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Previous thread: >>10101887

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Or I can just have you make it for me. Appreciate it.

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idk if she just expected there to be lolita clothing lying around that would fit her landwhale ass?

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Those measurements are so unfortunate... if you want lolita sooo bad why not try losing weight first?
Also is it just me or do you also die inside everytime you see "how far can the shirring be stretched?" I just feel bad for the burando and all the dresses stretched out by fatties.

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>I am a trans woman
Covers the tiny bust/waist difference at least, but yeah. There really is a point where people should prioritize their health over buying lolita.

When people ask me how far the shirring stretches on something I’m selling I usually lie and say it’s smaller than it really is. Shirring isn’t meant to be stretched to the max but pointing this out won’t stop them.

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That poopchan thread was shifted to /qa/

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this person will never look good in lolita with those measurements.

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She could probably stand to lose weight, for sure. But she's also trans. Depending on her height and general build, that might be pretty close to her minimum possible measurements.

Lots of men have really huge ribcages and shoulders compared to your average woman, just like some women have giant child-bearing hips or giant tits that no amount of weightloss is going to change. I would know, I've got massive hips, and even when I was severely underweight with a 53cm waist, my hips were still a very bony 90cm around.

At a certain point, you have to accept that either you need to commission someone to make custom clothes, or you need to adjust your expectations as to what you'll fit into, or you need to work on changing your own body.

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As a thin person with large measurements because I’m, ya know, tall and not Asian, this is true. I hate when nasty tiny lolitas assume everyone else is fat and call them ham planets just because they don’t have a 55 cm waist. I could be dying of starvation and not be anywhere close to that. Even the brands that make larger sizes like Lief literally just make them for short fat people. In my Lief dress that is suppposedly large enough for me my bust is in the area that supposed to be meant for the waist. All they did was put in shirring and make the skirt longer, and did not proportionally adjust the torso area in the slightest bit. Western brands are no different, they’re just clothes for short obese people. It’s almost like it’s impossible for them to conceive of the fact that people who are taller might maybe have a proportionally wider skeleton as well. I’m not even a giant or trans, I’m 5’7” with an hourglass figure. That being said, actual fatties who pretend like they’re just big-boned piss me off too. They ruin the market for people who are capable of not stuffing their faces, they should try actually losing weight before patting themselves on the back for accepting their obviously unhealthy bodies. They’ve also co-opted the phrase “curvy” to mean morbidly obese which irritates me as well, but I suppose that’s a story for another board. And all that being said, while I do hate when people can’t just accept the fact that they can’t wear certain dresses or brands, talking about wishing there was more size inclusivity is not bad in and of itself and does not mean you’re a too-self-accepting obese person.

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>When people ask me how far the shirring stretches on something I’m selling I usually lie and say it’s smaller than it really is. Shirring isn’t meant to be stretched to the max but pointing this out won’t stop them

That's fucking shitty anon. Some of us are just trying to figure out if we are under 5cm of the max. If you tell me the size is actually 5cm less than what I am looking for then I won't buy it and that's crappy and just plain dumb. Not everyone wants to stretch things out to the max.

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Not that anon, but shirring is a design element as well as aiding in fitting larger sizes and if you can "fit" into it but the shirring is too stretched out (that happens even if you are 5cm below measurements, btw...) it doesn't fit.

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A girl on Amino made a petition to re-release honey cake mto. Think it'll work?


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I pity the designer.

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Is the Laforet special edition really more desired than the other cuts?

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Anybody seen this thread? Most of the comments are the standard “yes we wuv trans ppl” but a few commented about sissies, which led to OP adding the PS and a few commenters accusing lolitas of being transphobic all over again.

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For what it’s worth the comments talking about sissies seemed to simply informing OP and clarifying trans are welcome, sissies aren’t, but OP took every comment about it very personally as an accusation they were a sissy.

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Are you me anon? I feel this so hard. Finding brand blouses/cutsews is always a struggle because even if the bust and shoulder measurements fit, it might still be too short to ever wear with a skirt.

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No. Also, amino? Are any of them planning on actually buying it?

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Well it's a fashion made for women, for a woman body, of course we look better. Men wearing dainty dresses are gross, what else is new.

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Pretty sure she isn't even a lolita

Or maybe it's because sissies constantly mask as trans people to be accepted in our fashion.

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The people in my comm most hurt by the translarping sissy’s harassment were all lesbians but I guess they don’t really count anymore.

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But muh cotton ceiling. It's amazing how TIMs think women's bodies are meant to be ~inclusive~ and therefore available to them. Entitled degenerates.

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Man or woman, holy fuck. That waist is 4 FEET around? No one is going to do a custom size like that. Everyone saying "oh maybe that's normal for them based on their individual proportions" - no. No 4 FOOT waist is normal for any human.

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I love how he/she constantly mentions his/her height "I'm sooo tall". Even if you were over 200cm, it still wouldn't be as much of a problem as your absolutely gigantic gut! Quit acting as if being tall means you inherently come with landwhale measurements.
Also, the comments...
>Don't give up! You're definitely on the bigger side, but that's the beauty of custom sizing. In my experience (plus size girl here), they can do any size, since they'll alter the pattern for your unique measurements.
"on the bigger side", "the beauty of custom sizing", "unique measurement" kek

Same with being trans; nearly all "Am I too tall for lolita?"-questions on reddit are from trans people - again, being tall is not your main problem...

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Not our fault sissies decide to use the transgender route as a way to weasel into the community.
I thought it was pretty fair to tell op but that's just me

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I'm fairly certain I've seen this person around before and been weirded out, this was on the "are trans excepted?" thread. Why is it referring to itself in the third person?

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It’s that sissy that was posted on one of the recent ita threads.

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Didn’t you know? Lesbian is just code for TERF now.

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For fattys im sure. But I.m.o. It’s the worse cut

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In my experience, if you feel the need to put yourself as trans, you’re probably a sissy.

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Every comment she makes is sjw preaching.

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Guess there's nothing else for her to feel superior over.

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Kids/ broke itas aren't the only ones on Amino.

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I didn't know what a sissy was before I got into lolita either. Lolitas are not doing a good job of keeping them away by constantly bringing sissies up.

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New people are joining Lolita everyday. Constantly bringing them up is a way to inform the wee ones.

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Rather call them out than let them steal our pics under the radar

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it's not even that, it's more that too many people are too afraid of speaking up against them because they have been brainwashed by trans rights activism propaganda.

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This is op.

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Sissies and ageplayers aren’t something people in other hobbies really have to deal with, so of course most people haven’t heard of them. They specifically seek out our little niche community for sexual pleasure and there’s nothing weird about us informing each other about this so we can stay safe.

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>Rather call them out than let them steal our pics under the radar and photoshop their disgusting visages into them

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His reaction to the learning about sissies was really... odd? Instead of just finding it offensive or rude, he goes full "you big meanies."

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At least that sissy looks better than you.

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gb2 fetlife, we don't want yiu in our fashion

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Kek, this must the salty brolita from the crossplay thread.

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But people do speak up about them. They speak up about them on cgl, on facebook, on tumblr, at meets, what more do you want?

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>trans waman acting like an entitled narcissist
well I never

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Actions to be taken, probably. The fact there are still comms with mods that accept sissies instead of kicking them to the curb, speaks louder than anything we say on cgl or anywhere else.

