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Old thread >>10195123

Ita is a slang term used to describe an Lolita outfit that is painful or hard to look at. It comes from the Japanese word 'itai', which means 'ouch' or 'painful'.
Typical Ita features can include: cat ears (or any type of animal ears); cheap, bad quality lace (and lots of it); dresses made of cheap satin; odd colour combinations; legwarmers and armwarmers; oddly shaped and ill-fitting dresses; dresses that go over the top on bows or corsets; referring to non-Lolita styles as Lolita.

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Vintage Misako modeling ita

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Oh my god, poor thing. All that awful lace. What year is that from?

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I found it on a French blogpost dated 3008 so sometime before that. She did model for Bodyline for a bit, there's even a meme.

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Hopefully not a future curse. But have another since I'm posting.

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Pictured- in the year 3008, robo-misako is forced to model for Mr Yandroid.

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Omg, what have I started? Now I completely love the idea of a short manga of this story. We need more fun and silliness in the fashion. At least I do.

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The worst thing about those cheap ita lacemonsters are the fucking long ribbon tails that just awkwardly and uncomfortably dangle everywhere. Why do they make them so long?

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>Dat tasteless design replica

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Cause they think it’s so damn kawaiidesu

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Fat. Is. Not. A. Petti. Why doesn’t someone from her comm tell her this? I don’t care if it requires taking one of those degenerate “silly” petti-exposing photos, one of you needs to make her realize that going without a petti is abnormal

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Why doesn't someone in her comm guide her to some actual lolita patterns and examples of correct styling? Do they just hate her or what?

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She may have a disability. If that is the case then everyone back off.

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Well now that we have seen blouseless Misako’s bra straps, I really feel like the day is just going downhill from here.

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From what weve seen, a lot of her comm is ita. So they probably think shes fine.

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Tough shit. You plaster yourself all over the lolita spaces as an adult? You open yourself to the same critique we all get. This is not an ADA rights issue, these are private social communities. It’s no ones right to get any special treatment here.

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She handmakes all her own clothes. I don't know anyone mentally disabled who's capable of attending social events, buying a bunch of shit online, and handmaking tons of garments. Maybe a touch of the 'tism at most.

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Something tells me this isn’t the “glass skin” look at work here

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This thread is shit, post it as from this decade newfag

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After you! I don't see you posting squat.
I wanted to post the old Misako ones and I have more fun finding ita commercial things than I do posting Fiona Fugly from the cracker barrel gang.

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4ch is not the place for you

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Wow you underestimate people. Check out the special Olympics some time.

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People without mental disabilities participate in the Special Olympics. What disability are you insinuating this woman has, exactly? If she's doing a ton of fine motor skill work (with sewing) and participating independently in social lolita gatherings, she's probably an aspie at worst.

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Fresh from COF

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what the fuck are those leg harnesses

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I like it without the peignoir as a non lolita outfit

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Is it though? I thought because of the plastic snaps near her hand it's a transparent rain coat.

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It is.

You have no taste.

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It is a raincoat. She got it from familymart pretty much.

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There just is no depth that is too low for some. Disgusting.

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What the actual fuck is wrong with her legs

>> No.10198545


why did people like this so much

i mean it wasn't a lot of likes but it was a lot for her

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Ah yes, final fantasy-kei

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She always looks like she smells like stale cigarettes

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The sweets must be stopped. They don't know how to fashion.

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Her makeup always looks extremely cakey. It ages her like a smoker and makes her face look downright dirty, especially with those piercings. That's why she looks like she smells. Her coords always seem so tacky. Is she wearing two bags??

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Why doesn’t she wash her goddamn face?

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This person insists on being called by male pronouns even though they present as a female 100% of the time/don't have dysphoria/is not trans at all. It confuses me

>> No.10198580

Just another transtrender

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What even is her lips? I thought the scene bangs and trend was done with. Some people simply don’t know how to let it go I guess.

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Speshul gender snowflake wants to be speshul

>> No.10198620

You use this same line every time you post him
Just because you don't understand trans people doesn't mean he isn't a boy lmfao like what even is a brolita

>> No.10198622

What's the point of identifying as a boy?

>> No.10198623

They make no effort to look the slightest bit male outside of lolita either, so no they're not actually trans

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even to radfems, it's obvious that trans people suffer some kind of dysphoria. she obviously doesn't at all since she insists of presenting herself as hyperfeminine. obvious transtrender.

anyway, tumblr is that way so go cry about it there. no one cares here

I honestly don't get wtf she does with her lips but scene bangs? Looks like typical lolita pigtails to me. I think it just looks "scene-y" because of the dirty cakey face and piercings.

>> No.10198633

yikes, just because she deludes herself into thinking she’s a boy doesn’t mean she is one. she needs to learn to love herself and not hate the fact that she has xx chromosomes.

>> No.10198640

I think it looks scene because the hair and bangs are so heavy and cover so much of her face and then she has darkly lined eyes paired with.

>> No.10198675

I imagine stale cigarettes and onion b.o. desu. She looks crusty af in all her selfies. Way too many piercings imo, but at least she’s skinny.

>> No.10198737

Trying to recommend the comm a beauty salon while looking like this...

>> No.10198741

It looks like she has strawberry legs,but I'm not sure.

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File: 1.26 MB, 1920x2560, 19-06-20-04-22-31-321_deco.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Fresh from reddit with bitchy perma ita attitude

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>it's been years and I'm still a clueless moron
Not a good look, not something to boast about.

>> No.10198771

what subreddit?

The /r/Lolita one or /r/ lolitafashion?

