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A thread for all you Canadian seagulls. Here's a list of upcoming cons, copy pasted from the last thread:

Otafest - May 17-19
Anime North - May 24-26
Fanfest - June 1
YetiCon June 14-16
Animaritime - June 28-30
Animethon - August 9-11
Anirevo Summer - August 9-11
Otakuthon - August 16-18
FanExpo Canada - August 22-25
Avalon Expo - September 6-8

Pic is related to the most recent Canadian con afaik, IFF, or International Fan Fest, which was held in Toronto last weekend.

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1st for gay bathroom party

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second for gay bathroom party

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Wow, thats so pretty. I wish the artists were just as good in my country's conventions.

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the best part about IFF was the original art. I was really disappointed at the lack of manga vendors. I'm not canadian-- are doujinshi not allowed in canada or something? I didnt see any

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They are allowed (as long as no stuff like loli) but I don’t think there is a reason for the con to compete with TCAF. It already has a hold on the indep comic market in the gta and is reaching out to known Japanese artists like Inio Asano and Junji Ito. For legal reasons you need to have guests who can legally sell their goods overseas so they are only going to get big names that have publishing contracts anyways, so you won’t see comiket stuff regardless.

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Work just screwed me over by saying they had overbooked vacation for the summer, so now my plans for ConBravo and Otakuthon have been ruined. Fuck this.

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>Con Bravo
You won't be missing much, at least I feel that way. Last year's felt really... hollow, if that makes any sense.

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I go mostly for the tradition and getting to see certain friends. I never really care too much for programming either way.

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I normally just go to AN and FanExpo since I'm in Toronto, but I've heard a lot of good about Otakuthon. What's the cosplay scene like? Is it worth a trip?

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>as long as no stuff like loli

Well that explains a why there is such a lack of it considering a ton of doujins revolve around animes taking place in high school (Even if they have big fat anime tiddies)

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Well ConBravo was only good for Saturday anyways. I'm going only on Saturday myself.

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I've always heard it's basically a French AN but with a way better venue. If nothing else, it might be worth checking out if you know you're gonna take some pics of your cosplay.

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I had some problems and now I have no money to go to AN ;_;

No tickets for me, I'm not going this year.

Btw in the last thread I see a discord server, someone have the link?

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Like I said, I don't care about the programming, so Saturday isn't special to me.

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Cosplay is good at Otakuthon! It’s a good venue for photoshoots- much better than AN’s. The cosplay might not be as elaborate as AN’s and you see some cosplays being recycled from AN, but I would say a lot less people in casual clothing at Otakuthon.

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This year will be a /CGL/ Meetup at Anime North or not?

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>he didn't get a free ticket
How does it feel being a richfag?

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I hate being poor this year I'm not going to AN

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>anime cons
>not mentioning CCEE, ECEE, SEEE, ect.

OP has too much bias and it's disgusting.

On topic, CCEE is this weekend and we're forecasted for snow. They're setting up an indoor photoshoot location though.

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i wish i could go but i have an exam :<

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Oh thank god. I remember they set up some shitty tents a few years ago for rain and wind, hope it's better than that

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Sorry, I literally just copypasted the last thread's OP and removed the cons that already passed.

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>mariott is cancelling reservations at random for an con goers
>anime north staff are recommending people get in contact with their brain dead email support
>shit show facebook post and thread on the con's official group that puts AN on blast for not having this handled
>AN staff close the thread
>100% sure that their is still a fuck ton of people with cancelled rooms that are just swept under the rug

why do I go to this horrific con every year, better yet... how is it still running, all i've heard is that the staff are basically running it to the ground.

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The discord server. We have an illegal mexican and good conversation. We planning a meetup.


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Illegal spic in my chan and discord


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Post lineups for CCEE. I'm already aware I'm a dumb fuck and am going to die but literally none of my colder weather cosplays aren't missing pieces or somehow broken right now.

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the only con im close to, anyone got any good stories?

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When does AN usually announce guests? I want to know which seiyuu will attend because who gives a fuck about gaijin guests.

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They've been announcing them over facebook for a while now.

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AN is the biggest carpark convention. You don't need a ticket.

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remember to bring a truck and deck it out

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Is it good or is full with normies?

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It's bad. Stay out.

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Something to consider is that unlike AN otakuthon usually gets good guests, sweetens the pot a bit

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You can still find some at AN. Of course you might get vanned

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Heading over there in about an hour. Might be the last year I buy a full pass if the expo management ends up doing as shit a job running things as last year.

Digging out my hotline miami gear again for the weekend in any case. Last year was absolutely fucking suffering with the ridiculous heat, rain would actually be a relief.

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>1 month until anime north
>No posts from nekko or about a party.
We still are having a party.... Right nekko???

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You forgot Ai-Kon (July 26th-28th)

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I actually try to not get any normies on there

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Not this year, someone else needs to organise

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Is there gonna be the same after-rave at the delta parking lot this year?

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Not going to comment on this but the reason why is pretty crazy. This is why you people should be in discord

>> No.10157790

>pretty crazy
Yeah, who would have thought

>> No.10157797

Rip nekko, I will never forget you ;-;

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discord is for fags

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well then post it nerd

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Looks like Rocky is now heading over to prey on South East Asian countries. Good to see that he is legacy has already caught up to him over there

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It's posted in like 3 out of the 5 Canadian threads going around right now

>> No.10157872

I know, I just like seeing it, now post it again.

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This whole new 'stand and wait five seconds while a volunteer awkwardly tries scanning your badge' system for Calgary Expo passes is going to be hilariously disasterous. Even on glorified sneak-peak day there were backlog lineups being formed because the scanning was way too slow, it's going to be an utter clusterfuck when the serious crowds turn up and the weather is expected to deteriorate.

