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Mom and dad had a messy divorce

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I don't get it

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While we're talking about dick size, it really shits me off how most other dudes are so obsessed with the idea of bigger is better that they ignore the actual reality of it.

I can't count the number of times I've talked about how being 6.7" around has caused problems in the bedroom, ranging from just not being able to have penetrative sex to vaginal tears, and the response is almost always "wow, I'm jealous!"

Seriously, you're jealous of my awesome ability to cause physical harm to my partners with my dick? The fuck is wrong with you?

>tfw no such thing as penis reduction surgery

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Western porn ruined everything.

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I’ve ruined my life with an eating disorder but at this point I don’t know how else to lose weight and I miss looking that good in cosplay

>tfw went from respected semi-popular local cosplayer to pretty much nobody despite improving my builds just because I stopped looking like I was almost a spooky scary skeleton
>tfw my “skinny with good tits” shit will always be more popular than my “healthy weight” shit because that’s just how it is on this bitch of an earth for female cosplayers

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Maybe invest in a good corset? I dont mean to sound rude but being incredibly uncomfortable is a lot better than starving yourself.

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Every time I go to a meetup with my Comm, I get my bf nude and into his cage. The intention is having sex with him when I get back home from a meetup. He knows I loves this and he loves me. Lately he hasn't been climaxing and I'm thinking he just masturbates in the cage while I'm going. Any gulls have this problem with their bf? Have you found a solution?

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cock ring/cage

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Buy a chastity belt and take the key with you when you leave. Those little cage things. Or maybe he just doesnt think what youre doing is hot anymore.

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nice roleplay

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>the dick talk is ban worthy
>the femdom larp is not
where's the consistency?

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sometimes i feel nauseous when i think about what was probably said about me before i knew about cgl and posted some ugly shit to cof

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You're way too sensitive if something that potentially could have happened that you didn't even see makes you "nauseous"

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Being sensitive is fine as long as you've improved and you weren't a huge lolcow back then. People get posted all the time and all but the worst get forgotten almost immediately. The most important thing is your growth as a Lolita and as a person.

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nauseous is an exaggeration. facebook just gave me a reminder of old coords and while theyre not mega ita but status i've come a long way in what i thought was ok back then. i think a lot of people feel a huge cringe when they look at old photos of themselves.

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>Con next week
>Cosplay group planned
>All my friends excited, talented, hardworking cosplay competition winners
>I'm the weak link, worst at sewing, picked a hard design, way behind because my work schedule has been so intense

My costume isn't done and I'm so fucking anxious about wearing it and looking bad next to my cool friends I can't even motivate myself to work on it right now.

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Tfw you forget that you preordered something and then get a large package in the mail months later. It's like a gift from your past self, especially when your broke now but you paid for it back then so it doesn't matter

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>feel like I have body dysmorphia from comparing myself with anime girls and photoshopped models
>every guy I've ever met thinks I'm amazingly hot
>feel like a fat manface pudgeball with weird ugly eyes and a fat nose
>even when I know the instathots use angles and filters and piles of makeup to achieve that look, my brain still feels bad
Can social media be banned already? This has to be unhealthy. I don't even use social media and I still get it second hand hard enough to fuck my life. Comparing myself to others is the cause of 90% of my misery and unless I shut my modem off I can't escape it.

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Delete instagram

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I don't have it, I just get second hand views of "models" reposted on 4chan and that's more than enough to make me feel shitty.

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Thats fair. Stop browsing cgl then.

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I'll just stop browsing the internet and go live on a yacht. By yacht I mean a rowboat with a tarp over it.

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I mean, social media doesn't mess everyone up. Some people know what's fake and that most of everything is fake and don't let it get to them. Stop caring.

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Most people would go see a therapist for that type of thing, but maybe posting to /cgl/ and calling for the ban of social media will fix your mental illness.

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Man I just really love cosplay

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Get leechblock and go do something better. Go look at real people.
Maybe one of those real people should be a therapist

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Don't quit, no one got good overnight! I feel your pain but just do what you can and go have fun! If your friends can't appreciate the work you put into it, they aren't worth hanging out with. You'll get better in time and the things you struggled with on this costume is experience that will make you more careful and skilled on your next one!

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Most people don't go to therapists when they need to

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Was bulimic for 12 years, have been "recovered" for 3... I thought I was doing fine, but the past 4 months have been bingefest city and I am considering it again...

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Same but the last year and 4 months is my relapse because of a major triggering event. I've vomited thousands and thousands away and I'm mad because I could have gotten more brand with that money.

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I'm sorry anon. :( I wish we could both stop. We should try to not give in and do our best to be healthy. I honestly never realized how bad it was when I was bulimic, but looking back it was bad and I am sad that I put myself through that. Like you, I spend a ton on food that would basically just be flushed. It only helped slightly with weight (most of my losses were during super restrictive phases, eating just made me binge, which made me puke) but it became addictive. I literally got high off the feeling of my electrolytes being fucked, and anything triggered me into eating just to puke. I'm glad to be rid of it, but there is something super cathartic about throwing up which made the anxiety and sadness go away.

