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Mercury in Taurus.

Venus in Aries.

Mars in Gemini.

Jupiter (retrograde) in Sagittarius.

Saturn (retrograde) in Capricorn.

Uranus in Taurus.

Neptune in Pisces.

Pluto (retrograde) in Capricorn.

Chiron in Aries.

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What do you guys think of eyelash extensions with lolita? I prefer strip lashes for doing makeup but have considered getting them for convenience. I dont want to look stupid in lolita with them though.

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Why are you posting the transits in this thread? Take it to /x/ if you want to talk astrology.

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They just are the same as fake lash strips, but they can be more natural looking. Should be fine.

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Not sure if this is the right place to post this, but whatever.

According to my tracker, my period's set to start right in the middle of AX, so I've been looking up ways to try and have it come a week earlier. Does anyone know if taking Vitamin C supplements actually works? If so, when and how should I take them?

I don't/can't use birth control, so that's not an option.

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They generally look more natural than strip lashes, just get your lash tech to do them longer in the middle if you want a more cutesy look.

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Can you take the morning after pill?

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>I don't/can't use birth control, so that's not an option.
I'm curious as to why

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Both my GP and therapist advised against them because they can exacerbate symptoms of depression.

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So can pregnancy

I’d get second and third opinions

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nayrt but my doctor also took me off of BC pills because of mental health complications, plus it was making my hormonal imbalance worse. so far no pregnancy yet, its a pretty common reason for stopping them and not really worth getting second or third opinions but if it'll make them feel better sure go for it.

Vitamin C does work but you need to be careful about the amount you take and purchase the kind WITHOUT rose hips added. they put rose hips in most vit C to prevent miscarriage etc, but brands without them do exist. i'm not going to give you any more advice regarding this because youre being a big fucking baby about your period just because you dont want to deal with it at le epic convention.

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I understand the risk but I also think it’s a bit silly considering that pregnancy can basically put everything on steroids, including depression. I would still get second opinions. A lot of doctors aren’t well educated on birth control particularly old school ones so it would be nice to get an opinion that isn’t 15 years out of date

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sucks when i hear girls complain about this kind of thing and their birth control. A lot of my skin problems were hormonal and both my mental health/ skin was improved by birth control. hope you can find something that helps you, anon.

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Morning after pill is literally one pill though so I think it's less likely to exacerbate mental health issues compared to taking something longer term. I'm surprised you've been advised against all BC completely if you've never tried it before, especially given there are different formulations/types and you can always stop taking things like the pill pretty quickly (obviously don't go for the injection or implant in this situation). Coming off BC for mental health effects is legit but not starting due to pre-existing depression is...a bit weird. The mental health side effects are different for everyone and it's pretty difficult to predict based on having mental health issues already, especially if your hormone swings are impacting it (e.g. if you have premenstrual dysphoria and are better off with a constant hormone dose/less hormone drop)

Coming off BC for mental health is legit, but I've never heard someone being totally advised not to because of possible mental health effects, unless they were already really unstable/inpatient levels of crazy. Even with inpatients a lot of people are advised to get long term BC because the thought is that they are better off not having a baby while they have such bad mental health issues.

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they're very natural looking, but getting them done repeatedly can damage your eyelashes.

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Can someone help out in hiding laugh/smile lines? I want to shave for a cos but without my mustache my laugh lines are visible.

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This is what I'm worried about... I'd like to do them once so I don't have to worry about falsies for an event I'm going to but I feel like once I see them they'll become an addiction and I'll end up with almost no lashes like a friend of mine.

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What kind of experiences you guys have with using primers (not for eyeshadow, but for you face in general)? I bought one to help my foundation to stay nice for a con day but in the end I don't think it made much difference. I get that my choice of foundation and primer might also affect it. I have very dry skin and the primer helped with that a bit, but are there any primers that are specifically for making you makeup last longer? In the past I've just redone the makeup for the evening...

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That's the idea with primers: makes makeup last longer. I no longer wear foundation but I did like smashbox photo finish a lot! My foundation would last all day from work to home. Idk how well it holds for cosplay considering sweat and stuff.

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Are you in the south or some other super conservative region? When I lived in the south I had female friends who didn’t go on birth control for the same reason, but the fact is that that advice is a pastiche pushed by the Christian anti-birth control movement. Now that I’m in CA I’ve never heard anything like it, especially not from a medical professional. I was definitely more depressed before going on the pill, but there are lots of other factors contributing to that so I wouldn’t say it’s causative.

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Why not get a non hormonal birth control IUD. No hormones no issues.

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That doesn’t change your period.

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In response/suggestion to her doctor saying it will make her depression worse and that she can never be on them when that’s false.

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I’ve struggled with super bad depression for most of my life and actually feel better or no different on birth control. Hormonal birth control can help reduce the symptoms of PMS. When I PMSed I would get super emotional and that itself would add to my depression. (I also had cramps that would leave me curled in a ball crying for days on end which didn’t really help either.)

If you can, go to a Planned Parenthood and see what they have to say. They’ve been the most open about helping me with my period and explaining my options.

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Huh, I stopped getting my period on an IUD. Is that not supposed to happen?

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Nah, it's pretty normal. Depends on the person-- my periods stopped while taking the pill even tho it has a 4 day gap

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it’s possible to not have periods after 1-3 years on a hormonal IUD, but not on a non-hormonal IUD. My period hasn’t stopped completely but it’s very light and only lasts a day or two. Hopefully it goes away completely.

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I have dry and sensitive skin on my body.
Any recommendations for exfoliators that won't make me super red? It can be right after but I want to be smooth and cute for my upcoming cosplay. I am willing to take it slow, I have a month.
Also any pro-tips for clear, smooth skin on the body would be appreciated.

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On a hormonal IUD like a Mirena, yes. Up to 40% of people stop having their period completely. It was one of the reasons I decided to go on it actually.

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Botox/injections is the only way you can hide wrinkles.

>> No.10167938

How do i get rid of smile lines short of getting botox/fillers to prevent them?

>> No.10167944

You can’t. If you could, nobody would pay for botox

>> No.10167947

You have to make sure your primer is made with ingredients that can be used with your foundation's ingredients. Certain primers used with the wrong foundation can make it separate.

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Is it a bad idea to go to the Disney World concert alone? None of my friends can make it.

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I have some stretch marks on my upper arms,any tips on to reduce and hide them?

>> No.10167962

Try a retina cream

>> No.10168082

anything your rec?

>> No.10168099

try a retinol cream by skinceuticals

>> No.10168494

Post your skin scare products if you're not a pussy

Off brand cleanser (its just a cleanser so I didn't really care)

Burts Bees Rosewater Toner

Advanced Clinicals vitamin C serum

Garnier Skin active moisturizer

uhhh I'm still really new to having a consistent skin care routine and not sure what to expense in product wise.

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>> No.10168536

ole henrikssen truth serum
FAB ultra repair cream
elemis superfood gel cleanser
differin gel
FAB ultra repair cream
origins drink up intensive hydration mask

TO 30% bha/aha peel

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>all the nice promisies about not having your period with hormonal IUD
>mfw I still have my period regulary, light but still 5 days

well it least I don't deal with depression from BC anymore and I'm on the safe side. Can't have everything.

>> No.10168608

how heavy of a makeup routine do you guys typically have for everyday lolita?

>> No.10168643

As light as possible, in my case anyway. I only use concealer, powder, mascara, some blush, and a lip tint. Eyeliner is optional if I have time and can be bothered with it, but either way I keep it basic.

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That sucks anon, but at least you haven't been on your period every single day this month. That's what I'm going through atm. My gynecologist says there's an adjustment period but I'm worried I'm going to become a side effect horror story.

>> No.10168988

Assuming you have a hormonal IUD and it's only been in for a month don't panic yet. It can take a few months to settle, but some gynae docs will advise doing 3 months of the combined pill (with the sugar tablets) to try and get you back in a regular cycle faster.

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I tend to do natural/cutesy looks, mostly from Korean or Japanese tutorials. Usually that means BB cream, concealer, eyeshadow (I don't own eyeliner and tend to just apply wet with the angled brush), highlight/blush, lipstick. I have lash extensions so I don't use mascara.

