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From room-stuffing to staff to roommate drama, what’s been the strangest or worst experience you’ve had while staying somewhere for a con?

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Otakon 2008, which IIRC was the last year before they did online hotel reservation. Ended up at the Lord Baltimore, only to find out at check-in that what was supposed to be a double-bed room for four was somehow in the system as a single-king room for one- and I had five other dudes rooming with me. We ended up with three or four of us no-homo-ing it up in the bed, one dude in the bathtub, and one or two dudes on the floor. It was sweltering hot in that bed (no homo no homo no homo) but the real nightmare started when somebody clogged the toilet on Friday afternoon. Since the six of us were mostly operating independently during con hours, people kept shitting in the toilet before realizing it was clogged, resulting in a mountain of toilet paper and shit reaching nearly the surface of the water. It got worse Friday night- by the time I got around to dinner everything in the neighborhood was closed, and the 7-11 taquitos I ended up having resulted in a thirty-minute bout of sonic diarrhea in the hotel lobby bathroom. I was afraid to ask the hotel to send someone up to deal with the clog in case they noticed that we had six times the listed number of people in the room, so we just dealt with using the lobby bathroom until Saturday night, when a couple of the dudes bailed early and I finally called the desk and had it taken care of. I felt so bad that I tipped the poor maintenance guy who had to come up and deal with Mount Flushmore $10, and I've refused to overstuff a hotel room since.

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Stayed in a hotel with 4 strangers at Katsu a few years ago. Red head trird cheating on her boyfriend with me while he was asleep in the room and a mutual frirnd of theirs was awake. I didn't do it but it made the rest of the weekend awkward.

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Nothing big, but after a long day at the con we all were tired and just wanted to go to sleep and this 1 person decided to take an 1 hour long shower before others.

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>autists create literal mountain of shit and paper

>10$ tip and feels good about it

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Anime Matsuri 2015. I was rooming with my best friend, a coworker I had roomed with the year before, a girl from my lolita comm, and her girlfriend.
We ended up not reserving the room early enough, so the only thing left was the expensive executive suite, which had one King sized bed instead of two queens...we had to cram three people into the bed and two people slept on the full-size blow-up mattress I brought. Also, we had three room keys for five people. Normally it's not a big deal because there's usually someone in the room at some point in time, so if you need to get in, you can knock on the door and be let in, but the entire executive suite floor is locked and you need the room key to even get onto the floor...I had to leave a panel to let my friend into the room when she needed a maxipad and forgot to pack one in her day bag.
The worst part was the roommates. Best friend and coworker were fine, but the other two...
They were teens, and they brought LOADS of stuff that they DIDN'T need. Like...they had trash bags full of manga and their homework and God knows what else, and got us and our friends to help them cart all this crap from the car (which was parked like a block away instead of in the hotel parking garage) to the room.
They then proceeded to trash the room.
There was open packets of uncooked ramen and a portable cooker just lying on the floor, and it was impossible to sit or lie down on the bed in the middle of the day to take a breather, because they would just throw their suitcase and shit on top of it and didn't move it until we were going to bed at night...and they weren't the ones sleeping in the bed.
On check-out day, as one might predict, they took for-fucking-ever trying to clean up the giant mess they made while the three of us who didn't make a wreck of the room were packed up and waiting around on them. We ended up just ditching and leaving them to clean up the mess THEY made.

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Okay, I'm sorry, but how the hell did y'all manage to shit in the toilet without even realizing it was clogged and full of someone else's excrement? Did you guys just not look into the toilet before shitting or something? Also I cannot imagine the smell. You definitely should have tipped way more than 10$, poor guy

>going to AM

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Men in general are disgusting so I’m not surprised they saw a shit filled toilet and decided everything was fine and dandy

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2015 was before the scandal came out and everyone learned John and Deneice were shitheads.

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I stayed with ~5 other people and they all wanted to stay up and be loud past 1am. We all had to get up at ~7am each day, so when I agreed to stay with them, I assumed they would be going to bed early since we all had to get up early. nope.
I got nearly 0 sleep that whole weekend especially since one guy snored so loudly and they'd leave the tv on which would randomly wake me up, making me get up to turn it off.
Couldn't believe asking for 8 hours of sleep was unreasonable.

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Mostly that, but there's a not-zero chance that one guy deliberately made it worse because he thought it'd be funny.
I still feel bad about not giving the guy a bigger tip and it's been more than a decade. I have also never eaten a 7-11 taquito again.

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>Like...they had trash bags full of manga and their homework and God knows what else
Christ almighty that sounds cringey. That and on top of the attempts to eat ramen in the hoel room. They sounds like the bad types of weeaboos you hear about in horror stories.
You'd hate rooming with me and my friends. We're all at the con until ~2am and get up at 6am-7am to get ready for the next day.
Though none of us snore and once it's lights out- it's lights out.

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Worst was Otakon 2002, was at the Days Inn.

I typically need a fan to sleep, mix of noise and airflow. Anyway, something was wrong with the AC compressor because it sounded like a bunch of silverware in a dryer, I am talking seriously loud rattle.

On top of that, fell seriously ill and had to have a friend drive me home. Went back for the car on Monday and it three tickets on it (street parked)

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I always shell out for my own room for this reason. I'm a ridiculously light sleeper and operate on 4-6 hours of sleep so I go back to my room at 3AM and I'm up, showered, and back at the con by 9AM. I don't want to have to worry about keeping anybody else awake or being woken up by my roommate(s) having an earlier sleep schedule than me.

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this years SAK was definitely a rooming struggle. I organized the room and had 6 people in a 1 bedroom king suite with a kitchen. I got the king with plans to have 3 in the bed, 2 on the sofa bed and one on the floor. I get there late on thursday after check in and one roommate and her boyfriend have claimed the king bed. Fine whatever ill sleep with them, i go pass out while everyone is partying. Cue to 2am where I am woken up and kicked out of the king bed to go sleep on the double sofa bed with 3 people because they don't wanna share the bed. Not to mention the room was trashed the entire weekend. My fault but they paid the same as everyone else in the room even though they're the only ones who got an actual bed for the weekend

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Does this count self-inflicted stupidity?

>Be me, broke-ass late-teens furry
>Drive pic related
>put a twin mattress in back, fits between wheelwells
>buy military arctic sleeping bag, broken zipper
>Hells to the yeah, I can sleep in my truck at Philcon, F-you Adams Mark Hotel!
>get some bottled water flashlights, snacks,
>this is gonna rock!

At Philcon...

>cap locks from outside, not inside, fuck me
>lock cap, climb in through cab
>have cardboard to cover windows
>Okay, getting undressed for bed kinda tough
>Sleepig bag is comfy, but since it won't zip my body heat escapes
>long story short, condenses on roof, drips on me
>cardboard not test-fitted, light leaks in from the top
>hear people coming and going all night

Fortunately I didn't have to pee, and that someone with a room let me shower. It was a bit better the second night.

You'd think I'd've learned my lesson, nnnnnope

>Balticon, Hunt Valley Inn
>Its almost Easter, it should be warm
>Its cold
>its really cold
>its freakin SNOWING!
>bedding inadequate to keep myself warm
>body heat melts snow, which drips through rivet holes in the roof
>fuck it, not gonna be able to sleep
>someone managed to drive home after that experience.

That was the last time I slept in that truck at a convention, got rid of it that summer.

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As a young weeb I let a friend deal with our rooming situation for a convention out of state.

We show up to a hotel suite for the weekend.. with 12 other people. Friend ended up flirting her way onto the only bed with the room owner while everyone else slept on the floor, under the desk, in the bathroom, and one guy slept in the closet.

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I did the floor thing when I was a young sprog.

Tried it at Otakon last near, now at age 50, sleeping on a hotel floor does a number on my body

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I never room with other people so the only story I have is pretty tame.

>room with a girl I’ve known for about a year
>she shows up 6 hours late to pick me up at an airport
>didn’t finish a project for the con in time, stays up late till around 3 AM Friday and Saturday nights to finish it even though we both have to get up early both days
>spends ages in the bathroom in the mornings, bathroom smells strongly like medicinal acne cream after she gets out and makes me gag

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Anime North girl breaks down for no reason and makes everyone feel bad. Found out its because her best friend got a boyfriend and wasn't spending any time with her.

Youmacon get invited to the con to cover someone spot. Person that invited me made me feel unwelcome and it felt like a waste of time. Her friends had mental problems.

Colossal Con East some guy wouldn't come to the room because he was afraid of me. Wait that one was amazing!

Anime Expo ex girlfriend drama. Kept being a bitch over things that happened years ago. Got upset that she had to sleep on the floor because the hotel didn't give us an extra bed. Blamed it on the group. Should have left her in LA.

Con Bravo guy kept wanting to fuck his lesbian friend. Told him to stop trying. They got into a fight and the girl left. I told the guy he has to cover for his friend as he caused the shit. He paid up.

Yeticon. Got invited to a room. Only care for 3 people. Person who was planning it was some stoner girl that keeps changing the room. followed by room stuffing the room. Started with 6 went to 11 2 weeks before the con.

Colossal Con Prime. Person that set up the room goes and tells everyone they spend the money for the hotel room. They panics in the group chat then cancels the room. Leaving everyone without a room. So we re-book outside of con rate and told the person to fuck right off!

Otakuthon girl got drunk and throw up on my friends bed. So I was fine.

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Went to an annual con with friends I met online and have roomed with for three or four years, so we've got a good understanding of what goes on. There's three of us and my brother that everyone agrees can crash (he lives in the city but never feels like going home).

A couple weeks before, get a message from my BFF asking if another mutual (but online-only) friend can crash in the room for the weekend.

Usually I'm better at managing the room but that year I was stressed out and didn't care so I said whatever. Turns out it was literal crash and not pay for the room. Whatever, we all talked and agreed they don't get a bed, they have to sleep on the floor. No one else said no so while I wasn't thrilled, I didn't say no. Plus, my brother doesn't pay, he just sleeps on the floor and they let him so...ok.

Con comes and they're there. We all get ready for bed and they ask to sleep in the king-sized bed I'm sharing with my BFF. I'm in the middle of an anxiety-attack basically so I don't say anything and my BFF let's them, not sure how to say no.

They sleep on the edge of the bed but keep edging over to me, so I keep edging over to my BFF and don't sleep a wink. They next night, they conveniently fall asleep in our bed while talking. Again, I don't sleep because this person I haven't met IRL before is being oddly attached to me... They even asked if their friends could crash.

Eventually I tell my BFF in a break down on Sunday and she tells them to fuck off. But that was the last weekend I ever spent with those people.

Two of them were my BFFs for over 7 years and it sucks that that was the last weekend we've spent together.

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It's awful. I'm at the age now where I'd sooner pay for a room myself than pay someone to let me sleep on the floor.
Same with rooming with strangers, which oddly enough didn't bother me when I was a dumb weeb.

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The next year...may have been worse? 4 people to a room because I don't stuff. All people I met online, only 1 I met IRL but have spoken to everyone for years.

2 guys, 2 girls. Guys share a bed, girls share a bed. First night, we're talking, drinking and getting ready for the next day of cosplay.

We want popcorn so three of us go downstairs to use the microwave in the lobby. We come back and the guy left in the room obvious has drank more than he should've. He's passed out on the bed. We just keep talking and getting ready for bed when he starts puking.

I help him and then carry him from the bed to the bathroom. There's puke all over me. I wash up as best I can and change, borrowing clothes but have never had to deal with this before. Front desk says they can't clean the room until the morning.

Everyone goes to bed. Puke literally in my nostrils. 3 AM I finally break, take a shower with a guy sleeping on the floor of the bathroom and sleep on my brother's couch.

I haven't been back to that con.

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I dont know how you are all able to share rooms with complete strangers

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I once shared a room with people I me on omegle 2 weeks prior to the con.
They're now my best con friends.

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Eh when you're young and weeby it's surprisingly easy because you're used to striking up conversations with strangers and making friends with other weebs. Depending on how old you are, you really don't know any better.

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AX, several years ago. Roomed with strangers. Everyone was polite and respectful but once the lights went out a couple sharing the adjacent bed soon began to emit a horrific cacophony of gasps and guttural snores as if performing a duet of sputtering chainsaw engines. I've had roommates who snore, no big deal, but this was truly on another level. The earplugs I had brought for this exact scenario were useless against the hateful intensity of those two's nocturnal paroxysm. It was never again quite as bad as that first night, maybe because of exhaustion, but if you're an obnoxious sleeper do the rest of us a favor and get your own room.

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Katsucon a few years ago. We thought it would be fun to room with my husband’s friend that he hadn’t seen in awhile. We had a nice view of the gazebo by chance and were really excited but friend (we’ll call him D) wanted us to keep the curtain closed because he’s terrified of heights at 6 feet tall himself.

My husband brought food to make light meals as a snack or quick breakfast. D brought a taco dinner kit with no ground beef or way to cook it, 3 loaves of bread he never ate and cups of easy Mac to a room with 0 microwave.

D also brought his plushie collection and anime body pillow. D demanded we stay in all weekend and play games and watch anime. Once we walked in on him watch dub anime on tv AND sub anime on his laptop. He would throw a fit when we tried to change the channel. I have more but it’s basically a book.

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Where do you think you are? Please. Post that book.
Gulls love a good con horror story

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Anyone have stories from KatSNOWcon in 2004? I only stopped by their briefly and got out before the storm really hit...

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Now that I'm a big girl with a big girl job rooming by myself for cons, I kind of miss it. I never had any horror stories happen though (miraculously) and actually made some of my best friends through these random rooms.

