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No momocon thread? Here's the momocon thread.

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Just posted to the fb page about the momo initial D group. Going to be drunk driving around the con again this year! Come on out.

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What’s with the panels this year? They all seem to be one of three things:

Quirky Game Show
Analysis/Psychology of X
Obscure Sewing Etiquette and You

How do these keep getting approved? I couldn’t imagine panels so bland they didn’t even get considered.

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Would you mind if my drift tanks tagged along :x?
In sad my Girls und Panzer panel didn't get accepted :( I had a ton of merch to do a trivia or military moe costume contest as well.

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Yeah fuck your panel but 600 different photo shoots is alright amirite

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The photoshoots are their own seperate thing and don't take up panel room space.

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Ok then fuck your panel but it’s alright to have 600 sewing panels amirite

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Feeling you. Was going to do my FGO panel again, but revamped and with a whole quiz show with prizes at the end. I was going to import nice prize figures, charms, Japan event exclusives... rejected. First time I've ever had a panel rejected in the 4 years I've been submitting them.

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No Momocon thread because no one actually likes Momocon

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Tell that to the thousands of people who attend

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I mean, You've already done it before, so maybe they wanted fresh stuff?

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The glut of poc in 'x' nerd thing panels and panels about 'accessability' suggests that 'freshness' isn't a factor. Im going to make a point of going to these and seeing how many people actually sit in on these cringe fests.

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eek, I see. I'd rather sit in on panels I have seen 500 times before than SJW stuff.

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What are my parking options for momocon? Am I going to have to reserve some parking or are there any lots close by that I can park for free?

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>are there any lots close by that I can park for free?
I got a hotel a mile away that has free parking, so i'm going to walk between the hotel and con. Thats the closet you'll get to free parking. You'll want to reserve some parking somewhere as soon as you can.

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>a mile away
God damn RIP. Thanks for the heads up, guess it's time to start looking for parking.

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Just doing photoshoots all weekend. No cosplay planned for the year due to financial changes.

No really exciting panels or guest... This may or not be my last Momocon.

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The dance battle sounds cool, I guess. There was one last year?

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is monster prom really an indie finalist AGAIN? geeze...

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Red Parking Deck. $16 a day, unlimited in and out for the whole weekend.

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I actually just booked there not 30 minutes ago. Thanks friendo. Side question, does anyone know when they mail out the badges if you did the mailed badge option?

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Momocon is for people who live near Atlanta who think Dragon Con is overpriced and overcrowded.

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It was going to be entirely new content, not old stuff from the last time. I made that clear in my app too. Considering that FGO was the #1 most tweeted about game in 2018 (beating Fortnite!), you'd think they'd let us do another one :/ It had pretty good turnout last year too.

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I mean, it is though.

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Agreed. I am one of those people.

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I know plenty of people that drive out for Momocon when they live 20 mins from Animazement which happens at the same time

Also if you live in Atlanta Momocon is about the same price as Dragoncon... I think Dragoncon costs what $70-80 a year in advance and Momocon costs like $55? Not much that much of a difference.

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Momo is more anime focused though. Dragon con is more comic book.

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The true cost is not in the badges but rather the costs of staying in host hotels. Rooms go quickly and the host hotels charge accordingly. Getting to Dragon Con from the burbs is more of a hassle since you also have the college football crowds in Atlanta too during the Labor Day weekend. Having a hotel room for Dragon Con is almost a necessity if you want to get the most out of your experience, especially if you plan on partying hard.

I'll still recommend a hotel room for Momocon but driving to and from the GWCC is still tolerable in comparison to driving to Dragon Con.

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Momocon is barely anime related anymore. It’s mostly gaming and stupid American cartoons now

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>stupid American cartoons

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Dragon is shit

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How many fucking political discussion panels do we need

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last time i went to this con and walked in on some of these sjw panels i shit you not everyone on the panel was a white dude in his 30's

have some fucking self respect people

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>Momocon is about the same price as Dragoncon
No it's not wtf. Those prices are completely off. DC's $115 right now, and I paid $65 for my Momocon ticket a couple weeks ago( it's about $70-75 at the door).

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Anyone still trying to fill spots in their rooms? I'm a female cosplayer btw

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I do but I need to know that you shower properly and will keep your acid trips to yourself.

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I have an extra bed, but only if you plan to go to sleep at around 11pm or earlier. I'm in artist alley so I have to get up early and can't have a roommate who wants to stay up until 2am or whatever.

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What hotel are you in? I shower every night I'm at a con and don't plan on doing drugs lmao, I can drop a throwaway email if you want

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Speaking of which, wtf was going on with colossalcon on Facebook??

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Something about a PoC panel being waitlisted, then a staff member said some shit on FB. I'd go to the Colossalcon thread and get the actual better details.


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Paraphrasing here
A diversity panel got waitlisted, instead of waiting for an email response they took it to the people
Someone working colossals social media said they work hard to have diverse programming but they cant fit it all, go to dashcon if you wanna complain.
Colossalcon board has screenshots about halfway down

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Who the fuck disliked my dance video I spent precisely 20 minutes editing that

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I might as well check this out but I'm mostly going to be at the Atlanta Jazz Festival for the weekend. How's the AC hotel?

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people behind poc panel are cray cray
must have really wanted free badges to colossalcon

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this is not a colossalcon thread.

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Yeah. Shit was hype.

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When do hotels start taking money for the reservations?

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Most people I know from the Carolinas are jumping ship to Momo because everyone is just so tired of the same old, same old at AZ.

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Less than a month away!

>What is your lineup?

>Which guests are you looking forward to?

>What else do you need to finish before the con?

>Which cosplays do you think will be the most popular?

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I love Momocon. Cars ripe for breaking in with good haul almost every car and the dumb weebs blame it on the bums. So many thots to play up thinking I am some high rolla. Have to have 5 rooms just to relegate them and keep them from figuring out. I'll post my shit on pornhub again for you guys under "ManaNight". All you creepers can donate to my patreon when I post it for the top-tier thots. You will be surprised who fucks so easily when you just lube them up with some green.

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who cares

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Obviously you, bitch.

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Sure, anon

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what the actual fuck

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Probably a long shot but if anyone has floor space at ideally the embassy suits or the Omni and wants to lower their hotel costs let me know! (open to others but would prefer those). I'll be cosplaying as Qrow from RWBY (pic related). Looking for Fri/Sat nights mainly with an option for Thurs, but flexible.

you can leave me a message at WuhbGaming gmail or just reply with your discord here and I'll try to get in touch when I can. Trying to find something so I don't have to drive down and leave all on Sat >_>

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try spothero if you don't have a hotel near the con. it's how I spent only $20 on parking last year for the whole weekend of momo

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I heard of parking panda as well

>> No.10162926

yeah that too. idk about parking panda but I know spothero occasionally has promos for newsletter recipients. right now they have a 10% off promo if you use "HONEY" that expires tomorrow.

also is anyone doing a pregame thing for the afterparty? I went to it last year but the drinks were like $12 for a single. ended up making friends with some random people and they balled out hard, bought me and a bunch of others a lot of drinks, was fun. but I'd rather not have to spend that much in the first place.

