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/cgl/ edition

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Idol threads don’t belong on /cgl/

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>people going to anime conventions for the sole purpose of getting laid

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I have a crush on a girl in my comm but the age difference is irreconcilable.

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almost no one else hosts meets and i'm tired of everyone expecting me to do something all the time.

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How big is that age gap?

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>tfw Anime Expo may potentially pull the same shit Pensacon did with the AnimeGate fiasco and threaten to arrest attendees for speaking their mind about it
Should we be worried if this shit actually happens? Because at this point, I’ll just pick the side that doesn’t get me 86’d from the con for the rest of my life.

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>congoers see an item they want in the dealers hall
>congoers looking at cheaper prices online on their phones in front of the booth owner

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Eh I can't blame them, the markups in dealers halls are usually ridiculous

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Same anon, I genuinely think that if I was busy/incapacitated/dead and couldn't host meets, still nobody would take over. People always say they're looking forward to the next meet but never want to bother hosting.

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Sometimes I feel like a fake cosplayer. I haven't made a build in forever and seeing my friends whip up their projects so quickly gives me a terrible sense of inferiority. The more I sink into it, the less I want to work, which makes me feel even worse. IDK lads, I'm in a funk.

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cgl has gone soft and it’s super boring now. i miss when everyone was way bitchier

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>turning 26 soon
>starting to feel like I'm getting too old for this shit
>never got a drink & party hard phase. Have been getting out of my shell over this past year and I've been really enjoying that sort of thing at cons like colossal, katsu & MAG but the above feeling applies

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I sure as hell fucking don’t
Too much salt makes people insufferable

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Same. I’m that person. However, I quit buying overpriced dealer’s room crap and stick with artists. At least it’s unique.

That’s being said...I’m tired of cons accepting the same bland generic cutesy art styles into AA...and freakin perler bead art.

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I finally got my dream shoes! For less than £50 aswell! I’m so happy!

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I also hate this tumblr 2.0 neo-cgl

You are part of the problem

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Men in lolita dresses are gross and will always be gross.

>inb4 Mana is a man
Mana is beyond that.

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nobody gives a shit about cosplay photographers so there's no real photographers actually want to shoot cosplay

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oldfag here
I too remember when actual discussion was a rarity and threads got derailed into things like trying to dox an anon who got raped (anyone else remember that?)
if you miss that, seek a therapist, even lolcow is tame compared to how horrible old cgl was.

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I miss my old comm. I miss them so much.

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Trying to meet new friends in an annual event where a lot of people possibly drive in or fly from other states or even countries is meaningless and stupid

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>I too remember when actual discussion was a rarity and threads got derailed
>implying it's any different now
It's just another (and imo a much less fun) kind of constant derailing.

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Cosplay like Ladybeard and Manfaye are the worst kind of cosplay ever

Might have been shocking or funny the first time but other than that...

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Woe is you, salty Lolita of lore.
For the Lolita folk are insufferable princess complex cunts no more.
Let us weep for your sins.

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I do believe no one thinks it's cute. It's just about being nice to a suffering human. Let them have their little moment of happiness and frills.

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I feel a little bad getting into the Convention and Casual cosplay culture so late at the age of 24

I mean i have lots of Legitimate reasons, but i feel jealous hearing stories of people enjoying cons when they were teenagers

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Why can't we bully these disgusting monsters out of existence
Jesus fuck

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Hey. I'm in a similar boat. Try paying attention to how you frame things, some people are really fast to see the cup half empty, this can really detract from enjoying the good things you do have.
I know it's simplistic but if you make it into a habit it can help you analyze your actions and see whether something truly is bad.

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Because our demographic migrated to tumblr and facebook where everyone has to be all inclusive luvlies all the time.

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It's just about recognizing that it doesn't affect us personally if some guy wants to look weird in public. Though desu this borders into disgusting sissy realms and it isn't even cute... But ultimately they're the ones looking bad. Not the girls.

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im a real photographer, have a degree and do it for a living. i used to do cosplay photography but stopped. was never respected by cosplayers, they showed up late with cosplays barely finished expecting magic while also underpaying me. i only shoot for friends now which is sad because its fun and there are lots of actually talented cosplayers out there.

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My comm is full of itas and one fattie who can’t do makeup or coord for shit despite all their brand, and I hate it because somehow I’m the best dressed one there every time but they’re all too goddamned nice to say anything that would help anyone improve.

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I'm frustrated.
How can I get the insider's scoop to events and pre-orders etc. if I am a lonelita?

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Are you on social media? For pre-orders you can follow Lolita Updates on FB and individual brands on Twitter and IG. Events are a little trickier and it depends on the type of event you’re interested in. If cons in your area organise lolita events you can just follow the con’s social media, but if you’re looking for comm events and meetups you’ll probably have to join the local comm’s FB group.

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Are you me? People always make excuses for not being the ones to set up meets and if I don't do it no one else will

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That situation is not about anime. It's about one shitty voice actor.

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I don't. It was impossible to have an actual debate of any sort back then.

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People that don't return feedback on Lacemarket irk me so much that I sometimes don't even want to buy from them anymore

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dont like how ableist, homophobic and transphobic cgl is. i think it actually sucks

>> No.10120737

Then do yourself a favor and leave.

>> No.10120744

yeah cgl sucks, for a variety of reasons, some of which you mentioned ): but still has its merits (not many)

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Same, im sick of comments like ' saying someone is jewish is so racist anon :'((('
Good example here

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kys retarded faggot trannys

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If you hate this place so much then leave lmao and take your boring vendettas with you
Honestly, idiot gulls falling for obvious bait is an even bigger problem

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Bitch, is this your first time hearing of 4chan? on top of that, many gulls are lolcow users, who hate trannies too, probably more than 4chan users ever will. This place isn't for you.

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all out TERF vs tranny wars when?!
please tell me this shit is about to go down on the streets and is happening

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You're actually the type of people we don't need here. Why don't you go to your echo chamber >>>/pol/

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No one could even have discussions since it was everyone just bitching/derailing about nothing
Cgl is a lot more bearable now, actually managed to meet really cool people and have fun discussions because of this place

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Gulls falling for obvious bait and bait posters replying to themselves truly are a cancer

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>idiot gulls falling for obvious bait
But those are the neo-cgl newfags.

I'm not a terf, I just hate perverts in our fashion and those who enable them + dumb (insert hugbox social media platform here)fags who take everything on 4chan (or more like /cgl/, since they aren't using other boards) serious.

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b8 but why do so many people unironically have this mentality exist in the cosplay/anime community?

>> No.10120788

>b8 but why do so many people unironically have this mentality in the cosplay/anime community?

>> No.10120789

Meant for:

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Speak for yourself. I'd rather have rampant tranny-haters than "pls don't say any mean words, no negativity!!" snowflakes.

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Is it just me or are Homestuck cosplayers the worst of them all? Like if you see someone in a Homestuck cosplay you know that there's a very high chance they'll be an asshole, rude, or just a bunch of stuck up cunts, etc.
I've heard horror stories of other fandom cosplays too like Steven Universe, furries, etc. But there's always a chance to be pleasantly surprised by the non-cancerous portions of that cosplaying fanbase. For Homestuck, however, I'm yet to be pleasantly surprised.

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So you'd rather go back to doxing people just because anons don't like them?
The world doesn't work that way anymore and we're not going back.
Maybe go to one of the other chans that still allows illegal shit to be done. Good luck not getting vanned.

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In general fatguys trying to get in touch with their feminine side always gave me the impression they are emasculated or the bottom in the relationship

>> No.10120803

No, I'd rather go back to having a sense of community on here again instead of in-thread fighting with retards, newfags and snowflakes who don't belong on 4chan.
Did you personally get doxxed? It wasn't as often or usual as you make it out to be.

