear kisscut sticker sets, etc. Really cool stuff! It'll be exciting to see this summer's con circuit.

Mine were 2.30/pc for I think like 25-50 of one design if that helps. Just get them double board, it protects the foil, so you won't have to worry about durability. Mine have had no issues!

>> No.10134816

Thanks anon! That's still cheaper than some other charms I've done from vograce so glad to hear (2.5", glitter epoxy, small quantity.. oof)

What size were those foil charms for if you don't mind me asking?

>> No.10134888

Does anyone have experience running a stall that is just original content/no fan art?

I have an online brand (mostly clothing but looking to branch out in to pins/acrylics with some of the characters) that I'd really like to take to conventions to bank in on the footfall. I'm concerned however that there'll be little interest if I'm not catering to some fandoms but I feel like if I do it'll 'cheapen' the brand image?

>> No.10134945

I also do original art with a lot of clothing, I haven't had any issues with not having fanart.

Keep doing what you're doing and the people who resonate with it will come

>> No.10134953

There's whole AAs that only do original art. My table is mostly OC with a few 90s fandoms, and we do pretty well each con.

>> No.10134959

we only did 15 foil ones (most of them one-off commission charms), but our total order had 1k plain double acrylic board charms. Coco charged us 2.30 each for the foils. All charms were 2inches.

>> No.10134980

Anyone in the texas area thats been/wants to go to anime austin and animectx? Want to apply for both of these cons, but they neither answer emails or reply on social media. When do they even announce who got in the AA?

>> No.10134983

90% of shopping goes towards original artists. I might prefer it. I don't sell fan art and plenty of other don't either.

>> No.10135045

Oh, forgot to include size, sorry. They were a little bigger than 2.5". Clear epoxy on one side and double-board. Hope that helps!

>> No.10135092


Thank you both! Definitely does help, looking forward to trying these out soon :)

>> No.10135181

Sorry to hijack, but do you price those the same as the regular acrylic ones?

>> No.10135200

Shit that sucks. Maybe I'll try for plastic cup sets or mugs maybe.

I've never seen the music boxes, that's wild. How does that even work? Do they provide fan music or just put in a song already known? Pop sockets is a simple one, maybe more phone cases? It's not experimental but I rarely see custom phone cases in an artist alley.

>> No.10135260

Phone cases can be a bit difficult since there is such a variety of phones at cons.

>> No.10135382

I don't have a map but there's a local con that seems to love cramming artist tables in a small room where the artists are literally back-to-back, just terrible. I read some artists who vocalized this issue, among other things. So when I saw the same con hosting at a different venue, I emailed them asking if they plan to space out the tables better. The reply I got back was unhelpful and they denied any negative experiences from previous AAs, so I didn't bother applying.

>> No.10135394

I was talking about the music box toastedonwheat posted on twitter, it's spirited away music. It seems like two acrylic pieces that slot into the top of the music box. They said they have to assemble them, so maybe they have two separate manufacturers, one for the music box and one for the acrylic? I can't figure out how they did it, it looks really cute.

>> No.10135395

Was looking at a Brother ScanNCut and was wondering if something like that would work for making custom cut stickers at home. Would it even be worth it?

>> No.10135492

Why not go for cricut or silhouette?

>> No.10135830

Is standard shipping or courier shipping faster for zap?

>> No.10135852

literally dont know the difference between these things. what makes them better than the brother thing?

>> No.10135919

ok i looked into them and the main difference seems to be that the brother scanNcut doesnt need any file prep as it can scan your image and create cut lines itself. idk beyond that tho, so im wondering if anyone here has experience with one or both

>> No.10136071

Original anon who asked about the vograce pricing, I haven't made them yet but I was thinking of charging about $12 or $13, though that's also because I'm planning on making these about 2.5 inches.

And don't worry about hijacking, I actually meant to ask that too but forgot (how do those prices sound actually?)

>> No.10136260

new thread >>10136259

>> No.10139192

How long have you been making art before you started to sell? I've been wanting to do this for a while but I don't practice art nearly as much as I did when I was a kid so I'm gonna have to work it a lot

>> No.10140943

Hello, I'm planning to sell at an artist alley for the first time, but I'm having trouble finding a decent photo stand that doesn't destroy my wallet.

Searching on Amazon, I'm only finding stands that have interlocking crossbars so I can't get the width I want, or telescoping crossbars that all have bad reviews for being too flimsy.

Does anyone have any recommendations? Thanks.

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