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Girl you dont even look like the sticker. Celestia (the anime sticker character) is still a better lolita because her ass isnt hanging out, she has a petticoat, head wear and her dress doesn't look like the materials came out of a garbage can.

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She looks like she hasn't bathed in about two weeks. I feel sorry for the Elsa FC.

>> No.10198775

r/lolita. She deleted it after people started upvoting the girl who called her out on it being cheap cosplay

>> No.10198777

I still say this looks like Grav3yardGirl

>> No.10198779

I think they'd be better suited for fairy kei.

>> No.10198780

I'm genuinely curious to know what she'd look like without all those godawful piercings.
At least she's finally taking photos somewhere other than Claire's?

>> No.10198781

I bet you anything she does that horrible dye job at home anyway.

>> No.10198783

Even as a Celes cosplay this is garbage. You don't have to stick her face on her just because she's the only lolita frame of reference you have.

>> No.10198784

Honestly, Celes is a pretty good lolita when you get down to it. The only thing that confuses me is when there's low-angle shots in the game and you can't see a petti or hoop skirt underneath her dress.

>> No.10198785

Even calling it a cheap cosplay is too generous.

>> No.10198801

I know she wears a hoopskirt. But from the looks of it, she's either not wearing it or it's a really low quality one.

>> No.10198806

Well it is what it certainly is.

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the Lord Farquaad vibe of this is giving me a hysterical laughing fit

>> No.10198858

Giant sissy is giant? Nothing is good here and I hate that side sweep so much!

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Irony is that Celestia has her own btssb burando collab. cgl called it ugly when it came out (it's typical high-contrast bxw, so I can see why) but it's still miles and miles both as lolita fashion and as a more accurate cosplay.

>> No.10198892

they didnt even tie the fucking waist ties

>> No.10198894

> loose hanging waist ties

>> No.10198931

I would totally coord this shit, gimme

>> No.10198941

Disgusting. These sissy troons need to fuck off out of the fashion. Imagine this thing showing up to a meet? “Hey gals!”

>> No.10198969

Yeah, no.
I’m really inclusive generally, but if you’re too lazy to tie the waist ties, you’re not really trying.

>> No.10198977

If your biggest complaint on this photo is untied waist ties, maybe it is time for an eye exam and a re-evaluation of even the basics of the fashion? This isn’t lolita fashion, it’s just a cross-dressing sissified man. Why do people even waste the time to post this stuff to lolita boards?

>> No.10198984

....but no one said it was their "biggest complaint"? it's just the icing on the absurdity of it all

>> No.10198994

Maybe we should actually state the obvious in the OP of ita threads: don’t post clueless tumblr trash, ddlg, sissies and fetish cross dressers? I know it’s a slow thread sometimes but I thought was implied that when we post itas, we actually post people who are marginally in the fashion, not weirdo outliers.

>> No.10199008

someone needs to start a better thread

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jesus christ, the pettis under that poor dress.

>> No.10199045

Jellyfish lolita. We see it so often we might as well add this shape to common petti silhouettes. Even non itas do it.

>> No.10199050

i call it lampshade lolita personally

>> No.10199131

Take out the weird corset lacing on the sleeves and I would 100% wear this.

>> No.10199134

the jacket, even without the sleeve lacing, just looks way too loose and costumey. A poorly fitting suit jacket stands out in an awful way. Might as well just get a nicely fitted normie suit jacket in your size

>> No.10199144

What the hell is wrong with her face?

>> No.10199145

Do you know where you are?

>> No.10199147

i'm going to be "that anon" and discern that "lampshading" could denote a petticoat thats too short for a dress, leaving the bottom to hang straight, while this could be "jellyfishing", the petticoat is too poofy for the circumference of the skirt bottom. yay/nay?

>> No.10199157

Learn to accept concrit, jeez; what a pretentious little bitch

>> No.10199166

Petti aside, I really like this color more than my BLKxWHT version....

>> No.10199173

I think both would be great illustrations to and descriptions to add to a ‘dont’ page. Though I think the lampshade, too short one is better tolerated than the stuffed jellyfish. I honestly think that if you aren’t just going to wear 1 shape of dress you need multiple petti shapes unless you are very old school and do the Malco Modes pinning trick. Then it’s pretty easy to do both cupcake and a-line just using 1 petti that also has a comfy adjustable waistline elastic, packs flat and never deflates.

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File: 1.12 MB, 1920x2560, 8E6BE86A-DB3F-4883-8E82-0D2EC5A9BF59.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Look at this comparison of just how far off the track some people have gotten, ugh. It doesn’t even look like the same fashion sometimes. Most embarrassing everything forever. I would not go to a meet with any of the itas in this collage but people seem to let them into comms just fine, wtf?

>> No.10199291

ita isn't just lolita though

>> No.10199311

Well it kind of is...
Ita is a slang term used to describe an Lolita outfit that is painful or hard to look at.

We wouldn’t just post normie ugly outfits and cry ita, ita...so is it really beneficial to post fugly tumblr room-dwellers who just dress up to put photos on the internet and sissy troons in their wank-wear? Really?

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Vintage gold

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File: 62 KB, 640x960, 1383614161519.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

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File: 30 KB, 400x500, FB_IMG_1561067830870.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

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When did Meta release this?

>> No.10199350

How old is she? How come all she does is to hang out at malls like a loser?>>10198566

>> No.10199362

This day and age, no one wants to be seen as an exclusive dick.
We need more excusivity. I mean if they play dress up, fine, just stay out of the comm and make your own

>> No.10199363

it says 2006, open your eyes.