>> No.10169076

Dumb question, but are Japanese eyeshadow less pigmented? I know they tend to favor lighter pigment in other stuff.
I find when following tutorials from Japan even if I try to use a light hand the look turns out darker. Should I just buy some Canmake or something?

>> No.10169095

Try having it give you acne.

>> No.10169109

I had this too, but I am not the anon who doesn't have her period upthread.
They were bad ones too, I had the worst cramps of my life. It goes away, stay strong.

>> No.10169152

Significantly. If you're looking for that kind of washed out, subtle look, Japanese and Korean eyeshadows are your friend.

>> No.10169159

I had this too. Like other anons said it levels out eventually, ganbattte.

>> No.10169171

CosRX Low pH Good Morning Gel Cleanser
Hado Labo Gokujyun Perfect Gel
Etude House Sunprise Mild Airy Finish

Life Brand Clear Action BHA Pads
Innisfree Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask (once a week)
The Face Shop Rice Water Bright Light Cleansing Oil
CosRX Low pH Good Morning Gel Cleanser
CosRX AHA/BHA Clarifying Toner
Mediheal NMF Aquaring Mask (twice a week, not the same day as the charcoal mask)
Hado Labo Gokujyun Perfect Gel
Mizon Collagen Power Firming Eye Cream

>> No.10169174


yeah unfortunately this 'side effect' only hits about 40% of people. I wish there was a cure all for the dreaded time of the month, but there isn't.

If it makes you feel better, I had brownish discharge about a light period's worth every day for 9 months before it stopped. The only thing that made it good was that I completely stopped having period cramps, which used to debilitate me for at least 48 hours a month. I couldn't have that with my job so that relief was incredible.

>> No.10169200

Guy here, never done any sort of skin care routine in my life besides washing my face with a cloth and hot water twice a day. My acne's really flaring up and I want to try using some products on it but I've got no clue where to start. Any recommendations?

>> No.10169287

start wearing a moisturizer and spf before you do anything else (make sure neither of the products make your skin break out worse). cerave is a common starter moisturizer, spf doesn't matter as much as long as it doesn't clog your pores and you're wearing it consistently. cleanser comes later. also, hot water dries tf out of your face so switch to lukewarm or cool (not cold either)

differin gel has almost entirely cleared up my acne and it's OTC so no derm visit, but leave that until your skin adjusts to having product on it because it can fuck your shit up if your skin isn't allowed to adjust.

the beginner routine on r/SkinCareAddiction might help you out. good luck!

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I was wondering if any of you know how to deal with dark under eyes. Mine are exactly like this photo. I've tried loads of creams and I kinda want to avoid tear trough fillers. Are there any creams that have the same effect as fillers? I hate wearing loads of concealer to cover my dark circles

>> No.10169570

has anyone ever received eos circle lenses (specifically ice green) that have an Italian address (torastore) listed on the packaging? I got them from maplelens

>> No.10169579

deal with it by accepting you look like a dead doll, it's vry kawaii dw anon. it's like natural eyeshadow

>> No.10169585

Jesus that sounds awful anon. I remember having contractions and severe pain for the first month after getting mirena. And I almost went into shock minutes after the placement. The strongest thing I was prescribed was codeine (what a fucking joke) after visiting urgent care everyday for a week crying and begging for pain relief. And for the first 6 months I had periods that would last almost 2 weeks + an extra week of spotting. Once I get my IUD removed I’m going to get tubal ligation.

>> No.10169629

this is actually quite pretty

>> No.10169650

No creams will do what fillers do.

>> No.10169897

I personally struggle with the same thing. From what I understand fillers and makeup are the only options. But I would recommend just getting good at highlighting under your eyes if your not gonna get fillers.

>> No.10169907

If you use makeup put a line of light concealer/ highlight following the laugh lines and blend them out a lil bit. It takes some practice so it doesn't look bad

>> No.10169912

Color correcting may help, id look up some tutorials on how to mask the circles without heavy makeup, i have dark circles and i like them. But dependent on the outfit I'll hit my undereyes with some yellow/light orange corrector

>> No.10170372

Is there any fancier/better body wash than your standard grocery store body wash like cleaner/shampoo/conditioner?

>> No.10170374

African extracts rooibos day cream

I ain't got time for this shit in the morning. I do extensive skincare so I can slap some day cream and bb cream on and call it a morning

LUSH angels on bare skin exfoliating cleanser
African extracts rooibos cleansing bar
Micellar water
Garnier skin active moisturizer
LuLuLun sheet mask (5x week)
Jeju pink volcanic clay mask (1x week)
Laneige water sleeping mask (1x week)
Drunk elephant TLC night serum (2x week)
Drunk elephant 1% retinol cream (1x week)
Drunk elephant marula facial oil (3x week, I just mix it with the other DE products)

I swear by rooibos, micellar water, and witch hazel

>> No.10170377

I mean, I like body shop body washes. I use the british rose and coconut ones. I suppose they're a bit above your standard supermarket stuff.

>> No.10170405

What are some products you mourn the loss of?

I can't get Missha's time revolution essence in my country anymore, nor LUSH's porridge soap. I miss them ;___;

>> No.10170431

lush's popcorn lip scrub. i still have one jar of it, but i hate to use it because it's out of circulation. the only flavor of their lip scrubs that doesn't make me gag.

>> No.10170495

I havent tried this yet, but ive heard of the ordinary caffeine solution and i did try products with caffeine on my dark circles. Mine are worse than yours but i saw improvement with caffeine. Milk make up sells a similar product but its not in euro :(

>> No.10170910

use it before it goes bad

>> No.10170917

Mine are darker than yours but I'm whitest white so idk if this will work for u. Put white or lighter than ur foundation concealer in a triangle contour shape on them. Give it a minute or two to dry and little and try not to crease it. Take a fluffy brush(I use that black one by elf) and pack on a lot of white setting powder. Let it dry for 4 minutes and swipe away the excess. Then I take a little bit(just a tiny bjt) of white high light and lightly tap some on top and swipe away excess. Then make sure u put highlight in ur inner eye corner too.

>> No.10170919

I get mine from Mexico for 3 bucks and it works just as good as the 100+ dollar studded stateside

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File: 117 KB, 720x540, sailor_moon_sailor_stars_episode_169_usagis_classmate_stuck_looking_at_her_mirror.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I need a new daily face wash, I've never found one that I really like. I have normal skin (a bit dry in the winter) and I mostly only get blackheads no major breakouts.
Any suggestions?

>> No.10171134

Your face wash isn't really there to fix your blackheads, but it can make them happen if it's too harsh. I double clean with Banila's Clean it Zero which is a solid cleaner that emulsifies, and then Cerave's gentle cleaner. If you have sebaceous filaments often getting a clay mask cleanser to mix with a BHA is good. COSRX and The Ordinary both have a good BHA products.

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File: 417 KB, 479x720, ZPEWJ6zt2E.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm looking for a white full coverage concealer that doesnt oxidize, think kvd tattoo cover. I'm torn between the infamous shape tape and the mur concealer. It has to be white or almost white, it's very important that the color doesn't change.

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File: 131 KB, 823x375, 20190517_065119.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm 19 years old and have only started trying to use makeup this year... I want to learn how to do makeup that suits my face/eyes. Thing is... for some reason I have a triple eyelid and I can't find anyone who has the same problem. My eyebrows are also very sparse and no matter what, I can't see the eyeshadow when I have my eyes fully open. I've tried following a lot of tutorials on YouTube but I end up looking like a clown. Please, if you can, give me some advice on how to fix my eyebrows and makeup for my eyelids! :( !!

>> No.10171287

Any good Asian BB cream + primer combos? I don’t want to get a BB cream without a primer that goes with its ingredients. (I have a normal/combo skin type)

>> No.10171292

Colourpop has a pure white concealer, I can't tell you if it oxidizes, but I use one of their fair shades and it has very good coverage and doesn't change color throughout the day so it might work for you.