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Embassy Suites took our reservation money yesterday

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I'm looking as well so I reached out to this guy. Seems pretty chill and is going to let me know if someone can fit more than one person. If you have space hit him up!

>> No.10163529

I would offer, but the roommates I'm already with are neurotic about who they room with. Only reason I'm able to room with them is cause I've known them since high school. Sorry lads

>> No.10163547


Np, if you change their minds let me know. My cosplay is pretty low maintenance, just need a glance in the mirror and I'm go. I don't plan on hanging around the room much at all and you guys would be welcome to get into any alcohol I bring.

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ok, retard.

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Part 3 Joseph Joestar, DMCV Dante, and a generic party wizard thing with a friend of mine.
Reuben Langdon and a couple of voice actors, still need to figure out when everyone I wanna see is doing signings, etc
>most popular
idk, probably stuff from the most recent shows/games. I'm guessing some capeshit cosplays.

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Is there any Jfash programming at all going on at Momocon?

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What's the likley hood of me getting a gf from this?

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Less than half a percent. Just try not to be a creep please thanks

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>b-but can I get a girlfriend here??

I’m so tired of people posting in every con thread saying this. Conventions aren’t your personal Tinder. Yes, it’s a social event and yes, people have met their partners there but please don’t go to a con if your sole purpose is to just get a boyfriend/girlfriend.
You’re setting yourself up for disappointment.

>> No.10164942

if you have to ask....

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I always get super excited for cons, but I always forget how awful actual NEETs can be when you see them in person

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Wasn't successful in finding some floor space at the omni or embassy, but not a big deal and wasn't expecting much since it was so late.

I'll be there all day Sat, maybe I'll click with some people for future plans, but on the bright side I saved some cash.

>> No.10165335

Could always try Airbnb, I stayed in a really nice one last year nearby for pretty cheap.

>> No.10165548


And you're setting yourself up to be this year's biggest con creeper.

>> No.10165706 [DELETED] 

Just curious honestly. Dating in rl is kinda rubbish in atl right now. I'd rather atleast talk to someone whom I share interest with.
Didn't honestly know it was a common question desu.

>> No.10165713

yeah there's a think called the internet, you're on it now.

You can use a site like match if you want a relationship, and then you can use tinder or one of the 5000 other free dating apps if you want to get your dick wet.

>> No.10165722 [DELETED] 

Almost like I want a genuine relationship and iternet dating isn't much more then idiots trying to get laid.
Despite this I have put my hat in the ring and I am using ok Cupid.
A week in and not a single fucking date despite liking about 50+ girls and talking to 2.
Hell maybe it's the city I'm in but yeah online dating isn't working and it's not fucking free.

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If you want a relationship then use match. The paywall is there to filter out people like yourself and hookups. OKCupid has been dead for the past 4+ years, but since you just want to 'date' keep trying your luck there or on tinder, that's all you can really do. Take out your frustration on dieting and the gym.

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Yeah sure I'll try that and talk to some nerds at momo. I've been there a couple of times.
The guest this year aren't that great but maybe there some cool events around. Also I'll try karokee. See you there nigger.

>> No.10165755

>A week in and not a single fucking date
i've been on okc for 3 years and tinder and bumble for 4 months and I've not even met a single person irl.
I'd imagine match is more dead than okc. I thought match was for old people.

>> No.10165757


as someone who had to date outside of their social circle i used meetup groups. it was a glorified speed dating group under the guise of socialization, but i met my bf through there. people also actually do try to make friends through there, so it's definitely not as forced as the okc dates i was doing at the time.

you need to be social though and take initiative with the girls.

>> No.10165760 [DELETED] 

Wow why didn't I think of that. Thanks anon I'll give that a go.
Lol atleast I only payed a month. That be a waste.

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Okcupid is a bullshit dating platform for mentally ill snowflakes. Tinder is surprisingly better. I met my wife there when I right swiped on her picture of her cosplaying. Be patient with the process.

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so uhhhhhh who's excited for the con? what are y'all cosplaying

>> No.10166231

Lineup is iffy right now but currently includes Nott from Critical Role, Inko Midorkya and Small-might, along with Honda-San and Armor. With some other simpler cosplays for walk around late night.

Gigguk! I adore his YouTube videos so it's great that he will be stateside

Basically a little bit of a lot of things to finish up

>Most popular costumes?
K/DA and Shield Hero seems to be on everyone's lineup.
I'm going to the KDA meet up on Friday because all my friends seem to be going!

>> No.10166243

Very excite!

I was too late for a location room so we're staying at doubletree. is it super far? how bad will the walk be? the site looked okay but i've been fooled before!!

>> No.10166296

Um... do you mean the one in Northlake?? Google says that’s a 20 minute ride and a four hour walk anon...

>> No.10166322

Naked Snake and Venom Snake

Benjamin Byron Davis

Wrapping up Venom Snake's prosthetic arm.

>most popular
idk, probably stuff from the most recent shows/games.

>> No.10166379

Assuming you mean the one by the park about a 15 minute walk! It's not the most convient thing in the world (I was at the holiday inn last year around the corner)
Be sure to have a walking buddy, its crowded enough where you wont really have to worry about ne'er-do-wells but they do exist because Atlanta.

>> No.10167175

Being able to go back to your room for drinks/rest/etc is probably the most underrated thing about cons. The difference between 5 min and 15 adds up. Factor in Hot weather and potential rain and GG. I'd always try to stay at the Omni or Embassy for that reason.

>> No.10167218

Most of the rooms that are closer are booked by now. The good news is there’s so many ride share services if you can’t walk. The bad news is you could be fucked over by traffic and surges.

>> No.10167292


Knowing this is what separates the veterans and the noobs.

Having a place to nap, cool off, eat, and get peace and quiet for a few hours will allow you to experience so much more in the long run.

The traffic, crowds, and heat during Dragon Con are even worse and I'd argue that buying a full weekend pass is not worth it if you don't have a room nearby.

>> No.10167373

The #1 move is to have one of those 24 stay-cool metal bottles, like a Swell or Corkcicle. I live down the road from AWA now so I didn't get a hotel room for it, and it was such a blessing to have ice cold water whenever I needed it, and not having to pay $3.50 for a Dasani every time. I'm totally packing it again for Momocon and I'll just refill at the free water coolers they have around the con center.

>> No.10167646

Is YETI a good brand?

>> No.10167818

Yeti is pretty good but you could buy an Ozark Trail container from Walmart for a fraction of the cost for similar quality.

>> No.10167913

Agreed. Yeti's good but you're paying for the name. Swell's the same way. You can get a Sip from Target (made by the same company) for way less than an actual Swell.