>> No.10199365

That's a whole lotta chin....

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File: 570 KB, 640x796, 98A1E335-3E72-4851-99B4-4DD12B152953.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

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File: 115 KB, 806x613, il_fullxfull.853249458_k7p1 (1).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

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Ya might want to open YOUR eyes and take note that the copyright is for a shitty anime blog and I was being flippant.

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>> No.10199400

Got them black man going to church loafers.

>> No.10199403

It's cute for jfash.

>> No.10199407


>> No.10199408

>very old school
Is it? If so.. What the fuck happened to my time.

>> No.10199409

>When Bodyline looks exactly like you'd expect.
It's like the opposite of that Bodyline needs better pictures blog

>> No.10199412

Agree, we need at least a little more and some basic standards, are we so spineless?
I have to say that I think some of this shit is partially something that we ourselves are responsible for letting continue or stopping.

If we let just anyone join our comms, why are we surprised when some of them turn up at our meets looking like this?

>> No.10199433

I don't necessarily disagree with you but do people still use tumblr?? I thought it went the way of livejournal. You know, dead but on life support.

>> No.10199440

The hardcore SJWs have stayed there since no where else tolerates their bullshit. There's also still quite a few active nasty confession blogs for some hobbies.

>> No.10199444

No, plenty of them have jumped ship, too. That's why twitter is a dumpster fire because all of the tumblr stereotypes migrated there. People that I followed at age 16 are now 21 and have only become more immature with each passing year.

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File: 253 KB, 393x679, tumblr_mw195aNStx1si30aao1_500.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Her beta design is better but she's still my waifu either way.

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File: 461 KB, 722x994, future_ita.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Here's a future ita who thinks wearing horns for her first co-ord is a good idea. But it's ok guise, she's been "studying lolita for years" so she can do whatever she wants.

Every fucking time noobs come out with this I can do what I want entitlement.

>> No.10199540

this girls youtube is so cringy

>> No.10199556

But this coord doesn't have any horns, are you talking about someone in your comm or something? Sounds pretty oddly specific and this coord isn't that bad.

>> No.10199564

>someone in the feels thread mentions that she's nervous about her first coord and doesn't think /cgl/ will like it because the headress has horns
>anon goes on a rant about how disgusting and over the top her coord will be and dares her to post it
>coord is fine
>anon calls it boring, flounces, and posts it here

It's a stupid vendetta

>> No.10199566

Just gonna hope she doesn't wear that random sweet bow or those ugly orthopedic shoes. As long as they do that it looks alright so far, though I think wearing a rosary as a fashion accessory is pretty tacky.

>> No.10199568

This is fine. Just take out the cupcake thing.

>> No.10199570


>> No.10199571

I doubt she was planning to wear the sweet accessory, it looks like it's just a seller's picture of the wig

>> No.10199576

Are you blind? The whole thing is tacky and costumey

>> No.10199577
File: 148 KB, 960x960, E4B6427C-EBD0-4694-8F29-C3A4DFF3A0D1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This belongs here

>> No.10199578

First it's too over the top for you, then it's boring, and now it's tacky and costumey?

Just admit you were wrong and go

>> No.10199580
File: 163 KB, 960x960, 9E17BD64-F96A-4E6A-9D0C-D5F80AF687EE.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.10199581

Idk I like this functioning as the bad jfashion thread. Also ita is used for other painful to look at things besides lolita. Itabags and itasha are two good examples.

>> No.10199583

There was someone at my comm’s ILD event with her dress on backwards. I dont think it’s even remotely elitist to kick someone like that out.

>> No.10199586

I'm talking about the fact that it's tasteless to wear a religious item when you aren't part of the religion as a fashion statement.

>> No.10199588

>no concrit please ^^

>> No.10199595


That lace is making me itch so badly.....

Agreed. Honestly I'm glad my comm isn't overrun with itas.....

Her boy proportions look completely off somehow.....
Head to body to limb ratio is just all over the place....

>> No.10199597

She would really benefit from some concrit and watching a few makeup tutorials. Her eyebrows look like they’re smudged...and wtf is up with the lack of petti? I get she lives in a tropical climate but ffs this looks like shitty otome

>> No.10199598

Cuz living in a trailer is uber lux

>> No.10199602

How to hell does one fuck up badly enough to leave the house with clothing on backwards?

>> No.10199603

sounds like vendetta, anon. horns are fine, just consider the context of where this is worn?

>> No.10199604

Anon is literally mad because someone proved you can be a little creative with your first coord and it doesn't have to look like an ita mess

>> No.10199606
File: 187 KB, 792x1592, IH_MGR1SlLQ.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.10199614

What the fuck...

>> No.10199620

these are both great, not ita

>> No.10199622

the only really bad thing here is that cupcake

>> No.10199625

This was my planned first coord. I was definitely never intending to wear the cupcake accessory - I don't even think it comes with the wig. It was just the first pic of it I grabbed to throw together the collage.

>> No.10199627

The amount of people defending the ugly horn headdress physically hurts me. Love yourselves, gulls. Do not put costume horns onto your head, doesn't matter who makes it. I hate brand animal ears equally

>> No.10199628

Use some fucking eyelid primer with bright or light colors, goddamn that's gross without it. And wtf are the socks

>> No.10199631

Just because it's not to everyone's taste doesn't mean it's ita though

>> No.10199634

It always looks cheap and poorly done. Why rail on about normies calling Lolita a costume, when girls wear shitty horn (practically costume) pieces?

>> No.10199637

Because it's a thematically appropriate accessory in certain coords?