>> No.10120805

>I'm not a terf
Then you and your fellow "kick all trannies out of comms" gulls should seriously stop blanket characterizing/accusing all trans people or AMABs as sissies.
We get it, you gulls don't want cringey lolcows such as Chris-chan being anywhere near you. Nobody in their right mind would want people like him around either.
However by denying the important and noticeable differences between middle-aged fetishists and legitimate trans women, you are blatantly ignoring reality to suit your own perspective, or out-right shitposting for the lulz. Pull your head out of your own ass for once.

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>> No.10120811

It was often enough for there to warrant a rule being made. That's a fact.

>in-thread fighting with retards, newfags and snowflakes who don't belong on 4chan.
That's always been a thing and isn't going away. You don't get to choose who comes here to post and who doesn't. All you can do is choose to either keep posting or leave of your own accord.

>> No.10120812

Then you, sir/ma'am/whatever the fuck you are, are a TERF. Embrace the label you have built up for yourself, TERF.

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Not even the same anon but...

>> No.10120815

>Then you and your fellow "kick all trannies out of comms" gulls
>you gulls
Fuck off crossposting tranny.
Literally nothing of value is lost if a few oversensitive ugly men don't want to stay in our fashion. If you aren't a pervert tranny, you shouldn't feel addressed by the shitposting.

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I hate this bitch and her disgusting tattoos so much. Ended up friends with her on FB and all of her cosplay is so low effort. Especially for the amount of fuss she makes about it

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Being around itas is great because they are way less obnoxious and ocding than lolitas.

>> No.10120825

I don't know or understand what a lolita is, and I don't know if I want to know or if I should care.

>> No.10120826

>It was often enough for there to warrant a rule being made. That's a fact.
The doxxing rule was made because btards couldn't contain themselves, not because 3 seagulls posted your address. I'm not trying to excuse doxxing though, if it happened to you I'm honestly sorry.

>That's always been a thing and isn't going away.
Yes but it wasn't as bad as now, because at the end the majority tried to adapt and understand the board or got ridiculed out of it, which made the overall experience more pleasurable once you were part of the "community". Of course we never were a hivemind, but if you found your way to 4chan, there was a chance we had more in common than just liking cosplay or lolita. But now we have people here who post on the board how much they hate its users and the board itself but stay here despite that and further shit it up, clashing with the "OG" userbase.

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I'm fat and it's my fault and I'm going to die young without having worn my dream dresses because of it.

You shouldn't.

>> No.10120868

It's just someone who wears lolita fashion.

>> No.10120869

what's happening with her ribs? is she deflating?

>> No.10120885

What exactly happened to Manfaye now? It’s like he disappeared from the face of the earth.

>> No.10120900

Wow you're so hardcore

>> No.10120902

I finally read homestuck late last year and plan on cosplaying as one of the characters for a meetup, am I fucked?

>> No.10120904

After all of the AM drama I've really lost hope for the Houston convention and Lolita/Jfashion scene.

>> No.10120909

I'm a TERF I guess. Trans folks don't belong in lolita, it's a fashion for women and men in touch with their feminine side and confident in their identities. Trans creeps give people the wrong idea about lolita

>> No.10120925

I think I draw better than almost everyone in the drawthreads but they were cunts to me before when I posted myself so I never went back.

>> No.10120934

Maybe, I don't know, I've only had experience dealing with Homestuck cosplayers as an outsider.

>> No.10120937

it's like a combination of shitty posture and fat I guess?

>> No.10120942

op of this post.. wow, i think the replies to my normal-tier, simple desire speak for themselves.
this level of hatred just isnt healthy.. i wish there was less of that in this community, but i stay for the topical threads and dress talk of course.

i dont feel its ridiculous to want 4chan to become better any more than it is to wish for anything else to become better. and its sad that the anger caused by my simple statement derailed the thread this much.. that should be your sign.

Gonna look at COF instead

>> No.10120944

Real talk that’s how the actual world is, but people know they can’t say their thoughts outloud. World isn’t fair. Sane people don’t like trans and most homos for a biological reason at their core.
About ableism though, tv acts like wheelchair and down mental handicap kids are always bullied but in my tiny poor rural public school even the football kids went out of their way to be nice to them.

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Or you could go to the rest of the internet that already caters to your needs and stay there.
>Gonna look at COF instead
Of course you do, where else

>> No.10120980

>not because 3 seagulls posted your address.
That didn't happen. You sure are jumping to conclusions.

Your complaints are geared toward 4chan as a whole. Especially since the revamp happened, 4channel. No board is what it used to be. Not even the porn boards.

All you have is your nostalgia.

>> No.10120981

>Real talk that’s how the actual world is
This is such a dumb excuse.

No one has to leave because you're telling them to.

>> No.10120988

It describes what is normal which means it’s inherent in humanity, which means we got this far in evolution because of it. You can’t change it.

>> No.10120990

Fucking normie defense squad - shut up

>> No.10120991

>That didn't happen. You sure are jumping to conclusions.
That was sarcasm. To phrase it more clearly for you: The doxx rule wasn't created because a small amount of gulls posted someones personal info. It was because btards literally could not stop doing that among other illegal activities and moot had enough of it.

>Especially since the revamp happened, 4channel. No board is what it used to be.
What? How long have you been here? That revamp happened only about 3 months ago and nothing changed since then. The behaviour I'm talking about is going on for years and is especially addressed to the current cgl. I know no other board that attracts a demographic that unironically comes here and complains about racism, ableism or homophobia on a regular basis, shittalks the actual board for everything it is or was and takes every single post serious. I'd argue /cgl/ is the most out-of-touch board on 4chan right now.

>> No.10120992

I am between saying fuck it and buying more Lolita, and hoarding as much money and/or supplies as possible because I think a SHTF type event will happen in my lifetime. Or at the very least, the disparity between rich and poor will widen to the point I'll be screwed to be a middle class person with a bunch of frilly dresses because those people won't be middle class anymore, they will be poor, very poor.

>> No.10120993

>waaah don't tell me what to do
I just told you what would be the most logical decision. The whole internet is full of nice places you could go that fit your desire and yet you're wasting your time here complaining to the one place that isn't.

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>> No.10121019

Mentally ill dead ends rise up

>> No.10121024

There was a lolita item up for sale a bit ago, it's old school and the waist is 60-69cm. Well, I wanted it, it's one of my dream items but It wasn't something I could buy as I have life and school stuff. Anyway, I ended up being able to get it, but today I found out the person who was bidding against me has a 100cm waist... like... what?

>> No.10121037

If I had to guess she wears something similar to a corset or waist cincher all the time so the folds in her skin naturally fall like that.

>> No.10121044

Thank you for saving whatever this piece was from a fatty-chan

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File: 216 KB, 576x768, B7AA2827-F362-4429-B8E4-81AAF1AED2DE.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Y’all are dumb. Just twist your body like that and see what happens. Your skin is just a loose bag for your skeleton and muscles after all.

>> No.10121068

It literally shocked me and made me sad that it almost went to someone who wouldn't even be able to wear it. I thank whatever lolita god who was helping me out, and I can't wait to do the dress justice and give it a great new life!

>> No.10121100

Why pay cosplay photographers when you have a smart phone

>> No.10121102

I posted a girl from my comm in ita thread. Actually her coord wasn’t that bad, but gulls were gulling and she got upset. I’m really really sorry for that.

>> No.10121104

Wait, I don't understand? Does this really happen? Girls buy clothes that don't fit????

>> No.10121115

Oh anon, if only you knew how bad things really are

>> No.10121117

That's the spirit! I always hope my dressed go to someone like that.

>> No.10121127

I recently bought a dress that is too big for me, I'll have to alter it, but it was worth it for me.
Now I'm wondering if bigger lolitas wouldn't be upset lol

>> No.10121140

Daily reminder that Mana is a drag queen. He's just a gook version of Jeffree Star.
Try to prove me wrong or change my mind.