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Snorers should just be executed to weed them out of the gene pool. Take comfort in the fact that snorers have a 50% chance of having obstructive sleep apnea, which is a serious medical condition that damages heart tissue over time. And they won't get treatment for it because they don't care/don't think snoring is an issue.

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ACEN 2017. Shit was so bad I had to go the fucking hospital. Don't feel like posting the whole story now but basically got no sleep and felt super sick all night. Room was a million degrees and one person came back to the room at 4am puking their guts out in the bathroom for an hour. Around 5 I took a shit that had a ton of blood in it and had to call an uber to go to the hospital.

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First year of ColossalCon east I roomed with a bunch of rando Americans and one mutual friend (Canadian, a mutual of one of the Americans in the room).
7 people in a 2 bed, 1 pullout room, so I had to share a bed with 2 people. They’re a couple, so I thought it’d be okay. They were pretty cool, we drank and hung out a bit. First night, I’m having a rough time trying to sleep. I’m turned away from the couple. I feel something brush against my butt. Thought it was an accident at first since this tiny ass pullout was cramped with 3 people on it, but then I felt it again. Guy’s had was definitely touching my ass on purpose. Weird, but I’m honestly too tired and I didn’t want to start a fight in the middle of the night when everyone was trying to sleep. I shift around a bit and he stopped. Second night I switched beds.

That couple got married this past weekend. Never told the girl about it, never confronted him.

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Okay here we go:
So my husband and I left to enjoy the con. We invited D to join us so he didn’t feel left out but he refused saying he only wanted to play games inside. Since we all paid for the room, we brought some friends up one night. One of the girls had a dog that had passed away from an illness and we were comforting her and D made it about him with ‘well my dog passed away too. She was old’.

The next day we went to the fancy $45 per person breakfast buffet at the Gaylord. When we get back to the room D is just waking up and wondering where we went. We explained it to him and he’s mad we didn’t invite him. My husband said we didn’t invite him because it’s Valentine’s day and D says ‘I don’t care what day it is! It’s a free breakfast’. My husband doesn’t get mad often but he yelled ‘IT’S NOT FREE!’

Later we invited D out to browse the dealer room and he declined. I was picking out a gift but nothing in the Dealer Room caught my eye, but I found a friend I hadn’t seen in a few years so we started chatting. D calls my husband and asked him to come to the room alone for an emergency. My husband leaves me with my friend and rushes upstairs. When he comes back I can tell he’s heated so we go off to a corner. D called him up there so he could ask him for $100 to buy an anime dvd box set...

Fast forward to that night. We invited D to dinner with our friends, but again he declined to hang out with us like he did all weekend. We asked if he wanted anything and D requested a chocolate cake. We ate dinner, got the cake, and hung out with friends. My husband was trying not to eat the cake and tell D that they were out but he was still trying to be a good friend.

We gave D the cake (this was in the night he had two anime’s playing) and he takes one bite and puts it away.

The next morning is Sunday and we had planned to sleep in. At 6:30 D stands over my husband and wakes him up to ask him if he wanted to go to a

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What's the rest of the story, I'm on the edge of my seat

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Panel for free DVD’s. We were pissed. We asked him out all weekend and he kept saying no. Now he wants to hang out at 6:30!?

D also ate majority of our food since he couldn’t cook any of his. He offered us to take a loaf of bread home so he didn’t have to carry it but when he left to go to his car he took all his food with him. D never gave us promised alone time so the second he left we did it in his bed.

My husband was nervous about confronting D because of his mental issues. He later told me D was in line for parking and randomly got out of line then back in it which is why they were late Thursday. They also arrived late Friday because D had to buy food we couldn’t use (they rode together). We haven’t seen or talked to D since and we’ve also made a pact to never room with anyone. Whatever the cost of the room we will split it only two ways.

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I forgot to mention Sunday that D has the audacity, the nerve and the courage to tell my husband ‘next time you bring me a chocolate cake bring it up here within 15-20 minutes or I don’t want it’ then he tossed it in the trash. In front of my husband that was brought that cake from nandos in the cold thing to be a good friend.

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You get ebola or sumthin'?

>> No.10167520

D sounds like he's either 5 years old or has BPD, which is basically the same behavior. Do you still talk to him?

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We definitely think he has something which is why we were trying to be accepting. We haven’t spoken to him since. I want to say this happened in 2015 or 2016. He’d be around 30ish now. Like I’ve never met a man child before until this.

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My first Kumoricon, 2015. First time room stuffing. I know all the people, so this should be cool, right? During the night, have a dream about the continue screen from the Ninja Gaiden arcade (you know the one) I wake up to people really pissed off. One guy was snoring so loud he could wake the dead. This was back when the con was four days, so yeah. Fun times. Sorry it’s not entertaining, but all my other experiences were cool.

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Anime Weekend Atlanta 2017. Needed a room and my normal con group wasn't going, So I decided to hit up the facebook page and find a room - Eventually find someone with space in the host-hotel for $120~ for the whole weekend.

Get added to the hotel chat group, meet all the other people and all is well for a while. Person hosting the room seems a little off, but otherwise an okay person. The con is getting closer and out of nowhere, her mom group calls us from her phone and claims we all need to pay $150 and not $120. The host had 2 rooms and 6 people in each room, And even at $120 she was still going to make some profit... but her mom insisted we pay $150~ which was going to leave her with an extra 500-600...It was so close to the con, we said fuck it and paid it anyways.... literally like less than 2 weeks before the con, We find out that the host had SPENT the money we gave her for the room.. Saying shit like her mom made her or else she was gonna be homeless, blah blah blah, then eventually said her mom took her card and spent it, gave us screenshots of eating at Olive Garden, Other places almost every day. Thankfully, one of the other people in the room managed to get the reservation E-mail from her and swapped it over to his name so we would still have a room - Most of us never got our money back.. and the bitch went all over facebook blaming US for it, saying WE WERE AT FAULT and playing the victim card.... Very few people believed her, Others stuck up for her for a while until they realized she was batshit insane. She lies (Still to this day) saying she gave us our money back, apologized and claims we all forgave her. Which never happened, Some of us never got our money back, And the guy who took the reservation over was nice enough to not make us pay him, even though he took almost $700 hit.

The other shitty thing is, She still had the other room and was spam posting on the fb page begging and pleading for people to room with her.

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Part 2.

We found out later on that she had been doing this to other local Southern anime cons, Like MTAC, DragonCon, etc.. Con staff wouldn't (Said they couldn't do anything) and the police, despite it being well over felony amount stolen wouldn't do shit either. She had admitted to beating her dog out of frustration, etc.... We did get the cops sent to her house - But her "sister" answered the door and claimed she didn't live there anymore.

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You should have taken her to small claims court, you don't need a lawyer for that and judges would take one look at the case and rule in your favor.

>> No.10167800

Hey if you wanna be a dog so bad, you can sleep like one too

>> No.10167804


Well, Individually $150 a person is alot, yes... but I'd imagine the court fees would outweigh what we got back from her.

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>Youmacon 2015
>Guy posts asking for $100 for the whole weekend
>Friend is impressed I got such an incredible price for an on-site hotel
>We drive up there to meet with the guy
>Dude is tall and very fat, with thin wispy hair (think of a newborn)
>Seems normal at first

>As we make our way from Cobo Center to the main hotel, he yells at cosplayers chilling outside for smoking weed and cigs
>We make it to the hotel and says we can't fucking drink the massive amount of alcohol we brought or he'll tell the hotel staff we have hard drugs
>Guy cockblocks me by literally crying about how ill he is when I bring a chick back to the hotel
>Calls my female friends doing my cosplay makeup "whores" or something
>Yells to everyone about how I'm gay whenever he sees me around con cosplaying Garterbelt

And so much more. The fucker even called me via facebook and once by phone on and off after con for two fucking years before I completely blocked his stupid ass

I hope I never see that fucker again

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Yeah you don't need to tell her; it wasn't cool of him to do that, but it would solve fuck all, no proof, etc.

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>Magfest 2019
>Rooming with someone I’ve known for half a decade, code name “Water Damage” (WD for short)
>Asks if we can pick him up from bus station in DC
>Drive out of our way to pick him up but no problem (so far)
>Thursday, get to the hotel
>Check in is great, everyone in room I’ve met before and am chill with (so far)
>WD seems to follow my partner and I around a lot, go back between con the hotel frequently, okay whatever

>End of Day 1
>WD tells me about how someone “bumped him and his camera fell into the fountains” and he’s keeping it in the shower to work the moisture out
> (X) Doubt
>But whatever, so far the con is great

>Day 2
>Friend and I are tripping on acid, go back to the room to chill for a bit since I’d been walking around a lot
>WD enters shortly after
>Starts talking to me about my partner, asking weird questions and very persistent
>Text trip friend help since I just left my partner who wanted to look at cards in the dealers room
>Trip friend saves the day, WD leaves as soon after he arrives

>Day 3
>Wake up at around 12 pm after night of partying with my partner
>WD is in the room
>Insists that my partner and I take a shower, it’s getting late, etc.
>He’s right, start getting my stuff together
>Partner goes to take a dump before we shower (thanks)
>Comes out of bathroom and whispers into my ear
> “WD’s camera is In there. It’s been recording for 2 hours”
>WD set up his camera waiting to catch my partner and I shower
>WD must of over heard him because now he’s going into the bathroom to get his camera and leaves
>We text out our other two roommates about the situation, who are also a couple
>WD gets thrown out and banned from the hotel and Magfest

I had known him for over 5 years and roomed with him before (when I was a minor, too). There was a bunch of crazy shit I heard from friends too like WD tried to follow us into a party but was bounced so he just stood in the hallway for half an hour.

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Namedrop pls

>> No.10168068

Being understanding and accepting of someone's mental illness seems like the kind thing to do here, but you're also under no obligation to accept that maltreatment. It sounds like you've taken some distance from him, which is good. You and your husband seem like nice people that deserve good con experiences and chocolate cake.

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It definitely wasn’t enough of a big deal to even bring it up, which is why I didn’t. Still uncomfortable as fuck though. Never rooming with randos again

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I got really bad bronchitis over a month before a con, and I wasn't contagious anymore but was still coughing a bit by the time the con rolled around. I thought it would be ok since it eased up, but the dry as hell hotel room made me cough nonstop at night. I felt really bad and ended up sleeping in the bathtub to avoid waking people up.

I'm really glad my group of friends grew out of crunching at the con, they used to spray paint their armor in the bathrooms (no mess was made, but we had to quarantine it for the entire day because of the fumes), and they sometimes brought sewing machines to sew all night. Nothing ever looks good when it's that crunched.

>> No.10168139

Are you me? I've had to resort to using earplugs because of how light a sleeper I am. Sometimes, if I'm really tired, I'm out cold though.

>> No.10168159

Ya this has been me. Sorry I won’t do it again.

>> No.10168191

decent friend picks horrific girlfriend pt 1 of 2

this was nekocon 2014 i think maybe 2013
friend recently had gotten a girlfriend that no one else in my friend group liked at all.
a couple of months before hand i told my friend i was FTM and his gf was one of those creepy girls who doesnt want their boyfriend to have female friends.

im very comfortable with physical contact and so is my friend so we hold hands platonically and things like that but nothing further than that other than a hug.

decide to get some friends together and go to the con together but not with the one mentioned above and they were fine didnt really talk much but had a nice time on the way drive there.
actually get to the meeting of my friends gf and she seems annoyed at me. my friend misgendered me and she was under the impression i was female and that my sibling was also female though they are nonbinary gender. (please dont make this transphobic yall) and also gave her the name that i went by previously so she thought my i was giving her a fake name when i met her so i have to be around this bitch while being misgendered continuously.

force myself to spend time around him and his new gf for a few hours and then decide to go to a different panel and then eventually my friends and i decide to go stop at the hotel to pick something up.

my friend and the new gf get into an argument. afterwards though i dont remember the reason why the gf fuckin starts chasing my friends and i down the fuckin street so my sibling thinks this shithead is going to assault them and they fall and rip part a small part of their costume and are clearly annoyed.

get back to the hotel one of my friends who was in a different room decides to avoid their couples argument and stays with us for the evening and just sits down in the corner and drinks and for good reason.

people get worried about friend who is drinking so take the alcohol away.

>> No.10168195

decent friend picks horrific girlfriend part 2

everyone sleeps and so on.

apparently later on the next day i over hear 2 of my friends talking and the friend who got drunk pissed on something so he reimbursed my friend for ruining the item.

the day at con itself goes fine but as everyone is getting ready to leave my friend tells me that im because of his creepy gf we cant be friends anymore and i get so upset that i say im fine but really im not. so one of my friends asks me whats wrong and i immediately start crying and hug him and then and point at the offending gf and she looks at me like shes offended but honestly i really didnt give a fuck about her at that point.

we end up staying at the con for about another 30 minutes and i talk with some people i met before and i bond with someone over my hatred of my former pal and his gf which makes me feel a little better.

unrelated to the con but thankfully friend learned that gf was a piece of shit and broke up with her and we are friends once again. he even told me that he knew something was really wrong that day and regrets not ending the relationship sooner when he saw me crying.

>> No.10168196


I would've been so suspicious when he told you he was putting the camera in the bathroom of all places to dry out. Why take it from one wet environment to put it into another sometimes wet environment? Especially with all of the steam.

I hope he enjoyed the footage of your partner taking a shit.