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I've tried reaching out to family memebers for help but the only ones capable of helping, mostly my mother, don't give a shit so I doubt I'll ever stop. It's crazy because I usually actually gain weight just because of the size of my BP sessions and I don't like to flush after so there'd be some left over and compared to my normal restricting it added on pounds.

I hope someone can help you. It's miserable.

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I've always been afraid to cosplay because I've grown up watching skinny anime characters with pale skin and coming from a latina girl who puts on extra weight easily it's really hard to see myself in the costumes. I've always just been terrified of not looking 'right' despite many of my cosplay friends being darker or bigger than me and looking amazing.

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oh is it summer already?

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>always love frilly poofy petticoat dresses since age 5
>get into lolita
>turn into a lifestyler by 2010
>2013 comes around
>suddenly wearing lolita makes me want to die
>hate how I look in the mirror in lolita more and more to the point I cant wear lolita without having a breakdown
>try a bunch of other jfashions, look and feel like shit in every one
>keep asking /cgl/ what the fuck is going on if anyone else feels this way because having something you once loved so dearly cause you such distress is depressing
>no one relates
>years go by
>turns out I'm a trans dude and that was dysphoria

I hope in the future when I stop feeling like shit when I wear clothes I can get into ouji at least. I still like fashion, just hate it on myself.

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I'm so sorry for you, anon, but I'm glad you've found what's making you feel that way. I hope everything works out for you and you can feel beautiful wearing ouji frills!

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Anon sometimes being happy with your cosplay over accuracy.

I’m a black guy cosplaying as Japanese kamen riders I’m never gonna have straight hair and asian facial features. Just be creative and be happy with what you make

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I moved out about a year ago and to ape a meme from the worst board of the site, I hit the weights, took a shower and got a clue. Still feels like I'm walking through life invisible but now I don't mind, now I like getting out of bed every morning.

More on topic: There's a big con in october and we're doing a roadtrip to it with my best friend and his exgirlfriend. It's gonna be fun.

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Thank you, anon. I've slowly been edging myself into doing it more and trying to become comfortable with how I look. It helps when there's more diversity in how anime characters today look too

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Is it wrong to T-pose at a con thot because her thong is showing?

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Spring Break, baby!

Yeah, my dysphoria kicked in when I was 12, but I really felt it when I turned 20.

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yea.. I know :/

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Thong is the string panties yeh?? We doughn't allow this in m conm.

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>used to pove job but management is terrible
>dont have a real manager my dept just has a shift supervisor and an assistant manager that cant do anything right
>shift supervisor hides in her offixe and does the big projects then expects everyone to come in late and adjust their lives around setting up her events
>I learned the hard way that giving up lots of days off and working weekends means nothing to her and she will deny time off requests for weddings and even cheated me on bevereavement days for my father in laws passing
>finally went over her head when she denied my Fanime time with no discussion or compromise
>have verbal confirmation from her boss that in will definitely get that time off, after a lot of back and forth begin her back
>still have no peace of mind because I think she already hates me and it will only make thing work when she finds out

She cant fire me, the company canr afford to lose people. But i Also wont do a job where im setting up conventions every week and then be denied time to go to my own gd cons.

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>finance major
>going to interviews
>offices are either football dudebros, or middle-aged women that watch Bachelorette, talk about their fiance's/kids, or gossip about other people
>"So what do you do for fun?"
>my hobbies are all over the place EXCEPT for the types of people there
>entire field and hiring decision is based on whether they like you and your interests
>First generation immigrant so no nepotism in a college filled with rich well-connected pricks

really fucking annoying ngl, I feel like I have more passion for sewing than I do for finance

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Big same except it's mostly my face. I even look at pictures of me with other women and it's just like "damn I'm ugly". After years of therapy on and off it's gotten to the point where I think I'm ugly but I'm also chill about it, which is an improvement I guess. It still really messes with my desire to cosplay/wear lolita sometimes which I hate.

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Could be worse, my coworkers are all into nerdy shit and I made the mistake of telling them about my lolita wardrobe. Now they keep calling me a loli despite the fact I've made it abundantly clear being called a little girl by men older than me is unsettling.

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found out from my dad that my little brother is having the same symptoms of anxiety and depression after a family death as i did when i was around the same age. my parents didn't know and i had a really fucked up time. don't know how to tell my parents to do better this time and help him out because while he's an asshole i don't want my brother to end up like me. i'd talk to him myself but i live far away now and can't talk about those years without sobbing.

on a more positive, cgl related note, my dream dress is supposed to finally get here tomorrow! i've been looking for it for at least 5 years and it's finally mine!

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Congrats! Which one is it?

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merry making in the ghost town!!

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Are you in Australa, anon, or the US? If you're in Australia, where?

