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Last thread >>10099573

/cgl/ Idol Spreadsheet - https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1w3peD9VtAPM9cuIjYlexb7nHOkUfFs_Fcyv21UYakV4/edit#gid=0

-Stellure announces their disbanding
-Is it okay for idols to have weird outfits?
-Tons of cute Valentine's Day covers
-Seishun Youth Academy unveils new merchandise

Starting topic: Performance opportunities

Do any of you seek out non-convention opportunities to perform? For example, Ice Qream just took part in a one-night concert called Idol Revolution. Do any of you do open mics, shop performances, non-convention festivals, etc? At conventions, do you try and go for main events, masquerades, panels, or hallway performances?

Remember not to respond to bait/"why does this thread exist"/etc. Take excessive drama and vendettas to lolcow.

Featured: Stellure Idols @ Katsucon

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lmao @ stellure being at katsu

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What group is this? From katsu

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this is so sad....such a high energy song and they look lost and dead.
I understand those outfits can be annoying to dance in but then why not choose a different song??

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someone buy nozomi a new bra...

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A summary of Stellure events from last thread
>Performed at the half-time time show at Katsucon - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vm1ULe_rSp
>Announced they're disbanding yesterday (they'll be releasing an album of every Stellure song within the coming weeks)
>Luna, Polaris, and Io will continue performing in their new group called Astreal
>Callisto will continue performing as a soloist idol
>Mimi wants to do song and dance covers and continue performing with Darling! Idols
>Astra will continue doing dance covers, retiring the Astra persona

And some recent original content

Aikan - Heartbeat

Julily (Vivacu) - Boundless Dreams

Crystal Rose - KRParty

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They’re the only idol group I know that did songs in English

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Stellure's Faye released her goodbye message
She's so cute,, she wasn't even my bias but I can't help get choked up by her message.

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A group that had disbanded last year where I live performed at their local cultural festival as one of their acts. They handed out an one day ticket for the local wota. It was quite fun seeing other acts aside from theirs

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How do you watch that video with the love live group

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This Mexican take on Koisuru Fortune Cookie is pretty nice!
Though I feel kind of bad for the ladies trying to walk past Cherry Gummy dancing in the middle of the aisle while giving her the side-eye lol

This webm? >>10111167
Maybe your browser needs to be updated?

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By the way if anyone needs the link to the new lolcow idol thread I have it

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Aikan? Didn't know Jazi was in a trio lol
I don't really support Jazi because she does a lot of gravure and I'm not about that but I think that she has some potential as a performer. She looks really uncomfortable in parts of this video though, I wonder if there was drama while filming or something. As for the other members, the blonde is super cute, can't say the same for the other brunette.

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>I also hope that with this new group, they'll have learned from Mimi's many, many mistakes managing Stellure.
This is a good sign

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i’ve lurked net idol stuff on and off for awhile but are there any groups that are actually interesting and have good concepts? as a hobby it sounds cool in concept but most of them seem to do nothing and disband or are just kind of like love live roleplay groups.

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Squeeze posted their profiles and more ARG stuff finally. It's really unique, but I want it some kind of content. None of the (really bad) love live groups they performed with at their last con posted anything with them in it, so we still have no idea how they perform. I like them already but I want content. One of the members was in a group with me when I was younger so it feels personal.

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I’m already working on a Google doc to get a head start on the ARG aspect. I think they may have deliberately kept people from posting their performance/may not have even performed, it would be a pretty ARGish thing to do. I watch too much Night Mind, though, so I could be overthinking it.

If people are interested, I can create a public doc with the stuff I’ve found so far (not much, just working on the timeline atm)

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Oh, and if anyone has anything they’ve discovered that seems interesting, tell me! I’m in full detective mode right now

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A public doc sounds great. they have a theory channel in their discord but no one is posting in it. I thought i was the only one intrigued and dying over this stuff

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I’ll get on that, then! Most of the stuff right now is just trying to figure out what stuff is planned, what’s just the girls, if everything is planned, etc.

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Their website has text on it you can't see unless you highlight it... gave me chills not gonna lie

alternate reality game

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Where do people go to recruit for their idol/net-idol shows? I wanted to try auditioning, but I don't really know where to start looking.

>> No.10112210

You just gotta search for groups that happen to have auditions open

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My group promoted auditions on Instagram with those idol promoter accounts (@netidol.news.reporter, @netidolobsession, and @idol__appreciation are some of them)
I think that's the easier way to find auditions? Without having to join a discord server (overseas idol collection is a huge one)

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How do you feel about giving your group members homework (i.e. having them submit videos of them practicing at home)? It seems like some groups do this and others don't, but the ones that do seem to have better results from what I've seen. It would definitely help groups who don't get together as often, I think.

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Here's the doc
If anyone wants to co-edit, just email the throwaway in the name field and I'll get you in. It's currently a bit messy, but I'm trying my best to keep it somewhat organized.

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Speaking of buying likes, nobody wants to talk about how Lovely Clover suddenly has 500 likes on a pic on her FB/insta when the rest get like a max of 5 interactions per post? lmfao makes you really wonder

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I think it can be very helpful, especially if the members don’t get to meet up for practise all together as often as they would like to. If you only have one group practise all together before a performance, videos can help everyone get the moves right and then the group sessions can focus more on sync and placements

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Yo, at kamicon and so far interlunium concert has not started. Thinking they're running late or something? Either way keep y'all updated ayyyyyy

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Oof keep us updated anon

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Yo interlunium is a huge fucking let down. 45 mins late, no cordination, no dancing at all, shit sound just bad. Just fuckin bad.

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Caan you provide video or pictures?

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Yo one cried oh my god

>> No.10112510

In a bit yeah lol

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I think the captions on some posts change with their updates. a few of their older posts have had many different captions, a few of the ones you have already changed today. every update with the current style has been changing the old posts. i didn't notice until your doc made me go check those posts again they say different things than before.

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Surprisingly strong finish for how fuckin bad it started actually. Will post vids later

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My group does it since we can only practice once a month, It's great to see how a particular person does a certain move and immediately shows who wants to put in effort to improve it. We also make videos at the practice itself and give homework in the sense that everybody has to watch the videos to see where they're off in timing compaired to the rest and try to fix that at home. For certain sync problems that are more than just one person we have a google doc to write everything in. It helps a lot when it comes to time management as during practice itself were not wasting time on tiny details one could fix at home

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Whoa, any examples in particular?

>> No.10112679

They’ve also deleted at least one photo

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Should've seen this coming to be honest. Oh well, that's what first performances are for I guess. An excuse for an act to be terrible so they know what to fix for next time. Let's hope they improve for future performances, if there are any.

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Aww, really? I liked their songs, a shame their first live was a bust.
Who? Do you know why?

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They post clues on their stories that are gone now :( like the ii row had some scribbles on it or something idk in their stories... I think they reposted some ones on discord but stopped. their discord never talks about their arg?? their fans are just chill with it i guess lol

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I’m screencapping EVERYTHING now. Here’s a “please” from today

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While there are definitely some talented net idols, there don't seem to be very many with a strong, defined concept beyond something like "galaxy-themed" or "we want to spread idol culture locally somehow."

Pinku Project was overtly sugary-sweet and pastel, and even had a shop, Pinkly Ever After, selling original handmade clothes like they were "fairy godmothers" making people cuter and happier.

Honey Hime are great performers, have some cute bee puns (Fans are called bees and they're the Queen Bees, have an album titled Bee Yourself, etc.) and a love of Eurobeat, and it seems like their new Pizzayolo unit might have more emphasis on Italian food and culture ...or perhaps just pizza?

>> No.10112732

The shop was Robin's, not Pinku Project's. She just made the outfits for Pinku project/ other members outside of her would model them for her (particularly Leah and cotton the most). I miss them so much though

>> No.10112739

I'm not really surprised, nearly all the singing in their songs is auto tuned to hell so I can't imagine their live singing would be any good.

I saw a picture of most of the group at their booth and I was pretty disappointed... considering they have a reasonable budget and following, I was hoping they'd be dressed in stage outfits or something so they looked cohesive. They were all just in casual wear, though I don't know what they wore for the actual show.

>> No.10112745

Another example of a love live inspired group only in it for the popularity and not really knowing or putting forward the effort to do real life performance work.

>> No.10112764

If you look at some of the individual members' personal channels, they're actually very good singers. Imo a lot of the sound bugging out was a technical fault, not necessarily theirs (I was there).

>> No.10112767

They were cohesive schoolgirl uniform themed outfits on stage.

>> No.10112776

Yeah for the most part their singing was pretty good actually, the sound was just an absolute nightmare. I left pretty early on because I was just so disappointed from their stage presence to their performance.

>> No.10112782

Do they have any real stage experience? Cause so far this sounds exactly the case. Love live weebs only in it for the popularity and aesthetic.

>> No.10112785

Not that anon. They're a group of online singers who haven't all met, don't seem to all be friends, and whose ages seem to range from 18 - 32 it's not surprising they're not cohesive in real life despite their high budget and online quality.