What's even the point? It's not like they're verifying your identity when they scan your pass. Half the time I was scanned they couldn't get it to work and just waved me through after a few seconds anyway, so if it's a crowd-tracking thing it seems to be doing an iffy job of that too.

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People die all the time, it's unfortunate, but it's what it is

>> No.10157939

>Using Nekko's death as a way to shill people into your boring ass server
I thought you guys had no shame before.

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Gonna be Golden Boy tomorrow. Friend will be Little Mac.
Only doing a day cause friend is visiting from Lloyd for weekend, and nerd Con wasn't really planned. Just incidental.

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>walk to BMO in shorts and a t-shirt with my Jacket apparel packed in a bag since I didn't want to walk halfway across the Beltline dressed like an axe murderer
>Expo shuts down for the day right when the city turns into fucking Hoth
>have to run halfway across the Beltline dressed like an axe murderer to get home

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I really want to meet that yabba dabba doo guy and Poynter, will they be at AN? I've heard tales of the two legends. Also Tom.

>> No.10158910

>I really want to meet that yabba dabba doo guy
No the fuck you don't. I'd rather willingly talk to Poynter and Tom than that guy.

>> No.10159072

>yabba dabba doo guy
who??? Never heard of him.

Poynter is doing shoots Friday and Saturday. Feel free to trick him and book 30 minutes with him.
Tom should be floating around.

>> No.10159081

The yabba dabba doo guy is some kid who dresses like Fred Flintstone but with a Mario hat, referencing the Grand Dad meme from I think Vinesauce?
He's extremely obnoxious, loud, and annoying. I remember at one con I just heard a lot of yelling and it was from him, for reasons I have no idea.

>> No.10159095

So he was Flintstone guy at anime shogatsu last year. Man that kids got problems!

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File: 269 KB, 1024x1366, grand_dad_odyssey.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This aesthetic. Not sure if this is him since I only ever saw him once and don't remember his face.

>> No.10159124

At least the crackheads wouldn't be around Chumir with the weather the way it is.

>> No.10159206

Wasn't that the guy that doxxed poynter?

>> No.10159216


>> No.10159262

How did this devolve into toxicity so fast? Leave the poor flinstone kid alone.

>> No.10159287

Sorry you got posted

>> No.10159342

That's okay, at least I'm more popular than you buncha shadow dwellers.
Here's your (You)

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>tfw I live around the block from Chumir

Thankfully the worst of the worst seem to keep themselves around the memorial park. I almost moved into that blue tower across from the library and I'm so fucking thankful I didn't now.

Also every goddamn year I make myself promise not to buy even more prints, and then I go around and end up spending way too fucking much on prints.

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>> No.10159424

When does AN typically mail out badges?

>> No.10159460

No AN meetup this year or what?

Time's running.

>> No.10159472

it's almost a month til AN... there's plenty of time. It's just gonna be an autistic discord meetup anyway.

>> No.10159473

There's one discord for that shit ( >>10155972 ), we don't need more.

>> No.10159496


When I first met him at a CHG meetup. He was a gigantic fucking asshat. But after following him on youtube and watching his videos. Its fucking insane and funny as shit. It does seem like he's building a brand of himself.

>> No.10159627

Is anyone else on the local cosplay discord?

>> No.10159737

Yes, what I meant is there's just going to be a meetup organized by that discord.

>> No.10159943

doesn't seem like anyone on the server wants to stop up and take over now that nekko is kill

>> No.10159979

I would if I was in the delta this year. Gonna take a few bottles to the bathroom party to make up for it. Believe in the unicorn my friends.

>> No.10159987

oh shit i saw this guy at union a few hours ago, seemed chill

>> No.10159996

>an illegal Mexican
Is a joke?, Right?

>> No.10160000

You'd think so, but it's less funny than you'd think....

>> No.10160002

>beaners in my country
>beaners in my server
>beaners in my discord

>> No.10160003

he was suppose to build the wall, anon.
it didnt happen

>> No.10160005

We're not Murica, dude. Unfortunately.

>> No.10160028

what if I got banned does that mean I can't come to the meetup

>> No.10160030

I'm not in the discord, but I imagine you can make a different account if you really want to go.

>> No.10160081

I don't think so.

>> No.10160082

Do you really want to go to a meet organized by autists though.

>> No.10160083

Definitely. It sounds interesting, a bunch of fags, fats, ugly, autistics and shy people drinking and getting high. You gonna say that such scene don't sound something worth to see?


Nice, other reason to get into that shit but later.

>> No.10160189

There's a decent amount of Doujiins at AN and Otakuthon usually.

>> No.10160246

was it autoerotic asphyxiation?

>> No.10160261

>Rumor-mongering to shill your shitty discord. Fuck off, he's posted to his twitter in the last couple of days.

>> No.10160268

They don’t even cosplay and are all guys. No one cares about your gross friend.

>> No.10160286

Called a joke you autist

>> No.10160334

What's his twitter?

>> No.10160578

>Find his Twitter
>First post
This has to be some kind of joke.... Right?

>> No.10160601

>please join our faggy discord server... anyone? please?

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Will there be another bathroom party or a truck with a nazi in it?
I had a lot of fun last year and was looking forward to it again this year.

>> No.10160928

I really dislike this fucking illegal

>> No.10160938

What are you going on about m8

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International Fan Festival Toronto was great. One of my better shot from the con.

>> No.10160959

I really like this nice illegal

>> No.10161343

It's gonna be even better this year. We've got some good maymays planned.

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Honestly those are the only reasons I'm going this time.