>> No.10171347

what is a good lipstick for crossplay? i feel like I have gone over so many of them and they always end up to feminine/pinkish

>> No.10171356

nude or just even slightly tinted concealer

>> No.10171375

I have a friend with a triple eyelid and she uses eyelid tape

>> No.10171395

*the face shop rice water foaming cleanser
*clinique daily moisturizer
*badescu green tea face msit

clinique take the day off makeup remover
skinfood pineapple peel or freeman apple cier vinegar face mask (2-3x a week)
tfs rice water cleanser again
cosrx clarifying toner
cosrx galactomyces essence
origins night a mins cream (for my undereye and smile line areas)
finish off with badescu mist

i supplement with the occasional tonymoly sheet face mask or wash-offs from skinfood.

my skin is combination with really oily t-zone and psoriasis along my hairline and eyebrows; my skin is far from perfect but i find that this routine has help minimize breakouts and keeps my skin texture relatively smooth. hope this helps - please feel free to ask about anything, concrit is fine but don't be an ass lol, took me about 8 months of experimenting to get where i'm at

>> No.10171400 [DELETED] 

i miss too faced's cocoa powder foundation - i hate their liquid foundation formulas and had to switch to bareminerals ;_;

>> No.10171403


Skinfood’s peach sake bb cream. It was the perfect tone and coverage for me. Now they have a shittier mushroom one that’s grey. I’ve tried most Japanese bb creams at this point since they’re usually more warm toned , and I hate the weird sunblock consistency that always remains thick and tacky.

>> No.10171406

You need to follow tutorials with people who have a similar eye shape or at least know how to modify to suit. It is easier doing eye makeup with a symmetrical fold so consider using lid tape or glue.

>> No.10171410

Delete your post, dude.
You don't need to put an email in and we can see it. Not that you did anything for people to come for you but best to not have it on here. Make sure you don't do it in the future just in case.

>> No.10171426

sorry i didn't realize it was still on there; im trying to delete it now but not sure how

>> No.10171439

Clinque take the day off oil cleanser
Cosrx low pH good morning gel cleanser
Klair supple preparation unscented toner
La roche-posay pure vitamin c10
Aloe vera gel
rosehip oil
La roche-posay anthelios spf 50+

Clinque take the day off oil cleanser
Cosrx low pH good morning gel cleanser
Klair supple preparation unscented toner
Aloe vera gel
The ordinary retinol 0.5% in squalane

>> No.10171444

whats a good medium coverageish blush thats easy to apply and likely to be available for britbongs?

Something i can just take a bigaass brush and gently brush and will look good cause i have bad coordination

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Ok, here's my situation.

My bf has oily skin, I have dry/normal skin. He also has coarse stubble. Combined with both living in a dry climate, this has resulted in a mustache of painful acne and on my chin.

I've tried washing my face in the morning and night with a cleanser and then moisturizing with a regular strength moisturizer. Wat do? Does putting moisturizer on top of acne make it worse?

I was also thinking of using a facial oil or serum (anyone tried The Ordinary's HA oil?) in combination with the moisturizer.

>> No.10171596

You don't need to use an oil cleanser in the morning. It's used in the evening to remove sunscreen and makeup.

>> No.10171671

You can make your own lip scrub with sugar too, that's essentially what Lush's is anyways.

>> No.10171672

Is it OK to use BHA everyday? I've been using Vit C in the morning and BHA at night everyday like some sites recommend but I wonder if it's a little overkill.
But I didn't have my usual breakout when my period came recently so maybe it did help.

>> No.10171683

If it's helping, and you're using sunscreen, then for sure. I use AHA every day on top of Vit C and just make sure to use hydrators and SPF to balance it out.

They're not as popular any more but most Mac blushes would be perfect for you. They're not too pigmented but still really nice and SUPER easy to apply; I'll often choose them over my Nars or Hourglass blushes.

>> No.10171685
File: 117 KB, 720x928, 204277650_156185020_1_720x928.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I posted this on the dying thread without realizing.

So, I accidentally bought the wrong clinique moisturizer, I use the gel version for oily skin, but I got the cream version for dry skin.

I can't return it.

Will I break out? I just wasted my money ;_;

>> No.10171768

adding moisturizer to oily skin actually makes you produce less oils over time so you should be fine, i personally always found products "for" oily skin too harsh and drying

>> No.10172114

Recs for a PM moisturizer for someone with skin that is dry but prone to blocked pores?
It's not sensitive in the way of getting red and rashy, but I think I'm sensitive to silicones. I tried the Neutrogena Hydro Boost and after a couple weeks of regular use, I was itchy and had a bunch of closed comedones.

SPF need not apply, this is for nighttime.

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Someon PLZ help how do I fix this awful haircut it wont blend will it bled when it grows? It's been a month and I unironcly cry about it

>> No.10172239

>tfw the sides of my hair pushes fuckin outwards at a 30 degree angle

you got it better than I do

>> No.10172247

Ouo is it sort I don't get it.

>> No.10172261

Lose weight

>> No.10172489

Cut it off into a blunt bob

>> No.10172618

You should be fine. I've used the cream one before for dry skin and it's not that heavy. You should be able to use it and be fine.

And, I agree with the other anon, moisturizing oily skin helps prevent it from getting too oily, since usually oily skin is also dehydrated.

>> No.10172645


>> No.10172649

I really like the Laneige sleeping pack. Although it's not the best for really dry nights where you just need an occlusive moisturizer it didn't break me out and it absorbed well.

>> No.10172972
File: 69 KB, 480x720, steve-nicks-getty.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Curl it and go for a kind of 70s thing?

>> No.10173261
File: 118 KB, 792x290, 20190519_230138.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I went and got my eyebrows threaded yesterday and tried to do the "horizontal" makeup today. I definitly followed the tutorial but it looks kind of scary... The brown color of the eyeshadow makes my eyes look kind of dirty, but I see a lot of people use brown so it has to be something i'm doing... Here is my attempt. What do you guys think?

>> No.10173361

You look like you have chosen only colours that are very close to your skin tone, which is why it looks dirty rather than deliberate. When you use nude tones you usually need some that are clearly lighter and darker than your actual skin tone to create gradients, or consider metallic/glitter shades in the same colour spectrum.

>> No.10173431


Honestly it's kind of hard to tell you have anything on at all. You definitely need colours that are more different to make more contrast. If you try what >>10171406 tutorial says once with black white and brown, it will probably look extreme but you will learn where to apply things and after that you can turn down the contrast as you need. But definitely follow that tutorial it is very good

>> No.10173497

I also mourn this (and some other past skinfood products). It's sad how some brands have fast line turnover so that products go out of production in a snap.

I miss the secret key snail sun cream. Spf 50++, smelled slightly of candy, melted right into skin like a light moisturiser. I would have bought 10 tubes if I knew it would be gone. Also miss the skinfood pressed peach powder, it smelled like peaches, and it had spf + was easier to apply on the go than the loose one.

>> No.10173818

I'm 22 and I still haven't started proper youth preservation routine but I'd like to change that before it's too late. What are the basics? How should I start?

>> No.10173841

Also mourning the SK Snail sunscreen. None of the other SK sunscreens are any good at all.

Start by finding a basic moisturiser that works for your skin, a cleansing routine that works for your skin, and a sunscreen you can wear comfortably.

>> No.10173846

That’s easy to say, but I have not ever found an eyeshadow that is lighter than my skin tone that wasn’t a white or basically supposed to be a highlighter, and those look off because of the undertones.

>> No.10173853

Would you mind sharing how much these products run you monthly?

>> No.10173858

Double cleansing method.

>> No.10173870

Im in the same boat, I'm going to try drinking parsley + herbal tea a couple week before hand; it's worked for friends. You can take BC but it can fuck with mental health. Side note, I take iron + vitamin C for low blood count and I've noticed my periods aren't as heavier and are shorter. Oh and heating pads or masturbation/sex.

>> No.10173984
File: 138 KB, 1026x272, 20190520_155007.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Feel like I made some improvements maybe(?) I used pink shades this time around. I also bought Hollika Hollika Gudetama Red Velvet to try out. Not good at eyeliner at all TT

Just wondering, when did you guys learn makeup? I've never cosplayed with makeup before (cringe).

