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Is... Is that a sentient fart?

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Okay I don’t think I’ve ever felt this stupid in my life but I’m sitting here sobbing because I was trying to buy an usakumya on lacemarket and someone bought it like 5 seconds before I did and it came with the most adorable little ribbon and now I’ll never have it and I’m so upset

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Oh, anon. I've been sniped before and it's such a bad feeling. One of the worst. I hope you'll find the kumya you want in time, but for now please be kind to yourself. Cry if you need to, vent if you need to. It's fine to be sad about this.

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I bid on it as well. Should have just bought it, not sure what I was thinking (as if it wouldn't sell immediately.) It's hard to snatch an usakumya these days.

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I just really wanted it and someone literally fucking bought it right as I was about to press the button and I’m so sad

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And it was chestnutlili too, ew. I'm sorry anon.

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Gonna spend my summer making cosplay and going to cons instead of looking for a job (about to graduate college). I'm ready to fuck my life up.

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milkyuki is the same person as chestnutlili? Isn't this a bannable offense?

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>pic of MeMeMe cosplayer gets posted after con today
>you can see ME in the background, staring at her ass
>all the Fb comments are about "that thirsty guy lol"
>mfw I'm not even straight
If you're going to wear a thong, have a dress that covers your cheeks.

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Yes she is. She was banned as chestnutlili, not sure why she can make a new acct. As far as I remember some anon tried to report her and the LM mods just shut them down.. so, I'm not sure.

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>scrolling on the gram
>check cosplayer’s account
>only cosplays female characters

I’m getting really tired of seeing this all over ig. Like sorry but use your fucking brain. If all of your photos are of you dressed as female identifying characters, how are you gonna be mad at people for using she/her?

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Man that's rough

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Same thing happened to me except it was on a livestream, people watching thought another cosplayer was ogling my tits and making passes at me. In reality he was gay too.

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Why do all my cgl friends ghost me?

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You guys are pretty dumb, the bin was only 120 for it which is cheaper than that’s one usually goes for

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I didn’t bid on it I’m upset cause I was about to ‘buy it now’ and someone did right before I pressed the button, I didn’t even try to bid on it

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What took you so long to do it then? That’s like seeing the brilliant misty sky for $500 and not going as fast as you can to get it

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I literally clicked on the listing read the description and pressed buy it now, and it was sold, it’s not like I took ten minutes to look at the listing, I took like 30 seconds to read the description and shipping prices, it’s not my fault someone bought it in that time

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That seems like a long time to read the description...

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any good buyer reads shipping cost description and terms of sale before buying something, I hope you get sniped so you can know what it’s like and realize how irrational you are for blaming me for the fact someone got it before I did

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>hoping other people get sniped for recognizing you need to be lightning quick to get items like that

Wow what a cunt. Maybe you getting sniped was karma for being such a nasty person.

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I’m starting to not feel so sorry for you now

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i felt bad for you at first but this was uncalled for and just downright mean

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>you guys are pretty dumb
>what took you so long to do it then
>that’s a long time to read a description...

You’re literally the one sitting there trash talking me because someone managed to buy it before I did but okay, and I don’t hope you get sniped because you “recognize that you have to buy it fast” I said that cause you’re being an asshole

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And I know I’m being an asshole too so I’m sorry for that, I was just already upset and I didn’t appreciate being blamed for something that wasn’t my fault

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You’re the one being an asshole now. That was a pretty tame reaction for 4chan and now you’re wishing other people get sniped for basically nothing. What a bitch.

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>I know I’m being an asshole and wishing other people the same pain Im going through but it’s okay because I’m upset!

I’m glad you didn’t get your item

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Sympathy officially gone. Get a better attitude anon.

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Saying sorry doesn’t really change how much of an asshole you are being if you continue to be an asshole about it m8

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Have sex

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>continuing to be massively immature about it

I’m not surprised just disappointed

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>have sex
The original anon who was being an asshole here, I didn’t post this

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And I don’t really hope you get sniped I was just being immature cause I’m buttmad

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>admitting you were the first to be an asshole

Well at least you can own up to it

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Wrong board for this meme

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I forgot my bloomers with my coord today due to being rushed out the door and making food for an easter brunch. (Dish washer is also busted so I had to do everyones dishes as well)
It feels so odd sitting directly on my petticoat.

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You're retarded for taking obvious bait and apologizing for it later.
You're retarded for taking the side of an obvious troll.

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>everyone posting things I don’t like is a troll

Anon showed her true colors very quickly. Even if it was in response to a troll.

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Sorry to hear that pal

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>tfw finally shipped out order from my SS
>package weighs 20 lbs
>only thing I put down on the package was "Clothes" x1

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Customs is going to have a field day with that

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I know people post stuff like this sometimes and no one takes it seriously but i'm about to leave a small will for my friends to be able to take over my small wardrobe after i die. I plan on attempting an overdose today. I am a lolita, 22, i have bipolar adhd bpd and suffer brain damage from a previous attempt. i'm so depressed and my anxiety is spiking a lot. I recently have run into financial problems, not due to my lolita habits, but even selling what dresses i have currently wouldn't bring me out of this hole i'm in. I've been burning my arms with cigarette lighters all morning and trying to act normal to my friends so i don't concern them, but i think they know i'm not doing too well at the moment. i don't see any point to being alive, i'm so broke and i've been filling out applications for a second job to no avail, im chronically ill and have a hard time even just living normally and since my last suicide attempt left me with brain damage i just feel incredibly slow and stupid, like i cat even keep up at doing the things i once loved. my relationship is falling apart, i was cheated on and i have no where to go or anyone to turn to in a several hour radius. my life is utter shit and even the one thing that made me happy anymore can't fill the void inside my heart and brain that knows things genuinely would move on for everyone in my life after i am done. at least i can leave nice things for my friends to have, since my wardrobe has some really nice rare finds. i have all four bottles of my anxiety and anti-depressant medications in front of me, i know even just taking the rest of my stomach medication would put me in a near coma state, or give me seizures so all four should really do the job. it's been a great run in this community and i genuinely have loved all of the people i've met and had fun posting pictures and interacting with everyone. but i have to do something about my life and i have to just go. i'm sorry to all my friends.

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I miss the old internet. Social media sucks, 4chan kind if sucks now too, i think I'll just stick with old blogs, websites, lj and the wayback machine and pretend it's that time forever.

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Why don't you write your friends then instead of posting on 4chan?
All your problems are minor and fixable in the big picture.
>i have all four bottles of my anxiety and anti-depressant medications in front of me, i know even just taking the rest of my stomach medication would put me in a near coma state
Retard. Enjoy even more brain damage plus a fucked up digestive system.

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bye felicis

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Met a bunch of new people yesterday and there was one autistic girl there that some lolitas were making fun of within earshot of her. Like look I know lolitas don't have to be lovelies but holy shit were not fucking 13 you literal scumbags. I guess I'll be a lonelita then, I'd rather not associate with childish edgy fucks who make themselves feel good by being shitty to someone who is trying to have a good time in the same ridiculous hobby you have. Fuck.

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I want you to know now that pills are the least effective way to kill yourself.
You think it is enough, but what ends up happening a lot is you will get super sick, get rescued or have second thoughts, and possibly end up with even more problems. You said you have tried this before. Is that what happened?
I am not saying to try another way. We often have to say "think of your friends and family" but that is for you.
There is a reason women are unsuccessful in suicide most of the time and it is because they try to overdose.
I don't want you to be in more pain. Seriously consider calling a suicide hotline, get some options for tonight and move toward financial security over time. There are resources and they can help you. It's not a fast process but it can get better. Hold on to that. It will be bad for awhile, but you can do it.
Your friends don't want your brand, they want you.

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I got a butterscotch bath bomb from the con, and now my bf is convinced I pissed in the tub.

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hey anon i understand what yr going through and empathize way too much with it. i actually deal with a lot of the same mental problems and also have brain damage and have also recently dealt with my partner cheating on me. i know right now it's hard but there's a lot of people that would really miss you i'm sure, you can always reach out to your friends i doubt they would turn you down if you needed help. keep your dresses and don't write a will, like the other anon said, your friends would rather you be alive than have your stuff. while you're looking for another job why don't you try to babysit or dog walk? it's not a lot of money at first but it's an easy steady job that will at least help you bring in a little money until you get a call back from a potential employer. if you need someone to talk to or need help please don't hesitate to drop an email and i can try my hardest to do what i can for you

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Yes I tried reporting her and the mods were like ‘fuck off’.

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On one hand, don't kill yourself. Shit happens, life will change. It's just money. It's nothing worth dying over.

On the other hand, pills will make you dependent if you fail. Stick a forkin a toaster and be done. That's my plan if shit goes too far south

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On one hand, don't kill yourself. Shit happens, life will change. It's just money. It's nothing worth dying over.

On the other hand, pills will make you dependent if you fail. Stick a fork in a toaster and be done. That's my plan if shit goes too far south

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I know you don't want to hear any of this, but you are not lost. Your life is not over. The shitty feelings won't last forever. And yes, there is a way to live with your diagnosis and still find happiness in life. You are only 22 years old. Many people struggle at that age and don't know their place in this world yet. Many people fail at what they thought they wanted to achieve in life. Many people lose everything when they are young. As harsh, as this sounds: Start over again. The good thing is, you are still young and you can do anything if you start now. You are not destined to stuck with this situation. Seriosuly. Move, learn something new, change your career, forget the people who hurt you. And it's not true that you aren't loved. Otherwise you wouldn't leave that note to your friends. Reach out to those friends! Talk to someone irl. Seek out for help! And please don't attempt suicide in one of one most inefficient ways. You will regret it later.

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i would be mad too desu

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There's this absolutely beautiful, one-of-a-kind piece I've been trying to buy for over a year now. The seller never responded to my questions about the sizing (she didn't list any measurements on her listing) so I didn't get it in fear that it wouldn't fit and I'd have trouble selling it. But a year passed, the listing was still up and I still loved it as much as I loved it the first day I saw it. So I bought the listing, thinking if it doesn't fit I would just display it in my room or something, since it was just that beautiful. And if they never sent out the item I could start a case and get my money back. Well, the seller finally did get back to me, but only to tell me she sold it to someone in person a long time ago. I know maybe I'm stupid for waiting for so long to purchase the listing since it's obviously what got her to respond but I was trying to be patient waiting for her answer and now I'm just frustrated and sad.

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>Stick a fork in a toaster and be done.
Pretty sure they built in a mechanism for this nowadays. Just slit your throat or buy pentobarbital if you aren't in a hurry.

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How do I get a new cosplay gf? The last one was pretty cool but she moved to another country. I want another.

Just learned that the girl I had my eye on is married to a normal.

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That’s super shitty of the seller to keep the listing up all that time, why on earth would she do that? I’m sorry anon.

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Did they really? I'll have to buy an older toaster, then. I'm pretty sure that there's all sorts of stuff on electric sockets that make sticking a fork in those harder to accomplish.