>> No.10168057

Thermoflask at Costco fit the bill as well. They have a twin pack of 40 ounce metal bottles for $20.

>> No.10168119

Okay, thank you!! And yes I meant this one. LOL sorry. It is my first momo (I’ve done AWA) but not stayed here so I was unsure.... wonder if it’s possible to switch to Omni or embassy >_<

>> No.10168127

Luck's real slim for it, but you could always ask in the Facebook group!

>> No.10168232


Well they are totally booked for the con rate but after some research found some rooms at both for off block. Only a $300 difference... whew lad. We will be walking!!!

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File: 23 KB, 630x246, BBA24898-2828-4CAF-A3F7-F8A04662877D.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How’s your panel doing so far, guys?

>> No.10168429


That's what I always try to get a room in the host hotel, or as close to the convention as I can. I'm at the Omni this year. Was at the Omni last year

>> No.10168548


pretty shit but I'll probably go anyway

>> No.10168651

Your panel?

>> No.10168663

Does everyone prefer the Embassy or the Omni more? Which is better?

>> No.10168795

RWBY idk if people are going to cosplay for it or if I should

Embassy suites is objectively designed to be a better/higher class hotel.

>> No.10168966

Have stayed in the Omni the past 4 years but am giving the Embassy a shot this year. Slightly more expensive but free breakfast and more room space makes me excited. We have 6 people in our room, and I know there is the space for it. The omni rooms can be rather small imo

>> No.10169001

Might as well. Even if the panel doesn’t turn out, you can look good for the rest of the day.

>> No.10169764

Some reminders now that were a week out

>Buy your parking passes if you havent
>Remember CNN Center doesnt allow Masks/Bodypainted faces, sometimes weapons so plan food accordingly
>there will be food trucks each day
>If a cosplay isnt in the 75% done zone, don't stress yourself out on getting it 100% done. Get it to a wearable state and then add to it for a different con.
>hydrate, hydrate, hydrate

>> No.10169850

Hello all, just wanted to share:

Online there are still rooms open at the embassy from $200-250 per night for the duration of the event weekend. If you want to move closer to the event it is slightly higher than con rate but feasible~

Thanks for all the advice on distance other anons. Looking forward to see you all there !!

>> No.10169944


Last I recalled The decks close to the GWCC were booked full.

>> No.10169960


>> No.10169964

I checked red deck’s parking website, it doesn’t say that they’re all booked (or I may be overlooking something)

>> No.10170000

Probably >>10169850
Unless you're the same person, regardless this is hilarious

>> No.10170017

Wtf... now I feel bad... when I booked at lunch before this post there were 4 rooms left!! Don’t blame me!!

>> No.10170327

Anyone going to Brew at the Zoo? It's at the ATL Zoo from 5:30 to 9:30 PM on Saturday. My friends and I are gonna go to get hammered and get cosplay photos with animals, anyone else?

>> No.10170434


Too much other stuff to do, and a bad time slot for it. They should shoot for that on Wednesday or Sunday, I didn't even know it was a thing. Why not just do the aquarium thing instead?

>> No.10170617

We are exactly a week out!

>how far are you in con crunch?

>have you started packing?

>what is one thing you always forget to pack?

>> No.10170728

Wrapping everything up! Should be able to move onto Colossal stuff (simple easy things) by Sunday. Even have some time to make some small gifts for my roomies.

Everything that has been finished or was finished is ontop of the guest bed.
Gotta print up the check list before it gets stored.

Extension cord and power strip Thank you for making me think about that.
We have a tub that has the stuff we bring to every con that has some non perishables and general con nice to haves. But we don't have any extra power strips at the moment due to bad storms and power surges. So I gotta put them back in the box.

Con is in a week and I've never felt more prepared. Just gotta finish up the last few things. Make a grocery run and pack it all in.

When is everyone planning on getting there?

>> No.10170928

I'll be there as Richter Belmont and my brother as Alucard. If you see us, don't be afraid to say hi. I'd post a reference but the only picture I have of the costume was taken on a Nokia phone from the early 90s and is garbage.

>> No.10171021

Got 5 undershirts and 2 pairs of pants that will work my my cosplay, hoping I'll be good, since I'll be wearing the same thing Fri+Sat and maybe Thursday night. Only thing I'm worried about is wig sweat, but it's pretty breathable. Do they make any type of spray sanitation products for wigs?

>> No.10171207

I mean you could use lysol spray on the inside but that would just kill bacteria

>> No.10171239


Apparently Embassy has a one night deposit that I didn't know of. So my room cancelled itself.

I'm also the leader of a group of 7.

>> No.10171263

Never mind, good news. After a talk with the nice lady in the sales department, she reinstated the reservation under what I assume was a room not bought by MomoCon for the same rate, and even upgraded me from a single king to a double queen with no additional charge.

Thank you, Roberta.

>> No.10171482


>how far are you in con crunch?

Wrapping up accessories tomorrow. This week my wife and I got our parking passes and badges.

>have you started packing?

Not yet. I am writing a list. Most of my costume is on a hanger and most of the accessories are stored in their right containers. When I do laundry I'll pack my socks, underwear, and regular clothing. This Sunday, I'll pick up snacks and food for lunches.

>what is one thing you always forget

I don't forget anything but sometimes I come across a problem that requires me to find a drugstore. One year I had to get cushions and bandages because my wife got a blister on her heel.

That being said bring medical basics like aspirin, antacids, and anti-diarrheal meds.

>> No.10171541

What panels are you guys attending? Any guests you want to see? I'm not usually into con guests but I feel like I gotta get something signed by Charles Martinet (me and everybody else probably).

>> No.10171958

any idea what the latest time on thursday that you can pick up your pass for? I'm not sure what time I'm actually getting in. Bought it after mail in option.

>> No.10172523

Anybody have a server or group they're going to Momocon with?

I usually go with my pals but none of them are going this year. Would be fun to go with another person/group. Also looking maybe to roommate with someone as I'm going all four days (I'll pay obviously).

I know it's a shot in the dark but I'm new to board and figured it was the right place to ask. If anyone is interested I'll leave my contact information.

>> No.10172537

At what time does Momocon start? The earliest time I see on their site is 2:30 but that's when the earliest panels are. What I'm trying to figure out is when can I start walking around.

>> No.10172867
File: 104 KB, 750x652, 8D19F626-2F2C-4F42-8A75-E2C892876819.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Here’s the schedule, looks like 2pm is when everything starts

>> No.10172880

>right above the schedule excel sheet
I'm blind. Thanks mate.

>> No.10172965

Anyone else doing the thing on Friday night at the Aquarium?

>> No.10173184

I've got all my photography equipment ready, Might order a few extra batteries on Amazon prime, though. Hotel taken care of (roommates and all) car getting checked out for the 2~ hour drive, parking taken care of, other than packing clothes and the one cosplay I'm doing... I'm ready.

>> No.10173260

Is it bad to wear the same cosplay multiple days?

