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Pre-2010 cosplay edition.

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I forgot how to use a sewing machine. :[

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Man I just really love cosplay

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>leave phone unattended
>older brother gets into my cosplay Facebook account
>uses it to post "Help my butt is leaking so much gas"
>mfw it had 26 likes before I noticed

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>tfw lovingly handcrafted an item for a dream dress
>had it up in my shop for a while
>now have the dress
>wear them together a couple times
>looks great
>item sells
I know I could just make another but I'm gonna miss it.

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>still saving up for AX
>get paycheck today
>also got tax refund
>all goes to rent, grocery shopping and Avengers: Endgame
>only saved up enough for my hotel fare and food so far

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Two lolitas from our comm were in the park when some pervert came over and flashed them. One of the girls had a stroke. The other couldn't reach.

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It bums me out a lot that I have completely the wrong body type for 99% of the cosplays I've ever wanted to do. I get told all the time to do the cosplay anyway, but it wouldn't make me happy to see those designs ruined by my shit proportions.

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>get scammed on lacemarket

I feel stupid but all I wanted was another pretty dress...

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Name and shame, anon

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>only saved up enough for my hotel fare and food so far
What’s your budget for this year’s Anime Expo?

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If the cost of a movie ticket will make or break your con trip you probably can't afford to go

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>tfw someone sniped me on my dream dress
>see them posting a worn photo of the dress a couple of weeks later
>it's literal perfection

I can't be mad anymore. I know i wouldn't have done it justice.

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I’m a bi girl. There’s plenty of gay girls in my area but NONE of them cosplay or have watched a anime besides Pokémon or Naruto. At this point, I’m so deep in this lifestyle that it’d be so boring to date a normie. FML.

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Are you sure its a scam and not just slow replies?

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>am male
>Want to fuck a couple of grill con friends
>Have a decent amount of friends of both genders, it's only 2 - 3 of them that I want to wrap & wreck
How do I get rid of this feel, please help
I just want to have comfy fun and not get caught up in the mess of attempting to sleep with these people

>inb4 stop talking to them
I still want to be friends

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let them try

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tell them you want to fuck them and they'll all stop talking to you
problem solved

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I'm male, but all the women I meet who are into cosplay and lolita are either 300 pounds or mostly just interested in dating women. I've been single for almost 6 years now :/

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It's been 3 weeks since I paid them, and all the seller has done is mark the item shipped on paypal with no tracking number. Two other people already gave negative feedback saying they never got their items or any proof their item was actually shipped (not until after I bought the dress, of course), and one says they found that the proof photos were stolen from fril. I emailed the seller 6 days ago asking for proof of shipment and have heard nothing, so I opened a dispute.

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>have had a really solid group of friends to cosplay/go to cons with for the past 6 years
>this year suddenly everyone starts dropping except me and one other person
>they can’t afford it anymore because they’re going back to school, moving to different states soon, or getting married
>me and remaining person help some of them out so they can go to our big con this year
>realize this is our final hurrah

Kill me now gulls. It’s so fucking hard to make new friends in this hobby especially now since I’m not 16 anymore and refuse to make a tiktok account

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>tfw you'll never be able to wear brand since its all made small women under 170cm tall.

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>dress from Lolita Desu that I ordered in Dec STILL isn’t here
>tfw I’m honestly considering trying to get my money back
>I-it’s not even a dream dress, everything is going to be fine, right?

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didn't they shut down?

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Am I being a bit of a coward? There's some characters I want to cosplay but I don't want to get any sexual comments because these characters get lots of that shit. They're not even any sort of sexual characters, just young ones that attracted lolicons. I know you can get bad attention in ANY cosplay, but I don't want any sexual comments desu

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>Screaming internally because the dress I wanted was released today and sold out today before my SS could even get hands on one omfg it hurts

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Yes, they're gone now.

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you likely won't get sexual comments unless you're in a revealing outfit, i've cosplayed several loli characters and the closest thing to sexual comments i got were awkward guys spaghetti'ng themselves and asking for hugs

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>you will never be a no sleeves wearing, m-16 toting, freedom cowboy jet jockey beefcake 1980s tough guy
At least I can wear manly cowboy deodorant

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Youre not alone lmao

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That doesn't stop 99% of the "cosplayers" out there. Why do they get to enjoy cosplay when you can't? Just go for it.

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>Gets a bonus from work
>Buys my dream dress in the beginning of february for over $300 after lusting for it for it since release in 2014
>USPS lost it TWICE
>Finally arrived yesterday
>It took exactly 3 months for this fucker to arrive
>The seller and I can finally rest easy

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Man Ed Sheeran has really let himself go lately

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Bless you and your kind heart Anon for including the seller in this feel. I'm not saying they felt as bad as you, but it was probably a special kind of hell to send that dress. Now you're both in heaven, because dream dresses are worth it!

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>Putting on my coord for the day. It's one of my two dream dresses
>Notice it's really loose in the bodice area.
>I'm already too skinny for a drastic weight loss to make that noticeable of a difference
>Wonder if it was always that loose and I'm only now noticing?
>Was the previous owner a fatty? I got it from fril, so it's not that likely...
>Waist bow is a little loose but tightening is just makes everything look weird.
>Frown and take it off to check the shirring elastic.
>Everything looks fine.
>Check the seams
>Fine but then I notice something
>This is a switching JSK
>I uncrossed the straps to hang better on a hanger without stretching the shirring as much
>Recross them and put the dress back on
>Its better
Thank god it was just me being retarded and not a damaged dream dress.

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>tfwno bf

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I finally hit my weight goal but I still can’t do cosplays that show my stomach because of my intense, dark red stretch marks. I almost feel like spending a year losing weight wasn’t even worth it.

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Good make up can cover that. Dont worry anon!

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Even if you are scared to show that part you can wear tight fitting stuff if you want to be sexy.
Plus you are probably healthy and feel better, right?
Don't worry anon.

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You should still be proud! And like >>10143019
said, tight-fitting stuff is often much more flattering than bare stomach.

My similar feel is that while I'm certainly skinny now, my belly button is still a horizontal line and not a vertical line and that just looks so chubby to me. Makes me never show my stomach and kind of bums me out. I don't think it's something that's gonna go away with losing more weight either, at least not while staying in a healthy range.

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How bad are they actually? Post a picture because people tend to be harder on themselves. I don't think I've ever taken a picture of myself in the mirror and thought it was good.

Try using creams, oils, and a little bit of tanning to fade and heal the stretch marks. They take a looong time to fade so don't be bummed out. Spin that negativity around. Think of those stretch marks as marks of pride for what you've accomplished. Think of it as your next goal after weightloss.

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Wow thank you all for being so kind! I really appreciate it.
I totally understand the belly button thing, mine is like that too haha!
My stomach looks a lot like this, sans the pregnancy. I had gained 70 lb in a very short amount of time on top of already being fat, so they’re intense.

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I would look into Witch Hazel oil, as it can help with stretch marks, also depending on your skin look for the alcohol free kinds

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> tfw you're 180 cm tall and can still wear brand
I believe in you anon, just wear an underskirt

>> No.10143041

try bio-oil anon or coconut oil and apply it religiously
>good foundation or concealer makeup can cover it too, just make sure you set it with powder

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Just get pregnant and then you can do pregnant cosplays

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I’m so sick of everything. I have no cosplay friends where I live. The only people I’m “friends” with here are all a bunch of fake assholes. They pretend that they’re nice, caring people and I show them so much support, but these people never show me an ounce of support in return. It’s so frustrating and exhausting. All I want to do is move to be around people who are actually supportive and go to cons with them, but I’m in college and I’m at a point where it makes zero sense to move until I graduate. I’m just trying to find little things to cling to to make myself happy, but it’s getting harder and harder.

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at least he didn't gay you up

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>tfw no qt bf
>keep daydreaming about hugging and snuggling a qt bf
>still no qt bf

>> No.10143112

Am I supposed to nogfpost now?

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>Have been planning a cosplay that uses a skirt since August
>Have been taking care of my legs in preparation for a con soon, but have never bothered to look at them in the mirror for years
>Take the time to do that
>what the fuck was I thinking holy shit my legs are hideous nope nope nope

And then it was decided to just attend in normal clothes. I should have done that at the start.

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I'm moving to Japan gulls! Well, just for a year but I'm still going! I've never been and I'm so excited. I finally get to go to a Baby store irl!

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What do I need to organise before I kill myself?

I'm already going to cancel all my scheduled payments and my welfare claim, I can't think of anything else

>> No.10143201

>moving to a country you've never actually visited before
A year is a long commitment for something you have no actual experience of. It's a lovely place, but make sure your expectations aren't unrealistic like a good chunk of people tend to have when they think about Japan.

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Your last will, perhaps

>> No.10143206

Clean your apartment and throw out all your belongings. Nothing someone hates more than going through some dead fuck's trashheap. Why you kmsing?

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Are you giving away your money? If so, please hmu. I wanna kill myself too but money would solve my problems. [email protected]

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Dealing with depression for years, therapy not having helped at all, failing at everything I've ever attempted (two time university dropout, never been employed, not one accomplishment of note in all my time on this Earth), abusive relationships leaving me unable to have sex, functional relationships or even friendships.