>> No.10112788

Thats zero excuse considering most underage groups who meet the night before their performance have better stage presence than that.

If there also not all friends, that just raises more questions and suspicions on their intentions for doing Interlunium. It's just a popularity project.

>> No.10112791

I'm not saying it's an excuse it just isn't surprising to me for those reasons. What was surprising to me was when they said they'd do lives in general due to those reasons I just gave.
I think it's less about popularity more profit for them. I doubt they're making much right now, but they're probably doing decent and if they branded themselves better they could be making a lot of money.

>> No.10112797

All idolshit is for the popularity, wtf are you talking about. Or are you those people who think they’re genuine when they say “I want to make people happy!!”

>> No.10112807

Does anyone have any video yet? I am dying to see what they did.

>> No.10112808

Yikes... that's definitely not a good look, and she most definitely bought likes on that post. i noticed too, her insta suddenly has maybe 100 or so more followers too now than not even a week ago?

why aren't we talking about this instead of a duo that got 200 fb likes in a WEEK, when suddenly this girl, who doesn't even post videos or content all that often, suddenly has hundreds and hundreds of likes on ONE POST and 100+ new follows? sounds fishy if you ask me

>> No.10112809

Interlunium is like any real idol group- created to make money. The singers were hired and paid its not like 'uwu friendship and love for idols' it's something they're doing for fun and profit and that should be obvious to anyone since day one.

Anyway, I'm reserving judgement until a video is posted.

>> No.10112820

i can't speak for facebook since i haven't seen it, but for instagram, it's not fishy. if it were in the thousands maybe, but it looks like one of her posts caught wind and she gained followers?

and before anyone calls me clover, I'm someone who found her on through the katsu tag recently and followed because i liked her craftsmanship on her cosplay.

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File: 831 KB, 500x400, 3rdgengroup1copy.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Thank you for the correction!

Only kind of related and this'll probably sound sappy, but I think it's nice when, in groups, the members seem to be genuine friends rather than just acquaintances coming together occasionally out of obligation for practices and performances (that doesn't mean I won't enjoy a group of talented acquaintances though, but chemistry is a plus).

>that just raises more questions and suspicions on their intentions for doing Interlunium.
Suspicions? Not to be rude, but I thought it always seemed obvious Interlunium is mainly for profit...

>> No.10112826

That's good to hear, shame it sounds like they had no real plan or choreo for performing though.
Ah, I assumed from OP's comment that the whole thing was bad including the singing. I do still think their stuff is much more auto tuned than it needs to be, especially if most of them are talented singers.

>> No.10112957

Even still, that made it an even worse idea to put on a show in the first place. And even if they’re only in it for profit, shouldn’t they learn how to put in better shows? I’m sorry but hearing that they only really do this for money is a let down. I understand people have to make a living but Interlunium is like a slap to the face to real performers who do this for a living while still knowing how to put on a good show. Even if they’re coming from online singers, that excuse is out the window cause it just sounds lazy to me.

“They didn’t have good stage presence because they’re online singers.” Then maybe they should keep it online?

>> No.10112961

No one's gonna call you out for being Clover, because you can actually spell and use punctuation and didn't call anyone here a hater.

>> No.10112970

Thank you! I took a peek and most of them are LL cover/OC groups, which is fine, but not really what I was looking for.

>> No.10112972

I'm screaming, it's too real anon

>> No.10113010

I'm not sure where you're getting the idea that it's purely for profit. I've met some of the singers and they all seem to genuinely like what they do, and most importantly, get along with each other. I don't think shaming their first performance is necessarily the kindest move. They're very passionate about their project, money or not, and to say Interlunium is 100% for profit is just lying.

>> No.10113018

Personally, I really do just want to make people happy. I could care less about money/popularity.

>> No.10113032

>get along with each other
>barely any chemistry on stage
You have to choose one at the end of the day, anon.

None is shaming them for being a for profit project, but more because you think they would better associated with each other and put as much dedication to a live performance like they do with their online content. If they really loved being in the group, you think they would be better friends (thus having chemistry) and try to put forward just as much effort as their online content.

Seeing Interlunium done in real life is just a huge let down and we can all agree to that.

>> No.10113070

Aaa I wish I could've helped more. Good luck with finding a group!

>> No.10113124

There is also a chance they just put an ad on. When I did an ad on Instagram it got 700 more likes than I get on average and I gained 200 followers in a few days.

>> No.10113126

Did you notice an increase in follower engagement too? I've been considering switching to a business profile and running an advertisement, but I don't want to do that and get just empty follows with no upswing in engagement.

>> No.10113199

Looks like Vega, Tauri, and Titania (plus someone else not in Stellure) are starting another group called A La Melody. Vega mentions it in her goodbye post.

So a summary on Stellure's future plans:
Luna, Polaris, and Io started Astreal
Callisto will be a solo idol
Mimi is staying in Darling Idol, but will be focusing more on herself.
Vega, Titania, and Tauri started A La Melody
Nix, Astra, and possibly Faye are ending idol activities.

>> No.10113210

eh honestly it seems like that group will fall apart pretty quickly. those members are pretty weak links (tauri and titania barely even particupated in stellure). have higher hopes for astreal definitely

>> No.10113213

does anyone know about doll house in MI? i just heard about them but it seems like they've been around for a while

>> No.10113229

They're shit starters and have been ghosted by everyone for years. They're irrelevant, let them stay that way.

>> No.10113233

Is there any more info? I tried looking it up but all i got was a gentlemans club...

>> No.10113248

Uhh what? Being on stage chemistry vs chemistry hanging out are COMPLETELY different. I can't believe you're trying to make this argument. Most of them have little to no stage experience. Does that mean they can't get along in real life?

I'm literally speaking as a friend of theirs, who saw them hanging out together. They are very friendly and close. Some of them suffer from anxiety and stage fright.

>> No.10113252

I agree their show wasn't the best, but I think you're being unfair comparing their online content to their show when the technical issues during the performance were massive. That's not an understatement. It was delayed almost an hour because of incompetence from show staff.

>> No.10113258

NTAYRT, but they feed into each other don’t you think? Even then, I feel like this is more stage presence than chemistry. If anything being on a stage with friends is much easier than being alone. I personally, however, don’t agree with people who have extreme anxiety or stage fright being on stage for the first time in front of hella people. It’s literally the exact opposite of what you want to do.

>> No.10113271

I disagree. If you want to be better at something, you do it. You'll fail a lot, but you can't overcome that weakness without putting yourself out there. And the more you do it, the more comfortable you'll be.

>> No.10113272

Not that anon, but you posting on here isn't helping your friends. Your just making them look bad, even if you have good intentions.

>> No.10113285

I thought they made good points. It's true, none of us actually know what they're like except for our own rumors and assumptions.

>> No.10113398

You don’t throw someone who doesn’t know how to swim into a fucking Olympic pool, do you? You also don’t throw a spider or a snake at someone who has a fear of them. It’s a matter of gradual exposure. If they’ve never been on stage before, throwing them on a large stage in front of hella fans is not the best idea.

>> No.10113425

Same tho I kind of wonder if they were avoiding Stellure activities because of Mimi? They posted that they were hanging out with some of the other members, almost all except Mimi and some of the members were making fun of her (might've been an inside-joke tho) and one of them called her a terrible leader. Idk how open they were with their feelings, but considering Astreal emphasized communication, it makes me think all this is because of Mimi.
Maybe without her they'll succeed, but who knows. (No ill intentions towards Mimi, this is just what I observed)(for clarification I am talking about Julia, not Mimi/Polaris)

>> No.10113428

Sorry for the slow reply anon but yes! Before my ad I got almost no engagement other than with friends, but I definitely noticed an increase.
You can always do a low budget ad first just to see if you like it or not!

>> No.10113432

(Same anon) excuse the gross lack of commas, I was typing fast. All the making fun of was on the discord btw (which I don't believe Mimi/Julia's on, since I've never seen her during the time I've been there)

>> No.10113448

I've also seen Vega, Tauri, and Titania hanging out in their stories, so they're at least close friends outside of Stellure. And I agree, for as long as Stellure's existed it's basically been the Mimi Show and it sounds like things were getting pretty tense between her and everyone else. Their new idol group might work out better just because everyone actually likes each other. However if they don't get a composer and mixer that can compare to their old one, I'm not necessarily going to expect much as far as original music. AFAIK Astreal is getting Stellure's composer and mixer, so I'm not sure how many idol groups they're going to want to produce for.

>> No.10113468

Yeah, it'll be interesting to see how this plays out.
They're following Nemu so I'm assuming their their composer too? Nemu made a new duo group as well so hopefully they don't get too stressed out with all the work.

>> No.10113484

Ah, good catch! I knew about nemu's new group but I didn't know there was a possiblity of him composing for a.la too. From what I can tell he seems really prolific with composing, and has a ton of ideas and pieces he wants to make, so he'll probably be fine. He's probably pretty excited! And if they're all communicating the way they should be, he'll be able to tell them if he starts feeling burnout.