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I miss lj, facebook was a mistake

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This... person is either mentally handicapped or ESL because that post was physically painful to read. Jesus Christ.

>> No.10118162

ESL, they're from Quebec

>> No.10118167

They must also be mentally handicapped because they also misunderstand everything beyond basic esl issues.

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>implying sissies continue to exist because lolitas mention them and not because they're attracted to the fashion because of the name and ageplayable elements in ott sweet
>implying it's lolitas' faults for daring to continue to talk about a problem that results in people getting sexually harassed IRL or getting their likeness used for wankbait without consent, that we still have no concrete way to stop and they continue to do

>> No.10118194

But maybe if we pretend the sexual predators don’t exist, they’ll go away on their own! /s

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the only reason comms are afraid to kick sissies or take other action is im guessing fear of repercussion.
kick out a sissy then they go and bitch to anyone who will listen about how "toxic" the community or its members are, will get trans allies who have no idea of the situation to attack you or your comm which can lead to your comm having a bad reputation or being not allowed to attend places or events (seems to me like there are a few anons who have experienced this within their comm personally so hopefully they'll chime in).
its pretty obvious why sissies feel safe infiltrating the fashion, and its because pro-trans rhetoric has no room for criticism. and its obvious why so little action is taken against them. and it fucking sucks.

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my unpopular opinion is that maria (old man up thread) isnt a sissy
hes obviously just too old to become a real trans person so hes stuck in this weird crossdressing bubble, ive talked to him on multiple occasions and hes really normal and nice, and has never preyed on a lolita like a sissy would. hes just too old for modern 2019 trans culture

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I hate this logic. It's like saying "my resume has no engineering experience or degree but if you don't hire me, you're gatekeepking!"

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I could not for the life of me visual those measurements so I looked it up and yeesh.

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This isn't the unpopular opinion thread. No one cares, stop whiteknighting.

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Lord, that's extreme...

>B-but Mana is a man too and literally the founder of lolita!1!1
If his stated 173cm and 49kg are true, then he looks much more like a skinny girl than that thing above. But of course they don't want to hear that.

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>no, this is obviously the trans hate thread, what was i thinking?

>> No.10118254

This is not how greentexting works. And good job at basically ignoring the whole thread.

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i didnt assume it was an unpopular opinion. i just think theres a difference between sissies and crossdressers

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I have to admit, I don’t think it was fair to post this individual because it seems apparent they are handicapped mentally.

>> No.10118347

We are fair. We treat everyone equal here

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>gross sissy
>looks better than the biological women this fashion was made for
keep telling yourself that you tranny

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I didn't realize sissies were like Voldemort.

>> No.10120131

Okay Jan.

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You are retarded.

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I have to admit, I don’t think they care.

>> No.10120209

As a fatty myself I actually appreciate that
When I'm asking for that full shirring measurement, I'm not asking for seam-rip-width, I'm asking for what it can stretch to when worn and moving.

>> No.10120223

Read the whole thing anon

>> No.10120226

139cm/132cm chest/waist even for a dude is plus sized, though. Not arguing that people can't be larger than Japanese brand sizing, just pointing out that it doesn't make whales less fat

>> No.10120325

Society will start applying this logic to skilled professions soon too

>> No.10120339

OP here, my initial point wasn't even about how she was fat, but how it didn't even cross her mind that there might not be lolita clothing out there for her

like if she had to shop in men's big and tall before transitioning because her size was unusual in terms of American men, what made her think that a fashion created for Japanese women which generally does a one-size run per garment would just accommodate a hulking landwhale by default?

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KK is shilling for this overpriced Bodyline reseller now. I'm starting to think it's them.

>> No.10120553

Male entitlement.

If anything this makes me want to buy from them less, so if this is a publicity stunt it’s probably going to backfire on them.

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Someone calling out the bullshit store on Rufflechat today.

>> No.10121218

Does anybody know what cherrysp actually looks like? If they aren't the same person, then.... since when is KK a lifestyler? Yikes

>> No.10121304

I've never met Cherry. But they've been selling for awhile, at least about 4 or 5 years. I'd see their items on ebay pretty often.

KK comes off as a complete and overly excited unjaded, bright-eyed and completely oblivious loud-mouthed misinformed newbie.

Cherry knows about the fashion.

>> No.10121316

I saw cherrysp at a swap meet. She was wearing a face mask which I thought was weird. But she was definitely not a dude.

>> No.10121530

If KK responds to this can someone post caps? I don't have a facebook anymore.

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Cherry is currently trying to plan a lolita pop-up shop in a park without reserving space in the park or paying a vendors fee. I really hope I’m not the only one who thinks this is stupid.
Also whoever angry reacted, ily

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KK flounced 9r was kicked out of RC again, i think this is the last thing they posted (on a different thread). Their opinion here is particularly entertaining, in light of some of the dresses they've been making

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>> No.10121583

I hope she does and gets reported.

>> No.10121588

What's the history on this person? I initially commented something positive cause I like pop-ups but got turned off by their comments about not wanting to work with any of the local artists.

I didn't realize they were trying to hold this in a park! D:

>> No.10121616

Ugh yeah the comment about not wanting to include other vendors seemed sketchy to me.
I think it’d be super cool if cherry, whatever other resellers are in Ohio, and indie creators all pitched in to rent a conference room in a hotel and had a small lolita expo. But it seems like cherry wants to be cheap and doesn’t want to share attention with others?

>> No.10121621

Where did she post this? She was in our comm for a bit, I met her at one of our swap meets, too. Her shit was over priced and she was unsettleing to talk to, only gave one word answers and never took the mask off. She's no longer a member, I suspect she got kicked out because she berated people about buying from her all the time.

>> No.10121623

The amount of scalper apologists in this thread is alarming

>> No.10121629

Half of them are probably scalpers too.

>> No.10121640

yeah it was sketchy; having other vendors would make it cheaper so I think she just wants it to be her own event.

>> No.10121645

>But it seems like cherry wants to be cheap and doesn’t want to share attention with others?
Bingo. Like every other scalpet, she doesn't care for the community and just wants money. I remember she had tried to sell her shit in a van to the local comm at some point?

>> No.10121648

Why do scalpers bother lolitas so much? I've never been in another community or hobby that was so against it like lolitas...

>> No.10121650

>I've never been in another community or hobby

>> No.10121658

>look at profile of them
>all of them are either massive itas, cosplayers on main, show no signs of wearing lolita or only have an anime profile picture
Like a clockwork.

>> No.10121667

because 1. most of us have had unpleasant encounters with scalpers when we first started the fashion, and we don't want the less informed/newer crowd getting screwed and 2. are you implying you support scalping? cos that is one of the main reasons for unstable pricing on dresses - scalpers get several times more than what they pay for and it overinflates the worth of dresses. most of us would rather pay for a brand new dress directly from the store, but if all the scalpers buy it up and sell it to us for way more than what it's worth, we're not exactly supporting our brands or the people that give a shit about the fashion.

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If anyone is interested Cherry is hiring a photographer! Here's some of the perks!

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icing on top of the cake is the fact that she wants to hold this in a fucking RV
parked in the parking lot of a metroparks
ALSO here’s a cap of her blatantly admitting to wanting to buy things off actual community members to scalp in her online store

>> No.10121686

What? 15 minutes for a lunch break isn't a perk. Please tell me you're being sarcastic. If not I'm going to assume you're KK.