>> No.10174070
File: 552 KB, 640x360, sunshine.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

you did order your non-oil broad spectrum spf water-resistant non-fragrant anti-aging/rejuvenating/facefirming moisturizer for the summer, right seagull

>> No.10174466

I did and its comfy af. Posted it on the mail thread.

>> No.10174708

Start with finding a good moisturizer and sunscreen that work for your skin and use them every day. Doesn't matter if it's cloudy out, sunscreen EVERY DAY. Don't neglect the skin on your neck or the backs of your hands - it can betray aging just as much as your face and gets damaged just as easily. Wear a hat. Don't tan. If you have bags under your eyes, find a good eye cream. Once you've done all of this, maybe start looking for a good day cream with vitamin C.

Give it a few years before you move on to chemical exfoliants and retinol (mid to late twenties is a good time to start), but make sure you start these before you're out of your twenties. And start them slow! Apply once or twice a week only until your skin gets used to them. You'll need to be extra rigorous with your sunscreen while using them as well.

Also don't smother your face with makeup, especially not every day. Wearing heavy foundation and contour etc every day will age your skin, and using eyeshadow too much will give you wrinkles around your eyes.

>> No.10174762
File: 45 KB, 932x932, mrmr.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Might be snake oil but I had really bad undereye circles too and moisturizing with Rose Hip Oil lessened the darkness!
I still have minor circles but definitely feel more confident without concealer.

>> No.10174768

Not for under eyes, but I have used pic related for a few months and it has drastically made redness from long gone acne disappear and moisturizes my face nicely. Can’t recommend it enough.

>> No.10174816

Vitamin C is essentially useless if in cream form. The SkinCeuticals Vitamin C E Ferulic is a serum where it's stored in a way that's actually useful, not to mention that Vitamin E is great as well.

>> No.10174822


Skip to the section titled: "Topical Pharmacological Agents with Anti-Aging Properties".

For those of you who are unsure about what is snakeoil when it comes to anti-aging, please read this journal review. It essentially reviews, summarizes, and explains multiple research articles in order to show what *actually* works in antiaging.

>> No.10174825

tl;dr tips:

>L-ascorbic acid (vitamin C) in concentrations between 5 and 15%
>antioxidative protection is higher with the combination of vitamins C and E than with the vitamin C or E alone
>Niacinamide (vitamin B3)
>Vitamin E (α-tocopherol) in concentrations between 2 and 20%
>topical application of green tea polyphenols before UV exposure
>Vitamin A (retinol) and its derivates (retinaldehyde and tretinoin) -- the gold standard for anti-aging
>polypeptides have the ability to stimulate collagen synthesis and activate dermal metabolism

>> No.10174828

It is also important you look up the exact terms (e.g. "L-ascorbic acid", instead of just "Vitamin C") when buying products. For example, L-ascorbic acid is NOT in cream form, so buying a "Vitamin C cream" would be useless.

>> No.10174924

Just tried LUSH's Dark Angels for the first time. My skin was glowing after, but I had to use the micellar shower gel I usually only put on my body to get all the residue off my face. I'm unsure how much I liked it but I'm going to keep trying it.

Also, what eyeshadow primer do you use?

>> No.10174947

I once tried to use Lush's skincare products because I wanted my products to be "all natural"......I've never had break outs like that ever. I now use a bunch of vivier stuff since they sell that at my job.

>> No.10175188
File: 37 KB, 233x395, ref.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Not sure if this belonged on the /help/ thread or on /fa/ but I'll start here

I want to get this fella's haircut and I'm wondering how it looks like irl. Can any of you help me find a pic of some dude (or chick) with comparable hair? Goodness knows it won't do me any good to show this to my hairdresser; I'm just gonna get an odd look

Yes, it's for a costume and I'm dying my hair blue, and I know what you all have to say about using a wig vs natural/dyed hair. Screw that tho, none of you be changing my mind

tl;dr help me find a pic of some dude/chick irl with the same hair

Thx all!

>> No.10175231

Light shimmery eyeshadow, eyeliner, lots of pink blush, and neutral lip balm/gloss. If I'm seeing people I might wear mascara also. Concealer if my eye bags seem like a concern.

>> No.10175232

Glass, stop.

>> No.10175264

I have a proposal. Why you don't let yourself ravaged by Matou crest worms? I'm sure that will help.

>> No.10175279
File: 120 KB, 398x599, medium-short-hairstyle-with-wispy-bangs.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10175505

Youre going to look retarded just get a wig

>> No.10175525

no let him look like a dumbass it'll be hilarious

>> No.10175526
File: 88 KB, 811x1051, 7182_5e57af39-c69b-47d3-a9a7-a7d745a66eeb.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

unless you're as hot as sita abellan its not going to work

>> No.10175544

Vanicream Gentle Cleanser
Burt's Bees Cucumber Toner
Vanicream Lite Lotion
Burt's Bees Skin Nourishment Eye Cream
Neutrogena Sensitive Skin 55+ SPF

POND'S Cold Cream Makeup Remover
Vanicream Gentle Cleanser
Burt's Bees Cucumber Toner
Vanicream Lite Lotion
Burt's Bees Skin Nourishment Eye Cream
Aquaphor on lips and around eyes to prevent flaking

Sensitive/combo/acne-prone skin. Vanicream and Differin changed my life.

I got the Skyla IUD in February and the brownish period-like discharge has not stopped--hopefully it will eventually, I'm sick of wearing pantyliners everyday.

I still get horrific cramps, sometimes when I'm not even on my period. Oh, and my hormonal acne is back as well. All of this just to combat my super heavy periods? It almost doesn't feel worth it.

>> No.10175559

You really should consider using a wig.

And make-up too.

>> No.10175626


I also wish to thank you all for the care and support. Prepare yourselves, cause it's gonna look awesome!

>> No.10175976

I’m looking for a colorful eyeshadow palette with lots of bright color options preferably in a matte finish, do any of you have some good recommendations?

>> No.10176016


>> No.10176024
File: 240 KB, 1500x1208, juvia.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Try the brand Juvia's Place

>> No.10176093

BH cosmetics, they have a super vibrant matte rainbow pallete it’s great

>> No.10176105

just do eye exercises to build the muscle underneath the eye and fill it out

>> No.10176110

lol, this is probably the single most idiotic thing I've heard today.

>> No.10176181


Thought about accutane? If differin helps a bit but you're getting cystic acne you may qualify, and obviously with an IUD in no-one's going to worry about pregnancy. There are also low-dose protocols that aren't as horrific for side effects.

>> No.10176265

I have incredibly dry hands, I've tried multiple moisturizers but it seems they only last a couple minutes?

>> No.10176277

if you're not vegan, have you tried lanolin? i live in cold climate, and slap that stuff on before bed every night. you can also do the thing where you put it on and then put cotton gloves on to seal it in

>> No.10176368

Have you tried vaseline? Sometimes simple is best.

>> No.10176381


Thicker creams without alcohol and with as little water as possible are best for these sorts of things. Preferably in a jar. You can use any of the cheaper brands without frills (aveeno, Cerave, eucerin, etc) but try to get something heavy duty for “extremely dry skin” that’s thick and occlusive.

>> No.10176384

Lather your hands in coconut oil before you go to bed and then place cotton gloves on. No lotion or cream has ever worked as well for me as just 100% coconut oil.

>> No.10176400

If it works for cold climates, it's probably a winner!
Haven't tried vaseline, I always thinks it's going to leave my skin with a greasy feeling. But a real simple fix, I'll give it a try!
I'll look out for these, or start reading ingredients labels more thoroughly to avoid alcohol and high water content
I bet that makes hands smell great after too!

I have a lot of new stuff to try, thank you for saving my hands anons!

>> No.10176422
File: 654 KB, 1075x1067, 1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hey everyone, just wondering if anyone can identify what type of blemish or zit this is. It's been there for a week or two and I thought it would have left by now. What is it, and how could I get rid of it? Thanks in advance for any help! (And sorry about the facial hair.)

>> No.10176432

Like this anon said
Lip scrub is basically sugar with flavor, skip the flavor just use sugar

>> No.10176536

Whitehead I think, just a regular pimple. I’m no dermatologist though

>> No.10176595

Make sure the coconut oil is organic and cold pressed anon
You can combine it with other oils too for extra oomph like olive or avocado with the same rules applied on making sure it's organic and cold pressed (not sure if you'll like the smell of olive oil though). You HAVE to make sure it's 100% the real oil too so get a trusted brand since some companies cheat and use different cheaper oils.