>> No.10161446

whos going to TCAF?

>> No.10161953


>> No.10161955

you look like the final evolutionary form of man

>> No.10161990

woah wait, a photo where that guy didn't put his watermark dead-center?!

>> No.10162079

I wonder what his deal is. He takes such unflattering photos. On the other hand, I'm kind of impressed by how dedicated he is. If he ever takes a photo of me, I can 100% count on finding it later.

>> No.10162128

I actually love TCAF. Though I don't really think of it as a "con", I go to check out indie artists or webcomic writers I follow online. Alwats lots of cool artsy stuff to find.

>> No.10162266

I'll keep lurking then, I'm excited.

Mostly the same for me. It's also nice to be surrounded by people with similar interests; I live in a small town and have to hide my power level around the office.
I'll try not to drink as much at the 4 am car park dance party this time.

>> No.10162333

>try not to drink as much at the 4 am car park dance party

But that's the best part

>> No.10162648

>truck with a nazi in it

>> No.10162927

They misread shawarma as shawastika

>> No.10162930

>less than 3 weeks and no /cgl/ meetup organized
No party this year, I guess. No trap/fat drunk dudes for me. I'm crying.

>> No.10162936

So organize one or stop crying.

>> No.10162948

I'd put on a party if I was in the Delta this year, but I could only find a reasonably priced room at the hilton. Next year anon, next year.

>> No.10163010

Nekko dies and no party. So please tell me that he is hated again.

>> No.10163014

I'm stupid, I can't.

I can't wait a year ;_;

>> No.10163044

if no one has a room just do a meetup in the parking lot or something. or the gym room again lmao

>> No.10163062

This. Meetup around 9 or 10pm across from the pool or something again. Then people can split off, decide if they want to party in the parking lot or go to someone's room. It's not rocket science, anons.

>> No.10163066

so did anyone get a room at the Delta? I have one at the Crowne if anyone wants to be drunkenly lead into oncoming traffic

>> No.10163070

I can't fuck with anyone there. Shy fat traps/guys don't want that shit in public. I want something organized.

>> No.10163083

lmao so then organize something or shut up. Go on the discord and find some fags there and stop complaining you absolute degenerate

>> No.10163107


Is it okay to just swing by and say hello? I don't really like to party

>> No.10163113

Is it okay if I just come by with some bottle service and stay all night? I love to party.

>> No.10163115

Fuck you. I can't do it for myself.

>> No.10163117

Where are you rooming? I'd be willing to help organize but If you're not at least prepared to host you don't have any reason to complain.

>> No.10163126

Is Otakuthon still fun if you speak very little French? I mostly go to Ontario/American cons like the filthy anglophone I am

>> No.10163137

For sure. Plenty of people at past meets just showed up and said hi and left for whatever reason. No obligation to drink or party if that's not your style or you hate everyone at there.

>> No.10163172

Im hosting a meetup on my room since no one else whats to step up.
Problem is, its at crown plaza so its a little more of a walk.

Saturday night, 9pm at delta's pool as usual is where we meet up

>> No.10163190

thank you based anon, and agreed meet up should be normal spot across from the delta pool at 9pm

>> No.10163355

Is the /cgl/ meetup going to be the same as it always is, where there's three or four girls that actually cosplay, ten orbiters and a few normal people who are clearly out of place?

>> No.10163373

If you think an online meetup started here and not in private will ever be anything other than a bunch of orbiters you're naive.

>> No.10163397

Doesn't sound like a good time then.

>> No.10163487

There's a couple meetups that happen at once. The one that has more girls than guys is boring. The one you described is generally the better one because it's a mix of people having fun. You just sound like a thirsty fuckboy who wants to smash some cosplay girl.

>> No.10163564

Some people go to make friends, not try to pick up girls.

>> No.10163620

Stop projecting. Orbiters don't make good friends, it's that simple.

>> No.10163652

t. someone who thinks they're one of the "normal" people at a meetup

>> No.10163658

Back to /r9k/ with you

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File: 260 KB, 551x551, 1555997607633.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10163669


Must be a pretty slow newsday, huh.

>> No.10163713

We just need one meetup. You little bitches.

>> No.10163726

There's been 2-3 the past few years.

>> No.10163731

kek, bitch deserved it

>> No.10163734

Does the orgy still happen too? I haven't been in a couple of years.

>> No.10163807

have sex

>> No.10163824

Anyone else upset that IG took away the like feature? I can’t see how many likes on a pic now.

>> No.10163828


>> No.10163836

IG is testing a new feature out in Canada of all countries.

>> No.10164153

You can still see your own as far as I know. Why does it matter if you can't see how many likes someone else has?

>> No.10164173

>no /cgl/ meetup planned

Kinda but if I remember you can see them in a way

Don't talk shit of my man, he's very nice, just sometimes he act like a retarded.

>> No.10164190

Why is the guest list for AN so bad, last year we had Kiyono Yasuno.

>> No.10164209
File: 255 KB, 647x630, 1546705331426.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

the organizers are obviously skimming money now. It sucks because last time I checked AN had record numbers in attendees, even though it's not very expensive to organize and the panels suck. That being said, I have the most fun there because it's 1/4 giant photoshoot, 1/4 buy buy buy, 1/4 cringe fest (panels), and 1/4 get drunk do drugs and party.
This year though I want to start taking pics of stuff like pic related.

>> No.10164292

Read the thread, autist

>> No.10164339

If by orgy you mean sit and drink and shit talk people, yes, every year.

>> No.10164343

AN numbers have been going down for a few years now. It's not quite as visible because they started using the north building, but there are definitely less passes being sold so could be less people or more lobbyconners

>> No.10164344


They should erect a fence around the international center to keep the freeloaders out. if you can't afford 30 or 60 dollarydoos what the fuck are you doing going to an anime convention?