>> No.10121688

Ngl I'm unironically triggered. How fucking cheap and shady can you be? How is she not banned from her comm yet? Everyone knows her antics, she's been at it for years.

>> No.10121689

It is very obviously sarcastic.

>> No.10121691

People are retarded on here all the time, anon, so I wouldn't be surprised.

>> No.10121692

i honestly think kk is too stupid to use 4chan without putting her name in the box

>> No.10121698

Holy shit stop spamming this petition everywhere

>> No.10121699

Apparently she’s only been a part of the Facebook group for 6 days. Does she get blocked and then just make new accounts?

>> No.10121702

Cherry rarely posts at all. A mod tried to give her advice, and she totally blew off the mod completely.

>> No.10121706

Trust me I'm dripping with sarcasm.

>> No.10121730

I don't buy from scalpers as much as any sane person that knows how to do market research, but is it insane to ask people to show restraint instead of whining about them like babies? I'd like to think we are mostly educated adults here, so when you decide to buy a scalped piece like a fucking idiot, you should be holding yourself accountable for your idiocy and lack of patience. Vote with your money and if none of you bought from scalpers they would stop because there would be no profit. At the end of the day it is a free market, so throwing a tantrum about "unfair resellers that need to choke" makes you look like a spoiled brat

>> No.10121736

You can take your sanctimonious “why can’t we be lovelies about this?” pearl clutching and shove it tbqh

Obviously in a perfect world no one would buy from scalpers and they wouldn’t exist, but that isn’t going to happen any time soon without something being done, and I’m assuming OP knows this and it’s why she made the thread

There were some helpful suggestions made I think

>> No.10121737

Nayrt but scalpers also snatch up rare secondhand pieces and then try to resell them with a huge markup. They essentially take things off the market just to have them sit around in storage for months or even years until they sell. Most of us have jobs and school so we don’t have the time to check secondhand sites every second of every day, and he fact that this means items get hoovered up by people who don’t even like them and only buy to turn a profit is fucking annoying.

Personally I don’t care if individual lolitas want to resell a single dress for twice its market value because they’re just one drop in the bucket, but professional scalpers actually go out of their way to fuck up the market.

>> No.10121755

I dont want us to be lovelies about this, I want us to be reasonable. But I guess this is a bit too much for some of y'all

>There were some helpful suggestions made I think

Like what? I didn't see any actual helpful advice that could be implemented, and for suggestions like banning scalpers and resellers, a few posters made very good points on why it can't be implemented on LM.

But of course if you are so clever, please make a failproof rule that covers all cases and will not start a witch hunt against people with big wardrobes and people that dont want to sell their pieces for dirt cheap and present it to the LM mods.

>> No.10121766

I hate scalpers as much as the next person, but your idea of what market value means makes no sense. If people are willing to pay double what you think a dress "should" cost, maybe you're wrong about the market value. Things can go below value when people are desperate for a sale, the lowest price ever sold is not necessarily the market value

>> No.10121801

People often aren't willing to pay, which is why some pieces sit around unsold for such a long time. This isn't a big deal when it's individual sellers sitting on a few pieces here and there, but certain resellers systematically do this with anything they can get their hands on and that's a pain in the ass.

>item listed on mercari for $50
>scalper snatches it up and immediately relists it for $100
>someone who could've bought the item for $50 now has to either shell out $100 or wait for it to pop up again, which can take a very long time for rarer pieces
See how annoying that is? These aren't natural market dynamics.

>> No.10121811

scalpers, resellers, and all their apologeticists can choke

>> No.10121855

Thank god people like you give their invaluable take on this conversation anon, god forbid we don't come off as 9 yo's for once

>> No.10121944

They're not. And it's a pain in the ass. I don't like scalpers. Resellers can be a pain in the ass, And you'd be a fool to think this problem is exclusive with lolita fashion. It exists and has existed for a very long time in every single hobby.

But what are you or anyone going to do about it besides bitch and boycot? How is anyone able to prove without doubt that someone is scalping and reselling without hurting the rest of the community of honest buyers and sellers? You can't just point "RESELLER!" and witch hunt without laying down rules that negatively impact everyone.

I said it before in the RC thread. Anyone can create an account. Anyone can sneak around rules.

The only thing that could be done is try to make it so that resellers find the LM platform less worthwhile. But how? At the same time, it's likely going to hurt people who are selling off large chunks of their wardrobes, or require heavy moderation. It won't stop them from opening up a store elsewhere, like ebay. Another reseller on LM has been on ecrater for eons since the egl-comm-sales days.

If someone has an actual GOOD idea on what to do, by all means, bring it up. Otherwise every one of you are practically crying the same entitled tears as those who complain about fatties ruining brand or people owning your dream dress and not coording it to your standards.

It sucks. Sure. Either work to be part of the solution or don't.

>> No.10121948

From what I am gathering, when she gets banned in one comm she goes to the next closest.

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New Chinese drama on RC. Here's the OP. 1/2

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Some comments

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>> No.10121967

Cancer survivor here. I easily had roughly half a million dollars worth of drugs and testing over my 6 months of chemo. Some people go for longer than six months, and some also require radiation, surgery, or other treatments I personally did not need. I lost my job during that time, too, because it was a small business that couldn't accomodate me taking a medical leave during that time, I'd be in an insane amount of debt if I had not had my parents insurance to fall back on. If she is having to pay out of pocket it might be pricier than you would think. She also probably bought a lot of her brand and BJDs prior to her diagnosis. But, I am speaking on my experience in American. I can't speak for the Chinese healthcare system.

>> No.10121969
File: 344 KB, 1078x800, 20190307_115444.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10121971
File: 490 KB, 1080x1310, 20190307_122227.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10121972
File: 363 KB, 1080x870, 20190307_122159.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That's it for now. The other comments are the same opinions as before.

>> No.10121977

Cancer survivor OP here. WTF she says it was frilly dress related stress and not maybe... the cancer that caused her to miscarry? I was advised by my oncologist that a pregnancy would be incredibly dangerous for both my life and a fetuses while undergoing cancer treatment... Even if she was pregnant prior to being diagnosed, her body would have been weaker and undergoing testing for a potential cancer diagnoses you'd think would be way more stressful than people asking for shipping links for their dresses?

>> No.10121985

The red commenter is comparing Chinese brand scandals. The owner of Momo miscarried. The owner of Soufflesong has cancer.

>> No.10121986

The poster was talking about another Chinese shop owner, not Souffle Song's owner.

>> No.10122014

>”How many of us have closets full of expensive brand and no money in our savings accounts?”
No one? That sounds about retarded to me.

>> No.10122023

JK is just an attention whore who stooped low enough to lurk weibo for her own selfserving purpose of digging up drama. Sharing gossip about someone's health and financial issues, someone who has zero effect on the western lolita comm, that's low.