I suppose it's ironic, that learning that it is harder to kill myself than I thought is bumming me the fuck out.

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I can relate to this. Did you try to make friends or reach out to the girl they were making fun of? It's corny but be the change you want to see.

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i'm >>10154188 and i tried slicing my wrists and hanging myself at the same time and all i got from that was brain damage, a week in a hospital, and a 600 dollar medical bill

>> No.10154357 [DELETED] 

(sorry for same) but it's actually way harder to kill yourself than you think and it's usually at impulsive moments since the human body will typically reject most self harm. it's why cutters and other people with self harm issues usually don't do it for attention it's out of impulsive behavior to feel something other than what they feel at that moment

>> No.10154364 [DELETED] 


Ngl that isn’t bad, I was in the hospital for 12 hours and I had a $1200 bill after insurance.

>> No.10154366 [DELETED] 

It’s possible to regenerate your brain anon, got a throwaway email so we can chat?

>> No.10154367 [DELETED] 

I had a panic attack from smoking weed and called an ambulance to take me to the hospital.
(Legit thought I was dying, my entire body, brain, mind, and heart (and breasts for some reason?) were all in excruciating pain)
didn’t have insurance and it costed me roughly 10k, I can post proof if you want lmao

>> No.10154368 [DELETED] 

And blazeit-chan’s will say weed is harmless

>> No.10154370 [DELETED] 

I literally want to kill those people.

People with high levels of dopamine and serotonin naturally tend to have a negative reaction of weed because chronic usages activates the 5-HT2A receptor in the brain causing panic disorders (what I have) and anxiety.

For about three months I had non-stop panic disorder, now it’s a little more controlled but I have adrenal fatigue and low DHEA in my brain (had the hormone tests results come in the other day, another $300 bill I didn’t have insurance for lel) and I’m literally not the same person.

I’m taking medicine now to get my hormones back to normal (certain vitamins) and I just pray I can return back to the person I used to be before I smoked.

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My grandfather passed away recently. I'm going to go see him for the last time tomorrow at his funeral or whatever it's called. This is the first time anyone has passed in my life and it sucks. I'm terrified of seeing my family all crying tomorrow, I'd rather just hole myself up in my house and do anything else. More than that, I ordered a dress prior to all this happening and I think it's being held up at customs and it's really annoying because it'll most likely arrive tomorrow or the day after where I'm supposed to be out all day. I just don't know what to do gulls, I've become so depressed and this is such a horrible time. I can only hope that time will just pass faster so these feelings and pain will soften and I can get back to living. Does anyone have any advice for this sort of thing?

>> No.10154379

I'm sorry about your grandfather Anon, but your wish to stay at home and not do anything is a bad idea. You're trying to avoid the pain of his passing, instead of facing it head on. Why are you so afraid of seeing your family crying? A funeral and the events leading up to it usually bring families together for both good and bad. As much as death hurts it can reunite the living. I want to suppose your family wants to see you. Please go there.

In regards to your dress, I don't suppose you have any friends who can house sit for you on short notice? You didn't mention where you're from, but there should also be papers you can sign and put on your door which asks the deliverymen to either leave the package unattended or give it to a neighbor of your choice. If you find the neighbor option I think they need to have a slip of permission with your name on it too.

But really I think that dress is just your excuse to avoid your family matters. Be depressed, you have a right to mourn, but don't just fall into apathy and despair. I believe in you!

>> No.10154380

It's a ghost, but funnily enough it's called a sentient fart in the show too

>> No.10154388

I went and saw him on the night he passed, but it was after he passed away. The sight of him just lying there... He looked terrible. As cruel as it sounds, I almost regret seeing him like that. That person there didn't feel like my grandpa. I'm of course going to go tomorrow, because that's what I'm obliged to do, but I don't know how long I'll be staying there for. The day after he passed I had a huge emotional breakdown. Crying, shaking, vomiting, the whole lot. I hated feeling like that. It was terrifying. I felt like I was going to die. The reason I'm scared of going is because seeing my family cry will probably put me in a state like that again, and I don't know how to cope when I'm like that. My world just falls apart. It's also complicated because I'm not on very good terms with my family. I ran away after they did terrible things to me, but now I have to see them all again, almost forcefully because of grandpa's passing. I wanted to see them on my own terms, in my own time, but I'm obliged to see them now as well, and it's messing me up. The only thing that's kept me out of being a complete immobile sobbing wreck is distracting myself, and I feel like I've been able to heal somewhat by interacting with my friends and doing my hobbies like normal. I don't feel like there's anything I can do aside from that. I haven't found my answer to his death yet. Knowing that he's in peace and not suffering, knowing that he'd want the best for me right now, none of those excuses work. It feels like there's nothing I can do aside from that.

I have been thinking that I should just leave a note on the door for my dress, I should probably just do that really. I'm talking about the dress as well because it's also making me stressed, but also to keep somewhat on topic. I appreciate you responding to me anon.

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>Wore Lolita out in public by myself for the first time
>Feel confident
>People seem to like it
>It was a wholesome and positive experience
Feels good

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Yeah I was nice to her and started just being even nicer afterwards. I mean even if she's a bit weird and maybe that makes you not wanna be her close friend doesn't mean you shouldn't at LEAST treat her with respect. I feel bad if she keeps going back but I don't wanna be there to see those people be garbage.

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My vote is for not going if your family’s as bad as you reference them to be.
Your grandpa is dead, nothing more, nothing less.
All those memories of him exist inside you only, you don’t need to create new traumatic memories or otherwise anytime you think of him in the future you’ll think about the bad memories.

You’re mental state comes first, the living over the dead.

>> No.10154400

We've been getting better and been on better terms recently, but I'm still just not really ready to see them like this. My ma watched him die, and my nan isn't really helping her cope since she's gone into full denial so she's trying to vent to me instead. But the problem is that she's the one who's done most of these things to me, but she made it all the more complicated recently by doing what seems to be an actual honest apology of the way she's treated me over the years, but I just feel like now isn't a good time to deal with that. I'd been waiting for years for that apology. Why'd she have to do it now? It's just all too much. I think I'll go, but I won't stay for long. Just give my respects to my grandpa and then leave. You're not wrong about the memories though anon. But people tell me I need to see these things to get closure or something, so I don't really know.

>> No.10154404

This was me when I saw Chick-Chan on CC for like $50 and missed him by less than a minute. I cried and had an awful week and pretty much hated everything.
Pretty soon after one popped up on Mercari for $120 (confirmed it wasn't a reseller, different condition) and I bought it. Sometimes I'm happy when stuff comes up more expensive than what others are willing to pay because it means I can get it without fighting. I'm also just stupid for throwing cash at problems, but whatever, I have Chick-Chan now.

TLDR; I hope it pops up again for you and you can outpay the broke itas.

>> No.10154408

>Puts plush in cart on phone
>Ask if I can use the computer really fast so I can order it
>Gets told no
>"Please it's really urgent"
>Says okay
>Checks cart again
>Fucking gone, they sold out
>Gets really angry at the person who told me know
>"Anon, I didn't tell you no I said you can order it"
>No you fucking didn't
>Sobs and wants to die till this day

>> No.10154409

sorry you couldnt have it lmao the salt mines are growing larger

>> No.10154412

Wait, you had to ask for permission to use the computer? I hope this was like 10 years ago.

>> No.10154413 [DELETED] 

>People with high levels of dopamine and serotonin naturally tend to have a negative reaction of weed because chronic usages activates the 5-HT2A receptor in the brain causing panic disorders (what I have) and anxiety.

Seeing that you know quite a lot about the affects of smoking pot while having panic disorders, why would you smoke pot in the first place if you know you have these disorders?

>> No.10154414

>I'm terrified of seeing my family all crying tomorrow, I'd rather just hole myself up in my house and do anything else.
Seriously don't do this. Someone really close to me died and I was so depressed about going to the funeral that I didn't, and I'm still hurting because I didn't get to see them before they were buried
Just go to the rosary and funeral. Try to get your dress from customs.

>> No.10154415 [DELETED] 

If you're anywhere near a large city, just look for a tall parking garage. Preferably 4 stories or more. Look near major universities, large shopping complexes, and amusement parks or sporting venues...any place they need to cram a large amount of cars into a limited area.
Roof access usually isn't restricted on these structures, and most of them don't really have any kind of high fence or anything to keep you from jumping.
At least that's my plan.

>> No.10154416

We only had one computer at the time and my shipping info and account for the site was on it. I have my passwords saved on my laptop so I can order it fast. They were on it, studying so I asked if I could use it really fast.
It was a span of probably 5 minutes. I was pretty upset and now the plush is being sold for $200+

>> No.10154417 [DELETED] 

weed affects different people in different ways, it's the main reason they haven't been able to make a definitive test yet like a breathalyzer, for police to be able to tell if you're driving under the influence.

>> No.10154418 [DELETED] 

You know this can be reported to the FBI right? And everyone telling anon to kill themselves and giving them ways to commit suicide can be put in prison?

>> No.10154421 [DELETED] 

>reporting anon
go right ahead, I use a vpn so you can even give the fbi my ip if it makes you feel better.

>> No.10154422 [DELETED] 

I didn’t have this disorder until I smoked, also didn’t find about a lot of things about me genetically until I checked my genes with 23andMe (using the raw data not the normal reports).
Everything I know now is hindsight obviously.

>> No.10154423

In this case, I'm sorry anon. I hope you're able to get it one day.

>> No.10154425 [DELETED] 

thats not how reporting for the fbi works but okay idiot

>> No.10154426

It's okay, I've accepted I won't be able to get it for anything cheaper than $200 even though its original cost was $37 :^)

>> No.10154427 [DELETED] 

You understand that VPN's don't keep you 100% safe, right? Especially if you use Facebook or most easily hackable social media.

>> No.10154444

Fuck, that's terrible. Be strong, anon

>> No.10154449

When my father was dying, there were a lot of moments where my family was together in a room discussing how to go on. We'd all devolve into tears and sobs, but the most boisterous laughter would follow. I dreaded going to his funeral. I slept a majority of the day before it happened and made sure to eat and drink because I knew that I'd cry myself to exhaustion and dehydration the next day. Of course we had our share of tears, but I also saw the way that my family came together to comfort one another. Sharing funny stories and our favorite memories of him eased the pain, even if it was followed by the ache of not getting to experience any more with him. That ache of longing and missing someone who meant so much to you will never leave, but neither will the love and joy that they brought into your life. Life doesn't "get easier", but you become more accustomed to living with the grief. Be patient with yourself, cry, put your grief on the side for a while to take a breath, and chase every bit of happiness that you can. I picked up sewing as a hobby shortly after he passed and I'm close to finishing my first garment now a year later. It didn't "save my life" but having something to keep preoccupied has helped immensely. Like many things in life, it's a balancing act. You'll find your peace soon, I promise. My condolences about your grandfather, anon. May your dream dress find its way into your closet.