>> No.10168200


Hard not to make it "transphobic" when nonbinary horseshit makes as much sense as playing adult dress up

>> No.10168202

this is so boring and filled with irrelevant tangents and im offended you put my brain thru deciphering ur adolescent bullshit

>> No.10168246

Bro you can't platonically hold hands as a dude.

>> No.10168324

yeah, you can.
If you can hold hands with a family member, or a child, you can hold hands with a best friend you respect and love platonically.

>> No.10168368

Welp there goes the thread

>> No.10168375

Worst experience I had was a random that tagged along in a roomshare got arrested late at night for groping a girl. Everyone got their keys cancelled and we had to sit through a lecture from hotel staff before they would make us new ones.
He got out of custody at like 3am and we had to run all his stuff to him 2 blocks away because he was banned from both hotel and con.

>> No.10168412

I can't do either desu....

>> No.10168814

You got poor marks in your English and writing skills classes, didn't you?

>> No.10168862

Jfc the stories in this thread... I'd much rather pay $700 for my own room than deal with any of this shit

>> No.10168866 [DELETED] 

>tfw tranny singlehandedly kills the thread
Go join the 40% faggot.

>> No.10168872


No the fuck you wouldn't

Unless you can afford it I guess

>> No.10168928
File: 43 KB, 476x497, D4ZHI8UWsAAz88q.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>would rather spend what some consider a month's rent instead of just having good friends you can consistently room with

>> No.10169179
File: 1.96 MB, 1920x1080, what will happen to you.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>now at age 50

>> No.10169194

>'d much rather pay $700 for my own room

what kind of Ritz carlton ass nigga.

I went to Wondercon a few months back and paid for a solo room for 300$ for two nights

>> No.10169198

I mean $700 is kind of on the ridiculous high end but say the average hotel room for a weekend costs $300-$500. That's easily doable with most non-retail/food jobs.

>> No.10169232

It's not out of the ordinary to pay 200 per night or more for larger cons.
Acen rooms at the Hyatt are about 500+ for 2 nights and around 800 for 3 nights

>> No.10169233

Why are y'all trying to bait jannies? They deal with enough shit to not need yours.

>> No.10169240

Few years back at Katsucon I had changed the group of friends I usually room with. They only booked a room for two nights so I stayed in my carpool's room Thursday. They were wonderful and we had a chill time watching movies before sleeping. We all had a really good chemistry and it made it all the sadder when I had to leave. My other roommates weren't bad but we really didn't mesh well as people which was all the worse since these were my friends. It would of just been a less than great rooming experience if it weren't for this one girl's snoring. I can deal with regular, loud snoring but it was more than that. She would start to whimper in between bouts of snoring. It would sky rocket my anxiety because it sounded like someone was getting hurt. I tried wearing headphones but she was too loud even for that. I don't think I got more than a 30 minute interval of sleep the rest of the weekend. Apparently this is a known thing to others but no one informed me.

>> No.10169248 [DELETED] 

>thinking hate towards men is at all uncommon on /cgl/ and that it would be considered b8

>> No.10169257

>Acen rooms at the Hyatt are about 500+ for 2 nights and around 800 for 3 nights

Is that average in the area or the top of the line

>> No.10169258 [DELETED] 


>> No.10169271

That's any room in the hotel the con is in. Hotels in the area maybe be slightly less with the trade-off that you walk a few block to get there

>> No.10169272

>still room stuffing at age 50
What are you doing with your life dude

>> No.10169289

Chicago is on crack

>> No.10169293 [DELETED] 

Sounds like you’re just poor

>> No.10169304


>He's keeping it in the shower to work the moisture out

That's a huge fucking red flag. Camera in the bathroom? I don't give a shit if it's busted to fuck. That's a huge red flag. I would've been like "No, You put that shit on the window seal in the heat of the sun" or some shit.

One year at Momocon, A roomie left their camera sitting on the TV stand and this "I'm offended by everything" type person went apeshit on them saying they were trying to record us all... Despite the lens not being attached, the batteries sitting outside next to it charging. This bitch was saying "Oh it's just a decoy and the camera has a smaller camera in it recording everyone" And I am like.. It's pointing towards the middle of the room, No one has changed in the middle of the room - We've all changed in the bathroom.

She also kept unplugging peoples phones that were charging to charge her Busted ass DS, A shitty portable speaker and god knows what else. Had a fucking USB cable ran into her nasty-ass bag, but would never take it out whatever it was charging. Needless to say, We ghosted them after the con.

Last AWA I let one of my cons friend bring one of their friends in the room, and instantly I knew should've been trouble with the amount of alcohol they brought in and were already drinking at 730 am. I was right, They got kicked out for apparently threatening to kill someone in a game of werewolf. Hotel security, Con Security, City and county police called. We all almost get kicked out of the con... Thankfully the hotel guy was like "I'm not going to punish all of them for the actions of one person"

Needless to say, I'm trying to stick with one group of people every con I go to and that's it.

>> No.10169311

They can do it since they still manage to get more reservations than rooms every year. They still sell out the entire block in minutes and have to find hotels for overbooked guests the day if the con.

>> No.10169344

damn that's shitty. That second guy who paid for the room must be really nice, I can't imagine shelling out $700 to cover a stranger fucking over different strangers

>> No.10169381


Was young and stupid in the late 1980s

>> No.10169406

what was the furry community like in the 80s

>> No.10169407


Yeh; It was really nice of him. Those of us who got our money back gave it to him, I never got mine back. Both the bank and PayPal denied it.

As far as I know, the cunt is still out doing the same thing. Con staff just sweep it under the rug....

>> No.10169409
File: 114 KB, 960x960, AngerWolfEmo.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Be a 28 year old male with 29 year old GF
>We stay at the Sheraton or Hyatt, whichever hotel it directly connected to the convention center.
>Think it will be awesome to have our bathroom and not have to share with other con goers.
>Figure higher cost of the rooms would ward off undesirables
>Did not realize how deep the rabbit hole gets with teen goers Mexi-packing into rooms.
>2 AM in the morning, for a whole hour, 3 girls are doing shitty Hetalia RP of high Autistic caliber.
>Can barely call it RP.
>Just bitches who can't STAY IN THEIR ROOM and have to keep jumping out, running down the hall making noise at this hour or the night.
>After the initial hour, I rage leave my bed in just my boxers
>Should be noted that boxers are pretty much the same style of a pair of swim trunks. Nothing on me exposed anymore than it would be if I went to the beach.
>I wait till I hear them running near my door
>Bust open my door and authoritatively tell them it's 3 AM.
>Stand gloriously triumphant over them in my boxers.
>The one girl, dressed as America from Hetalia, breaks down crying.
>Grabs her friend, dressed as France and states I'm triggering her.
>I do not waver.
>Their third friend, dressed as a Neko-Italy, storms over between me and the other two, demanding to know what I did to make her friend start to sob.
>I tell them the time it currently is, how people like me are trying to sleep, and they need to respect that or I'm calling security
>America cosplayer starts to cry more, claiming that I remind her of, "THAT TIME," to Neko Italy friend.
>Neko gets in my face and through gritted teeth, tells me to go inside my room
>Getting back in her face, I tell her it's way past her bedtime and that I don't care for her friends weeb backstory
>tell them I'm calling security
>Italy scoffs and says they tell security what I "did to them."
>Put on my shit eating grin and tell her there are cameras in each hall. Tell her to try it. I slam door and hear nothing more.

>> No.10169415


Is there anymore to this story?

>> No.10169439

at san japan last year some of my roommates had brought a cheap loaf of bread and sandwich things for us to snack on.
the saturday of the con, we all come back to the room after having been out for several hours and realize that the bread is gone.
there were only a few pieces left so we weren't particularly upset but we called housekeeping anyway (out of curiosity rather than wanting to get someone in trouble). apparently the maids had "thought it was trash" even though there were still several slices left.
like 20 minutes later someone from hotel staff knocks on our door and hands us an entire loaf of fancy hotel bread

>> No.10169444

Jesus. This is why I don’t room or cosplay with minors. It’s always some shit like this.

>> No.10169445


Nice trips.

But I think anon said they were in the same hotel / floor as them, not in the same room?

>> No.10169454

Aye, get some nice jam on that and that's a nice fucking breakfast.

>> No.10169460

Cons in Seattle are around the same price as well.

>> No.10169470

From a friend who got told this story and it was corroborated
>be friend's friend. Let's call him H
>staff at con
>lives far from venue so he gets a hotel room
>Somehow, room request made him the only person in the room so con made sure he gets a room with a single king sized bed
>friday comes, a notorious staff (lets call him M) comes around
>M is notorious for being a terrible person to work with. If he makes up his mind that you are not important in the convention's foodchain, he would always look down on you because he is litterally a bootlicker. There were also rumors and allegation that he was harrassing female staff. But for some dumbass reasons, he was protected by higher ups because he did things that absolutely no staff would want to do
>M complains that his transit is really long, he is really important and has to stay really late at the con (Note: no, no and no all of these are bloated statement so he can flex his support staff status to his friends. His official title is Gofer). M complaints escalate to the point where he is given a last second permission to have a room
>H gets told by his director that he now has to share the hotel room with M
>H being a really cool bro accepts the last minute change
>Night comes, M comes in the room with another person
>H is confused and ask who that is
>M says its his friend and M promised him that he could crash in HIS (M's) room
>H is starting to be a little pissed because that could break the TOS of the partnership between the con and the hotel. Regardless he still allowed M and his friend to stay
>In the middle of the night, H wakes up because he felt the bed shaking

>> No.10169471

>opens his eyes and realize that M is "shaking" or dry humping H while the friend is filming and both are visibly laughing
>H is visibly pissed and yells at them
>H brings this up to everyone
>formal complains are being made but nothing is done
>A few years later when the department that used to defend M all the time decided to turn against him when the department's female staff started to get harassed by M

>> No.10169493

we did man, that was some good shit

>> No.10169499

>She also kept unplugging peoples phones that were charging to charge her Busted ass DS
Electric chair

>> No.10169502
File: 1.32 MB, 399x299, 1489437596361.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anime Boston 2016 I ran my high school anime club and took a bunch of the kids. We were able to fit in the room fine and most of the kids were pretty cooperative, the hotel was the big problem. We got to the hotel around midday to check in and they were so backed up that we sat in the lobby for 5 hours while we waited for our rooms. I let the kids go in shifts to get their badges while others waited. Once we got into the rooms we found actual shit on the sheets of the bed. After getting that sorted out I started to feel sick. I puked and shitted my brains out that whole night from food poisoning (never eat the hot bar food at Star market kids). The next day started off fine, cosplaying and spending time with my friends. But throughout all of this we had this kid we refered to as "Bread". Bread was a little edge lord who didn't like to be told no when he tried to sleep nude or take bed space from those with back issues. At one point I tried to kick the kid out of the rooms for an hour but my friend thought he might off himself so we decided against that decision. Sunday morning we packed up and readied to leave. I swore I would never plan an Anime Boston trip again. I've hosted the same trip every year since.

>> No.10169520

no bad lodging experiences related to cons but some stories everywhere else

>> No.10169524

Unrelated to rooms, but I joined a discord someone kept bugging me on here and at a con to join, and it was full of poltards and incels. No one had any cosplay skill, they just bought Aliexpress cosplays and reed at girls at cons, then complained about being virgins

>> No.10169527

None of these are even close to on topic...

>> No.10169547

My worst experience wasn't that bad. I stayed at this small hotel for Momocon 2018 and they had a resident cat that roams the halls and I'm very allergic to cats. The room was tiny and the building was old, but overall it was a pleasant experience aside from not being able to breathe

>> No.10169592

One of the last cons Sac Anime had at the woodlake hotel before moving to it's current cancer site-
>Get our room key, we're right by the meet up area cool
>Unlock door and friend who got the room yells something or other (we were early 20s at time)
>Room was already ocupied and hotel gave us a key to their room
>Friend gets an eyeful of fat naked dude
>He starts screaming at us, we close the door, friend is in tears. I talk through the door to him that it was the hotel's fault and not ours. He calms down and apologizes
>Go to front desk and complain/get new key. About 2 hours after we get our new room they send over a basket with about 5 energy drinks and 2 mini bags of chips as an apology.

I miss that hotel, the final con there we grilled hotdogs outside our room near the pool and gave them to hungry people coming back from the rave as they went by.

We've also had: drunk girl stumble into our room thinking it was her friends. Police called on the room next to us at 3am from people fighting (I slept through it somehow), exfriend spill energy drink on my gaming laptop and claim they didn't do it and also didn't bother to clean it up.
I will miss my con hotel room adventures after this next sac anime (last con I'm going to for a while)

>> No.10169606

Reading this post was a wild ride anon. It's a shame that you're not going to cons for awhile, but I'm glad you have some funny stories to look back on.

>> No.10169663

Room mate would not stop bringing guys back and fucking them.
Worst part is that my room mate was both my fiance and my ride home

>> No.10169676

Whoa that went from 0-100

I’m so sorry anon

>> No.10169683

You should blow your brains out.

>> No.10169686

Shut the fucking hell up you trans faggot. All you do is whine about her constantly.

>> No.10169765

I hate transfags just as much as any normal person would, but are you quoting the right person?
Having friends to consistently room with without problems is certainly better than being in a room alone con after con.

>> No.10169766

Sorry I'll get back on the topic of transphobia

>> No.10169768

Fuck off to some other thread.
Neither of those posts had anything to do with the topic, at all. The first one maybe, but it was hardly a contribution as all it said was "yeah I have stories lol haha :)"
Sage for kys.

>> No.10169788
File: 36 KB, 389x389, 8hw9urihdjkfm.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Are you okay man?