>> No.10122024

OT but that sounds easy as hell to have happen. Like others said you can have bought things when you were more financially stable and then have the situation change. I'm in my late 20's and most people my age in my area fall into three camps:
1. have some sort of tech degree and got snapped up by the giants in our area, so they make big buxx
2. have another sort of professional degree and are working that field making under 40k a year
3. have no degree/some college and work entry level positions making ends meet

Even in a fairly low cost of living area and with a higher minimum wage than the national, everyone in groups 2 and 3 are putting 90% of their checks towards rent/utilities/internet/phone/car/gas/groceries/medical expenses. Putting the last 0-10% into savings is fine but it'd take a year of doing NOTHING else with the money to reach the 6 month buffer most financial experts suggest you have in case of emergency. And even then all it takes is a couple flat tires, or an ER visit, or having to miss a week of work for a family emergency, or any number of random things to pop up that bleed those savings out. It's not at all unreasonable to see people who make enough to "get by" and maybe go to a meet or have takeout on a few occasions but not have a savings account.

>> No.10122031

Caps? I'm curious and I don't have fb. I was thinking of making a chrome extension to block them myself on LM.

>> No.10122036

Okay, but this person is Chinese. And by the sounds of it nouveau riche. For her, yes it is very stupid.

>> No.10122043

Strong agreement. Such a lack of empathy from someone who presumably ran out of humblebrags about how thin she is, how large her breasts are, how much money she plans on making after uni, how cool her bf is, how much brand she has, and how much her tattoos cost. Apart from the alleged 48% share in a niche clothing brand and the cancer, how is she that different from the person she is posting about?

>> No.10122118

At least with lolitas I know, there is definitely the 4th camp- convinced themselves they can't work due to minor medical conditions and has mommy and daddy or S.O. buy them Brando. Actually, this applies to some cosplayers I know, too.

>> No.10122215

There's something off about her campaign. She lied about being an employee of SS when she's the founder. She also didn't post any proof of her condition. Most people who aren't scammers post medical documents in their fundraising campaigns to prove that they're really ill. Unless they're only asking for donations from close friends and family who will take their word for it. There are many scammers who take advantage of people's sympathy.

>> No.10122295

Then you didn’t actually read the thread, dumbass. Someone brought up the idea of a business account on LM for example. It’s not perfect but it’s a start.

I never claimed to have all the answers but to pretend like the problem isn’t worth bringing up just because you don’t like the way it was done is beyond stupid

>> No.10122330

shes also banned from a few online groups for that behaviour.

>> No.10122467

bored non-Chinese lolita here, this JK sounds interesting. spill the tea?

>> No.10122471

JK isn't chinese either. she's the one who made the soufflesong thread on rufflechat. she's always posting full on essays in her comments on rufflechat threads.

>> No.10122546

Man you can really see who the ones were who defended scalpers here in the past, same shitty arguments and all. And now I have no doubt why, they are afraid people judge them as one too.

>> No.10122666

tfw anons reactions to this are more sympathetic than some of the comments on the actual thread.

>> No.10122671

she's not interesting. she's so boring that she has to write essays everytime she comments to make herself seem interesting. talks a big game but never posts pics.

>> No.10122674


Anyone else notice that aside JK the bitchiest comments on that thread were from Chinese girls? What is up with that?
Also, I am p sure the mods were enjoining this because they let it slide for so long until people started complaining to them. MR is so fast to freeze "topics that have been discussed before", but they took a while with this one

>> No.10122681

To be fair it was not all Chinese, there were a few Thai girls involved too...That and BH, because ofc she has to involve her self in any piece of drama she can find, every time like clockwork

>> No.10122682

Never posts pics because she has a man face and her coords are too mediocre to compensate

>> No.10122724

>people are disagreeing with me so they must be scalpers

>> No.10122728

I only remember BH from like one thread she made with AEM sperging about how she said lolita is based on Victorian/Rococo, she has a history of getting involved in drama? What breed of controversy is she?

>> No.10122740

There isn't anything controversial really, she is just one of these lolitas that want to be bad bitches, shipping tea and being smug for no reason. She is in every lolita drama group ever made on facebook and has adopted a general attitude. Mind you she is not the only one but I've noticed her sperg on many occasions.

She also had a huge fight with some stupidly naive Asian that idiotically enough asked if it was ok to use the n word because she had black friends and they told her to do so. It's cliche and dumb as hell to ask this, but mainland Asians have a very different experience with race than us in the US and B dragged it to hell and back, calling her racist and posting her allover the place

>> No.10122749

1. That person was a he
2. He lives in San Diego
3. He wasn't even a lolita, just there to stir shit

BH isn't my favorite person either but that guy was obviously trying to start a fight under the guise of the "innocent asking questions".

>> No.10122799

She used to post the same kind of essays on here thinking she was fully anonymous and now I know too much about her sex life. Funnily enough that stopped after a few people called her out on it.

>> No.10122915

More like
>for some reason the people who most viciously defending those practises with the same arguments they brought up to WK Rainies here have a LM with way overpriced shit or trying to sell their used Taobao that's still available for $200, O wonder

>> No.10123120

Nayrt but the fact that you stalked the nobodies on this thread enough to find their LM is kinds scary bih, you need to take a break

>> No.10123159

True, but to be fair you all outed yourselves on that thread, both the pro and the anti scalpers. It was basically a thread made by a gull in which gulls were fighting eachother. Fascinating

>> No.10123178

It's public on their facebook, I literally only have to click their profile and the first thing I see is their sales album with a link. If someone on Rufflechat says something so retarded I can remember it also being posted here, of course I'm going to get curious and click their profile.

>> No.10123179

Yeah I had that impression too, but there were a few who didn't seem to know the issue/discussion.
What I really want to know is which scalper that person with the chinese name and anime avatar was, because they angry reacted to almost every anti-scalper post and their long comments explaining every business detail like they know what they're talking about and asking "if it's so lucrative why aren't you doing it?" was highly suspicious.

>> No.10123235

Did anyone get caps of the “Doesn’t is suck going into debt to buy dresses?!” Post on amino? I commented last night and when I went to view replies to my comment it looks like it was deleted.

>> No.10123269

I don’t have caps, but the OP didn’t reply to anyone except for the first commenter to which she only said “Don’t get a creditcard.” Furthermore everyone just commented that what she was doing is stupid, but the OP never replied to the other. I wonder if she deleted it herself, after being told that what she was doing is stupid, or if a mod deleted it.

>> No.10123273

The biggest question is, is she a troll or not? So far she has only shown a picture of herself in a nameless poem dress. Her other posts are either stupid discussions/polls, of which only a few remain on her profile and one post about her buying some other cheap taobao dress. I can’t imagine her having a debt of 3k from buying Lolita dresses at all. Or she must have paid way too much for that fantastic carnival dress, but she would be really stupid if she paid over $300 for a low-value dress like that.

>> No.10123285
File: 165 KB, 750x1061, IMG_3407.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I did, imagine being this financially irresponsible. Like the other anon said though, I can't imagine this being legitimate since she never seems to post coord photos.

>> No.10123297

..3K DEBT?! I thought I had a problem, but I've never been in debt. Gulls, please don't prioritise your frills over your finances.

>> No.10123450

I said stalking, not hacking into their account. Of course it is public. If you went to each and every ones profile to find their sales album and find their LM accounts to compare prices, it is a bit stalkery

mrk maybe

>> No.10123492

3k debt. Let me tell you about the time I ended up almost 10k in debt, half of that was probably lolita.

I paid it off a few years ago.

>> No.10123501
File: 372 KB, 1079x601, Screenshot_20190309-194210_Facebook.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Please no one sell this stupid fat bitch that beautiful print.