>> No.10113486

Ohh that's good news!

>> No.10113519

It wasn’t a large stage though.. it was a normal stage at a shitty con in Alabama of all places, there weren’t even that many people there.

>> No.10113706

Agreed...all i've heard about Mimi from them is that she's selfish and rude, and they definitely weren't joking.

>> No.10113712

What is “hella fans”? Their friends plus 10 people without any other panel to go to at the time?

>> No.10113763

honestly wish she’d just address it publically instead of brushing it under the rug. stellure fans will notice eventually that she’s not following any of the new endeavors nor posting any pics of herself with the group. she’s up to her usual childish antics

>> No.10113807

It doesn't really matter anymore since Stellure is dead. At least Mimi can run away to her preshus Darling Idols now. I only wonder how long it'll take before they learn her true nature too...who knows though? She's not in charge anymore, so maybe she'll calm down.

>> No.10113812

It seems like traditional idols tend to have four main qualities about them - dancing, singing, charisma onstage and online, and then a "so close and yet so far" sense of familiarity with friends at meet and greets.

Which of these do you think overseas net idols focus on and excel at? From what I've noticed as someone who knows a lot of net idols but isn't one myself, I feel like the main priority goes to dance - most groups that have one main focus seem to go for dancing only. Charisma is usually a given, but I think a lot don't go for singing, and the "friendliest girl who you pay to shake your hand" part of it all gets kind of lost because these are often people that you casually run into at conventions.

>> No.10114005

Actual idols typically don't even have to be good at dancing or singing, so long as they're charismatic and cute. I've noticed however in this community that they focus really hard on good dancing first, singing second. Stage presence dead last. They assume if you sing/dance good, that's inherently a stage presence. Which honestly can make them boring to watch, why watch a cookie cutter performance all the way through. But at least these people are perfecting their dance skills, that's pretty cool.

>> No.10114055

I thought the discord was more for resources and information on already established groups? Do they have a recruiting thing too?

>> No.10114061

They have a promotion section where people are free to post any kind of promotion related to their activities, even auditions.

Also, anyone can join as long as you send an application for their discord. Its easy to get in, even if you are just a fan.

>> No.10114119

What>>10114061 said.
One of the members sent me an invite since I said I was interested in the stellure goodbye project (tho turns out you can't join unless you're in their database)
But yeah, they even have a role for idols in their predebut stage (Aspiring Idol)

>> No.10114127
File: 61 KB, 595x620, oic stellure tribute.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Wait a minute, that's wrong. You are allowed to join even if you aren't in their database. You just need to join their discord server.

>> No.10114152

Yeah. Real idols in japan start with little to no experience and they grow

>> No.10114186

I think my main thing is charisma, ngl. I’m a decent singer and dancer, but my big focus is connecting with the audience.

>> No.10114203

Oh whoop. I read "Overseas Idol Collection and discord" and assumed that meant the database and discord?

>> No.10114243

No, because they promoted it on their other social media platforms like their facebook group. The facebook group members can ask for access to the discord since they are members.

As long as you are accepted into one of the OIC platforms, you can gain access to their discord and participate. They always make it clear if you need to be in their database to participate in certain activities, which are very rare since they try to be inclusive.

>> No.10114297

Ohh, thank you for clearing that up!!

>> No.10114632

Is there anyone in this comm who I could pay to choreograph me a dance just for fun? I’m not in a group but I love dancing for exercise and I love the Zombieland Saga OP, but there are no odottemitas already to yoink from. Who should I go to gulls

>> No.10114732

Poppy’s choreographed some things for others, I don’t know if she does commissions but I’m sure she would at least point you in the right direction

>> No.10114964

i know alexpinku has choreographed for some folks

>> No.10115035

Who? Sorry I don’t know this comm well.

>> No.10115194

a member of squeeze.gg talks about choreographing for her dance classes or something alot in our gc and is a fan of zombieland, maybe asking her to do it will finally get content from them desu

>> No.10115196

sorry i replied to the wrong post I meant to reply to

>> No.10115309

Did you check the live? The group already performed this live with choreography

>> No.10115315

I'm sincerely interested in what Julia's goodbye post will be considering how tense relations seemed to be between her and other members. She'll probably give the same ~friendship and love~ fake anime talk that she usually does.

>> No.10115360

The one with like three moves? Its unfun shit doh and obviously for seiyuus who aren’t idols/ can’t dance.
Thanks anons, maybe I’ll try waving some cash at them.

>> No.10115574


I do agree. Some odorite have top notch production. But some of them just feels hollow in the sense that they dont really have a personality or owns the dance they are covering

>> No.10115595

A lot of them hide their faces, so I’m really surprised there isn’t more emphasis on charismatic movement. It’s not even fun to learn some dances because the dancers just look bored.

>> No.10115715

All of Candy's posts on Squeeze's Instagram have been deleted, is everything ok with them or is this part of whatever story they're setting up?

>> No.10115750

their last two updates genuinely scare me so much i can't even edit them to see what the messages say... when someone does it tell me lol

>> No.10115760
File: 606 KB, 2048x1694, Screenshot_20190227-081755.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm spooked

>> No.10115828

The image,, "My body has been filled and I want my heart back"
So creepy hhh
This definitely seems like an ARG thing, like someone mentioned before. People inn discord were discussing it and said it might be a multiple personality thing, where Mari "consumed" Candy and became whole.

>> No.10115832

Wait what? The image was just an announcement that they won't be making appearances in March. What image did you see?? What the heck

>> No.10115868

tb h this shit is trite and not scary. if you want to discuss it go to /x/ or keep it on discord. post actual dance-related stuff instead

>> No.10115873

its a hella lot more interesting than seeing people talk about stellure and love live every day :/ net idols never do anything fun like this, let people have fun for once. maybe you shouldve thought of something interesting to do instead of just dance lol

>> No.10115881

One of the things that was discussed earlier in this thread is how groups are more than just singing and dancing. This sort of thing is cool and builds an overall image for a group, and considering how much pettiness can occur on this board, I don't mind seeing something weird and new about a group instead of just drama. You can also find some stuff to contribute if you'd like to steer the thread towards dance, instead of being annoyed about what other people are finding interesting.

>> No.10115920

>talks about Stellure when they’re the only ones active
>Stop talking about Stellure!
>talks about a group with an interesting concept
>This is for dance and singing!!!!11111!1

We can’t win can we.

>> No.10116004

The !Notice! image lol
Bottom left corner, it's upside down and grey text, so it's hard to read, but it says that.
Damn dude, what got your britches in a twist? Let people enjoy things

>> No.10116086


I always thought it was to hide their identity.

>> No.10116090

It's Amaitsuki's 10th anniversary!

From the video description it sounds like they'll probably be adding / holding auditions for a new generation of members soon.
>Because this family keeps growing up, something tells me that another video will soon be published and the story will go on ...
>Amaitsuki never ceases to renew itself, each member remembers her first dance, her first live, and we can’t wait to relive some of those exciting moments with some new elements….

>if you want to discuss it go to /x/ or keep it on discord.
I kind of agree. The ARG stuff does seem interesting, but it feels irrelevant to this thread unless they had more substantial content like performances, covers, etc. rather than just cryptic messages and selfies. As of right now, it's bordering on those "aspiring" net idol groups on IG who post nothing but selfies and art with captions about how hard they're working and then go inactive after a few weeks.

>> No.10116125

Late reply but same. She might be the last one to post since she was the leader, so we'll probably have to wait awhile. Judging from her post on her own account, it's probably gonna be pretty anime-y

>> No.10116161

>I kind of agree. The ARG stuff does seem interesting, but it feels irrelevant to this thread unless they had more substantial content like performances, covers, etc. rather than just cryptic messages and selfies. As of right now, it's bordering on those "aspiring" net idol groups on IG who post nothing but selfies and art with captions about how hard they're working and then go inactive after a few weeks.
well let's wait and see how it goes. I hope they do something with it and don't just post on ig. but time will tell

>> No.10116226

What groups does everyone follow regularly? Anyone y'all have high hopes for?

>> No.10116297

thats what all squeeze fans have been saying from the start wtf desu??
they dont upload any susbstancial content and told everyone not to upload any for them. theyve already have several performances but intentionally hid them for this project ig. no one is saying squeeze is doing it right but theres nothing wrong in talking about them right now despite that. theyre idols doing a acting project or whatever. just because youre not interested rn because they didnt upload something you like yet doesnt mean we shouldnt be talking about it. let them build hype like actual idols do for once instead of posting bad content when they arent ready or something. they have that date on their website we should atleast see this hype out?? i wanna encourage more people to do something interesting instead of ignore anything that deviates because of a standard we have for who we gets support. they arent just posting selfies and disappearing, they got rid of of their members from existence ffs, whens the last time youve seen this done in our comm??? i want people to like idols outside of us on this thread, and encouraging shit thats not android quality
video dancing to vocaloid in a con hallway is a good way to start

>> No.10116309

Triad Regality (a "boy" idol cover group based in Florida) just posted a new cover: https://www.instagram.com/p/BuZ9Oz1D3ow/

Personally, I think they look way better as girls than they do as guys, but they seem to have more confidence covering male idol dances. Overall, they're very average, and they have a LONG way to go (especially in regards to facial expressions—yikes). What do you guys think?