>> No.10169796

Can't help but notice the lack of any objection on your part to the off topic tranny hate. Apparently off topic is fine by you

>> No.10169881


Do not read, waste of time. Hard to make sense of a group of people that are delusional and retarded. There are two genders.

>> No.10169895

friends are expensive in some ways

>> No.10169936

I would also add something else here. I am also missing a few notes
>Con and a hotel sign a partnership contract
>Part of the contract stipulates that Con staff rooms will be cheaper if the con books it
>Con agrees that they would put the names of the staff that will be occupying the room and if an extra person needs to be added to the room, the con has to notify the hotel
>Con also has to ensure that only the staff who's name appear in the room can stay in the hotel room. This means: nobody can crash in the hotel room (and if they do, they will have to be discreet)
>FF a few years later, I ask around about what happened to that partnership
>I get told that the con lost the partnership because the con didn't enforce a few statement in the contract, one of which is the one that I stated
>Proceed to be told that room service found atleast 6 extra people crashing in a room

>> No.10169988


Read your question last night, thought about it all day....

This was during the immediate Comics Glut of 1986, which put a lot of "funny animal" titles in comic-book shops and made Gallacci and Groat demi-gods. This was also prior to fursuits so maybe someone might wear a tail or animal ears, but it was still rare.

Guys, lots of guys, talking NEETS, basement-dwellers, old Disney/Animation fans, and a few kinda bohemian artist types.

A lot was done through phone calls and letters, some word-of-mouth, lots of small press and fanzines when the comics market imploded.

Local gatherings piggybacked onto other conventions, "Furry Parties" were mostly 1-2 people drawing stuff, and the rest of us watching either Bagi native, or the CalArts pencil test tape (among other things)

Oh yeah, the smell was pretty bad too

>> No.10169991

Probably the weirdest thing that’s happened was about twelve years ago, I had a room for AX. Two of my roommates dropped out so I had to find a couple of other people to take their spots. I advertised on the con forum for roommates.

Rando 1 seemed normal chatting through messages and he had a friend, Rando 2, who he said was a good guy but who could be annoying at times. They’re both 19 and in their college anime club.

I am a gay guy and the rest of my (3) roommates were lesbian/bi women who I already knew pretty well online, and we were all in our early to mid twenties. None of us are local and all of us but the two guys flew (they drove from a state over).

The rando boys show up and they’re very socially awkward. Rando 1 is much less normal and more creepy in person. Rando 2 isn’t as creepy but is very sheltered and brings a fuckton of food with him. They don’t hang out at all with each other the whole weekend.

They’re both rude to everyone else in the room, rude to each other, the hotel staff. Rando 1 is constantly asking my roommates creepy questions and said something to me about how he’d never dreamed he’d be living out his own harem anime fantasy with so many hot women.

Finally he goes too far with a sexual comment about joining someone in the shower for efficiency and one of my friends finally runs out of patience and yells at him. I’m about to kick him out of the room and he starts crying.

There’s one night left so we decide as a group to let him stay if he can behave himself. His attitude improves as far as I could tell.

After everyone leaves on the final day and I’m about to check out, I’m doing a final sweep of the room to make sure nobody left anything behind. I find hidden around the room several pairs of soiled tighty whities. They definitely belonged to rando 1 because he was half the size of rando 2.

I never talked to either of those guys again afterwards.

>> No.10170301

eh I'm 30 now and want to start a family. Plus Sac Anime is going to Cal Expo for a year and CE sucks already. We did have a lot of fun for about 12 years there. But for the price of the con I can do a road trip and go to the ocean for a few days. Will miss cosplay though

Some other short stories from SacAnime-
>At woodlake we hung out with others in the hot tub one night in winter and drank, dude friend is willing to drink what others were passing around, he got drugged (thankfully he was already into drugs so he knew what was up and took care of himself) One of my other friends also jumped into the pool after a glowstick someone tossed in and still has it cause she beat a guy to it.

>We've also had to hide 8 people in the bathroom when we got room service cause we only listed 2 people in the room (used to be cheaper per person, we'd bring our own towels and took care of the garbage and tipped, we were cheap, not dicks)

>> No.10170334

Which hotel?

>> No.10170552

What is his last initial? He sounds awfully like an ex of mine.

>> No.10170555

>>aid something to me about how he’d never dreamed he’d be living out his own harem anime fantasy with so many hot women.

>> No.10170590
File: 45 KB, 1066x598, FB_IMG_1556310375934.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

CosXpo 2019. Bought room and con tickets for me and GF. She promises we will spend quality time together and it'll be romantic and shit. Day of Con we have to babysit GF's autistic sister who suddenly demanded to be at the con. She won't leave until we've bodypainted and fitted her Widowmaker costume. Problem being me and GF were in the masquerade and couldn't get to the room. Assburgers mum sends us 30 threatening messages over an hour period. Finally get out and go back to room. Autism sister is screaming because we didn't come soon enough. GF blames me even though I carried her bags and was a good little cuck for her. Eventually autism sister says that I'm a terrible person and she should have my ticket as recompense. I thought GF would stand by me but she agrees with her sister. I get booted out the room and have to get the train home.

>> No.10170597

What the fuck m8?
Anything happen between your GF and sister since then?
Any apologies?

>> No.10170607

Got told I need to respect her family even though I pay for this girl's yennifer make up and food. Gunna break up with her. It was the lead straw that broke the camel's back. I've learned my lesson that big titty goth gfs and costhots who go on 4chan are slobs with daddy issues who want to take that shit out on the cucks subsudising them.

>> No.10170616

Based, good luck m8.

>> No.10170718

Well, good thing you aren't that anon >>10169663

Still 2 massive feels bad story. I learned from staffing and working at numerous events that certain type of people are massive red flags if they unironically attend to certain events

>> No.10170737

On my first and last con EVER I went with an old, well lets say acquaintance of mine, who went to school with me.
She was a hardcore weeb and I was curious about the community because I always liked mangas and animes but never got into it that deep, so I kind of asked her what to do and so we organized that trip with her, her (male) friend and me.
Her friend was grade A silent serial killer material and had a huge crush on her. One of us had the honorable duty to sleep on the floor and since I did that all the time, everywhere, I was ok with taking the carpet spot.

She not so much, serial killer was obviously aiming for some cuddly nights with our Harley Quinn (one bed) so he took every little bit of courage and CLAIMED that ratty hotel mattress as mating ground for him and his female, he was stuttering, shaking and at one moment he looked like he would faint any second but, kudos to him, he did it like a true alpha wolf. Took some persuasive words tho because Harley wasn't all that thrilled about the situation and wanted to stay with me on the floor since, what I realized later that night, she misinterpreted my humble plea to introduce me to the world of weebing with a much more nefarious motive. I can, in all honesty, declare that my thoughts were pure as the virgin mist over an Alabama cornfield on a fresh spring morning by the way.

Well anyway serial killer was pretty pissed after that little drama and refused to talk to me with his mouth but instead just stared me down with that anxiety evoking mix of anguish, hatred and panic induced diarrhea in his eyes.
I was pretty uneasy already and thought about just leaving the place but then again just wanted to pull trough because I was really, really not interested in Harley at all and I thought that he just needed some time to comprehend the situation in his spergy brain and once this was done all would be fine.

Oh boy, I was never so wrong.

>> No.10170761


Later that night, we had gone to bed early because we arrived by train and it was hell, everyone was peacefully sleeping, or it seemed like that from my perspective. I woke up because someone was meddling around with my arm, I sleep like a rock normally so waking me up can take some time, I smelled that thick, heavy and slightly sweaty musk fragrance mixed with make up that I already noticed on Harley during our train ride and regained consciousness faster than every before. Beside me, a chubby Harley Quinn (not the suicide squad one) in full body suit, looking like someone mixed up ancient fertility symbols with a nylon fetish, grinning from ear to ear with the most predatory smile I have seen till today and her goddamn hand attached to mine in cold steel with a pair of shiny handcuffs. I wasn't scared or repulsed by her since as I stated I know her a long time and I was prepared for inappropriate behaviour knowing that at the end of the day she is just a bit odd but a nice and sensible girl. But I was scared, as fuck scared, of what was coming from the other side of the room after she uttered a whisper, husky of excitement: "I have a present for you" (I will NEVER forget these words).
Hell broke lose a second after.
Serial Killer was wide awake, only dressed in his shorts standing in the corner after a milisecond, his wiry, pale and surprisingly muscular body trembling in pure fury. He screamed in such a high pitched demonic manner that my ears started to ring, I couldn't understand a single sentence clearly but this guy was school shooter angry and I thought that I was going to be mauled to pieces by him while being chained to meatloaf Harley and this was all but a soothing picture in my head.

Well she opened the cuffs as fast as she could and tried to calm S.K down but it was too late for anything but heavy narcotics. He crossed the room, bansheed something about that I fucked up everything and before I could even open my mouth, hit my face.

>> No.10170780

3/2, well fugg.

The only thing I heard trough the even louder ringing in my ears was a stomach turning "snap" because S.K seemed to gotten his finger in a very, very bad position before landing the punch and a second after the pain hit him, he started to go even more pale, not that pale skin pale but that greyish seriously unhealthy kind of dirty blue-white, especially his red face lost any sort of color in a remarkable speed.
What followed was S.K rushing into the tiny bathroom, throwing up violently in between screeching and sobbing indistinguishable words muzzled by flowing mucus and gagging.

I just stood there in the room, petrified with one hand on my cheek, staring into nothing for what had to be at least a minute before I reconquered my mind from the fangs of this absolute what-the-fucking-shit-moment and started to throw my stuff into my backpack. Harley was desperately trying to comfort the phlegm covered S.K and told me not to leave and said something about having a nice day at the con after we "removed a few obstacles", I didn't listen, I just wanted to LEAVE as fast as a feeble mortal is able to leave a place.
Took a cab to the next train station and slept under some benches before boarding the earliest possibility back home.
I have never even been near a con after that night.

>> No.10170801

>go to Anime Weekend Atlanta few years back
>friends offer me floor space
>tell them I'm not a fan of it and definitely wouldn't pay the same as what people with an actual bed are getting
>eventually just agree that I'll get some pizzas at night and bring some extra booze for people
>everyone agree + dude who booked the hotel
>promised rollaway bed or extrapillows/blankets to make due, none ever made that into the room
>con was fun we all seemed to have fun regardless, all of us get pretty drunk and have a good time
>after the con on the way out
"bro aren't you forgetting to pay? it's like 200 bucks for the hotel man"
>think to myself, bruh we in some jank ass 2.5 star red roof inn level shit, for this con there is no way this room split 5 ways was 1000 bucks for the weekend
thought we agreed over chat that since I was the only one doing floor space the booze and food I ordered covered it.
>uhh no I didn't really get much of the pizza and didn't drink all that much since I didn't like <brand> so I need cash for the room
>finally he agrees to 50 bucks, pay up because I am just over the whole conversation
>tells my friends that I was a dick and blue balled him on payment even though there was agreement of shit before hand

Found out next AWA he completely ditched on some bills with other people for hotel rooms with other cons, and that's why he wasn't allowed do rooms with us again. Looking back I guess it wasn't that bad but really ruined my rooming with others for a good long while. Also, who the fuck expects you to pay same price for floor space as those with actual beds?

>> No.10170835

>because everyone who goes on the chans is exactly the same don't you know?
It's bad that you met her, but don't throw everyone under the bus mate.

>> No.10170854

I've been on this boards discords, those of you wo(men) who aren't men in dresses are slobs and incels. I've had 3 gfs. All of them were fem anons. Two were goths. They looked gorgeous when they went outside all done up. But every one of them were crisp covered incels pretending to be extroverts. They all had cats and cat shit covered bedrooms and they all had daddy issues and expected me to rescue them from their lives so they could become the next Nigri or Yaya Hahn. I would because I was foolish. Fool me one shame on you. Fool me twice shame on me. Fool me thrice i'm a cuck.

>> No.10170856

If this were a male dominated board i'd agree. But something about FemAnons just makes them identical to one another.

>> No.10170895

>tfw im a femanon with a nice CS job, gets along great with my dad, admittedly a home body/introvert, who actually enjoys tidying up, and only cosplays as a fun hobby with no intention of getting famous
I feel like you just are a bad judge of character.

>> No.10170897
File: 44 KB, 125x127, 6a2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Jesus Christ imagine the smell

>> No.10170898

Jokes on you dumbass I don’t have daddy issues I have mommy issues. REKT

>> No.10170927

femanon with a decent bakery job, good relation ship with my pops and overall a decent person. My craft room is messy but my cats go outside and aren't retarded about going out to use the bathroom. I mean if I'm off work and not going out I am in pj/comfy clothes but I don't even do pjs for a quick store run.

tho same as >>10170898 I've got mom issues, but least that bitch is dead

>> No.10170991

This was a very entertaining read. I'd read your book if you wrote one.

>> No.10171015


Maybe you just pick the same type of shitty person to date every time because you don't have enough self esteem to find someone who's actually good for you or you don't think you're worth it. You see that in people who hop from abusive relationship to abusive relationship because it's all they know. Maybe work on yourself and figure out why you keep falling for the wrong people before you write all of us off as the same.

>> No.10171040

I'm gonna be staying at a hotel for a con for the first time next weekend; in the past I've only gone to ones within driving distance from wherever I'm living. I'm rooming with some acquaintances I don't know that well and I'm kind of nervous. I literally haven't lived with people since I moved out of my parents', and I mostly solo travel, I'm all around just a more introverted person who likes to be on my own, and I'm not really a party-er either, which is one reason I was hesitant to room.