>> No.10123502

>fairly new AP series
yeah good luck with that

>> No.10123506

She’s not fat but ok... is this Simply? It kind of looks similar

>> No.10123507

She isn't fat but 28 inch for an OP...

>> No.10123512

That’s not even that big it’s only 71cm if they were like 80+ that’s pretty bad. The OP even has a waist listed at 84cm so 71 is well under the max and should fit just fine.

>> No.10123535

It does. AP one pieces are huge lol

>> No.10123563

Ok, but I have the jsk and it doesn't have lace shirring. The jsk is pretty roomy too. Anyway there's no way someone is going to sell her a print that sold out for that cheap.She seems mentally challenged going based off simply manor of writing.

>> No.10123626

Yes you have a point, it’s a retarded price to ask for a new print that sold out almost right away. BUT people will not sell for low because they know it’s worth more, not because you’re calling a somewhat thin girl a stupid fatty.

>> No.10123636

I’m from a state where worker protection is a thing; is this even legal where she is? Jesus

>> No.10123649

Chinese that grew up in murrica here. I spent a year living my home country in 2016 and I am honestly not surprised. Everyone is trying to scam and rip each other off there. All the time. It's the national mentality that if you have an opportunity to make money you take it. No one worries about consequences. No one worries about burned bridges. Lost business of lost friends. Literally the only thing they care about is making money. The chinese will probably human flesh the owner of soufflesong but the west will eat that shit right up and feed off the empathy that chinese people don't culturally posses.

>> No.10123811

>no job
>has a car, known money sink
>still buying a niche fashion anyway

OP shouldn't be allowed to have a credit card. I have around 2k debt but not even 300 of it is from lolita (it was mainly moving costs).

>> No.10124068

I've heard this about Chinese. I've heard them compared to gypsies and travelers when it comes to stealing too.

>> No.10124405

Your wardrobe must be huge.

>> No.10124419

I'm probably 6k in debt from lolita. but I have a job and all my bills get paid.

I don't know how you let yourself get in debt AND dont have a job. what was your plan?

>> No.10124619

It's averageish. At the height of that spending, I had 30-35 main pieces. I ended up parting with most of them, keeping about 15.

I actually bought more after I paid it off and was working a salaried job. No debt. Now it's around 40 something and I feel it's too much but I don't have a strong desire to part with what I have.

>> No.10124651

Didn't see this response.

>AND dont have a job. what was your plan?
The funny thing was, I did have a full time job. Half of it was probably lolita, the others was for sure, dental bills (had a root canal, wisdom teeth pulled), some medical stuff. Buying lots of repeat supplies for artist alley, experimenting on products that didn't sell well enough.

But like I said here: >>10124619 Sold about half of my wardrobe. That got it down a decent chunk. I had some other collections I was able to sell that had accumulated some worth. Did some artist alley and that helped.

Then I just paid it off with about 1/3 of my month's pay and didn't do any extras for awhile.

It took at most about 18 months or to pay it off in full.

My student loan is just under 1k after an original 25k. So, I'm not really THAT bad. I have a problem with impulse buying. But I'm also resourceful so it sort of works out.

I'd just like to save for once?

>> No.10126965
File: 9 KB, 489x176, whywouldyoupostthisinrc.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

srsly wtf? why in rc?

>> No.10126972

because shanice shitposter, that's why

>> No.10126974

Attention whoring

really, taking the "spotlight" of a mass shooting in a country where you don't even live wtf

>> No.10126988

This is really pathetic. I dont understand spending money you dont have and going into debt; learn some self control, children.

>> No.10127003

attention whoring?? In the lolita community? Never heard of that before.

>> No.10127004

it's shanice, what do you expect? she's probably going to write an epic poem and draw something. she's not super far from NZ anyways i think she's either in malaysia or indonesia

>> No.10127012

I hope she writes an epic. They're always a pleasure to read.

>> No.10127152

I have a close friend who is Chinese and even though he makes good money, he steals shit from stores all the time because "why pay for it when it's free?!". It's so embarrassing desu.

>> No.10127187

You are all racist shits

>> No.10127205

Imagine thinking all chinese are like this because of anecdotes. we are just becoming dumber and dumber

>> No.10127214

Virtue signaling while asking for attention prolly.

>> No.10127498


Oh you’re one of those self loathing little shits who thinks you get whitey points for being racist to yourself.

>> No.10128843

she did it again with Utrecht

can we stop Shanice? like, seriously? I don't understand how she's still allowed in the groups. consider this a public cryout to the RC mods

>> No.10128850

Apparently any replies saying that Rufflechat is not the right place for this discussion are being deleted by mods, so there's your answer.

>> No.10129330

The levels of racism apologists in the ETC thread are insane. I was expecting a bunch of butthurt SJWs but instead I found a bunch of (presumably also SJWs) okaying racism and defending Nazis.

>> No.10129342

It's sad, but a lot of people really become racist when they have the protection of the internet. Or they're just really, really dumb. A lot of people are super totally anti racist while also being anti-semitist. Anti-antisemitism is seen as fine for some reason in sjw circles
There's one comment that sums this up for me: "Why is everyone so quick to forgive Japan for racist shit? This borders on infantalizing them sometimes.
SOME things may be obscure but this clearly wasn't one of those things."
Also that lexi person is a complete dumbass and doesn't even know what toxic masculinity means, she doesn't even wear lolita, why is she there?

>> No.10129344

It's amazing how the SJWs are going full circle and being super racists while also screaming against racism. It was a black girl who was the Nazi sympathizer...

>> No.10129348

You mean JM? From what I saw, a lot of people were explaining it, not excusing it. And not many of those posts ready as SJW-y to me

>> No.10129353

I don't really think SJWs are going full circle. It's just one instance of a progressive being a bit...well, dumb. People are individuals and should be held accountable as individuals unless they're extremists or something.

That being said, I'm not Jewish myself, but I don't understand the sheer amount of antisemitism a lot of people engage in and how little we talk about it. Like some discrimination is fine? How can you be anti-racist while giving the OK to the man who killed a bunch of people simple because they were jews? I don't really get it. That girl is just a complete dolt, plain and simple. I swear the utter dumbassery that comes out whenever race discussions come up is crazy. Politics is not for everyone, plain and simple

>> No.10129410

You can explain racism and black face to Japanese for ages and they still won’t get it. Also lol that the OP says they is a Marple fan and yet didn’t know about this 5+ years old release

>> No.10129436

Liking the Die Walkure set meta released doesn't make a person a nazi sympathizer, that's a bit of a reach. Military uniforms have been a particular aesthetic for a long time, nazis and the Wehrmacht just so happened to create uniforms that looked nice, despite their deplorable actions.

>> No.10129457

You're on cgl. Please post context if you're going to talk.

>> No.10129520

Maybe you're not a Nazi sympathizer but wearing that is highly frowned upon. There are other generic military designs you can wear.

>> No.10129562


Agree with other anon; context?

>> No.10129595

No, they are not. If any comments have been deleted, they have been removed by the user.

>> No.10129613

The whole thread got nuked

>> No.10129618
File: 1.34 MB, 1920x2560, E9F089F7-FF66-4657-AB88-238A0E170462.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Name of the print is Tribal Sambo. Probably inspired by the children’s book character Little Black Sambo in keeping with JM’s pulling from classic children’s literature, but I have to say I find it pretty hilarious that anyone in 2014 thought this was cool. No one can say that Japanese Anglophiles only fetishize the “good” parts of the British Empire.