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I just wanted to say anon that therapists are like shoes - you have to find the right fit, and wearing the wrong fit can be completely agonizing. So if you've had nothing but poorly fitting therapists, it's not a reflection of you not being able to be helped. It just means the search for the right fit hasn't finished yet.

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Well, it's for a program I'm doing and they have a good international support. My dad is from Japan, I've just never been there. I'm not really going in with expectations, just looking forward to the new experience it'll bring!

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I'm 28, two years ago I was in the same place you are. >>10141266 is beyond right, I found the right person and things are turning around. My life isn't perfect and I'm still depressed and unemployable but I'm not suicidal and I haven't self harmed in five and a half months. I'm even thinking of going back to college. I can't tell you how to keep living or whether to bother with it, but I hope that you think of me a little before you do it. My life is improving and it could be that life could improve for you too.

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Lol wrong fucking quote, I meant >>10143216 is right. Though maybe retail therapy is the answer haha

>> No.10143271

Oh and I wanted to add, if you've struggled to focus on things in addition to being unmotivated, get evaluated for ADHD. ADHD + depression is a killer combo and sometimes depression overshadows ADHD's symptoms.

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Lolita has made me want to get my shit together and take proper care of myself and literally no matter how hard i try im too depressed and out of energy to maintain myself. I always end up neglecting myself. Its very frustrating.

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Be strong dear gull. Go get fit, take care of yourself, show off

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I want to really bad, but i just dont have the energy. I sleep too much and i still dont have energy.

>> No.10143420

Trust me anon I was the same way last winter but now I’m in school, working a solid 9-5 and finally cosplaying what I love. I’m looking great too. I believe in you anon all it takes it one step, you don’t gotta do everything you want immediately

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Im never gonna have a cute face. I can lose some weight. I can do makeup and a regular skincare routine. Im still gonna be an ugly fucking piece of garbage.

Also its alot of work to do all of that shit when youre depressed as fuck and can barely wake up and go to work.

Also i need to get my license but i cant fucking get my shit together because im real fucking useless.

>> No.10143424

I can try to give you as much advice as I can but trust me you have to try. You may not have the greatest face or a finest body but just look for your own brand and everything will come. Hell maybe even a bf

>> No.10143425

I dont need a boyfriend. I just want to radiate cute and i cant because im ugly and depressed.

>> No.10143426

You can do it anon I’m sure you’re not even ugly. I’m sure you look like a magical girl, the curvy kind

>> No.10143428

Im not curvy. I look like a chubby little boy. Broad shoulders, sad droopy lil tiddies, and no hips. Not kawaii. I feel like if i lost like 20 pounds my chest area and tummy wouldnt be making things worse. Im a little bit under the "overweight" on the bmi scale.

But like i said, my ugly ass face ruins everything for me. Cant be cute. Big ol nose and my chin decided to disappear.

>> No.10143430

Well that sucks anon I’m here if you want to vent

>> No.10143431

I just fucking hate myself lmao.

>> No.10143434

I can tell anon but frankly doing something about it is Better than complaining. One thing that’s going wrong in my life is I can’t seem to find a partner, could complain rather keep trying

>> No.10143437

I hope you find someone who will love and care about you.

I literally dont know where to start. Cant drive myself to therapy. Cant motivate myself for a long enough period of time to get my liscense. I will rot forever.

>> No.10143439

>my shop
Did you mention in the listing that you were actively wearing this item while waiting for it to sell?

>> No.10143440

You wanna chat it up in DMs or something?

>> No.10143454

you can't wear tights or pantyhose?

>> No.10143492

It actually hadn't sold for a couple months until I added a photo of me wearing it. I guess that's what made it sell?

>> No.10143699

My friend was supposed to come over today to help pick out an outfit for me for a cherry blossom festival next week and to try on an OP I want to sell.
She tells me that "Oh family might go to the beach" earlier in the morning, and that was fine. She then says the beach is out and will be over after lunch.
At 1 she lets me know she and her family are now just going out to lunch to a diner and will be over after.A half an hour later she asks formy address for her GPS. Half an hour after that she says her mom needed the car to go to cvs,
And now she just tells me that the beach plans are back on and cancels.
She was supposed to come over last week as well and the same type of shit happened "dad is fixing a censor in the car really fast! I'll be over right after." And then he lost a nut. And then a screw. And then he was putting the car back together. And then it was 3 oclock and I already made plans that she'd be gone before dinner so I could have dinner with my parents.
I love her but this is super annoying.

>> No.10143756

I lost three inches off my waist and now at 64cm I can wear almost anything! But I think the exercise made my arms bulk up. I feel like I'm going to hulk out of my blouses. I'm a cis woman, wtf is this

>> No.10143938

>"dad is fixing a censor in the car really fast! I'll be over right after." And then he lost a nut. And then a screw. And then he was putting the car back together.
well at least this part is normal
t. /o/

>> No.10143949

>when I decided to help out my dad with changing his brake lines and it ended up taking literal days because everything was corroded to shit, new mounting brackets had to be fabbed up, and the ones he ordered were too short so he had to go get another pair
Fun times. Saged for OT

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I'm probably going to my last con for a while, and it's kinda weird. Last year was such a roller coaster ride and when it ended with one of my favorite con trips yet, it just felt like such a nice send-off for my life up until that point. This year has felt like an extra season of a show that had a perfect ending, and although I'm excited to go one last time, I'm still afraid I'll compare it too much to the year before.

>> No.10144156 [DELETED] 

can we have this /cgl/ back?

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Multiple feels here.

>Still kind of new
>Have 2 AP OP's, one AP JSK, one Taobao OP.
>Already made dress wishlist
>Two wishlist items up for sale right now
>But haven't even gotten full sets for the dresses I currently have
>Set of accessories, shoes etc coming for the taobao dress and the jsk that I have at the end of the month
>My two AP OP's have complicated pattern/prints that I really want to nail because one of them is my dream dress and I have high standards
>Can't find anything that matches/lives up to my standards for these two dresses
>They sit in my closet all day because I don't have full outfits for them
>Sad feel

>Don't have proper full length mirror in house
>Full length mirror I do have is very narrow, can't see the full scope/shape of dream dress with poof when I put on my petticoat
>Looks awkward in the mirror
>Try to figure out what's wrong
>Spend 30 minutes trying to determine whether I have boob loaf, wrong body shape, cursed with wide ribs, too short, too tall
>Compare pictures of others in dress on instagram to how I look in the dress
>Get idea
>Stand in front of window and set lighting just right in order to be able to see dress to full extent
>The poof actually looks fine, great even, and it was just the shitty narrow mirror that made it look odd
>Relief but also frustration

Third feel:
>Trying to branch out hobbies/interests
>Want to build my own computer and save up money to buy it
>Two wishlist dresses for sale right now
>Also want to really start taking care of my skin for the first time in my life (I'm 20), so delve into korean skincare routines/products
>Saved up a decent sum of money over the past few months
>Not enough money to invest in all three of these things
>Can't/don't know which one to invest my money in first
>Dresses could go any day now
>But if I spend the money now it will take more time to save to buy parts for computer
>I'm also not getting any younger
>Not sure what do

At least I get to vent

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I don't see my friend irl much so Instagram is the only way to see how she's doing. The thing is, her cosplay Instagram is so filtered that when we do meet up once in a while, I get a bit taken aback by her appearance.

>> No.10144488

I know a girl like that too. I personally think she's gorgeous and super talented but all her pics are shooped to hell and back. Tiny-ass nose, huge lips, giant eyeballs 30lbs skinnier, etc. Honestly it's kinda uncanny valley

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>imagine living in the past hard enough to dredge up a thread from 2015
the cringe is real

>> No.10144875

>Innocent World emails me about my order
>"We don't know the size"
>Me, stupid: "Oh, I want these three things!"
>Innocent World emails me back
>"No, what size dress do you want"
>Me, still stupid: "L please!"

Reading comprehension is lost on me.

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File: 316 KB, 1200x630, brapp-make-music-with-everyone-8cdb8c1553a33ab9e49a6f43283f397f642dee7892fa191e8d6cc4956652d07f.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10144970

Sailor Uranus

>> No.10145034

I'd rather go back to 2011.

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Same, gull

>> No.10145135

>finally losing weight
>by not eatting because I am in pain
Wisdom tooth fucking gums up part 4. Thank God this is lazy ass is the last one. I want to work on my sewing in peace.

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>> No.10145175

I went from 240 lbs. to 158 in a short amount of time, leaving behind some rough stretch marks - but not quite as bad as pic-related. My solution was abs workouts to tighten things up & self-tanner lotion.

Springing for the more expensive brands will help get a smooth tan layer, which will hide the marks, but also moisturize/soften up the skin & help diminish the appearance of them.

>> No.10145256

>made a huge japonica order recently
>a dress in my second preferred colorway for it comes up on one platform
>buy it because I never see it and my preferred colorway usually gets snatched up quickly
>shortly after my preferred colorway comes up on another platform
>buy it thinking I’ll just sell the second colorway
>order comes in
>love them both equally once they get here in person
>don’t want to sell either

Fuck me. I should have just waited.

>> No.10145262

Hey anon, I've made a similar journey but seem to be plateauing in the 170-180 range. How did you get past that hurdle, because doing what I did before doesn't seem to be having the same impact anymore.