>> No.10154451

Different anon, but closure is subjective. You might find closure at his funeral or you might not. Personally, I didn't find mine there or at the grave site. There is no guidebook to how grieving must be done. You need to follow the path that your heart guides you. No one expects you to be whole at a funeral. Everyone is grieving too. It's okay not to be okay.

>He looked terrible. As cruel as it sounds, I almost regret seeing him like that
It's not at all. My grandparents asked for an open casket for my father when he passed and it was the most traumatizing thing for my mothers, sisters, and I. He looked like the dummy Will from Stranger Things. It looked like he was made of plastic and inflated like a balloon. It hurt so much to see him looking so cold and posed like a doll. We all agreed that we would never allow an open casket to happen to our loved ones again.

>> No.10154452

I've been going to a pretty popular anime convention for years. I've cosplayed, gone to events, room parties, but I haven't made any friends despite this being my 15th year going...I'm so old now I feel out of touch with what's popular. I've never really gotten on with other nerds in general though.

>> No.10154454

DA, but I'm sorry that you're hurt from missing their funeral, anon.

>> No.10154479

>I know that feel bro
>not sis

>> No.10154488 [DELETED] 

Do you have any idea how many times per minute someone is told to kill themselves on this site? Jesus Christ

>> No.10154489

If you've had fun going to cons by yourself, then continue going solo!
I lost count of all the cons I went to that were ruined by the "friends" and shitty people
what cons do you go to? you can drop a throwaway email if you'd like

>> No.10154492 [DELETED] 
File: 86 KB, 500x281, 1541237109747.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

get a load of this faggot

>> No.10154505 [DELETED] 

I feel like I've been misleading. I tend to room with friends from my hometown who are breddy gud ppl. I just really want to meet new people at conventions which is something I fail to do for some reason. You can have my discord AlleywayJ4ck#5791

>> No.10154507

I didn't mean to be misleading, but I'm never totally solo, I usually room with friends from my hometown who are a cool buncha dorks but I've never been able to make friends with anyone at a con. If you want, you can have my discord AlleywayJ4ck#5791

>> No.10154528 [DELETED] 
File: 22 KB, 211x202, 1528326429564.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Go back to Gaia

>> No.10154660

>last year get very sick around this time give or take a month
>can’t go to cons I planned to, can’t go on vacations I planned to, can’t do anything
>get misdiagnosed with something that’s supposed to kill me
>every one of my “friends” but one turns out to be a huge dick and not understanding at all
>spiral into the worst depressive episode I’ve ever had
>eventually my health and depression gets so bad I have to quit my job around the holiday season starting entirely
>don’t talk to my one remaining friend, think she must hate me because I’ve gone silent due to said massive depressive episode
>do nothing but lay in bed, can’t do much of anything anyway so figure there’s no point in trying
>can’t really even wear lolita, one of the things that mean the most to me in the world, because I’m just laying around in bed/on the sofa sleeping most of the day
>find out diagnosis was wrong, I get to live a fairly normal length of life(probably) just in shitty conditions, have to take tons of medication despite my strong aversion to doing so and deal with major limitations
>still depressed, still ignoring everyone just laying in bed for months
>a while back I message my friend feeling like an asshole for being MIA
>she’s super understanding
>my mood perks up some at how kind she is
>keep trying to push myself to stop being massively depressive Couchpotato
>strength is no where near where it was but I try to incorporate things I used to do into my life again
>try wearing lolita even if it’s just to go into my living room and sit down again
>try listening to music that used to make me really happy again
>try exercising to build my strength so I can walk like a normal person and go to cons again

I honestly thought I’d probably kms through just finally deciding to stop getting out of bed for food and water at some point, but things are looking up. I’m still sick and sad a lot of the time but it’s like there’s hope now.

>> No.10154661 [DELETED] 
File: 61 KB, 500x563, 80yearsoldinababydress.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

AYRT It's the easy convenience of the outlets and the ability to die on my own home that made the option appealing to me. It's fast and can be accomplished without much prep.
Hanging was my second choice but >>10154354 didn't have much luck with it, so who knows.

Maybe I'll have to suck it up and die at 80 in a AtiePie dress.

>> No.10154685

As someone who also has major depression, I can say without a doubt just wearing lolita has helped me a lot.
Ive actually mostly been able to keep up on house work.
Working on leaving the house more, but babysteps.
Take babysteps for yourself and you'll do fine.

>> No.10154718 [DELETED] 

I'm so tired of being ugly.

>> No.10154723

Didn't you post this already in another thread?

>> No.10154737

I posted a while back about it before when I was still just laying around without even the strength to wear lolita about how I was upset I couldn’t wear it but it’s been a while since then, I think about a month?, and the situation has changed. Are you really trying to police peoples posting as their situation changes in the feels thread? I don’t see the problem with it since it’s technically on topic. Why not be concerned the absolutely unrelated “tfwnogf” posts instead of my post about finally feeling better to wear lolita and trying to get the strength to go to cons?

Leaving the house really depends on how much strength I have on any given day but I’m pushing myself more than I was. I recently went through and organized my closet that I had left a mess and that really helped cheer me up.

>> No.10154741
File: 2.68 MB, 500x404, 305C1858-0429-4D85-9411-1DC8D81B46BC.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>celebrated my 1st year anniversary with my boyfriend over the weekend
>wore the same Angelic Pretty dress I wore on our first date
>went to the same bar we had our first date
>got drunk
>went to a drag show
>stayed in a nice hotel
it was perfect, I’m so happy gulls

>> No.10154744

people posting followups is nothing new

glad youre feeling better anon! im cheering you on

>> No.10154748

My husband absolutely hates lolita & jfashion/jculture in general.

There was a con in our city a few months back and there happened to be a lolita meet at a restuarant we go to often. This was the first time I'd seen lolitas in public and my husband made a comment like, "Why are they dressed up like giant babies?" and then proceeded to rant about how stupid/embarrassing it is to dress up in public like that. We are very much ying and yang in that he is very practical black&white and I've been the more creative, open-minded one, so it's hard for me to be upset with him for it because I know it's his nature to be unsettled by stuff like this.

I have always enjoyed dressing up in fancy clothing and ever since encountering lolita online a few years back I've wanted to try it. I just know it would create a rift at home especially around buying pieces which my husband would see as a huge waste.


>> No.10154753 [DELETED] 
File: 62 KB, 486x332, 1554505687883.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Get a load of this ultranigger

>> No.10154754 [DELETED] 

Me too anon. Looking in the mirror makes me wanna vomit. Save up to go to korea and get facial reconstruction surgery.

>> No.10154761

Rather than leave him it sounds like you guys need to set some boundaries or get couples therapy about what to insult in front of each other, and how to be sensitive to each other's tastes...

>> No.10154766

What not to* insult

>> No.10154773 [DELETED] 

God don’t go to one of those places. They do such a bad fake job.

>> No.10154787 [DELETED] 

What do you mean? I thought SK was the best place in the world for cheap but safe surgery

>> No.10154791 [DELETED] 

Me too anon but I'm 25 and unemployed so it's just downhill from here. Maybe if I sell my brand I'll be able to get fillers but lolita is the only thing keeping me going now

>> No.10154792 [DELETED] 
File: 161 KB, 1280x1280, A56F59EC-0372-4C33-80E2-0593108BE5E2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I got my wisdom teeth out 4 days ago and this is the first time I’ve been able to eat. Mashed potatoes have never been so good.
I bought a few new outfits in the hopes that I’ll be healed enough to feel pretty in them by the time they get here.
I know I’ll heal eventually, but my swelling hasn’t improved much and I’ve just been bedridden the whole time so far. My fiancé made me an Easter basket with my favorite candy for when I get better, and has been so sweet, even when I was a puking, sobbing mess the first day.

>> No.10154865

Your wisdom teeth situation sounds much worse than mine. I only had 3, got them all removed, then ate a cheeseburger the next day. Feel better soon.

>> No.10154872 [DELETED] 

>in a very healthy and happy long-term relationship
>friend has always given me shit about my relationship
>has only met my s/o a handful on times, but friend is in my discord where i complain occasionally
>dont talk about s/o online otherwise
>dunking on my s/o whenever possible and in turn me for being stupid for sticking with them
>makes me feel like shit

>meet friend's longtime friend turned girlfriend
>hypes our friend group up super hard for her
>literally the WORST PERSON
>hyper aggressive feminazi
>I'm talking about yelling at us for being kind to our waiter because he was a dude
>Constantly insulting our friend in front of her
>yknow, the person she's dating
>being equally critical of us
>wouldn't let us talk about anything she didn't care about
>talking about her sex life after only knowing her for a few days
>in general being wildly inconsiderate to everyone else around her
>feel less like shit

>> No.10154880 [DELETED] 

Yiiiiiikes. I'm pretty sjw and not quiet about it but that new gf sounds like a complete asshole trying to use ideology to justify her narcissistic assholery. There's no good reason to be rude to men for existing wtf

>> No.10154885 [DELETED] 

Why are you here? This whole place mocks SJWs

>> No.10154889

It seemed like the same post to me, calm down. No need to get this defensive.

>> No.10154890 [DELETED] 

Meh, I can laugh at myself and at the assholes who say they agree with me but don't practice what they preach. I'm not here for ideological discussion or to change anyone's mind, I'm just here to look at coords, buy shit, and gossip about dresses

>> No.10154891 [DELETED] 

Not the Op but I can’t imagine feeling the need to a cripple who’s post was about feeling better even if she did repost

>> No.10154898 [DELETED] 

I'm also what some far-right might call sjw but I can see the shit some femi-nazis pull for what it is...shit. And hypocrisy. 4chan hating sjws doesn't bother me.

>> No.10154899

Not the Op but I can’t imagine feeling the need to nitpick a cripple who’s post was about feeling better even if she did repost

>> No.10154900
File: 80 KB, 500x707, e573b8fdbcc9d26895d102ae52b28600.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw no gimp bf

>> No.10154902

Why do other people's outfits affect him so much? I think you should talk to him about having public rants about things that shouldn't affect his day at all. He might think we dress like babies, but he actually acts like one.

>> No.10154907
File: 125 KB, 1200x923, 2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

My cosplay comm is rapidly falling apart lmao. The discord never talks about cosplay or conventions anymore, it's just interpersonal drama over absolutely nothing. In high school drama wasn't even this petty. I don't have this issue in other areas of my life- it feels like people act their age and have their shit together for the most part pretty much everywhere except cosplay. Even my fairly autistic dnd group can sort out problems diplomatically. Going to cons on my own or with normies doesn't cut it though, so I guess I'm just going to stick around at a small distance.