>> No.10129621

mega oof JM. These people should know it's ok to like things from brands but also be able to recognize their bullshit as well. goddamn autists

>> No.10129628

Not made by Meta, and not nearly the same if it is.

>> No.10129665


Unfortunately Die Walkure is always going to be one of those sets where you have to qualify that you like the set before finding out the name, the 3edgy5me name breaks your heart but you bought the dress set before finding out (the English site had another name for it so that helps you there), you find it okay because it doesn't actually have Nazi symbols on it, and also bring up Hikari Litchi Club for good measure (I actually think the Meta set was trying to cash in whatever trend Hikari Lychee rode in on, since that tiny niche manga managed to get an anime, stage play and live action movie done for it, so it must have been fairly popular in Japan. The timing actually looks about right, too).

I kind of want to point out that people are very quick to make fun of stupid Engrish because "lel stupid baka inferior azns", so I'm not really surprised if the same people just cannot see past their own culture and assumes that everybody needs to take offence at the same things they do, laugh at the same Azns that they do, etc etc.

>> No.10129721

> it doesn't actually have Nazi symbols on it
it has the fucking eagle on the cap that looks exactly like an SS cap

Seriously, everyone excusing this set by claiming that Japanese people "just don't know that much about WW2" is showing their own ignorance in history. Yes, Japanese people might be undereducated about their role on WW2, but that's not because "oh, it just didn't concern them as much as us westerners", it is because their society deliberately makes an effort to play down their involvement and refuses to acknowledge their war crimes. The ignorance is not an excuse, it is the problem.

>> No.10129724

You can also point out that Operation Valkyrie is most commonly known as the plot to wrest control away from the SS and Nazi leadership after the planned assassination of Hitler. There are multiple movies about it. So it's not even a pro-Nazi name, quite the opposite.

>> No.10129746
File: 31 KB, 420x315, F97BA535-E509-4750-838C-70E002281BA6.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That is the Dans Le Salon print, The regular Jane Marple was Little Cat Sambo. The children’s book is apparently a bestseller?

>> No.10129766
File: 107 KB, 960x597, 54217359_1429114490563005_8581412625265459200_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I am surprised no one has posted this yet. What do you gulls think?

>> No.10129776

>another sexual predator trying to cover up his tracks
What else is new?

>> No.10129782


From the comments

>It’s not the first time he’s tried legal action, after assaulting my friend he went to the police because we exposed him for assaulting and harassing people, then he harassed the foreigner groups in Japan and tried to get their visas taken away because they banned him, and now all of a sudden he hates foreigners and says they ruin Harajuku fashion despite the fact he tried to do services for them to wear Harajuku fashion (and perv on them) god, he has a wife and child AND a girlfriend and yet he still resorts to harassing underage white girls, yikes

>> No.10129832

And yet the set is not called Operation Valkyrie, it is called Die Walkure. Die Walkure is one of Wagner's Ring operas, which have a heavy association with the Nazis.

>> No.10129837

Adding cat ears and a tail doesn’t make the character any less of an absurd charicature, especially because the setting is clear. Do Japanese people really not realize they’re not white, and racist white people look down on them (almost) as much as everyone else?

>> No.10129849

>Do Japanese people really not realize they’re not white

You don't have to be white to be racist. Asians are racist af and guess what, they think they're better because they are *gasp* Asians and not fucking white. Not everyone wants to be white. Not everyone who is racist against black people are white. Asians are even racist against other Asians because their skin is darker. Look at India. Those people basically hate themselves and each other better than anyone else can.

Black people can be racist to white people. Shit is still racism. You don't need to be white or consider yourself white for that. I'm fucking sick of the non whites can do no wrong mentality. Guess what black people, Asian people look down on you too.

>> No.10129858

asian people tend to want pale skin but seeing as they're a majority it's not about appeasing the whites anon. they think black people and africans are still living in "savage" ways and are "ghetto" and ugly because a lot of asains really hate black people.

>> No.10129871

Wagner died in 1883. He wasn't a Nazi, his operas weren't written for or about Nazis, and Hitler liking his work doesn't retroactively mean anything associated with it is pro-Nazi. Die Walkure is inspired by Unternehmen Walküre. It even includes an eyepatch inspired by Claus von Stauffenberg.

I'm from a country that was under Nazi occupation during the war and I understand why there is a strong knee-jerk reaction to anything WWII-era German, and that Japan has an especially shitty track record when it comes to WWII. I can imagine that Meta was trying to be edgy when designing Die Walkure and that may have been in poor taste. Honestly, I don't understand the appeal of the set myself. But it would be nice if people were able to take a step back and look at the actual history they're talking about before they start accusing people of being Nazi sympathisers.

>> No.10129883
File: 77 KB, 800x533, C21F2869-745A-447F-8ECB-7994993C5FC5.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I’m referring to their co-opting of Sambo, who is definitely a white (British) caricature that infantilizes black and Indian people in order to justify colonialism. Japanese people are identifying with the colonizer when they read that book — and I guess they always have, based on their own disastrous and farcically violent attempts to make themselves a colonial empire (complete with British-style colonial buildings all over the place)

>> No.10129885

Obviously there’s no one in the world who actually thinks Wagner was a registered Nazi (though he was overtly anti-Semitic — look up his treatise On Jewishness in Music). His operas do carry a Nazi connotation in a lot of areas, though, especially places that were hit hard by their regime or where there are a lot of Jewish people, e.g. Israel. This is mostly because the Nazis had a huge hard on for Wagner and Hitler actually died with some of his original scores in his bunker.

>> No.10129900

Asian people are not POC in their homeland and don't care about western politics. Also asians are not looked down upon as heavily as black people by far, asian american people are well educated overall and get better work opportunities. Plus their income average is very high.

>> No.10129950

Agreed. I come from another Nazi occupied country, my grandpa fought and killed Nazis during WW2, and collected memorabilia from the war for the rest of his life. I cant get behind the mentality that owning anything WW2 or Germany related of that time makes you a Nazi sympathizer. Maybe you like historical stuff, maybe you like uniforms. I just wish people would stfu with this holier than thou attitude

>> No.10129964

This. Weebs treat Japanese people like children.

>> No.10129968

Honestly i have a friend who is in school rn with a history degree and his specialty is older wars. He's studied a lot on his own time, and he ended up learning a lot about uniforms and when i talked to him about the die walkure set he first said yikes but the closer he looked the more he realized that the dress is based on three different countries uniforms during ww2. You get your german influences like the hat, pin, the arm band, with a french cape and accents, and an american flair to top it all off

>> No.10130001

But you can get behind the idea that wearing the Little Black Sambo dress makes you a racist sympathizer? Maybe you just like golliwogs. Are these two scenarios really that different?

>> No.10130076

Yes, they are different. one is an inaccurate military uniform with inaccurate name and insignia that looks more Japanese imperialistic than Nazi. The other thing is a tasteless dress with actual blackface on it. I dont think JM is racist to have done this, I think they are stupid, and ignorant beyond excuse, but I don't think ignorance is the same as racism. I would side-eye anyone in the west wearing it though

>> No.10130077

I don't see this on her channel, was it taken down?