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Same here in all the details, there's nothing wrong with saying sewing as a hobby, or even fashion. It's a memorable little thing that will help get the conversation going, especially if you've ever had professional experience in it. Also, if the entire hiring decision is based on you and your interests you're probably aiming too high to get into exclusive companies, in which case it doesn't matter about your hobbies because you don't have the connections to back it up. Try smaller fintech firms if you're looking for an internship or a boutique tier company if you're looking for a job

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Sounds like shopping addiction to me.

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I have been wearing lolita for quite some time and feel I haven’t improved much. I know I’m not as bad as I was, but considering how fast some people improve versus myself, I start to feel in doing something wrong. Perhaps it’s because the people who improve dramatically are all into sweet lolita with a larger market and I’m more goth and darker colors in my style? It just feels a little harder to find things that fit the aesthetic I enjoy versus sweet and light colors. Mainly blouses. I have a hard time finding blouses that fit my style without it looking like super OTT sweet.

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> I have a hard time finding blouses that fit my style without it looking like super OTT sweet.
Where exactly are you looking anon?

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Mainly taobao since Brand blouses rarely fit my arms length wise. I don’t like to wear short sleeves because I have tattoos on my arms. I prefer to not have my tattoos displayed when I wear lolita.

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Ask them for help to let them know where you're at. Don't shame yourself for not working on it thus far- set a schedule that's regular. Even 10 minutes a day is better than nothing. Forgive yourself even if you don't do it one day. Rather than looking at you have with guilt, look at it and think, "If I work on it a little bit today, it'll be better than it was if I didn't work on it at all." Don't let fear paralyze you! The worst case scenario is that your cosplay isn't up to par. You'll live through it!

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I've been buying up YuGiOh Madolche Cards to finish up my collection but i find myself balking at the thought of buying the last two. They're both more expensive than i'm comfortable with but god i want them. They're so cute I almost want to cosplay the designs. Especially Chouxvalier and Magiline but I just don't have the time.

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New England USA, anon, and I came from Ukraine. Looking like the standard dudebro is nice, but it's kind of annoying when they think you're one of them but you kind of aren't

I bring it up regularly, and I mention some other hobbies like punk rock and movies. I get along well with people my age, or much older than me (ie. A lot of my former hobbies were more for older folk). People slightly older are a bit infuriating. On one hand I feel you, but I'm also feeling that banking/investment firm out of college (even if it's not a top tier one), ya dig?

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>garters came
>figured out how to put them on in 5 minutes

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I just sold all my madolche cards to my local game shop. Got like 250 dollars worth of rare cards I guess. That paid for a new dress.

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checked for truth, sick quints

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>Dye baseball cap last night
>Put too much and turn it fuchsia rather than the light pink I was aiming for
>Local con literally today
>Make Me Real? More like make me fucking dye a shitty hat correctly, why am I this retarded

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I will literally fight you.
Even you put "Healthy weight" in quote marks. You know that's bullshit too.
If you clean your nutrition, you won't have to "diet". I'll post my physique if you don't believe me.

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Thankfully not that bad. I have a rule if I don't have the money, I don't buy anything unless its a need, like food. Preordered when I had money from a bonus at work and haven't bought anything sense, so it was a nice surprise

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>really like lolita and making coords
>purchases sit in closet because daily tomboy with masculine features and never wear dresses
>lolita becomes my "finally I can be cute without judgement" outfits at conventions
>new friend has left lolita, offers me their burando
>says they want to give to someone that'll use it
>accept impulsively and then feel bad knowing it'll get used 2-3 times a year

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Maybe that's an excuse for you to wear the fashion more often? Who do you think will judge you if you wear dresses outside of conventions?

>> No.10123219

Family for the most part. I get a lot of "Are you still going to those things? Don't you think you're too old for it?" and "So how weird did you look this time?" questions from them as it is without rocking frills and wigs on a daily basis.

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Hmm, so they're judging you for going to conventions then? I'm sorry anon. Maybe wearing lolita at conventions (or meetups, if you want to join your local comm) is what you have to do to enjoy it at this time, until you're ready to move out. Remember that your family's opinion of you isn't necessarily the cold hard truth, and if you feel cute in your frills that's all that matters.

>> No.10123244

Aw thanks for that. I might actually look into joining the local comm but I'm a bit of an introvert. It's why I like wearing lolita at conventions because I don't know anyone and can just compliment other lolitas without worrying about having to extend conversations past that or try to fit into an established group.

Until then I guess I'll have to just go to more conventions to put everything to good use.

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Do what makes you happy, anon! I hope you can enjoy the fashion more openly soon, with people who appreciate it and accept you.

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I mean my bmi is 21 & I eat/do what my nutritionist says but it’s never gonna change that even if it’s a perfectly fine weight I will still feel like a massive landwhale

I do own corsets and things but it only does so much.

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I remember gifting a Madolche deck to a friend so she would play with me. She never did and eventually lost the deck. ugh.

I just sold a lot of cards to trollandtoad, except for one card that I felt they seriously undervalued so I kept and sold on ebay. They offered $5 for it and the current bid on ebay is $15.50. Glad I kept it.
gonna end up being a little less than $100 total though. Not sure what i'll end up using the money for.