>> No.10154908

Assuming he doesn't know you are interested in it you could just tell him and explain why you like it.
It would only be a "leave him" situation if he knew you liked it and was being mean about it.
He might never be on board 100% but if you explain your side and agree to disagree it isn't so bad. That said if you want to do lolita he should also not be angry unless you are spending outside your means. Hobbies are separate and he should be understanding that you don't have to always like the same things.

>> No.10154985

DA, but have you considered selling that person's guts on the black market? I mean I think it's a fair trade at this point for the money lost

>> No.10154988

There's nothing in the world that you get done that's cheap, safe, and good all at the same time.

>> No.10154990

Oof, anon I know that feel. I got lockjaw after my surgery (it was a long one because I had a nerve wrapped around one of my wisdom teeth that they had to avoid or else I could've been permanently numb in the jaw). It took a week to open my jaw a quarter of the way and two weeks to get to half open. By the time I returned back to normal, I didn't want to see another bowl of soup for years. Don't forget to clean out your gums when the doctor gives you the ok.

>> No.10155011 [DELETED] 

karma is a bitch

>> No.10155015

This sounds like my life currently

>> No.10155017 [DELETED] 

implying gaia is a shit site
you were there too anon

>> No.10155018

Sorry anon that really sucks. What was the item?

>> No.10155066
File: 171 KB, 480x480, 6e8.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>it's another "cosplayer i seriously looked up to, dropped my money on, and wholesomely loved turns out to be yet another fake bitch jackass" episode
why am i so retarded holy fuck

>> No.10155073

>dropped money on
There was your mistake m8

>> No.10155112

honestly, that was not a nice thing of him to say in general. doesn't matter if he doesn't like the fashion or whatever, to sit & be judgy to the point of namecalling is very childish behavior. i wouldn't tolerate that behavior in my own partner regardless of what it's related to. stand your ground on that one & help your partner to do better as a person.
it's a different story how they may react to you having an interest in lolita fashion, because as your partner they should support your interests. it's ok for him to not feel fully comfortable with it immediately. i know my partner doesn't like the attention that goes w wearing lolita & that's totally fine. but he'd never name call or say it's embarrassing, bc it's important to me & i enjoy it.
anyway the point is what he said was kinda rude & you can def call him out on that. in a loving / supportive way.

>> No.10155117

As a POC cosplayer (kinda cosplay) I'm tired of people trying to force dialogue about race. Like shit. I just wanna go to a con and not having to see those "diversity panels" on the schedule.

I hate the label "Blerd" . All these calls for inclusivity while self-segregating. Makes me feel disconnected from the whole thing.

>> No.10155122
File: 34 KB, 378x411, F54B91EB-EDAE-49A4-AF57-859DE484E358.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Super excited to go to con this year
>Set up and manage a group of friends to go
>Been planning it for months, making my own cosplay for the first time
>Apply for the masquerade and get in
>Super stressed but trying to be positive and convince myself I'll do great and have a great time
>The morning of after working on my cosplay for 36 hours straight on top of stress and my mental disorder, I snap after I realize my cosplay doesnt look as good as i wanted it to
>Convinced I don't deserve to go at all and that I am a horrible human being that doesn't deserve to have fun or be happy
>Don't go, hang myself and overdose, end up staying at home the entire con alone in the dark after I fail

im so ashamed of myself

>> No.10155127 [DELETED] 
File: 288 KB, 966x1024, 1547667261097.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw mono
>tfw will feel like completely exhausted for another few weeks

>> No.10155139

Who comes up with this shit? I'm with you on all the diversity panels, though.
All the "minorities/lgbt/feminism in anime" panels are consistently dumpster fires and my local con even has regular-ass meetups taking up panel slots so Anon's "Making armor on a budget" panel gets rejected to make room for the hour-long autism meetup or lgbtqxyz meet because, for some reason, they can't just organize that shit on their own like the photoshoots have to.

>> No.10155166 [DELETED] 

Off topic but these are my feels

I don’t know man, does the world just kinda suck or what? I’m not sad really, I mean I am but it’s a different feeling, melancholy I guess. There’s so much shit happening and people do so many horrible things. I cannot understand why people are as awful as they are. And nothing is going to change. I wish I wasn’t such a coward but that’s just what I’m supposed to me, I always hide behind others and I don’t do anything to change things

People like me are what is ruining this place, cowards that do nothing are just as bad as the people causing harm, that’s what I am.

>> No.10155199 [DELETED] 

If you're a coward then support people who ARE fixing the problem. Throw them a dollar or an hour of your time. It'll make things better and you'll feel less like human garbage

>> No.10155267
File: 58 KB, 900x640, bb3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Never forget coffee bath bomb girl.

>> No.10155289 [DELETED] 

Probably it’s not just being coward, but it’s just because deep inside you’re okay with what you have and aren’t motivated to change anything.

>> No.10155293 [DELETED] 

Same anon. I first got the internet in early 1990s and it was heaven.

>> No.10155334


I am not said anon but I also spoke to the mods about chestnutlili being milkyuki and they said they'd be happy to ban them immediately as long as they had actual proof. They said that for hanayoku and chestnutlili, someone had offered them screenshots of their paypal invoices that proved it. and that if they had something similar, they could ban them, but that no one provided proof.

>> No.10155490

anyone notice that the jannies delete all posts that don't lick the insta-popular white lolita's asses, but when gulls shit talk asian lolitas the posts are left untouched? it's been happening a lot in the CoF and insta threads lmao

>> No.10155493
File: 72 KB, 400x600, IMG_20190423_181410.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw no lolita friends
Every lolita I've met was not friend material, lives too far away or is too busy to become a good friend. I don't want someone to sit next to at meet-ups sometimes, I want someone I can regularly hang out with. I'm starting to think meets are not the right way to find a lolita friend.

>> No.10155495

They deleted a ton of posts in the Japanese CoF thread for no reason

>> No.10155496


>> No.10155497

Personally I ghost people because I have social anxiety and it's draining to interact with people

>> No.10155530

i have a lot of anxiety too but instead of ghosting people you can just say "hey, having lots of social anxiety, cant make the hang today."

>> No.10155614

I don't think it's a matter of white or asian. It might just be lack of jannies/mods in general to question decisions.

>> No.10155639
File: 66 KB, 720x708, 89e.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Someone on LM messaged me asking if I'd sell them an item for 50% less than my starting auction price and ship it to them for free. I'm not sure how to respond. "I'm a lolita doing a closet cleanout sale, not a crackhead pawning off my belongings" is tempting, but probably not appropriate.

>> No.10155642

“Thank you for your interest but I will only take reasonable offers into consideration.” Stops them from trying again with something stupid.

>> No.10155644

Back when chocolate rosette wasn’t released a million times I had a salopette listed up around $200 and someone offered me $90. I just ignored it.

>> No.10155656

To some people that's even worse. I've had some very bad reactions to things like that so I just ghost now.

>> No.10155659


Last time I offered a BIN that was lower than actual BIN, but higher than the bidding price. She fucked off being like “lol that’s too expensive.” I ended up selling the dress for the actual BIN price because guess what lots of people want it.

What’s up with these people man.

>> No.10155662

you was able to get one the first time
so you will get one a second time

>> No.10155663

Was this Byoku? She’s sent me rude messages before

>> No.10155666

aw cute, keep being in love

>> No.10155668

Your boyfriend sounds fun, glad you had a nice time!

>> No.10155959

Jannies delete posts really arbitrarily, I've seen super offtopic posts get left up and my offtopic ones get deleted. It's a total crapshoot.

>> No.10155961
File: 149 KB, 1520x854, 15723759676074.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>be me
>be single older dude
>take care of myself
>don't actually look that old
>younger friends find out I'm into anime, vidya, /tg/ing
>convince me to cosplay with them
>go to cons with my younger friends
>always get complements on my cosplays
>been cosplaying for 6 years since
>go for the lulz, stay for the weebness
>make friends every time, ladies usually want pics with me
>some will tell me that they were hunting for me the day before to get a pic
>can't ever tell if I'm being hit on or if my cosplays just rock
>so dense I can't tell if I'm someone else's con crush

I'm wary of ones too young but I'd be over the moon if I met a gal somewhat closer to my age who was into cosplay.
What are the signs, lady gulls?

>> No.10155971

>be me, at a con, snuck alcohol in and am mixing a monster and vodka in the bathroom
>have everything spread around it, bag on the hook, vodka and monster on the toilet paper dispenser
>realize I kind of have to shit, think meh, might as well sit down and take a dump while i'm downing the mix
>the toilet flushes when I set the toilet paper down on the seat and I wait for the water to settle
>it's not settling
>there's a fuckton of toilet paper stuck in the bottom
>it starts overflowing
>in my drunken stupor I start collecting everything I have while I'm dancing around trying to avoid the dirty water on the floor
>run out of the bathroom
>as I leave, the janitor comes in
>scream internally "IT WASNT ME"
>avoid that bathroom for the rest of the day

daydrinking was pretty fun though

>> No.10155977

An instagram popular kawaii fashion thot type girl is joining my lolita comm and for the first meet she's attending she's decided to wear a kiss me cat replica in an OTT way, with a cat head sceptre, a fish shaped bag ( because kitties eat fish so it works <3 ), cat ears and angel wings. Because that makes sense. IDEK

> It's not even an OTT meet
> I was planning my own more casual angel cord and I feel a bit annoyed they've decided to shove wings into this ita sounding monstrosity.
> Her white knights will probably praise her and tell her she looks amazing and validate that somehow it's not a total mishmash of themes and is definitely correct lolita
> I'm too chickenshit to tell her it sounds terrible because I don't want the drama

I'm fucking triggered that she's probably going to get shit tonnes of attention and praise when she's going to looks like such a hot mess, claiming to be "lolita" when she's wearing a replica of the most casual-tier dress and shoving random incoherent elements onto it.

>> No.10155978

depends on how old you are, your job, and your appearance mate

>> No.10155986

if she seems overly eager, gets super close for the photos and asks for your instagram/facebook/social media she might be interested in you and probably not mind if you started to chat with them.

If you you to reciprocate, send them a message and say "thanks for the follow, thanks for taking a pic with me at the con, it was nice meeting you at the con and i hope you had a good time" or some BS to open a communication channel. If she replies in a way to begin a conversation i.e more than just "it was good to meet you too, thanks" I'd say that she's interested in getting to know you.

If I was trying to get with a hot cosplayer, and they personally messaged me, I'd be thrilled and would then try to create continued communication. Something like. "What con are you going to next? What's your next cosplay? I'd be interested in hearing about how you made the costume, what other cosplay do you want to do? It was a great cosplay, why did you choose that character?" Anything to get the conversation rolling.

If someone is actively trying to carry on a conversation like that then it's usually safe to assume they may have an interest and through that same conversation you can gauge how interested they are. Once the conversation "ends" see if they message you back later or closer to another con. If someone is looking forward to you being somewhere and will be looking for you to chat with. it's also a good sign.