Does anyone have any advice for rooming with people you don't know?

>> No.10171075

Ask the room host if there are room rules. I make them every time regardless if I've roomed with people before.
It's nice to have a set of boundaries that you can refer to if you want to know quiet hours or friends being brought over.

Also, ask the host to make a group chat on whatever medium so that you can get more acquainted! Mine has progress photos, panels we want to see and general what we're looking forward too. Most everyone knows everyone in the room, but it just helps build group camaraderie which helps if there is a situation.
These may not work for other people (I can see how a group chat could get annoying) but it's worked for me so far over the past 7 years of going to cons

>> No.10171098

Simple tips would be: bring your own food and drink, clean up after yourself, try to not live in the bathroom in the morning, always ask if someone needs to use it before showering in the morning. Possibly bring your own pillow/ blanket depending on sleeping situation. Remember your own phone charger and keep your stuff in 1 set area.
as >>10171075 said, double check rules with host.
Also just because some people don't do it-put the damn toilet lid down. I end up getting mad at my friends at least once every con because someone leaves it up and thats just gross

>> No.10171222


great story mate

what year?

>> No.10171224


Good job dude, you pissed these stupid bitches off enough that they can't even hide how hard they're coping

Maybe you cunts would understand this if you ever dated but you can't tell someone is bad fucking immediately in a relationship. Shit happens to everyone

>> No.10171297

NAYRT wanna be my gf?

>> No.10171301

How many hoops did you jump through to get to this conclusion

>> No.10171302










I swear to Pepe that this board has the most fragile tumblrfags i've seen. If you're getting triggered because one anon might think you're an incel then maybe they hit closer to home then you'd like to admit. Me thinks the femanon doth protest too much.

>> No.10171306

>I swear to Pepe

Sounds like you’re the incel and just projecting desu. That is not a phrase anyone who has been anywhere near a vagina would use.

>> No.10171307

I second this. It's pathetically easy to troll this board. Shows a real lack of familiarity with chan culture.

>t. Femanon since 2007

>> No.10171312

>>10171306 is an autist who doesn't get the joke.
Why are you so adamant about suppressing someone showing the beautiful kekistani culture?

>> No.10171313

>more projecting

You might want to lurkmoar on /cgl/, you reek of crossboarding incel

>> No.10171316
File: 16 KB, 480x456, FB_IMG_1549024534353.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>lurk more
>reeeee he called me an incel he probably posts on other 4chan boards, JANNIES COME HELP!

>> No.10171318

Incel crossboarder confirmed

>> No.10171319
File: 5 KB, 195x250, 1535749199931.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

MFW they keep proving anon right>>10171224

>> No.10171321
File: 89 KB, 500x576, 1557950209804.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>FB image
>Not catching on and adapting to 4chan culture
Get the fuck off this site cumnigger

>r*ddit spacing quote backlinks

>> No.10171322
File: 211 KB, 1274x1846, FB_IMG_1537658431846.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Femanon here. Kindly stop being a fucking discord tranny. You're embarrassing us. Go back to hotgluing mediocre lolita dresses.

>> No.10171332

>leddit tier spacing
NAYRT but that's how mimi (chan app) formats replies when you don't delete spaces

>> No.10171338

Decided to room with best friend, we each pay 230 for 3 nights.
The day we show up to the hotel, he final tells me he doesn't have the money. Lucky I had the money to pay all of it, but I was flat broke the rest of the con.

>> No.10171339

Hope you found another best friend. You ALWAYS get the money before the con.

>> No.10171369
File: 105 KB, 293x237, 1550085519263.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Is there anymore to this story?
Nope. Like good little incels, their RP bravery shattered when I came through the door. They retreated to their room. I'm sure a shrine was erected on one of their tumblr pages. Gotta get those victim internet pity points known as repost, right?

>> No.10171493

>tfw this sorta happened with me but in reverse and not quite as severe
>my roommates were watching some yaoi shit or reading fanfiction, I don't remember
>doing something on my own bed
>unironic top volume screams whenever something lewd or racy happens
>The real deal, high pitches EEEEAAAAAAAA EHRHEHEH sorta stuff
>I didn't wanna ruin their fun so I just sit there like a beta bitch boy
>some random knocks on our door and asks if we're okay
>they say they're fine and go back to legitimately screaming
>This was at around 11 or 12
>Stops at maybe 1?
I'm surprised security wasn't called on us

>I still room with them and they mostly stay in the room filming tik toks in their casual cosplays and getting drunk later in the night going on about how much they love each other (as friends) and fill more tiktoks
>they try saying the same to me and I usually reply "h-haha yeah me too"

I kind of wanna stop rooming with them but I'd feel pretty bad as money is a bit tight for the both of them and I'm a decent contribution to the room payment situation, and they usually manage to get the good hotels for all the cons we go to.

>> No.10171510

Okay tranny

>> No.10171528
File: 51 KB, 893x719, 1531354278734.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10171663

You could politely point out not every one in the hotel is there for the con and may be trying to sleep?

I've had to do that to one of my friends at multiple cons when I'm showing them shit I find. One con it was Sailor and the Seven Balls, he fell off the bed laughing at how bad it was, and the other time was Neo Yokio and we had to actually cover his mouth because he got so loud and both of these were sill at like 10pm.

Though there was the time we were playing CAH and my other friend couldn't pronounce "Nazi" (she's really dumb on some things, was saying Naz-E) and her 4th time reading the word wrong the room next to us shouts through the wall "It's NautZ!"

>> No.10171710

BAHAHA that last paragraph has me dead lol

>> No.10171754

>tfw mortified of sharing my room because I think someone will steal from me or try to frame me for something
>tfw always get two bedrooms in case one of the beds has suspicious stain.
Why can’t there just be more cons where I live?

>> No.10172331

One time after the first day of Pax East, my friends and I went to our Air BnB. We decided to get drunk on vodka and stoned on cannabis oil. One of our friends drank four actual cups of vodka and God knows how many drops of cannabis oil. He could barely stand, kept falling over and was in denial of being trashed. Our best idea to sober him up was to take him to McDonald's and feed him as many Big Macs as he could stomach. The only problem was escorting him was like pushing a fridge standing on a skateboard. Eventually, we got to McDonald's and eventually he sobered up. Another one of the guys with us recorded it on video, but the big drunk got a hold of his phone and deleted it. Apparently, I wasn't much better. According to one of my friends, I cackle like the Joker being tickled when I get stoned. The whole thing was a mess. Everyone was pissed at each other for the rest of the con. I wanna go again.

>> No.10172444

>be normal /a/non
>like animu and mango
>have a good paying job and have my shit together
>decide to check out /cgl/
>everyone is either a blue hair tranny freak or an obese closeted neo-nazi virgin
wtf why are the people on this board the most fucked up of any board?

>> No.10172515

I shared a big room with 3 people for my first con, they were all more into conning then I was at the time and were used to rooming with each other. It was two girls, a guy and myself (a dude). The guy was a very close friend at the time and one of the girls was his girlfriend, the other girl was his GFs friend. Things are going fine until at some point in the trip it's obvious my friend and his GF are having a silent passive aggressive fight with each other, I just do my best to ignore it or lighten the mood with quips.

Before getting into the wierd part I should mention I am kind of attractive from being a /fit/fa/cel while my friend, his gf and her friend are not the most attractive people, they're short, chunky and look like your typical weebs.

Anyways back in our room we start drinking and chatting while watching anime when I start to notice that my friends gf is giggling way too much at every thing I say and getting progressively more handsy with me. It starts with her gradually scorching towards my side of the floor we are sitting arm, than brushing my arm with her hand anytime she addresses me, and progresses into trying to lean into me/rest her head on my arm. All while my friend is right there in the same room no more than 5 feet away. I just try to casually scooch away anytime she tries but shes persisting and not trying to hide it at all. I'm just trying to avoid this broad and giving my friend very perplexed stares. I'm certain hes aware of what's going on because hes gradually getting quieter and more withdrawn and hes beginning to just get this blank 1000 yard stare on his face. I'm overwhelmed about how awkward the situation is getting and just continue to try to pretend nothing wierd is going on and shifting more of my attention onto the girlfriends friend but to no avail because the girl is near black out drunk and is dozing off. Soon shes asleep and its just me, my friend and his gf.


>> No.10172528

The conversation by this time had run dry and so had our alcohol. The girls advances are getting much more blatant, I'm literally walking around the room to stay away from her and shes just following me, trying to grab my sleeve, whispering about kissing me and my friend is STILL just ignoring it. He actually excuses himself and says hes going to play video games on his laptop. WTF. Being the overly polite simp I am I suppress every urge to address this shit and try to excuse myself to the bed I was to share with past-out-girl. my friends gf actually joins me in my bed and tries to nuzzle up against me. With my friend on the adjacent bed right fucking there. Hes just sitting there playing Total Warhammer. I immediatly get off the bed and say shes more than welcome to share the bed with her passed out friend I'll just hang with my friend on his bed and watch him play games. I sit down with him and just try to talk warhammer with him but hes giving me short one word answers, just completely absorbed in his game. She follows me and lays on the bed next to me, tries to give me what she must've thought was a sultry stare and starts groping my fucking crotch through my joggers while I am sitting there next to her boyfriend. I can no longer contain myself, I jump up immediatly and demand to know what the fuck is going on and why the fuck he isn't putting his girl on lock. She just tells me not to worry and that my friend is okay with it. My friend is STILL PLAYING HIS GAME. She walks towards me with this creepy smile. I back up away from her as she advances and shes eventually got me backed against a wall. She gets on her knees in front of me and I kind of just let out this shocked yell and push-kick her away. I run around the hotel collecting anything I can escape with as she follows me drunkenly demanding to know why I'm "being so difficult". Im stammering excuses as best as I can and bolt out the door and shut it behind me, fleeing down the hallway.

>> No.10172533

I couls hear her calling for me as I get to an elevator, she was walking towards me while I was trying to call the elevator. When it finally arrived I just pushed the shut door button before she could get in and went down to the lobby, and just hid. I eventually ended up sleeping outside the light rail station to get myself home. And that is basically the last time I saw those people, I never contacted them, I never picked up the clothing I left in the hotel room with them. My former friend never tried to contact me but his gf did a few times to try to apologize. I haven't responded to a single message. After that I sort of dropped off the hobby for a few years before my current gf got me back into it. And I guess the most fucked up thing though was that if she had been attractive and not a chonky goblina, I'm 100% certain I would've just went with it and fucked her in front of that cuck.

>> No.10172545
File: 13 KB, 267x197, 6c7hDbZ1qzqujdo1_400.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

When did this become a roleplay thread where old, fat neckbeardy nerds can fantasise about scenarios wherein women actually want to have sex with them?

this post is so bad it's beautiful, needs to be a copypasta

>> No.10172553

after having gone to majority of the big cons, the vast majority of people really into this scene are the wrong group to be around if you're making a good amount of money and are well-adjusted. you are what your friends are, after all.

>> No.10172559

Good for you on having standards my man. There are plenty of thirsty guys who would've let the goblina have her way.

>> No.10172568

>implying you're not all thirsty degenerates who would willingly suck on a fat costhot's pimply ass if given the chance

>> No.10172628

Who hurt you?

>> No.10172952


Sadly there are lots of cucks in the cosplay scene

I found my friend's gf on okcupid. I screen capped her profile and I sent it to him. He knew about it and told me she was only looking for friends.

>> No.10173208

not necessarily room shit
this was momocon 2017
to give context my hotel (atl omni) had MINIMAL elevators
iirc like... fuckin two accessible ones
saturday night there was a dude who covered one completely in puke
my dumb ass doesnt pay attention so i literally came within an inch of walking in before the doors opened and the smell hit

>> No.10174101

It's not a "worst experience" so much as it is a recurring issue, but here we go.

Every time me and my best friend go to a con, he has some girls (usually 1-2 out of a group of like 10) he knows come along.

Every time these girls are incredibly messy, scuzzy, and invariably have a drunk breakdown in the middle of the night cry and shit.

They never pay for the room on time (if at all) and always try to get freebies.

Every one of them lives in an absolute stye of a home/apartment/whatever, is unhealthy mentally and physically, and generally sucks the positive vibes out of a room within minutes.

How do I tell my buddy essentially all his female friends are legitimately shit people?

>> No.10174144

By telling him that all his female friends are legitimately shit people

>> No.10174376

>goes to con out of city
>never been
>goes with a classmate and her friend, a girl with a shaved head and probably 6 undiagnosed chronic illnesses
>drive there is well
>has sleep anxiety in hotels so didnt get much sleep, which is fine
>we talk about cosplans for the 3 days
>i tell them im wearing a bunny suit on the last day and show them
>"Oh...anon i thought you meant a cute bunny suit..."
it was cute, but youre a prude hag with a shaved head
>they wake me up every day early in the morning
>last day they didnt wake me up and got dressed very quietly
>"anon we didnt want to wake you up...sorry!"
>she just didnt want me to wear my bunny suit
>i dress casually and try to buy some merch
>theyre bitching and saying to hurry my ass up
>quickly buys a shirt and leaves
>we eat at a burger joint
>prude shaved mongoloid takes a handful of french fries out of my container

>> No.10174378

sorry for samefagging but i forgot to add
the classmate just got her first boyfriend and talked to him every night until 2am stupidly loud
2nd night they got into an argument because he was hanging out with some girl at work
shes yelling and im just trying to fucking sleep
it really feels intentional though

>> No.10174379

>this happened

>> No.10174398

indeed it happened
fucking sucked

>> No.10174413

>Naka-kon 2017
>Invite two of my best friends to the con because they haven't been to one outside of a dinky one in our hometown
>They offer to pay for hotel room, so I offer to drive there and back with my car
>Right as we begin driving one of the friends says they have a cough and buys cough drops at our first gas stop
>Get into the hotel room and immediately he starts feeling worse
>He ends up spending almost the entire time in the hotel room eating all of the food and drinking all of the beverages I had bought for myself even though I told him to buy his own snacks when we were grocery shopping beforehand and he said he didn't need any
>After we get home find out he was eating cough drops and just leaving the wrappers throughout the car (in the door cards, between the seats, under the floor mats, in the pockets on the backs of the front seats, etc.)
>Was still finding cough drop wrappers 3 months later

I am still best friends with those guys and overall it was a good experience, but that definitely made things a lot worse.