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Just stop bitching and go to /fit/

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>stop using social media
>start to see art sites (not modern art, maybe impressionist and older)
>become interesting (learn things, read classic books, etc.)
>start doing any physical activity which makes you good (mine was BJJ even tough I'm a female)
>most importantly, do the Future Authoring Program by Jordan Peterson (I'm not joking)

This is how I got myself out of this mess. Good luck.

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I miss the times when it was okay to make somewhat racist jokes on the internet and be edgy and "mean". I hate this hugbox culture, fat people should be shamed so they would improve their lives and sluts should be called what they are, filthy sluts. Slut shaming does not exist because being a slut itself is shameful enough.

>> No.10123373 [DELETED] 

Don't pretend you fat shame people because you want them to lose weight, it should be obvious to anyone that being made fun of doesn't always make people want to change

>> No.10123381 [DELETED] 

It's literally been proven that fat shaming doesn't lead to anyone losing weight, but go ahead and use that as an excuse for being a shitty person.

>Slut shaming does not exist because being a slut itself is shameful enough.
You're proving it exists in this very sentence. Idiot.

>> No.10123382 [DELETED] 

>Don't pretend you fat shame people because you want them to lose weight
wait, what other reason would someone fat shame?

>> No.10123383 [DELETED] 

Because it's fun to make fun of people, obviously.

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who gives a shit? do they beat you if you dress weirdly?

>> No.10123422

I had the same problem and solved it by buying new from brand instead of relying on the second-hand market. It seemed really expensive when I first started wearing lolita, but after buying 4 good blouses from my favourite brands my coords look SO much better and I feel happier when I wear lolita. It became more fun to make coords too. I bought all of them through Atelier Pierrot at the same time taking advantage of the tax and shipping discount. Now I don't need to buy a new blouse for at least a year since I still only wear lolita 3-4 times a month.

>> No.10123514

Hope you know having dysphoria is psychological and no amount of changing your appearance will fix it.

>> No.10123525

>>most importantly, do the Future Authoring Program by Jordan Peterson (I'm not joking)
Not the person you are replying to, but reading about the program you mentioned, all I can hope for the future is to be dead... I guess I need help.

>> No.10123527

This is almost me minus the gifted wardrobe. I try to wear it but feel so ugly still. I've been to a few meets, instead of cons (I would rather cosplay at those), but I'm very tomboyish otherwise in my daily life, so liking this cute stuff and wearing it is one of those sometimes things that take so much effort with little payoff, but I still don't want to quit. I feel bad how little I wear it, though.

>> No.10123577

Almost everyone has to deal with that, grow a spine and wear your shit until it falls apart.

>> No.10123580

> Left shitty active job I hated for job I like but sedentary
> Add depression, medication and shit on top of that.
> Gained a fuckton of weight. Like 50lbs in the last year
> On other meds that is helping with weight loss. Already lost 10lbs this month.
> Get tickets for Tekko.
> Mostly AP wardrobe, pumped.
> Nothing fits. Only a few full-shirred Baby pieces.
> Need to lose 30lbs before most things have a hope of fitting.

On the bright side, I can get to that goal reasonably within the next 3 months, and maybe be back to my low weight (60 lbs from now) by the end of the year. But it's not happening in 1.

>> No.10123581

Get going fatty

>> No.10123582

You know that mean girls quote about being too gay to function?
That’s me. All I want rn is a cute cosplay gf. I daydream about it all the time. Going to cons together, couples cosplays, con crunch crafting sessions, photoshoots. I feel so mushy. I want a girlfriend!!!
Sadly every time I meet a cute girl at a con she’s either straight or already had a gf :’(

>> No.10123583

My sewing machine finally died on me, which honestly isn't much of a loss at all considering this cheap piece of shit has been nothing more than a burden on me since day one. I'm good at hand sewing and am now sewing the rest of my cosplay by hand. It's a 1700s kind of feel.

>> No.10123589

I hope you get help with your eating disorder, anon, and sorry the people in this thread don't get it

>> No.10123609

No problem anon it makes me happy to hear you trying to be better

>> No.10123610

I don’t really know how to encourage you here cuz I’m a guy but, keep in looking your gf is out there somewhere

>> No.10123621

Ayrt brand blousss don’t usually sit right on my shoulders usually too tight although they fit everywhere else. I’m just picky about my blouses and like my stuff long sleeved to cover a tattoo I have on my forearm.

>> No.10123627

I had a similar problem in that stress and medication made me gain massively. And just around that time was an AP event and even though I was able to squeeze into some dresses, I looked terrible because of fat arms and neck. It makes me really sad thinking back on i eveb though it was years ago. It was the first time I met the designers too fml.

>> No.10123644

I fucking hate living in a hot climate. I just want to wear my dresses outside without sweating into every inch of the fucking clothing. For fucks sake.