>> No.10176750

It looks like it's a slightly deeper whitehead that may be turning into a cyst. Getting rid of it requires getting it to come to a head and drain - I usually stick hydrocolloid plasters on for that.

>> No.10177422

What does natural look like when your on the runway? Seems like an oxymoron to me.

>> No.10177445
File: 38 KB, 800x800, 0E932F93-82DB-4FCF-8873-C99AF6D09A17.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Does anyone here know a drugstore makeup brand alternative to Benetint for lip/cheek stain that’s available in the US? I remember stains used to be popular and everywhere, but now that I need one I can’t find any.

>> No.10178621

It's okay it tends to happen. What are you on? It could just be breakthrough bleeding. Y'all do know that when you're on BC you don't have periods, right? It's either withdrawal bleeding or breakthrough bleeding. You don't ovulate on BC.

>> No.10179150

Anyone have any recs for a decent pastel(mainly pink) eyeshadow palette? I’d prefer to pay more for something with really good quality than go for something cheap

>> No.10179217

Do you want western levels of pigment or more like soft Japanese/Korean style? You can get the latter look with the former but you do need a very light hand and a good blending brush. MAC and Bobbi Brown both have released pastel palettes and are decent brands. Too Faced White Chocolate Palette is like a nude-to-pastel, Colourpop She is pink but only about 50% lighter colours, and Fame has more purples. You could always consider a DIY palette from Colourpop which may be worth it at the current offer prices.

>> No.10179347

Clio and Etude House have done cute pink palettes.

>> No.10180003
File: 72 KB, 668x835, chart.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Do any seagulls chemically relax their hair? According to the chart I'm somewhere between 2C and 3A, only it's frizzier. I need a good relaxer recommendation, something that will keep it straight for at least a few weeks. I'm so sick of my shitty clown hair.

>> No.10180283

Relaxers are for 4a and after. Just straighten it with a flat iron or blow dryer, and smoothen it with hair oil. Your hair's probably frizzy largest due to being damaged. So take care of that too.
The permanent solution is thermal rebonding.

>> No.10180879
File: 283 KB, 650x650, hf419-m.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How would I go about styling my hair like this? I have type 1 hair (super straight,barely wavy when left to dry without brushing it), so I obviously have to use one of those styling waters so that the curls hold,but would I have to use hair rollers,curlformers, a hair iron?

>> No.10180917

Does anyone have any examples of cute make up for hooded eyes? I feel so sad when every time I find a cute makeup tutorial it turns out looking like crap because my eye shape is so different. There's tons of make up tips for normie make up that works with my eyes, but it's not the look I'm going for.

>> No.10181447

Have you tried following tutorials for monolids? Weirdly one of my friends with really hooded eyes and minimal space between her crease and browbone does that and always manages to look adorable. No idea how.

>> No.10181449

Relaxers are terrible. I have 3b hair and i relaxed by hair once. It looked cute at first, but my hair weighed a ton and was breaking off like crazy. They are not worth the risk of going bald.

>> No.10181479

Need help with my oily skin, im washing my face once in the morning and night, applying sunscreen + moisturizer in morning, cream at night. Throughout the day its oily, I have no idea why. Maybe I'm using the wrong type of moisturizer? Any tips appreciated.

>> No.10181508

I would do rag curls with gel and be very careful about direction of curling and removal of rags.

>> No.10181511

no need to relax it and cause damage. plus 2c hair will just fall out with relaxer don't do that.

instead find a good curly hair routine and look after your curls properly, then you won't want to get rid of them.

in the short term tho, look at getting a Brazilian keratin treatment done. it'll get rid of the frizz for a bit.

>> No.10181515

There's not a lot you can do about oils other than blotting. In my experience as someone who becomes an oil slick in 4 hours, i found using Ascorbic Acid 8% + Alpha Arbutin 2% from the ordinary stops me from being an oil slick. Others have found success with niancinamide, so thats an option too.

>> No.10181520

I have big eyes and I'm eternally jealous of how cool graphic liner looks on hooded eyes. Maybe wouldn't work well with lolita or cutesy jfash though

>> No.10181526

What about his routine? If he’s not cleaning regularly or his skincare routine is a mismatch with yours, then any bacteria from food and extra products will transfer to you.

>> No.10181607
File: 169 KB, 535x235, matrixyl-3000.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Retinol or matrixyl 3000? I started to include anti-aging things into my routine and while I was looking for retinol, I discovered this Matrixyl 3000 stuff. Looked it up and from what I found, while it's more synthetic than the vitamin A in retinol, it's easier on sensitive skin. Bought some and I'm a half week in so far. Wonderong if many others here have tried it or have experience with it?

I'm also looking for an eye cream and skin brighteners. Not to become lighter but to even out my dark skin tone.

>> No.10181612

4c here. I relax my hair with pic related and it works fine. But if you're at a 2c, I agree with the others and just use a flat iron. If you do choose to relax it, make sure you condition the shit out of it.

>> No.10181836

Has anyone tried eyelid tape for hooded eyes?

>> No.10181841

Deets on this wig?

>> No.10181941

I’m going to go pick those up today I’m so desperate thank you anon

>> No.10182071

Get the Etude House cherry tint. You can find them from Korea on eBay. Pay extra for shipping and it’ll arrive just as quick as one from the USA.

>> No.10182096

neck anon here to remind you to take care of your neck during your skin routine because it's one of the earliest indicators of age

>> No.10182154

Do any other monolid anons use double eyelid tape? I'd like to use it more often, but I'm having trouble getting it to stay on while I do makeup. I use single-sided tape.

Should I apply it before or after I do my makeup?

>> No.10182202

Innisfree no sebum powder compact. You'll still get shiny after a while, but you can reapply easily.

Also what are you washing your face with in the mornings? It could be that you're using something too harsh to wash your face with and stripping your natural oils, leading your skin to overcompensate. Maybe even try just washing your face with warm water in the mornings.

Alternatively, your moisturizer could be too heavy for daytime use and you should consider switching to a day cream and then using the heavier stuff at night.

Also a lot of sunscreens are disgustingly oily. If you don't have a matte finish sunscreen specifically for facial use, you should try that out too.

>> No.10182319

thank u neck anon

>> No.10182320

I'm an Asian male so my hair is probably type 1A. Aside of shampooing less, what can I done to improve the state of my hair affairs?

>> No.10182324 [DELETED] 
File: 71 KB, 750x1140, B37B1E33-F286-4B37-AC50-20DABE8E3BC6.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10182326


>> No.10182332

My doc tried me on 3 different pills all of them had me having 2 month periods 1 week off then back to nonstop bleeding. I gave up and quit them completely. I had been off them for 2 years cause I wasn't banging anybody and this was a new problem when starting back up, never an issue in my first 5 years on them. I hate my body.

>> No.10182360

No idea on retinol vs matrixyl as I have always used prescription retinoids.
Skin brighteners though - niacinamide, vitamin C (see anon's note here>>10174825 regarding the formulation, yes it's about antiaging but vit C and niacinamide help with pigmentation) as well as AHA for exfoliation if you've got sun damage.

>> No.10182501

So uh take bc and anti depressants? your GP sounds stupid

>> No.10182503 [DELETED] 

I'm getting kind of chubby and my breasts grew. my dresses don't fit my bust anymore.
should I just diet heavily/starve myself or just get chest binders? I'm really sad I spent a lot of money on my coord for ILD, I went all out on accessories and a new petticoat, and then it doesn't zip past my tits.
I've tried some diets but I have a hard time sticking with them. I lost a shit ton of weight once when my depression was severely bad and I only drank water and slept. I'm tempted to just go back to that.

>> No.10182516 [DELETED] 

Lose weight. You can do it without starving yourself if you aren’t retarded/lazy. You having a hard time sticking to diets is nothing more than you lacking self restraint.

>> No.10182519 [DELETED] 

What does this have to do with hair or makeup?