Alternatively if you're passive and are more willing to make the first move, ask the girl for her instagram or something after any pics so you can follow her or just ask "hey would you want to chat more over social media?". If she says no be respectful and just say no problem, thanks for the compliment on the cosplay and enjoy the con.

>> No.10156002

Just wear the fashion. He will eventually adapt.

>> No.10156018
File: 36 KB, 600x450, 1578923544577.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Wow, that was a solid and excellent answer.
Thank you for your wisdom senpai.

>> No.10156028
File: 58 KB, 374x522, 1548111506402.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Go to ship out a dress
>Guy that usually helps me at the post office is busy, get helped by another guy
>Set my pink bags and boxes in the counter
>"I need to ship this one overseas please!"
>He says a price within the estimated shipping cost, I decide to go for a decorative box for another dollar
>Price shoots up $13
>"Yeah some people don't know how much it costs to ship overseas......."
>Yes I am aware
>"Anyway fill out this form."
>Fill it out and close the box and we are ready to ship
>Go back to the counter to a girl my age
>Price is within the estimate plus the pretty box and everything goes smooth
Idk what his problem was

>> No.10156097

The only seem to delete based on what people report. If you're seeing a lot of off topic things being left up, fucking report them.

Have you tried the friend finder thread?

That's not how anxiety works for lot of people, and some people aren't public with their mental health issues.

>> No.10156115
File: 2.87 MB, 388x690, 1556075621954.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

dress him up while he's asleep

>> No.10156120

What's up with gulls acting like it's so horrible to receive a couple of messages about something they're selling? Some lolitas make lower offers because they're on a budget and it's worth trying, sometimes they can get good deals that way. If you're so bothered maybe put in your terms that nobody is allowed to message you offers and ignore them completely.

>> No.10156124


Are you on your period or something?? Not every employee who doesnt smile at you hates you. Get over it

>> No.10156193

My dream dress (in my preferred colorway) sold earlier for less than 10,000 yen. I feel really bummed, but I'm hoping it'll pop up again someday.

>> No.10156241

maybe if you didn’t treat feel entitled to give strangers attitude you wouldn’t be stuck working a retail job

>> No.10156246


this is why I do paypal nowadays. Saves on the customs form and I don't have to deal with clueless assholes.

>> No.10156247

>be me
>work full time
>lots of $$ to buy burando
>no time to wear it other than meets

>several friends unemployed/in college
>still somehow afford a lot of burando
>post coords almost every day
>get internet points

I know it's not all about posting on the web to show off, and this is a huge first world problem, but damn I feel like crap. I wish I could wear nice things more than once or twice a month.

>> No.10156249
File: 997 KB, 500x280, saintbundy.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw started a new full time job that makes $9 an hour, paid weekly, but Friday is the busiest day and I'm allowed to take one week day off of my choosing except that one
I got so excited to have money and weekends off to go to conventions and then realized I'd have to leave Friday evenings to get to them so what would even be the point to just show up for Saturday and Sunday?

>> No.10156257

I refuse to drop money on another cosplayer. That money could make my own cosplays better. That money could buy me a new blouse or something. I could get so much other shit.

Recently Cure introduced a cosplay 'token' they started messaging users about and it's pissing me off, like we need some other currency to exchange (it's like a bitcoin I guess?) just to shill out to 'fans' and sell prints or whatever. I get if you'd wanna have a convenient global exchange if say, you sell props or comissions, but they clearly had this entire shitty comic drawn advertising it in the way I imagine most losers on IG visualize someone else paying for their hobby.

I was getting excited that cure/worldcosplay might be the place to go since cosplay.com is still struggling to rise from the grave, but I jumped the gun.

>> No.10156259

That really sucks, sorry you went through that. I'm a Lolita so I don't know much about cosplay websites, but honestly it sounds like a bit of a scam. It's sad that you lost money, but I hope you can enjoy using that extra bit of cash on your own stuff now!

>> No.10156298

i'm not petty enough to do it, I'd rather have feels thread be off topic as fuck as the containment thread, but there's a couple of real petti ass people on this board that get REAL mad for no conceivable reason

>> No.10156306


I'm not the original anon, sorry. I'm sorry they lost their money too. People asking for handouts for cosplay are my least favorite kind of cosplayer. There's way too much else to spend your money on.

I don't think Cure is a scam. It's the largest Japan based cosplay hosting site out there. They're just selling out because it's a trend now.

>> No.10156308

Anon it's only one day away, and if you're into staying out at night you still have Friday night

>> No.10156315

Maybe customers don't like being treated like a problem or be given the wrong prices. Or treated like an idiot, when I knew for a fact that wasn't the right shipping price. The girl who helped me wasn't beaming with joy but she got it done.

>> No.10156334
File: 158 KB, 478x463, 80A37C2D-995D-47FC-8971-C2E18F96EDB4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>getting excited over $9 an hour

>> No.10156338

Suppose so but it seems like nothing ever happens on Sundays since people are trying to leave at checkout.

Middle of Bumfuck, Nowhere. I'm lucky I'm not working in fast food for $7 an hour.

>> No.10156347

I'm a NEET and honestly I afford most of my burando by selling what I've worn a few times. And I don't have any savings because I'll probably kms in the next few years.

>> No.10156363
File: 38 KB, 643x425, EBC59CCC-8F28-4471-BAF8-0BBB896EAD78.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw I’m considering becoming an Ana-chan until I feel comfortable in my brand but don’t want to become addicted bc I’m a pussy

I love lolita and cosplay but I just feel like I’m not built for it and there’s nothing I can do to fix it bc I’ll never look the way I want.

>> No.10156365

Just start selling used socks or panties instead

Lose weight healthily pls
Don't buy into body positivity bullshit btw

>> No.10156366

Its not petty to report something if its against board culture or rules. I think it is fairly petty to insinuate the mods/jannies are intentionally allowing it to go unchecked because of some weird weeb conspiracy tho. Just start reporting the posts you think are shit talking asians or w/e and watch as they disappear.

>> No.10156372

There's ways to get tons thin weight by restricting normally and doing specific exercise to tone and not build. You dont need to kill your body for it.

>> No.10156374

Today I'm going to a nutritionist and have started running this week while also cutting down on carbs and sugar. I hope I can turn this around gulls, I would love to lose weight to fit smaller brand pieces and honestly I feel very determined to do it though my body hurts from all the running I've been doing.

>> No.10156376

Just run every other day not every day, or even every 2 days to start with. If you're going from sedentary you need some time to adjust

>> No.10156378

>Tone and not build
You need to build first before you can tone
Toning is just losing bodyfat to reveal muscle you have built.

>> No.10156419

That doesn't sell well if you stay anonymous

>> No.10156669

Your college friends are probably buying brand either with their financial aid refund checks or by selling plasma

>> No.10156679

This lightened my day. Thank you.

>> No.10156681
File: 68 KB, 320x320, 1508431009714.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

lost 50 pounds, I'm sexy as fuck now

>> No.10156682

I feel like someone should make a compilation of hilarious lolita moments for youtube

>> No.10156695

Like what? How?

>> No.10156700

If you become ana chan until you fit, you'll stop and just get even fatter than before. Don't even do that. I'm not sure what this mentality is that you have to eat a shit ton to get fat or nothing to get thin. There's other ways anon, just don't be lazy

>> No.10156713

Like all other countless funny compilations on youtube

>> No.10156724

But there aren't many lolitas on tiktok or YouTube and there weren't many on vine. Where will people get their funny clips from? I like the idea but it seems like there will be a lack of content

>> No.10156782
File: 127 KB, 300x500, WHAT DOES THIS MEAN.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why do people always ask "Where's [supporting character]" or "Where's your [prop]?" when they recognize the character you're cosplaying?
I mean, what do you want me to say?

>> No.10156784

They’re mocking you for being single, you don’t say anything.

>> No.10156921

theyre using FA to buy burando. probably at SAC and members of asian pop society where the dumbass idols blow their money on usakumyas they cant afford

>> No.10157297

I was hanging out with my boyfriends family and his brother pointed out some stars on my dress and i told him it was my theme. He then said "ok whatever your kink is" and im fucking confused as hell and creeped out. Does he think this shit is a fetish? Im autistic as hell and im not sure if im misreading this situation...

>> No.10157333

He's being an asshole, doesn't matter if he thinks it is or isn't. It's possible, but more than anything, he's fishing for an opening to put you/it down because he doesn't get it. Don't waste your time trying to explain.

>> No.10157350

imo it sounds like it was meant as a joke, he just has a different sense of humor
I'd ignore it for now but in the future make it clear you don't get it and (hopefully) he'll keep it for friends/family/whatever social group

>> No.10157438

Its worth it. Go for it anon!

>> No.10157445
File: 269 KB, 750x742, 0174AA6C-758F-48A4-9BD2-B5B305EC6297.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oof this is cute and all but I’d feel like shit having a bridesmaid wanting to wear Lolita and having to tell her no, but then saying yes to avoid a scene.

>> No.10157507

If she wore a dress just as glittery in the same color she wouldn't have stuck out so much. She looks adorable though

>> No.10157511 [DELETED] 


>> No.10157534

I know that he knows what it is because he has used the word lolita to refer to my outfits and hes interested in anime and other japanese media.

>> No.10157540

I assumed that was the bride because they looked different

>> No.10157544

Same. Though... Wouldn't a lolita bride also try to get lolita bridesmaids?

>> No.10157559

I'd say he knows that joking about fetishism a way to bust lolitas' chops

>> No.10157587

Plus she's in the center of the photo.

>> No.10157638

Nope, she is not only in the center of the brides mates photos, but in another she posted of the bride, she's right in front. I get wanting to put your hobbies in everything you do, but I would never have the balls to even dare mention wearing Lolita to a wedding. It's about the BRIDE- if it wasn't people wouldn't go into crazy debt having weddings

>> No.10157641

A bit curious as to what the bride looks like.

>> No.10157646
File: 231 KB, 750x727, 20128EAA-549C-4D77-9CE1-BBEFC8D851E6.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10157650

She looks like an overgrown flower girl there

>> No.10157662

God I hate this board so fucking much sometimes

>> No.10157664

Why particularly?

>> No.10157671

i was thinking the same thing, but to play devil's advocate, I imagine the bride wants her friend in something that she wears every day instead of something unnatural that doesn't suit her. the color still generally matches the rest of the women.

>> No.10157686


it only matches because of the filter. The dress is clearly pink compared to the obviously champagne dresses. The filter is really warm making the dresses merge together more, but it must have been an eyesore IRL.

If I were the bride I wouldn't give a s h i t, but the bridesmaids must have given her nasty side eyes if they weren't friends with her. I would feel really embarrassed.

>> No.10157694

This is a brolita I think that's why he's wearing lolita and not a normal dress

>> No.10157697

That makes it even worse

>> No.10157698

i also work fridays and only go for the weekend and i always have a great time. the saturday reg lines are significantly more manageable and there’s almost always a saturday night rave so you’re really not missing out on much

>> No.10157729 [DELETED] 
File: 304 KB, 1633x2449, 1521143411102.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is this a BRAPPPPP??????