>> No.10164355

This board has people who whore themselves to buy burando. I don't think you're gonna convince people here to not buy/do things they can't actually afford. The fence would be nice though!

>> No.10164366

Yeah, but then you wouldn't get the preachers trying to purify the disgusting weeb degenerates.

>> No.10164371

> if you can't afford 30 or 60 dollarydoos what the fuck are you doing going to an anime convention?
You're a high school student with a metropass and no parental supervision

>> No.10164449

Are you seriously defending this shit con?

>> No.10164469


>> No.10164547

Blizzcon did that last year.

>> No.10164908

>They should erect a fence around the international center to keep the freeloaders out.
We'll make Anime North great again

>> No.10165015

>international centre
Idk what con you're going to but have fun

>> No.10165093

Whoops, totally meant the congress center.

>> No.10165113
File: 65 KB, 487x444, the absolute state.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

quality con as usual

>> No.10165122

What exactly are people getting for free?

>> No.10165128

Would any lobbyconners be at the TCC if the event was not going on? No. They are getting free entertainment essentially. It takes time and money to organize the event (even if it is done in a way everyone agrees with) and to grow its name to the point where it is as large as it is.

>> No.10165130

meant not everyone agrees with

>> No.10165133

Defending? I said it's been declining.

>> No.10165135

pretty much the whole experience besides the shitty panels and the dealers room. So like, photo shoots, gawking at costumes, the tent booth outside the convention center that sells kigurumi's and other stuff, room parties, etc.
The delta even tried to limit who could get upstairs to room key holders one year to try and keep the over packed room parties to a minimum. I think it was still called the doubletree back then, but the rule was tossed out the next year because the security at the elevators had no chance and there were far too many complaints.
And the outdoor rave is another big attraction for people who just go to drink and party, you can get in easily if you have a friend to slip you their pass through the fence.
All in all, it's going to keep being this way unless some serious detriments for lobbyconning are put in place. Scan-able wrist bands would be a good start, the kind that break if you try and cut them off, doubled with self scanning in/out gates everywhere and better line procedure.

>> No.10165142


People organize cosplay picnics for free all the time.

If AN wanted people to buy their badges they'd get better guests and host better panels. Currently they're not incentivizing anyone to spend money on their awfully organized event.

I'm not advocating for sneaking into panels or the TCC. It's better if people don't go inside so the organizers see how empty it is and start to realize how fucking garbage this event is.

AN organizers don't make the experience. The people that show up and cosplay make the experience. They're not getting paid to be there.

>> No.10165143

I wanna say one upside for the badge is the gaming track, but only once in all my years of going to AN did I ever walk aaaaall the way to the other hotel

>> No.10165146

>Not staying in one of the far hotels and walking the weeb road for gains
>Probably stays at the Delta with all the other degenerates

It's like you're new or something

>> No.10165148

Yes, and people make free movies on YouTube as well. Doesn't mean that if someone makes one with a much larger budget and effort that needs to be spread across hundreds of people, it should still be free.

Most of the people show up because of the organizers efforts. That's the point here. It's not the ones too cheap or poor to buy badges that contribute to the experience anyway.

>> No.10165173

People show up because at one point the con experience was going to panels to discuss anime with other like minded people. Meeting your favourite voice actor from your favourite anime. Buying bootleg anime dvd's and figures from the dealers room.

The cosplay was just a bonus of those efforts.

Now the panels are all trash, the guests suck, and now people are wise to the counterfeit goods in the dealer's alley. The stuff that is legit you can get for cheaper online anyway.

AN organizers only have to announce a date and people will show up. Everyone seems to agree that they're not providing the things I listed above anymore. So now we're supposed to pay because people work their asses off and spend their own hard earned money to make cosplays? It sounds like AN should be paying the cosplayers for all the effort they're putting in since that seems to be what is drawing so many of these "freeloaders".

Nah let's put up a fence to stop the "freeloaders" from coming. They're the ones ruining the con experience.

>> No.10165175

I've been going to this con for a few years but I've never done any thing exciting besides take photos with cosplayers and shop. Can anyone give me a run down on how to get into the raves/parties?

>> No.10165185

know people

>> No.10165231

Ive been going for over a decade and I still dont have any con friends that I didnt go to highschool with. It comes down to either making your own scene comprised of friends and friends of friends that are all into tue same shit, or wedging your way into an existing crowd because you click with the core memebers. And for all the time anime nerds spend looking down on stuff like frats and country clubs, groups at cons are pretty much the same kind of social club ideology. Usually you get vetted by a person you meet randomly then they bring you in for a trial run to see if the rest of the group likes you. If they don't, you'll know it. If they do, you'll be golden for years to come, but there's always a social hierarchy. Best to set up your own scene/room parties, it might require more effort but you'll be at the core group with your friends and be able to pass judgement on people trying to wedge thier way in for social gains.

>> No.10165305

No one said they are ruining it, but they aren't contributing. They're dead weight. Also, just because the con has other issues, doesn't justify ignoring this one.

>> No.10165344

>People organize cosplay picnics for free all the time.
Not any fucking more

>> No.10165441

Or read the threads where meetups and such are posted? Or in discords etc? There's a lot that goes on organised either here or on discord

>> No.10165957
File: 164 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190501-213848.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So what ever became of this? I can't seem to find the original Facebook post and nobody on discord has talked about it since. Is this beaner still coming to our meet up?

>> No.10166010

Are the meet up details on the discord? I've never used discord because fuck that shit.

>> No.10166104

We already talk about it.