>> No.10130125

Inaccurate military uniform-inspired dress yes, but still intentionally referential to the Nazis, however inaccurate it may be. I strongly suspect that people are more ok with Die Walkure than the JM dress because it's cuter, although you will doubtless continue vocally rationalizing it with a variety of different explanations.

>> No.10130131

That blending is part of why I really like it.

>> No.10130307


Actually, the outfit breakdown has been debated to death in the past, and the old thread came to the same conclusion as this anon's friend >>10129968 -- mashup of at least 3 different countries, and on closer inspection most of the logos are completely made up, they just look similar, including the eagle. I think even a major part of the outfit was Alliance rather than Axis/German, the colours I think?

Also, the point isn't that the Japanese don't know their own history, it's that you're already projecting that your version of reality must be the correct one, you've just completely glossed over Hikari Litchi without a second thought.


Oh, that's a new idea. I'm actually not interested in military lolita at all, I just commented because it seems sad that some girls get so much flak for what turns out to be a really inaccurate costume at the end of it all. And you gotta wonder how Wagner feels in his grave right now, all he did was write some darn good music, he gets one superfan and then people now apparently hate his guts.

>> No.10131041
File: 664 KB, 730x768, werwrw.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anybody else catch the drama on instagram with the creator of menhera chan? he posted a pic of him in ganguro and a bunch of Americans accused him of being racist/doing blackface.

>> No.10131043

Wow burgers are scum

>> No.10131044
File: 608 KB, 832x403, ewrwerwe.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Also, he drew vent art about it. I feel bad for him. Americans are so ignorant and self-centred.
Theres a lot more people being mad at him. Check his instagram, it's all there.

>> No.10131047

People are gonna get so mad about that star of David even though jfash brands use it like they use the Cross, like a cool symbol

>> No.10131071

Not "a bunch," like, 3 or 4. Blackface was literally black. If you "do the research" like so many Amerifags want the rest of the world to waste their time on, you will see that it was super ridiculous black, with big white lips. This is nowhere near blackface. And that one girl doesn't need to be "blacksplaining" anything. She's making herself sound like the ignorant one. Ameri-centric idiot.

>> No.10131087
File: 96 KB, 1200x800, 952ED856-C75C-49F0-94B4-C5C557B3D865.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why would you feel bad for him? Everyone involved in this is self-centered and allergic to learning about other perspectives, including him. This violent and childish style of retaliation isn’t cute.

His ganguro look is pretty cute, though, and not particularly blackface-y, but anyone who thinks ganguro doesn’t have American influences (including black American) is blind or dumb. It’s not like most Japanese people see any issue with actual minstrel show blackface, anyway.

>> No.10131104

No one wants to hear americans complain about what people in other countries do, especially when they're ignorant about jfashion. stop trying to control culture just because it's wrong where you are.

>> No.10131110

Are you the same kind of moral relativist who’s cool with genital mutilation?

>> No.10131120


I mean burgers do it so it can’t be that bad.

>> No.10131126

Yeah but ganguro is appreciation. It's not comedic or diminishing black people, they think dark skin is hella cute.

>> No.10131127

are you really comparing blackface to genital mutilation?
both are bad but blackface isn't as terrible, more just something done by ignorant people

>> No.10131130

Are you the same kind of idiot who would compare applying face paint to physically harming another human being?

>> No.10131219


Is ganguro even about black people? I thought gyaru was copying valley girls, and then ganguro is copying those same valley girls after a tan, that's why the area around the eyes are usually left light.

There's another style that's closer to "black people" style, but iirc they're more fascinated by afros and rap music.

>> No.10131238
File: 135 KB, 750x809, 68CDC120-B1B9-4E28-A34F-DD096FA0EAF8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

so how about that lolita sewing collective huh

>> No.10131269

are there any actual deets or is this just le funny answers?

>> No.10131295


The Japanese came up with the kagome first. The Jews are fifteen hundred years too late.

>> No.10131362

nope, no actual details!
because why would we follow rules

>> No.10131365
File: 275 KB, 485x750, E59F1B8C-6F8F-43AB-BCA6-00E128661EF7.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Wait I misread your post, ignore >>10131362
Deets are: lolita sewing collective has a tag system in place to make it easier to assist people, some joker thought in lieu of using the proper tags, they would make up their own to show how quirky and unique they are. Others followed suit. Now every time LSC shows up on my feed it’s from some bozo who’s trying to start a comedy troupe via their sewing tags.
Also the woman who is “ron swanson who knows more than you” is using this delightful patter & didn’t know you had to buy extra fabric when you’re using one way prints.

>> No.10131395

Oh jeez, major yikes. Reminds me of the "Kawaii Sister" but this is so much worse and tryhardy,
>irresponsible mad scientist
cringe. That image is making my eyes burn too.

>> No.10131493

Fuck anyone who doesn't appreciate ganguro in this, the year of our Lord 2k19. Make gyaru great again 2020

>> No.10131507

Your president wears gyaru makeup proudly.

>> No.10131522

It doesn't have to be pitch black to be blackface but ganguro has nothing to do with blackface.

You're right about ganguro. The style you're thinking of is called B-Kei. They don't darken their faces afaik. They imitate black urban style because that's what hip-hop artists wear.

>> No.10131532

She is a lolita. But I'm not really sure how her lolita status would invalidate her statement since it wasn't even about lolita.

>> No.10131582

Speaking if which, what's the deal with the crysanthemom chick? Her seeing is pretty good but she looks, talks, and acts like she's still 14 and it's 2008

>> No.10131604

Sorry lol

>> No.10131620

i feel like the new chola thing is similar to b-gal. again, japanese girls bucking trad japanese beauty standards. I dont think even b-gal is racist, i mean there's wanksters and stuff... they're just tanning, not actual blackface.

>> No.10131746
File: 274 KB, 750x897, A1939242-67D2-42A8-B108-8010A76A816B.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

From anti-oppressive lolita fashion.

>> No.10132709
File: 1.17 MB, 2896x2896, PicsArt_03-22-08.52.15.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The safe space Lolita strikes again.

>> No.10132726

That's too funny. Sounds like somebody is drunk with power and ready to do some tyrannical oppressin'.

>> No.10135122

damn why didn't she just ask what the name of the dress was jeez nobody wants to read your self-serving essay

>> No.10136253
File: 43 KB, 491x527, ita.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm sorry but you sound like the ita hon.

>> No.10136272

okay, but he's cute though that lace is unacceptable.

>> No.10136583

is this shanice

>> No.10136604

what website is this?

>> No.10136614


>> No.10136690

she sounds like she's 14 or has Aspergers

>> No.10137615

Thread is sagging, but I'm too lazy to make a new one.

How can you have so little self awareness that you wear this shit to work?

>> No.10137617
File: 650 KB, 1080x1717, 20190330_004915.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

And of course I dropped my pic like a dumbass

>> No.10138391


Hoping this is someone young and when she said "work" and "busines casual" she's trying to make her part time job sound snobby. Cos that just looks downright retarded, it's certainly a bad impression to make on bosses and clients for an actual working person.

>> No.10138561

The new online comm thread got deleted entirely, wtf jannies?

As did KK’s posts.

>> No.10138565

Yeah we lost a gold mine. We miss it

>> No.10138616
File: 58 KB, 1273x439, 40f31288e36ff168da704231e3b079fb.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The lolita subreddit is a disaster but I can't help going back to it. Bless the good lolitas trying to guide the others.