>> No.10199638

I personally think that bonnets look dumb and are practically costume pieces. But I don't call every coord with a bonnet ita just because it's not my taste.

>> No.10199639
File: 6 KB, 240x240, 1560402030701.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

ah yes, I like this version of her much better.

>> No.10199643

Is that the 3F cage? How did she make it look that bad?

>admit to covering trash
>not editing or cleaning it up
Okay, I guess.
Either way it was a waste of money. She should have just bought some second hand brand.

Better overstuffed than no poof. I like >>10199045 suggestion. Jellyfish as a silhouette name.

Where's the other half of your dress? Where's your bra?

Unironically I want to see badly done Gyaru.

>> No.10199653

Just check any gaijin gyaru tags/comms, it’s not hard to find

>> No.10199670

Way to encourage the stereotype....

>> No.10199673

Don't lie about >>10199314. That is garbage.

>> No.10199678

that dress normally looks good though, I own it in black

>> No.10199679

You’re delusional, it always looks shit and cheap

>> No.10199685

i like this except for the gloves

>> No.10199686

this looks fine, especially for a first-timer. absolute vendetta. not all horns or animal ears are "ita" just because you personally don't like them. they're a well established part of the fashion whether you like it or not

>> No.10199709
File: 197 KB, 1150x2015, Mr Hands.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.10199713

>What the actual fuck is wrong with her legs
The heavy filter, probably.
Can you shut up already? Holy fuck

>> No.10199728

anon, i can only vouch for myself, but that's at least 2 different people you got there

>> No.10199740

A bonnet is a normal piece of clothing still worn by some people. Dressing up like an anime demon is pretty much a costume.

>> No.10199749

She probably gets a kick out of people calling her a 'she' and getting to correct them and seeing how confused it makes people staring at her hyper-fem ass. I bet she loves being '''misgendered''' for the attention.

>> No.10199751

The thing around her collar. Is that a towel cape?

>> No.10199755

Pseudo religious coord with devil horns is a try hard coord for a first one. She either won’t pull it off well enough (devil is in the details) or if she does then her second and third will be meh because she’s not concentrating on getting her basics to continue wearing the fashion, just in making this one edgy coord. This is what people mean when they say “stop treating it like a costume”.

>> No.10199757

stay mad that everyone disagrees with you. sorry you'd rather LARP as the amish than wear fun accessories

>> No.10199766

Says the demon costume enthusiast. It’s okay that you have bad taste, but please stop encouraging others to be ita. You’re a plague to the fashion.

>> No.10199771

Not sorry you got posted
Now go wash your face.

>> No.10199775

yeah, everyone has bad taste except you, including the brands and people who pioneered the fashion. misako is such an ita wearing bear ears.

god you're stupid.

>> No.10199781

Misako wears what brands tell her to.
It is her job. If Baby makes something, Misako will model it. And yes, every public appearance she makes in lolita is part of her job so of course she is professional about it and works to her advantage and sells you on those bear ears.
I don’t hate horns or ears but they are really easy to do badly in a coord too. Especially on an untried noob. But I’ll reserve judgement until we see the full worn coord and fairly judge it. I’m always hoping someone’s coord will be good and not ita.

>> No.10199783

I don't like the texture discrepancy of the terrycloth neckerchief but everything else about this is fashion and I'm here for it.
I'd have worn a white dickie to cover the chest area.

>> No.10199786

the wig is cute and so is the makeup. clearly really new.

>> No.10199788

Clearly a huge guy.

>> No.10199791

This is why we can’t have nice things. Troon sissys are gonna troon no matter what but people like you are the reason they can get into our comms.

>> No.10199793

>Misako wears what brands tell her to
Holy fucking shit. She's a goddamn government-appointed Kawaii Ambassador and President of the Japan Lolita Association. Implying that she only wears lolita for model work to sell people things is the most newfaggy thing I've heard in ages. She's literally written articles about difficulties in her dating life because of her love for wearing lolita in her daily life.

>> No.10199794

I'm likely taller and broader than that dude so I don't really see him as huge. looks like he would have a pretty easy time building a good and flattering wardrobe if he could up his taste and skill level first.
everyone has an ita start.

>> No.10199797

you're new ass is why we can't have nice things.
sissy fetishists are so obvious. this >>10198846 def looks like a try-on of my-first-"lolita"-dress and much more awareness and intention was put in this than you see with gross dudes.
classic ita, but has potential.

>> No.10199799

Implying that either of those small relatively unimportant appointments are for anything other than to promote commerce of niche Japanese goods. It’s just more marketing. But clearly successful, since you really bought it?

>> No.10199802

she's a daily lolita you complete faggot. she picks bears ears out on days and events where a brand isn't paying her to showcase them.

>> No.10199804

Fine, he can come to your meets in your comm but don’t for one minute imply that this is the kind of thing the rest of us should be accepting or inviting to meets. He can’t even get his mismatched wig trimmed and styled, decent makeup, good legwear, any accessories...not even his waist ties tied or his shoes on before he is mirror posting in his dainty frillys . Disgusting.

>> No.10199806

Do you also have a melt down when cis women look ita or just when the men do?

>> No.10199807

If these are his choices and styling, he’s a sissy, not a lolita.

>> No.10199810

....Are you saying that Misako secretly hates animal ears but forces herself to wear them? She's not the first nor last lolita figurehead or brand to like them. Whether you personally like animal ears or not, they're a well-known staple fashion accessory of lolita. Implying otherwise is an exercise in futility.