>> No.10145263

How short of a time? I’ve never been overweight but I always admire people who were fat that have the strength to lose it quickly.

>> No.10145444

>eat moderately healthily during the day
>absolutely gorge myself on junk food in the evening when I'm watching anime
>work out regularly, ottermode but trouble progressing forward due to joint issues and an absolutely abysmal diet
>sometimes I'll just forget to eat dinner and just gorge myself on junk food as a replacement
>sometimes I'll just forget to eat food while I'm sewing
>hunger comes and goes, some days I'll go without eating for quite a while, and others I'll eat a full sub and then want to eat more right after


>> No.10145481

I had so much will to live back then. Dear god.

>> No.10145486

I'm finally starting to get out of my ugly cocoon and look decent but the one thing I can't get a grip on is hair.
I have sort of armpit length hair, virgin, dark brown, slightly wavy (2a). The problem is it's super thick and coarse, it poofs out at the bottom and is totally flat at the top, I guess because of the weight, so my head is always vaguely triangular. If I style it only on the bottom so it's less poofy, it just looks greasy because the top half is flat against my head.
I have to air dry it because I would break a sweat and get tired trying to dry it with a blowdrier.
I have a wispy side fringe that also gets greasy and flat.

Any advice on how to get my hair to look better at home ? Colour, shape, anything? My hairdresser did a blowout once that looked nice but that went away after an hour and after that it was all sticky. I just want cute, polished hair like Melodee Morita has to wesr with my casual coords.

>> No.10145489 [DELETED] 

I have really similar hair and what I've learned it.
Experiment with different shampoos. I would recommend something with tea tree in it, as that controls oil without drying out your hair.
SHampoo from your roots down and condition from your roots up. Right not I'm using Marc Antony Grow Long. But Maui Moisture, and OGX are other good brands. Pay attention to what's in the products. Sulfates and parabens especially are bad for your hair as well as anything ending in -cone. (Which is plastics)
I always work the conditioner through my hair and let it sit for about 5 minutes before rinsing it out with cold water.
Only use shampoo as your hair becomes too greasy. It dries your hair out. You can condition as much as you want but never skip conditioning after shampooing.

>> No.10145490

I have really similar hair and what I've learned it.
Experiment with different shampoos. I would recommend something with tea tree in it, as that controls oil without drying out your hair.
Right not I'm using Marc Antony Grow Long. But Maui Moisture, and OGX are other good brands. Pay attention to what's in the products. Sulfates and parabens especially are bad for your hair as well as anything ending in -cone. (Which is plastics)
SHampoo from your roots down and condition from your roots up.
I always work the conditioner through my hair and let it sit for about 5 minutes before rinsing it out with cold water.
Only use shampoo as your hair becomes too greasy. It dries your hair out. You can condition as much as you want but never skip conditioning after shampooing.

>> No.10145491

My hair was like this when I was a kid so what I would do was curl it with an iron ( think big loose curls )and it would look pretty.
If you have greasy skin then I would honestly recommend against short bangs, other than that maybe grow them out a little longer

>> No.10145492

*Condition from your tips up.
Good god I suck at posting today.

>> No.10145493

Get it thinned out/layered at the ends, I had similar hair as a kid and it was the only thing that make it look good.

>> No.10145502

I mentioned in the irl comm thread about how I as fretting over which coord to wear to an event this sunday.
I have a normie guy friend ask what I was wearing and I kind of vented to him about my nervousness and now he's trying to pick but my outfit for me. And he's not taking no as an answer.
I've told him several times he's trying to help with a sub culture he has no familiarity on. He has no idea what brands or what or how a simple dress with pancakes would be more head turning to a lolita than a dress with a ton of frills.
i appreciate his help, I do. But he has no idea the first thing about lolita other than kind of what it looks like from what he's seen at cons. And he's not taking "no" as an answer in regards to his help.

>> No.10145555
File: 45 KB, 550x481, 653b7908a0bf2754d077516466e731db3d74db389472b2552163a54479f44837.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10145561

i just sold my old car for 1k and was so excited about having some money to spend at a few cons and paradiso - been cutting corners and avoided buying anything besides socks and blouses for the past 3 months.

started getting ulcers again for the first time in years; went and used insurance for the first time (i've only had it for 3 months). got my prescriptions for relief, only $22. ok nice nice.

turns out i need bloodwork too cos potential anemia, insurance covers most of it. but then they killed me. i'm scheduled for an upper endoscopy next month and looks like i'll have to pay 1k out of pocket cos insurance covers procedures, but not anesthesia and miscellaneous.

i know it's basically a first world problem but :"( still super bummed. but i prefer not bleeding internally anymore to having more stuff in my closet... v.v (not by much though lol)

>> No.10145566

shave your head. ezpz

but honestly, yeah always get it thinned out. every time i get a trim i have them do that, otherwise i have a mop top. i would also recommend doing a different type of fringe; for me blunt bangs always looked better with my face shape, but you may benefit from growing your fringe out and pinning it to the rest of your hair.

i would not do drastic changes to your hair regarding hair color; maybe start out with highlights/bayalage/low lights to give it dimension. take it from me anon - i used to have leaf-green chest-length hair. i went through 3 full bottles of bleach and 4 tubes of dye at ulta to get the color i wanted - was close to $250 the first time. every touchup was almost $70 because my hair is that thick - would drink up bleach and dye like nothing. based on how you described your hair, i have no doubt yours would do something similar. unless you wanna commit; but it will damage your hair significantly

>> No.10145635

That seller should be banned. Complain to the admins.

>> No.10145646

Everyone I know who studied abroad for a year did this and they had a great time.

>> No.10145712

God are you me?

I’ve started keeping a journal of what I eat and what exercises I do everyday and I feel like that’s helping me hold myself accountable. Maybe it could help you too

>> No.10145807
File: 497 KB, 500x269, 1550948082726.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Same. that was the year my grandmother died and if i went back i could see her again

>> No.10145808 [DELETED] 
File: 494 KB, 760x749, 77vYy7JSf.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10145817

I'm 18 dating a 27 year old. I just had a child with him. I plan to marry him. Ever since we got serious, I ghosted from my comm because I'm scared they'll say something about DDLG because of the age gap. I'm sorrowful.

>> No.10145818

Congrats on permanently fucking your life up

>> No.10145889

Oh yeah, and I have a felony for possession of acid. THAT'S fucking my life up.

I don't even care about the gull backlash, I'm so stressed with so many other things. But it's the IRL hatred that I'd most definitely receive that brings me anxiety.

>> No.10145890

Eh I don't feel like my first thought would be DDLG. They might make that joke but if it isn't that, it isn't.
You are going hard and fast into crazier stuff so I feel like that is more gossip worthy.

>> No.10145924

Girl if they would gossip about anything it would be the fucking acid felony. Lots of people have big age gaps outside of lolita and no one really cares.

>> No.10145934


You're being ridiculous. Wear dance tights, they're like airbrushing for the legs in fabric form.

>> No.10145943
File: 45 KB, 744x571, 1554719513651.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

w2c cgl gf
i have money

>> No.10145953


There is such a thing as oversleeping. Get yourself a sleep schedule and stick to it. Set an alarm and put it on the other side of the room so you have to go and pick it up to stop it. Go outside and get some vitamin D to blow the cobwebs off and try to eat well - you've got this anon. I used to be exactly the same and now I've got a handle of things I feel so much better.

>> No.10145964


There's always a way to modify your looks temporarily to make yourself look balanced and make up can do absolute magic if applied correctly.
For example, I'm a chestlet and carry my weight on my stomach (pear) and I have a badonkadonk which we affectionately refer to as 'the shelf'. I didn't think I should bother with padded bras or anything that pushed up and looked sexy because I thought they were wasted on me.

Fast forward to me going shopping with a friend, retail therapy goes to my head and I wind up with three gorgeous bras which give me some va va voom. Suddenly my body looks balanced and hourglassy. I later figure out that I have a waistline despite my belly fat and hiding it in baggy clothing doesn't help, and some nice high waisted panties help to flatten things out (there are actually some really nice ones out there, shock!). There's also control wear depending on how far you want to go.

You are not a lost cause, you can be sexy as fuck. Do yourself and the world a favour and let yourself feel beautiful, please.

>> No.10146076

Like the other anons said I highly doubt ddlg is going to be the first thing they think of. Does he come to meets or something? Don't bring him and they'll care even less. I have a similar age Gap with my husband and as far as I know nobody has ever gossiped about it. Also congratulations on the baby! Don't listen to the other anon I had one at 19 and now am living pretty comfy with a strong career in my chosen field, babies don't end your life like everyone makes it out to be. The acid stuff might though idk about that man but I'm sure you can recover

>> No.10146088

But now you have two! Sometimes i get different colors of my favorite prints.

>> No.10146119

Buy aristocrat clothes and get involved in the fashion.
As long as you don't sperg out there will probably be some takers.

>> No.10146291 [DELETED] 

>Homestuck is turning 10 in 2 days

>> No.10146299

Seeing kelly kerstein and for the love of clod getting engaged at Disney on their insta stories killed me

Where is MY gay qt cosplay gf?