And we don't know.

It's no difficult to use.

>> No.10166141

There's plenty of reasons to not use discord, I don't think they were implying its difficult to use.

>> No.10166153
File: 76 KB, 1024x958, 1548428451568.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>not for normies
>organized in discord

>> No.10166447

>Discord drama whenever anyone asks anything
>people wonder why meetups aren’t being put together even in the Discord
>less people than previous years in the Discord
This isn’t rocket science.

>> No.10166554

>Discord drama whenever anyone asks anything
What are you talking about

>> No.10166636

>Most of the people there go alone.
This kind of hurts

>> No.10166898

>>>less people than previous years in the Discord

There are many good reasons for that

>> No.10166932

Care to elaborate?

>> No.10166957

>con is hosted in a grody хpyшoвкa tier concrete complex
>artists tables are stupid expensive with no proxies
>vendors hall is full of 200 percent marked up prize figures and stupid feminists selling their yarn dolls
>panels are garbage
>literal who guests
>huge lineups for literal who guests
>literally two (2) nobody jap voice actors
>no weapons for cosplay
>website and mascot straight from the mid 2000s
>have to cross a busy road just to get between the two main areas; if you're in the tcc it takes at least 10 minutes to run to the delta hotel, god help you if your panel is at the sheraton
>parking is always full
>gender neutral bathrooms
But its okay because its not for profit and there's nurse joy there. Remind me again why AN is the biggest con in Canada or whatever? Because the size is literally all it has going for it.

>> No.10166975

Because we fucking party, that's why bro. Welcome to degen town motherfucker, we go all night. Fucking drink your ass off and go watch people lose thier minds over stupid weaboo crap. Watch people argue with the religious fanatics, try and spot shadman cosplays, check out the gundam museum, talk about your really bad taste in anime with other shitty people and then pop on a million glowsticks over your overpriced kigurumi and go get sweaty at the outdoor rave! After that crash a room party or go throw down with stragglers partying outside their cars, or fucking fingerbang a willing participant near one of the overpasses. The point of the con is that it's not only FOR the fans, it IS the fans! It's what YOU make it! Someone once told me that the difference between a boring person and an interesting person is that the latter never ceases to be able to entertain themselves, no matter where they are, so go out and be somebody and have fun with all the other socially inept weeaboo degenerates! You can do it!

>> No.10167047

Pasta or autism?

>> No.10167048

>paying for this
Lel, no. Going for free.

>> No.10167112

I dont want to do that though I wanna be not a nigger

>> No.10167191


My mistake, stay at home.

>> No.10167226
File: 1.12 MB, 320x209, abecolumn.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10167371

because that 4’6” guy always cosplaying krillin is there

>> No.10167440

Why is the con scene in Vancouver such shit?

>> No.10167454
File: 356 KB, 768x1024, bortz_pool.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Rec me another gem to get the cosplay for.

>> No.10167486
File: 13 KB, 300x100, 12.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10167540

It probably costs 10x what it does elsewhere to rent venues lol

>> No.10167569

>not wanting to be part of the cgl discord server
Pllllz. You guys are missing out on some wholesome autism. Yesterday's meetup was one of the best days ever.
You've got wholesome autism because two people couldn't find eachother to meetup and one borrowed the others data on the bus to try and find them.
You've got edgy autism as anon tries to drink from his fucking face mask and puts a fucking bee on his face
You've got beanposting and vegan shitposting. You've got pretty ass trees.
Why aren't you on the server?
What are you degen even doing?

>> No.10167578

Why are there so many fucking underages at AN with no social awareness of their behavior?

Why can't we get a mature adult attendee base like you see in videos of conventions in Japan?

>> No.10167591

Because you've shirked your responsibility as senpai to these wild youths. You merely expect them to behave without any guidance, so step in and do your job of you want something done abiut it.

>> No.10167592

I don't go with any underage but many go with school clubs etc.
Just gotta find people who you enjoy and not worry about being like Japan. This is Canada.

>> No.10167599
File: 3.90 MB, 4032x3024, 20190511_170804.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10167604

Looks like you guys had fun! Wish I wasn't so anxious, I would have come had fun with you guys.

>> No.10167611

Why would you use proprietary software full of people who don't even cosplay or wear lolita. Take your shit discord to /soc/ where it belongs.

>> No.10167625

>making new friends is for /soc/ialites

Wow I hope you aren't this much of a downer irl, anon

>Don't even cosplay or wear lolita

Do you always make such baseless assumptions?

>> No.10167626

t. guy whos assblasted at bullying geese

>> No.10167627

>Wow I hope you aren't this much of a downer irl, anon

Why would you care. I'm not part of your discord meets, you don't have to interact with me.

>Do you always make such baseless assumptions?

Not a baseless assumption when there's only ever 3 or 4 people cosplaying or wearing lolita at the meets. Can't wait for your reply about how it's "uncomfortable and some people want to change into normie clothes".

>> No.10167663

Is the Gyaru guest at AN going to be a guest at the Tea Party event as well?

>> No.10167745

Don't like me the idea of share space with an illegal

>> No.10167746

I hope one day your anxiety doesn't prevent you from joining us. Take care anon, there will be many more
How dare people have interests in addition to cosplay. You are more than welcome to organize cosplay meetups but some of us aren't quite autistic enough to go to a Japanese restaurant in cosplay every month. I'd personally rather save that for cons. You must be pretty boring if you can't form connections with people around the topic unless you are in cosplay ;p

>> No.10167766
File: 26 KB, 529x399, 1516902995574.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>all this Toronto drama
>no mention that Otafest is less than a week away
Isn't anyone not from Toronto in the thread? Post lineups.