>> No.10173273

Please just wash it.

>> No.10173491

My friend's finished making my Rebellion sword prop but the fucking Chinese amazon seller apparently never shipped my fucking Dante jacket so if you see a Dante cosplayer with no jacket, that very well might be me. Thankfully my other costumes have turned out pretty alright.

I was going to but I won't have the cash to buy the $10 extra ticket until friday, which I think is too late.

You can't buy tickets at the door, can you? Guess I'll just hope to luck out with a room party or something.

>> No.10173532

depends on the cosplay. As long as it doesn't get sweaty, sure.

>> No.10173698

Looks like its going to be really hot this weekend. Atleast no rain I guess.

>> No.10173700

Make sure it doesn't stink. Got it. I was asking more along the lines of do I need a different cosplay each day because everyone I see has a lineup with multiple costumes. Some even do more than one in a single day.

>> No.10173710

>Tfw I'd need a wig, trenchcoat, sweater, and trenchcoat to pull off this Nero costume I'm throwing together and I already sweat heavily in 80 degrees
I miss Momo being March

>> No.10173887

>91-95 degree highs
>~40% humidity
>partly cloudy on friday but no clouds forecasted on other days

haha just like hotlanta, amirite friends? ;))

>> No.10173913

Nah, multiple costumes aren’t necessary (so long as it’s kept clean but that’s beating a dead horse at this point)
It’s all about having fun, so if you’re having fun that’s whats important

>> No.10173962

>>10173913 said.

If you want to keep it simple and just do one costume go for it! I know some people who have multiple costumes for one day and I don't know how they do it. One a day seems plenty to me.

>> No.10174238

Thanks friends. If I didn't have social anxiety I would treat you guys to a drink or meal.

>> No.10174303
File: 26 KB, 415x544, 1482956708323.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's gonna be fucking hot as hell so I'm planning on bringing lots of water with me for my group and some extras in case some other people need them too. Make sure you're prepared for this weather people

>> No.10174305


>> No.10174332

Friend told me I should go as Boomer Dante instead since jacket is MIA/nonexistent, so that's what I'll do.

Question now is: do I get a white zero ultra instinct or red ultra instinct?

>> No.10174348

this this this.
if you have extra space in a pocket or a bag or something, bring some water any way you can

>> No.10174356

Don't sleep on this. Atlanta is brutal in the summer, and yes, May is already "summer". Not only hot, but also humid.

>> No.10174383

If you're there on Sunday and have white, expect me to ask to take a photo of you.

>> No.10174434
File: 31 KB, 674x507, hot.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Bringing 7 undershirts now to swap out for my cosplay now. Fuck

>> No.10174512

Buy a sportswear/activewear undershirt. Those breathe a lot better and are designed to be sweat-wicking. It's a bit more expensive but you'll feel the difference.

>> No.10174515

I might just do zoomer nero and get coconut water if you do that

>> No.10174522

I'm checking out of my hotel sunday morning, but I might be able to come around if I can find a place to park. Look for me on Saturday, that's when I'm wearing Dante.
REPENT, ZOOMER. Coconut water is a good one, I approve

>> No.10174576

Wish I could come on Saturday but it's not in the cards for me. Don't worry about the photo on Sunday, I'm sure I'll see you posted online somewhere.

>> No.10174579
File: 65 KB, 255x500, 22842-DEFAULT-l.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm well prepared for this heat. 64oz water growler will get me through the heat.

>> No.10174593
File: 42 KB, 480x542, A66C342C-7C88-43FF-9057-69EC46E698B3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>cosplay is all black with a thousand different layers

Well it was nice knowing you all.

>> No.10174675

Anyone knows if the Embassy suites does early check in? I'm coming into the city at 9am.

>> No.10174766

I am staying at the Marriott is that a far walk away and is it safe?

>> No.10174834

Not a bad idea you might be people to recognize you some more if you aren’t switching so much

>> No.10174882

Try calling them to see!

>> No.10174884

it's atlanta bud, you won't get shot for looking the wrong way at someone but there are plenty of unsavory people in the city.
>far walk
it's not too bad, about .7 of a mile looks like? probably take you 20-30 minutes to walk from one place to the other. also uber's a thing and so are bird scooters

>> No.10174909
File: 2.85 MB, 4032x3024, IMG_0324.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

you're going to hate walking that in this heat.. Just uber for like $5 or scooter over.

>> No.10174955

I stayed at this place last year and just be a little cautious with it. A lot of things were quite fishy. They tack on an extra fee in case you use any of the amenities in the room that they'll supposedly refund if you don't use them. despite us being incredibly cautious to make sure nothing in the room was used or dirtied or messed up, but that refund never came. They also charged double for valet parking. When the valet picked the car back up they had us pay him directly in cash (which i assume he pocketed) and then charged the room card for the exact same amount. Tried talking to the staff about it who feigned ignorance and refused to be of any help.

>> No.10175063

Thank you! I appreciate the knowledge!

>> No.10175144

Hey did you mean the doubletree?
I already cancelled cause some rooms at the embassy did open up. Thanks for the tips though... I hope someone else sees this and it helps them out. Glad I dodged that bullet.

>> No.10175184

I know this is a hard sell, but please shower and use deodorant in this stifling Georgia heat. Heat combined with funk will make somebody want to fight you.

>> No.10175189

Even if its just a rinse down with soap on the important parts, for the love of all things holy take a 3 min shower at the very least

>> No.10175212

I mean it's going to be hot as fuck even at night so for 'summer' cons you'll find out that it's worth it to pay an extra 10-30$ a night to stay closer.

And it's Atlanta, just walk with a group at least. Common sense stuff you should practice no matter the location.

>> No.10175473

Adding onto this, if you forget to bring deodorant or if it wears off, you can go to a bathroom and rub a little liquid soap on your armpits.

>> No.10175474

It’s not just stinky day, it’s going to be a stank ass weekend. With this many nerds in one place there’s going to be a visible cloud of miasma. I regret Atlanta, I regret anime.

>> No.10175475

Thank you!

>> No.10175483

says the dumb weeb going to a con to get laid<< cant get women outside of cons can we mate

>> No.10175552
File: 30 KB, 488x488, goldbond.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Just make it less bad by using body powder right after you shower. Maybe even a light cologne if you want to be fancy. If you can afford any item in the dealers room then you can afford toiletries to keep your ass clean.

>> No.10175739

Hey, anyone still need a room for momocon? Third person in our room just backed out at the last second, so we need to get another one in. $250 for thursday check-in/sunday check-out, hotel is about .75 miles away from the Omni.

They’re also selling their 4-day pass for $55 if anyone’s interested

>> No.10175753

4-day pass is taken, room is still available

>> No.10175756


Please watch this holy fuck

>> No.10175803


That'd be too much for a room even at the Omni, wtf. Why do people get rooms then try to make a profit off people?

>> No.10175811


Ah a fellow muslimcel.