>> No.10199812
File: 79 KB, 900x900, 1559015522146.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10199814

We don’t generally have problems with ita women turning out to be predators or fetishists so no. With men, yes it’s an issue. Good brolitas and coincidently most mtf also hate these guys even more than we do because it makes things 100 times harder for them.

>> No.10199815

I'm going to stop you right there. The shit quality, too-short dress and the peeking thigh highs don't scream fetishist to you? Man, you're dumb.

>> No.10199816

Your "proof" that this dude is a predator is that he's ita, not anything more substantial. If this guy was flashing us or being obviously disgusting I'd get it, but all we see is a badly dressed lolita thinking they look cute.

>> No.10199817

I tell can just from that low res photo how thin and unpleasant the material is. There is no way it's nice IRL, I bet it wrinkles like hell if you sit for too long

>> No.10199821

>Everything brands make is good

>> No.10199823

> newfag lolita
> tall
> orders without thinking of restrictions his body will likely have (like a lot of us have)
> the dress is too short
> thinks he can make it work anyway because it's all he has so far

cgl: "PrEdAtOr"

>> No.10199826

I’m saying that just because Misako wears them doesn’t mean she likes them very much and also saying that just because Misako wears something well that is not equal to every babby ita thinking they are a wardrobe staple uwu.

For all we know, they may have not been a very good seller so Misako was nicely asked to wear them a bit more, please. Of course she would because she loves lolita and doesn’t want any brand items to be unpopular. But if you notice, most things she names favorite are a bit more on the elegant side, with ribbon being her favorite motif.

>> No.10199827

>arguing against something i didn't say because you know you can't formulate an actual argument

>> No.10199831

If all of this is true, bait-chan, and he's done his research, he should have known better than to post this anywhere except BSoLF, where he could get advice on his bad choices. Fetish or no, it's still ita.

>> No.10199832

This is why it’s good to say “make a full good lolita coord and post it” to everyone before even adding people to comms or inviting people to meets. No we can’t tell. But we can wait and see if he gets an actual decent coord together and watch how he acts meantime before allowing him in. It’s really the only fair way.

>> No.10199834

i'm not arguing it's not ita. It's ita as all holy hell. I just find all the moralizing and sanctimonious shit irritating. call them a predator when there's proof.

>> No.10199835

All we see is a man in a dress wearing looking much closer to what a sissy wears than the fashion we wear.

>> No.10199836

i agree with this message. i'm still a newfag myself and i haven't posted anything for this reason. i'd rather not embarrass myself but not everyone is as self aware.

>> No.10199840

Then refer them to BSoLF and let’s see how they do from there. If they improve enough to make a decent coord and act fine while doing it then no harm no foul, right?

>> No.10199841

in my opinion, sweet lolitas all look pretty similar to age players, but i'm not gonna call them all fetishists. if someone is larping without consent, ban them. if they're just wearing ita shit, give them constructive criticism. it's not that hard.

>> No.10199843

So you're suggesting that Misako doesn't like the clothing she has voluntarily worn on multiple occasions? That animal ears are the one item of lolita clothing which she secretly hates that brands pay her to wear in her daily life? That's reaching conspiracy theory levels of insanity and I don't think even you'd believe what you're saying if you stopped and thought about it.

I agree babby itas can fuck it up but they can take every lolita staple and fuck it up, down to the petticoat. Animal ears are a classic lolita fashion accessory and no amount of hoping Misako secretly dislikes them will suddenly make them ita by default. Western lolitas find cat ears ita in general because of the cat-girl-weeb connotations but most of the other ones aren't abused as badly.

>> No.10199845

this is the best course of action, yes.

>> No.10199850

We can’t tell much of anything from one photo and it’s true that many of us are wary but most are still willing to be fair too if it’s a man or mtf that is truly interested in the fashion. After a time it becomes clear too so I think it’s the only way for everyone involved to be respected.

>> No.10199852

Women in sweet lolita are not usually age players. Men in dresses are more often sissys than lolitas. It’s just that simple. So there’s precedence and lots of it. He shouldn’t be let into a comm until he proves himself. But then really no one should. Local RL comms are for planning meets and socializing as lolitas so people should only join when they have their first complete good coord together and are ready to come out to meets. That solves all the problems of itas and sissys both.

>> No.10199863
File: 737 KB, 936x603, euh.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.10199869

>Men in dresses are more often sissys than lolitas.
my dude. that's objectively false.
men in dresses are more likely drag participators or fashion snobs. your limited experience is embarrassing.
men in poorly-placed ruffles and cheap lace are more often fetishists and not lolitas.
but itas are also often in poorly-placed ruffles and cheap lace.
we don't have to gatekeep against all men, just fetishists.

>> No.10199878

>A bonnet is a normal piece of clothing still worn by some people.

>> No.10199879

I can see both sides. I've gotten messages from men on instagram and such that swear that they aren't fetishists and they just like the fashion but then have usernames like 'sissy-maid' I can believe that not all brolitas are creepy perverts, but so many I've encountered are, I can understand being uncomfortable or hesitant to associate with them... lolita already has a stigma of being a fetish thing among normies so most will avoid anything close like the plague.

>> No.10199887

That person has to be a LARPer. I don't believe they're a real Lolita to be so pressed over a coord they haven't seen in action, obsessive over horns because "too costumey!!1", etc and think that Misako doesn't pick what she wears.
They're taking their insecurity about hypothetically looking "weird" in Lolita out on people who actually wear it without giving a fuck.
Probably a high schooler trying to get their mom to let them wear Lolita, but they're scared she'll Google it and see overly costumey coords and say "No anon it's just an expensive costume", and that anon's incorporating horns without giving a fuck is just making her more upset and annoyed.