>> No.10116329

I've been waiting for this day lmao.

The only one of them who has any skills is the Tsubasa in this video or Jordan. She's got a background in dance and posts Kpop covers and stuff on her regular account. She's also the leader of a love live group (ShoreLine Dreamers) and is their teacher for all their dances (worked with them personally, seen her in action. she's got great communication skills to be able to control that many people and they respect her to make the right calls).

The other two, Alice/Hannah (orange wig) and Rama/Caitlin (purple wig), haven't got a LICK of experience, outside of cover dancing. They were in a love live group before this (page still exists) and did dancing for a multi project before too (think that page is up too), but this is their first big thing. They're expressionless and while it KIND OF works for the Trigger group, it's got no place for A-RISE who are supposed to be sexy/powerful-- the exact opposite of muse.

Something about the video feels weird though, I think they fucked up the timing, because the lipsyncing is hella off. Jordan's staring straight into the camera and her mouth isn't matching when they're singing. I'm a little confused how their supposed to host a panel for this though, considering A-RISE only has two songs, both of which only have 1:30 worth of choreo for them. I know love live panels usually have games and q&a's and shit, but A-RISE isn't super popular, so I can't see it being super fun.

They've got a good number of fans in the community in Florida because of the facts they do i7 and not many other groups do boy covers. They were in holmat's idolfest too, and seemed to do well, but I missed their performance so I couldn't say for sure.

They'll also be at swampcon in gainsville the weekend after their freecon event, but doing Trigger again.

I think they have potential like you said, but I'm definitely not their fan.

>> No.10116332

Oh-- in addition to the comment about their confidence. Alice and Rama are both crossplayers by nature. They mostly only crossplay and very rarely cos females. Alice is female presenting, but I think at one point Rama was genderfluid or some shit like that that she wasn't using she pronouns for a while. Alice however is super curvy, so she doesn't look the best as a male when you can see she's got tits and hips. Rama's a twig, so she pulls it off better, but hey, its all opinion and preference.

>> No.10116333

you still planning on uploading interlunium's live performance soon?

> :/ net idols never do anything fun like this
>maybe you shouldve thought of something interesting to do instead of just dance lol
>i want people to like idols outside of us on this thread, and encouraging shit thats not android quality video dancing to vocaloid in a con hallway is a good way to start
all this is accomplishing is convincing me that you're squeeze and/or their friends getting pissy that people aren't gonna be that interested in you promoting your ~super unique arg concept~ here until you show us some actual content

>> No.10116347

I could definitely tell that Jordan's got experience outside of this. She's the best dancer by far. I'm glad you said something about the timing! I couldn't tell if it was just me or if my WiFi was fucking it up, but it definitely looks off.

I like them better than the other i7 group LOL. Re:Star are bitches. Hopefully Triad can up their game a little bit. From talking to the three of them (briefly), they seem like nice girls.

>> No.10116352

i already outted myself as being in their gc and their friend dipshit, im annoyed they arent posting content too. didnt pass 5th grade reading class??
im saying theres literally no reason to discourage discussion besides not being interested personally. theres no reason talking about squeeze doesnt belong here just because they have no videos of performances up

>> No.10116377

yes, let’s have in-depth discussions about the same “help me” eyes blacked out hyperrealistic blood args that plague the rest of the internet. if you’re their friend at least tell them to make their content actually interesting and not on the same level as sonic.exe

>> No.10116386

your right about that, desu. after the creepy image posted i hope they do something else instead from now on cause :/ the stupid numbers were better desu

>> No.10116403

I love Triad. They post consistently and they're sweet.
Not a fan of restar though

>> No.10116417
File: 132 KB, 960x960, queen bee.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I bring them up a lot, but I love Honey Hime!

Paida's slowed down with uploads recently, but it seems like she might have something planned in the near future (an original song?) and I always look forward to stuff from her.

Sélène haven't posted much yet, but their debut song is amazing and I hope to hear more from them.

Aikan caught my interest with their latest original song. Despite some awkward lyrics at times, it's pretty nice and I want to see them improve even more.

I'll probably become more interested in Vivacu/Virtualive once the whole group debuts.

>encouraging shit thats not android quality video dancing to vocaloid in a con hallway is a good way to start
I get you're really excited about Squeeze, but it's not really fair to imply "low-quality Vocaloid dance covers" is all this community has to offer and is all we ever discuss.

>> No.10116441

>I bring them up a lot, but I love Honey Hime!
Tbh they're one of the best net idols out there. Production, singing, pronunciation, everything's good. I think my only complaint is that Puchiko's dancing is a little less sharp compared to the others and her timing is sometimes off. But, you can't be perfect in everything, so really they're doing great

>> No.10116535

amaitsuki's video reminds me why i do this as a hobby. It's so heart-warming.

>> No.10116539

Bless posted a new dance cover.


>> No.10116575

they're all doing a different dance. the space is also too small for 4 people. yellow belt needs to go all out and stop looking so lost, it's not like she doesn't know the moves.

>> No.10116641

Why does it look like it was a dance that Teya already knew & the others had to learn it quickly? Also why not find a bigger hallway.

>> No.10116673

I personally follow these:

Iro Bang! (Peru):

Honey Hime (Italy):

Amaitsuki (France):

AidoruJaNai (Spain):

Peachy Parade (U.S.A):

Ice Qream(Canada):

Aidoru Sozai (Philippines):

Natsuiro Party (Singapore):

Tokimeki JUMP (Singapore):

>> No.10116776
File: 436 KB, 1242x2208, 978C190F-2261-4C59-89F9-2B3C5BAFE9CD.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Good news on the Squeeze front. We can see them perform. They updated their website. They’ll be at Nashicon & filming is allowed. The text around the “girl” reads

>incubation in·cu·ba·tion ˌiNGkyə ˈbāSH(ə)
noun. the process of incubating eggs, cells, bacteria, a disease, etc.
"the egggirl hatches after incubation”

>> No.10116948

Wouldn’t be surprised if that was the case. The others look like they’re still trying to have fun but that space looks uncomfortably tight.

>> No.10117003

Other than the first 10 seconds they're not even dancing, they're just posing and walking. Not sure if it's their lack of expression or if it's just the choreo but it makes a bad ass group look boring. A bad song to cover imho

>> No.10117006

why did they include that intro of them just making weird faces in the camera?

>> No.10117016


Because they want you to think they're ~quirky~ and likable!

>> No.10117263

Is there a list of idols who I can support through patreon or kofi???

>> No.10117287

id pay someone to get me a fan if someone can desu unless they sell them later

>> No.10117290

I mean, most Love Live choreo is just posing and walking. But I think a lack of expression also has to do with it. The posing and walking could have been made so much more interesting had they just been able to breathe a little more life into the characters.

>> No.10117303

Most idols have their own donation pages set up! You should think of the ones you want to support first, and then check to see if they have a donation page. Otherwise you could spend a lot of money, haha

>> No.10117305
File: 1.47 MB, 1164x2048, Screenshot_20190228-230219.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hey, I hope you've seen this because I'm pretty sure this post from Squeeze's producer is about you. You can stand up for your friends without coming across as abrasive and putting down the community as a whole. Let's all just enjoy the weird girl group ARG hype and the cute hallway Vocaloid covers, alright? :)

>> No.10117317

this just prooves to me squeeze is selfposting here with their dumb under 200 followers arg. stop shitting up the thread with this garbage

>> No.10117328

Any updates on interlunium’s live video?

>> No.10117384

Just found Seishun youth academys original song Worlds Friend. I think they may have more members https://youtu.be/TJ8ypS29dzo

>> No.10117389

This proves nothing.

>> No.10117393

I’m commenting on this, because I know they or their “friend” will see this. I actually like ARG’s so I’m sold on the concept of an idol ARG, but doing that seems like it would be incredibly difficult given the skillset competent ARGs require, and that majority of the idol community lacks these skillsets and even lacks skillsets required of performing.
They want acknowledgement simply for the concept, but that’s not enough to stimulate interest. I’m not with the rest of the thread in performances would stimulate interest either, because without the ARG plot they’re every other netidol cover group. They’d get as much interest as every other cover group.
If they want to tell a story, not just get their cover group noticed for being “original,” they need to have a solid story and ease into it. If their performance abilities were that good they wouldn’t be going the ARG route, or they’d be dedicated to the concept to the extent they wouldn’t have these issues to sort out, which means the story has to carry everything else.
So far it just seems like it’s going to be woe is materialism, capitalism, bitchy girls, and depression, which is fine a lot of popular ARGs go this route and become hugely popular due to it, but I think they could do a lot more with it. The best ARG’s go completely wild with plot as opposed to trying to complain about materialism, and not telling a hamfisted social message means you’ll have more of a shelf-life. I’ll acknowledge I just think idols getting involved with monster hunting, cults, or something would be fuckin cool.
ARGs thrive from followings, which is why I’m assuming they’re self-posting here so much, but they’re not managing to stimulate discussion because everyone sees through this. They’ve shown no competence to the viewer and you can’t build hype without establishing credibility. Nobody wants to follow this as of right now, because it looks like it’s going to suck.