>> No.10167787


I'm actually in the server but is kinda a circlejerk, there's actually just 8 - 10 people talking and 6 of that look that they already know each other. Even if someone try to enter to the conversation looks not easy for that reason I just lurk on it but it's funny read your shit.

Look at this dude...

Him seems really nice, I probably go to the meetup (if there's one) just to give him a hug

>Living outside the golden horseshoe
Top pleb

>> No.10167792

Sorry I don't need friends from a 4chan discord. Half of you drop the act of being friends as soon as a girl shows up and you all orbit around her for attention. If you're not into cosplay or egl why are you on this board.

>> No.10167816

It's the only board where conventions are on topic, and yes a lot of us do cosplay. I'm not into egl myself but that's because I have other expensive hobbies.
It sounds like you're pretty bitter about something though, if you didn't immediately get the attention you so obviously crave in the discord, why not try talking again sometime? It can be pretty intimidating trying to enter an already established social group, but they seem genuinely nice.

>> No.10167824


>> No.10167827

I'm on an anonymous image board for a reason, I don't need to join a circlejerk of people who wish they were popular tripfags.

>> No.10167833

>Doesn't need to join the circlejerk
>Hides in the discord instead
>Angrily pouting at your monitor as you read the chat

I really hope you're a troll, otherwise I'm just plain sad for you.

>> No.10167837

I've never had discord, but I've obviously offended you with my opinion that discord is garbage. Don't reply to me if you think I'm a troll.

>> No.10167857

I'm excited to see you faggots having a great time together despite all this fighting about the circle jerk discord and the anti-social anons

>> No.10167863

Im there and I agree discord is complete garbage but its also fun to hang out with people that have the same interest as you and also chat with them everyday. its good if you arent in a group already and want to start out somwhere.
>Half of you drop the act of being friends as soon as a girl shows up
I know what you mean my incel buddy but that happens everywhere in varying degrees. I dont think it would be that bad here however, not with the kinds of people I met.
yeah I dont want this thread to be discord shitposting.

>> No.10167880

Based. And even if you're not a party person, there's plenty of fun to be had from just the amount of people there. Find a group, be spontaneous.

>> No.10167898

Yes. I get by great with zero french. Still good If at least 1 person in your party has some french just in case but it's not needed

>> No.10167900

I don't buy a ticket as the content is rubbish. I just grab a hotel room drink and cosplay. Money isn't the issue. It's content being rubbish due to the upper levels of mangment being out of touch with what weebs want

>> No.10167909

It's actually kind of amazing none of them have reported him despite being very pol. Slacking off

>> No.10167926

I actually tried, lel. But more information is needed and we know just part of his name and even if I have all his information I read that they can't enter in his house nor stop him in the street without any reason (apparently having no status isn't a crime at all).

>> No.10167946
File: 213 KB, 276x730, [HorribleSubs] Houseki no Kuni - 03 [1080p].mkv_snapshot_03.41_[2018.09.22_20.52.45].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>literally zero fuckable people

>> No.10167950
File: 1.25 MB, 1081x581, fuckable.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10167956

Can this absolute unit even fit in the gloryhole stall?

>> No.10167958

"anti-social anons", everyone, I would go but don't like orbiters

Is not?, lmao based illegal

You think someone is this party's have some kind of sexual desire for real people?, lmao

>> No.10167961

>living inside the golden horseshoe
life is pain ill be glad to be seeing you all burn in hell

>> No.10167963


>> No.10167984

>going to a /cgl/ meet to fuck
How desperate do you have to be?

>> No.10167987

I did sometimes but guys are so shy and womens are mostly ugly, taken or shy as well. I like fatty guys and I'm bisexual and even with such low expectatives is hard to get head in this meetups

>> No.10167999

>tfw no Zayan bf

>> No.10168009

People are telling us to move our discord to /soc/ yet anon is complaining he can't get head at a cosplay meetup... who really needs to move to /soc/?

>> No.10168017

Both of you.

>> No.10168021

Just fuck already

>> No.10168040

Sorry, I'm a eunuch.

>> No.10168051

What language is this?

>> No.10168087


>> No.10168213


>> No.10168810
File: 610 KB, 754x810, 1554866014399.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

AN Schedule is out

>all Kingdom Hearts panels are in the Sheraton amongst the yaoi shit
>one is actually a KH yaoi panel

>> No.10168830
File: 145 KB, 1284x818, an_schedule_2019.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The only schedule that matters

>> No.10168843
File: 71 KB, 810x375, Deez nerds.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I came here to talk aboot it.

Going all weekend. Got a hotel for myself and everything. Stealing the work camera too. If someone genuinely wanted to take advantage of the resource, it's a Nikon D3300. No expert here, but I'm not selling anything, just want to take pictures of cool costumes.
Will be dressed as Agent Smith, and Golden Boy.

>> No.10168858
File: 451 KB, 430x772, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Beans That Tune

>> No.10168859

AN is only a week and a half away! I hope all of your cosplays are coming along!

>> No.10168874

I wish I had the confidence and photogenic qualities to cosplay again. It was different when I was a teenager, but now I have a certain level of expectation that I know I'll never be able to live up to. Plus, there aren't many characters that I'd fit the profile for facially, hope getting fit will fix that. I kind of really want to cosplay Araragi but I'd need to have someone cosplaying one of the girls for people to get it. Otherwise I'd just be a gloomy looking guy with a cowlick.