>> No.10175904

Anyone staying at the embassy suite or a nearby hotel? Would be cool to meet up and hang

>> No.10175934

Dragon*con isn't really about comics. It's more sci-fi and fantasy. Then comics. It's also an older crowd.

It's an older crowd who can afford it and treat it like their nerd vacation. The crowds are part of the fun lol

>> No.10176183

Banging their brains out while making bucks off incels? Sounds like a win win and you are just mad you are a poorfag that can't access the top shelf pussy.

>> No.10176340

Any thoughts on a seagull meetup?

>> No.10176470

I'm not a cosplayer or a cute girl or anything but I'd like to meet with some people here. I'll only be going on Sunday though.

>> No.10176614
File: 53 KB, 770x960, FB_IMG_1558622113824.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Okay, which one of you thots farted?

>> No.10176620

I’ve been crop dusting children all day my guy.

>> No.10176627

Already got an ambulance at con on Day 1! nice work.

>> No.10176648

What happened?

>> No.10176690

Somebody got dabbed on.

>> No.10176727

Nigga this is not even day one LOL. Air conditioning unit already on fire too. This is going to be one fuck of a weekend

>> No.10176797

>Air conditioning unit already on fire too.
w-what did i miss overnight? am i going to.sweat even more than i did yesterday

>> No.10176803
File: 4 KB, 134x139, AC0B3F93-FF35-464F-AD98-83A2D346B3F1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10176808

God is smiting thots with based atlanta heat and humidity

>> No.10176816

Sure was grinding my gears when thotties were sporting slutty rave attire on a fucking 7pm Thursday

>> No.10176828

Is anyone going to the Gunsmith Cats explosive edition viewing? Wish I could be there

>> No.10176838

Wouldn't that just motivate them to wear even less clothing?

>> No.10176877

People are already funky this early in the morning. God have mercy on our noses.

>> No.10176951

Anyone interested in a bathroom meetup? hole-some Christian meme sharing only

>> No.10176955

I'm sitting in the room for it now. Can't wait to see it and give Flandre shit as a fellow /k/ weeb.

Any plans for a seagull meet?

>> No.10176959

If I was there I’d be down, but I’m a NY fag. Pls report back on how it was, hyped to get the Kickstarter when it actually ships

>> No.10177006

Seagull meetup when?

>> No.10177029

Lets just meet up tomorrow at 730 near the entrance I guess or today or both

>> No.10177050

im serious, is no one interested? idm as long as you don’t smell and are clean from std stuff

>> No.10177085

You’re a trap?

>> No.10177131

yes that’s why my display name is that

>> No.10177134

I mean sure if you're okay with fats

>> No.10177154

Where's a good place to eat that's not fucking crowded? Yes I'm willing to uber.

>> No.10177160

I'll pay someone 5 dollars to do something

>> No.10177164

To do what

>> No.10177186
File: 2.67 MB, 4032x2268, 20190524_155430.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ayy, I'm glad those of you who could come to the Gunsmith Cats panel we're able to make it. Tiffany Grant was pretty amazing to meet in person too and it was great hosting the showing along side with her.
Y'all had some good questions, I wished I could have gone into more technical details about how we did some of the translations, but didn't have the time for it in the end.

>Inb4 you've gotten fat
Yes I know I've gained some weight in the last few years.

>> No.10177195

Anyone else in the DDLC panel? If you see Remilia, say hi!

>> No.10177224

I’m in here.

>> No.10177225

Seagull meet at the courtyard?

>> No.10177227

Still running around with a loaded gun?

>> No.10177266 [DELETED] 

I'm not at the con anymore, i was only able to make it Friday unfortunately

>> No.10177276

I'm not at the con anymore, i was only able to make it Friday unfortunately
But yeah I didn't bother carrying to the con, I'm not as paranoid as 90% of /k/ is
These cons have good security at the least

>> No.10177283

It was good seeing you again, and funny coincidence it was twice in one week. I swear, me and the other patch guys ran into you at least twice a day at ACEN. The background murmur of "can't trust the ATF" during the screening was fun. Shame you aren't sticking around for the whole weekend. Still can't believe I was looking for you and you two say down right in front of me.

Just left that, got a picture?

Wait, are you not?

I'm in the dark piano thing now, but I'll wander that way after this. Anywhere in particular to meet?

>> No.10177299

Sure about that? I see that autographed gun you are bragging about on your page. So would you like to hand in your pass for bringing in an actual firearm or should we just come and find you tomorrow with the police.

>> No.10177345

Haha yeah, acen was fantastic this year , last year was pretty good too, I hope Sonoda comes again in the coming years and hopefully is able to pull off a full series
Acen was last week my dood
We're talking about momocon now :^)

>> No.10177359

We should have a meet tomorrow

>> No.10177362

>Law specifically states that "No gun" signs carry 0 weight in the law
What state are you from because you obviously know nothing about GA

>> No.10177372

Seagulls by the entrance at 730pm Saturday?

>> No.10177381

Even with GA law, personally I don't carry at cons because it's
A) too much hassle to carry on cosplay or running around panels all day and
B) there's lots of con security and officers already present in the first place, so I don't really see it as necessary. Also, technically, under GA law if you are conceal carrying a firearm even with a weapons license, the management or owner of the property have the right to expel you from the property, and if you don't leave that could result in a tresspass charge.

It may be an unpopular opinion to /k/ommandos, but personally, I let the security do their job and I go stress free and enjoy the conventions

>> No.10177426

So I'm guessing it's a good thing I skipped this year?

>> No.10177429

This year has been really good so far

>> No.10177443

Man you are really upset - likely for no good reason.

>> No.10177451

Are there any degenerate shenanigans to get into at momo like there are at AWA

>> No.10177514

You ever had your asshole eaten by a fat guy in an overcoat?

>> No.10177528

No the girl that saw him brandishing it is. I am just following procedure.

>> No.10177530

Private establishments trump GA law. Walk into the CNN center and tell me how that goes for you.

>> No.10177538

I'm fairly certain you are upset, and the safe-space fostering sheltered kid is also upset for no good reason.

>> No.10177586

All they can do is ask you to leave and if you don't it's a trespassing charge, like flandre said. If they don't know you don't have it, what are they going to do? That's right they can't do shit and it's technically not illegal

>> No.10177591

I know he's making things up because I was with flandre and several other guys from /k/ at acen and we got stuff signed together and we only brought our grips into the con to be signed, and some with their mags and what not, people didn't bring their actual guns to Chicago and you'd be stupid if you did

And now he's talking about momocon which has nothing to do with acen at all.

>> No.10177597

Pedo incels unite!

>> No.10177599

And he reveals he's just baiting

>> No.10177604


I like the older crowds to be quite Frank with you. The young people know how to have fun at night too and you have to, it's a 24/7 kinda thing but there's something I like about rapping with the generation that came before me. There's so many different experiences to glean from them, like what the culture was like before things like social media and the internet.