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>be me
>feeling dead end finishing college without any good experiences
>get depressed and fail semester
>meet qt at con and have good times
>spend a fuckton of time with qt over like two months
>fall in fucking love with qt
>gets me over what was making me feel like shit before
>tell her, tells me that she isnt looking for something like that
>still try to be friends
>starts to get ghosty, i get super anxious and ask how she feels about everything
>says she's uncomfortable and feeling harrased
>surprised but glad for the honesty, let her know that
>pledge to leave her be after that
>fast forward 6 months
> still not over it or her
>feeling even more dead and jaded than ever before
>no confidence to try to talk to girls any more or ways to relate, kind of terrified now
>gonna die alone
>see no way about getting over it other than an hero

>> No.10123657

you need to seek professional help

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What are your shoulder measurements? Have you tried blouses without shoulder seams like pic related?

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What are your shoulder measurements? Have you tried blouses without shoulder seams like pic related?

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>feel motivated again, finally
>car suddenly damaged beyond repair, completely fucked
>despair returns
It's good to be alive.

>> No.10123669

Meta blouses with back shirring. I have big monkey shoulders (happens when you’re 5’9) and Meta’s blouses with shirring fit perfectly.

>> No.10123688

They do gothic?

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Tamie stop snatching all the Moitie, you already have more than enough reeeeeeeeee

>> No.10123694

Some of their blouses could work, yeah, most the designs with shirring are pretty simple. I wear my LP blouses I’ve gotten from them with pretty much every style.

>> No.10123697

Good for you man. I tried all that for years to no success, so I've just accepted I'm going to die alone barring a miracle, but I still have some shit I want to do so that is my priority in life

>> No.10123712

i just wanna wear jfashion
i hate being poor
i already gave up from lolita because goddamn forever 21 is a treat for me 9 (not american) but not even more simple jfashion is affordable

>> No.10123715

i just wanna wear jfashion
i hate being poor
i already gave up from lolita because goddamn forever 21 is a treat for me 9 (not american) but not even more simple jfashion is affordable

>> No.10123718
File: 117 KB, 1440x1389, FB_IMG_1539367328750.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>be me, Love Live cosplayer
>have boyfriend
>mfw he doesn't kiss me
>mfw he finds another girl
>mfw he skrrts and hits the dab

>> No.10123729

Yeah what's the deal with that? I've been dating my boyfriend for a year and he still hasn't kissed me.

>> No.10123734

How old are you

>> No.10123736

Twenty one. We met in pottery class.

>> No.10123835
File: 26 KB, 128x128, 1551750463753.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Are you sure that he's not gay?

>> No.10123842
File: 1.54 MB, 400x225, tfw no louis gf.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>in uni staving off winter depressive episode
>left all my main pieces at home
>incorporate blouses into normie outfits, end up looking like lestat with worse bone structure
>just want it to be summer so i can wear actual lolita and go sketch some flowers at cheap hometown conservatory

>trying to lose weight and fit into older dresses
>memed into 16/8
>constantly offered food here
>met with sympathy and peer pressure when i bring up my meal window
>still 165 cm/60 kilo

Pic related is gorgeous, anon, what is it?
t. big proportional shoulders

>> No.10123850


>> No.10123851
File: 26 KB, 213x285, 4E125070-EEFA-4C29-BD75-7E8CB8D07B5B.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why the fuck do people list items for sale and then not get on Lacemarket all week? You’d think that if you’re selling something, you’d at least check every couple days.

>I just want a jacket I won and the seller won’t respond to my message

>> No.10123858

I won a skirt but the seller hasn't messaged me in two weeks and it's starting to get on my nerves.

>> No.10123869
File: 120 KB, 1292x861, burnward.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sounds like he doesn't respect you. Regardless, you have to accept that it's over.

>> No.10123878

>he skrrts and hits the dab
what does this mean

>> No.10123879

was it a super cheap skirt? like won a bid at 21 dollars?

>> No.10123881

sorry, relationships are a little hit and miss sometimes.

>> No.10123891


>> No.10123918

Meds and stress are awful like that.

I haven't taken or posted any full body coord shots since last summer. Everything has been selfies. I've been wearing the fashion for 7 years and actively collecting but missed out on other opportunities to meet designers or go to many large events due to my previous job.

>"We highly encourage tea attendees to wear their favorite piece of Angelic Pretty merchandise."

Can't even get into my favorites for another 35lbs at minimum. Though I might fall back on Melty Cream Donut or Drained Cherry. I'll just avoid pictures and just try to enjoy attending the event knowing I'll be back to where I used to be in time.

>> No.10123933

It was bought on the 22nd for like $24. Why?

>> No.10123941
File: 304 KB, 500x281, 1527803451062.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>friend likes the look of lolita
>I'm desperate for a lolita friend
>link her bodyline
>directly goes for itaest messes
>link her nice dresses for 1000-3000 jpy
>"but too expensive anon! model is ugly. look this one looks awful on the person with big tits!"
>mfw she doesn't even have big tits, B-C cup but chubby
>"this one is pretty!"
>OTT Angelic Pretty
>mfw she doesn't even wear anything other than jeans daily, OTT is a big jump
>mfw I give up

I'm okay with being a lonelita but damn, I feel really lonely sometimes. Online friends are nice but you can't coord together with them, twin with them, take cute photos etc. I wish I had a community somewhere I can travel at least, or just one person also interested in lolita.