>> No.10168948
File: 82 KB, 960x892, NrtN9FV.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You might end up like this guy

>> No.10169019

>It's content being rubbish due to the upper levels of mangment being out of touch with what weebs want
Basically this. The AN upper management is still living in 2001 and treating the con as a sci-fi con offshoot and managing it like the attendees number 3000 instead of 30,000

>> No.10169021

Anime characters are mostly recognizable by their hair so if you got a decent wig with the right color and styling it would work

>> No.10169300

I did the same thing my first year, lol, tried to dress up as Keitaro from LoveHina but I just looked like a poorly dressed dork.
Such cringey, stomach churning memories...

>> No.10169365

Hows Fan expo? I've never went to one and one of my friends is trying to get me to go

>> No.10169374

Better panels, better guests, HUGE dealers room and artists alley, more to look at than just anime stuff. Its also developed a mini games show inside itself that has demos set up. There's a tattoo booth, huge comic dealers section, LARP tryouts and a whole lot of other stuff. That being said, it's not a "party" con. Room parties may happen, but in the years that they've tried to set up stuff like j-dances the organization for it has become lackluster at best, meaning attendance has gone way down. It's a con to go get pricey celebrity autographs and buy useless nerd junk.

>> No.10169378

I went once and I'll never go back. Too big and crowded for me

>> No.10169410


>> No.10169431

Do you like spending money? Do you love spending money? Then it's the place for you.
Honestly they get all the big name guests, like actors, voice actors, and there's tons and tons of stuff to do, it's just 1, expensive, and 2, immensely crowded. If you're fine with either and you're there to spend money and see guests, then it's pretty good I think.
I usually go for a day if there's a guest I want to see and that's it.

>> No.10169465

FanExpo sucks ass

>> No.10169473


Thanks for the input, looks like I'll skip it out since I don't know any celebs and skip spending money on more junk to fill up my room.

>> No.10169476

The only good thing that came out of my FanExpo trip was this massive fluffy mastiff in the courtyard out front. Spent more time petting him than actually walking around in the convention centre.

>> No.10169492

trash full of furries and comic shit and no good anime shit

>> No.10170857

>con in 1 week
>dead thread

>> No.10170906

discord trannies has everyone spooked

>> No.10170925

I suspect everyone is working on last minute cosplay, or the toxicity on here has made everyone abandon ship.

>> No.10170930
File: 49 KB, 600x583, 1556848375079.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

There's a thread specific to AN up.

>> No.10170931

Isn't that just a meme word?

>> No.10170961

Not if people are deliberately shitting up the thread.

>> No.10171509 [DELETED] 
File: 345 KB, 500x800, 1556296189341.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

so i live here and never been to otakuthon. I was thinking of going this year and not sure if i have enough time to make an onsoku no sonic costume and also i have no friends because shut in neet. Im certain i'll panic if i go alone

>> No.10171602
File: 2.92 MB, 4160x3120, IMG_20190517_171716.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Having fun at Otafest today. Anyone else up here?

>> No.10172010

I'm at ota but also in constant neck pain from a giant prop on and around my head

such is the struggle, still fun though, have had nonstop photos so far

>> No.10172197
File: 2.74 MB, 3120x4160, IMG_20190518_173657.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Big cagey looking thing?
That's good to hear. I'm dressed as Golden boy today. Only one person has recognized it, but goddamn he's a cool guy

>> No.10172208

yeah the fucking ten pound cage of death

my back is gonna shatter in two and I've got Sunday to go too, but it's worth it, I'm loving this. Someone thought I was Harry Potter though, so I have to wonder what goddamn Harry Potter they were reading.

>> No.10172346
File: 2.21 MB, 3120x4160, IMG_20190518_195722.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That's funny as fuck. Something owl related they were thinking maybe?
I'll say hi and snap a photo sometime. Hadn't yet cause I asked have no idea what the costume is

>> No.10172379
File: 576 KB, 1235x3168, 20190518_152315~2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yeah that'd be cool. I'm Micolash from Bloodborne, probably the most annoying boss in the game but that's half the reason he's memorable.

Also posting this K. Rool because he's hilarious.

>> No.10172541

Here. Had a massive sword on Friday I was carrying around, today I got sleepy all of a sudden and had to go back to the hotel to rest. Tomorrow I'm in lolita and I'm hoping that'll be warmer than my cosplays were.

>> No.10172640

Ayy. I got your pic outside today. Really hope I wasn't bugging you as you were trying to have a smoke or something, but you look sick as hell. Props for the dedication.

>> No.10172774
File: 2.29 MB, 3120x4160, IMG_20190519_092115.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Very nice. Think I saw you before running off.

Couldn't sleep much, already walking around the area. Costumers should be happy about the weather. Hope to get a bowl of ramen today too. Missed it yesterday, running around the place

>> No.10172799

Hey, thanks man! My buddy with the big scythe and I were getting nonstop swarmed outside by passerby for photos anyway so you definitely weren't a bother at at, so don't worry about it at all.

You know if they're putting the ramen bar outside today or not? I skipped it yesterday because it was way too crowded crammed into the hotel and I couldn't even comprehend the lineup's direction.

>> No.10172806

All I know is don't wait to get any, they ran out around four yesterday. I would assume outside, looks beautiful all day likely

>> No.10172932

It did last year if you count only 5 people as an orgy

>> No.10173388

Like an actual orgy?
Im guessing with 5 guys

>> No.10173420

no burgers, all fries

>> No.10173541
File: 67 KB, 1280x720, no.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

lol, at least half of them identified as women, so NO. Get with the times there gramps.

>> No.10173585

Anyone get a pic of rope ladybug from Sunday auction?

>> No.10173892
File: 226 KB, 1280x720, 806624023_146863.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Still feeling a touch wiped out from Otafest. Was bretty fun though, definately finding it more enjoyable than CCEE over the last couple of years. Got some nice sketches of my wife from the charity drive too.

lol, I think I saw you at Rosso the other day asking for a straw for your coffee. That thing looked brutal.