>> No.10174481

Ha ha trust me person, you didn't date him. D isn't his first initial it's the first initial of the nickname to his real name and it stood for dick cause he acted like one.

>> No.10174496

>go to an out of state con with some friends
>Friend 1 is a 30 something girl who still thinks it's 2008
>Friend 2 is a socially awkward girl whom I think I have feelings for
>Friend 3 is a crazy bitch that nobody likes
>Friend 4 is a fat smelly neckbeard who still lives in his mother's basement and a second coming of Chris chan
>Drive there was chaotic. Friend 1 got in an accident and was sent to the hospital
>Instead of waiting for her recovery, friend 3 decides to storm off while friend 4 goes on a stupid video game competition. Friend 2 got guilt tripped into following them
>We get our hotel room but friend 3 still storms off because she suddenly wants to do a one man show
>Friend 4 just fucks off and becomes a creep
>I finally uncuck myself but I end back in becoming a cuck after seeing friend 2 touching herself in our hotel room
This is becoming to discomforting to be a cute experience

>> No.10174497

What i really want to know is why youre all such poorfags that you room stuff? Get a job and book rooms on your own.

>> No.10174511

Katsu 2016 my abusive (now ex) girlfriend decided to smoke some weed with our roommates despite knowing it made me super uncomfortable. I was especially upset because I was worried that they would get smoke on my lolita clothes. Ended up crashing in another friend’s room that was thankfully weed free. Broke up with the girlfriend the week after. I’m still friends with the people that let me crash at their room to avoid high white girls at my own room. I haven’t been back to a con since.

>> No.10174513

Last episode never ever.

>> No.10174537

You sound insufferable I'd probably have to be high to deal with you too

>> No.10174539

nothing is funnier than socially maladjusted adults sharing rooms together out of necessity

please keep these stories coming

>> No.10174547

It doesn't sound completely ridiculous though, just sounds like shaved head is a bit of a twat

>> No.10174557

Not terrible, but a friend kept passing gas in our room the entire time we were staying there "as a joke" and granted it was funny for the first few times before he kept annoying everyone. Eventually he gambled a bit too much on a fart and shit himself.
We made him sleep in the bathroom and haven't booked another room with him in four years.

>> No.10174562

Itas proving once again they're uptight cunts

>> No.10174640 [DELETED] 
File: 16 KB, 633x758, 318271da980706f7a18a811c3456a77d.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This damn (((producers))) are hiding the final episode hostage unless we help them "fund" for it

>> No.10174643 [DELETED] 

Fuck off back to pol retard

>> No.10174652 [DELETED] 

Y u mad tho

>> No.10174653 [DELETED] 
File: 56 KB, 482x444, IMG_20190226_235301.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Can you over sensitive nutters fuck off back to Tumblr.

>> No.10174658 [DELETED] 

Based and pedo tranny in the closet pilled.

>> No.10174663 [DELETED] 

Comparing pedophiles to /cgl/ lolitas is incredibly insulting. At least most pedo's admit they have a mental illness.

>> No.10174665 [DELETED] 

Get better material retard

>> No.10174667 [DELETED] 
File: 398 KB, 458x937, 1552253518614.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10174669 [DELETED] 

You have like 1 joke and that's saying a word your mommy says you shouldn't. Get better material first you dumbass manchild.

>> No.10174709

I think you might have PPD, anon.

>> No.10174837

Great friends

>> No.10174858 [DELETED] 
File: 296 KB, 411x412, 1556217956348.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Anon complains about memes on 4chan

>> No.10174900 [DELETED] 

Sorry anon, get better material, your jokes are lame and telling the same one over and over won't make it funny

>> No.10174906 [DELETED] 

Do you browse any other boards?

>> No.10175298

I feel your pain.I slept on the floor at AWA 2014, when I was 48. I was a bit achy getting up in the mornings.

>> No.10175366

Gotta start making friends somehow

>> No.10175898

Forgot the part where:
>Friend 3 has a mental breakdown because she got her period during the con and decides not to take her psych meds

>> No.10175930

deets on seeing friend 2 touching herself

>> No.10175949

Afest last year (might be wrong)
>pay 50 for a room stuff room
>figure “hey I got a bed thats all that matters”
>rando friend walks in while the roomies are drinking, and steals my 72 dollar bottle of whiskey I JUST BOUGHT
>find him at the con, beat his ass and get the bottle back
>he comes back at like 1 super drunk
>Passes out on my bed and pisses and vomits EVERYWHERE on my fucking bed and wakes up and throws a tantrum and runs into the hall
>hes like 30 with kids btw
>go be with my friends who arent in the room bc I don’t wanna deal with my room
>two friends had apparently secretly been hooking up with another and it fucked up a close friend p bad bc their best friend had to lie about them doing this and they felt like they couldn’t trust anyone
>this close friend gets GIGA FUCKED and confesses their love to another person and then vomits for the rest of the night
> me and a cute girl take care of them til the morning w no sleep.
>only redeeming quality of that friday was that I got to know cute girl and fuck her the next day
Lets hope next time its not a shitshow

>> No.10176056

Not everyone wants their clothing to smell like weed. Shit's gross.

>> No.10176074
File: 102 KB, 960x813, [b]arold.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Enjoy, my dude: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IHwdtyHkLa8

>> No.10176075 [DELETED] 

Thread like these should make everyone realize women are awful.

>> No.10176082
File: 936 KB, 644x644, scrub.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>also female though they are nonbinary gender. (please dont make this transphobic yall) and also gave her the name that i went by previously so she thought my i was giving her a fake name when i met her so i have to be around this bitch while being misgendered continuously.

>> No.10176084

The part where the meme cosplayer with shitty meme music getting more attention was all too fucking real.

>> No.10176090

So this thread has taught me a few things.
Firstly, people are fast and loose about who their "friends" are.
Secondly, men cry more often than I thought.
And lastly, I'm really glad I've never decided to get a room for a convention.

>> No.10176095

Anime cons have literally taught me to never really call anyone a 'friend'. I've had dudes literally accuse me of being a stalker as soon as they turned away from me.

That said, if you do get a room, bring ONE person, or just get one room. That's what I'm doing.

>> No.10176102 [DELETED] 

go away pedo poster.

>> No.10176123 [DELETED] 

Why do you hate little girls?

>> No.10176128 [DELETED] 

I don't hate little girls. I hate fully grown adult crossboarding men who fetishize little girls. You need a long drop from a short rope.

>> No.10176129 [DELETED] 

Calm down, incel.

Love is love.

>> No.10176134 [DELETED] 

Mandatory gassing of all pedophiles when?

>> No.10176141 [DELETED] 

>assuming i'm male
love is love between two consenting adults. Adult being the key word here. but you keep dreaming about diddling young teens, it's not like you'd ever actually achieve your goal you autist.

>> No.10176150 [DELETED] 

A woman is literally not mentally capable of love. All love women exude is their just a facade, pure lies to manipulate the weak. Its just not something women can comprehend.

Only little girls can feel the true emotion.

Therefore, love cannot exist between anybody and an adult woman.

>> No.10176156 [DELETED] 

Dude, men literally only care about superficial bullshit. Stop confusing lust with love you nounce.

>> No.10176159 [DELETED] 

True patricians can appreciate grace and beauty when they see it and little girls are the physical emodiment of such features.

My deepest condolences go out to women as the mental capacity you possess is not capable of realizing the more aristocratic pursuits.

>> No.10176171 [DELETED] 

Actually scratch that last thought, we should bring back damnatio ad bestias and condemn all you pedoshits to it

>> No.10176370 [DELETED] 

Quit taking the obvious bait, you dumb fucks.

>> No.10176386 [DELETED] 

No, you are not mentally capable of love. Stop conflating your own thoughts and feelings with those of other humans.

>> No.10176403 [DELETED] 

To think anyone is truly capable of love is hilarious. You who would dare to claim you have experienced it is the largest hypocrite of us all.
No, nobody is capable of love of an individual person, because that person does not know who they are, and everyone around them only knows the person they present themselves as and assumes it's who they are.

You who would say that little girls do not make this distinction is wrong, the purity of youth does not remove the ego. We are all sullied, and chasing an unattainable fantasy between each other.
The least you could do is off yourself before you rob a mere child of experiencing the lie and seeking their own truth. A selfish and deplorable act that robs them of a future seeking hope in the lies.

>> No.10176506 [DELETED] 
File: 6 KB, 150x200, Minoru_Suzuki_(1968)-p01.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>being worried about anons who won't aknowledge your mental illness
You're in good company on this board.

>> No.10177420
File: 11 KB, 500x265, 1512897188365.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>rooming with the same group for years
>I've known M since highschool, big weeb, knows how to party, a bit of a manchild and goes to a dark place when he's drunk
>N is chill as fuck until M riles him up
>Initially it's all cool until M meets his to-be gf at the con and they go down like the goddamn hindenberg and suddenly everything is a shitshow
>Gf and I are sleeping off some mild degeneracy when she wakes me up at 4am having heard something, "I think someone is in our bathroom..."
>We wait. Eventually the sleep fog leaves my head and very clearly I can hear M and his new -whatever she was to him at the time- having violent, violent sex. Blood on the floor, bits of skin, the works.
>We drown out the cats in heat with yakety sax until they get the message and fuck off
>"Good news anon! We patched things up! I'm really into getting hurt!" He says, oblivious to the social nicety of not loudly painfucking in a shared bathroom at 4am.
>His gfthing is playing the cute smiles "lol oops"

At least they had the decency to take their shit to her room. We still go to the same con but now my gf and I get our own room. No muss no fuss.

>> No.10177430

How does everyone here have such garbage 'friends'? I've roomed with the same group of friends for years now and it's always been great. Our only problems are the room being messy at times but everyone always cleans up if you ask.

>> No.10177449

I’ve been lucky, all that’s happened to me was this weird dude that threatened to jump off a bridge last year at san japan. He had been yelling at a street preacher for hours, a video I saw him in was at sunset and me and my buddy I was rooming with saw him at 2 am. Also he pulled a knife and threatened to stab himself. I only room with people I 100% trust so I avoid the drama.

>> No.10177493

I don’t have many recent ones since I wised up, but:

>Otakon 2010
>probably my third con ever, have become designated seamstress for my group
>friend 1 doesn’t get fabric for his cosplay until the week of con
>therefore, I’m up until 4am each night sewing, still attaching buttons Saturday afternoon
>approximately five hours of sleep all weekend due to crunch
>stuffed room, sleeping on floor underneath the ironing board
>to top it all off, Airplanes by BoB is friend 2’s alarm, which goes off without fail each day at 6am
To this day I can’t listen to that damn song.

>Katsucon 2013-ish?
>new to running rooms, book a suite at Residence Inn
>only have one friend coming in with me, decide to fill spaces with randos from FB
>manage to fill room, but new guy messages me and says he’s desperate, his roomies just bailed
>take pity (first mistake) and offer floor space (second mistake)
>dude tells me “I tend to snore sometimes but it’s not bad”
>eh, my dad snores, don’t think anything of it
>get to con, dude is 6’4” and 300lbs
>sets up camp DIAGONALLY across the floor in the kitchen area, knocks out like a starfish, no one can maneuver around him; then, he proceeds to snore so loud it sounds like a train passing through
>other new roomie pulls me aside and asks if I’m going to say anything since no one can sleep (I’ve slept through earthquakes, I have no trouble sleeping but I realize how annoying it is)
>decide to team up next day and ask him if he’s okay and does he know he snores so bad
>he apologizes and goes to con, doesn’t return until wee hours of the morning when everyone is already asleep
I still feel a little guilt for confronting him like that cause I could tell he knew how bad it was, but also no sympathy FOR knowing how bad it was and not giving me a proper warning.

>Bonus Katsucon 2019
>room with girl I’m super into
>see her tits no less than four times over the weekend
>p positive she’s into someone else

>> No.10177554

>Imagine being this big of a cunt

>> No.10177574

>And lastly, I'm really glad I've never decided to get a room for a convention.

What about out of state/town/country cons

>> No.10177600

Only became transphobic when you had to promote your mental disorders for no fucking reason

>> No.10182950

There’s this friend of a friend I refuse to room with ever again. They’ll book rooms and then trash them. Hundreds of dollars worth of booze, overstuffed the rooms with people and then invited more over every night to party, would cut and style wigs in the bathroom so there’s wig fibers everywhere, stain the hotel tables and sheets with hair dye and paint and glue, check out hours past the check out time. I’ve never known them to ever get their security deposit back, and every con they’re at I hear about their room turning into a fuckfest.