>> No.10177612

whoops phone died yesterday and couldn’t do anything cause of stuff popping up, who’s still interested? and what are you wanting out of it?

>> No.10177613

I haven’t

>> No.10177617


Now I'm interested in seeing who takes you up on your offer. Tell us about it later. Alas, I'm working.

>> No.10177621

I mean it's pretty obvious he's making things up considering he doesn't even know which con he's talking about.
It was good seeing some of y'all at both cons across the country though haha.

>> No.10177626

I want free bjs

>> No.10177647

How do you look? And are you clean? (In sense of washing and disease stuff both)

>> No.10177661

Have beard and another clean friend with me here too if you interested in a marathon

>> No.10177663

The guy is named after a loli from Touhou. Runs around with name with pride. Calling you all a bunch of degenerate pedos is not baiting, Its fact.

>> No.10177668

Anyone have any tips on getting in for free? I just wanna play some arcade games for a few hours late at night and then bounce. $77 is a pretty steep price for that.

>> No.10177671

What's your contact info

>> No.10177673

They have people checking for badge basically everywhere, so yeah, gg
You don’t need it. I’ll post here again later with more info.

>> No.10177685


For all that, isnt there a game room here in atlanta where every game is like 25 cents?

Who is at the game room anyway? Have you seen some good titles?

>> No.10177710

>Get in free
Stop being a nigger Jew and pay your fair share

>> No.10177726

This is why Katsucon made their con a closed event. Buy a pass you cheap faggot or suck somebody's dick for theirs.

>> No.10177736

Alright, let it be known a second anon wants free bjs

>> No.10177749


Out of curiousity, what else is on the table besides bjs?

>> No.10177755

Or at the very least volunteer for a pass. They even have shifts one can take. It's not hard to get into this stuff for free.

>> No.10177759

>some guy namefags as a 500 year old vampire
>guys in this thread litterally asking for BJs from another guy and talking about group sex
Someone here is just mad

>> No.10177763

You tryna get ass fucked

>> No.10177839

Anybody going to the jazz festival?

>> No.10177841

Anyone got duct tape on them

>> No.10177844

Depends - what do you need it for

>> No.10177847

Fixing something on cosplay that fell

>> No.10177850

Have you visited the cosplay repair room? They might have some. I think it's on the fourth floor in the back corner opposite of the College Football Hall of Fame.

>> No.10177852

Did they actually have one around there?

>> No.10177854

Any meetups

>> No.10177890

Isn’t it 730 by the entrance? Or did it change

>> No.10177893

I'm just bored with nothing to do. Burnt out from playing UNIST

>> No.10177943

Look for the ouji and gothic Lolita at the meetup time/place

>> No.10177954

smells like poor in here

>> No.10177992

I fucking hate poors. Keep em out of my con.

>> No.10178005

Is there an actual lolita meet or are you talking about the gull meetup?

>> No.10178008

Is it the entrance that is near the escalators going down

>> No.10178009

At entrance with Lolita furry

>> No.10178016

The blue gate by the escalator?

>> No.10178034

Aw fuck we just finished eating did we miss the meetup?

>> No.10178041

I didn’t see anyone

>> No.10178195

>tfw took selfies with suda51 when you two were equally shitfaced
I guess i can just die now. I did all i ever wanted

>> No.10178279
File: 90 KB, 318x452, serveimage - 2019-05-25T203534.822.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Aramaki confirmed that Masamune asked him to adapt Orion, but he turned Masamune down.

I'm mad.

>> No.10178433

Any after parties or meet ups for Sunday?

>> No.10178435

Only if you wanna suck some dick

>> No.10178616

Trap-chan where did you go

>> No.10178619

Post em

>> No.10178629

Hope you degenerates had a good time, I know I did. Shout out to the zoomer Nero, hopefully you got to see Reuben.

>> No.10178647

I’lll be at the initial d arcade game at the bottom floor if anyone wants to meet

>> No.10178650

Oh and I’m wearing a white shirt with Kaneda on it

>> No.10178715

Spent the night with a cute Astolfo crossplayer and two other guys, ended up going a bit longer than I expected but it was fun

>> No.10178742

First time in ATL for this con, some of your cosplay/late sat night ladies are hot as fuck.

>> No.10178779

Sadly, not; the line today was at capacity several hours before the signing even began. But i hung out with Suda and had fun, i hope everbody had a great con.

>> No.10178819

Had a really fun time but entire body sore now

>> No.10178979

Are you from out of town or are you a local?

>> No.10179087

I’m from out-of-state, but I’ve been liking Momocon because it’s fun and I get to make nice friends/have fun after parties with cuties

>> No.10179107
File: 1.89 MB, 3520x1980, IMG_1055.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

post con self loathing setting in

>> No.10179117

Ah, that’s a damn shame then. Are you possibly thinking of going to AWA?

>> No.10179125

It’s weird, I only really had one cringe moment this time around, but now whenever I close my eyes, I get this feeling like I’m in the middle of a crowd. There’s tons of people around me, but not in a clausterphobic way. More like I just don’t have any privacy. Anyone else get this kind of feeling after a con?

>> No.10179188

To any normies walking around cons, fair warning...

PAY FUCKING ATTENTION! Saw a dude in armor trying to navigate the entrance by the escalator and some girl darted in front of him and pancaked his prop.

>> No.10179249

Hell yeah. It'll be way cooler so I'll probably have a jacket and wig next time too. Hopefully Langdon or Bosch come, I'll be sure to get their sigs asap if they do.

>> No.10179336

How about you fuck off nerd. Buy the whole hotel if you don't like normies around.

>> No.10179372

Shout out to the big black dude with the good smelling cologne. Whatever kind it was man keep wearing that.

>> No.10179378

Yes but with a positive connotation

>> No.10179383

Post after party cosplay lewds

>> No.10179487

Sorry those are only for the people that were there ;)

>> No.10179563

You never posted your contact info so I couldnt....

>> No.10179569

imagine being this thirsty

imagine having so little game that you cant even get you some at a fucking convention

>> No.10179598

First year at Momo and I had a great time! The only really bad parts were the heat and I didn’t get to talk to/see as many people as I wanted.

Kind of wish they had adult programming too but I’m told that’s the con’s choice.

>> No.10179633
File: 100 KB, 1440x810, 61540572_10157581889558010_7686586567447543808_o.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

hi i bring my emotional support cat to the con coz he keeps me calm!!

>> No.10179641

Just go to Dragoncon for that.

>> No.10179643

That poor fucking cat.

>> No.10179653 [DELETED] 
File: 32 KB, 720x473, 1527106150816.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

is anyone else just really disillusioned with gaming/anime conventions lately

i doubt the following would apply to anyone who would find themselves here, but in general it feels like few people who go anymore are really all that into the subject material beyond a casual level

They go to

1. Hang out with friends
2. Have their picture taken
3. Get turnt at afterparties

They've become music festivals for """geeks"""

>> No.10179700

doubt that'll happen imo but hey you never know. sucks they don't have a more complete schedule ready by now.