>> No.10123943
File: 269 KB, 1320x857, normal.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>feel like the spice is going out of my relationship
>boyfriend doesn't care about anime but tolerates my cosplay
>put on my lewdest cosplay and blow him
>He loves it and gets into cosplay
>But only want to be intimate when I'm in costume

Should I leave him? He's very hot but I feel like a prostitute...

>> No.10123947

>But only want to be intimate when I'm in costume
>Can only have sex when I'm dressing as someone else
Drop his ass

>> No.10123951

Is that the problem? The only problem I have is that I can't be naked. I don't even know if he knows what character I am...

>> No.10123954

He's pretending it's anybody but you

>> No.10123958

Is that bad? I think of other guys or girls when I'm with him. Sometimes we have other girls there, so not sure why he'd pretend I'm someone else.

>> No.10123968

You clearly have bigger problems than cgl can solve, maybe take your questions to a therapist

>> No.10123969

>>link her bodyline
>>directly goes for itaest messes
it's your own fault

>> No.10123970

Hey, I've been in your position. If you're like me, you won't get over her for maybe another 5 or 6 years, but seeing as you invested less into her than I did for my crush you may be fine sooner than that. Eventually you don't really "get over" but just kinda accept it especially when you see they've finally found happiness with someone else.

You will end up comparing every new romantic encounter with her even after getting over her. Eventually you'll find someone you like more, and it'll give you hope again. But then things will still not work out in your favor so you'll spend probably another 5 years in a similar cycle with different circumstances. If you're 20 now, you'll probably want to An Hero by 30. I think that's a good age to go, so if you're like me then consider than to be your Sell By date. Good luck.

>> No.10123971

You really gotta curate stuff for her to start or else it’s natural for her to go for the ita shit. Newbies have no idea what looks really good/good quality, it’s a whole new world to them. Why not buy her a nice but cheap dress as a gift and have her come over so you can put together a coordinate for her? Then you can both go out for coffee in casual/understated lolita together or something.

>> No.10123972

>>feel like the spice is going out of my relationship
this happens to all relationships. you just have to decide if you want to become a family by committing to him forever even if things suck sometimes (often), or if you want to feel in love all the time (then you have to start new relationships because the spice always wears off).

you're an idiot

>> No.10123973

Thanks for your advice, but I'm 30 and I've never felt like this before.

What problems do I have?

>> No.10123974

1 person rejected you so you're both going to kill yourself? do you think maybe they rejected you because you don't have your shit together and are mentally unstable?

>> No.10123976

No, that isn't it. You're looking at things too narrowly, but I'm not going to detail the thread. Rejection isn't a big deal.

>> No.10123977

>he doesn't want it with YOU
>you don't want it with HIM
>Don't like the same things
Why do you want to stay in a committed relationship? Honest question. I get being fuck buddies, but if you are not attracted to each other enough to be in the moment, why remain together? I understand roleplay. But this seems to go beyond that.

>> No.10123978

Nayrt but it's completely normal. You're actually weird for not fantasizing about others. Maybe you lack imagination just like her bf.

>> No.10123979

It's just fucking. Relationships are way more than that.

>> No.10123985

Women don't understand romance until it's convenient for them (when they stop being popular for casual sex).

>>10123977 case and point. I'm 95% this Anon is female and doesn't understand that relationships are way more than just the person you enjoy fucking.

>> No.10123987

NAYRT but holy shit no it isn't normal. Your normal meter is broken.

Relationships involve mutual trust and interest in each other. If they aren't into each other, why NOT break up and find people who actually like them?

>> No.10123988

I never said I didn't fantasize, but from her bf doesn't want to be with her if she's NOT roleplaying someone else. That seems concerning.

>> No.10123989


spot the redpill moron

>> No.10123993

This implies that mental instability is a prerequisite for suicide. This is a very dangerous and naive world view, and I opened you're below 25 if you think this.

>> No.10123995

They like each other for more than sex, you retard. You break up with someone who can still get you off just because you can get off better with someone else?

>> No.10123996

Ouch, did you feel bad I guessed your gender based on your slutty views on what does and doesn't constitute a broken relationship?

>> No.10124000

Dressing up is not roleplaying. You're projecting.

She also said they invite outside partners into their sexual encounters. So why would he ever leave?

>> No.10124001

You know, this would be a better agrument if her bf wasn't doing the same thing

>> No.10124003

The problem is not hom leaving, it's whether or not anon thinks the relationship should continue. She obviously has concerns about this, because she made the original post. A relationship is not solely based on sexual attraction alone, but this anon seems to also believe it is a serious enough aspect of their relationship to bring the whole thing into question. Ultimately, it's how anon feels about the whole thing.