>> No.10146323

I don't remember that period of my life all too well. My most vivid memory was years later when a friend mentioned it "blah blah, just like you in your homestuck phase" to which I replied "What homestuck phase?" My friend looked me dead in the eyes, revealing the scars in her soul from suffering through second hand smoking the nonsense ectoplasm goo in cringe. "Anon, you had a fucking homestuck phase, don't you dare deny it."

But yeah, this is a feel. I wanted to cosplay but never got around to it, mostly because Kanaya never went godtier in canon. Maybe one day I'll do her out of nostalgia for all my plans which never came to fruition.

>> No.10146356
File: 149 KB, 999x1300, 26742811-old-woman-with-pistol-on-a-white-background.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Buy dress
>Check dress websites again today
>Same dress, $500 cheaper

>> No.10146361

APs new strawberry print? If yes you were dumb not to wait.

>> No.10146420


>> No.10146451

Man I just really love (You)

>> No.10146634 [DELETED] 

I'm developing homicidal thoughts towards a lolita I'm close with. I want to violently rape and strangle her in a dress I've gifted or sold her. I want to continue using her lifeless body while on the runaway from the law. I want to eventually decapitate her, put a gun through the back of her head so the barrel pokes from out her mouth, and make out with her as I pull the trigger to end my own life. I do not harbor an ounce of hatred for her. On the contrary, I'm under the impression that she wants me to do this to her. This is no falsehood, I am typing this to record my thoughts in hopes of eventually breaking this mentality. Because with each passing day my urge and confidence grows stronger.

>> No.10146643

... I'm glad I'm a lonelita.

>> No.10146655

Get help. There are online therapy options that take insurance or will talk to you for a low cost. These are called intrusive thoughts and most people have them occasionally, the problem starts when you give them space and start indulging in expanding on them/justifying them. You can talk yourself into doing something bad because your own dumb brain tells you shit like "she wants this".

>> No.10146661 [DELETED] 

Please recommend low cost ones. I have looked but the online ones don't seem affordable in the long run. I have too much anxiety to commit to real life visits. I don't want to kill her.

>> No.10146664

Anon what state do you live in? What's your insurance? You can check a website called psychology today (just google it, it's the first result) and sort by your location and insurance. They even list prices so you can check your deductible too.

In the short term there are sites like 7cups that you can use to discuss your problems for free or for a small fee. Hang in there, the first step to fixing a problem is acknowledging it's a problem.

>> No.10146676 [DELETED] 

Sorry, I don't want to give out too much information or she may know who I am. I will take the advice you gave me though.

Thank you.

>> No.10146677

>I don’t want to kill her
>I want to violently rape and strangle her in a dress I've gifted or sold her. I want to continue using her lifeless body while on the runaway from the law. I want to eventually decapitate her, put a gun through the back of her head so the barrel pokes from out her mouth, and make out with her as I pull the trigger to end my own life.


>> No.10146680

You're welcome, I hope you can find a good fit for therapy. Don't be afraid to try several different ones because therapists are people too and sometimes you don't immediately click with the first one you get an appointment with. Good luck.

Fantasies and wanting to actualize them are two wholly different things. The danger comes in wanting to move fantasy to reality.

>> No.10146690
File: 49 KB, 500x684, Sadgaraki.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Make a tellonym
>Get compliments calling me really cute
>I've still never had a relationship because I can never be sure if someone is flirting or just being nice thanks to anxiety
>Have no idea how to initiate or flirt/ ask girls to do stuff normally
I hate my mentality sometimes

>> No.10146702

I'd still feel extremely threatened by a partner who felt that way. Even if they genuinely did not want to murder me, I would still be scared to be alone with them. I feel bad for people who have such desires and feel compassion for them, but personally I would not want to be around that person.

>> No.10146703

Oh for sure it’s scary if you know the thoughts are for you, I agree. But anon is just someone on the internet and likely not in your life.

>> No.10146706

>I feel bad for people who say they want to murder others

I don’t. They should be locked away for the safety of the general public. In fact, most of them are once this comes to light. Based mods deleted the posts and hopefully reported them to the FBI/police like they do with other similar posts.

>> No.10146710
File: 168 KB, 989x771, unknown-47.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.10146861

Mate, don’t second guess.
If you think they MAY be flirting, you start flirting, that’s just how it’s done. You can’t be certain, so you go for it.

>> No.10146875

>set target of making a new cosplay for every con I go to
>last cosplay that I made (Red Archer from Fate) came out real well and I want to wear it again since it took me a fuckton and I love the character
>made UBW Gilgamesh for the upcoming con, first time wearing colored contacts, so I'm obviously stupid excited
>almost finished making 999's Junpei as well
>planning to do Archer / Gilga / Junpei for the weekend
>the more I think about it the more I want to wear Gilga for two days and cut Junpei out to get my money's worth from the contacts
>but Junpei is basically done as well and it would be a shame to not go

wish the con was 4 days so I could fit everything in desu, literally "Struggling from Success" right now

>> No.10146879
File: 67 KB, 1000x444, 1541513133942.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.10146880

delete now

>> No.10146886

>tfw no cute lolita to play sugar daddy to

Guess I'll spend all this money on myself.

>> No.10146887

Tbh i like these and I think theyre kinds funny and a lil bit cute.

>> No.10146919

If you're gonna >tfw no lolita gf post, you ought to at least weave in rock lyrics

>> No.10146924
File: 56 KB, 646x431, seinfeld-jerry-puffy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I worry i'll look like pic related when buying a blouse

>> No.10146939

I wish I had a cute face for sweet, everyone keeps thinking I'm into gothic lolita :|

>> No.10146945

if you'd actually wear sweet then they'd actually think you were into sweet. instead of just telling people you're into lolita and making them guess.

>> No.10146946

I was wearing sailor, guess I should've had a different hairstyle.

>> No.10146948

Sailor is not a substyle it’s a theme

>> No.10147079

I'm at a long bus ride and there is a person on the bus wearing a kigurumi. Okay, cool, seems like that's a common design. But then I overherd that they are traveling to the same small village that I believe one person I stalk the Deviantart of comes from, and I saw that person in that character kigurumi last fall, and I wonder if it's the dame kigurumi and they are friends or siblings. Anyway, the combination of that village and that character really made me feel emotional, and made me think about that person.

We met at a con once in 2012, and they were really nice to me and contributed to creating one of the best experiences of my life, and since then I've thought about them almost daily. I saw them again last fall (I mentioned them in a feels thread), and they didn't remember me, but anyway back then it really felt like the end of a part of my life, like a closure of some sort. I still think about them almost daily though.
Okay, my point is that it felt really close right now because of these circumstances. And it remains some of my best memories to think back to, and I wish I could have been friends with them and the rest of their group after I first met them, I wanted to see the seasons final of a cartoon we all watched with them.
At the time I happened to live in the same village as many of them, and there was a community there, once I saw people cosplaying at the local store, I sat on the same bus to a con from that village as many others, and I saw emo type people at the mall in the village. Really wanted to be part of all that.

>> No.10147081

I'm actually really sad the janitor deleted my posts about wanting to kill my friend. Part of me was hoping my friend would see that since she frequents the friend thread. I wanted her to put the pieces together and message me to tell me to stop. Even though I don't want her to find out because I fear what happens if she instead tells me to go through with it.

Go ahead and delete this one too.

>> No.10147087

It's not her responsibility to be your moral compass. Leave her alone.
You should reach out to them! Just say "hey I saw someone on x bus who looked like you, it made me think of you and wonder how you've been"

>> No.10147093

They didn't look like them, they just wore the same character. Also, don't have any way to reach out, only know their Youtube and Deviantart, and it has been so long. Last time I met them they didn't remember me and we didn't talk for long because they had to do something, and we never spoke after that.

Of the other people in their group, I remembered one name and found them on Facebook, but they rejected my friend request, I did see/meet them a few more times but we landed on pretending we'd never met that time we sat in the same group.

Also aside from one random encounter last October, I haven't seen any of these people since probably 2013 at the latest.
If I had more of a life that time I met them in 2012 wouldn't have meant so much, and I would've met someone else instead of living in the past and wishing for what didn't happen.

>> No.10147188

dude, just jerk off.
if you let your fleeting biological impulses ruin your real life relationships you're weak and a dumbass. who's to say these girls are even interested in you sexually? just because you want something it doesn't mean shit. grow up.

>> No.10147194

>I plan to marry him
but does he plan to marry you?

>> No.10147210

I understand how you feel. You should try to get on contact to just get closure. There was someone I felt that way towards and finally got back in contact with her after ~7 years.... and nothing really happened. We talked but nothing really progressed. It was disappointing, but nice to finally get closure.

>> No.10147230

You have to take responsibility for yourself anon, you can’t burden your friend with your own busted thoughts and desires. This is your issue not hers, even if your feelings involve her.

>> No.10147250

Stop the drugs, you're fucking yourself and your chances at a stable marriage. If you do actually get married, then if your group doesn't respect that major life choice it's time to move on.

>> No.10147252
File: 576 KB, 853x480, 1527435188481.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

1) whom quote?
2) are you a fucking animal or something? Do you have no self control?

>> No.10147259

Does anyone have any details about what this post said. I broke up with a bad boyfriend because he was getting off to rape and murder and im genuinely terrified he posted some fucked up shit. He told me he crossboards here.