>> No.10182884

think i asked on the last thread any most people said my only option was getting them removed-- but is there anything than you guys would recommend to help reduce milia? i have so many and i'm so sick of it. also have really red/dark undereye circles. i literally have no skincare routine whatsoever and basically only wear makeup on weekends/for cosplay

>> No.10183021

Just get one of those keratin treatments at a salon and get it flat ironed.

>> No.10183120

anything with niacinamide or vitamin c will help with evening out skin, like the melano cc serum. I use the skinlex 10% niacinamide serum and mix a small pump's worth with a little moisturizer because I get red from the niacin flush (which is temp and harmless but uncomfortable) otherwise and I don't think you need the full 10% strength for benefits

>> No.10183128

I've read that using a moisturizer that's too occlusive on the eye area can cause them but I'm not sure if that's true or not. I used to have some minor milia but they've started to become less noticeable after starting up on retinol products several months ago, but it also might be a coincidence.

>> No.10183155

Can someone explain me what "tone up" in korean makeup means? Does it mean lightening or something else...

>> No.10183574

It's for creams or lotions that have titanium dioxide or zinc oxide in them (which are sunscreen ingredients but most tone up creams wouldn't be spf tested or meant to be used as sunblock) that temporary lightens skin a bit when used. It washes off in the shower

>> No.10184151

Shit, is this on autosage? Well anyway:

I just use the skin food peach sake line. This was after ages trying just about anything under the sun to help fade my genetic under eye circles.

Which is extremely dumb of me, because I've been using the skinfood mushroom bbcream for about 9 years now so I have no idea how my dumbass didn't look into the other skinfood facial care. You live and you learn I guess. Expensive mistake.

>> No.10184316

I do! It took me a long time to nail the tape placement for my eye shape but now I use it almost every day. I always apply it before makeup and sometimes if my skincare leaves a residue on my eyelid I'll clean them first with a damp cloth so the tape adheres better.

Finding the right tapes for your eye shape can also take some trial and error. I just couldn't get the double sided or sting style tapes to work because they wouldn't stay stuck in the right place after applying makeup. My favorite tapes are some of the slim, beige colored one-sided ones from Daiso that come in a pack of 86. Eyeshadow applies to them pretty well and if I put them in the right spot they're barely visible. I'm still looking for a non-greasy eye primer to use with tapes though, a lot feel slippery and like they'll take the tapes off.

>> No.10184540

>put on sunscreen carefully on face and neck and patting on an even layer, with one more layer on top just to make sure
>try to set face with some setting powder to bring down the shine
>end up with patchy sunburn on my face when I went out for a walk at noon, but neck is completely burn free
I think I ended up lifting up the sunscreen with my powder brush, when ironically I thought I was helping it to stay put with the powder. The lesson here is don't be a retard like me...

>> No.10185045

Maybe look for a sunscreen that has a more powdery/non shiny finish as well. I've never felt the need to powder my sunscreen even when I've been in humid/hot environments.

>> No.10185057

think its with those who have oily complexion, as the same happens to me as well.. i just try to put a primer over it..

>> No.10185059

There is powder with SPF available as well...

>> No.10185622

are there any good waterproof pen eyeliners that aren't twenty dollars? loved my toofaced one but it dried up really fast even though i always closed it tight/stored it tip-down

>> No.10185673

the twenty dollar ones are worth it. trust me.

>> No.10185682

Nyx epic ink is more of a brush, but it's 8$ and pretty great

>> No.10185693

God no. This eyeliner gets super leaky/watery and the formula dries really stiffly.

>> No.10185716

Not >>10185682, but I also have been using that eyeliner for years and it's the best I've found. I think for $8 it's worth a try when so many people love it.

>> No.10185723

Is it good for oily lids?

>> No.10185731

Hmm, I have a really oily face but I'm not sure if my lids are oily or not. I always put a layer of powder over them before I use the eyeliner and I've never had it smudge or melt off.

>> No.10185783

those give an spf of like 3 in the end, since all spf products are tested at a certain density of product laid over the skin, and no one is going to use 1/2 tsp of powder on their face and neck

>> No.10186073

thanks, guys! i have another brand that's cheaper than toofaced i like but it's korean and i need it to arrive before a con in like two days so i'll definitely give this a try!

>> No.10186089

Urban Decay's Vice Lip Topcoats. I bought the last one of the Monarchy color a couple weeks ago. I have no idea what other brands have vibrant and waterproof top coats as good as they did.

>> No.10186216
File: 26 KB, 507x345, sc_pt_11.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

To the cosplayers out there, how do you create a makeup look for a character?
For example, I'm doing princess tutu for an upcoming convention. She has this single long lash in addition to her normal lashes, but I'm choosing to interpret that as a long wing liner because it'd look odd in real life otherwise. I'm making up the difference using a slanted lash strip. As for eye shadow though, I'm not sure what to do. She doesn't cannonically have eye shadow on so should I leave my lids blank? Should I do a natural "barely there" look? Or a pink shadow? I've heard that it's better to put on a little bit of makeup rather than nothing, even for barefaced characters.
So what do you think? How do you approach cosplay makeup looks?

>> No.10186247

I meant to help with the oil rather than instead of.

>> No.10186316


Definitely have something otherwise your eyes end up disappearing into the wig. I just go with a natural look for the youthful characters that I do, and if they're an idol or magical girl I'll incorporate a bit of glitter eyeshadow on the center of my lid to give it a bit of something extra.

>> No.10186318


I use Stila personally and I've never had a problem. I got a brown and a black shade and they've been going strong for a while.

>> No.10186879

Is a concealer with wand with 1 year age but barely even opened still okay or I should toss it out?

>> No.10186908

Test it on your arm. Is it breaking apart? Smell it, does it smell weird?
If not I would say go for it. If it is not performing as well or causes any breakouts stop right away. You will probably be fine.

>> No.10188568 [DELETED] 
File: 165 KB, 556x479, 670DADB3-E749-429B-B617-B09DECFBDE75.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Can someone rec me a eyeshadow palette with mostly pink or coral colors? Was thinking about getting pic related

>> No.10189673

Makeup dumbass here. I'm trying to blend pink/brown shades together for that soft Jfashion look. Does pink on the eyelid and brown on the edges and undereye look better or the other way around, brown eyelid and pink edges and undereye? For what it's worth, I have monolids so I'm just trying to be simple since half of it won't show up when I open my eyes anyways.

>> No.10189721

pink base, brown on corners and blend into pink for a soft gradient

>> No.10189813

I've got some nasty stretch marks on my boobs. Any products that can help fade them?

>> No.10189814

No, they’re with you for life.

>> No.10189820


>> No.10189950

Any idea where to buy daily or weekly blue lens that are not too translucent, even a brand you can buy in store ?

>> No.10191142

How tf did you get stretch marks there? Not trying to be rude, genuinely curious.

>> No.10191145

nayrt but i had the same thing. basically puberty hit me like a truck and i got boobs in like 2-3 months

>> No.10191210

Eyelash extensions would work fine in lolita. But it's the upkeep that makes them harder than normal strip lashes.

>> No.10191257

Requesting any makeup tutorial pics like the OP

>> No.10191705

What do you guys think of waxing? Have you done it? At home, or professionally? How often do you have to do it?

>> No.10191826

I am a guy who is growing his hair out, so please forgive me if this is a stupid question: how often are you supposed to shampoo and condition?

I did some brief research when I first decided to grow my hair out and I've basically been doing 2 days of conditioner only for every 1 day of shampoo only. However, I decided to ask one of my sisters for input and she said she regularly does both on the same day, so now I'm kind of confused.

>> No.10191827

depends on how thick or thin your hair is. if its thin try for shampoo and conditioner every other day and dry shampoo in between. if thick you can go longer in between washes. whatever works best for you! not everyone is the same when it comes to hair/skincare.

>> No.10191828

Unfortunately my hair is stupidly thick to the point that I've been thinking of going in and having them thin it out a bit so it isn't so poofy

When you say "between washes" do you mean using any product in general?