>> No.10179703

Everytime before a convention I tell myself ill actually enjoy the con but always end up getting sloshed and puking my guts out at 7pm :^)

>> No.10179704

Any good photos taken?

>> No.10179713

pace your drinking more.
or, if you can't do that, start drinking later.

or just don't be such a lightweight.

>> No.10179725


People are defending him because "It's his emotional support animal, and I'm a war veteran"

In the state of Georgia, There is no such thing as an emotional support animal.

>> No.10179729


*And He's a war veteran

I dunno who the person is. I just know they claiming their cat to be a service animal.

>> No.10179739
File: 390 KB, 646x690, meme.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If anyone got our groups Thot Patrol outfit, would be awesome if you could send it. Forgot to take a group picture for ourselves :facepalm:

happens :*(

>> No.10179828
File: 542 KB, 607x942, 7b79bcdaabfd7e1eb88b0c6113b6d88d.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.10179902


I welcome this. It was way too crowded this year.

>> No.10179912


This is pretty hype I gotta say

>> No.10179944
File: 1.20 MB, 1070x803, 20190527_215405.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Got Suda to sign a $10 bill. We had a laugh.

>> No.10179972

Got crowded because they purposely shoved people in certain areas to make it seem bigger then it really was and the heat forced everyone inside. True attendance was 29k if you counted actual bodies. Each middle to high level staffer gets 100 free comps that they count as attendance even if they are not used. Any convention that uses the "turnstile attendance" method is lying about their numbers. I volunteer because I like helping and I was with the con when it was small but I am getting sick of the management lying to pretend they are some hot shit while they are on life support from Dragoncon and making us suck their dicks when Dcon staffers roll in.

>> No.10179993

If Katsucon actually goes through with having a summer con, then y'all are fucked.

>> No.10180022


They mentioned 39k unique attendance..

Turnstiles are a common way for all events report attendance, it's just part of the industry..

Every single room/gaming area, vendors, all seemed more crowded this year every day than they were the last.

Do you really think they would move up to a more expensive building just to flex?


As an aside I wonder what the new outside degenerate zone is gonna be. The courtyard area across from CNN center was pretty chill, gonna suck to lose that.

>> No.10180034

I was wondering where the AWA staffers were! Looks like they were waiting for the numbers to drop. Welcome back you guys.

Momocon was ACTUALLY pretty crowded, from my standpoint. I don't see how crowd control forced people into areas when it's mostly open space and hallways that were packed before and after badge check but hey.

The amount of people outside was pretty consistent with previous years. Con is always hot as hell.

>> No.10180039


As an aside I wonder what the new outside degenerate zone is gonna be. The courtyard area across from CNN center was pretty chill, gonna suck to lose that.

We aren't gonna lose the courtyard across from the CNN center. Building B is legit the building past registration. The courtyard will still be accessible... They will still probably have people walk through building A to keep foot-traffic down on the outside.


Life support from Dragoncon

We all know Momocon wouldn't be shit without using D*C as it's sugar daddy. I just wonder if Momocon can be self-supporting now. I've heard that they still heavily depend on using some of D*Cs almost unlimited budget to pull in the guest and use of the GWCC / Omni. I've also heard they can do it on their own.

I don't really think they fudged the numbers, Atleast not by much. It was hella packed on pretty much all 4 days. But who knows.

>> No.10180070

It didn't feel too crowded at all to me desu. except for right after the dealers hall closes and everyone started leaving at once.
AWA and Kami-con are two cons with serious over crowding issues. I never felt like I could never get somewhere due to the crowd at momo.

>> No.10180073


AWA is never going to move from that venue I don't think. The only options is back to the convention center by the airport, GWCC or the D*C hotels. Plus, My understanding is they have a contract with AWA for the next few years.

>> No.10180136
File: 1.32 MB, 1440x2960, Screenshot_20190527-224118_Facebook.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That was my first thought, apparently theres another courtyard? The floorplan is available online.

Did anyone see this mess?

>> No.10180141

How the hell does Dcon have so much money in the first place?

>> No.10180158

>>all events report attendance, It's part of the industry
What's up upper management. How about you just go pure capeshit. We all know you want to. Just get it the fuck over with and sell us off and become Dcon lite.
>>Do you really think they would move up to a more expensive building just to flex?
They wouldn't need to suck off Dragoncons dick if it wasn't an attempt to flex, just saying.
>>More crowded this ear every day then they were last
The game room looked hella fucking empty and wide open for being "crowded".
AWA staffers comprise the majority of Momocon staffers. The only one trying to start a fight between two cons that are not even in the same genre is you mate. AWA has their own issues but this is a Momocon thread, not a Momocon Vs AWA thread so keep your bait out. When AWA comes up, I will call them out for their shit too. Like, move the fucking con out of Braves stadium view.

>> No.10180163

>The game room looked hella fucking empty and wide open for being "crowded".
Did we go to the same convention?
I barely played any games this weekend because of wait times?

It's okay not to like a con, just dont come back next year?

>> No.10180164

Capeshit overpriced garbage sales. It is actually a really great business model. Make pop garbage for a few bucks a piece, sell it for 20-40 dollars while nerds stroke their "Nuhstolgah"

>> No.10180174

I wish I could. But contracts have to be fulfilled and if I don't fulfill my end, they will not be legally bound to fulfill their end. I do enjoy that squirm when they get the invoice and the date to pay by. Like nigga, you knew how much it was 4 months before the con, why you huffing like you have to go to your mommy to get lunch money.

>> No.10180242

When will people realize that cats are not the same as dogs? They don’t thrive in big open spaces with lots of people. I don’t care if it’s an ESA, that is not the best place for a cat. These people are so selfish.

>> No.10180253

so any pictures y'all feel like sharing?

>> No.10180267

Was my first momocon! I will say the actual con was a little disappointing (schedule, vendors, etc), probably because I hyped myself up too much for it.
The crowd is definitely younger, and it everything is catered to that. I don't think that can be overstated enough.
But the older people (At least people that are old enough to drink legally) were amazing and made up for it. Met a cute girl right before the rave and have been talking with her since. I plan on going back for sure.

>> No.10180278

>yakuza cosplay
>nobody recognizes you
Well shit.

>> No.10180296

I recognized someone who cosplayed Kiryu. Was a white dude with a beard. Idk if that was you or not

>> No.10180301
File: 44 KB, 512x1024, Florist.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I wish I saw him but no. I was pic related.

>> No.10180304

Aw that sucks man I don't think I even saw you at the con.

>> No.10180317

Pretty much everyone was drunk as fuck Saturday night, I'm sure even most underage people were drunk.