>> No.10117405

I hate being a white knight but they LEGIT just started. I seriously doubt they're actually self posting here as well since there's a lot of very obvious things done that haven't been posted at all and their arg was going just fine before any of us got involved. theyve been active for a month. I heard about them here awhile ago when someone asked what was up with them and looked again after that oic podcast, then came here excited for something new. Why is everyone acting like this??? We haven't seen them perform, their arg seems extremely incomplete, no idea at all where youre getting materialism from tbhh, what's with hating this group that literally just showed up. I dont see any issues either, you seem to have a hate boner for squeeze or a vendetta or something. it's way too early to make those judgements.
Im into it and im not the only one posting here, maybe youre the problem if you dont like it so much when theres barely anything yet

>> No.10117411

also its really cool of them to tell their own fans to shut up and stop being mean. more groups should tell people to shut up. I approve lol

>> No.10117419

You are super defensive for I don't know what reason. I just gave very blunt criticism and advice, then pointed out why people on this thread are sick of hearing about them, which stimulates more discussion then discussing spoopy picture of the day.
They started up with as another anon said sonic.exe spoopy tier content. It sets expectations really low, and leaves nothing to discuss. If they have a plot worth depicting and aren't trying to be a cover group with a twist they should ease into the plot.
I'm not sure why you got offended by the materialism comment as I'm talking about the plot of the ARG likely going to hit those plot points I listed. It just makes sense given the idol concept, corruption in the industry route, but I said I sort of hope they don't go that route as it's over done in ARG's.

>> No.10117447

They have six right now! But only a few of them made it out to this convention.

>> No.10117522

You do have a point, but saying it's going to suck isn't exactly constructive criticism lol
Like the other anon said, they just started, so I'd give them a chance before writing them off as an 'incompetent' ARG group.

Mari just disappeared as well, leaving only the sorta professional looking photos. They posted on their story that their first performance is coming up.
Their website also says "Linda blaring the radio" is that a reference to something?
I still wanna know who tf linda is

>> No.10117813

Interlunium posted part of their performance... the audio sucked, it's so echo-y, but the they didn't do that bad for their first live. Just wish they would've prepared some kind of routine.

>> No.10117857

Yeah, I was expecting way worse from what the anons posted. It would've been better if they had some sort of simple organised dance routine like the girl on the left at 6:50. Most of them didn't have much stage presence except the aforementioned girl and the one at 8:14. Eimi's va was especially bad, he pretty much just stood there and awkwardly bobbed around. But all things considered it wasn't terrible.

>> No.10117861

I hope they have a bit more of a routine next time for sure. Agreed about Eimi’s voice actor. He had no stage presence or rhythm, but his voice is pretty good live.

>> No.10117988


>> No.10118090

I liked Kei's new cover (mosuri) but the faces she makes when dancing are so bad lol, it's so distracting from the actual dance

>> No.10118109

Honestly i might be a little late but Seishun Youth Academy's preformance for winterfest was amazing. We have a really close-knit wota community in winnipeg and I think that added to it. Also, their encore was really great even if it was spur of the moment.

>> No.10118111

For anyone who doesn’t want to go look it up themselves, here’s the link to Interlunium’s KamiCon video.

Here’s some footage someone else posted, too.

>> No.10118116

I thought the same thing! I couldn’t figure out if she was trying to lip sync or what the fuck was going on but she looks like she’s having a seizure in her face muscles or something her mouth and tongue are all over the place.

>> No.10118149


I've never seen a cover of this on YouTube before, but I don't like the difference of their heights, kind of weird they chose to do a song together seeing they're completely opposite. Cute song and dance , never heard it before.

>> No.10118280

Maybe it's because I was viewing it on mobile but I couldn't really see her face.
I don't want to be as hard on kei because it's obvious she's inexperienced when it comes to dancing and she's slowly learning and doing her best.
Also Mosuris new logo is nice imo

>> No.10118283

Wait Emi is a he!?! What a twist

>> No.10118300

Only because he's a fakeboi.

>> No.10118301

ohhh so he's a female that likes to be called male pronouns then? I did notice he still has a bit of a chest

On a side note why wasn't he there for the last bit of their performance?

>> No.10118315

On his twitter he made an apology, because he apparently had asthma issues in the middle of his solo song and had to be taken to a staff room due to it getting worse? And he doesn't identify as female. His most comfortable pronouns are he/him and they/them?

>> No.10118474

ShootingStar Idol's dance for peace sign looks pretty cool


>> No.10118502

eh a height difference can easily be worked around.

>> No.10118523
File: 1.25 MB, 3264x2448, IMG_20190302_201403023.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Seishun Youth Academy finished their livestream of their anniversary concert a few hours ago. Any idea if they'll be posting it online?
Also, yes, they were selling KBs there, specifically Lumiace Omegas from what I could tell. Had my friend pick me up one. They still haven't announced the new member, Vi's image color, but that should be done soon.

>> No.10118528 [DELETED] 

On a technical level it is good choreo, but the emotions conveyed by the moves don't match and at times even clash with the lyrics. If the choreographer pays more attention to those details, they would improve the quality greatly. Also, when you cover a song you should credit the original artist and the singer of the cover, not just link it. To leave that out is pretty tacky.

>> No.10118604

>yes, they were selling KBs there, specifically Lumiace Omegas
This is irrelevant but technically they’re called penlights. King Blade is a specific line by Ruifan Japan. Lumica makes Omegas & Daisenkos. They also sell customizable inserts which is great compared to Ruifan.

>> No.10118651


I love it, I've been hoping someone would do a dance cover of the openings and hope they do the third one at some point.

>> No.10118717

I mean, no shit. I know the difference, its just easier to type out KBs, & its what Im used to. Thanks for the nitpick.

>> No.10118824

You’re welcome.

>> No.10118982
File: 1.81 MB, 1440x2282, Capture+_2019-03-03-15-06-06~2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Julia finally uploaded her goodbye post and i dont think she could have used a worse photo if she tried

>> No.10118983
File: 335 KB, 541x541, Capture+_2019-03-03-15-06-06~3.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10118995

Any advice on getting people to join your dance group/making yourself known? My friend started a group and we've kinda already exhausted through everyone we could ask privately to join, but we're having trouble getting auditions beyond that.

>> No.10119013
File: 1.21 MB, 1242x1843, 5D831376-962F-4B32-9646-A44DF9A44091.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

it’s just as full as self fellating nonsense as we thought it would be. amazing

>> No.10119016
File: 1.82 MB, 228x202, 1550374445923.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I didn't know it was possible to roll my eyes THAT hard.

>> No.10119020

You should first make yourselves look like a group that people would want to be apart of. Start putting out content regularly and making your social media look nice, even if it means you have to only work with the members you currently have. Observe current trends and follow them—even if it's something as small as how your bio is formatted, make sure you're paying attention. Once you've gained a little bit of traction, open up auditions. Collabing with other artists—whether they're dance groups or other kinds of artists—will also help extend your reach. Best of luck, anon!

>> No.10119029

What was the pricing they were selling these at/for?

>> No.10119032


Kinda unfair to talk down her own members - "I pushed for a vision everyone else couldn't keep up with", "I carried this group on my shoulders" etc. when she insisted on doing more than her share and wouldn't let her teammates do anything. It's been pretty obvious that as long as Stellure's existed, it's been the Mimi Show (with friends) and has been shaped by her insistence to do everything her way and be constantly in the spotlight. She's going solo and "allowing herself to be selfish" when she made a whole idol group to live out her selfish dream of being in charge of everyone? Ugh give me a break. Everyone else's goodbye messages read sincere except for Mimi's. I have high hopes for how the new idol groups will do without her in charge.

>> No.10119040


>> No.10119073

It kind of reminds me of a group I used to be a part of. It was all about the leader and when other members gave suggestions they would be ignored.

>> No.10119076
File: 1.01 MB, 1080x1327, sonata.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I need a good chuckle. Give me some bad idol oc or card art.

>> No.10119080

Noticed that a lot of net idol art is shit tier. Did anyone see angelic's?

>> No.10119125

Awkward as it is, I'd still rather see bad art than another fucking card edit. At least someone put real effort into this.

>> No.10119196

Hey there! New to talking on the thread but ive been keeping up for awhile. Anyway shit is starting to go down in the comments section of Mimi's goodbye. Since it seems pretty clear shes not going to speak openly about what was really going down (aside from everything "being on her shoulders" and all that jazz) do you guys think Tauri, Titania or Vega would? They seem pretty riled up by it. Especially Titania who actually left a comment personally...there was also that one new person? The court member of a la melody? She making little comments here and there as well but I doubt she knows the deepest extent of the situation since she wasn't in the group herself...