>> No.10147268

Nobody is going to give a fuck about a nine year age difference. They’ll just worry about that giant belly fucking up your shirring.

>> No.10147275

Does anyone have the genders they used? Was it an implied SO or another lolita targeting another lolita?

>> No.10147277

"a dress I've gifted or sold her" sorta implies it's one lolita talking about another.

>> No.10147282

dude they deleted it because it's off topic, obsessive and creepy.
Thank you Jannies for your efforts but please ban this fuck

>> No.10147284

this is so god damn off topic. People can post the dumbest fucking shit and write "con" somewhere in it and it doesn't get deleted
The greatest indicator that someone is a normie is that they care about fucking to the point they have to share it. People are so obsessed with sex, man, jerk yourself off and do something productive.

>> No.10147287

I love people who wear big shows that aren't lolita (like demonia and yosuke shoes) with lolita outfits. It makes me happy.

>> No.10147641
File: 23 KB, 620x349, f01fd57dd5b6404ecfe82494fceee78a.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Work Fridays to Tuesdays over the weekends
>Boss gave me no heads up this would be my schedule until my first day
>Work hard for a year and call in sick the least out of my whole team and come in on my days off sometimes if asked
>Ask for Fanime weekend off and get a super hard no because that's our busy season
>Won't go into the details of my job but with my role, me being gone for three days effects very little.
>Just don't have the energy to explain how important conventions and cosplay are to me and that by not going to Fanime that kind of affects my life and projects in a big way. Also she wouldn't give a shit
>Also just feel cheated that I've given up my weekends and some days off for her and she can't give me just one weekend no matter what time of year it is.
>Went over her head to get the time because I asked 5 months in advance

It feels like a shallow victory but I can only do one or two big cons a year anymore. I live close enough to Fanime that I could go in the evenings but its not the same and I have a lot of out of town friends that go.

Anyone else have tales of struggling for con time off?

>> No.10147645

Where do you live? I'm 29 and bi and would love to date and talk anime.

>> No.10147687

I'm sorry, I hope you find someone who makes you comfy soon

>> No.10147913

similar feel desu, the worst part is not fucking up your entire con friend group since they talk about and the paranoia chokes you up

the only solution is drinking

feels threads are literally the most off topic threads on all of cgl, 3/4ths of the posts are not related to cgl and are just generic "I got depression :^(" / "i'm gay and have no friends :^(" / "I want to rant about my life :^(". This is the containment thread for the board; you're just salty because it's a rare maleposter

unrelated to above, I feel like I simultaneously care more and less the closer a con approaches. On one hand, I crunch harder for "i GOT to make this small detail finished for the con", and on the other, I just go "fuck it, i'll wing it, it looks good regardless". my autism about looking perfect to concept art fucks me up internally though.

>> No.10147919

I shat myself today. Feels bad.

>> No.10147952

I'm also male so I don't know how I would be biased against men posting on here. Wouldn't say men are very rare here in the feels thread either to be honest. I'm annoyed because these threads always have that one boring dude who really wants to talk about his dick. And often those offtopic posts get deleted, but for some reason this one is fine? wtf jannies.

>> No.10148017

I had no expectations for my life and yet I’m still disappointed.

Not suicical or looking for advice, just screaming into the void, thanks.

>> No.10148034

You are neither the first no the last

>> No.10148051

>Go to Japan
>Time to leave Japan

It's like I'm so stupid that I didn't see these feels coming. I'm crying while packing my bag.

>> No.10148055
File: 80 KB, 620x620, A9C5AAC3-0CF8-4219-A173-29C2EE5D2DC3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i'm so tired of dealing with badly behaved normies whenever i decide to dress up and wear my nice clothes out. i always put said people in their place (and have received apologies several times) but god! it's like the moment you put effort into your appearance and dress beyond $15 forever21 clothes you become a target. not that it's ever going to deter me from wearing what i want, but goddamn! i'm so tired of men coming up to me and making sexual comments or yelling something stupid because my presence makes them uncomfortable or something. it's annoying to expect and deal with if i decide to go out in public minding my own business

>> No.10148063

i'm watching a youtube video about this girl trying vintage fashion and she's whinging about how people might look at her funny for wearing a midi pencil skirt and i'm just like

i wear lolita every weekend in a midwestern town that thinks a dress is only for weddings

grow some balls woman

>> No.10148079

what do you say to them that makes them apologise? I need some of that shit

>> No.10148080
File: 36 KB, 333x500, 1275672872357.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Ashlynn Handy
>gets shit on by /cgl/ on a regular basis, not PT or Momo levels but still gets her share of 'wow what an ugly bitch' posts in bad cosplay threads
>around 2010 she has a seizure, falls down a flight of stairs, her parents pull her off of life support a few days later
>/cgl/ is suddenly tears and praise and "she was an inspiration to the cosplay community"
too bad people couldn't have been fucking nice to her when she was alive and could actually appreciate it

>> No.10148121

Thanks anon. My friends were really nice about it too.

>> No.10148129

>Finally receive dress that spooked me with frozen tracking updates
>it's even nicer in person and a flattering cut
>burst into treats when I view it in its full glory
>Turns out I was emotional because I started my period
But it's still really beautiful. I have a meet coming up and want to wear it, but have nothing in my wardrobe currently that works with it. Waiting on a taobao shop to make a blouse.

>> No.10148191
File: 50 KB, 679x478, imgpsh_fullsize (2).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I promised myself to stop going to petty website like lolcow/kiwifarm and pull for my birthday, because that shit is not good for my mental heath. But on instagram I see so much milky ebegger/ contradictory moralfag, I just want to see what peoples think of them so badly

>> No.10148274

usually it's pointing out said behavior. i find I tend to get a little confrontational because it annoys me. Usually I say things close to this: "How embarrassing for you that you would say something so stupid in front of so many people." (Used before in a very public setting where people think it's ok to gang up on you) "You're really socially unaware to say something like that to me. Do you have something wrong with you?" "You're really creepy (and making other people uncomfortable, if other ppl are around). That's disgusting and a strange thing to say to a stranger. You don't get to talk like that to me."

>> No.10148283

same anon. i'm not saying it can't be nervewracking to confront people, either. i usually evaluate the situation like 'level of crazy' (is this person going to get anything out of me talking to them, or should i actually avoid this person +get out of there for my own safety?) unfortunately, looking different seems to create a target for unstable people. If i'm in an unsafe area or alone at night, i'd just get out of there, i've had men grab me before and that's not fun. otherwise, normal everyday situations (creepy man at a store, on a daily train commute, school, park in daytime etc) you should be fine to confront people. always try to read the situation; unless you're carrying mace or something, try to disengage from people who seem like they're going to be violent. just thought i'd say this; confrontation doesn't exist in a bubble

>> No.10148289
File: 27 KB, 500x375, 1539817801418.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I had the same problem. I don't think it is awful to check it once in awhile, but I found myself checking it multiple times a day and there were never updates on the ones I follow.
What I did was get one of those apps on my phone that block the site temporarily. It was annoying at first but once you break the habit you kind of lose the drive to check it. I check it once in awhile now for my favorites to follow, but that is like once every two weeks or so.
Getting so involved you are like invested in it is too much and it can kind of take over a part of you in a bad way.
Try baby steps and just indulge a little. It's like a housewife reading tabloids. It is only bad if you get absorbed. If you can't laugh at the people sperging that everyone is the cow and tin foiling about every tiny thing you have gone too far.

>> No.10148312
File: 630 KB, 650x575, C4774D8D-FCBB-437D-B8A5-4A7A59791E4B.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10148335
File: 86 KB, 220x220, imgpsh_fullsize (1).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Thank you for the advices, I should try some app to block for social media too, I spend too much time there. I never came back to those website since my birthday desu. But when I see gulls saying " does she have a thread yet on lolcow farm? Time to do something about it !" it always make me want to jump on the farm instantly. I still shitpost about cows with friends but even this make me feel bad sometime. I have such addictive urges everytime I find something intresting it's hard to manage and I always lose a lot of time ( with insta and youtube too).

>> No.10148396

I love this cat so much

>> No.10148405

What a handsome cat.

>> No.10148485

Don't go on those anon, they at least just make me sad and make me hate men a lot. And I know lots of great men who really don't deserve it.
Check out some happy website like tokyo cawaii media or something like that when you're bored.
Reddit is equally bad due to its high concentration of incels and other assorted neckbeards.

>> No.10148557

that's sad

>> No.10148558


Seconding. I've gone back to sites I forgot about and honestly my quality of life has gone up.

I'm into horror sci fi so I've gone back into reading scp, which has a great community, and I've started to listening to a lot more podcasts.

It's helped take the edge off of coming to this and other like minded sites a lot. I don't come nearly as often, and I feel happier now i'm reading fiction again.

>> No.10148585


I mean it’s one item in particular right now, but I feel like this is a recurring cycle and it’s really annoying.