The one time I stayed with them we planned for a photoshoot at 6. 5:45 I’m sitting in the bed scrolling on my phone waiting for them to finish putting in goddamn foundation. THREE HOURS LATER we’re hunting down the photographer who apparently knew this would happen and joked with them that they were early. Three hours to do foundation, eyebrows, and out on a wig, between talking to every person that came into the room, taking shots, bitching about the people coming into the room, and joking that all they’re photographers are their “bitches” and that they’ll totally wait for them to be ready.

>> No.10183504

Idk senpai that sounds pretty fucking fun.

>> No.10185100
File: 4 KB, 162x164, 1458110643315.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How would someone even find people to random room with if I have no friends to go to cons with? Is it something arranged in advance? Where? When? Is there a website for this or something? I have no friends but I'm planning to go to Megacon in Orlando, Florida next year if I have the money for reserving a room in advance, and I would be okay with rooming with other people/anons. The only issue I have other than trust issues and paranoia that my stuff will be stolen, is the logistics of even planning things like this. Would anyone more knowledgeable than me help me figure this out?

>> No.10185103

hey anon, there are often facebook groups for this to find people who are looking for roommates. it makes sense to be paranoid, from my experience i haven’t had any issues and usually google the person beforehand to try and see if anything shady pops up.

>> No.10185104

Did not expect a prompt response. Seems /cgl/ is a faster board than I expected. I don't use facebook or social media, but I'll consider it for something like this. Thank you very much

>> No.10185199

fat chick with her first boyfriend was fucking annoying. she already has a loud ass obnoxious voice.
i went very last second, fat chick was talking about going because she preordered (imagine preordering for ikkicon) and she was asking if anyone needed a ride, which was nice so i went.

>> No.10185203

glad to see this being used here lmao as a fan of scrubs and for the meme

>> No.10185207

>Blood on the dance floor

>> No.10185228

How new are you anon

>> No.10185268

NAYRT but a lot of people have Facebooks just for cons/Facebook groups in general. Just put a photo of yourself so you don't look like a creeper who is trying to hide their face for some reason.

>> No.10185271

Thank you. I'll keep that in mind for when I do attempt something like that.

>> No.10185289

> books airbnb for traumerei for me & (now) ex-bf

> ex pulls out of the trip, therefore I am just me. I try to amend the trip to one guest to save money but the airbnb hosts do not respond.

> gets to airbnb, it looks cute, money gets taken from my bank account, but I don’t mind paying for two guests since it’s a big airbnb

> the host tells me I can stay in this airbnb for the Friday night, but insists I move for the next night into an “upgraded” room

> I politely decline, I am happy where I am and I don’t want extra stress on top of the event

> they insist, making it seem like I have no choice.

> next day, I pack up my stuff, no update from airbnb host. I assume they’re not moving me as they haven’t contacted me

> go to event, return at midnight, walk in on three Lolitas in my apartment, they are as confused as I am

> lady comes up and takes me down to my “new” apartment which is tiny, has no doors and has a weird grate between the wall. she shows me my stuff is in there and also has a bit of a go at me

> new apartment is tiny, has no doors and the shower is broken

> still charged me for two guests even though they moved me out of the apartment into a smaller one because I was only for one guests.

> also demanded I pay tourist tax on top as I was checking out.

>> No.10185296

unacceptable, I would have refuted this so hard.

>> No.10185300

yeah, I filed a complaint. it was an expensive b&b

>> No.10185383

The guy who wiped a booger on the wall at AB 2011 and me being the only one to shower in the room

>> No.10185488

99% of random room arrangements are from facebook groups for a con

>> No.10185500

>tipped him $10

holy fucking kek
this is the worst part of this story
that you felt bad enough about the absolute crime to humanity you created that you thought giving another pour soul $10 would make up for it.

Frankly if i was him, i'd probably be insulted

>> No.10185523

I know this feel
>300 lbs
>snore like a truck down shifting
Tfw my doctor won't recommend me for an operation until I lose weight.

>> No.10185528

that's because losing weight will probably lessen the snoring, if not get rid of it completely. Surgeries can be life-threatening, so losing weight is a good change that you can do that isn't a risk to your health.

>> No.10185555

Before I got my apnea machine the doc told me they would never recommend surgery. It usually only works for a very short time before the snoring returns, basically it’s an unnecessary surgery.

>> No.10185704
File: 336 KB, 320x240, devil.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

holy shit

>> No.10185705


Did he have blondish hair and come off as really autistic? Because if yes then I had the displeasure of dealing with him in 2014.

>> No.10185889

Imagine taking every stereotype about furries: the obsession with over-sexualized versions of mainstream cartoon characters, fucking in terrifying fursuits, actual NSFW on the con floor, hygene problems, NEETS, sausage-fests, etc

Now imagine every one of those stereotypes is true for 90% of furries. And a "good" fursuit (as in, good construction with a lot of care put into it) is about the same quality as a poorly-homemade fursuit in 2019.

That's basically furry in the 1980's. 80's and 90's furries are the reason the current generation of furries has the stereotypes they currently have

>> No.10185892


I did the floor-sleeping thing at a furry convention a few years ago when I was a 21-year-old broke-ass college student. I'm not an athlete, but I was in pretty okay shape at the time and despite that, the floor fucking destroyed my back and shoulder the entire day.

Never again.

>> No.10185894

>he’d never dreamed he’d be living out his own harem anime fantasy with so many hot women.
kek, based

>> No.10185909

most of my rooming experiences have been good since i mostly room with good friends. i only have one kind of shitty story the only year i didn’t.
>be in (shitty) con maid café. could have stayed with friends but café provides food and room (Presidential suite) so why the fuck not
>HUGE suite, but get last pic since older maids/butlers get first pick. whatever.
>pick one open pull-out bed but another maid and a butler insist we all share it.
>butler has openly flirted with me despite being married, smells like major BO.
>”no, thanks.”
>maid and butler insist. still say no, end up sharing a bed with another really sweet meido
>later catch first maid and butler snuggling and making out

>> No.10185913

quick cont.
>another butler in room constantly following me, hitting on me.
>says he likes me because i look so young. (“petite body” as he put it.)
>aggressively insists on helping me put on my dress one day. another sweet maid helps instead
>also walks in in the middle of me changing into the only cosplay i brought, comments on my ass and how i was wearing a pad.

i finished out that year but i quit in the middle of the following year’s café (and did not stay in the room they provided) because nearly all of the maids i actually liked left or were kicked out and the owner was fucking terrible and nuts. i have so many stories but i’m only telling this one to stay on topic, lmao

>> No.10185943
File: 1.43 MB, 365x250, 1426910127383.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

> Go to interstate convention
> Organise hotel room with cospeeps I havent seen in a while plus friends
> 2 bedrooms plus lounge for 6 peeps
> EZ
> Me and buddy share master bedroom (homo)
> K who we have known for years asks to stay cause her room peeps bailed
> S who is a sleezy bud of ours tries to make moves on her all night and asks her if she wants sleep with him in a single bed.
> She says no and proceeds to crash with me and my bud in the big bed
> S spend the whole weekend telling everyone I cockblocked him and she wanted it.
>MFW I just like dick.

>> No.10185950

> Book hotel room 5mins walk from the con with my friend C
> 1 bunk bed, windows dont open
> He brings a random guy on the night we check in and guilts me into letting him crash
> T turns out to be a pretty cool guy and crashes on the floor
> C uses hair removal cream on his monkey chest on the first night
> The room smells like hair removal cream for 4 days because the windows dont open
> C is recently single and spends his time bitching about his ex who lives 3 hours away
> Have fun anyway
> We run into B (friend) at con and he asks if he can stay, idm cause we hang out heaps
> Me, T, C and now B agree that we are all hungry at 1am and decide to go to the lobby where they had frozen food in a vending machine and a microwave
> All of us in elevator going down
> Door opens
> Cs ex with new BF
> He goes from laughing to whimpering and asks her to stay and talk with him
> BF sits on other side of the lobby and glares at them while they talk
> Me, T and B eating frozen lasagna in lobby until 3.30-4am waiting for C to finish just in case her BF tries something cause he thicc and its empty besides us
> Local austistic dude who everyone is sort of okay with comes into the lobby in FULL COSPLAY as Squall and sits down with me, T and B
> Tell us he wants to be first in line for the convention
> Doors dont open until 8am
> Looks at the lasagna, at B, back at the lasagna
> " I know how you like to eat lasagna B, you just like to scoop it up on the end of your dick and just" *Hannibal Lector sounds
> We nervously laugh it off. W. T. F Man.
> He leaves after 20min
> 4.30 am and C is done talking
>Go back to room and sleep and console bitch boy C

>> No.10186003

Should've just sucked his dick r*tard

>> No.10186405

>discord dude i met b4 really friendly and said i dont have to pay for the room cause his mum paid for it
>kind of like the simpson comic book guy, very questionable hygiene, i dont think he ever showered but i couldnt smell it outside of his side of the room
>takes a fuckin eternity to get ready even tho hes not cosplayin
>really kept bugging me n making the dumbest fuckin conversations
>had a booty call w a qt i met at 3am
>no way i can get anything done w this guy snoring

Ended up doing it in the bushes/garden area in front of the hotel parking.

>> No.10186409

body paint?

>> No.10186415
File: 27 KB, 480x360, adventuretime.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Our toilet got clogged but the drunk faggots kept using it. Once it was full to the brim, they started going in the trashcans, ice bucket, garbage disposal... anywhere they could. I didn't want to get involved so I just went to my car and shat in a grocery bag, threw it away. It wouldn't have bothered me but one guy wiped his ass on my underpants because he "thought it was a dishrag." Around 2am, we were running out of places to shit and called the front desk, who sent some stoned retard to clean it up. The room leader was charged $338.37.

>> No.10186420
File: 5 KB, 218x250, 1548392864957.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I....anon....why shit into a trashcan.....why not use the convention bathrooms......or hotel bathrooms on the ground floor............

>> No.10186530

Yeah I figured it was something like that. And I am down from 340. I can't sleep with those cpap machines though, so I was looking for an alternative.

>> No.10186548

>tfw 3 ppl just dropped out my hotel room
>just found replacements
>they are bottom of the barrel people and I can tell this is gonna be a crazy con

>> No.10186584

that’s the best kind, anon.
have fun

>> No.10186629

there's hotel bathrooms, probably restaurants nearby, corner stores, etc.
why are you shitting in bags

>> No.10186631

been here since 2008, dipshit
its a good meme and used appropriately here

>> No.10186642

good luck anon. i had similar happen at momocon and just ate the cost rather than fill it with sub=par people and now i'm financially regretful.

>> No.10187546

>Unable to room with friends at Youmacon 2014. Can only stay one night instead of the whole weekend.
>Ask on the official con forum if anyone can put me up for one night. Someone responds, let’s call him A.
>A says he has floor space and we agree on a set amount to pay him.
>Day of con arrives. Meet up with A after getting my badge to pay him my share of the room.
>First warning sign was that he tried to weasel out of giving me my change. “I thought you were nice and paying me extra.” No, we agreed on a set amount and that's it.
>Find out A is not staying in the actual room but acting as “room head.” He is staying in another room.
>A lectures me on room rules like a little kid who had never been to an anime con before and to follow them or be evicted.
>A takes me to the room and starts bitching about how messy it is.
>5 people are staying in the room and it's honestly not that bad. I’ve stayed in messier con hotel rooms over the years.
>I get my room key from A and go off to enjoy the con, but not before I see A take two boxes of pocky that don't belong to him.
>Later that night I head back to the room to get some sleep and this is when I meet fellow my roommates, who are pretty cool.
>We all share our experiences with A and agree that he is a dick and possibly autistic.
>Find out that A was being a creeper towards one of the roommates, let’s call her M.
>M is asexual and clearly not interested in A. M talks about how A kept hitting on her and trying to touch her when she was trying to arrange her stuff in the room.
>At one point A bursts into the room looking for M. We hide her under the bed until he leaves.
>Don't see A for the rest of the night.


>> No.10187547


>It's late in the afternoon and I head back to the room to get my suitcase so I can drop it off at my car and then enjoy my last few hours at the con.
>A is waiting in the room alone. Someone must’ve let him in because he does not have a room key.
>A starts pestering me to room with him again at future cons. I politely turn him down. After the experiences I've had I want nothing further to do with him after the con.
>A then starts whining about people not talking to him in his room and how he wants to spend the night in this room instead.
>He just wants an excuse to creep on M.
>Luckily my fellow roommates arrive and shut his idea down.
>I then have to wait for A to leave so I can give my key to one of my roommates because I don't want him to get it.
>A dicks around in the room for 20 minutes trying to make awkward conversation while the roommates are trying to change and get their stuff together.
>A finally leaves the room so I give the roommates my key and leave.

>After the con ends A makes a whiny post on the con's fb about how he wasn’t trying to be a creeper. He had apparently been creeping on other girls besides M and several people called him out on it.

Fuck you Abraham, you creepy autistic piece of shit.

>> No.10187557

Why the fuck were you all shitting so much? See a fucking doctor.

>> No.10188584

Their were 17 of us in a single room.

>> No.10189387

Whatever happened to that girl who used to con hotels into giving her a free stay?

She had this crazy post where she explained her technique, it was all to do with phoning up the day before with a fake accent and then switching out wigs through the day.

Was it even real? I can't believe it would work.

>> No.10189448

You're the epitome of a shitty con attendee, no pun intended.

>> No.10189484

There was some bdsm panel going on with IDs needing to be checked at the door and after this old guy shows off all the bdsm toys he has and etc talking about it he starts whipping his flogger out of nowhere near the front row and it scared the shit out of me

>> No.10189502

It always annoys me when people want to spend all con in their hotel room or out of the con area. Bitch, I paid 60 dollars to go to the CON, not to sit in a hotel room and do shit I could easily do at home.