>> No.10180398

There’s screenshots of that dude being cancelled or some shit, I think that’s why

Don’t remember what he did

>> No.10180509


Someone posted in a thread this picture came from ranting about how they are not service animals, and how "emotional support" isn't an actual thing - These people get fake paperwork and vest so make it look legit and businesses won't say shit coz it's too much of a liability. Then another person was like "That's their emotional support animal and they are a war hero"

like bruh

>> No.10180607

Got into my first mosh pit saturday night at the rave, thank god I was nice and tipsy or it would have been much rougher.

On a side note, I actually got in the rave with my backpack on because there was no security at the gate when I went in. Made me regret drinking all my liquor beforehand.

>> No.10180712

>Met a cute girl right before the rave and have been talking with her since.
Teach me your ways. I'm an absolute sperg and don't know what to do.

>> No.10180761

Anybody have any experience getting a booth at the artist alley?

>> No.10180926


>> No.10181012


Wish I could help you, this was more or less dumb luck. Left the rave not too long after it started because the opening DJ was whack.

She came with back to the room with some of my roommates (when I first actually met her), for the same reason -- get some drinks and hoping that will at least make it better -- and we just kind of hit it off from there. She definitely took the initiative. Said she liked my cosplay and maybe I made some decent jokes, who knows. Ended up spending the rest of the night and all of Sun together.

Also worth mentioning that I did not go at all with the intention to try to meet/find someone there, just happened, but good luck my friend.

>> No.10181067

Cheated on his wife. Sure a shitty thing to do but it has nothing to do with any of the staff/attendees and shouldn't be counted against him in a craftsmanship contest. If your going to run a show like that most people have relationship baggage so you better start banning tons of people from your event and staff.

The full story is on his FB hes not exactly hiding it.

>> No.10181137

Thank you for the honest reply. I'll have to try harder next time. Good luck with your relationship!

>> No.10182142

So how was everyone's Momocon? Mine was pretty good. I saw a lot of really good costumes. Did you guys see me around? I was carrying a sign that said "Your Costume is Awesome". Hope you guys had a good time!

>> No.10182161

Didn't get any pusspuss or head. Sad. But I'm too autistic to make any moves beyond casual fun at a current activity. Still had a great time playing Werewolf though.

>> No.10182181


>Cheated on his wife

From what I heard he had cheated on his wife and made several women feel uncomfortable that were involved in the con. It goes deeper than just relationship baggage. Apparently there was harassment to other attendees.

>> No.10182193
File: 119 KB, 598x730, OFFENSE.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Was it actually harassment or did they just simply feel uncomfortable?

>> No.10182195


I honestly couldn't tell you. I am just going by the post and comments I originally saw.

>> No.10182197

With how woke con-goers and its organizers are, I'm honestly leaning toward the conviction that there was no actual harassment on any reasonable level. Could be wrong, but I wouldn't trust it at all without any sort of substance backing it up.

>> No.10182199


Could just be butthurt cosplayers. Could be upset cosplay girlz that can't get his dick, it could legit be harassment. The world will never know.

Momocon has apparently pulled shady shit like this in the past, but no one ever specified exactly what. D*C just keeps giving them money without really caring. If they ever lose D*C has a sugar daddy, I don't think they could sustain on their own. But I digress.

>> No.10182203

I doubt that, Momocon is pretty big. Despite conspiracy and its associated drama, Momocon is pretty fucking huge. And it was even bigger than last year especially on rave day (Saturday). Other posters in this thread regarding Momocon meta seem to be dramafags that are pulling at straws for some reason or another. Regardless of why or their reasons, Momocon seems far from being on life support; I can't possibly see how, in any universe or timeline regardless of how dark, that Momocon is not making fucking bank. The organizers are undoubtedly rolling in fucking stacks of cash. How anyone could even fathom otherwise is beyond me.

>> No.10182209


I wouldn't say rolling in cash. I couldn't imagine what renting space in the GWCC AND Omni is like. Especially for 4 full days.

The move to building B is gonna be more expensive, considering it's considerably larger. Which is good, Just from what I could see up by the bar in the top of building B IT LOOKS FUCKING MASSIVE and seems to be more places for photoshoots and stuff.

I dunno. They probably have been off Life support from D*C for a while now. I'd imagine they could probably get out from under them, But I would think that might make it difficult for vendors / guest.... Because some of them see OH! THEY ARE PART OF DRAGON CON! and are more likely to go. I could be wrong.

They said attendance was almost 40k, and if that's the case, I think they will be one of the largest anime conventions on the East coast. Hell, It might be the largest in North America right below Anime Expo, and I'm sorry, I don't think any convention will outgrow AX because of where AX is and the guest they pull in.

>> No.10182218

When I say rolling in stacks of cash, I don't mean vying for top dog among other cons. I mean literally just making CASH without regard at all in any way, shape, or form to outside entities. So fuck D*C, fuck AX-con, fuck Dcon. Just cash. Doesn't matter if they're bigger, it doesn't matter if they're making MORE. What matters is that they're making CASH. Who cares if AX-con is making $300 trillion and I'm only making $1 billion - what matters if that I'm making fucking ONE BILLION FUCKING DOLLAR. These numbers are obviously exaggerated but you get my point, yes?
It does look bigger and more expensive, which suggests how much they're actually making. If they expect to make a similar or even marginally more money than last year but still think it's a good idea to go to hall B, it only supports the idea that they make some fucking money.

>> No.10182681


This is true. Someone had mentioned they are hoping to be about 50k within the next couple of years. I'd imagine they want DragonCon type numbers... But that's stretching.

>> No.10183532

No idea if it’s the same thing you all are talking about but some guy got busted at the midnight rave because he was going around slapping people’s butts and groping them, and he got caught.

>> No.10183545

Of course he would, there were a shitload of con staff, cops and security roaming the rave watching the crowd like hawks.

>> No.10183561

Damn that's impressive.

I did see a lot of security, they were very present..

>> No.10183826


Only thing I heard about was someone getting arrested and chased. Was it the same person?

>> No.10184152


No. Unrelated but someone did get tackled in the courtyard Friday night for cocaine afaik.

>> No.10184237


Maybe that's what I was hearing.

>> No.10186633

Yeah, I heard from a loose-lipped staffer that there was an accidental drug bust bc he was trying to sell to a director and he said it on walkie and atlanta pd were also on the line and whipped his ass to the ground

>> No.10187948

Hey, Slicer, If you're reading this... Just fucking stupid ya creepy fuck. No one gives a shit about your emotions, your "photography" instead of buying a camera, maybe use the money and get your teeth fixed and lose some fucking weight.

>> No.10189009


The next time I wake up, please change my physical form to that of FINN MCMILLAN of SOUTH NEW BRIGHTON at 8 YEARS OLD and keep it that way FOREVER.

I am so sick of this chubby Asian man body!

Thank you!


>> No.10189032


The next time I wake up, please change my physical form to that of FINN MCMILLAN of SOUTH NEW BRIGHTON at 8 YEARS OLD and keep it that way FOREVER.

I am so sick of this chubby Asian man body!

Thank you!


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