>> No.10148593
File: 257 KB, 700x732, l-10898-uncomfortable-and-slightly-nervous-doggos.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>meet up for coffee with an artsy goth friend
>I'm wearing a casual coord with an AP skirt and cutsew
>friend recently started sewing and is wearing a dress that she made
>dress is short, black and red with sleeves and some armor like metallic details
>kind of a Liz Lisa meets battle witch thing
>sewing looks fine for a noob project
>compliment her, she seems very happy
>take pics for her outside the cafe to show her dress

>get home
>a pic I took for her comes up on fb
>read her post
>"hey everyone my sewing is going well"
>sure is friend
>proud of you
>"and look I managed to make a passable JSK"
>...wait what
>but there were sleeves
>"I was inspired by Last Week Lolita News"
>friend, your dress was red and black
>what the fuck are you doing
>"I'm so proud of my coord, Tyler would love it"
>she would tell you to scrap it and start again
>her post has over 110 likes and normies commenting dumb shit about lolita
>she's telling them all to watch LWLN because "the lolita community is so funny and entertaining"

She has three lolita friends she could have asked for help including me. Any of us would have helped her or at least pointed her at Facebook groups or otome no sewing. And why didn't she tell me in person that her dress was meant to be lolita? I just don't understand.

>> No.10148614

I know this feel too well. I know "friend gets into lolita but won't take advice" is like an eternal problem here but it's finally happened to me too.

Worst thing is, she's really excited about it so I just get a million messages a day about awful taobao purchases. Meanwhile any advice or gentle criticism I give is just totally ignored, and now she wants to get into sewing her own monstrosities too.

I guess I should just be happy she's happy but also like... lol

>> No.10148624
File: 80 KB, 1294x1096, 1538439564329.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You should tell her. She's treating our community like a circus pig, while making herself the clown. Sure LWLN is funny, but your friend is becoming the exact kind of person that SS makes "entertainment" out of. Since you took the photo you can probably sit her down and say "I want to talk about your caption." Do this live, face to face, so that her seething will be contained at the moment of impact. Maybe you'll calm her down and make her see what she's doing wrong. If you can't get through to her she's going to badmouth you afterwards, at which point fucking drop her.

If she's still your friend you should steer her away from her oncoming train crash. She may be on the rails and chugging away already, but she needs good outer influence to flip the right switched and be set right.

>> No.10148632

Why does happiness have to be so fleeting?

>> No.10148637

Maybe she knew her coord was bad and was embarrassed but talks big on social media

>> No.10148648

Because you aren't looking for it. Instead you're waiting for it to come to you. You have to always be actively searching. It's a lot of work but gets easier with practice.

>> No.10148669

because you're conflating "happiness as a transient emotion of joy" and "general psychological well-being" and first can't last for nearly as long as the second, nor can you work to maintain it like you can the second.

or maybe it's because you post non cgl related feels in the feels threads and then people yell at you for it and it makes you sad, idk

>> No.10148786
File: 3.46 MB, 480x360, period.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>2 Kawaii 4 Comfort guy says he'll finish the show "soon"
>mfw that was 7 months ago

>> No.10148789
File: 241 KB, 498x284, tenor.gif?itemid=7910118 .gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Hey anon, Anime NYC is gonna be be next week. come with us
I'm not as big of a weeb as these guys, but ive always wanted to go to a con since i've never been. I figured "maybe ill find some merch for something ive seen, and its an excuse to have fun with friends so why not?"
>we stand in the lobby of the venue for like an hour, waiting for the hosts to let everyone onto the actual con floor
>they give everyone the go ahead to move to the floor
>my friends and i are walking through a path created with those retractable belt barriers after leaving the main lobby
>one of my friends, the biggest weeb imaginable is doing pic related while bouncing and SQUEEE-ing
>thats pretty cringe but whatever
>he fucking trips over one of the retractable belt posts, knocks it over and falls flat on his face
>everyone around us is laughing
>my friends are laughing
>he is embarrassed
>direct hit to my weakness against second hand embarrassment
>my soul has physically left my body because we arent even 50 seconds into the con itself and this dude has made a fool of himself by squeeing, jumping around like an autist and then tripping in front of everyone
>he has the fucking nerve to dab after he gets up

overall it was an okay experience but my friends are cringe incarnate.
Other hits include:

>not knowing how to talk to the female artist he recognizes at a stand to buy her art
>wanting to compliment someone and not knowing how to, and stuttering
>dancing to music while walking and hitting someone while flailing, and having to apologize, drawing attention to us
>talking to some guy about how they'd fuck [professional cosplayer in latex suit] in her earshot

I honestly forgot all of the smaller stupid shit they pulled, but second hand embarrassment is the worst shit, i get absolutely destroyed by it. seeing anyone uncomfortable makes me uncomfortable and i need to avoid it at all costs. they must have been playing a prank on me this entire time since they did it so frequently.

>> No.10148894

I'm becoming increasingly judgemental of ugly people who wear lolita. I don't know why it's happening and I certainly hate myself for it. I need to try harder to not be this way.

>> No.10148945
File: 50 KB, 540x304, tumblr_inline_omxkmjSHwM1up0a0r_540.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I finally caved in and made an Instagram account, mostly so people could tag me. However, my internet-broken-brain has an intense need for validation - even though I've only posted twice I find myself feeling the need to check and refresh to see if I got any more likes. And because my account is so new, even a single like is enough to get me that sweet, sweet endorphin rush.
this is going to be a problem

>> No.10149268
File: 238 KB, 692x687, 1552419870396.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Convention is in a few days
>My attempts at makeup are terrible
At this point I am tempted to look for someone to pay to apply it

>> No.10149293

Yeah when the kickstarter failed it was really sad.

>> No.10149303

I’ve only done this once but I’ve completely ignored their comment and turned to my friend and said “is that your dad?” (He was honestly probably our age but w/e) When she said “no” I turned to him and said “we don’t know who you are. Why are you talking to people you don’t know?”
He got flustered and tried to tell us something about making connections in the modern age or smth, my friend repeated “why are you still talking to us?” And we both walked apart from each other.

>> No.10149309

One we got on the way home from a meet yesterday: "Does your grandma know you stole her drapes?"

>> No.10149374

Wow. If that's how you're reacting after just a few days of having Instagram, maybe you shouldn't do this to yourself.

>> No.10149444

>Why are you talking to people you don’t know?

>> No.10149767

>Be at Wal-Mart
>See car with #conmom on window
>Plate is whov1ans
Hmm... One of us?

>> No.10149768

Unless the plate says #commmom then it's probably Tumblr not cgl

>> No.10149775

That's actually pretty funny to be honest, I'd laugh at that. For the record, "I am the grandma" is the only correct response to that.

>> No.10149783
File: 291 KB, 2702x1826, 199cdc325cee853984cede596e8b6efa.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I go away for the weekend and a DD and my Dream Blouse I've been searching for for years come up for sale and are sold by the time I check. Fuck

>> No.10149786

>Invite this girl to room with me and my friends at a convention she wouldn't have been able to go to otherwise
>Paid for her spot myself. She was going through a rough patch and I wanted her to have a good time
>She gives me the cold shoulder all weekend
>She tries to push me away from my best friend every time I'm hanging out with my best friend
>Ignores me even harder when she realizes my best friend would choose me over her any day
>Fast forward a few months.
>This girl is copying literally everything I do.
>I'm into idolshit. She decides to become a solo odottemita
>She got glasses similar to mine, styles her hair exactly like mine, changes her icon on everything to look like mine
>Also she stole $25 from me

I think I'm just being petty, but I'm really annoyed by her. I don't want to be copied anymore.

>> No.10149887

I love my ss

>> No.10149908

You’re not being petty. That girl just clearly has mental health issues and probably thinks you’re pretty/popular and is hoping that if she does exactly what you do, she’ll get the same attention. It’s sad but also super annoying and bordering creepy/stalkery. You have every right to not like what she’s doing

>> No.10149923

Depends, does she do the butthole inspections herself?

>> No.10149938
File: 163 KB, 495x257, WoeIsMeAndMyArmHair.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I've enjoyed long sleeved blouses as I started lolita fashion, but now I've gotten myself some half sleeve ones. Suddenly I notice that I have arm hair. I'm certain nobody else notices, and I don't think I'll ever resort to shaving it but this is a new experience.
>Random Japanese beauty ad captures my feel
>Except it's with stubble
>I never want stubble on my arms

>> No.10149948

When I was looking up pattern reviews of vintage/repro patterns I noticed a lot of reviewers who were otherwise very positive about the pattern quality saying things like
>perfect for a costume party
>a bit expensive for a single-use special occasion pattern unless you get it on sale
>cute but not really wearable in daily life
And these were pretty basic daywear patterns, like a plain top with a sweetheart neckline or a flared shirt dress with a slightly rounded collar. Why do people like this get into fashion as a hobby? I really don’t get it.

>> No.10149985
File: 53 KB, 500x500, pink-cupcakes-fabric-cherry-Robert-Kaufman-kawaii-161235-2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is an uncomfortably familiar feel.
>friend is posting daily social media updates about how she's sewing some hot pink circle skirt with cupcakes
>friend is into cosplay and only wears jeans + t-shirts otherwise so I assume it's for cosplay
>meet up at small local alternative/goth/fantasy event, I’m wearing toned down classic lolita (my daily wear) and she’s wearing what looks like a calf-length square dance skirt made from fabric kind of like pic related with a square dancing petticoat hanging around her ankles, a black anime graphic tee and green converse
>keeps talking about how she hopes there’s a vendor selling flower crowns, eventually finds one and plops it on her head
>idk anymore if this is a cosplay or just a quirky outfit but whatever, she’s enjoying herself and everyone here’s dressed kinda weird anyway so who cares
>run into a few local lolita friends, have a short friendly chat before we move on to grab something to eat
>friend seems a little grumpy and wants to leave early
>that evening she complains on FB about how disappointed she is that nobody complimented or asked for photos of her “sweet lolita chord [sic]”
>I’m sorry your… what
>your what?
>I don’t

I sew lolita myself and have shown her my complete collection of OnS books, though at the time she said she was only interested in the patterns for cosplay purposes. I don’t understand why she wouldn’t at least mention to me that the skirt she was working on was supposed to be lolita. Maybe she thought it would be obvious?