>> No.10121142

Everyone knows this, though? IMO he's a lot less obnoxious than Jeffree Star, in part because he doesn't talk.

>> No.10121145

>in part because he doesn't talk
That's even more unrelatable than Jeffree Star is, t b h .

>> No.10121147

I don't think his goal is to be relatable. Personally I'd pick an unrelatable but quiet man in elegant gothic dresses over an unrelatable loud obnoxious man in Gucci miniskirts that barely even cover his bulge, any day.

>> No.10121148

Fandom general threads were pretty fun and i miss when they were around. they never take off anymore, but i wish they did.

>> No.10121149
File: 7 KB, 194x259, 8079C6D3-DB58-4B4E-A09A-A10B5FF59C3C.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>He's just a gook version of Jeffree Star
Oh lol, anon

>> No.10121152

>Did you personally get doxxed?

>That was sarcasm
Sure didn't start out that way. Oh let me guess. You are conveniently not the original anon I was replying to even though your fucking their battle this hard.

>I'd argue /cgl/ is the most out-of-touch board on 4chan right now
This is true in regards to memes. Cgl has really dated humor. There are dumb assholes here who still think "I can haz a cheeseburger" is the epitome of comedy.
I always assume those are the same 30 something bored normie housewives who come here to larp as Joan Rivers to give "muuh concrit"

>> No.10121155

Some people get things altered.

>> No.10121176

You'd need an entire second dress to make 60-69cm fit a 100cm waist

>> No.10121181

Its so embarrassing. I used “commiefornia” on here and some anon replied with literal paragraphs over disbelief in how anyone in a country (USA) built by immigrants (which isn’t even that correct) could use such a term. I just deleted the caps a bit ago. Wish I didn’t

>> No.10121270

Well, altering from too big is much different from too small. An item can generally be altered a few cm bigger, but in anon's case 69cm max to fitting a 100cm waist... I honestly don't think there would be enough extra fabric to do something that drastic... Even if it has huge waist ties, I think they'd have to supplement from elsewhere. Why not just get clothes that fit if you are soooo huge.

>> No.10121299

I altered a skirt once by cutting the waistband in the back, and adding onto the waistband with close matching fabric, regathering the skirt. The waist ties were never used, they covered the fabric and it fit pretty well. Except the button placement on the sides was a bit off. At the time, there were no releases of this print that would fit other than replicas. But this was 78cm to 82cm. 69 to 100 is quite a large jump. I think at that point you'd be turning it into a bustle skirt.

>> No.10121314

Yeah and they could possibly buy another dress later on. I've done this myself.

Hah, you sound like such a dad.

>> No.10121338

it's a scalper. She'll buy it and then resell it for a higher price. It's a sad fact that there's 2-3 "lolitas" who do this. Don't let her get it anon! rooting for you!

>> No.10121345

I wish people with ugly faces didn't do lolita. Like bland or unordinary faces I don't mind, like people don't need to be the cutest cookie in the box. It's just when they plain ugly I wish they just would wear something else. Or put a sticker on their face on photos. It's just that their ugly can drag an otherwise pretty coordinate down.

>> No.10121359

do you hear yourself right now?
people's lives are worth more than your slight discomfort. A isn't a man, she's just older, transitioned later in life and needs.
I follow an older Japanese male lolita on IG who honestly fills me with so much joy everytime I see them.

Lolita is for rejecting standard life and living the one you want, full of beautifully made clothes and accessories, delicious decadent food, and aesthetic music for whatever your substyle may be.
It has nothing to do with sex. dedication to the fashion is what I appreciate.

>> No.10121362
File: 245 KB, 504x373, just.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

fucking noobs larping as long-time lurkers kill me dead.

>> No.10121364

They’re autogynophile fetishists.

>> No.10121366

...some things are gifts were friends my dude.
I keep an eye out for things my friends would like, especially if they're dream items. you're making a ton of assumptions here.

>> No.10121368

Assblasted tranny detected.

>> No.10121369

>and needs...
to keep practicing with good makeup and get muchmuch better wigs

>> No.10121374
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Ugly* men in lolita dresses are gross

>> No.10121381

>defend others
>must be them
is the concept of empathy or basic understanding of other people that impossible for you? do you have to experience it yourself to care?
I just don't get it.

>> No.10121383

I told a girl to kill herself by creating multiple accounts on instagram until she deleted her account

>> No.10121384

>I just don't get it.
Are you aware of what site you're on right now?
Hell, look at the post below you: >>10121383

>> No.10121386

>showing bloomers and whole thigh
What a slut

>> No.10121387

it's possible that anon is literally autistic (high sympathy but low empathy)

>> No.10121389

alright I'm probably taking the bait here but old school meta nurse collection definitely had an ero element to it.

>> No.10121395

Yeah there wouldn't be enough gathering in a 69cm max skirt to make a skirt fit, and look like a proper lolita skirt, on someone with a 100cm waist.

>> No.10121398

well, it wasn't any of the fatty scalpers I know of, just another random lolita, who I saw selling stuff the day I made the post... but still...

Speaking of scalpers, Gemgem bought a dress I have been searching for the other day while I wasn't able to check LM, and cherry_sp bought one today seconds before I hit BIN lol.

Kill me.

>> No.10121400

>A isn't a man, she's just older, transitioned later in life and needs
Once a man, always a man. You can get as much surgery and shit as you want but that doesn't change the truth.

>older Japanese male lolita on IG
Same! But this guy isn't claiming to be a female, He's just a guy who likes lolita and has made a character that he portrays, and has been for over a decade.

>> No.10121441

Or they are just shitposting on an anonymous forum were everyone with half a brain realises people here act like cunts for the lulz or because they know saying this irl to a person would hurt them. It's just the internet, now fuck off back to tumblr you dumb trannies.

>> No.10121471

this is so subjective though, what you find ugly others might like, and vice versa.

>> No.10121474

pics or this never happened.

this anon gets it.

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Find me someone who thinks this is attractive

>> No.10121506

After recently getting a job i kind of want to attend an out of state con. I know SoCal is the capital of cons but i want to see something other than SDCC, Wondercon

>> No.10121513

What is wrong with his face?

>> No.10121516

I posted facebook friend in the itathread

>> No.10121521

Then do this one. He is on all the “trans meme” pages and I save this screenshot for the to prove it’s all totally not a fetish, guys.

>> No.10121523
File: 161 KB, 750x692, 198993DA-0A15-484D-B82E-64350D839F09.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10121532

his mother probably does.

>> No.10121533
File: 341 KB, 760x1060, 1549260216283.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I know it's subjective but there is still a general consensus on what is considered generally attractive and not. That's why I said that it's not about people looking like models, it's more about those people who for whatever reason just look, well, unfortunate. I'm also not saying that people who are ugly are less worth, or that you can't find an inner beauty within those people that shines through and make them appear more beautiful (because I know that can happen sometimes).

It's really about how their "ugly" clashes with the prettiness in lolita, especially in sweet. I sometimes see a person and think wow they would look great in punk but look (imo) terrible in sweet specifically, since it's so focused on cute and beautiful things. Like a hunky man I feel would look terrible in lolita but probably awesome in some lumberjack attire.

but to end the rant, this thread is for whats on my mind but that doesn't mean I necesserily think my instinctive thoughts are correct. I'd rather people wear what they want and ignore people like me who think they are ugly. Because I still do think they are ugly.

>> No.10121535

jfc those tiddies. and i thought mine were big.

>> No.10121541

He has nice blue eyes, a pitty one is bigger than the other

>> No.10121589

Why do they all have that same johnathon yaniv face

>> No.10121670

You just described sociopaths there.