>> No.10191830

waxing for sure! but professional only. i've done both. it's easier to pay someone else and you know it'll be over faster. definitely don't go to just any place to get waxed though. the licensed pro should have gloves on and, for the love of everything clean, NO DOUBLE DIPPING OR FUCKING BLOWING ON THE WAX TO COOL IT!! run if you see any of that shit. you have options too.. maybe strip wax is ok for you or you prefer hard wax! there's also sugaring!

>> No.10191843

It depends on your hair, but most people do not need to wash it daily and I only wash mine once to twice per week depending on oil and product buildup. Most people wash their hair with shampoo and then condition it immediately after.

>> No.10192694
File: 62 KB, 772x735, naa.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>too pale for the lighest bb cushions
They look really fun and easy to use.

>> No.10192695

Big tiddies, especially if they come in fast. I went from an A to a D at 12 and I have some, but they’re faded since they’re so old.

>> No.10192720

How long did it take for them to fade?

>> No.10192814

Going to head out to Target/other big name stores, any skincare items typically sold there that’s gull-approved? I recently ran out of cleanser and sheet-masks specifically, also it is summer here and my skins been getting oily, clogged, and just battered from the muggy heat to the dry af air conditioned places.

I have moisturizers/ampoule and makeup base items already^

>> No.10192816

Like 7 years lol. I didn’t do anything to them though, so if you’re actively trying you could maybe do it in 5? Depends on how deep they are on how much they’ll fade

>> No.10192820

Also I think age plays a big of a factor. Since I was so young my skin was able to bounce back.

>> No.10192924
File: 163 KB, 600x600, download20190604163521.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Probably a stupid question, but what would be a good real world translation for this hair? I don't really know names for cuts/styles.

>> No.10192984

I'm trying to figure out what shade of overtone to get.

I bleached my hair a few times and then put in lavender dye but it came out fairly dark.
Now that it's fading, should I still attempt their pastel purple or should I get purple for brown hair since my hair is naturally dark?

>> No.10193024

That just looks like a shaggy pixie cut

>> No.10193030

I've never watched this so I'm assuming this is a stage costume
What I would personally do is get a pair of natural lashes and a pair of more exagerated ones. I'd use the natural strip as usual and cut the exagerated one into pieces, and use one piece at the outer part of the eye (if it looks too lonely i'd add another smaller piece next to it to it just to ease the transition)
For eyeshadow, I'd try to keep it rather simple and in the pinky tones, blending it very very well so it looks more like a flush than eyeshadow, and i'd use some sparkly white or champagne colour in the middle/inner part of the eye, and well as on the center of the eyebag just to make it look a bit more youthful. i might countour the eyebag as well (only the outer part and very very slightly, never the inner part as it looks like you're tired).
i'd keep the eyebrows a bit normal/ fuller than hers are obviously as very thin eyebrows age your face. also put blush more towards the center of the face/right under the eyes. use minimal contour, maybe just the nose to make it smaller. for the lips i'd use some kind of a tint, or slighly blend the edges of the lips to make it look more on the natural side.

i hope some of this helps ;;

>> No.10194691
File: 676 KB, 972x1028, 20190616_192616.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How do i replicate this hairstyle? I have no idea what she used here.

>> No.10194694

These are literally just ponytails. Do you really not know how to do that? Really?

>> No.10195693
File: 1.09 MB, 1564x1564, IMG_20190617_094454.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Apologies for my messy hair, but is my face shape too bad for j-fashion bangs? I was thinking of getting a hime cut but I'm getting cold feet. Would regular straight triangular bangs look better?

>> No.10195702


i kept looking at it to see if there was anything else, like if the pigtails were secretly fluffy, or hair extensions, or something in the back. But no, literally just pigtails.

Get yourself together anon.

>> No.10195706

Skin is normal-oily with hormonal acne
Burt’s Bees Oil Cleanser
Neutrogena Fresh Foaming Cleanser
Origins Ginzing Energy Boosting Moisturizer
Neutrogena Hydroboost sunscreen

>> No.10195709

I’d get triangle bangs but no side pieces

>> No.10195725

Thanks. Would that cover up my weird hairline thing on the side? It's been like that since I was like 10 so I'm pretty sure I'm not balding but it makes my face look a lot more masculine IMO

>> No.10195736

Shoot I looking more at your face than your hairline. You would have to start the triangle really far back to cover that spot. A wider trapezoid would probably work.

>> No.10195756

Anyone here an expert in exfoliating?
None of the products I've tried over the years worked for me. They make my skin irritated and don't remove all the dead skin, not even half of it. "natural" products I've made at home with sugar actually hurt my face. So far what works best for me is just removing the dead skin with my nails in the shower...

>> No.10195759


Jesus your poor skin. Look into chemical exfoliating, it is far gentler

>> No.10195770

Try BHA and AHA exfoliants. Stop using sugar scrubs like, yesterday. Your moisture barrier is probably fucked for a while, so use a ceramide moisturizer for a while before you try ANY exfoliation.

>> No.10195774

Thank you! It looks worse in that pic than it usually is because I have my hair pulled back in a headband, but if I move my part to the middle more and wear it down it's mostly covered up. I was just wondering if the bangs would look super weird (I'm basically a hair idiot). I'll ask my stylist about it.

>> No.10195787

I would recommend that. I think bangs would look nice, but without seeing you in person I can’t visualize where it would need to be cut to look good. Take photos and explain clearly what you do and don’t want

>> No.10195792

I have tried that and it didn't work for me

>> No.10195793

I have nice skin but want to get into preventative aging. Drink roughly a gallon of water a day and I wear sunscreen daily, VERY occasional alcohol intake. What are some good products for preventative aging? I moisturize now (Drastically Different Gel & Mizon 'All in One' Cream) and use Drunk Elephant's Retinol cream once a week. What else could I be doing?

>> No.10195795

I don't have dry skin, why would I use that?

>> No.10195798

Look at your parents' faces and accept that you will have wrinkles in the exact same places as them when you're their age.

>> No.10195799

AHA/BHA are common chemical exfoliants. These are far mor gentile than physical exfoliants and will remove dead skin over time rather than ripping apart your skin and leaving it susceptible to acne and other damage.

>> No.10195801

You’re doing more than enough. Chill and accept that time is real

>> No.10195804

Sorry, I meant the moisturiser. I've tried chemical exfoliants.

>> No.10195809

If your skin is oily it may be because you’ve damaged your moisture barrier and it is over producing oil to make up for it

>> No.10195823

please tell me you use moisturizer...

>> No.10195844

if you want, start using tret. but honestly you're doing quite enough, and the more you take care of yourself now the more gracefully you'll age.

>> No.10195846

Of course I use moisturiser. I'm asking about exfoliating, not moisturising. I do not have too dry or too oily skin.

>> No.10195907
File: 988 KB, 500x270, 6005A9F3-EC26-4BEB-AA68-FE3FC6276AE8.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It’s so fucking funny when kids start experimenting with makeup cuz they put one swipe of pink eyeshadow on and panic over how ~dramatique~ a difference it is.
No one can even tell you’re wearing makeup. But you’re young and cute still so I guess it’s fine.

>> No.10195921

Have you tried like, oatmeal-y products?

>> No.10195934

The amount of makeup you’ll need to put on to make a difference, especially for cosplay, is going to be jarring.

>> No.10195994

Nope! I'll look that up

>> No.10196056

Does anyone know a good lip scrub of some sort? My lips are always chapped no matter how much chapstick I use, and I don't know what to do.

>> No.10196058
File: 128 KB, 640x436, tumblr_mpdrmbbN7a1r3381yo2_640.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Any advice on how to objectively know if your hairstyle looks good on you? When I do my hair I literally do not see if twintails like shit on me or not, possibly because of my low self-esteem. I don't have any lolita friends and my normie friends/family are the type who would lie to me if it doesn't look good.

Also, requesting easy hairstyles for thin hair, because I'm just starting out.

>> No.10196060

Laneige. Also, stop wearing chapstick and see if it fixes it. Your lip skin works differently than your other skin and moisturizing it convinces it not to renew itself. Thus, your lips get chapped.

>> No.10196063

I was about to recommend the elf lip scrub cuz they do the job and come in a tube and are only a dollar, but a quick google has revealed they’re three dollars now which is fucking bullshit.