>> No.10119205

Maybe someone could persuade them?

>> No.10119212

Yikes anon. Learn to take the L with grace.

>> No.10119219

If anyone's gonna persuade them would now be the best time? Strike while the iron is hot? I mean for people who don't know the girls personally or follow these threads, these messages are coming out of NOWHERE. They only believe what Stellure ALLOWS them to see (the persona, friendship and good times, making light excuses as to why members miss performances, etc. Its understandable however so I'm not bashing them for that at ALL) So im sure there are plenty of people who love Mimi and love Stellure who are in the dark and are just as shocked by these remarks as the announcement of the disbanding itself. As far as they knew everyone got along...Maybe this kinda sounds manipulative to ask the stellure girls (and friends of them) who are responding negatively to it to ask NOW while they're angry...but hey. Now that Stellure is done its not like they have an image to uphold. And I'm not sure if they respect Mimi enough to keep quiet of some of the shit that happened behind the scenes concerning her...what is there to lose? (Thats a serious question because hell there could be a great cost to opening up about it that I'm unaware of desu)

>> No.10119220

(Oh my god why did that say desu I'm sorry I'm the same person who wrote the last comment ahh this is embarrassing sorry!! I could've sworn I put to be honest)

>> No.10119223

Is there a specific thread on the whole stellure thing? I still dont know the whole of it. I honestly just thought titania didnt do shit because she was fatty-chan

>> No.10119226
File: 513 KB, 616x448, DbSBuDZ.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I carried this group in my shoulders
>it ended up an unfair balance of work
>I always pushed for better when it wasn't a vision everyone else could keep up with
>Keep shooting for the stars, chase your dreams, live for passion, and stay true to you. <3
Ugh. Of course she still refuses to admit to any of her mistakes and continues to put on this front of ~working too hard and caring too much uwu~

>It's been pretty obvious that as long as Stellure's existed, it's been the Mimi Show (with friends) and has been shaped by her insistence to do everything her way and be constantly in the spotlight.
>She's going solo and "allowing herself to be selfish" when she made a whole idol group to live out her selfish dream of being in charge of everyone?
Absolutely. I'm 99.99% certain she created Stellure solely to live out her fantasy of being just like Honoka/Chika and forming/leading her own idol group. Anyone else remember before Stellure debuted, how Mimi thought within a year or two they'd be able to put on a "real life Love Live idol festival?"

>> No.10119236

Nah, they've just always been a hot topic in these threads because of how active they are. There isn't a Stellure-specific thread, but if you search the old net-idol threads you'll see a lot about Stellure. Publicly, Titania and some of the other girls were less active because of money/scheduling issues, but privately I'm sure dealing with Mimi was more of a problem.

I don't think it's a great idea to pressure some of the other members into publicly speaking out against Mimi. They're generally more mature than her and it seems they just want to put this behind them as they start up their new groups and solo projects, and it's not a good look to start a project by publicly airing a bunch of drama about your old leader. We can probably be content just knowing that Mimi was just as bad behind the scenes as we all suspected she was.

>> No.10119239

lurk moar, to be honest is changed to desu on 4chan

>> No.10119244

Aah I'm sorry I'm not sure how to directly reply on here yet at all but in regards to the airing or dirty laundry and being more mature I totally understand. In that case its a smart decision. And ah I see. Yeah I um...had no idea to be honest was automatically changed to that. I'm kinda new to replying as you can probably tell so I was unaware. My bad! Ah I'm still so embarrassed by it oh gosh...

>> No.10119246

to be honest, you're being way more cringey acting like a dumbass and apologizing than you ever looked saying "desu"..

>> No.10119248
File: 13 KB, 458x214, halp.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Click the post number (circled in this screenshot), or if that's giving you trouble, type ">>" and then copy/paste the post number that you're replying to. And don't worry about typing so formally lol. As you can see this is a place where everyone types frankly, so don't worry about apologizing so much. Everyone is new once.

>> No.10119250
File: 99 KB, 700x643, stellure mimi comments.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10119252

Jesus Christ I just said I didnt know ok? I'm not "acting". I genuinely did not know. But whatever. "Cringey dumbass" it is then.

>> No.10119254

Ah ok I see! Thank you for the help and being so understanding. Unfortunately thats just how i tend to type and seeing something like that made me feel like I was coming off as sarcastic when I was trying to be serious about the topic is all.

>> No.10119256

t.bh, nothing will get through to her anyway. mimi is a classic narcissist through and through. i just hope the darling idols girls keep a leash on her and don’t let her ‘irl chika’ dreams cause even more drama

>> No.10119260

Thanks for sharing! Those comments aren't showing up for me, might be a desktop issue. I feel as if "idolsyeet" might be someone from this board because they said basically what I said in >>10119032, but I definitely wasn't going to out myself and say that on their post. So thanks to that person for being braver than me lmao. Please share if there are more juicy comments, I feel as if they may get deleted once Mimi catches up to the comment section.

>> No.10119261

That was me, but i'm not the anon you quoted. I did take inspiration from their comment though.

>> No.10119262

It's pretty obvious these are throw away accounts from most likely Vega and Titania, but I'm so glad they're speaking out.
It annoyed me so much that Mimi pretty much blamed everything on the members. I'm the leader of my group so I get how stressful it can be to make everyone happy, but n e v e r say that your own members, who supported you as much as they could, were the reason for your downfall?? Seriously, how douchey can she be

>> No.10119263

I think "Idolsyeet" is a throwaway account.

Learn to take the L gracefully dude. We all start somewhere, but dont come to any 4ch board expecting people to be nice.

>> No.10119269

You're definitely right, I should have looked at the account name when I typed it out hah. It's a good throwaway name though

>> No.10119270

Lotta cgl related content in here huh

>> No.10119272
File: 18 KB, 600x600, 223EF364-5F82-4493-B214-A175693B8A7E.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

here’s your (you)

>> No.10119275

God this is some passive aggressive nonsense. This is a very bitter and self absorbed way to go out from the group.

>> No.10119288

Secretly, I wonder if the main reason the group was disbanded was because Io and Polaris got more popular than her. It would be a pretty classic diva move to throw out a whole group just because an understudy and second-gen member happened to be really well liked. (Not to mention how Luna’s always been a pretty popular choice for best girl as well, I just see a ton of people liking Io and Polaris)

>> No.10119290

Word, I can't wait to see Astreal (Polaris, Luna, and Io) put out adorable wholesome content with none of the stigma of Stellure and Mimi. They have serious potential and it's gotta be killing her haha

>> No.10119326

Comments were disabled on Mimi's post. Considering that she's the only one who has access to the account anymore, no surprise she'd do that.

>> No.10119328

I tried to salvage as many comments as I could
imgur com/a/u20q0xV

>> No.10119336

I feel really horrible but looking at what was said by some members in the chat of the stellure, they basically confirmed that yes, Mimi just never accepted that anyone else could help and purposefully took everything on herself so that she could appear so “the struggle is real uwu~~” to everyone.

There are members who are very upset by her post and how selfish she is, basically destroying a group beloved by those members just so she wouldn’t have to give up power to others. It’s funny how she so desperately wanted to be a honoka/chika type character yet missed the biggest part of their character trope; it’s their positive attitudes and ability to motivate others to work as a team that made their groups successful, not just taking on the work or every role.

I really hope the members continuing their activities learn from the past mistakes and are able to still pursue this as a hobby they enjoy rather than just being essentially forced into second class followers of a mediocre leader.

>> No.10119375

I really hope Julia didn’t shittalk them to the rest of darling idols. I thought it was weird that she said they comforted her on one of her personal if posts, and they started buying her all these expensive gifts (I imagine to cheer her up as a ‘long-suffering leader’). Darling seem to be active on the con circuit and skew older than stellure so it’d she shitty if Julia has inadvertantly tried to ruin the reputation of the stellure members she’s pulled the rug out from under.

>> No.10119462
File: 529 KB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2019-03-04-08-30-45.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anyone have any insider info on this? Lol
Oh shit I didn't even think about that. I'm kinda wondering how it'll all work out with that group.. She's not in the leadership position, so hopefully it'll be fine, but only time will tell.

>> No.10119486

Tbh it is kind of a shame that Stellure did disband because it seemed a lot of the idol community was really looking up to them. It's just a shame all of this drama had to happen. I just don't understand why Mimi had to end the group? She could have just cut down on the amount of work and worked on the quality rather than quantity.

>> No.10119490

> Mimi had to end the group
The problem is Mimi wanted to be center, not leader, and didn't realize there's a difference between the two until she was already in the position

>> No.10119525

probably something similar to the infamous cousin fuckers rant. girl likes to act innocent but she has a temper

>> No.10119577

Ive been hearing that she not only did shit talk to them but also how there is a rumour going around that she may be the new leader of darling? She was rude to a friend of mine for bringing up Ali even briefly.

>> No.10119597
File: 14 KB, 640x178, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

this is titania right? interesting...