>> No.10189525

Honestly, sometimes I want to because even though my friends are usually fine roommates AT THE CON, the pressure of trying to find out who is and isn't going this year and getting everything organized is the worst. I always end up being the one reserving the room because out of my group of friends that go to cons, I'm the only one that's enough of a fucking adult to have a goddamned credit card. So I have to pester people constantly and get mad out to be a bitch because I'm trying to reserve a hotel room early and they won't fucking paypal me their share of the room.
Although I will say that I keep getting stuck having to haul my friends' cosplays back and forth for check-in and check-out. If I have to haul someone else's Rose Quartz wig one more goddamned time I'm gonna scream.

>> No.10189557

I just finished college a year ago (and paid for it all myself with a part time job) and my goal right now is to save money for a down payment on a house and furniture.

>> No.10191509

One time my friend got blackout drunk and vomited all over one of the beds. We were staying in a motel 6 so room service didnt come either

>> No.10191535

I dont get spending a holiday to go to cons just to watch anime or something you can already do at the privacy at your home

>> No.10191717

>tfw just read through that all
Why the actual fuck was your husband friends with him in the first place?

>> No.10192519
File: 116 KB, 608x592, yangholdsbackafart.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

10 of us in a single room and we ALL got our periods. Plus there were so many roaches we had to put pantyhose over our heads to keep them out of our ears while we slept.

>> No.10192593

Where the fuck did you guys stay?

>> No.10192637

Con is in two days. Said would stay with a friend and pay the hotel. Family member died, have to cancel and all she says is 'oh I need a new roomie' without even caring about the situation. She shitposts it everywhere too and cries now she can't go. Had issues with her few years back so itsa last time i booked with her. She's just a jerk. There more inportant things than a event

>> No.10192823
File: 20 KB, 277x250, 1558720371214.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This one sideways asshole in our group traded most of our beer for one can of slightly stronger ale.

>> No.10192884

I fucking despise overbooking
A few years ago at acen my group was kinda big so we booked a suite and they fucking downgraded to a king bed room because they overbooked. Looking back on it I’m thankful that we still had a room there and didn’t have to move to one of those other hotels that are like a mile away from the con, but at the time we were pretty pissed

>> No.10192901

>mount flushmore


>> No.10192911

I farted at a hotel room once. I tried to make it silent. It ended up being really loud and woke up my roommates. And even if it was silent, the smell was so bad they would have woken up anyway. They stopped being friends with me immediately afterwards. I feel horrible shame even to this day, 10 years later

>> No.10192935

Super 8

>> No.10193026

>They stopped being friends with me immediately afterwards

all that over a fart?

>> No.10193160


They were never your real friends, real friends will giggle and fart back at you. Louder.

>> No.10193408

Homeowner here

I’d rather go back to living in an apartment.

My house is fairly new and was super taken care of but Jesus fucking Christ the maintenance.

>> No.10193412

>ask forum for a stranger to put you up

Weebs really make the dumbest decisions and are surprised by the outcome.

>> No.10193620

>Super 8
You may as well have slept outside.

>> No.10193645

meanwhile in the other room with me and the boys

>> No.10193653

>gambled a bit too much on a fart
jesus christ im crying

>> No.10193992

>comments on my ass and how i was wearing a pad
Did he think that was a compliment or something, christ

>> No.10193997

I've done the same on 4chan and it worked out fine desu

>> No.10194185

Holy shit, this. I miss it being someone else's problem when something breaks.
I do not miss sharing walls/parking/common areas.

>> No.10196445


>> No.10196474

Discovered a friend likes to wake up at the ass crack of dawn like a bird. She would get up at 5 or 6 am, pull out a blender and wake everyone up making a fucking breakfast smoothie, or chomp on loud food. The first time around I asked her to go make her blender in the bathroom because it was 6 am and we wanted to sleep. So she did, and the top came off and green shit got everywhere. She only barely cleaned up the mirror and there was still smoothie all over the counter, plus all over me and my other roommates belongings. She cleaned her own stuff but no one else’s nor did she tell us about the mess until we saw it when going to use the bathroom. Next year she was out of her smoothie phase but still would wake up very early. This time she got up at 5 am to eat crackers and peanut butter, woke us up with all the movement and crunching and laughed it off. The next day she did the same thing around the same time but with rice cakes my friend had brought to share for the room and said friend snipped that it was 3 am to go in the bathroom and eat. The next morning the same friend finds a rice cake in the trash with 1 bite taken out of it and asks who it was, and Bird-friend said it was from her, she threw it away because we “told her to stop eating”. Granted, I get that it is pretty gross eating or preparing food in the bathroom but also WTF, it’s a con and the weekend, why are you eating so loudly this early. She would then go to the con at like 9, and at the con we went to stuff doesn’t really start happening until like 10:30-11 AM. Then she’d want lunch at 12, get annoyed when we didn’t wanna go cuz we weren’t hungry + had shit we wanted to see/do.

Is it the worst experience? Definitely not, but it was certainly strange and one of those moments where you find out just how well you get along with friends in a close environment. Discovered quickly that she is not someone I could stand to ever live with.

>> No.10196562

considering that he also kept telling me that he was attracted to me because i look way young, yes

that whole maid café was fucked

>> No.10203002

No real horror stories, usually room with friends and we're all either cool or spergs who can at least be decent. Otakon a few years back though, we were all broke college kids so we booked a hotel way out in the ghetto. I didn't stay in my own room Fri, and my phone died, so I got back to this ghetto ass hotel Sat night with a ded phone and no room key while the boys were all out partying. Ended up buying a Colt 45 and a pack of cigs at the highest-security convenience store I'd seen up to that point, and sat on the front step shooting the shit with all the random ghetto folks who stopped by. Had one old black dude try to sell me a hooker for 50 bucks.

>> No.10203056

socially maladjusted soft cunts
shit's fucked, m8
get over it

>> No.10203212
File: 28 KB, 273x225, kiryu sleepy.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nothing major, but this time one guy snored SO LOUD I legit could not be in the same room with him. We were in a suite where the bed/bath area was behind a door, so I ended up crashing on an inflatable bed so I could get some shuteye.

>> No.10203215

If you want someone else’s snoring to stop knock on wood. Idk why it works, but it probably has something to do with knocking being associated with someone being at the door

>> No.10203227

don't say "gonna break up with her", do it now idiot. The sooner you do it the sooner you can start saving money.

>> No.10203261
File: 424 KB, 153x231, 017.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Go to Anime North and get a two bed hotel room with my friend and he brings one of his friends along, i never met this guy before but i didn't really think anything of it, i figured one of us could sleep on the floor or something. This fucker proceeds to get so fucking drunk he passes out in one of the beds and we just decide to let him have it for the night and switch out the next night. I'm asleep on the floor and i wake up to a weird noise, the stupid cunt puked all over the side of the bed and then just laid back down on his back, puked again and is now choking on his own vomit. Jump up and literally save this fuckers life making him sit up while my friend manages to sleep through it. Then the smell hits me, not only had he puked all over himself and the bed but he fucking shit himself, its just all over the sheets, soaked into the mattress, just literally everywhere. I just walked out. Slept in my car and gave him the money for my share of the room the next day and went home.

>> No.10203283

>Had a fucking USB cable ran into her nasty-ass bag, but would never take it out whatever it was charging.
Vibrator 100%

>> No.10203907

after the second day at animenext 2017, I came back to two of my roommates fucking.

I actually sat in a chair and watched them for a while before they noticed me

>> No.10203913

I ordered pizza to my hotel once and it sucked. Not sure how you make pizza suck but it did.

>> No.10203941

that makes you the creep

>> No.10203953

not if they were screwing on my fucking cot.

>> No.10203978

yep you're still the creep

>> No.10204000

top kek

>> No.10204107
File: 44 KB, 245x212, 1472072786959.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This was when I had no friends so I got like 4 randoms on /cgl/ to room with me.

I only had one room rule, which was no inviting randoms to the room without informing the group chat. I made this clear multiple times. Roommates seemed cool so I thought it would all be fine.

I went out in the evening for a photoshoot, then on my way back, one of my roommates calls me saying "why are there 20 people in the room?" I get pissed as fuck and rush back to find like, 20-25 people all drunk as fuck in my hotel room. Also some more people walking to the entrance of my room to get into the party, I guess. Also another roommate was crying because she blew some guy in the bathroom but he refused to eat her out.

I basically yelled at everyone to get out, then I inspected my shit, everything was wet with what was presumably alcohol spills. Luckily nothing important was damaged but goddamn. Fuck that. These people weren't young either, the two roommates who invited all the people and the cocksucker were 24-30.

>> No.10204120

damn, what a bunch of assholes. this is why you don’t trust other 4chan users

>> No.10204145


>> No.10204190

>kids with back issues
Fatties or unfortunate kids? If fatties that edgelord was absolutely right to put them in their place. Fuck fatties.

>> No.10204440

latent cuckold fetish emerging.

>> No.10204442

I’ll take ways to spot a crossboarder for 600 alex

>> No.10204448

You failed for not asking to join in.

>> No.10204646

Possibly both. It’s a common excuse a lot of young weeaboos make so they can ensure they get to sleep in a bed.

>> No.10204652

Oh boy, I had one a few weeks back.

>friend invited me and bestie to an airbnb, there were promises of it being super close to the convention and having a jacuzzi
>through some unfortunate turn of events, airbnb ends up being 30 minutes from con and no jacuzzi, also in a bad neighbourhood known for being full of junks. Airbnb now has friend, bestie, me, and a bunch of other people that me and bestie didn't know but I guess were fine.
>oh well, it's the best con of the year, we'll see through it.
>end of con day 1
>bestie and me wanna head back over to airbnb but get harassed by locals, we get scared so we call the others because they have pepper spray
>1 hour later
>get call back
>"haha yeah i got sick so I'm not gonna pick y'all up but the rest just left for you guys, took a while because so and so is drunk af hahaha"
>oh. ok. We've been waiting for a really long while and don't seem to be taken seriously so, kinda annoyed, but again, best con of the year so sees through it.

>con day 2
>on way to con, gets a bunch of calls and texts from the rest accusing bestie and me of losing a key we never touched, probably because we're the easiest to push over.
>throughout the day bestie gets unstable, refuses to consume food or drinks, con floor is hot and tiring, she needs to drink, do everything I can to make her do so, general mood is shit.
>bestie wants to go home and I'm not feeling very keen of going back to the airbnb either. Propose that bestie goes home and I stay at my boyfriend's place for the remainder of the con.
>text friend to ask for airbnb key so we can pack our stuff
>get passive agressive answer saying that if I'm not comfortable in their room I should've indicated my limits sooner and that she's not going to give me the key cause she's watching the cosplay competition.
>goes to compo and waits at entrance, she'd literally only have to get up from her chair and hand me a key.
>have to wait 1,5 hour with a best friend who's losing it.

>> No.10204659

>cosplay compo finishes
>finally get key, goes back to airbnb
>while packing stuff, fucking faints, presumably from stress, boyfriend and his bro take care of me
>hear afterwards that bestie, already in a bad state, got a very angry call from the others saying we took too long and that they need the key back -now- and that she had been trying to explain I had fainted and that we couldn't just get up and get to them immediately and they didn't listen.
>I slept at boyfriends place for the rest of the day and didn't hear from bestie for a week.

Tl;dr: went rooming with a bunch of people I didn't know because one friend thought that was a good idea, everyone shat on us until we had to leave in the middle of the weekend because we couldn't anymore, and I had my annual stress-faint because of it. Never again.

>> No.10204981


>> No.10205148

>she blew some guy in the bathroom but he refused to eat her out.
incredibly based

>> No.10206993

>MAGFest 2019
>Cooked some Chicken Parmesan while relaxing after a long Saturday and roommates were watching a movie on the projector
>Somehow lost balance in my hand carrying the chicken and dropped my plate.
>Flipped 360 degrees and landed perfectly on the floor with none of the sauce on carpet.
>Roommates witnessed this and we were all laughing for a good 3 minutes.

>> No.10210179

The magic of good chicken parmesan

>> No.10212864
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Some fuckboy that was staying with my crew brought a 19 year old he wanted to fuck. Thursday night she immediately starts drinking vodka out of the bottle. Use a cup! She takes my personal laptop over to the table and opens it, no asking or anything, and tries to boot iTunes. So there's this bitch I don't know, drinking my booze, playing with my laptop, and fucking with my playlists, and then she has a fucking seizure.

From the flash on the screen when iTunes finally loaded, she immediately starts with the shaking and eye rolling. I call for the one guy in the room with EMT training and he doesn't respond, cause he's being a fucking robot and has closed himself off in the suite's spare room watching TV. We're at a con, turn off the fucking TV! There's a TV at home! He finally shuffles his retarded ass over to the girl and gets her in a safe position. I call 911 and that's the first ambulance of ACEN that weekend. 5 pm Thursday. So fuckboy and seizure girl go to some hospital. 3 hours later fuckboy calls me to send him a taxi because he has no credit card and no fucking cash. They get back and I ask what the hell happened. The girl tells us all, "Oh I"m supposed to take medication for my seizures but I haven't had one in a while so I stopped taking it."

19, drunk, unmedicated for Grand Mal seizures, fucking with my computer and didn't intend to pay for any part of the room. Booted them the fuck out and they went back to Milwaukee.

>> No.10213410

>but I haven't had one in a while so I stopped taking it.
what a fucking retard

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