>> No.10121713

Try and take someone who seems even the littlest bit of interest as you underling. Show them the ropes and hope to inspire them enough that they want to try it out themselves

>> No.10121714

>looking at strangers phones
Okay, creep.

>> No.10121715

Cosplaying isn't your full-time job, it's a hobby. Do it when it makes you happy and take a step back when you don't. We all get burnt out and frustrated sometimes. Your friends have undoubtedly had the same thoughts and insecurities about your work. You have to choose to let your friend's progress inspire you. It doesn't matter if they can do it faster and on one hand, you have to focus on your personal best. There's always going to be someone better than you and better than your friends, so focus on what's within your control: your own work.

>> No.10121717

You just haven't found what works for you yet. The difference is choosing to put yourself out there and try new things. Even if it takes baby steps, you'll get there.

>> No.10121718

What happened?

>> No.10121721

Trust me, you'll have plenty of horror stories of your own. Primarily about teenagers bothering you.

>> No.10121724

That picture fucking kills me.

>> No.10121726

The HS boom is long over and taken most of those types of cosplayers with them, but... yes. You can expect some level of dumb shittery. It's much lower than before, but be prepared and be vocal if something is bothering you.

>> No.10121727

I should add that there's so many good things that have come out of homestuck too. Don't let this worry you into not going to a meet up or not enjoying your cosplay to the fullest extent. It's just like being a normie going to a convention for the first time. It's definitely a different atmosphere. It shouldn't be TOO bad in this day and age, just your average weeb antics.

>> No.10121728


Going off on a tangent, this guy is basically a poster child for whichever idiot said guys have it bad because they're either good-looking or not while girls just need to lose weight to be attractive.

This guy certainly needs to lose weight to get rid of that second chin. And then follow that up with a fucking skincare regime to get rid of his acne and minimise the appearance of his pores, just like girls do for their skin. Also needs to make up his mind about this beard, either grow one, or shave, not this in-between dirty-looking scraggly mess that looks like he doesn't shower (for that matter, he does need to shower more often than once a week). And get a better haircut, from what I can see he's got nice locks of hair at the base of his neck but wtf is that goddamn fuzz on top of his head? Who tf thought that was be a good luck? Why do you do this shit to yourself and then whine that guys can't be good-looking? They can, you idiot, it just takes time and effort, the same that girls pour into looking good.

And *then* we can address the issue of his eyebrow shaping, whatever his lopsided eyes are, using makeup/foundation as the final stretch to cover up whatever skincare couldn't do for him. And have a long talk about not taking photos that look like he's in a creepy basement dungeon, and also maybe talk about his wardrobe.

Seriously. Most of this photo is just some guy being a lazy dumbass because they have no pressure to look pretty.

Sorry for hijacking your comment, sage etc.

>> No.10121729

I hear good things about Katsucon and Holiday Matsuri

>> No.10121806

tired of stupid ass kin people running rampant in the community. they’re all crazy and should be gassed

>> No.10121809

I think he just has fetal alcohol syndrome...

>> No.10121810

>I know my way of thinking is wrong
>gonna keep thinking that way cause "ur ugly"

>> No.10121823

I have a problem with stealing men from other lolitas and then denying them entry into my petti. I lead them on strong without giving too much then ghost them once their relationship has broken. o don't know how or when I got this way and don't know how to stop. since the start of this year broke 3 relationships. my current victim is someone i have history with and am close to. i want him hurt even though he's good to me and his girlfriend. what is wrong with me?

>> No.10121825

anon there is literally an ask polly article titled ‘I Always Steal My Friends’ Boyfriends, and I Can’t Stop!‘ and you should look it up even it isn’t 100% your situation hoo boy

if you’re too lazy to and don’t actually care to improve i’ll cp the most relevant bits:

“You actively punish every woman who dares to get close to you. You’re merciless toward yourself, so you’re merciless toward others. Instead of mostly ignoring your new friend’s boyfriend (because your focus is on your new friend — getting to know her, enjoying her company, connecting with her genuinely and honestly), you’re scoping out what she owns like a thief casing a house for valuables. You don’t go shopping for your own valuables because you only value what other people own. You want what they have because you don’t value your own experiences or your own feelings. Other people hold all of the power. Taking what they have is your way of feeling less inferior and invisible.”

why are you focused on potentially hurting the guy? why aren’t you talking about your friendships with the girls? look long and hard inside, anon. you have enough self awareness to know what you’re doing is fucked, just not enough to actually take responsibility for doing it

>> No.10121826

>not stealing women away from men
You're fucking boring

>> No.10121831 [DELETED] 

I cant comprehend why anyone would bitch and complain about having an eating disorder. Not eating food takes absolutely no effort, and in the end there are only positive outcomes, unless you overdo it.

>> No.10121853

>there are only positive outcomes
It's a mental illness, idiot. It fucks up your body and permanently fucks up your mind, there's nothing positive about it. I've never seen anyone here "complaining" about ed but plenty of anons saying that they struggle with it, or a few retards that wish they had it.

>> No.10121856

Youve never had it then. Ive only experienced positive outcomes. The only drawback is im a little tired, but I've always been that way so its easy to cope with.

>> No.10121864

Ita. I don't consider them itas but the girls in my comm that don't dress as well as the main clique are so much funnier and happy when they talk about lolita.

>> No.10121865

Don't take the bait my friend.

>> No.10121866

Why did you decide to post her?

>> No.10121872

Why would anyone post anyone to the ita thread? I really don't understand it desu

>> No.10121874

NAYRT, but I've heard lots of people both irl and online say that they got posted and it was a wakeup call to improve their coords.

It's also just entertaining to see just how people can fuck up.

>> No.10121876

I kind of want a gf to cosplay with/talk about sewing with, but my experience of dealing with people at cons and reading some of y'all posts online is heavily spooking me. Why is 80% of the scene mentally ill, sociopathic, or insufferable?

It's like /cgl/ is half craftspeople that are fun to talk about technique with, and half people that thrive on drama and backstabbing everyone close to them, and then complaining about their depression.

Honestly wish the "half of seagulls are crossboarder LARPers" is true

>> No.10121879

they'd probably get off to it, anon

>> No.10121882

perhaps i'm evil, but I think you're doing those girls a service. If you can steal a man away, he probably wasn't very dedicated to his partner, anyways. Keep it up.
This anon gets it, though.

>> No.10121883

>Honestly wish the "half of seagulls are crossboarder LARPers" is true
It is. /cgl/ is not representative of the community at all, man. BUT that being said, don't date people you've met at cons. I've done it, nothing good comes out of it. meet a nice normie and convert them a little bit. People looking to date at cons are typically creeps, assholes, or just horny and have no personality outside of that.

>> No.10121898

I'll never be cute. No amount of diet or excercise or lolita clothing will ever make me cute, I've realized over the years. I can't wear contacts or get lasik so I'll always have pea-sized eyes behind my thick glasses, and everything I've tried to treat my psoriasis won't make it stay away. I wish I didn't care so much, but fuck I hate the person I see in the mirror.

>> No.10121899

I've recently been getting more and more /fit/ and now a lot of my cosplays are really uncomfortable to wear and some are even unwearable. I ripped one at the seams. I haven't touched a sewing machine in over two years and I don't have one at my dorm anyway.

And none of my new friends cosplay and I've lost contact with my old ones, so I'm not sure why I even want to pick the hobby back up if I don't have anyone to go to cons with.

>> No.10121901

I'm prettier than them and know how to mold what the boy's "type" is and fake their ideal dream girl. I became supr good at this. Not fair to say they weren't very dedicated. Most of the time they ruin relationships by being too honest,
>"Anon is coming onto me hard and trying to make me break up with you. I blocked her."
Which makes wifey-chan insecure and break things off because I am a good actor.