>> No.10119613
File: 830 KB, 1242x1344, F497BB48-EB54-44F4-95E8-D7F9AC07B1D4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i can feel the self-victimization

>> No.10119619

lol she still uses skype

>> No.10119627

Jesus fucking christ, man. These opinions aren’t even opinions anymore. They’re facts at this point. She wants to play the victim role after fucking up an entire group because of her selfish and controlling actions and now that people are calling her out for it, she wants to act innocent. Darling Idols are pretty shitty “net idol wannabe” love live cosplayers too so... I’m honestly excited to see how much of a train wreck this turns into. Excited for Astreal though. Hope they’ll be able to set a good example of how a decent group without a self-absorbed leader should be.

>> No.10119633
File: 575 KB, 1125x1595, A3475FF1-A761-495E-A4F9-14921E2E9454.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10119637

I heard when she was Chika for some other group (maybe darlings? I dont know) Right after their performance she broke down and just talked shit about all of stellure to this group. Then after Stellures performance at Katsu they all just ........ cried. Then right after they announced disbandment

>> No.10119639

Mimis words were harsh and could of for SURE be re worded. But seeing how she usually acts, she probably isnt taking any blame lol. Poor mimi :(. However, I still feel I everyone has a part in this, and everyone has some fault

>> No.10119686

Go home Julia

>> No.10119703

I feel like people tend to forget this is 4chan and not Twitter. This is an anonymous forum, an anonymous gossip forum. If you're going to be offended by snarky remarks then this isn't really the place for you

>> No.10119737

Replying to my own comment for a discord update.

1. A fan met them in person and confessed she cried because of how cold the atmosphere around the members were.
2. They considered continuing Stellure without Julia but she said the group wouldn't be able to survive without her (and a few members agreed.)
3. They were supposed to disband after Otakon, but Julia made the final decision to disband after Katsu
4. Nick/Luna didn't actually call her a bitch, that was just the word BadLuck used. Luna was so terrified of Julia that she would have panic attacks before talking to her, but still defended and praised her for her hard work.
5. Julia sent a final message to the group that Callisto described as long and blunt (never went into further detail) that "broke" Callisto.
Sucks because even the members that were friends with her before are feeling so hurt and heartbroken by Julia's actions that they're numb by this point and want nothing more than to move past this.
What could she have done to leave them in such a state?

>> No.10119744

This weekend I watched a love live themed group perform some dances at my small local con and they looked like they were having so much fun! I'd love to try joining a group to just do dances together but I haven't done any dancing like that in years since I did musical theatre in high school. Are there groups that get together just for fun? Like formed with a bunch of beginners together or would let beginners in with them? It was the dancing with other people aspect of it that looked so fun to me and made me miss the musicals I did in high school! Although I don't want to do musicals because my singing was awful and the anime songs seem more fun to dance to.

>> No.10119756

Most love live groups are always looking for people to fill at least one character role in the group, and there's a lot of them. So if you're just looking to dance with people for fun, and not sing or be a "real" idol, that's a good place to start. There's gotta be at least a few in your area, and the dances are easy to pick up for beginners. Be prepared for a lot of drama and rotating members though, because that seems to be the theme of Love Live groups due to the demographic of its fans.

>> No.10119757

Comments opened up again

>> No.10119760

I was a higher ranking member of a massive dance org in college that had a big focus on getting beginners going. We would recruit total noobs to dance kpop/jpop/cpop at asian events throughout the year. My senior year we did re-choreo’d Kaguya no Shiro de Odorirai and it was the most fun dance I ever did...miss those times. Only thing I miss about college.
However I went to a massive school and I imagine my kind of group is a rarity. This is probably more sad blogposting than advice desu.

>> No.10119780

Okay thanks anon I'll have to search around! I wish there was a bit more variety in the anime these groups did though. Don't get me wrong I like Love Live but my favorite idol anime are AKB0048 and Zombie Land Saga and I would looove to cosplay and dance to some songs from those! Beggars can't be choosers though I guess haha
Ooh that sounds amazing! Yeah I'm taking my classes online so even if my college had a club like that I wouldn't be able to participate sadly. That sounds like such a great organization though I wish I had something like that to join!

>> No.10119793

This is nothing. Fun fact: Lolcow was created because of the rules here.

>> No.10119800

Isn’t AKB0048 based on a real idol group?

>> No.10119832

I'm surprised no one's been posting any of the stellure drama on lolcow

>> No.10119847


Where are you from? People who want to do things from 0048 are rare and it's underrated, I'm crossing my fingers that you may be close by.


Yes, it's based on akb48 but there were some songs created specifically for the anime and under the unit called NoName.

>> No.10119923

I'm from GA around the Atlanta area! It's nice to hear someone else is at least interested in doing 0048! I'm not too into AKB outside of the anime but I loved AKB0048 and like their music.

>> No.10119933

dang where you getting this info from? i believe it but where are the screenshots from discord being posted

>> No.10119935

They should be, in tired of this stellure general: drama edition here.

On topic, had a dream I saw Seishunya in concert and I know nothing about them thanks to this thread.

>> No.10119936

Wow...just wow. I’ve given Julia the benefit of the doubt for so long, and seeing her true colors makes me even madder than when she originally ranted here. She needs to grow up and get some therapy. Of course, most narcissists don’t realize they’re a problem, so she’s probably just going to repeat the same mistakes over again.

>> No.10119952

That was my screenshot, I just lurk in the discord lol All the info is what the members posted there! They're surprisingly open about this

>> No.10119955

Maybe you could try looking into some idol groups around your area? I follow Peachy Parade and Danzoo Dash and they’re both pretty cute. I don’t know if they’re scouting for members right now but you could always try to keep an eye out for when/if they do.

>> No.10119963

I dunno much about Stellure, but they contacted a few local groups in my area in like September to do a goodbye thing at Otakon. They’ve been planning to disband for a while

>> No.10120215

ngl, i see her point. But posting publicly putting down her other members is wrong.

>> No.10120372

They're cute but don't they sing? I can't hold a tune to save my life! I just want to dance really

>> No.10120394

...also in Atlanta and interested in AKB and Zombieland. I don't have time to commit to doing a ton of stuff, but do you have an email or insta to drop? (I guess I could drop mine because people know I'm a gull? But it'd still feel shitty and selfposty)

>> No.10120453

Danzoo Dash doesn’t sing as far as I know, they’re not great at dancing either so I doubt you being a beginner would matter.

>> No.10120456

whats up with cgl discord groups being so open about their group's drama?

>> No.10120513

I mean, it's Stellure's own discord. I guess they just feel like it's safe to post these sort of things because they're surrounded by fans.

>> No.10120517

Do you have a discord? Mine is Buki #8269 and if not then I'll make a throwaway email and we can figure something out!

>> No.10120522

Oh that's good to know I guess I'll keep an eye out in case they do auditions! They look cute I like their animal theme it reminds me of Kemono Friends

>> No.10120603

Wait was this not also the group Mimi made art of because she had a dream about it and was like "lmao who wants to do this concept I'll draw the first art" ?

>> No.10120612
File: 2.26 MB, 1440x1613, Capture+_2019-03-05-13-47-21~2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yeah it is. The logo was really cool, but they havent done anything interesting.

>> No.10120626

Most likely because Polaris and Io were actually wayyyyy better at dancing and singing than Mimi. Luna has a lot to learn in the dance department but also has a better voice. Can't wait for their debut in Astreal because I feel like these 3 could actually build eachother up instead of down. Not to mention they come across as more mature despite being younger than Mimi

>> No.10120634


They did a duo debut with Sunset (https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=XuJpGoU6zWg ) but you can barely hear them.
But, yea, they haven't really done anything news worthy yet

>> No.10120636

I do not sadly. Eh screw it, you can message me at angelicdazecosplay on insta. If you're into Macross or male idol stuff too I'd especially love to try something! Am also basically beginner.

>> No.10120645

Still going of the Stellure train, Callisto said in her goodbye post she's the one that's working on the goodbye album. I wonder with the way this all went anything will be released? I don't know if Julia'd be co-operative but desu I'd still really want some songs released in better quality, like the tidal duet (?) Luna and Callisto were supposed to do together

>> No.10120651

focus on building yourself up first. Maybe start getting your name out there with uta/odottemita. Once you have a reputation for creating good stuff people may be more interested to want to work on a project with you because they know they can rely on you

>> No.10120652
File: 214 KB, 501x520, long legs.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>long legs

>> No.10120879

Haven't seen anybody talking about this person/people https://youtu.be/I3yKrjZYkpM figured I'd drop em, they're pretty cute and love the dances, and actually get dancing in cosplay vs like dancing to kpop in love live lol

>> No.10120890
File: 242 KB, 744x877, 8A2D5353-E651-4E23-9EF3-F2867B2FBA83.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

No thanks. Their makeup/shop is horrifying and that girl particularly whitens her skin like crazy. I feel sorry for them.