>> No.10124011

Only a red pill moron would say something as asinine as "women don't understand romance"
Men are fucking animals that would just rape everything they could if it were remotely legal, given the fact that men universally almost always do when they can, but you think you have some kind of moral superiority or concept of love. You make me sick.

>> No.10124012

I had to fucking google it and I feel like a grandma now. it's a stupid tik tok reference.

>> No.10124013

He left her and didn't care.

>> No.10124016
File: 846 KB, 1024x733, pantsu.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Are you sure you were his girlfriend and not just his stalker?

>> No.10124018

I’ve been meaning to get a breast augmentation but I barely remembered my tits won’t fit in a Lolita dress right if I do. :/

>> No.10124022

I mean I linked her better dresses but somehow 3000 jpy is too expensive while she impulse buys makeup and shit and cries about being poor
That's why I'm not buying her shit... I used to believe her sob stories and sewed her some cosplay costumes for free, paid her food, etc.
All in all she is not really a good friend but she is the only person around me who vaguely shares my interests and I'm just so tired of being alone. I wish she could put a little effort... sigh

>> No.10124025

Better to be alone, or with friends that don't share your interests but respect them, than waste time with someone who makes you unhappy, at least in my opinion.

>> No.10124027

Thank you anon, maybe I needed someone to say this. I appreciate it.

>> No.10124031

Do you honestly believe every man would rape if they could get away with it? Because if you do you need to see somebody because real life is not like that. There are bad people in the world no matter what gender.

>> No.10124036

Do you honestly believe every woman would fuck everyone the could if they could get away with it? Because if you do you need to see somebody because real life is not like that. There are bad people in the world no matter what gender.

>> No.10124043

I'm not sure what kind of point you're trying to make with that analogy.

>> No.10124076

Oh hell yes. I've asked my male 'friends' this while we were all high once and could never trust them after that.

>> No.10124086
File: 262 KB, 1200x900, Cq7VUBWUAAEwYcM.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


People lie while high, they should be drunk.

And desu some men have power fantasies, others not at all and actually like to have a girl take a bit of the pace, etc.

Anyways, I posted this in a other thread but I wish crossplay lost it's fetish meaning and went back to being a playfull joke.

>> No.10124094

This does not make since.

>> No.10124108

>I've asked my male 'friends'
Yes, clearly your one friend represents billions of people.
obligatory https://youtu.be/fglEqOfxkLM?t=57

>> No.10124111

Seeing as most men who actually commit rape or sexually assault someone lie up and down about actually committing the act themselves, yes, yes i do think men would gladly rape if given the chance or if it was legal. Because they already do you dense idiot. Go read some actual stats and stories from people instead of listening to some random incels on a taiwanese basket weaving forum

>> No.10124120

Obviously you like to pick and choose what you want to read about and know about, because if you took the time to look up the numbers of women who have assaulted and killed adults and children in the thousands in each state of the United States you wouldn't talk so foolish.

>> No.10124124

Get therapy.

>> No.10124125

I have and men commit around 90% of murders, slightly less I think.
Most torture and child rape, I'm the worst crimes known to humanity, are committed by men.
Once in awhile you hear of some woman involved in a child rape case and everyone spergs out because it's very rare.

>> No.10124127

Evolutionary biology and psychologists that certain features of our anatomy and our sexual instincts exist because rape was such a common reproductive strategy. It's written into male dna.

It's easy to be a man in a western country and say "I wouldn't do this" but history and even many modern day societies prove you very wrong.
Rape was only ever considered a crime because it was messing with another man's property. Not because men had any particular qualms about violating women. Take any man you know, if he grew up in Afghanistan he'd think women were whores if they didn't wear a tarp. But it's not just that society. It goes deeper than that.

>> No.10124130

I want to get on meds but I'm scared of getting fat and not being able to fit into my brand anymore

>> No.10124132

>More than half of female homicide victims were killed in connection to intimate partner violence
>More than 55 percent of the deaths were related to partner violence, and the vast majority of those were carried out by a male partner.
Men are not only disgusting pigs but they're emotional, unstable, and murderous. And they wonder why we constantly need to be protecting ourselves and get offended when we do.

>> No.10124140

Something that happens in the thousands no matter where you go is not a rare occasion, it is a problem. You have an issue where you act like your gender is not apart of the problem on this planet. But more and more incidents keep happening and being broadcasted, and people are starting to see it. And just so you know, as 2015 more women then men were arrested in the United States for assaults.

>> No.10124141

Society is the reason why we have come to the conclusion that rape is bad because good men finally stood up and kept the bad ones from running the show. It is society who teaches those men in Afghanistan that women are property just like it is taught to us that women are not in this country. We are not animals, we can go against whatever is hardwired in us or anything we used to do. And society today is proof of that.