>> No.10138630

A r c h i v e s

>> No.10138636

That's what happens when several people troll a thread.

>> No.10138644


She's replying to commentors saying she knows to stay away from the costumes and is good at finding gems and good sellers.

I really, really want to know what's in her wardrobe/what she actually wears.

>> No.10138676

This is why I never trust anyone who reviews an item as “good quality” without photos. Too many people seem to think something is good quality and appropriate for lolita as long as it has a skirt and no obvious gaping holes in it.

>> No.10138764

>The KK thread got delete
I guess she really did call the CGL Livejournal police

>> No.10138765

i guess we should go over to Lolcow and talk about KK instead

>> No.10138770

not to be that person, but 3k debt is pretty minor depending on your life situation. but i do agree that spending thousands on lolita is quite ridiculous if you don't have a job or means to sustain that level of purchasing. you are also ruining your credit by signing up for credit card after credit card.

in the usa, debt is not the end-all. managing debt responsibly is much more important, it's what builds credit and allows you to purchase bigger things later in life (cars, houses, etc). most people will never be able to just set aside 20k to purchase a car in one go, or pay for a house in cold hard cash. we live in an electronic-funds based society so we have to learn how to use it.

>> No.10138856 [DELETED] 


I mentioned in another thread that I'd been 10k in debt before just from spending and credit cards. Half of that was probably Lolita and cumulative over a few years. Plus dental bills, some medical, some everyday spending, car maintenance, etc. I've been 20k in debt due to student loans.

It's not the end of the world if you have the ability to get out of debt by working or at least being resourceful enough, having side jobs and things of that nature. It would be irresponsible to rack up 10k in spending without a job, but it's unlikely you'd even be offered that large of a credit limit.

I'm under 1k in my student loan, and it'll be paid off in a few months.

The credit card debt was paid off in a year and a half. (Full time job + doing artist alley, selling old collections and some wardrobe pieces I was less fond of)

Also I didn't have a lot of living expenses. I contributed to rent, car payments, food and the like. But I didn't have a lot otherwise I needed to pay for. I'm just horrible at budgeting and saving and I buy on impulse a lot.

You see people who are massively in debt with lots of living expenses having a hard time getting out of it and making ends meet or filing for bankruptcy. That would be worse if it were in part, due to lolita. Far worse than just being in debt that's manageable.

>> No.10138857

10k debt anon here. I mentioned earlier. (made a post and realized it's still in this gd thread)

Even though I was in debt that high, my credit score is also really high because I've paid it off.

>> No.10138892

Yeah, if you count student loans and car loans in addition to credit cards, I have a little under $80k? But paying it off every month, not missing payments, having a good amount of available credit vs debt, as well as having a long history of "good" debt is way more important.

>> No.10138911

that's stupid shady for a so called LLC

>> No.10139034
File: 132 KB, 750x860, 5654C9C3-4DB6-46D3-AEBE-BFA2C613A36C.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I mean I have a 28” waist and I’ve never owned an op that was tight on me, even my old school ap OPs fit fine, I don’t really think that a 28” waist warrants getting called fat

Pic related is what a 28” waist looks like

>> No.10139080

That thread was amazing. I hope someone got caps. Probably all the namefagging did it in.

>> No.10139120

I have a 28" waist too. I'm not fat at all just tall. I also wear old school and fit into it, and not just "get it on" it fits and isn't too tight or anything. a 28" waist on someone 5 feet tall might be fat, but on someone 5'11" (for example" it's definitely not fat.

>> No.10139153

This entire thing is bizarre. If the photographer is an independent contractor she really shouldn't be specifying details of what they can't wear. She really doesn't need a huge paragraph of dress code... The IRS is going to enjoy this one

>> No.10139154

Oh yeah the people well known for shoplifting and stealing shit is obviously the Chinese. Not a day goes by without hundreds of Chinese people here being arrested for shoplifting. It's a real epidemic.

>> No.10139194

Yeah I’m 5’9” with a 28” waist, glad I’m not the only one that’s getting tired of anything over 26” getting called fat

>> No.10139320

Also body proportions beyond height have a lot to do with it as well. Someone with a longer torso can achieve a smaller waist than someone with a shorter one, especially if they've got broader shoulders, wider ribs. Sort of common with upside-down triangle shapes.

You can diet and train all you'd like, but you're limited to the shape of your skeleton.

In general BMI isn't bad for the average person. Body fat percentage is a better indicator. Best to just aim for what is healthy for you and not other's opinions, especially on /cgl/ where anything over 22" is fat.

>> No.10139539
File: 234 KB, 750x1334, EB80F1A6-027F-4556-93FD-09F8A74A40BF.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

well this thread in (t)rufflechat is a hot dumpster fire right now

>> No.10139548
File: 151 KB, 750x1334, 092BF7D8-1063-4689-B899-77DD7054CA8B.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10139550
File: 137 KB, 750x1334, 2E1D7322-5D8A-4779-9B29-7D23A161BBD7.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


There’s a ton of comments but here’s just a little bit. I feel like blue wayyyy overracted, I mean I get why they’re mad, but they’re burning OP at the stake

>> No.10139551

I agree that the original post went a little too far and could be read in a really unsavory manner but damn Amor needs a chill pill.

>> No.10139552
File: 152 KB, 750x1334, 339283D7-95DD-4C91-82DE-AA9CA3B42CCB.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oops. Forgot to censor a name. Here’s the screenshot reposted

>> No.10139553

That couldn’t be read in an unsavory manner at all. The initial post is clearing making fun of idiots that think Lolita is a racial thing. You’d have to be brain dead to assume she was trying to undermine the people affected by that racism.

>> No.10139557

No, I get the gag, I just also see what some people in the thread meant when they said they found joking about it inappropriate.

>> No.10139561

What’s inappropriate about laughing at racists? Some people really just want to get offended by any mention of it.

>> No.10139573
File: 59 KB, 498x290, heheimfunnyritegaiz.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

MS needs to stfu with her terribly unfunny commentary on updates. I do not need reach for the stars attempts at humor when I'm getting updated on what brands are doing.

>> No.10139583

Because racists are stupid and take those things seriously. Then they try saying the same shit and say "it was just a joke".

>> No.10139586

>this is anti blackness at its height

meanwhile, there's police brutality, employment discrimination, and rampant underrepresentation, but nah, an april fools post on the internet is "antiblackness at its height"

>> No.10139589

You are a leech of joy

>> No.10139591

Yeah it’s like other anon said, sometimes jokes about racism can come across as belittling to those who care about/are affected by racism and thus appeal to the wrong crowd. I’m not bothered by the joke personally I can just see where people were coming from. That one girl I mentioned was going off way too hard though.

>> No.10139666
File: 24 KB, 500x546, nofunallowed.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10139669

It's literally April Fools though... Getting so offended about it literally shows her levels of first world privilege. Black people in Africa would laugh at her.

>> No.10139788

Ugh, these fucking people...The joke was silly but when the regressive left keeps crucifying people over stupidities like this, it just makes them angry and prone to right wing propaganda. This is why Trump was elected in the first place. This is why half of Europe is going to elect alt-right in the next elections, and then things will truly suck balls.
Fucking tone down your outrage and "moral superiority"

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