>> No.10199893

You can’t read. Men wear dresses in many contexts BUT... man in a dress is far more likely to be a sissy than to be a lolita. There are way more sissies than there are male lolitas.

>> No.10199906
File: 35 KB, 500x500, IMG_1271.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Unless your talking about this kind of bonnet... no.

>> No.10199918

Oh they’re 100% an RPing newfag who doesn’t even know basic things about Misako or the fashion.

>> No.10199926

You seem realllll mad that no one likes your demon horns. It’s going to be okay anon. No need to same fag and blog post.

>> No.10199933
File: 82 KB, 1125x325, 9A56EBAE-B199-436B-8A1E-0B10F335B7FF.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Try wearing the fashion and you might learn a thing or two about it. Even a basic google search would be a good start.

>> No.10199935

Fucking kek

>> No.10199937

>Ninth day, she grins and devours her kin. Now she does feast, as she's become the beast.

>> No.10199941

Is that a Dragon Age reference?

Also seriously, is her chin photoshopped? It’s so long and unnatural that I genuinely thought it was.

>> No.10199952

>Everyone who disagrees with me must be the same person
Good luck convincing your parents, anon. With any hope, you'll graduate from being a lolita at heart with anger issues to someone with a valid opinion.

>> No.10199955

I dont like her either but the hateboner you have for her is embarrassing. You need to stop.

>> No.10199958

Lmao thanks for putting my feelings about this girl which I couldn’t describe into words

>> No.10199984
File: 647 KB, 750x1117, 6BC9B6BF-B65E-4325-B43F-0878081C7E2F.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This attitude is pretty ita. Milking the lgbtq and making light of pronouns. How about Your Highness of Ita instead?

>> No.10199986

Best theory is that old ap had the tags in the front. I’m still praying her cherry berry bunny is a replica, but I don’t know if oojia did the tags like that.

It really should still be obvious though, but a backwards dress was far from the only ita thing about her.

>> No.10199988
File: 20 KB, 379x364, sss.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>nothing wrong with her coord but her making fun of speshul pronouns TRIGGERS ME REEE

>> No.10199993

Why can't this dolly eye trend die already it looks awful

>> No.10199995

There’s lots of alt fashions where horns are a common accessory. It’s fine if you dislike them but don’t act like your opinion is law.

>> No.10200004

OTT coords for events can get away with crrazy accessories like veils, bonnets, and horns, but if you wore them in more toned down coords, or casual outfits it would be pretty ita. I think It all depends

>> No.10200005

She looks good. The peignoir isn't great, but that's more a nitpick than anything.
As for the "attitude" thing, take your vendetta posts elsewhere, anon. Literally nobody, not even actual LGBT people, gives a fuck about xie/xer pronouns demanded by Tumblr/Twitter people with dyed hair and Kanken backpacks covered in Voltron pins. Everyone just goes along with it to minimize incoherent screeching from the entitled and self-absorbed. It's not valid.

>> No.10200008

Do you also think the earth is flat? Because you sound like a conspiracy theorist.

>> No.10200009

As an oldschool fag i can confirm that AP does not and has never put tags in the front, they would put tags in the skirt part if they couldn't make it work in the back of the bodice

>> No.10200012

Bottom left is actually not that far off the mark. The biggest problem is the pose and the poorly fitting bolero (which may fit fine but is just sitting weirdly in the pic). Add softer makeup and some legwear, and this would be a totally passable coord.

>> No.10200015

Frankly I wish we could just gatekeep all men. I have to deal with so much bullshit from dudes it’d be so nice to just have one thing that was exclusively for women.

I understand why we can’t do that but still.

>> No.10200018

>no one likes the horns
Have you been reading the thread at all? Lots of people like them.

>> No.10200021

The short sleeved peignoir with the long sleeved blouse bugs me but otherwise I like the coord.

The pronoun joke was pretty funny and I don’t think she’s mocking anyone with it.

>> No.10200029

Obviously the accessories need to suit the outfit, but ott =/= costume. I personally think you can wear ott whenever you want, not just to events, it might be a bit impractical but lolita in general isn’t exactly a practical fashion.

>> No.10200033

I didn't say OTT was a costume? But I personally wouldn't wear OTT to just hang out with friends on a casual day and reserve it for an event, but that's just me.

>> No.10200040

I don't agree. Nothing about it flatters her and she made it so fit issues are completely on her. Its not a good style choice for her shape, her hair makeup are really not good. Bag do n match, necklace feels random. Too many things wrong overall.

>> No.10200048

The costume comment is referring to the person I originally replied to.

>> No.10200062
File: 68 KB, 481x807, wWlUh-eo7fw.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.10200069

that’s the fucking babadook

>> No.10200070

Preferred pronoun announces like this in posts are fodder for ridicule so I cant blame her for taking the opportunity. Also not ita. I smell butthurt transtrender posting this. 483 likes. I like it too. You go, princess.

>> No.10200072

NAYRT but I would totally watch a lolita conspiracy theories video.

>> No.10200164

What do you mean? She's getting mostly basics as I can see there, that dress can be co-orded in many different ways, and she's getting a versatile petti, socks and shoes. You could use the headpiece in different ways too.

Also a lot of lolita is psuedo-religious, especially goth, going right back to the early days.

>> No.10200175

Let's just say I will be interested to see how well she does with actually putting this together and wearing it and then what her second coord will be and leave it at that? Perhaps it will all be amazing and surprise us all. Wouldn't that be nice!