>> No.10173970

>at least half of them identified as women,
so one has half his body a male and the other female?
so pretty much 5 guys then

>> No.10174065

no meetup this year?

>> No.10174096

Yeah that was me at Rosso. Hilariously the straw didn't even fucking reach my mouth anyway so I just had to take it off to drink. Need to get myself a big bendy straw or something next time.

Also I definitely agree that it's a lot more fun than CCEE lately. CCEE is getting too big for it's britches and way too hyperfocused on capeshit I think. It's not... the worst I guess but it's certainly lost a lot of its soul and the social aspect of a good con is basically not there anymore because of how crowded and "overproduced" it is.

>> No.10174102

read the thread

>> No.10174116

already did, what discord server are u talking about?

>> No.10174157
File: 136 KB, 1080x1350, IMG_20190519_153853_952.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nice sketches. Got these three moon dorks from the sketch drive plus some commissions at actual AA.
You looked really good man. Saw you around a few times. Props for the dedication.

>> No.10175439

Would anyone who is attending Animethon 2019 be interested in joining a cosplay after party orgy? I can guarantee 2 girls will be there if people are interested.

>> No.10175670

First time congoer here, any tips to identify which vendors are selling counterfeit or low quality goods or 200% marked up merch I can find cheaper online?

>> No.10175676

>200% marked up merch I can find cheaper online
They all are, wait to buy on sunday when most things are discounted.

>> No.10175754

Dealers' room is barely a priority. The main thing you want to check out is the Artists' Alley. Just rows and rows of amazing Anime art for sale.
You can take note of stuff you like in the Dealers' room and quickly check Google, Ebay, Alibaba or something like that.
On Friday they do a thing that's basically like a fleamarket. Go there. The last hour (or more like last 30mins? can't remember) people offer huge discounts because they don't want to take the stuff they brought home with them. There's often discounts on Sunday on stuff in the Artist Alley too.

>> No.10175758
File: 197 KB, 440x440, 1521319740615.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Look buddy no offense but the very idea of the kind of girls who would both engage in an orgy in the first place AND be attending Animethon makes my dick invert into a horrific bloody windsock

>> No.10175975
File: 3.12 MB, 1920x1080, [HorribleSubs] Houseki no Kuni - 01 [1080p].mkv_snapshot_15.13_[2018.06.15_22.37.47].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10175978

Characters with masks or helmets are your friend.

>> No.10175979

I would actually be down if this wasn't clearly some trap to harvest my organs.

>> No.10176229

None taken. Although I can assure you they are decent looking girls.

I can guarantee you this is not a trap to harvest your organs haha.

>> No.10176235

You really trying to pimp on a Tibetan basket-weaving website?

>> No.10176346

It's not really pimping if I'm not making any money from it.

>> No.10176385

NMFT came and went and nobody cared, even me.

>> No.10176580
File: 1.04 MB, 2964x1984, It's Agent Smith.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

For Birdcage san

Post Otafest.... post.
Ramen bar wasn't great. Only came out warm, not piping hot when I got it. Sunday weather was nice, but expected more costumers outside.

Bit of research says it was bought by Informa in 2018. Though I think it was getting super commercialized before then. Did notice a growing amount of unrelated vendors last couple of years. Selling phone shit, insoles, etc.

Fuck the hell no. Tell us how it goes tho. Curious.
Exactly what an organ harvester would say.

>> No.10176596

Hey I went to NMFT and it was great, probably the best band lineup of the last 1-2 years. I just haven't been on cgl much anymore

>> No.10176624

shes cute

>> No.10176630

Wew thanks, been looking for photos of myself basically all week.

Interesting about the comic expo though. I also remember it getting overcommercialized way earlier though. Last time I remember going and enjoying it for more than a glorified merch store is like 2014 maybe. I've even been seeing less and less non-professional cosplayers over the years, although maybe that's just me.

Also sucks about the ramen bar but I ended up just fucking off to Fusion with some friends anyway instead. Pretty sure the lack of cosplayers outside on Sunday was also because there were a bunch of cosplay events and a bunch of the prolific ones were hanging out inside trying to get votes for the contest

>> No.10176649
File: 2.23 MB, 5164x2052, Scoots.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yes. Have pictures of her, and her friend as Panty and Stocking from Medicine Hat last year.

Yeah, I vaguely remember it going downhill in that way. I'd say right around when JNigri was brought in, and cosplay guests became a thing up here. Seemed like only 10-20 percent of people were even costumed the Saturday I went this year.

Aye. Always been a quirk with Otafest, and their king and queen cosplay whatever. Almost like a damn prom. Also, always thought having one dance on Friday was bizarre..

>> No.10177129

When? where? how? & why?

>> No.10178771

Will do if it does happen but so far it doesn't seem like a lot of people are interested so I don't think it's worth trying to organize anything at the moment.

And no. I am definitely not an organ harvester.

Don't know yet. If I can get around 10 people who are interested in participating then I'll start actually organizing it properly.

But for now here's a rough outline of the "plan".

Probably on the Saturday or Sunday night after Animethon is finished.

Last year it was in a hotel room at Holiday Inn. Hopefully if more people join I might book a bigger place.

What do you mean by how?

Just for fun and to meet new people I guess.

>> No.10178901

Interested, keep me posted closer to

>> No.10179474

I didn't realize fanexpo was only a week apart from otakuthon. Kinda lame desu, prefer at least 2 weeks between cons.

>> No.10180473

Anyone allowed to participate in this??

>> No.10181488

asians & black people need not apply

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