>> No.10150136

>those 2 retards shilling the mosque in RC Notre Dame thread
Stop fishing for brownie points and kys.

>> No.10150173

Why can’t you just shave your arms? Japanese women do (hence that ad), and I personally never understood why Americans think not shaving your legs makes you a rampaging radical monster but shaving your arms is weird. I’d rather do both or neither

>> No.10150177

Have you ever shaved your arms? I have, it feels terrible

>> No.10150178

Start being a grown up you pansy

>> No.10150180

The first thing I thought of when I read this is why a 27 year old knocked up a 17 or 18 year old? Totally inappropriate. Both of you are in different stages of your lives. I'd be worried that you've been groomed and that he knocked you up to trap you.

>> No.10150181

Ugh. Fucking disgusting. I’m glad for your comm that you’re ghosting them, I’d never want to be part of a comm that included some hillbilly unmarried teen mom

>> No.10150183

Of course I have, what’s terrible about it? There are many more uncomfortable things involved in being a well put together woman, in lolita or out of it

>> No.10150246

if you had the dress why didn't you just delete the listing? or even just tell the buyer that it was bought on facebook or something?

>> No.10150249

stop being friends with them for your own good
i dont trust any guys after they said they wanted to fuck me and they want to stay friends
they eventually gave into their sexual urges and grabbed me all over
this happened with about 5 guys and one of them was someone close to me

>> No.10150259

Although your comment comes off as negative, it's true.
All these people taking pictures in front of the AKB48 theater make me sick. Not just they just took a picture to say they were there, but the fact that they didn't even fucking go inside. It's just Idol Dreamland for them and really just insult the culture by cosplaying on the trains for Comiket like retards

>> No.10150262 [DELETED] 

I wish adult women all died and all that was left was cute little girls.

>> No.10150263

wearing lolita in the winter time can be hard especially with SAD, the freezing cold weather, lack of loliable coats that arent brand and $250-$300, and the lack of vitamin D. sleep deprivation is really hard to handle as well.
invest in a light lamp for the vitamin D. take some sleep medicine or if youre really depressed go to your doctor for anti depressants like Trazodone which is also used for sleeping disorders. they helped with my depression and sleep schedule.
make an alarm to go on a walk for at least 15 minutes a day, take a neighborhood stroll down the street and back. even going to the gym might help.
instead of studying for school or work at home, try at coffee shops or libraries where theres free wifi.
if it helps, try writing or reading once or twice a day to clear your mind
hope this helps, anon. keep in there, warmer weather is coming soon~

>> No.10150275

There's people with Milky Chan the Fawn collections where they have every cut in every colorway. it's impressive. just keep both!

>> No.10150276

Replace the junk food with a healthier snack. A friend of mine stopped eating junk food and chugging soda at night and started just drinking water or la croix. they lost a shit ton of weight.

>> No.10150301

you're 18, had a kid with a guy who is nearly 30, not even married, and had an acid felony. what is this, fucking 177013?
i hope you arent welcome in any comm because you likely met him and got knocked up while you were a minor
youre only encouraging her because you were knocked up at 19.
congrats to both of you for being so retarded you got knocked up before 20 and getting degrees and wont ever get to live your life

>> No.10150311

drug stores like walgreens do it for free in the cosmetics section
i got my con makeup done there and it came out really well, they know how to contour and highlight like gods. con pics came out amazing too.

>> No.10150334

uh most asians dont have arm hair but ok
it literally feels like nothing wtf use nair or wax if its that bad

>> No.10150388

I did, then I got a better job. Don't let yourself get stuck there, anon. I wasted two years of weekends on a job that would have dumped me in half a second. It's never worth it. Start job hunting now.

>> No.10150391

“Most Asians don’t have arm hair”... what do you think we are, lizards? Or are you basing your knowledge of azns from anime?

>> No.10150520

>Friend is unresponsive as the con is approaching

Seen this far too many times and know exactly how this is gonna go. God damn.

>> No.10150522

What kind of fancy ass Walgreens did you go to? I've only ever people doing makeup at Sephora and other make-up stores, never a Walgreens

>> No.10150537


>> No.10150541

a month ago i was wearing tall boots (like 10cm?) and i fucked my ankle up in them. Now I am so scared to wear them again. I was wearing 3 cm platforms and was so scared even though there was no chance i'd fuck my foot up

>> No.10150546

Ahaha i do the same thing, currently buying computer parts and the skirt i wanted with payment plans.
Damn i just swallowed a bag of doritos by muself :(
Sounds like some psycho shit

>> No.10150549

I worked on a lolita related project on my computer for almost 24 hours straight two weeks ago. My wrist has been hurting since then. I'm scared I may have given myself RSI or something. All I think about about is my project which I've shelved until I'm better. I really want to work on it, but until my wrist gets unfucked I'm scared to touch it.

>> No.10150649

>comm organises event with indie guest
>tfw too beta to go

>> No.10150719

im actually asian you dumbass i dont have arm hair, my family doesnt, and nor do my asian friends
god you americans are retarded

>> No.10150721

it wasnt fancy, it was an ordinary walgreens
her job is to help people find makeup like foundation that matches their skin like Sephora but if you need it for an event they dont mind doing it for free, as long as you bring your own foundation.
the cosmetic section doesnt even sell often so it gives them something to do because otherwise, they just help scan stuff from the store when theres too many customers
dont expect this at all walgreens though because all stores are different

>> No.10150967

I think skinny legs are the most valuable physical asset for a lolita
>me, don't weigh much
>tiny ribcage and waist
>big honking calves
There are tons of girls in my comm who are much larger and heavier than me but have really skinny legs so they look cuter in lolita. Everything is shirred or too big for my waist size nowadays, dresses hang loose on my waist but I'll always look fatter than a lot of girls because of my big nasty calves

>> No.10150971

Maybe it's a state-based thing but I've been to a ton of Walgreens all over my state and I've never seen one where they did that

>> No.10150972

drain the excess fluids out with a fork

>> No.10150975

Thanks senpai I'm sure that'll drain the muscle right out

>> No.10150981

Other Anon is right, start searching for a new job. Or call out that weekend.

5 months is plenty of notice for a weekend, they clearly just don't care/respect your time. Sometimes you do have to sacrifice time off, but it sounds to me like your job would just at do this again to you next year.

>> No.10151090

I mean as a fatty I appreciate you trying. I secretly get judgmental about other fat cosplayers, but we're all working on ourselves, too. Just gotta remember we're all human and at different stages in our life and it doesn't really affect us if someone else doesn't look how we think they should in their clothes.

>> No.10151094

Kind of agree. Lolita hides a lot so it's very flattering if you're big in the areas it covers, but it does mean that what you are showing should be skinny otherwise you automatically look bigger than you are. I'm skinny everywhere except for big ass thighs and lolita is perfect for that.

>> No.10151164
File: 717 KB, 500x299, 1.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I roped my best friend into going to a con with me finally, after they swore off cons years before we met. The con is this weekend and now they can't afford to take the time off work, and I have no one to go with. It'll be my first con alone and I was really looking forward to spending it with them.

>> No.10151166

>I roped my best friend into going to a con with me finally, after they swore off cons years before we met.
Why when they swore them off?
>The con is this weekend and now they can't afford to take the time off work, and I have no one to go with.
You did that to yourself.
> It'll be my first con alone and I was really looking forward to spending it with them.
Expect them to block you and never talk to you again for being shitty and trying to drag them to a con when they didn't want to go to one ever

>> No.10151168

You just have to ask. Have you seen them with the white chairs there? That's what it's for, anon. Use it wisely.
Also sadly they're not allowed to accept tips or payments for it. So if they're you're friend, just give them the money after work or some other time. Otherwise, they'll likely be fired for accepting money for something that is free, even if you're doing it to be nice.

>> No.10151208

Got one of my dream dresses in the mail today.
Its super nice buuuuuut
It's the medium length version of the jsk and without a petticoat it's 2 inches past my knees.
Luckily it's a bit more of a lighter material (A very sheer polyester) I can get away with it being longer.
Guess this means I definitely shouldn't wear ankle socks with it, though.

>> No.10151247

Longer dresses can be very cute too, depending on your height and proportions. I personally love dresses that go a bit past my knees, they're much more comfortable and flattering than knee length or cuts that are a bit above the knees imo. Either way, congrats on getting your DD!

>> No.10151255

Thanks anon!
I think my proportions are cute- Maybe a bit on the skinny side. But me being tiny might just work in my favor.

>> No.10151337

I don't know my measurements

Where do i go to find out, Alterations or a Tuxedo Seller?