>> No.10200187

After all this I'll be surprised if she ever does wear it, and if she does I bet she won't post it online. The only confident newbs are the ones who are blissfully oblivious.

>> No.10200193

Yeah I wouldn't post if I knew someone was watching me like a hawk and waiting to nitpick everything I did. Well done, she had potential.

>> No.10200218

The only reason she got any flack for it is from coming on here as a noob and trying to troll. Serves her right.
No coord yet, devil horns and already shitposting on the chan?
Such glorious potential, indeed!

>> No.10200231

How was she trying to troll? Lots of people lurk here before they make their first co-ord, but it sounds like you weren't one of them.

Why don't you post your first co-ord and we'll see how she compares. Oh wait, your mommy won't let you buy one, I remember.

>> No.10200239

By posting in the feefee thread: ooh I'm so nervous about my first coord...ive studied so long and finally I can wear lolita...but here's the horn headdress I'm wearing...and I knew you guise were going to say it's not a good idea but...I'm wearing it anyway.

How is that NOT trolling?

>> No.10200240

Underrated post.

>> No.10200248

Plot twist: since this is her first coord and she said she had to both save up and lose some flubber to fit it, (even though this dress is cheap and goes to XXL) in her inexperience she misjudged the sizing and when it arrives the dress doesn't fit, making the entire coord a wash. Weeping, she consumes an entire cheesecake.
And that's why she was never heard from again!

>> No.10200252

You want to know how I know you're fat?

>> No.10200274

Maybe it was an elaborate troll to show how mean gulls are. Look, a noob just barely tries to put together a coord collage and already they post her to the ita thread and tear her apart.

>> No.10200282

God, lolitas really will just argue about anything. Only 37 images. Imagine caring this much about a stranger’s choices. Inb4
>hi first coord chan
>sorry you got posted
>are you lost, this is 4chan
It’s all so tiresome.

>> No.10200295
File: 157 KB, 1511x2015, itathread.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

"Casual lolita for work today.
I asked my colleagues to take a photo of me.

It was a bonding moment.

OP: taobao


>> No.10200296

Do you have autism? It's a joke. She's making fun of special snowflakes that use special pronouns like cheesburgerself and faeself.

Nothing is wrong with the coord other than I personally really hate penoirs with something so princess themed and the navy is out of place here.

>> No.10200310

I’m with you on calling out the autism but that’s not a coord, it’s a dress with shoes.

>> No.10200313

cute anyway, this was probably on her personal social media, so, no problems. Also very well fitting bonnet.

>> No.10200346

This is a good description

>> No.10200354

There wasn’t (and we keep telling you this) anything wrong with her coord. It’s a simple goth coord with some subtle horns that most people are fine with. You’re just personally buttmad that she didn’t take your shitty LARPing advice to heart. Your vendetta doesnt belong in the ita thread and everyone keeps telling you this so stfu and lurk more.

>> No.10200362

>What are Amish
>What are Mennonites

Neither is a costume. Animal accessories are

>> No.10200368

You're still trying to prove that a staple of the fashion is a "costume" because you don't personally like it. It's not going to work because most of us actually know about the fashion and its history.

Unless you're planning on joining the Amish community, no normie is going to give you a pass for wearing bonnets. That's why people always ask if we're "bo peep" when we wear them more than pretty much any other accessory. Again, you'd know this is you wore the fashion.

>> No.10200371

Cheap skirt and a cosplay wig, the rest are just normal clothes? What was she thinking? Why do they always get a wig instead of the rest of an actual basic lolita coord?

>> No.10200378

Because newbs get told that their natural hair is too limp/dull, their natural hair isn't conducive to bangs and newbs get told they /need/ bangs (and most headresses do look better with a fringe), or they aren't confident styling their natural hair. The most common advice for newbs on /cgl/ for both cosplay and lolita is "you need a wig".

>> No.10200379

She....asked her colleagues to take a photo of that? Jesus

>> No.10200388

For a cosplay, I can see needing a character wig but for dont we make it clear enough that for lolita you need a full coord before extra things like wigs, lenses, parasols, even bags? I see more girls with no wig these days and it mostly looks good.

>> No.10200398

Oh my god, how could we have forgotten the MENNONITES??

>> No.10200415

I’m glad that you agree that a nun’s habit is a perfectly normal thing to wear.

>> No.10200417

It’s really not though

>> No.10200422

glad to know that lolita maxi-pad headdresses are suddenly ita because no one including fringe religious groups wears them

>> No.10200426

I think working on your reading comprehension would help your arguments. Animal ears have nothing to do with maxi pad headdresses.

>> No.10200441

you're implying animal ears aren't worn by normies, therefore they're costumey.

im sure your small brain can figure out my sarcasm about applying the same logic to maxi pad headdresses.

>> No.10200481
File: 2.21 MB, 3072x1728, 4F3BABA2-B43B-48BF-B66A-BABBE7BBEC9A.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Since you care so much about bonnets for religious purposes, why don’t you care about indigenous americans and celtic pagans using animal accessories in their clothing as well?

>> No.10200494

don't bother, theyre a retard that goes to such lengths to argue that they don't even make sense anymore

>> No.10200503

The people actually divided over animal ears/horns in lolita is nothing new and it will never be resolved. It has always been a polarizing topic. But there are some of us (actually maybe even the majority by now) who think they depend heavily on the overall quality of the coord itself. Which cannot fairly be judged until we see it worn. So any arguing over an incomplete coord collage is just pretty useless. Might look amazing. Might be ita AF. We will only know for sure if she completes it and posts it, which I hope she does.