>> No.10196069

It seems mostly self confidence. Just make sure your hair is neat, clean and combed (if it’s straight). Else, sticking with styles that look good with your hair type helps. I’d avoid twintails if your hair is thin. Space buns can be good with thin hair if you can tease them. Braids of all sorts work as long as you pancake them. Wearing your hair down, maybe with a bit pulled back into a barrette is always cute. Hats are great if you want to add weight to your head but have less hair.

>> No.10196070

Oh okay i didnt see the ribbons i thought they were scrunchies and i was wondering why they weren't falling off.
Yep im legally blind.

>> No.10196092

>pancake them
what is that?

>> No.10196094

Pulling out each bit of the braid to make it wider (and flatter-hence pancake)

>> No.10196107
File: 5 KB, 261x196, 15542161_600918110093187_6873568786807661000_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>remember that I'm born with a mongoloid spot like a few peope in my family
>doomed with dark eye and hell to bleach hair but who care
> remember that my uncle with the spot too look 15 year younger even thought he his a lumberjack
>me and my older sister are very close of age and as we were looking at eachother face in the mirror she had much more expression line than me
> thank you genetic, I will not blame you anymore

>> No.10197559

Has anyone tried lightening cushion foundation before? I've seen people do it on youtube but it looks like a real mess.

>> No.10197567

LUSH honey lip scrub. The honey has antiseptic properties, so it's good if your lips get really chapped.

Also try the Laneige lip sleeping mask.

>> No.10197794

go for sugaring, lots can go wrong with waxing, it’s made of varnish...

>> No.10197880
File: 64 KB, 970x546, eye.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Pic related isn't me, but is kind of my problem.
I have a lot of issues curling my eyelashes. The end pieces of my lashes (the outer and inner) refuse to curl at the base like the rest of my eyelashes, so they turn out kind of like pic related where her outer eyelashes are hanging down. The other issue is that they don't really curl that much, they just kind of stick out forwards.
I think the issue might be with my lash curler itself, like maybe it's not the right size? Do any anons have recommendations for curlers that are good for big eyes that need a lot of curling power?
I will say that using the Heroine Make mascara is a godsend. It really does hold my lashes all day, when any other mascara they're normally falling down about an hour later.

>> No.10198559

Don;t damage Waifu.
Suggestion- Though- "paper False Eyelashes"
Look into that if you're into it.
But God, I am BEGGING YOU!
Do .
use a shitty Tulle Tutu for her.
I will Crawl over to that Con myself and Beat you with my ballet slipper.

>> No.10198768

Do not get a hime cut
If you're set on side pieces, make sure they're longer, not blunt (soft), thin, and you add a slight curl to them
Soft swept bangs would be better

>> No.10198866

you could get some cheap wigs in different cuts to try them out and then decide which to do to your own hair

>> No.10199232

Yeah, I realized I'd look stupid as hell with side pieces. I'm probably going to get just softer triangle bangs.

>> No.10199239

You okay, anon?

>> No.10202125

I have really hooded eyes but I finally have been able to get good eyeliner and am able to apply it well.. But now I'm learning that I have super oily eyelids I guess. Are there any eye primers that are good for that? No matter what I put on my eye I feel like everything slides off a few hours later

>> No.10202296

add a small amount of very finely ground coffee to whatever body wash you use. I do this like once or twice a week. Id suggest doing a patch test the first time on your arm or something like that to see how it effects your skin.

>> No.10202312

jawbreaker palette by Jstar just came out

>> No.10202687

any recommendations for dealing with keratosis pilaris? I don't usually care because it's not incredibly noticable but it's going to be visible for cosplay and I'd rather not have people focus on it.
Even tips like how to conceal it with makeup properly would be helpful.

>> No.10202705

Exfoliating scrub at least once a week (but not ever day because if you irritate the skin too much it can make it worse) and body butter every single day.

Not moisturizer, not this new body yoghurt - thick, heavy duty body butter.

>> No.10202708

Fellow oily eyelids here. I don't use primer since I only use it with eyeshadow (which I don't do daily), but I've tried bunch of longwear liners. I currently use Estee Lauder's double wear liner (the one with both liquid and pencil ends). The liquid one doesn't budge anywhere, and the pencil last fine during my work day in office but not all the way to the evening.

Liquid liners are your best bet, I'd suggest you try out whatever that's sold as long stay and fits you price range. I like using pencils more, but in my experience majority of them will not stay on my lids properly.

>> No.10202800

Glycolic acid (AHA) is great for treating keratosis. You just need to make sure to wear sunscreen on whatever areas you use it, since it will make your skin more susceptible to sun damage.

>> No.10202886

Thank you so much!

>> No.10202905

Exfolikate cleanser or Drunk Elephant Jelly cleanser
Dr.Jart Cicapair Tiger Grass Serum
Tatcha Essence skin softener
Tatcha Luminous deep hydration serum
Tatcha Silk cream or FAB Ultra repair cream (Intense Hydration edition)

PM add Luna night oil

Weekly I do Skyn iceland firming eye gels, Tatcha Violet- c Raidence mask, Kate Somerville exfoliating treatment, and a random face pack from Tonymoly

>> No.10202932
File: 173 KB, 720x965, ca5d95337d05ed616ecd271206655b12.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Post about hair, inspo, guides, whatever you want share it with me please

>> No.10202952
File: 38 KB, 522x522, 71tgPqB4xDL._SX522_.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

so this is what I got, but my hair still looks nearly black. Is there a proper way to use these, or do I just need to slather on half the container?

>> No.10202990

So my derm just approved me for accutane. Just gotta do the two pregnancy tests a month apart (which I'll certainly pass because I'm a lesbian) and I can finally start on the final road for clear skin.
I want to be vigilant about sunscreen since I'm outside more this summer, has anyone tried that coppertone clear stuff? They're claiming it's not greasy and doesn't leave a white cast. Not concerned about it layering under makeup since I don't wear it, just hoping for something that doesn't feel too greasy and won't break me out

>> No.10203148

You have to tone your hair first anon.

>> No.10203150

this is a one time, use-and-wash-off product, not an actual hairdye.

>> No.10203202

Where on your body is it? I get it pretty bad on my legs, and the Cetaphil SA lotion worked well for me, just gotta wear sunscreen. I heard good things about paula's choice and KP Duty as well but they're kinda pricey. If it's on your face then you'll probably wanna use more gentle exfoliants, but any keratolytic (Urea, AHA's and BHA's) should help

>> No.10203208

>Skyn iceland firming eye gels
How well do these work for you, anon? My eyebags are killing me but I haven’t found anything that does the trick quite yet.

>> No.10203674

Do any anons have recommendations for foundation or BB creams that don't cling to dry patches, but aren't super dewy?
I've had good luck with Skin79 BB creams and Missha Real Signature Complete, but they have a very shiny finish that I feel like emphasizes my undereye creases.

>> No.10203682

Use a primer if you're having issues with dry patches. Don't be afraid of silicone, it's actually a good ingredient to have in primer

>> No.10203686

I bit the bullet and got the bangs yesterday (no hime-cut side pieces though) and I'm so happy with them! I feel so cute! All my friends said my hair looks great too. Thanks anons!

>> No.10203761

They work really well for re shaping I guess? Re filling? I had kind of saggy looking bags for being 22 and it was really annoying but they actually made a difference in evening my under eyes out, if that makes sense.

>> No.10203905

Has anyone here used korean v shape tape for slimming your face?
I kind of want to get it because my face is round.
Is it at Daiso jp?

>> No.10204160

I have bought the panda deam white hand cream from tony moly but it doen't seem to work on me, does I need to put a lot on or work it with a special technic ( or it's a thing you need to build upon multiple weeks )

>> No.10204184

It's a shit cream. If you want whitening get the secret key snow white cream, otherwise any hand cream will do. L'occitane ones in a big metal tube are great.

>> No.10204256

Just my upper arms/shoulder region, but I'll check that out. Thank you again anon!

>> No.10211900

I found that dermaneedling my stretch marks made some difference, although it worked more for skin sagging/crepe than for deep stretch marks. It worked best with a single needle, not a stamp or roller. 2mm deep or even 3mm deep.

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