>> No.10120891
File: 159 KB, 750x553, 1303A27D-3585-4F91-B396-4879A94ABC88.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10120977

Good lord the middle one is terrifying

>> No.10121076

stop self posting

>> No.10121119

I mean their make-up style is not my cup of tea but they're pretty good at dancing? I actually started learning rettou joutou from their video lmao. Dunno why they'd whiten their skin in pics so much tho

>> No.10121214

Oh geeze now I'm intimidated your cosplays are so good! Haha I sent you a message. I had to make a profile because I didn't have an Instagram let me know if I messaged the wrong person!

>> No.10121216

why do people want to look like knitemaya? horrifying

>> No.10121261

A good online group is platinum happy idols!

>> No.10121358

I'm actually not them lol
I liked their dances, not so much a fan of their makeup and skin lightening though. I also like the cosplays.

>> No.10121463 [DELETED] 


>> No.10121618
File: 557 KB, 469x592, Screen Shot 2019-03-06 at 10.21.22 PM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I thought I was looking at a tan @dietshampoo for a sec but then I realized the editing isn't as bad

>> No.10121654

Is this like a cgl net idol discord?

>> No.10122085

Why is her head so much smaller than her body

>> No.10122202


Why would she go so ham with the shoop if she has a fairly popular vlog channel where she regularly displays her real face? She's much cuter irl than this monstrosity so I'm kinda baffled.

>> No.10122242


Not to bring up more Stellure drama but I watched her vlog that you mentioned and this left such a bad taste in my mouth, you can see how little Julia cared about Stellure's performance compared to Darling's. (I've literally never seen her ever put that much energy into her dancing)
She admits to having learned the dance to Snowbound the DAY BEFORE, looks like she wants to die when dancing both songs while putting in little to no effort, and it just seems like her and the other girls are kind of just shitting on and making fun of the songs and opening speech...

>> No.10122262

especially choosing to put it in the vlog after Stellure announced they where disbanding, it seems really petty to me.

>> No.10122348 [DELETED] 

Who are the best mixers in the idol community? I know OIC has a database but it doesn’t seem to be comprehensive and there’s no real feedback on most of them

>> No.10122358

Tbh this just looks like she's sleep deprived? Like parts of the practice you could tell she was trying, then it cut to her joking around (probably after messing up or just running out of stamina)
Don't get me wrong, the actual situation/performance was Big Yikes but that part of the vlog seemed pretty normal? Unless I'm missing something

>> No.10122520
File: 617 KB, 3827x1027, Tidal Duet PT Session Image.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hi, mixing engineer for the Stellure album here. Thought I would give some quick insight to the album since I know not everyone here is on the Stellure discord where I have been putting this info out. I'll go ahead and say what I've basically said there and answer questions that I can.

>they'll be releasing an album of every Stellure song within the coming weeks
True but not really. At most, if everything goes wrong, it'll take about 3 months to completely finish mixing and mastering, although we're shooting for 1-2 months. Also, not every song is appearing. Bright Future is not going to appear (I think you can guess why) and some other songs are still being considered whether or not to put on the album.

>However if they don't get a composer and mixer that can compare to their old one, I'm not necessarily going to expect much as far as original music.
Well you're in luck. As Astreal confirmed, cosnemu is going to compose for them, and I'm joining on as their mixer too, along with my friend who is also doing art!

>Callisto said in her goodbye post she's the one that's working on the goodbye album.
Can confirm. She's the lead on the album, and honestly I'm probably going to be screamed at by her for making this post, but fuck it. I'm giving info I've already given out just on a different platform. I don't see it anymore wrong than talking about this on the discord.

>I'd still really want some songs released in better quality, like the tidal duet (?)
Image relevant. Not a lot of work done on this song since a majority of the song was done in a different DAW, I just got those rendered stems and re leveled mostly. Same for vocals. I was originally only working with an MP3 Instrumental and the raw vocal tracks. Those vocal tracks are rendered from the original session (which also explains why it's called Tidal Duet 2.)

>> No.10122524

Well now that I got that main post done, let me give some extra info I still haven't shared over from the discord.

>Songs that I can get raw vocals and stems for are getting full on mixes/remixes. Embers is the next song I'm working on.
>Going on from above, not all songs I am guaranteed to get access to full tracks. Let's Go Baby, Shining Stars, and One Step Ahead of the Game have already been worked on to try and re level vocals using Izotope RX 7, but so far those are the only songs I've had to do that for. Sincerely Yours will most likely be one of those songs too, but not confirmed.
>There is most likely going to be a third mix of Overdriver made. The one used at Katsucon is going to be called Overdriver (Absolute Zero) while the third new mix will have some goodies I can't talk about rn. Also I can't even confirm the third mix will happen, but we're really considering it.

>> No.10122527

>and honestly I'm probably going to be screamed at by her for making this post

Just realized this may be seen badly, should have thought about that when typing it lol. Callisto is honestly such a nice person to work with, but desu she probably didn't want to say much out of the discord, which I don't blame her. I'm just a really open person about my work.

>> No.10122538

Last anon you replied to, honestly kinda glad for the update since I am indeed not in the Stellure discord. Cool to see some of the songs are getting some newer mixing work done since I wasn't quite sure on how "ready" some of the songs were

>> No.10122665

Did any followers of Mosuri see Calina's story on her personal Instagram? Apparently she has some joint issues that make it hard for her to dance. It's a little nice to see that she's working through that I guess

>> No.10122720

Have you ever felt the need to do flexibility training in order to dance better? I want to look into it.

>> No.10122770

I mean it really depends on what kind of dancing you’re looking to do. I would say something at the level of most cutesy idol dances doesn’t require any training (unless you are like incredibly stiff with tight muscles) but definitely harder things where you might need to drop to the ground quickly or kick your leg really high or things of that sort, some flexibility past the normal average would definitely be helpful.

I practice yoga regularly but it is mainly just for help in life rather than to improve dance. I think people often forget that flexibility plays a huge role in health especially as we age, so it’s good just to improve so that you don’t end up getting majorly injured from something preventable like a slip and fall.

>> No.10122965

Do you know if Mimi's solo will ever become a thing? I remember it was announced and they made a costume, but was it even ever recorded?

>> No.10122976

If you're talking about a MV, no clue. Audio wise, Wish's Promise is actually one of the songs on the edge of being decided to be put on the album or not. From what I heard, Mimi didn't actually like that song, but I have the raw vocal tracks in case this song does decide to go forward.

>> No.10123124

Haven't done these in a long while, but here's some dance cover comparisons.

Juice=Juice - Fiesta! Fiesta!

AOA - Bing Bing

CY8ER - Hakuchuumu

>True but not really. At most, if everything goes wrong, it'll take about 3 months to completely finish mixing and mastering, although we're shooting for 1-2 months.
>Also, not every song is appearing.
Huh, I guess I must have misread or misunderstood some stuff while I was making that summary. Thanks for the correction, though.

Do you know what platform(s) the album will be available on when it's released?

>> No.10123149

I mean I need my flexibility for my other hobbies, but I still feel the need to improve it. Even some lovelive dances require you to be flexible (Yoshiko's highkick in guilty eyes for example) and what the other anon said, dances which require you to drop to the ground and stand up again also require you to have some flexibility. My personal goals would be to become better at doing splits, as well as just improve certain things like my releve, so I usually train my thighs and calves/ankles. I do this when I either wake up or go to bed bc I've found that consistent stretching is key in atleast maintaining flexibility

>> No.10123245

any1 going 2 swamp? and watching idol fest, im ready 2 watch mosurii. i heard their new members voice on their newest video and idk how she would b able to sing at all

>> No.10123258

Even if flexibility isn't directly required for idol dance, it definitely can't hurt, and it's a healthy thing to do overall. Pretty much any sort of dance class or physical activity is going to improve your overall technique and translate into better idol dancing. (I've actually been looking into hop hop classes in my area for the same reason, since so much of K-pop draws from that)

>> No.10123308

I’m literally sitting in triad regality’s performance at freecon right now, and they just said they met up YESTERDAY to prep for their performance lmao. Alice still has the deadest performance face too.

>> No.10123387

>Huh, I guess I must have misread or misunderstood some stuff while I was making that summary.
No, you didn't misread or misunderstand anything, that's what the goodbye post says. In fact, it was edited out for a while before being added back for unknown reasons.

>Do you know what platform(s) the album will be available on when it's released?
Whatever Distrokid supports, so basically all major streaming platforms. Don't know if the old Bandcamp is being revived for this at all.

>> No.10123401

Maybe they meant they met up for their final practice yesterday?

>> No.10123426

No, Jordan literally said that they’d all learned everything separately and met up yesterday to finish everything. They said they didn’t dedicate a lot of time to it because it was a “side project”

>> No.10123430


I mean I've been there, done that, but why would you tell your audience that?

>> No.10123585

Probably hoping to get sympathy for lack of practice and looking terrible

>> No.10123629

New thread >>10123628

>> No.10123629,3 [INTERNAL]  [DELETED] 


>> No.10123629,5 [INTERNAL] 

Thanks for sharing!
By the way, I heard about this service!

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