>> No.10200536

That's to sleep in wth?

>> No.10200560

I am all fucking about this.

>> No.10200603
File: 66 KB, 720x960, ThisisGG.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.10200607

This is fine except for it being a bit tight on her (and I want to say the goatee but I assume that's just a birthmark or something). Or do you have a hateboner for bat headpieces as well?

>> No.10200610

I still use tumblr but mostly because I’ve been using it since 2014 and have made a few friends on there, but most people have moved to ig or twitter after The Great Purge. I find it entertaining to watch how increasingly incompetent the staff are, and the site has its own special breed of humour which I really like

>> No.10200611

NAYRT but do you know who that is and what she's doing to that poor, super rare meta piece? This makes me want to cry. Gemgem I know you're lurking, you know pleather can't reshape itself once it's destroyed right? Please for the love of god stop destroying brand

>> No.10200614

She bought it, she owns it, she can do what she likes with it. You don't get to cry because you couldn't afford it or whatever.

>> No.10200615
File: 624 KB, 585x741, 1352146973726.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>your opinions

>> No.10200619

Honestly I kind of like this. I can't see enough of the coord to tell whether she actually is ita or not but I'm all here for gothic hair/makeup in otherwise super sweet coords.

>> No.10200622

Apart from the cupcake and ugly shoes, everything seens fine.

>> No.10200671
File: 989 KB, 608x763, wtf.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

wtf is wrong with her legs... legs don't bend that way

>> No.10200682

Finally.... A voice of reason

>> No.10200684

It's the way she's standing and the angle of the shot.
Her leg chonk is being disproportionately pushed to one side

>> No.10200707
File: 68 KB, 1080x1080, 1525129778578.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Shoes on the bed

>> No.10200711

This isn’t ita you retard

>> No.10200722


Not me but there's no petti. Or a deflated one.

>> No.10200728

That or for hair drying.

>> No.10200753

back to tumblr, troon sympathizer

>> No.10200760

Uh this is the first time I've ever posted this person. So that means more than one person gets this impressing from their dirty aged look

>> No.10200769

She should have used the sticker to cover her trash self instead.

>> No.10200771

Vendetta? I'm sure you haven't done impractical things for a photo before.

>> No.10200773

This is why we can’t have nice things. I’m sure she now feels ready to grace her local comm and come to out to lolita meets wearing this too. Holy shit. I feel sorry for the local group and hope they have a strong mod.

>> No.10200775

yeah wtf is up with her mouth?

>> No.10200784

This person’s Coord is not ita, you just came here to whine like a pissbaby and push your own agenda. Are you lost? This is the ita thread, for posting ugly lolita clothing coords, not a place to cry about your spilled spaghetti pronouns. Take your sjw topics somewhere else please.

>> No.10200814

She doesn't wear Pettis when she wearing "lolita" cause she's knows what she doing.....

>> No.10200819

Is that what she says? Those are the type that stay ita because they are so unpleasant that no one even wants to help them.

>> No.10200843

Milking the LGBTQ is ironically what people who use neopronouns do, not the people making fun of them. Half of them are cis white girls trying to rack up enough oppression points to make up for their whiteness.

>> No.10200847

NAYRT but at least it once was a real clothing article worn on the daily by both high-class and working-class women. Demon horns never were. I don't mind them in a Lolita coord when done well, but they never were a normal accessory.

>> No.10200850

You sound like a reee-ing feminist who thinks mansplaining is a real thing.

>> No.10200855

???? What are you on about?

>> No.10200861

Not OP but it gives me major ageplay vibes.
Being asian doesn't excuse those vibes.

>> No.10200925


>> No.10200926

Shoe horned peignoir over a long sleeved blouse with wrist cuffs. It’s like when an ita thinks you need split wigs and circle lenses to be a lolita. Trendlita.

>> No.10200927

Not it’s just really fucking plain looking.

>> No.10200928
File: 9 KB, 205x205, IMG_8027.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Shut up fat ass just because you have a spending habit that requires therapy doesn't mean you get to destroy brand for fun. Go shove a corn dog down your throat you disgusting slob

>> No.10200932

Post new ita pics vandetta chan,

>> No.10200935

Oh fuck. I thought it was a reply to >>10200295. Nvm

>> No.10200936

It’s larme styled

>> No.10200947

Cry more. She does get to do exactly that whenever and as often as she likes and you can do exactly nothing to affect this. Except that posts like yours probably drive her to shop MORE. Jeez, the dumb over this stuff. It hurts.

>> No.10200950

but...her legs are both pointing outward.

>> No.10201084

Some of y’all act like washing things isn’t an option. It’s not hard to wipe down your shoes and change your sheets, calm the fuck down.

>> No.10201087

Lol stay mad

>> No.10201101

Nayrt but you sound like a mansplainer

>> No.10201430

You've ever stood with one leg moving inward with the foot still out??

>> No.10201432

She paid for it tho, so that's exactly what that means.....

>> No.10201505
File: 73 KB, 345x593, 1E11DF09-ABE4-4BCA-8D34-5C0F24BCB99B.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I think >>10200684 is right...her thigh meat is pushing her legs out.

>> No.10201818

This holy fuck. I bet it's the same type of person who refuses to wash their dresses.

>> No.10202461

Could be brand new shoes.

>> No.10202965

They were touched too much by their creepy brother/uncle. These people are mentally ill and need psychiatric help, not speeshul pronouns.

>> No.10207826

"Passable", is that the goal now? The new standard? Be passable?

>> No.10207826,1 [INTERNAL] 

maybe you need the honkon beauty machine,haha..

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