>> No.10151342

I work in a walgreens
those are beauty consultants, they usually spend busy hours (like 10am to 4pm) walking around the cosmetics section asking people if they need help.
most of the ones that ive spoken to have actual cosmetology degrees and know their shit, not just someone who "likes makeup"
but that's only a staff position in more popular, traffic heavy stores.

Walgreens has had its least profitable year in like 7-10 years though and are planning on cutting positions, ive heard that those are going to get cut soon.

I live in NYC though, so i dont know how it'd be for your state, since a walgreens elsewhere would have less foot traffic
good luck

>> No.10151355

go the pro neet route
look up how online and have your mom do it

>> No.10151360

You have an addiction anon. Get Help.

>> No.10151409

get one of those tape measures from the sewing/craft section of a dollar store and measure it on yourself using an online guide

>> No.10151428

I’m a fucking moron and can’t finish my cosplay on time EVER before cons. I feel like a dumbass investing all this time over the past week into something I know I’m not gonna finish.

Going to a con without cosplaying isn’t even fun for me but I just have bunch of half finished stuff I’m not happy with. Some of them have been popular at cons but the seagull in me keeps eyeballing the parts I’ve forgotten or missed. It’s been almost five years and I can’t break this habit and I’m so frustrated with myself.

>> No.10151449
File: 130 KB, 472x917, 431B7AEF-ABFE-44AF-A5F6-EC65126A22C1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Someone in my friend list pulling this exact shit
>Want to call her out on her hypocrisy but she has an army of asskissers who would send me death threats

>> No.10151478

>be active...run, dance ballet, ride bikes
I will never have skinny legs, I have too much muscle. why live?

>> No.10151516

i met a girl and she was really nice to me until she decided to be a huge sack of shit.
i called her out and she got pissy
shes just mad because she was screaming the n word outside the car window and we all know about it besides her close friends

>> No.10151532

>buying materials for cosplay
>torn between yellow and gold trim on a red dress, ref material isn't consistent so either would be accurate
>figure that gold would look more realistic
>buy tons of gold trim
>come home and see how it looks like with the red dress fabric
>it's terrible
>the gold has green-ish undertones while the red has orange-ish undertones so they clash really badly


>> No.10151557

>tfw sold off all of my old Moitie in 2014 when gothic was out
>could have sold it for more than twice the price now

I wish I had waited gulls

>> No.10151643

Don't worry, everyone paying stupid prices for it now is going to cry in 3 years when peignoirs over ultra sweet dresses come back into fashion and goth is as passé as old school is now
>tfw I will be one of the ones crying

>> No.10151646

based niggerscreamer

>> No.10151650

Diff anon but man, I'd rather keep my arm hair, I'm already always cold. No one notices it anyway, wtf.

>tfw you sometimes shave your legs for lolita but then turn around and want it to grow out to cosplay guys more believably.

I wish you luck turning your life around, anon. My stepmom and dad are that big of an age gap, and I do think you might be in a power imbalance here, but try to talk to others for advice and just focus on taking care of yourself and the baby. I hope he takes care of you both and actually loves you both, but if not, GET OUT for your own sake.

Every piece I buy has some little problem - not looking like it fits my theme the way I thought it would, the sleeves on this one blouse are too tight, my new petticoat is too long, the skirt I bought was way bigger than I expected and can't be taken in due to the design... I just want to shift into goth and away from sweet. Why is this so hard.

>> No.10151710
File: 48 KB, 750x750, ryukoblush.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I turn 30 tonight. How do I become the cool older con guy, and not the creepy older con guy?

>> No.10151714

If you weren't creepy in your 20s, you likely won't be creepy in your 30s.

>> No.10151727

Isn't being that old in a hobby that's mostly teen girls already creepy?

I'm not too worried because people always think I'm younger than I am, but still.

>> No.10151745

wax it or use nair. I use nair on my arms a lot. it works well.

>> No.10151747

dude My best friend and I stopped hanging out a year or so ago, and my other buddy messaged me asking if she'd been copying me or something. She changed her pfp to one by the same artist as mine, she started following EVERYONE I followed on Instagram, started wearing yumekawaii, cut her hair like mine... really weird shit. She had no personality so I guess she leeched off mine, but it pisses me off.

>> No.10151751

Just avoid hanging out or talking to girls under 18 and you're not gonna be creepy

>> No.10151752

>you should stop liking things you enjoy when you reach a certain age!
yeah, it doesn't work like that.

>> No.10151753

It does for trolls, roleplayers, and manchildren.

>> No.10151754

Im into Lolita and my bf is really into Japanese streetwear/hip hop fashion. It's fun because it's totally different but at the same time we understand each other perfectly and he has no judgment about $300+ dresses because his brands sell t-shirts for that much

>> No.10151756

>implying mostly teen girls go to cons and cosplay
My friends are in their early 30s, they go to cons frequently and no one thinks they're creepy. Consider not flirting with teenagers and no one will think you're creepy either.

>> No.10151759

That's cute! Keep supporting each other anon.

>> No.10151781

Christ, Every time I look into my closet and see all the lolita I have, especially all the brand, I just get this great feeling inside my chest.
I just want to lie it all out and roll around on it. Make myself a lolita cocoon.

>> No.10151782

just be yourself

>> No.10151784

Ryuko was a crappy, boring character

>> No.10151786

have a Decent job

>> No.10151788

are you talking about cosplay, con going or the geek life in general?

>> No.10151827


>> No.10151830
File: 2.00 MB, 245x245, Superstar.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

that's awesome anon

>> No.10151832

Maybe it's regional. Every con I go to is just 15 year old thotties twerking their almost bare asses for creepy photogs.

>> No.10151833

Me too fml

>> No.10151863

Wtf is an "almost bare" ass?

>> No.10151865

An ass that is mostly uncovered

>> No.10151935

I hate having to choose between buying brand new items/brand and secondhand. I have the money for both, but my tightwad ass always flips when I buy smth full price

>> No.10152038

>creepy photogs
I hate photo creeps

>> No.10152061

If money isn't really the issue here then just buy what you like. It's what I do. I don't care so much about costs but rather about design, construction, cuts, and how likely I am to wear the piece in question, not whether it's brand new or secondhand; though condition does matter as well if it's secondhand, but that's besides the point.

>> No.10152118

You can go fuck yourself

>> No.10152268
File: 89 KB, 727x1000, 1497621283319.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>>10151021 >>10151030 >>10151031 >>10151036 >>10151037 >>10151040 >>10151063 >>10151067 >>10151072 >>10151080 >>10151093 >>10151097 >>10151104 >>10151105 >>10151107 >>10151109 >>10151111 >>10151139 >>10151152 >>10151161 >>10151165 >>10151169 >>10151172 >>10151174 >>10151178 >>10151180 >>10151182 >>10151183 >>10151241 >>10151245 >>10151253 >>10151268 >>10151285 >>10151287 >>10151289 >>10151295 >>10151297 >>10151303 >>10151308 >>10151356 >>10151359 >>10151436 >>10151437 >>10151443 >>10151444 >>10151445
Just like magic

>> No.10152311
File: 832 KB, 440x300, 8E8F0D77-9F19-4DC2-93AC-9F0CDB74C56C.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

it was my birthday recently so I got some extra gift money to buy lolita. With my newfound wealth I felt nothing but panic and anxiety, and spent way too much time trawling through all the secondhand sites to the point where I feel like i know everything that’s for sale right now. Just dropped $250 on an old school haul and I feel like a weight has been lifted. Is this normal? usually I barely have enough money to spend on myself, like i’d need to save for like 3 months for a hundred dollar purchase, not including shipping.

another feel, I’m so glad I got into old school. I know it’s the edgy cool thing to do right now but I truly feel myself in old school, more than I ever did in any other substyle.

>> No.10152315

Live your best life, anon. Trends may change but old school is always there for you to wear and enjoy. I hope you're happy with your haul when it arrives!

>> No.10152357

When I get enough brand, I want to take one of those pics a la Deerstalkers/Lor where you're laying down in a pile of brand.

>> No.10153008

>Have Schizoaffective gf
>Want to go to Youmacon with her
>Worried she might take her own life by the time we get there
I'm going to buy tickets for us and a room when I visit her next week, but it's unfortunate someone so wonderful has such a flaw.

>> No.10153011
File: 961 KB, 500x250, tumblr_inline_n80sthOsYK1rz9cq6.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I have my first meet with my comm today and I'm getting excited/nervous jitters for some reason wish me luck gulls

>> No.10153051

Supposed to have a meet today outside but it's been raining for the past 2 days. It's still happening apparently but I'm not risking getting my dress covered in mud. Sucks thought, I was looking forward to it.

>> No.10153288

I hope you enjoy these pale imitation friend clones of me. You act mature but are a total child. You never even got to know the real me.

>> No.10153340

Good luck Anon! I hope you turn out cute in group pictures and find yourself in pleasant conversations.

>> No.10153359

Thank you anon! I had a great time! I think I look pretty good in the group pictures and everyone was really fun to talk to! Weather was nasty though but it is what it is.

>> No.10153671

I was real big back in high school but lost close to 50 lbs after drastically changing my diet. I’m still a little chubby but I had a realization that I’m exactly where sad shy high school me wanted to be. Feels good.

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