>> No.10157901 [DELETED] 

I know /cgl/ isn't the place for this, but how do I make my best friend feel better?
A misunderstanding from a source caused her to pretty much caused her to get outcasted from the entire rest of her family, and the people who did this never spoke to her before doing so. It was suddenly "we heard you were against x, despite knowing me and loving me for your whole life. You are a a hateful and bigoted person, and you are evil." No one even asked if she was against x, which she is not.
So yeah. What do I do to bring her some comfort? She's essentially the last of her family line, and now she's more alone.

>> No.10157903

Impregnate her so the family line continues

>> No.10157912 [DELETED] 
File: 1.25 MB, 426x240, 1520196672464.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10157976

I have a friend who outside of cosplay is a fantastic person but is so terribly high maintenance that I can't help but think of her negatively when we're not hanging out.

I think what really ticked me off was that she had been doing panels lately and she put in one for a convention that has a lot of applicants. She does several of them a year, she did one last month. And so did I. My friends were saying that they were sure both of us would get in because they were popular topics. We started seeing people getting approvals and so far we got nothing. I've never hosted one so I didn't feel too bad, worst case scenario I'll just have more time to shop and get to see other panels and try again. But she went on a tantrum about how come other people's shitty panels got approved and that it "disappoints her so much" that she didn't get in. The entitled attitude is such a turn off that it makes me kinda glad neither of us got in. Maybe that's shitty of me but this community is made up of so many entitled people, it is satisfying to see someone not get their way for once.

>> No.10158042

Because you are unpleasant to be around

>> No.10158167 [DELETED] 
File: 2.10 MB, 1300x805, jacket color comparison.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You ever spend a long time working on something, just for it to end up being pretty meh and disappointing in the end? This will probably pass as "good enough", but I'm feeling very deflated after being so excited while working on it.

>> No.10158170

Oh yikes.

At least you completed it. Just map it out a bit better next time. You can always try again later

>> No.10158185

cuz ur a smelly boy

>> No.10158269
File: 83 KB, 661x595, lolme.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I try hard to keep up appearances. I have hobbies and I especially enjoy lolita and making friends in the community. Still, nothing really fulfills me. I'm sad and lonely most of the time. I can't stop thinking about how if I just vanished from the community one or two people would wonder what happened to me but I'd be forgotten in a heartbeat. I spend a lot of time looking at other lolitas and admiring their creativity, their style, their projected personalities, but I don't think anyone looks at me that way. The best thing I can say about myself is that I'm a decent person with good intentions, but those things are often misconstrued and easily forgotten. I want attention (obviously) but more than that I want to believe that people appreciate me the same way I appreciate them, especially since I'm bad at appreciating myself.

>> No.10158277

the best way to get others to appreciate you is to put yourself out there, anon. post pictures from your hobbies, or art/poetry/photos you make, write posts, do things and show yourself and people will come. but if you don't do things like that, people won't have anything to see and will "look over" you. This is something I have learned from experience. it can be hard, but it has to be done.

>> No.10158339
File: 2.08 MB, 2384x1502, DSC03758small.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>wearing lolita with a friend to a local art festival
>decide to take picture of us together before leaving
>looks at picture I just took
>notice the woman in the background
>die laughing

Reminds me so much of the "Let me tell you about homestuck" image. Its my new favorite picture.

>> No.10158352

Gave me a giggle thanks

>> No.10158354

You should lose some weight, you’re quite fat

>> No.10158356
File: 52 KB, 625x626, don't fall for it.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10158358

It’s the truth. She has multiple chins and her torso is very wide.

>> No.10158363

go get attention somewhere else

>> No.10158374
File: 154 KB, 450x247, milanoo.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Working as a cashier at a thrift store
>I don't wear lolita to work, but a lot of my co-workers have seen me in it on my days off or on fb
>The lady who does the women's clothes pricing comes up to me and says ' I've got something to show you. You're going to LOVE IT'
>She excitedly lifts up this black frill monster that I'm sure I've seen in dozens of colors before
>me acting polite 'oh, that's pretty, does it have a brand?"
>She excitedly replies 'MILANOO'
>trying not to laugh just say 'oohhh...nice'
>'If you want this dress let me know I will save it for you!!'
>Tell her I don't have the extra money for it right now but thanks any way

I felt kind of bad since she was so excited to show it to me, and it was very sweet of her to think of me while working......but I couldn't help but giggle about it later.
Fucking milanoo

>> No.10158378

I’m not the one selfposting, this is very ironic.

>> No.10158400
File: 830 KB, 1073x1088, Screenshot_20190426-224729.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Lolita looks the best on Asians because the style originated in Japan!!1!!1!1!!!!11
>Lolita looks the best on westerners/whities because the style is based on old Western clothing!!!1!!1!11
One of the very few perks of being half asian, half white lol

>> No.10158402

Lolita looks the best on women who are pretty. If you’re an uggo, doesn’t matter what race you are

>> No.10158403

I wouldn’t feel so bad for her, she was clearly trying to talk it up so you’d buy it from her

>> No.10158404

If you want to be appreciated, you have to do things people appreciate. Try volunteering, it’s very rewarding.

>> No.10158410

Ooh not that anon but since they mentioned volunteering- don't feel like you have to go in and donate chunks of your time if your schedule doesn't allow for it, you can always make stuff on your own time and then donate that. My old girl scout troop makes/delivers cards for veterans and I bake cakes for foster children

>> No.10158428
File: 442 KB, 750x646, DCC3F200-754C-4071-812D-ABC10994FA7D.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

a 12 year old came to our comm meet today with her mum. she was wearing a taobao dress, normie shoes and cheap wig but it was her first ever meet and she was clearly so happy to be there. it was very sweet, reminds me of my babby days when I was 13 with only one dress and offbrand everything else. I’m glad everyone was nice to her.

>> No.10158430

good job anon! proud of you

>> No.10158457

that's cute! Reminds me of my first meet with 13, in bodyline and these horrible cat tights
my comm was also very welcoming and it's part of the reason i'm still into the fashion
sorry about the blogpost

>> No.10158475
File: 21 KB, 250x333, 0b02000e-7d27-5d5e-932d-4df825c4b30e.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I've been autistically waiting 6 months to find and buy a good orginal genga of Mai husbando

Finally found one where the bidding is super cheap
>7 people watching
I'm going to screech in tears if I don't win this bid within budget

>Better news
>Won pic related

>> No.10158487

shut the fuck up summer anon

>> No.10158490

VM needs to hurry the fuck up and release some new solids

>> No.10158491

Congrats and good luck for your upcoming bid!

No need to apologise for blogposting, it's the feels thread after all!

>> No.10158519

I hope you win. I lost my dream dress for cheaper than I bid because the asshole seller had it listed on 2 sites. Even though my bid won on y!j it was "sold out" according to the SS. So pissed

>> No.10158545

I've had the flu for about 5 days now and I just want to wear lolita as it's the weekend, but I don't want to contaminate my burando.
I don't want to go a whole week of not being cure.

>> No.10158548

That can be said for anything

>> No.10158582

Can angry be a feel?

>Follow any cosplay group or unofficial group for a con.
>HEY GUYS! NEW TO THIS CON! IS ANYONE COSPLAYING AS (insert the most popular and main stream thing imaginable)

>Week before con.
>10000+ posts of 6/10 girls reminding everyone to shower.
>Because the reason cons stink is because everyone is a loser who doesn't shower and not because 10000+ people in 5 layers of costume in a cramped hallway partying like there is no tomorrow is the reason.
>When you point this out they have to rebuttle with how one time 10000 years ago at some random con at 4am in the game room they walked passed a 400 lbs neck beard who smelled.

>Another 10000 posts by same 6/10 girls reminding everyone that rape is illegal because everyone needs a reminder on that too apparently.

>> No.10158603
File: 265 KB, 735x576, 9F97517E-ED9B-4687-9642-84E954B7A675.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>taking break from 3 year relationship with boyfriend I honestly thought I was going to start a life with, no guarantee we're getting back together
>burando is forever through the thick and thin
I've been pretty sad lately, but my brand keeps me occupied and looking nice even when I feel like shit inside

>> No.10158604

I just looked in the mirror and I've popped a blood vessel in my eye either from coughing too hard or blowing my nose too hard.
This is the least kawaii thing to look at.

>> No.10158605

>taking a break
Is this code for 'taking other cocks'?

>> No.10158613

Shut the fuck up anon. I’m in the same boat OP, burando is forever.

>> No.10158616 [DELETED] 

Literal whores

>> No.10158624 [DELETED] 

I posted a few months ago that I got dumped because he wanted a break. We're back together for now and I have more brand from all the money I saved not going on dates. There are positives. But god did it hurt and boy did my shopping addiction get worse

>> No.10158648

No dick is equal to a nice dress

>> No.10158654 [DELETED] 

> paying for dates
Yikes honey get yourself a real man

>> No.10158656

It's almost like you're supposed to be equals in a long term relationship

>> No.10158657

>modern feminism
o i am laffin

>> No.10158795

>Spent $400 for a Youmacon hotel room
>About to purchase cosplay stuff
>This could all be ruined if my friend with mental issues kills herself before the event.
I'm worried I wasted my money, but she's worth it. At least this isn't as bad as that time I bought that Enron stock.

>> No.10158799

I'm happy you feel she's worth it but you cant sacrifice everything for others.

>> No.10158811

I don't played with scared money.

>> No.10158866

Have you tried giving her a great big, warm, soft hug and telling her that she matters to you?

>> No.10158871

Petty bitch feel but still a feel

>vaguely cgl related group that I left for treating me like shit is now experiencing drama and the members who treated me like shit got treated like shit by people they gave money to
>mfw smugly watching it all go down on the sidelines
>mfw I have no face to post because there’s no face do describe how delicious this karma is

>> No.10158879
File: 171 KB, 716x692, nicodab.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>(the speaker makes their way onstage, slowly spinning. The audience applauds.)
>there are two options to be considered. The first being "hit," and the other would, of course, be "miss."
>Now, this is pure speculation, a guess, if you will, but from what I can gather, there has never been a miss, has there?
>(places hand on chin)
>Quick question, how many in the audience tonight has a boyfriend?
>(audience members with boyfriends raise their hand)
>Okay, okay, that's cool. Now, here's where it gets interesting... Looking at the statistics at work here, I can assume with some level of certainty that your boyfriend, in fact, does not in fact kiss you.
>(audience chatters)
>From here, the boyfriend will find another woman.
>(a diagram appears on the screen)
>The vast majority of former boyfriends have told us that, in this newfound relationship, they feel no regret, no longing whatsoever for their previous partner.
>Thank you for coming to my TedTok
>(audience applauds)

>> No.10158945

I can't generate any motivation to do anything.