I kind of agree. I enjoy men who are taken but they have no value when single. I don't fully know if it's because of the girls. I really like seeing the men suffer though. It's satisfying when they come to me after the breakup and try going out with me.
>"I'm so sorry your relationship ended, I don't want to rebound you and will give you time alone"
Then i ghost. Some still try to reply to me months later. I know I ruined them and it's addicting. This is reason for my need to hurt my close friend. He will be without repair. I don't want to do this but i want to do this. How do i stop? I want to see if he tries for years instead of months.

>> No.10121904

You disgust me and I hope you get a reputation as the cunt you are

>> No.10121909
File: 7 KB, 300x168, 2Q==.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Life is a gamble. Nobody asks to be born. You were dealt a bad hand. I won't go
>"oh no gurl ur butiful and don't know it!" because I know you won't connect to that. I will embrace your vision of yourself, some people are just ugly. look up extreme makeup tips. The ones that foot ugly koreans do fake nose, etc. The whole 9 yards. Master that, make it your new face. Your personality is probably good. People will come for the looks and stay for the person under. When they know you enough, they may not mind how you look under the magic.

Shocked i don't have one already but most girls are too ashamed after.

>> No.10121910
File: 86 KB, 500x354, tumblr_mhcx4bwjmW1r3k73wo1_500.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So? I'm not gonna force myself into thinking something is pretty when I don't think it is. Not really sure what you're getting at.

>> No.10121912

I saw an Itabag full of those Kpop boys and i winced

Then again the person wearing it was a goblin hambeast

>> No.10121913

Sure you did

>> No.10121916

Extreme make-up like that only works if you don't leave the house. It will also fuck up your skin even more long-term

>> No.10121919
File: 31 KB, 601x508, 308E454C-2E8E-4800-921A-A58A5133FE01.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You’re definitely uglier and not as clever as you think you are. You sound like a pathetic chuuni whose hiding from her insecurities by being this kind of thot but you know that already.

>> No.10121935

Also theres always plastic surgery. Save up all the money you can and then take a trip to korea. Thats what I'm gonna do. Fix my nose, make my forehead smaller by bringing forward my hairline, reduce my baby cheeks, make my face slimmer. It'll cost a fortune but you gotta do what you gotta do.

>> No.10121938

You sound like a Kardashian LMAO

>> No.10121943

Imagine if you were born one of these people? I don't believe in reincarnation but people like you make me wish it was a real thing so you could get a taste of your own medicine. Some things can't be helped. Let others enjoy things.

>> No.10121945

...and then one day the rickets sets in, or some other issue that was gradual so you got used to it and never noticed goes full blown.
good luck anon. I really hope you can find real health soon.

>> No.10121947

I felt the same way for so long, then one day my body was struggling so hard. It'll hit you too anon, you're not invincible.

Even healthy people's bodies struggle as they age. Putting your body through a lot of stress is going to show up eventually.

>> No.10121968

And then everyone clapped

>> No.10121973

Sounds like something Gemgem would do.

>> No.10121988

you’re complaining about ugly girls wearing a fashion that is known to be worn by ugly fat girls in Japan?

this is some top tier projection anon

>> No.10122021
File: 60 KB, 600x363, 1526328421972.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Japanese ugly is still 10x prettier than western ugly.

t. male
*dabs on white uggos*

>> No.10122028

an ugly gook is still pretty damn ugly anon

>> No.10122034

I dont plan on living past 20 so its ok. Ive been 18 for like a month and im already tired of being an adult.

>> No.10122090

I had a fling with a guy in like 2015/2016 who happens to date a pretty popular cosplayer. She is VERY attractive and has gone viral a few times. I just wonder if he has ED issues with her too.

>> No.10122091

If it really was about making men suffer, then you'd go after single men. It's absolutely tied to the women they're with. You need reassurance that you're prettier and better than them by using the person who views that woman as prettier and better than you: their boyfriend. I can see that you enjoy being from this status of power. I truly think you need to examine these things with a licensed professional.

>> No.10122095

>thinking you're an adult at 18
pffft. you're an advanced teenager with a license, nothing more.

>> No.10122100

You sure you've actually had an eating disorder anon? Were you actually just talking about having some level of self control?

>> No.10122101

>unless you overdo it
if you’re not “overdoing it” that’s just called a diet, at worst it’s disordered eating. actual ED, not wannaorexic disordered eating shit, is a lot more than just not eating.

t. anon who ruined her life and body with anorexia

>> No.10122104

I hate seeing my dream dress on a fatty, that one gay weirdo, and being destroyed by poor coords. It makes me sad.

>> No.10122106

actual ana-chan here and ED is not fun, no positive outcomes. I constantly want to kill myself. Im going broke from medical expenses to keep me alive, it ruins all my personal relationships bc its like having another person inside of you. It prevents me from enjoying my hobbies.

you sound like a roleplayer who is in desperate need of attention. anyone who actually has an ED can tell you its not fun, and its not easy.

>> No.10122112

If you really are doing this, I’m surprised you haven’t been banned from your comm. otherwise keep on rping

>> No.10122136

>having to pay for medical care

>> No.10122145

you outed me on my american-ness ;)

>> No.10122146

I’m curious as to why you incels believe women act like this

>> No.10122149

to rationalize why he was rejected or just to get attention

>> No.10122155

Im lucky I dont have to worry about that. Where I am now, though, theres nothing more satisfying than seeing ive shrunk an inch or so haha. Ive gotten diagnosed but i dont intend on changing

>> No.10122156
File: 193 KB, 400x534, 1311203780925.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


which is why I said (>>10121533) and I quote:"I'd rather people wear what they want and ignore people like me who think they are ugly."

My thoughts are pure reaction, it's offputting for me too see that and it's nothing I can control by pretending people look good when they don't.

Me wishing only pretty people wore it is just that, a wish, not a demand and certainly not anything that one needs to care about. I'm not the fashion police, I'm just an anon getting stuff off my chest.

And what has that to do with anything? Fat ugly japanese girls in lolita is an eyesore to me too, I don't care if the majority of the people wearing a fashion is ugly. I can still think the fashion itself is pretty and prefer it being seen on people who imo look good. It's not really that strange of a concept.

>> No.10122162

i dont think cosplay is that sexy

>> No.10122163

Since I was like 13, I've visited too many guys' apartments whenever there's a convention somewhere. Funniest thing is that nothing has ever happened and I always end up listening to their stories and discussing our views of them. Yeah, I was a bit of a pet in the scene, but atleast I got things free and some memories out of it.

>> No.10122166

Why does this sound like it was written by a fat guy in his moms basement to fulfil his fetish

>> No.10122167

I want to call out how toxic this cosplayer I know is and how clique people can be in my community but I don't want to start drama and get backlash because of it.

>> No.10122168

I agree with you anon. Sometimes I want to like a coord but the person's unfortunate face is too distracting. I could also never save something to my inspo folder if the person in the coord was straight up ugly. If the looks are bad to the point of being distracting then they should really put a sticker on.

>> No.10122177

I was a weird kid okay? Didn't even get drunk once I was over 18 and still haven't given up on my virginity even though some hot guy from high school basically offered to take it (didn't accept, because he seemed too mentally fucked up) and after that I've had multiple chances despite being super average looking.
Hah, once I watched anime with a guy in his late twenties when I was 16 while he drank some whiskey and we even joked on the whole thing. Then he dropped me back.

>> No.10122178

>totally not lying you guys!!!

>> No.10122179
File: 172 KB, 862x1278, Kira.Imai.full.223297.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I think stickers are generally a good idea even if the person looks good because the focus should anyway be on the outfit. like they can still put a selfie next to it if they wanna show off their makeup or whatev

>> No.10122193

>I became supr good at this
Its not hard, stupid.

>> No.10122199

>Not really sure what you're getting at.
You could try to become a better person but you choose not to.