>> No.10124149

Because it's far less of a problem. I never said women had no problems. But if any kind of minority group had the rate of problems that men do, they'd be shoved into camps.
Men generally reflect this by claiming another minority groups' men are the problem, or that it's a humanity problem. It's not. Men commit the most violent crimes by far and they always have.
Oh wow, you found one year where women committed more of one kind of crime in one country. Do you want a fucking cookie?
On top of that, these reports keep getting inflated because trannies - who are men - change gender and then report they're women. So we get articles about a "woman" assaulting someone, when it's really an angry man in a dress.

>> No.10124151
File: 51 KB, 1000x743, statistic_id423245_number-of-violent-crime-victims-in-the-united-states-by-gender-2005-2017.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Your gender is not as innocent as you think. Get some help.

>> No.10124152

Most of those men are assaulted by other men you fucking retard.

>> No.10124153

Lol how deluded do you have to be to misread a graph this hard

>> No.10124155

Wow! Truly amazing, you're using transvestites as an excuse for rising female violence (every year not just one). Can you take some responsibility. It is not about gender, it is about power and as women continue to get more power they will behave just like the men they claim to stand against.

>> No.10124158

Better stop women from getting power then, they will be just as bad!

>> No.10124159

Then why is the male bar going down and the female one bar is going up every year, you believe what you want to believe fools.

>> No.10124161

Oh no I want women to get more power, so people can see that all of you are exactly the same as us when you have power.

>> No.10124163

Do you mean depression meds anon? I started meds a while ago and I haven't gained any weight so far. Give it a go. If you have side effects you should switch meds or stop if you really want to fit into your burando. There's no guarantees until you try.

>> No.10124164

How can you misread this so badly lol

>> No.10124166


And to make sure I'm not misunderstood what Im saying is that the male bar is dropping because less assaults are happening because of men and what's becoming left are women in their place assaulting men and each other, that's why the female bar is rising.

>> No.10124169

Jannies pls
I hit the report block, someone else please finish the job

This just shows that female victims increased while male victims decreased. Do you read the statistics you blindly repost? I mean it doesn't matter anyway because

>> No.10124172

Believe what you want I don't really care about it honestly, time will show just how much alike we really are. So keep making excuses, others will see.

>> No.10124173
File: 64 KB, 658x623, 1551809700829.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Im saying is that the male bar is dropping because less assaults are happening because of men and what's becoming left are women in their place assaulting men and each other, that's why the female bar is rising.
I'm not sure if I should be amused or amazed over such an amount of mental gymnastics.

>> No.10124175

Sure buddy. Then you'll finally be able to rightfully play the victim. Those evil lefty women will go berserk, should be any time now.

>> No.10124176

Sorry to burst your bubble but I don't think women will ever like child rape as much as men do

>> No.10124178

It's already happening it's just the news doesn't like to show you that part of your "pure", "perfect" gender.

Also apologies to the creator of the thread. I never meant for this argument to go this far into this mess of a society we have on our hands.

>> No.10124182

Your right, they prefer to just kill them.

>> No.10124207

>A bunch of my work buddies are seriously into cosplay. I haven't really done it in a decade.
>I help them out a lot with their stuff and try to join them when I can
>The next year I focus on an awesome cosplay for myself (originally for our group that never developed) and win a contest
>The year after, everyone gets lowkey and too busy
>I'm doing it alone when the point was to spend time with friends
>Feels like I spoiled it a bit for them by going overboard on mine. Or maybe I'm being vain thinking that.

>> No.10124223

>Get dream dress
>Favourite flower is on dress, part of the reason why I bought it
>Want to do dress justice and make a really fantastic coord with it
>Want to incorporate flower that is on the print of the dress
>No socks or headdresses have the flower on them aside from the headdress that comes with the dress that I don't have
>Shoes are all plain in the dress's main colour

Suffering, gulls. It's just sitting in my closet waiting to be worn.

>> No.10124304

My old shoes broke, so I ordered a couple new pairs off of taobao. I also threw in a few accessories I wanted since I’d be paying for shipping anyway. The shoes arrived at my shopping service weeks ago but the accessories haven’t. I’m so mad at myself because I want my shit to ship out, and I wish I’d just ordered the shoes.

>> No.10124329

for every type of violent crime the majority is always male, at least in the US

>> No.10124347

Wish my country's currency were stronger, so I could buy all the Moitie in LM right now. I so want that leaf lace dress, but in my currency it's impossible lol

>> No.10124350

Other lolitas in Europe have sold that dress for $100-150 in the past few years so imo it's over-priced anyway. It's not nearly as rare and saught-after as other old Moitie releases. I seriously wonder how much she paid for it.

>> No.10124355

what's the flower anon? Maybe people could keep an eye out.

>> No.10124431

I don't know why I keep coming to this cunt ridden board

>> No.10124445

If she offered that for 100USD I'd snatch it right away.

>> No.10124523
File: 20 KB, 762x252, 2019-03-09_16-00-19.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If you're male, leave any time.

>> No.10124601
File: 289 KB, 853x1280, virgin.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10124612

Even in Western fashion large breasts just look fat and trashy. Slim and toned is fashionable in any style

>> No.10124614

I bet it's the spider lily IW dress. Higanbana for you fucking weebs

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