Currently, I'm eating well and exercising and working as well as maintaining a perfect GPA in my electrical engineering bachelor. I just can't rationalize why I would keep bothering.

I don't like people.
I don't want sex.
I don't want relationships.
I don't care about family.
I don't want to help anyone.
I would like science but the prospect of helping someone puts me off it.
I don't want to make a lot of money.
I don't want to be social.
I don't want to be liked.
I hate politics.

I kind of just want to jump in front of a train.

>> No.10158951

Just speaking as an armchair psychologist, but I think you have depression.

>> No.10158954

Think of the sore muscles as a confirmation of the excercise working and try to make it a happy, satisfactory feeling. Eventually you'll want to go to bed with a bit of muscle ache because it feels good.

Just don't overdo it at first, it's a lot harder to convince yourself that excruciating joint pain is good.

A final tip for jogging; find the right tempo to run in by strating to run a bit to hard until you get short of breath. Then while wheezing slow down without stopping or walking untill you can catch your breath.

>> No.10158968

Speaking as someone with depression, I think you have depression. Get some professional help, I can't tell you how much better my life is now that I've been on meds for a few years.

>> No.10159007
File: 13 KB, 362x346, confuse.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I am so new to this whole culture so it was a bit confusing for me. I went to my first convention yesterday and there was so many people and hundreds of stands and stuff to go to and whatever. But I don't have much interest in cosplaying since I don't like my body, I was never a comic book or story nerd, and I just felt so lost as to what to do. It didn't help that my one friend was following me around the whole day like I was supposed to entertain them or something, I was just as confused/lost as he was. The only fun part was spending like an hour or so watching a cosplay event and making jokes with this cool guy standing next to me. I got a couple of photos with some peeps in really amazing costumes and bought some cheap weeb merch, but I left feeling really underwhelmed. Was there anything I was supposed to really do there? Should I have gotten a bigger friend group to come with?

>> No.10159009

Wait, why did you go to a convention in the first place? What did you expect to find there if you aren't that into cosplay/nerdy stuff anyway.

>> No.10159010

Even literal autists know how to have fun at conventions and you still managed to fuck it up

>> No.10159019

Because it was there and I wanted to try it out. My friend was really excited to go and I kinda didn't wanna say no.

>> No.10159020

Being mean just makes me feel worse anon
But I did have fun, I just wasn't sure if I was doing as much as I could have. I think Ill go to the next one with more of a plan in mind besides just walking

>> No.10159024

If you're not personally interested in anime or nerd culture, there's little wonder you didn't really enjoy your time in a convention entirely dedicated to these interests. It's not rocket science anon, come on.

>> No.10159026

>tfw more normalfags go to anime cons

>> No.10159047

u right anon I just need to be more of a nerd. Ill go do that then

>> No.10159056

I’m sad/bitter that after quite a few years of cosplaying I don’t have any cosplay friends. I’m mutuals with quite a few, but any attempt to engage with most of them gets ignored. I figured my cosplays look bad or that I’m ugly enough to the point they just don’t want to share or like my photos, but sometimes when someone else is in the photo with me they’ll comment about that person even if they don’t know them and never mention me. If they want people to follow them so they can be popular, that’s fine, but they really didn’t need to follow me back if they felt they had to go out of their way to ignore me.
It doesn’t help that the majority of them constantly make PSAs about supporting other/smaller/minority cosplayers but only share popular ones.

One time I made a tweet about hoping to make more cosplay friends at a con I was going to and one of them messaged me saying I should just make a private account and talk to my normie friends instead which didn’t make any sense to me?

I’ve barely had better luck making friends in person since I have the luck of getting on well with people who live far away or don’t use social media much so it’s a little more difficult to build that into actual friendship. The upside is at least I know they’re nice in person and still feel motivated to make an effort, but it still feels shitty being a lone cosplayer.

>> No.10159057

Normies need not apply

>> No.10159094

>returned home from college for the summer
>brand new serger awaiting me, got the thread and the needles
>have a very small pattern collection because i'm a guy and guy patterns are boring
>have no cosplays planned or anything I really want to make
>have a ton of chunks of 1 yard cuts of jersey, no idea what to make with them because they seem to be too small
>hands are itching to start making shit and I don't know WHAT TO MAKE
>going into the garment district to shop for more fabric but literally don't know what I want to make

>> No.10159110
File: 86 KB, 561x606, water.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh my GOD I love selling lolita so much. For some reason selling pieces I don't care for anymore is so so satisfying to me.

Please buy my shit.

>> No.10159141

Start with a T-shirt, you can copy the pattern off of an existing one

>> No.10159152

All I ever do at cons is walk around looking at cosplay, and showing off my own cosplay.

It's literally ALL I DO, aside from browsing the dealer room.

>> No.10159307
File: 40 KB, 292x468, rozenmaidencap5.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i'm really sad. and lonely. that's it.

>> No.10159348


>> No.10159371

tfw people keep trying to weasel their way into your social circles without having to put in any actual effort. that level of entitlement really gets under my skin but there is no way for me to say it nicely so i just don't say anything at all.
sort of makes me feel like the only reason they even bother being my friend is their own desire to feel included and they dont really care about me (or the group) at all, theres a very disingenuous quality about them.
maybe i just am letting bad experiences in the past skew my perception of them, i'd like to hope this is the case.

>> No.10159374

I wish I could be that way. I'm terrified to sell anything because I worry my packaging will be shit or the dress will smell funny even if I washed it, and then the buyer will hate me forever. Yes, irrational as fuck

>> No.10159375

Want a hug?

>> No.10159380

This is a good suggestion. I wish I could be less anal about my social media and just post whatever I want instead of just coords in the same old pose. I should be braver. Instagram stories are great for getting to know people though!

Ooooh I love these ideas! I can knit pretty well, I bet there are people out there who would appreciate some handmade socks or a scarf or hat. I'm going to look into this, thank you

>> No.10159381
File: 258 KB, 500x281, dying.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Me three. Group cuddle pile?

>> No.10159386
File: 503 KB, 500x389, tumblr_n5oirux9l41qczbido1_500.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

just us three!

>> No.10159387

very few perks? being half asian half white is the shit imo. there's white girls AND asian girls who do makeup looks to try and emulate our hafu features. love yourself anon

>> No.10159423

I feel asleep in my bodyline and had my period oh fuck

>> No.10159425

just wash it and hang it to dry, friend

>> No.10159428

My vag or the dress?

>> No.10159432


>> No.10159465 [DELETED] 

A seller I bought from said they would ship my dress out by a few days ago, and yesterday I sent them a message asking about it. It’s gone unread, but they are listing new items on their LM, so I KNOW they must be aware of the message.

>> No.10159507
File: 372 KB, 750x919, F2009C31-AD80-4F40-BD49-F49C832B1BBA.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>that moment when you find out your comm leader works as a stripper
I was wondering how she was able to afford dolly cat

>> No.10159508

Dolly cat isn’t that expensive though is it

>> No.10159513

Yeah. Works. But sadly I can't just be there to babysit her.

>> No.10159522

Instead of buying accessories in different colors I keep buying them in pink help me my wardrobe is too pink

>> No.10159550

depends what cut, hers runs around $650

>> No.10159596

>Be a dumbass
>Ask person with 1 day to go on one of their listings if their order is in USD, because they aren't from the US and I'm paranoid as fuck.
>Actually plan on buying the dress if it is
>Message left on read
>No response
>No relisting of the dress
Feels bad. I probably deserved it though for asking such a stupid question.

>> No.10159609

I got period blood on my white aatp bloomers. I'm so sad. I cleaned it really well but you can still see a yellowish spot.

>> No.10159610

We got our period on same day!

>> No.10159611

>Tfw don't know how to make lolita friends
I get along with my comm but I can't get close enough to anyone to invite them to do stuff outside comm meets

What makes it feel like they don't make an effort?

>> No.10159693

gulls I REALLT want a footjob from a smelly cosplayer this year how can I achieve this?

>> No.10159702

What is the appeal of foot jobs? Does it physically feel better than blowjobs?

>> No.10159703

Just always double bag your items and in the second bag before putting the packaging over it add a nicely scented dryer sheet?

>> No.10159708

i'm trying to think of a nice way to put this and i'm not sure of your experience with this, but you can tell that they're more of a "fear of missing out person" than an "i have an actual interest in this subject and want to learn more" kind of person. they jump from interest to interest if they feel it will make them more well-liked.
they're the type of people that don't want to figure stuff out on their own and want to be spoonfed resources. if you tell them youre doing X thing, they ask why they cant also be involved despite never showing any previous interest in said thing. it gets tiring.

>> No.10159712 [DELETED] 

You can’t please everyone you sell to unfortunately. Once I had a buyer leave me bad feedback because the dress “smelled like laundry detergent.” Like, sorry your accustomed to your items being sold to you dirty but I clean mine before sending them out. As long as you reasonably do your best to fulfill a sale you can get mods to edit bullshit feedback.

>> No.10159714

and maybe i'm an awful person, i'll admit to it if i am. but at the end of the day people should want to do something because they love to do it, or are curious about it, or because it makes them feel good not because they have a weird complex about seeing other people achieve this.

>> No.10159826

Come to Colossalcon and pay my bar tab for the entire weekend.

>> No.10159827

Will you be showering the weekend?

>> No.10159855

I feel like I'm one of the people in my comm who is most into lolita. Tbh I'd love to spoonfeed a new lolita irl if it meant she's become a good friend.

>> No.10159959
File: 87 KB, 756x1024, huni1-756x1024.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm so torn. I need to vent.
It's been a while since i saw my girl friends. I recently found out one of them is transitioning. It hurts to admit, but i dont think i can ever accept it.
I liked her so much, but i dont want to see her. I dont want to forget what she looked like.
I dont want to say something hurtful, so i dont think we will meet again. Neither of us have many friends, though. WWYD?

>> No.10159962

I understand the feeling of wanting to own or you feel like you own your friends but you need to get over yourself- they’re living their life, paying their bills, and at the end of the day they’re the ones who will wake up everyday with the actions they’ve taken. It’s their choice to make, you should have no say or influence, nor should you really feel anyway. This logic would apply if your friend was getting married, an abortion, etc.

>> No.10159965

Just cut them out, anon. FUCK trannies

>> No.10159977

If youre going to be an asshole about it, it would be best if you left them alone. No one need extra negativity and shit while transitioning.

>> No.10159980

I have the same problem but with navy blue lol

>> No.10159981

I just want to buy another black dress but I already have 34

>> No.10159990 [DELETED] 

I fail to see any reason why that should prevent you from buying another. In fact, 35 is a cleaner number.