>> No.10122200

I thought you meant Erectile Dysfunction but then I remembered what thread I was in

>> No.10122203

Dude its probably bait

>> No.10122225

That is what I meant. He had dick problems bad. Kind of why I never chose to pursue anything even though he has good money and is somewhat interesting. It's just funny since she is so well known.

>> No.10122226

Maybe you are asexual. I fucked everyone I had the chance to as a teen.

>> No.10122230

Maybe she likes not having to get boned all the time.

>> No.10122234

I'm here for the hot girls in costumes because I love beautiful things.

>> No.10122254

Ok? I still find it funny.

>> No.10122267

I've never had sex and I'm 22. Many of my friends also have chosen not to do it yet. There's nothing weird about choosing not to do it. Just because some hot guy offers doesn't mean you have to or you're totes weird xD You sound completely normal to me.

>> No.10122268

You've never been to japan and seen an ugly japanese girl right? seriously, you normies and your asian fetish is fucking annoying.

>> No.10122270

nah, a man who can leave their girl for another because she's just prettier isn't dedicated. Men are typically really dumb and just go after pussy that seems open to them, they enjoy something new. The few men who wouldn't dip are worth keeping.

>> No.10122278

>You've never been to japan and seen an ugly japanese girl right?
They'd still fuck an ugly asian to satisfy their yellow fever fetish.

>> No.10122289


>> No.10122293


>> No.10122296

thats why im a lesbian lololol. men only follow their dicks

>> No.10122301
File: 51 KB, 600x518, 1236978264917850234.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>choose not to

I think we must work very differently then because I don't choose what I think looks good or not. Taste isn't a choice and again, I'm not gonna pretend something looks good when I don't think it looks good. That has nothing to do with me being a good or a bad person. Afaic I sleep well at night knowing that I think people can wear what they want -as well- as think what they want as long as they aren't hurting anyone. So with the exception of some anons here in the thread that seem to be personally offended, my inner thoughts that I (except for this thread) keep to myself shouldn't hurt anyone. Unless you're someone who gets hurt by the thought of that someone you don't even know exists, thinks that you may be ugly.

But do tell, what do you mean by a better person? Is by your definition blind people better people since their preferences aren't based on appearance? Are people who avoid giving people constructive criticism out of fear that they might hurt someone's feelings better people?

>> No.10122332

I just bought a wig for a cosplay but I have an ugly face so now I'm regretting it.

>> No.10122373

That's cause you're a whore.

>> No.10122380

What kind of cosplay? Makeup does wonders so don't give up before you try.

>> No.10122395

I’m glad you let us all know. Here’s your validation in return!

>> No.10122459
File: 50 KB, 640x360, 78149830993598640360no.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Most "anons" here are just angry carpet munchers that feed off from Drama like most women and are just weirder than the most common girl you can find working behind a bank counter.

Also their personalities are most of the time empty, pure escapism.

>> No.10122463
File: 464 KB, 300x169, 06F83E53-53F1-406F-B9FE-E3EBE200C29F.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You make it sound like we aren’t aware of the fact that we’re all salty cunts

>> No.10122466

It is not about being salty cunts, it is about being salty cunts with no actual personality but to be salty and a bunch of weird lesbos.

>> No.10122473

I’m with you anon. So many wear “salty cunt” as a badge of honor and it reminds me of how Mary Sue fanfic protagonists are always witty and sarcastic as if that negates their genericism

>> No.10122477

Again, gulls are quite aware of that

>> No.10122479

The first step in fixing a problem is acknowledging it

>> No.10122481

How exactly do you define "personality" on an anonymous board?

>> No.10122488

I am talking about real life interaction that I had with people that seemingly are ripped straight from here.

>> No.10122491

So you don't even know they are from here?

>> No.10122492

Why should they?

>> No.10122509
File: 922 KB, 603x765, ae79ae0e88ba8e6b8f768de668400432.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

anon if youre just starting to experience a disordered relationship with food, please seek help. even if its just a friend to help counsel you please. i ended up putting off seeking help or talking to literally anyone because i thought i was a "wannarexic" and just telling myself im crash dieting and being a dumbass. then i blinked and i had a 17 bmi and freaking out over eating one more strawberry than i should have. its not too late to stop, and im not going to pat your ass and tell you your own self diagnosis is valid or whatever, please dont throw around terms like EDs. But its easier to stop while youre still saying shit like "theres no negative outcomes right now"

>> No.10122566

I WOULD LOVE TO DO IT HERE BUT THEYRE ACTIVE ON THE CGL 4CHAN SCENE! and anyways even if they werent they have friends who can tell them.

>> No.10122605

Being self aware doesn't get you off the hook for being an asshole.

>> No.10122608

>Taste isn't a choice
Lol you are mindless. Do you not know how to form your own opinions or you just let media tell you what's good and that isn't?

>you have to be blind to not judge someone in their appearance
Hah ou wow.

You're shitty because you know your mind is weak but you choose not to do anything about it.
>I would rather they just ignore people like me and do what they want
See. You prefer to be in a fucking echo chamber of your own bullshit all while encouraging those who share your shitty view of people.

>I can't help what I like
You can if you're not a weak minded bitch.

>> No.10122618

I never watched sailor moon and have 0 desire to see it. My community is beyond obsessed with it that I play off I know what it is when I barely know who the main cheracter is.

>> No.10122620

>waaaah stop thinking I'm ugly
You're not any less weak minded than the anon you're quoting.

>> No.10122719

There's a girl on IG who is a pretty cute lolita, that's why I followed her. But she is a huge cow: she constantly posts about clothes, buying things, wanting things, when she has a stupid ass GoFundme. Like do you really need top surgery if you aren't actively saving for it yourself? It's disgusting how these types of people act.

>> No.10122725

>being an asshole
>on 4chan
oh the humanity!

>> No.10122751

I hate that I'm so judgemental towards other lolitas.

First off, I never criticised anybody's face on here, but I can't help but think that 99.9% of all lolitas are ugly. Sometimes I see a girl with really cute coords, but when I see her face and hair/wig… it's just never good enough for me and it makes me dislike their coords too.
This is especially the case when it comes to non-asians. I don't even think that Fanny's face is good enough, even though she's definitely a very beautiful woman. Only Mana, Misako (but not always) and some girls in older GLBs are cute to me.
When I style myself I'm sometimes content, but when I go out and the day goes on, I always end up being disappointed in the way I look and think that next time I need to do better.

How to stop perfectionism? (and yellow fever) It stops me from enjoying the fashion wholeheartedly. I also think that one of the reasons is, that I want people from outside lolita to think that all of as look perfect, so seeing somebody who's not good-looking represent the fashion I love… I'm also ashamed when there are overweight european lolitas at shows, like will this make the japanese, e.g. Mana look down on us? Because we're not as cute and skinny as them?

>> No.10122782 [DELETED] 

Women are shit
I wish I was gay

>> No.10122808

It sounds like you have really low self esteem, anon. I would work on that, and maybe some of your perfectionism issues might go away. No one can be perfect. It doesn't matter what others think of your participation in a hobby or what it means that others who aren't up to your standards might make you 'look bad'. Not everyone else is scrutinizing things as hard as you are, and I think taking the time to realize that and stop second guessing how they view you will help you relax and enjoy the hobby.

>> No.10122850
File: 262 KB, 1200x900, Cq7VUBWUAAEwYcM.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I want to crossplay as a certain boatgirl while showing off my gains just for the fun of it (kinda like the idea of this over the top crossplay with muscular dudes), the problem is that cons are not big in my country so most people would think I am some drag guy and would probably end up being recognized by my friends if they ever found it.