>> No.10159993

Selling a bunch of lolita on LM and very rarely am I offended by an offer but I hate when people give you something absolutely ridiculous like 80 bucks for three items in excellent condition? ¿ Has anyone ever been successful with offering such low amounts

>> No.10160014

I'd rather give my stuff away to friends than take stupid offers. Cheaply priced items attract absolute garbage buyers with unrealistic expectations who will do things like file a claim for a dress not fitting despite you providing accurate measurements

>> No.10160021

Yeah I felt awful because as much as it isn't about money for me I don't find certain haggling behaviors to be appropriate

>> No.10160022

I completely understand. Its hard seeing a friend go through a big change because it can change the dynamic of the relationship. Just explain its hard for you to see someone go through a big change and you are worried things might change for the friendship.

>> No.10160064

you are treating this as if your friend is going away or dying or something. there's no tragedy here. if u are really their friend u should support them & be happy for them. they're out there living their best life & u can't support them being true to themselves on the deepest level? you sound like a bad friend.

>> No.10160074

As much as I would like to cut contact, if that person was a part of the whole group I'd probably tolerate them since I wouldn't want to lose contact with the rest of the group.
If it's possible to see the others cut contact with tranny.

>> No.10160153

Whenever I have a bad thought about a transsexual I watch a Contrapoints video to cleanse myself

>> No.10160167 [DELETED] 

At my current job, which I'm now starting to dislike, I'm really interested in being friends with three people who I really think are nice and cool to be with, but they keep taking me for granted and rarely ever invite me to things despite me actively making attempts at friendly conversation, showing concern about them and their problems, hearing them out...

It's making me so miserable because I have to be with them daily and it's starting to become extremely lonesome around here, what with me always being the odd one out in our team, the person who no one really expresses hate or dislike for but at the same time nobody really cares about. It's also really frustrating. I find that the people I met from fanmeets and cons who I have been hanging out with on and offline care more about me, but they live too far and are also busy with their own lives, so I can rarely bond with them in person.

Should I just stop hurting myself and accept the fact that I'm just not interesting enough for my officemates despite how much I really like them, and just focus on my distant friends..? I've been feeling more and more demotivated to even work...

>> No.10160172

>that hon
>makes me like transsexuals
Anon please...

>> No.10160232

>come back home from college
>college city has one fabric store that is dirt cheap (<$4 for anything) and great quality, but shoddy selection
>home city has great selection due to a garment district but is priced to fuck
>want to start making clothing after half a dozen cosplays (and improve my finesse)
>go into city to buy mats
>city is host to a decent fashion school
>all the fabric is stupid expensive and I can't justify blowing that much money
>need to buy some ribbing for a bomber jacket
>impossible to find, the only places that carry it price it to fuck
>see all the bougie art students splashing daddy's cash, spending $80 worth of mats for a t-shirt or a hoodie like it's nothing
>the fabric isn't even that good
>all the cheaper stores also started charging more since art students are a blank check

I knew this was an expensive hobby but seriously, art students piss me the fuck off
also finding it harder and harder to justify getting into sewing clothes when I can buy a premade jacket for half the cost of mats for a homemade one

>> No.10160237

My best friend transitioned years ago and I was happy for him because it made him happy. You haven't lost anything. You might want to reflect on yourself a little.

>> No.10160245

Shop online. Even if you pay shipping you're probably finding better quality stuff for your money.

>> No.10160259


>> No.10160353

how selfish and entitled.

>> No.10160356

I think I love planning and buying the materials for cosplay projects more than I like putting the projects together or actually doing the cosplaying. Shit.

>> No.10160371

I have a good friend whose transition I've been watching from the very beginning and the difference between now and then is incredible, he is SO much happier nowadays.
In the very beginning it was a bit strange, especially getting used to calling someone I had known for a good while a completely new name and pronouns. But it honestly didn't take all that long..? Seeing him excited about transitioning made me excited for him and having been there to support him through their journey has been nothing but rewarding. I was there in all the more difficult times and in all the better parts and it only got us closer.
If you care for your friend, stop being selfish and open up to change. They won't become a completely different person, just their exterior is changing.

If you don't care enough to get over yourself and support then in their decision, then I honestly think you should leave. Transitioning is quite a long and difficult process and your friend is gonna need all the support through it, they don't need to feel bad about it because of you.

>> No.10160377
File: 13 KB, 347x384, 5b1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why don't we have a home decor board. Why don't we also have a general crafting board.

we deserve it, we shouldn't be confined here on cgl with the lot of you

>> No.10160379

cry harder faggot

>> No.10160386

new thread?

>> No.10160389

Make it yourself pea brain

>> No.10160407

>list things for sale
>all the shirred pieces sell first
I wish western lolitas were thinner so my stuff would sell faster

>> No.10160416

I tried to make a thread for a general crafting thing in /diy/ and they politely told me to come to /cgl/.

>> No.10160419 [DELETED] 

This isn’t the place for general crafting. Cosplay and Jfashion only.

>> No.10160444

They're not, but there's still threads that I think the mods begrudgingly keep up. It can tie into Cosplay and Jfashion if you stretch enough, but you're really stretching. That's why I think that decor, and crafting should have its own board.

>> No.10160458

Man fuck doing stuff. I just want to laze in bed, eat doughnuts, and watch anime

>> No.10160569
File: 298 KB, 1329x822, Picture.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Anime EXPO is expen-

>> No.10160635
File: 152 KB, 960x1280, 1554637815308.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Imagine the smell.

>> No.10162153

I got new shoes for costplay!

>> No.10162618
File: 19 KB, 360x360, Chrollo.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm having a similar problem

Someone I started dating is transitioning but they're going to be starting T soon and I feel like such an asshole if I say anything. I obviously still like them and they like me a lot as well. I have no problem dating someone male identifying and stuff like top surgery doesn't bother me but I just hate body hair. I did research into T therapy and I just don't think I could realistically see myself with someone who looks more manly then me in all honesty. Is there a way I can voice my concern without hurting them? I still really like them and I would never want to do anything to hurt them it's just I can't seem to get over it. Is there anyone who can just educate me or give me advice on the situation?

>> No.10162710

I feel like you should just be honest. Just like the person transitioning, you can't force yourself to be someone you're not. Don't ever force yourself to be attracted to someone, or "settle" because someone else changed. You can offer your love, support, and friendship, but I'd really advise against continuing a romantic relationship if you're gut is telling you this. If they don't understand, they they are being the insensitive one, not you. Attraction is mental and physical. Everyone screaming that people are assholes for not staying with their transitioned partners are just unrealistic. You absolutely have to have the physical attraction to work, and if you look at them and see "Ew, hair" it will take the magic out of things.

>> No.10162808
File: 70 KB, 828x448, IMG_20190503_165712.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Bought the Drink Me JSK and headbow from an SS whilst I'm living in Japan. All good, wait for it to be made, my SS messages me to confirm she picked it up. I see the pictures and remember that I already have the headbow in the same colour as I ordered at home. So now I've paid for a headbow that I'll have to resell at home for way less than I bought it for. Great.

>> No.10163093

I went back to my home country for a year and a half to serve in the military, and since I've returned my weeb friends act kind of cold towards me. I guess I'm going to skip con season this year, boys

>> No.10163146
File: 1.30 MB, 750x1334, IMG_2050.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

oh that must be Akira.

>> No.10163268

I hate it when people try to sell damaged shit for like $15 less than the usual price it sells for. I also hate how much people misuse the phrase "minor damage" - it's not about how physically big the damage is, is about how wearable the item still is. For example, people calling a bunch of smaller, but untreatable stains on the front of the garment "minor damage". If it affects the way you wear it severely, for example, having to cover the entire bodice with a bolero every time you wear it because it's stained, it's not fucking minor.

>> No.10163732
File: 174 KB, 332x353, tumblr_inline_owwg1imDN41tupkgn_540.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

New thread

>> No.10164060
File: 87 KB, 500x600, 1512621978369.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Been living with PTSD for years
>Lolita has always been a distraction for me that helps me keep my mind busy with constantly shopping, brainstorming coord ideas, trying on clothes, etc.
>Suddenly dad who's been absent since pre-teen years finds me on facebook and messages me asking to meet
>Immediately get PTSD triggered and fall into an emotional rut that I can't get out of
>This was new year's day, it's almost halfway into the year and I was still in the rut
>Lolita hardly keeps me distracted anymore, can never get the energy to dress up or look for deals or anything
>Missed out on dream dress I've been hunting for about a year while in this state
>Feel like all is hopeless and like the one thing that I actually love has finally been taken away from me and I have nothing to keep my mind from snapping anymore
>Friend gives me LSD saying it'll help
>He watches over me while I trip, has me write feelings down and records some of my monologues
>Go down some weird rabbit hole on youtube and discover music genres that I fall in love with while tripping
>Rediscover my love of lolita
>Realize that I'm putting too much blame on my father for something he couldn't actually protect me from
>Have motivation to go back to school
>Tell this all to my therapist who just kinda nods smiling and tells me that she wishes it was a legal substance because this isn't the first time she's heard of something similar

What the fuck, guys? I've been on a cocktail of PTSD medications my entire life that have varied from being ineffective to just barely working. You're telling me some fuckin squares of paper were what I needed instead? I'm just so happy that I was able to discover this. Like, don't get me wrong it's not like I'm "cured" or don't have things to work on but this was the largest boost I've had emotionally in forever.

It really felt like a lifechanging experience. I probably took too much for a first time because it felt overwhelming at times but maybe that's what I needed.

>> No.10164065

I wouldn't say he's toxic, but I always tell this to people:
Your tastes in fashion are a reflection of your personality. Think about it - we wear clothes to visually express ourselves. They're an extension of what we think of ourselves, what we value, how we want the world to view us, and what we resonate with. I always bring this up when people complain about lolita comms being stupid because "the only thing you have in common is clothing." Which is true, but there are almost certainly common grounds to touch on simply because there are reasons to WHY you love the fashion that you probably share with one another.

Those scene kids from the 2000's were wearing the fashion mostly because they thought of themselves as anti-society, rebellious, pained, misunderstood, outcasted, etc. Not everyone, but most of them probably had some of those common themes, it's what attracted them to the style and the culture that was attached to the style is a testament to that.

So someone rejecting your style in fashion cuts deeper than just them not liking a particular shirt you do or a hairstyle you like. It's like they're rejecting a part of your personality, part of your identity. It can feel really saddening and can cause emotional turmoil. If he knows you dress like that and straight up calls it "giant baby" clothing in front of you, it's a direct insult to you and you have every right to feel hurt. If this is the case, he was knowingly taking a jab at you perhaps in hopes that he discourage you from expressing that side of yourself and that is indeed toxic behavior and flat out manipulative/controlling.

My suggestion is that you talk things out with him. Actually sit down and get his opinion directly about your style and try to explain that it's important to you. If he can't respect that, it's really up to you to determine how important it is or not to have that side of you accepted by your partner. IMO any partner that refuses to accept me isn't the one.

>> No.10164067

>I wouldn't say he's toxic,

What I mean by this is that it isn't inherently toxic unless he knew you dress that way btw. It's vague from your post if he knows that's your style.

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