Shit sucks yo

>> No.10122899 [DELETED] 

Women are shit
I wish I was gay

>> No.10122910
File: 84 KB, 957x960, Avenging Social Justice Warrior.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Wait, I thought this wasn't allowed. If it is, can I talk about this stupid asshole who:

A. Thinks provocative and candid are synonyms.

B. Thinks white guys shouldn't be allowed to take pictures of black and Hispanic cosplayers.

>> No.10122913

See pics of asian lolitas without makeup and showing their hideous teeth. Learn that they are as ugly as westerners.
Now everybody is ugly. You're welcome.

>> No.10122919

So much irony in this post. It's ironic that you think Fanny's face isn't good enough but she was actually modeled for Moitie, and therefore most likely has Mana's personal stamp of approval. It's also ironic that you care about outsider's perception towards lolita so much that you dislike actual lolitas because of it.

Consider every important person in your life, whose opinion you care about and value. Now take every single person that ISN'T them. They can die mad about what you're wearing or what an ugly ita is wearing. You should give absolutely no value to anyone else who isn't those that you care about. Stop giving them power.

>> No.10122928

i hate pusheen so much. every cat obsessed normie loves it i'm tired of seeing that dumb cat everywhere

>> No.10122929

I'm hurt.

>> No.10122949

No one said I was ugly in this thread. The fuck are you even talking about.

Do morons get let off the hook for being idiotic just because they're posting on reddit?
Same applies here. 4chan is not your get out of jail free card to be a piece of shit asshole. You should expect to get called out on it. It's a red flag for b8.

>> No.10122952

>4chan is not your get out of jail free card to be a piece of shit asshole.

Yes it is
Go back to R*ddit faggot

>> No.10122953

Good comeback.

>> No.10122985

better than hello kitty

>> No.10122989

I got in at 29. Here, you're not me. ;)

>> No.10123010

got in at 14, am 28 now, enjoy it just as much now as i did back then but for different reasons.

back then i knew all the "cool" series and so it was fun to see all the great cosplays that i recognized. online shopping wasn't really a common thing back then so costumes were homemade and either really outstanding or really bad but it was just as much fun to see either. but i didn't have any money despite being surrounded by all this great merchandise, and i didn't have the means to make/buy cosplay, and i had to rely on parents/friends for transportation. on the rare occasion that i got a hotel room it was slam full of other people and i know that while some people love that, it was frustrating. i had a digital camera that could hold 6 pictures at a time before i had to empty the memory card, so i had to be really choosy with who i wanted to photography. i would get caught up in "yaoi paddle trains" or whatever weird shit was popular at the time though too, sometimes it was fun and sometimes it was inappropriate

nowadays i'm my own transportation and can get my own hotel room. i don't know the "cool" series anymore but still know great craftsmanship when i see it, and have a nice dslr and phone camera to take photos of whoever i want. i still don't cosplay but i wear lolita and can afford pretty much anything i want in that regard (not a conlita, but definitely use cons for thematic coords that are not suited for everyday wear). i can buy whatever merch i like and have a lot of space to stage it in at home. i can buy alcohol and drink legally. i don't know as many people at cons nowadays but i have less of a need to hang out with others at cons now anyway, i can enjoy them on my own pretty easily and appreciate sticking to my own schedule instead of being dragged to whatever anime showing or AMV event my friends rule is worthwhile. creepers don't approach me much anymore.

cons as an adult are pretty fun, it's just a different experience

>> No.10123071
File: 63 KB, 204x263, Untitled.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I honestly couldn't believe what you did to our mod when she told me. I'm glad you're gone.

>> No.10123073


>> No.10123077

Lets call the mod M, lets call the artist Y.

M has been mod for longer than I've been in the comm, Y joined a few years ago and she was new to lolita and a bit of a train-wreck. She had moved from another city and this was her first lolita comm.

Since Y joined M had always tried to make her feel welcome. From what I heard she went well out of her way as comm mod to make sure Y fit in (Selling her cheap brand, looking after her plants while she was overseas, encouraging her with her lolita illustrations, driving her to and from meets) Hell, M got married in 2017 and even invited her to the wedding.

Y was always standoffish at meets but M tried to get her to talk and be more open. She always acted like she was better than us. M didn't care. She wanted her to be welcome.

Anyway, I guess M thought they were friends or something, because she would hang out with Y outside meets occasionally. One day Y apparently just kept ignoring her suggestions to meet up, then Y left the come, and deleted M from all her social media.

M asked Y why, assuming because it was drama with another comm she was in. Nope, Y pretty much flat out said that she was only using M and our comm while she was getting used to living in a new city, and now she had friends she didn't need M.

M didn't tell anyone until there was a swap meet in October last year I think, and I asked why Y wasn't at meets anymore.

M herself can be a bit weird sometimes, but all round shes usually a really lovely person. It just sucks that she let this snake in.

>> No.10123082

Holy shit, that's horrible. I follow the artist and didn't get that vibe from her at all. But I guess everyone is fake nice on the internet.

>> No.10123087

I'm fat and i'm proud

>> No.10123088

Or, and hear me out here, you can ignore it and move the fuck on with your day. The vast majority of gulls are salty bitches and no amount of “calling it out” is going to change it.

>> No.10123109

I went to an anime meetup group a few days ago to try and meet people to hang out & cosplay with. I got pretty drunk and some guy with really bad aspergers asked for my number and I gave it to him. He has been texting me pretty much non stop since then. I want to tell him to leave me alone, but it looks like he goes to all the meetings so seeing him would be awkward if he reacts poorly, and most of the other people there who I met were cool

>> No.10123129

what the fuck is up with her belly ?

>> No.10123142
File: 18 KB, 600x600, 1543807740064.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

oh look, it's the ugly law troll again. Don't take the bait, gulls.

>> No.10123143
File: 37 KB, 311x296, 1548537741061.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>imagine being this one dimensional
some day you will look back at your behavior here and cringe

>> No.10123144
File: 34 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Bruh. He's fat enough for a second chin twice the size of his original. He has pizzaface, a terrible haircut and looks like he hasn't showered in a week.

Which part of that is caused by fas and can't be improved? Even girls with fas take better care of themselves.

>> No.10123148

I'd prefer a trans woman over a straight up man desu, all the trans women I've met hate sissies with a passion or mock them and femboys constantly by calling em "eggs"

>> No.10123151

Hey, I used to be a wannarexic retard as recently as 3 months ago. I used to browse the proana tumblr and not eat because I hate being a fatass. But the main reason I stopped was honestly because it was starting to fuck me up, I couldn't sleep (and still struggle to) despite being exhausted constantly and even though I was already a professionally diagnosed BPDtard it made my mood swings and emotional instability so much worse.

I stopped cause although I loved finally seeing my collarbones have that actually noticible dip, I realised that if I didn't stop then I'd fuck myself up permanently and severely. It was hard but I stopped counting calories, just decided to do a decent amount of exercise daily, ate food that wasn't shitty and stopped looking at those boards.

Look, you really don't want this. Please stop now before you fuck yourself up beyond repair.

>> No.10123154
File: 270 KB, 639x679, 1495356743834.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I love and want more lolita images like this
there are never enough

>> No.10123155

Calling someone an egg isn't mockery, it implies that they're a trans person in denial who hasn't come out (hatched) yet.

>> No.10123157
File: 25 KB, 400x395, 1527536709808.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why do so many weebs have eating disorders?
Genuinely asking, I've had a couple of friends talk about it and some have even had anorexia.
It's really fucked up

>> No.10123169

I had friends I would cosplay with, who would buy cute clothes (in this case, Lolita) that doesn’t fit, in order to serve as “weight loss motivation,” and it never works... My dream dress was swiped up under me by someone who admitted they never “wear it” because they’re waiting until they “can fit it” over their boobs.

A girl in my comm runs a Lolita YouTube channel and she never wears actual Lolita coords in her vids because she can’t fit them. She says they use to fit her, but I’m 99% sure she’s always used them as weight loss goals, and got them originally at a size that didn’t fit her on purpose.

>> No.10123200

Niche interests like anime or alternative fashion can be a form of escapism so naturally they attract people who want to have something nice that makes them happy, especially if they're struggling with illness. That's not to say that everyone with these interests is into them for escapism of course.

>> No.10123203


former ana chan here. Got down to 28kg and ended up in the ICU. It was funny because, at that point, I actually wanted to die. I was so unhappy in myself and in my body.

I have permanent kidney damage, a host of auto immune issues that only arose after the disorder, low bone density, I'm shorter than I think I would have been (ana between 14-16) if I hadn't had the disorder and I have abnormal periods, but you keep tellling yourself there are no downsides. c:

>> No.10123271
File: 857 KB, 500x230, Sure-Jan.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10123672

I don't understand why you would not wear bloomers with lolita. I really do not get it. If you love how lolita looks, wouldn't you feel disgusted with your coord if you put safety shorts underneath? Bloomers are affordable and come in all colours and sizes so there is no excuse not to wear them. Seeing a lolita wear safety shorts instead of bloomers tells me ''I'm wearing lolita today, but I'm a normie underneath''.

>> No.10123674

I hope you're not wearing a bra either, because that's very normie-like and therefore disgusting. Real lolitas go commando.

>> No.10123677
File: 60 KB, 500x743, 1e482f5fd1dc086c60d14fe756ea3828.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I actually love lingerie because I love lace, luxury and beautiful things. That's one of the reasons I got into lolita too. If you only care about how your coord looks on the outside but you wear normie shorts underneath, I do not understand you. What is the point of wearing safety shorts instead of bloomers? Serious question. I can speculate but I still can't think of any good reasons.

>> No.10123678

I can't enjoy going to cosplay meetings of my local scene because of the dudes who go there. I wish it would be just women, men make me feel uncomfortable and I don't like them being there just so they could find a girlfriend. They also hang out in our Discord channel and them trying to start private conversations pissed me off so much I had to start accepting messages only from friends. How should I start a conversation about this issue in my scene?

>> No.10123681

I want to know this too. I don't cosplay but every social activity is like this. I feel like I constantly have to tip-toe around guys who are looking for a girlfriend and get offended when you don't reply to them on facebook messenger. I'm not even good looking, pretty ugly actually.

>> No.10123685

I think a lot of girls these days got into lolita for the prints, not for the historical inspiration or frills.

>> No.10123693

You keep believing no harm will come from it if you want to. Enjoy your brittle bones, shitty immune system and recurrent nephritis. Nothing looks hotter than plaster casts, bloated bellies and water retention.

By the way, enjoy your hair while it lasts because it falls out the lower you get. It may just look thinner now (all significant weight loss comes with some hair loss), but it will fall out in clumps later.

>> No.10123701

Bloomers aren’t visible in pictures so what’s the point? I often see the same sentiment regarding wigs - lots of girls I know don’t care if the back of their head looks like an absolute rat’s nest because pictures taken of their backs won’t be posted on social media anyway.

>> No.10123702

I love pretty lingerie and historical clothing, too, but I hate lolita bloomers. They all look more like little girls’ panties or even diapers than actual historical undergarments. I often wear nice lingerie and garter belts under my dresses, which help hold up my otks — of course, I’d never post about that publicly because of the weird aversion to anything vaguely “sexy,” including lingerie, in most of the lolita community.

>> No.10123703

too much effort for a garment I don't care about + people won't appreciate

>> No.10123708

i hate how ugly fat munchie tumblr fucks copted yami kawaii
They are going to make it look disgusting just like fairy kei

>> No.10123717

I feel you. I was loving the idea of cosplaying back when I was 14, but I didn't have the means of building a costume and going to a con until I was 23, and I'm nearly 26 now. Honestly it sucks to have missed out, but I'm just happy to be doing something I love. It's never too late if you ask me.

>> No.10123719

> I’m not a lesbian because that’s how I was born, I’m a lesbian out of spite

Sure Jan

>> No.10123724
File: 42 KB, 203x301, 423e0629-0000-58ab-837a-50311d186bb7.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

But buying safety shorts also takes "effort". I guess if you hate shopping it could be annoying to buy bloomers, but you can just throw them in your basket when you're buying something else. Besides I got half my bloomers from lucky packs

>> No.10123725

Most of them don't look like that. Have you only looked at AP's shortest bloomers available?

>> No.10123769

I've noticed this and it enrages me. Take care of your wigs you plebs.

>> No.10123792

>what’s the point?
Wearing something cute for yourself, not someone else. True, most bloomers won't be seen by anyone, but personally I feel cuter when I wear them.

>> No.10123795
File: 105 KB, 657x987, hmgoepprod.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>people won't appreciate
I would appreciate it. You would appreciate it too if you like soft cotton and frills. I've seen a girl wear pic related instead of bloomers and it gave me secondhand embarrassment.

>> No.10123802

I collect high end lingerie too but I can't fathom how you think bloomers look like little girl underwear? Where the fuck do you live? are you somehow posting from 100 years ago?

>> No.10123805

I freaking love bloomers. I don't care if anyone can see them, though since I mostly wear old school, sometimes people can see them. But alas, I feel fancy and cute in them either way.

>> No.10123808

I like when members make a 21+ event and all the underage members openly complain. We want to drink without babysitting.

>> No.10123809

If any of you are in the Sacramento community, fuck you to all of you talentless, annoying, half-breed children.
If you're not then you're good
Sacramento California is full of nothing but entitled brats, disgusting autistic creeps that touch without asking, and talentless hacks who act as If they're the top of the game. There are only like 20 builders or so in the area who I genuinely respect, several of them are exceptional but the rest are low-mid tier but are constantly improving
Listen I don't give a hot and steamy fuck about your skill level. If you can admit that you can always improve, you deserve respect. But if you're making shit from cardboard, hastily put together with duct tape, or you have shoddily made foam armor with jagged edges, unsealed surfaces, and yet you claim that your work is phenomenal and nothing less than perfect, kill yourselves you delusional narcissists. Humility is key, understand that your work can always improve, that sometimes you make shit

Turn that shit into diamonds. But no, you Sacramento fucks are the pinnacle of craftsmanship apparently.

K bye

>> No.10123876

that's just like your opinion, man

>> No.10123897

I attended a very local Comic fest in san diego around 1000+ attendance

it felt surreal

>> No.10123980

My opinion is that I don't understand it? Nobody here has given a good reason not to wear them yet.

>> No.10124123

If my main piece is short I'll wear them, but bloomers are too hot and uncomfortable with all the other layers to wear all the time

>> No.10124147

when was that? I just arrived in SD and looking for things to do

>> No.10124224

Just be confident, if you're ripped and having fun, who cares?

>> No.10124225

You're not bothered by the fabric of the petticoat against your legs?

>> No.10124261

San Diego comic fest just this weekend

>> No.10124341

Ah dang that would've been neat.

>> No.10124881

im a fatass from a fatass family and i've purposely cultivated an eating disorder so i can lose the weight for cosplay and lolita.

>> No.10124884

That's usually how eating disorders start

>> No.10126127
File: 1.36 MB, 596x824, PixyYEEHAW.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Pixyteri was an overweight nutjob and I know people are super critical of her chin and nose, but honestly she really wasn't that ugly.
it's actually working for me

>> No.10127401

>tfw you will never cosplay yotsuba& with your daughter

>> No.10129530

I miss Homestuck cosplay community for some fucking reason.

>> No.10130262

I stopped going to this board years ago and popped back in out of curiosity. It’s honestly astounding how fucking stupid seagulls are.

>> No.10130921

Just know that you aren't any better considering you posted here in the past and only came back to whine about how much you hate everyone here.

>> No.10130923
File: 106 KB, 589x1045, IMG_1270.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

how the fuck does this have almost 130 notes on a dead beat site like tumblr??? Please tell me no one actually spent money on this...

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